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My cats do this. They’ll charge to the scene of the least movement and freeze, on high alert. Slowly, the adrenalin subsides, and time passes, and then they’ve fallen asleep. I’ve always wanted to see this happen. My favorite cartoon characters when I was a small boy were Chip and Dale, the Disney chipmunks; they could have pulled this off. I probably was a teenager before the light went on. “Chip ‘n’ Dale! I get it!” Of course, I was just a little kid. I didn’t know anything about elegant furniture. Or male dancers.

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  1. Ha! I beat you to it, JJ!

    I’m in my very early forties and only today did I relate Chip ‘n’ Dale to Chippendale furniture.

  2. This one is too funny! Have not seen it. Haven’t gone on to today’s to see the continuing saga of the Dock’s demise.

    I too loved Chip N’ Dale, Trapper Jean I love Confederate Railroad and Trashy Women, She Never Cried and David Allen Coe is a Texas legend.

    “We are the people our parents warned us about.”

    Have only seen the Chippendales once at a MD benefit I think? We donated all the wine for the event and STILL had to buy a table! They were atop a western themed kitchen motif, Mickey Gilley was playing the piano (live) for them to dance and they were atop the whole thing in a sea of clouds wearing little besides leather chaps and boots.

    Theme was “Cowgirls’ Dream”. I do not remember which celebrity was cooking chili in the kitchen.

    Nor do I remember any of the other booths, we were seated next to this one, premium seating!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. Which one was the male dancer? Okay, that’s half my weekly limit since I decided I’d post no more than twice a week, if that. Food morning, Debbe, from us. John says that he is not talking and I am not listening, that Ginger is not telling and Shelly is not asking, and that he thinks Putin is getting a bum rap from certain morons and dimwits who shall remain unnamed herein, goodbye.

  4. My cat is an excellent spider/bug pointer. If she suddenly darts off to investigate some random patch of floor or wall, I know it’s time to find the flyswatter.

  5. Good morning, Villagers. Jean, YouTube is blocked here at work, and I don’t think I’d want to get in trouble with The Boss Of My Life for a song called “Trashy Women”, anyway. There are plenty of them at Walmart, not to speak of our waiting room.

  6. There were about a half dozen naked men (semi) on top of a room sized kitchen “booth” where some celebrity/movie/tv was cooking chili. Mickey Gilley was playing a grand piano next to our table but fully clothed.

    There were a dozen of these “booths” each with a celebrity chef and different theme. I do not remember any of the others!

    You know those “black tied events” that Garth Brooks sings about? Well, this was one of those. But mostly “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places”.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. You gotta learn to laugh and lighten up, people! Music is like that.

    I used to play country and western when it wasn’t “in” and then I’d switch the car radio to the classical music when I got in the mom’s car line to pick up my daughter at her school. So as not to offend the nuns.

    Now I wouldn’t bother!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. Like Mindy, I’m a little confused. Were Chip ‘n’ Dale the ones that were always trying to hide their nuts? Or was that the male dancers?

  9. Decisions, decisions. Do I move “Pickles” or “Real Life Adventures” to my #2 comics list? My A list is getting too long. Pity about RLA, it used to be funny.

    I am proud to say that I have never been in a strip joint for either sex, attended a “Cook-Off”, or intentionally listened to country music in my life. But I will admit I listened to “Beer For My Horses” all the way through on my friend’s car radio before I insisted she change the station.

  10. I have a little chipmunk ouside my office window I put peanuts out for him quite often. We get a long very well although he (or she) is not comfortable enough to feed out of the hand as of yet, but I’m working on him. And yes I remember my favorite book as a preschooler was a Chip & Dale book about trains.

  11. All this time I though Chip ‘n’ Dale were part of the LGBT movement. Now I learn they dance for the ladies. So much for all that reality tv I watch.

  12. If you’re of a certain age group, you may also recall Chip and Dale not just for torturing Donald Duck, but for teaming up with Monterey Jack, Gadget, and Zipper to stop fiendish animal-based crime.

  13. Such wonderful timing, Jimmy. One of our cats did exactly this over a gopher hole this past Sunday. Her nose was actually in the hole when she dozed off.

  14. When I first heard a radio spot for the Chippendale Dancers I couldn’t figure out why someone would want to dance on/with expensive furniture or dressed up as chipmunks. Nor why anyone would pay good money to see a “one night show” of the same. Then I saw an advert and the light went on.

  15. Lily will be praying for my soul soon, not my husband’s cancer recovery! I must be the most depraved among us, I think. I have been to male strip bars, female strip bars, Gay bars, cross dressed Queens who sang and danced, country bars, bars where I sat next to Truman Capote (because he wasn’t dressed appropriately in coat and tie) drank with cowboys and titled Europeans at same occasion, just a whole catalog of sin.

    And I am a teetotaler and have been for about 40 years. God blessed or cursed me with an interesting life. I count people of all colors, races, beliefs, station in life as personal friends and love them equally.

    When life gives you lemons you make lemonade or that iced tea Jack Nicklaus drinks. And you learn to laugh and not take yourself seriously. Don’t worry, life’s not permanent!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  16. Jackie, my ticket says admit one. Back side reads no reentry. Not you are telling me we all have to get off the tilt-a-whirl when the ride ends. That is plain unfair.

  17. I have been praying for you and your husband for months, now, Jackie, but not because of your taste in entertainment. It isn’t mine, is all. My idea of a great evening is to go into the kitchen with The Man In My Life and help make a killer dinner and sit and read afterwards. Maybe once a month I go to a club (not country-western) and dance with my girlfriends.

    Heh, if I had sat next to Truman Capote, I would probably have said something like “I have never believed you wrote ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ because it is better than anything you have ever written.” Though I kind of liked Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  18. Hi, Y’all–

    BTW, the anonymous comment yesterday about Roger Whittaker’s “The Last Farewell” was me. I had my computer worked on and it ditched all my ID’s. Today I thought I’d add that “Beer for my Horses” is another favorite–one of about three YouTube’s that I have actually downloaded, although I do listen to a lot of C&W, mostly on SiriusXM when I’m driving around Tucson.

  19. I was in my thirties before I realized Palmolive soap was named after the two Mediterranean oils used to make it. They didn’t even change the spelling or pronunciation.

  20. Harper Lee may/may not have written “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

    Truman Capote may/may not have written it either way!

    There I sat chatting with Truman Capote while he ate his dinner in his little red toggle coat and children’s pants because the hotel would not let him into dining room. He was a guest there. His little feet dangled off the stool, shorter than my little legs and feet.

    Mike of course would not let me ask for an autograph. His policy is the only time you ask a celebrity to sign anything is the check or at a book signing. He did buy me a limited edition copy of “A Christmas Memory” autographed by Capote as a gift.

    He KNEW I loved him! And then they called us for our table.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. NK, “The Last Farewell” by Roger Whittaker gives me goose bumps and I can unapologetically cry. So does a lot of music.

    Ghost, remember when Pretty Woman heard her first opera and she cried? And “like to pee’d my pants!” And Gere’s line, “She liked it better than Pirates of Penzance!”

    Opera and symphonic music was like that for me as well, although I was not working as a hooker when I discovered it.

    Oh, that’s right, I never worked as a hooker!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  22. Used to eat a lot at the Warwick Hotel in Houston, alone usually.
    Those were the days when men would send drinks and invitations over to table. It was one of Mike’s accounts, so the Maître D knew me and knew I wasn’t a hooker.

    My running joke was that when Mike and I divorced, I was going to go hang out at the Warwick Hotel and let rich oilmen buy me drinks.

    This was funny until my youngest daughter informed an entire room full of people her mommy’s plans after the divorce!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  23. I’m 36 and didn’t know about Palmolive either!

    Speaking of chipmunks: My pinto bean plant and my generic clip art plant (I forget what it’s called. Green. Broad teardrop-shaped leaves. Grows in long vines.) have lived quietly in my large picture window, unguarded and unbothered, for weeks. I leave for work, curtains open, cat tower in front of the sill, leading right to them. No problem.

    Yesterday I realized they weren’t getting enough sunlight, and moved them to my bedroom window. No kitty tower. Opened the curtains this morning, and thought nothing of it. Blacklight had salad for lunch today. Pinto plant – gone. Clip art plant – some roots and a couple stems. Apparently she wants a pool-side view with her meals.

    Postscript: Just caught Blacklight chewing on the plug to a fan cord. Fan is dead and on its way out the door. However, my charging cords bear witness to her love of powercords. I don’t have a cat. I have chipmunk with a hormone issue.

  24. We had a beloved cat who very delicately would bite holes in circle around all the lamp shades. Or any other item that was similar, like books or magazines. We called it “gerbiling”.

    We don’t have chipmunks in Oklahoma but we do have gophers and small mammals about size of mouse but with short tails. The cats have brought me gifts of dead ????

    Personally, I love chipmunks and love to get out into the evergreens and chipmunks in the mountains.

    One of my friends had a pet prairie dog named Admiral Perry and that was one adorable critter! He came along on one of our boating parties. They like to nibble and chew too. Admiral Perry had his own boat to hang out in.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  25. Jackie, the “short-tailed mouse” might possibly be a vole, a favorite snack of owls and coyotes. I think some varieties of them range into OK. I’m sure eMb could verify that.

  26. Philodendron?

    Jackie: I expect the Pirates of Penzance mentioned was the Broadway version, enough to make G&S roll over in their graves. A pretty good Savoy opera before B’way messed with it.

    “So as not to offend the nuns.” People are often surprised by how liberal some nuns are. Sr. Andre’, who taught in a secular college English dept. for 15 yr., once ordered wine at dinner with several other faculty members [and spouses? I wasn’t there, Sr. told me about it.] Apparently, that discombobulated the waitress. Anyway, she brought Sister’s wine in a teacup.

  27. I am pretty certain that is what they are, at least that is name I was told. We have moles also. There is a wall made of railroad ties that runs along my creek bed (neighbors side I guess) and these critters that look like gerbils and guinea pigs used to run up and down on the wall.

    Loved watching them but neighbors also had large rats which actually didn’t bother me too much either. Critters don’t visit yards much with cats and dogs. Although it did not bother the midnight buffet crowd of possoms and raccoons I was supporting for awhile. I miss them.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  28. EMB, that is funny!

    My housekeeper for the last 17 years is a disabled RN who left her order before taking final vows. She is one of my best friends, probably BESTEST. Funny and smart.

    We need to talk about food. I am baking lemon oregano chicken and some garlic, olive oil and rosemary quinoa, plus some kind of veggie. Hope the herbs don’t start fighting!

    But you have to remember that when I was young, long ago, I had been taught to courtesy and open doors for anyone in a habit.
    Or a cassock

    Love G and S, just listened to a good youtube version of HMS Pinafore. I will try to locate and post it.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  29. eMb – Yes, philodendron. Although, those are supposed to make cats sick, and Blacklight has munched her way through several vines of it over the years. She also used to chew on the corner of the counters too. Really glad they are remodeling this place when I move out. I’d really hate to have to explain those. 🙂 I used to buy her rawhide to chew on; it had to be real thin and chewy, like a milk jug ring.

    Lily – You never “own” a cat. Actually mine is so anti-social towards everyone besides me, you’d never see her. Still cheaper and quieter than kids. (Being a parent is a challenge I’d never be insane enough to have one.)

  30. Me, neither, Mindy. I have The Boy In My Life who is 15, and that is quite enough for me. He is practicing his trombone across the hall at the moment. We do have three dogs, two labs and my guard-trained GSD, Neeshka. But she is not at all like a child. She takes care of me. The Boss Of My Life treats me like a combination daughter and slave. I kind of like it.

  31. Although Elvis swaggers around and tries to act like the boss, it’s Cilla that calls the shots, 5:15 am breakfast, 4:00pm back patio for lizard hunt, 5:15 pm dinner, 10:15 pm a spoonful of Reddiwhip (no substitute will be accepted). And don’t even think of telling her she has the time wrong. She knows better.

  32. I listened to a lot of shrinks (well, one for sure) tell me how my love of cats was a substitution for me wanting to have children/babies, especially the Persian cats. I say I listened but truth is that made me believe, but it ain’t necessarily so!

    I still love cats AND dogs and am only cut down in number by fact I am aging and so did animals.

    But if anyone tells you that you should be having children because you love cats, forget it!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  33. Jerry – You are such a well-trained human! The only daily “demand” is snuggle time after I shower. Blacklight does not like scents; perfumes, deodorant, I even have to watch what body washes I buy. After snuggles, then I can apply my scent of choice.

  34. They can tell time better than we can! Both dogs and cats can tell time with great consistency. Now my dogs recognize the sound of my dog/cat sitter’s car (she lives in a trailer one block from my house) She goes down the street and they commence howling for her to stop. They really love her and when she doesn’t stop, they are completely dejected.

    I am going to bed early so I need to go see how many cats have taken over which spots. With four they usually do the four corners.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  35. EMB, the opera company I watched the other day do Pinafore was D’Orley Carte Opera Company. They SHOULD be good with such a history.

    Used to see G and S with the Houston Gilbert and Sullivan Society, now I think Houston Opera does G and S. But today I got hung up watching a different company, The Wichita Grand Opera company which had a really good captain I thought.

    Lilyblack, I bet your beloved gentleman from Tulane likes opera and G and S. I started to ask if he did opera in college but then I thought, “Wrong school! That was Loyola!”

    I cannot sing a note but I used to be a supernummery for my university opera productions and musicals. That is commonly called a “spear carrier”. Sometimes you had lines but no singing or dancing. Always wanted to do it for Houston Opera but they were hard to get into and you had to devote as much time to training as if you were singing almost.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  36. Jackie, ha! I saw “supernumerary” and immediately thought “spear carrier”. Got to the next line and there it was. Well, at least we vocabulary in common. 😉

    Did you mention food?

    I declared this steak night (which comes around about twice a month) and grilled about 5 oz of rib eye. When I’m only doing a small steak or a ground beef patty, I just fill the charcoal chimney about a quarter full, and when the coals are ready, I put a small grill right on top of the chimney to cook on. Much easier than firing up the big grill or even my cast iron hibachi.

    Some rice pilaf and a romaine lettuce-carrot-radish-red bell pepper-Vidalia onion salad with fat-free Catalina dressing, and I was good to go. I was tempted to pour 5 oz of cabernet, but I fought off the temptation and went with ice water. Made me feel virtuous. 🙂

  37. Jackie: Your post surprised me, since the original D’Oyly Carte Opera Co. folded in 1982, I believe. So I did a search. According to:

    it has been reconstituted and is up and running. Did you see a live performance? Where? Or was it on TV? Whatever, this is encouraging news.

  38. Had seen them somewhere in past (I am 70!) so I recognized that classic Pinafore set. I am actually watching a taped/video entire performance on youtube and am at act 2. Great voice on the captain.

    I googled like you and saw they had reformed but didn’t google enough to see if they are touring.

    My guess is that I saw them in Houston sometime in 1970’s before the breakup/closure, although it may have been college too? I used to be a “disc jockey” in college when we did this stuff changing the records and I did the opera show for university.

    Will try to post the link for you. This is an old performance but audio is excellent and video is well done too.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  39. Jackie: The Man In My Life loves Gilbert and Sullivan, (emb, you may mourn that he likes the Ronstadt/Klein/Lansbury version of Pirates),but he is not a huge Grand Opera fan. He has been known to sing “With Cat-Like Tread” along with “Old Man River” when we get the old caravan out for a trip to the nearby state park. The Boy In My Life and The Boss Of My life are reluctant to come, but neither of them wants to see us two go off together for a weekend. Suppose one of the neighbors saw us? They would be making up things. So one of them comes with us, but usually retire early and we sit out under the stars till it’s late talking about a million things. Who’d want to waste a time like that on something gross like sex?

  40. See if this gets the Pinafore.

    Hope it works. My oldest daughter was throwing a crying fit for a week from being forced to go to the country to visit my mother. She was about 9 then. We said, “You can stop crying now, we are going back to Houston.”

    She replied, “When we get to Houston I will go to the opera but I won’t go another step!”

    Pretty drastic because she HATED the opera, ballet, symphony, everything I tried to teach her to love!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. Lily, not to push, but you (and your Boss) would most likely get a good laugh out of the Trashy Women video.

    Around here we eat chicken more often than beef or pork, and are quite big on vegetables. My younger daughter is moving home for a bit while she looks for a job, having just graduated with her second college degree, and since she is, as she says “nearly a vegetarian” I will be getting out the appropriate cookbooks. My favorite one is The Enchanted Broccoli Forrest from the Moosewood restaurant.

  42. Jean dear, the steak is actually just an excuse for the green salad. 🙂

    Chicken is good, though. Tomorrow night’s salad excuse will likely be a pounded-thin-and-grilled chicken breast, served over a measure of vermicelli and topped with a slice of provolone and home-made marinara, sprinkled with parmesan. I’ll resist the temptation to have garlic bread and thereby feel virtuous again.

  43. Ghost, you are making me feel guilty here. We are trying to fatten up skinny husband who was down about 50 # and didn’t have any extra much to begin with! You are being virtuous and exercising and you’re going to fit in that uniform!

    That darn link to Pinafore doesn’t work. I watched a more recent Pinafore by Essgee and I have to admit I liked the classic version more than the updated one. But the sailors in the updated one all looked like they came out of the Chippendale line up!

    Tight pants and all!

    But then I always loved the ballet too. There is a pattern here.

    Ghost, you make me feel guilt too for abandoning Mozart when we have the Mostly Mozart festival here in Oklahoma.

    Love, and good night, Jackie Monies

  44. Just scanning before bed and the line “something gross like sex” brought me up short. My wife was told at a young age that the birds put their tail feathers together to make a baby bird. What’s gross about that?

  45. Jackie, the weight loss project is proceeding apace, but I’m down to where getting rid of every pound is a real battle. (Just wish it was going as well as my beard growing project.) Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make a list of all thing things I’m craving but being “virtuous” and not eating, and you can use it as a guide for what to stuff Mike with.

    And Lily, that talking under the stars thing…it works plenty well after sex, too.

  46. That one stopped me too, Jerry, but I think Lily has reasons for how she feels. Do I think sex is gross, no, but we all recover in different ways.
    And Jean, I loved the Trashy Women video. My husband and I used to sing along with Confederate Railroad and those were “our” two songs. Of course, it was me we sang and laughed about, I was the trashy woman in the short, short skirt and Texas “big hair”.

    Gotta laugh at yourself, otherwise someone else will.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  47. No, no, no, Ghost! A beard! I have this total weakness for men with beards!

    Not the Duck Dynasty scrappy beards but beautifully groomed beards, like “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and sexy Rexy. Or any good sea captain.

    Some years I hold a contest for the most salty looking of my friends, which almost always involves beards. Gray beards mostly.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. Good morning Villagers….

    Crisis at work….Boss man is going through a state of “think I’ll sale everything and move to Canada and too much money is being spent on payroll and nothing is getting done” crisis. My nephew has been appointed to be the bad a$$, sent the teenagers home early, after cussing them out….everybody is stressing out….arrrggghhhh!!!!

    I told Andrew, I’m not worried, I do my job, and I take pride in it, and I am confident in it.

    GR 😉 need to hear that song. Thanks

    Ya’l have a blessed day, I am.

  49. Debbe, my lord this is worse than A and J’s real time script! I am so sorry for you and yours.

    Just got an email minutes ago from my friend with the big broiler farm, who has friends all over America who also grow chickens I suspect. Wonderful Christian man and runs houses to perfection with everything working.

    Right now I think he still has a Hispanic manager but I can ask. He furnishes home on farm. Beautiful place, with large private lake. He is no hobbyist, the chicken farm makes money.

    Of course you’d have to relocate to the pine covered hills of Louisiana near Shreveport! LOL

    Seriously, do you want me to ask him if he knows anyone in your area needing a manager? I assume you live on company owned property and don’t own the house?

    Love you and God bless and keep you.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  50. Jackie, not only do I think Trashy Women is just a funny, funny song, but one of the blue-haired old ladies in the “audience” reminds me so much of my grandmother (mom’s mom) that I laugh every time I see her.

    Ghost, since Husband had a work thing last night and wasn’t home my sister and I had salad for supper-mixed greens with boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato, cheese, and shredded baked chicken. It was delicious and especially easy since the chicken was a rotisserie chicken from our local Publix grocery. 🙂 I do love salads like that!

    I will admit the one thing that makes it hard for me to stay on any sort of healthy eating plan (which is all a diet is-or should be) is good mashed potatoes made with real butter and cream. I fall off the wagon for those every time. Then again, as a friend of mine said recently, every time I feel the urge to exercise I wash my mouth out with chocolate! 😉

    Debbe, I hope the Boss Man gets over his twitches and your life becomes Drama Free-or closer to it-soon.

  51. If you have a Cracker Barrel restaurant in your area, I’d recommend their Country Chef Salad, described on their menu as “slices of oven-roasted turkey breast, sugar-cured ham, and hickory smoked bacon, along with slices of English cucumber, grape tomatoes, and a wedge of Colby cheese. Comes with two traditional deviled eggs, and our own sourdough croutons.” Get the fat-free Ranch instead of regular dressing. I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference. Oh, and don’t look at the rest of their menu. 🙂

    [I don’t remember the source of this quote] “Salad dressing was invented by a Southern cook who wanted grease but couldn’t figure out how to fry lettuce.”

  52. Trapper Jean, are you in Florida? Publix used to be one of my big accounts and they are among the finest of grocery chains! You are lucky to have them and they are good employers too, since we are on that subject.

    Just read good article in today’s Yahoo about using meat as a condiment, a la oriental cooking, where it is used sparingly. I knew a Vietnamese lady who could seemingly feed a family several meals off one chicken! She used feet, beak, everything.

    Thought of you and Ghost when I read that, from last night.

    Confederate Railroad has some of the funniest and most insightful lyrics of any C and W band I know, whether on sad subjects or just poking fun. Too bad their subsequent albums never did as well as the first. And while on subject of that, I loved Great White as well and I think same applies there.

    Ghost, I will tell you my private email is all over the internet if you ever want to tell me what it is you really do! Unless you will have to kill me after you tell me. I am intrigued!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  53. Logans Roadhouse has good salads too. And they are owned by Cracker Barrel. And for those not on a diet, if they have the banana cream pie on the menu, try it!

  54. I love Erma Bombeck’s quote about how her family thought gravy was a member of four basic food groups. Also her comments on how they drank gravy with straws.

    Love the fried lettuce!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  55. Vietnamese do great salads of any sort. Green papaya is fabulous, along with their chicken salads, which are shredded cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, peanuts, etc. dressed with fish sauce vinaigrette.

    Have been eating the seasonal menu at P.F. Changs lately, which has salads usually that are interesting. So does Cheesecake Factory. Of course you run the danger of defeating it all with a giant slice of cheesecake.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  56. Hear! Hear! Trucker you are right on, brother. And there in lies the great fault with #9 Chickweed because he does ALWAYS portray his sex AS ballet and a pas de deux, beautiful and graceful and often involves ballet dancers.

    Give me Jimmy’s realism which is never graphic by the way.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  57. Now that we have scared off the less brazen with SEX, we will have big drum roll for the coup de grace’:

    Senior citizens and more mature people actually have sex! Sometimes a lot of it. Sometimes we are as frisky as bunny rabbits or squirrels.

    And just as squirrelly.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  58. Absolutely, Wayne, that is the one. I ended up watching all the Pinafores I could find on youtube and that is the classic best. The captain and the ingénue both had good voices and it was funny but not to point of slap stick.

    By the way, there is light bawdiness in G and S but very mild I think.

    Note to Lilyblack, try watching the Houston Opera’s revival of Porgy and Bess by Gershwin, a true American opera. You don’t have to watch a translator and the voices and music are beautiful.
    I honestly never liked Porgy and Bess until I saw this one. Not sure if it is on youtube. It went on to Broadway for awhile and I think was on t.v. as well.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  59. I too have been attempting a cleaner diet of late. Something about doing the Tango with the Grim Reaper makes one want to clean up their act and live just a wee tab better.
    Grilled herb crusted chicken breast on a bed of Romaine with asparagus tips on the side has become a regular. Last night was my old faithful though: red chili enchiladas. I use ground turkey anymore, rather than shredded or ground beef, along with much less cheese. I still add a fried egg on top – some things just cannot be skimped upon.

  60. The 2% cheeses aren’t bad and you can fry an egg in olive oil, good oil. The eggs really aren’t guilty on cholesterol. The corn tortillas count as fiber and whole grain. You could add some red chilies that are fresh for more fiber and antioxidants.

    Add some beans for more fiber and good protein nonanimal.

    Mexican or New Mexican isn’t bad for you, nor Tex Mex either if you substitute some.

    Love, Jackie Monies (my weakness among many are rellenos)

  61. Good morning, Villagers. Favorite quote about sex is Lord Chesterfield’s :” The pleasure is momentary, the positions ridiculous, and the expense damnable.” Ah, the cost, that’s the worst part.

    Ghost, I’ll just have my stars up front with no hors d’oeuvres, please.

  62. Artists cannot publicly portray actual sex, just discrete foreplay, the preliminaries. Or they can portray a situation where you know what’s going on outside the frame. Neither Brooke nor Jimmy cross that boundary. Edda, walking the streets of Paris the morning after with that dreamy smile on her face was a nice touch.

  63. Watch Nicholson and Keaton if you want roll on the floor hilarious sex. It’s funny because you will see yourself. When he got a leg cramp I almost passed out I was laughing so hard.

  64. Jerry, sorry having senior moment. What is movie name? I need some laughs right now and so does the senior cancer patient who is trying to recover in my living room. Love them both!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  65. I also recommend “Terms of Endearment”. There is an interesting picture of Nicholson online where he is sitting with Vladimir Putin. I can’t imagine how that happened.

  66. “And So it goes” is the movie, with Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton……Jack would not do it for Rob Reiner, says he retired.
    Have a happy, happy.

  67. I like Larry McMurtry’s book, but I think I would like the movie Terms of Endearment better if it didn’t have Debra Winger in it. She always makes me break out in a psychic rash. Even in a movie I otherwise like, say, An Officer and a Gentleman.

  68. Jerry, the meeting between Jack and Vladimir took place in 2001. Putin is a big Nicholson fan. “YOU WANT THE TRUTH? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” You think they might be brothers?

  69. OK, so now there’s a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer and an app that allows you to use your smart phone to check the progress of your grilling meat from 200 feet away. Why is it that I so do not see Arlo getting one of those?

    And yes, it’s not that difficult to eat both well and wisely. Like any other project, it just takes a little research, a little preparation, and the gathering of the necessary materials. And most importantly, the decision to undertake it.

  70. Lily, I could say something about how expense can be ameliorated by frequent flyer miles, but again, I will be virtuous and not do so. 😉

  71. I had the same revelation about Pogo. I liked it as a kid, but when I was in my teens, I
    figured out there were deeper (but still funny) issues being drawn about.

    That’s when I started collecting Pogo books so I could go back and ‘get’ what the strip was really all about! I now have 45 of them plus figurines, cups and a Viewmaster thingy. Oh, and a couple of posters and two original newspaper weekly strips.

  72. Maybe he took Putin to a Lakers game. I think the movie was “urban Cowboy” or Midnight Cowboy” or “The Electric Cowboy” or something like that. I think that Putin had his shirt off.

  73. The discussion about Palmolive reminded me about the popular candy bar Baby Ruth, which was named after Grover Clevelands’s daughter and not after the baseball player.

    Here in Detroit, we maintain that Alkaline Batteries were named after the popular Tiger, Al Kaline.:-P

  74. One of you wrote that OK has no chipmunks. Most of the state does not, and geographic ranges may have changed since the maps in my 1976 ed. of Burt & Grossenheider, “A field guide to the mammals” [Peterson F.G. Series #5] were last revised [1975]. Tamias striatus, the Eastern Chipmunk occurred along the eastern border from the NE corner to east central border, and Tamias quadrivittatus, the Colorado Chipmunk occurred in the NW tip of the panhandle. I can vouch for the accuracy of the name T. striatus, one of the two chipmunks found in MN, but would have to do a search to see if T. quadrivittatus is still current. There will not be a quiz.

  75. When I was a kld in elementary school, I got a book from SBS (remember them?) titled Why Did They Name It? which told the stories of popular product names. It made for very interesting reading.
    On another topic, there was a book titled Very Special People, which I found engrossing, too.

  76. Tom, I envy you your Pogo! Mike, my husband had an elderly aunt who was librarian in the Mississippi Delta. He says he went there for a family visit and with nothing else to do he read everything in the library on Pogo and Walt Kelly. He was a young boy but has always read, so that doesn’t surprise me. What is surprising is that Clarksdale, MS would have a large Pogo collection in the 1950’s.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  77. A book Mike bought me that I enjoyed was called “Why Stop?”
    It cataloged every historic plaque, monument, event on every highway in Texas giving you a summary of what happened and when. Even gave mile markers and location of historic signage.

    He said he was tired of having to pull onto side of road so I could read the plaques. Obviously there are others besides me if a book was written to save getting out of car!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  78. Ghost, don’t worry. I survived, and I am happy now. Being happy is worth the things it takes to get here.

    Jackie, we have a copy of “Why Stop” in the suburban for road trips. I have read pretty much all the way through it, even for places we have never been. It’s more fun even than the mapps

  79. Back in the ’50s, I bought copies of every Peanuts book that came out. My friend, now MBH, gave me a plastic Charlie Brown model about a foot high. He accompanied me during grad school – so did she, of course – standing on my research lab’s window sill. No, MBH did not stand on the sill….
    Some years back, perhaps 8, I gave the lot to an appreciative son-in-law, who seems to have a thing for the Peanuts group.

  80. Let me add to Lilyb: you seem to have made a good life for herself, especially in the field of helping others. I cannot possibly know what you went through, but it seems that you’ve overcome the problem. More power to you….

    Jackie M: You certainly have had an exciting life! Do write a book; it’d be fascinating.

  81. Lily, is your guide just for Texas like mine or does it cover other states?
    I loved it and Mike almost always drives, hates to talk, once drove 800 miles across Texas and spoke about 10 words. So, I’d read my guide and I did same thing as you, read entire book.

    There’s a C and W song called “Waltz Across Texas (With You in My Arms)” which I love but I once bought a postcard with a minivan crossing state of Texas that said “Waltz Across Texas Without A Single Pee Stop”. Or close to that?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  82. I wish/hope someone will someday either do more Why Stop? books or web sites for other states. When I was trucking I enjoyed stopping, at the few places that I legally could, to read roadside plaques.

  83. You know professor, I have been thinking about that lately. I always said I would write it when my mother was gone, as she couldn’t survive it probably. She is still going strong at 93 and I am afraid my sense of self parody will disappear first.

    Once upon a time, I wanted to be Faulkner, or Salinger, then Welty, then McMurty. Or Dave Barry and on and on. Kept saying I was going to do the book and leave it to be published like “Confederacy of Dunces” when I was dead.

    But your survivors don’t do that, they burn the darned thing!

    I actually need to write something for my editor on boating right about now! And I’m sleepy, no nap. We had a sudden ferocious storm just as we were loading groceries and I am still soaking wet.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  84. You better not tell me where you are in Mississippi/Alabama. I have worked both territories and can find just about any town with a water tower in it. (If they have a water tower, they usually have a flower shop too)

    I will be out looking for the good looking man in the hat! What is it you do again?

    That is the EXACT style of beard I love. I am only adverse to the hanging moss/snuff can styles favored by Duck Dynasty actors.
    But I love a well kept, trimmed beard like this.

    Buy the hat!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  85. Yep! That’s the one I have. Texas Monthly magazine has some of the best writers and copy in the world. Not prejudiced or anything. I consider myself a Louisianan by birth, a Texan by chance and choice, and an Oklahoman by displacement.

    But I have adjusted. I like what one of my customers once said, a Texan who was living in Oklahoma: “If Texas had just kept Oklahoma they would have done more with it.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  86. Yep! That’s the one I have. Texas Monthly magazine has some of the best writers and copy in the world. Not prejudiced or anything. I consider myself a Louisianan by birth, a Texan by chance and choice, and an Oklahoman by displacement.

    But I have adjusted. I like what one of my customers once said, a Texan who was living in Oklahoma: “If Texas had just kept Oklahoma they would have done more with it.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  87. Yep! That’s the one I have. Texas Monthly magazine has some of the best writers and copy in the world. Not prejudiced or anything. I consider myself a Louisianan by birth, a Texan by chance and choice, and an Oklahoman by displacement.

    But I have adjusted. I like what one of my customers once said, a Texan who was living in Oklahoma: “If Texas had just kept Oklahoma they would have done more with it.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  88. Yep! That’s the one I have. Texas Monthly magazine has some of the best writers and copy in the world. Not prejudiced or anything. I consider myself a Louisianan by birth, a Texan by chance and choice, and an Oklahoman by displacement.

    But I have adjusted. I like what one of my customers once said, a Texan who was living in Oklahoma: “If Texas had just kept Oklahoma they would have done more with it.”

    Love, Jackie Monies

  89. Jackie, if you have a smartphone, search the apps. I just did that on my Android based phone and there are quite a few, including one for Oklahoma, called OK Markers.

  90. Either my eyes are out of adjustment or Jackie really needs that nap!

    As for today’s “real time” strip (tells you how busy I’ve been that I just now read it!) I’ve had faith in Gus this whole time… that he’s going to sell/give his share of the Dock to the kids. I’m probably wrong, but that’s what I’d do if I were “closing down” a family business and retiring.

  91. TruckerRon, my guess, based on the strips earlier this year, is that Gus is going to sell most of his real estate. He will then give a portion of the money to Gene and Mary Lou to invest in their farming venture and enjoy himself with the rest. I think he’s earned it.

  92. Guess I’ll for sure have to go for the hat, now. To complete the look. 🙂

    There is a certain resemblance, as I think about it. My nose is not as pointed, and I don’t have nearly the collection of, uh, character lines, but still…

    And yesterday I did get a nice compliment on the beard from a cute, blonde RN who had not seen me since it grew it.

    Jackie, I’d already decided that you and I have probably walked the earth in a lot of the same places. We might both be surprised at how many.

  93. Woke up at 2.15 a.m. and started some laundry instead of tossing and turning, spinning out instead. I cannot read the Rooster Cogburn story without crying, still sad and touched by the story of the pit bull who wouldn’t abandon his Chihuahua friend and carried him in his mouth!

    Have a very similar life vest for Dickens, the Adventure Dog, who is smaller than most of my cats. These look good. I have a good friend who manufactures and sells the Sage 17 sailboat. He has a cat named Mama Kitty that he rescued and she travels everywhere with him.

    I need to tell him about these in case he doesn’t have one for her.

    Gus is going to do the right thing. He is a good person and has done the right thing for Mary Lou and the “Shrimp”.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  94. Good morning Villagers….

    The emotions I have just went through, from laughing (Nicholson and Keaton’s ‘roll in the hay’ from Jerry and TR’s remark about Jackie really needing a nap) to crying (Rooster Cogburn) to a heartfelt memory of the song “Always”. OOOHHH, and that dashing man in the hat and beard, whoa GR 😉 here’s my number 812-867-5309 🙂

    Inspection came early yesterday…we got 100 percent and the other hen house had only one problem. I immediately called the Boss man’s sister (she does the books) to relay the message. I think it’s time for him to come back to reality….

    Jackie, that is so kind of you to offer to help me out….I just may take you up on that….let’s see what the month of August brings….I’m serious. I’ll be 61 in August, and by no means am I ready to ‘retire’….I’d go nuts.

    Came home yesterday to my husband cleaning the computer room and jamming out on U tube videos. I clicked copy but got sidetracked and forgot about it….let’s see what ‘oldie’ it is.

  95. I wonder if Gus told Gene because he realized it WOULD get out and Mary Lou would get over her mad by yelling at Gene…instead of yelling at her father? This village is wonderful. 🙂

  96. Good morning, Debbe 😉 Thanks for the “wake up.” I’ll bet that cat won’t fall asleep waiting for something to happen. 🙂

  97. Ghost, have you had the “salad” that consists of a wedge of iceberg lettuce with a “dressing” of warm bacon grease and crumbled bacon? That was a favorite of my mother’s. Never could stand it myself.

    Jackie, no, not Florida. North Georgia, about 60 miles from Atlanta. My oldest daughter works for Publix. She’s in Customer Service right now, and heading for Management. The funny part is, I don’t always shop at a Publix because the closest store to me is an hour’s drive.

    Speaking of beards and hats, there’s always this:

  98. Jean dear, one of my grandmothers made what she called a “wilted salad” which sounds pretty much like the same thing, except the lettuce was cut up. I’m not big fan of iceberg lettuce, served in a wedge or otherwise. But there’s a local eatery that serves a spinach salad with a hot bacon dressing that is awesome.

    Publix stores are awesome, too. The beard cap, not so much. 🙂

  99. Yeah, I haven’t eaten iceberg lettuce in a long time, except out when it was all I could get. I love canned spinach with a lot of vinegar. It is one of my favorite late-night snacks. The Man In My Life disapproves, but he keeps a couple of cans on hand for me.

  100. Iceberg lettuce has fluid, I am not sure about nutrients? Lily, on canned spinach, Popeye to the contrary, bleah!

    Anyone remember Alton Brown on Food Network doing the motorcycle road trip to the Popeye statue and opening a can and giving it to his French friend? Remember the reaction?

    Spinach is indeed Super Food but preferably raw or slightly steamed. Olive oil and garlic with a shake of coarse ground red pepper flakes.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  101. Can’t help it, Jackie. It has been a comfort food for me since I was a kid. My favorite meal for years was pork chops, Del Monte chopped spinach with red wine vinegar and back-eyed peas cooked with jalapenos. No dessert, of course. Even when I was a kid I wouldn’t eat desserts except for birthday cake.

    If it’s any comfort, The Man In My Life says similar things.

  102. Speaking of giving out phone #s: Daughter was in NYC on business decades ago, and told me she was in a hotel across the street from new [ugh] Penn. station. I told her the number on her room’s phone was 736-5000. She was amazed.

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