Christmas Cards

Christmas on Monday is weird! Not since I was a kid has Christmas seemed to take so long to arrive. However, it is here, and I hope you’re having a good one. (For readers of this blog: substitute “Print and trim comic strip.” in Step 1.)

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35 responses to “Christmas Cards”

  1. I woke Daddy up at 6:00 am to wish him a Merry Christmas by standing on his chest and licking his face. He pretended he was mad, but he was smiling, and he gave me a most excellent ear skritch. Then I went over and assumed my duty post, on top of Mommy’s head. She loves it when I do that.

    Anyway, we are now all awake, so Merry Christmas from Jackie, Ghost, and Dickens the Real Christmas Puppy. If anyone needs me, I will be asleep under the bed covers.

  2. As our Brit friends would say it, Happy Christmas!

    And to our kids’ and grandkids’ delight, we managed to have a white Christmas. Three inches of it here on the valley floor, 6 up on the hill where my daughter and her family live.

    The one gift I’ve opened is a tripod for my tabletop telescope. My son-in-law built it out of 2x4s so it’s able to hold much more weight than needed (I can sit on it), and it’s painted white (less likely to be tripped over), and folds up easily.

  3. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night the cough syrup is very effective.

    Planning next year’s Christmas yard display. The canes. lighted giant snowman and candy canes get Snoopy and his doghouse added and a forest of trees and giant .candy canes.

    Never say NEVER. I am coveting an inflatable for my porch roof, Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel. If I can bring myself to pay retail

  4. Thanks for the post and today’s new strip Jimmy. I know the truth of the new strip too, having had as many as 5 cats at once. Move furniture and find kitty’s buried treasures.

  5. Yes, Mark, that is the flying Snoopy . I would put it on porch roof overlooking front deck where his doghouse will go, decorated for Christmas.

    I thought $200 was a lot but $262?

  6. Jackie, the Lowe’s website says it’s on sale for $99.50 till 1/3, but they don’t have any available online and none of the local stores seem to have any left. But if your store has a display maybe you can get them to sell it to you for the listed sale price. Good luck.

  7. Such a peaceful quiet Christmas. Going to Lowe’s in morning to buy a new dishwasher and a Snoopy in his
    Sopwith Camel airplane. Found one!

  8. Jackie, I’d recommend the extended service contract with the dishwasher. They just don’t make appliances like they used to make them! I’ve used the service contract on recently purchased refrigerator (LED light controller failed) and dishwasher (water inlet valve failed). Both were name brands, from Lowes. Service call was almost effortless (I had to be home) and covered under the contract. I had a washing machine that had a control board fail at 4+ years two years ago, and I hadn’t bought a service contract. The part would have been $250 plus installation. I bought a new washer AND service contract.

    Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

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