Chilly Reception

I’ve done a lot of “phone gags” over the years, especially in the early days of cell-phone introduction. I still do a lot of comic strips that involve a cell phone, but I do not consider them phone gags. A joke about a cell phone is a phone gag; a joke that incidentally includes a cell phone is not a phone gag. The cell phone has become so ubiquitous globally that is difficult to imagine never including one in a comic strip about modern life. The above strip, from this date in 2011, is not a phone gag.

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8 responses to “Chilly Reception”

  1. In 35 years of marriage, I’ve learned that a husband should set the bar for himself just a bit higher than, “better than a heat stroke.”


  2. 56 years for us this weekend.

    Yesterday I managed to do a face plant on my neighbor’s wooden fence. Won’t bore you with all the details, but I was standing on a dead [but strong] branch trying to break said branch by pulling up with my right arm. Tough branch, so I pulled harder. Suddenly, I became successful! The sudden lack of resistance on my right propelled me to my left, whereupon I emphatically found the fence after a few semi-pirouettes amongst the clods in what we call “our lawn”. I expected to get a shiner, but none appeared. Too bad – it would have been a good conversation starter at tonight’s church-related meeting.

    At 56 years of marriage, the above constitutes a topic of conversation.

  3. After my shoulders became useless, Elaine did a face plant on the icy driveway while clearing snow [a reason we soon moved to where a townhome assn. pays outfits to take care of the outdoors]. Result was not just a shiner but an overall bruised face. She had a parish nursing announcement to make at church Sunday, but started it with, “First: emb didn’t do it. Second, … .”

    Her and Kathryn’s birthdays are tomorrow, 25 July. I hope this will be memorialized Friday on Friday Favorites, MPR, 3-7 CDT, most likely twd. the end [after 6-ish].


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