Christmas Releases

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Today, I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and I’m not really supposed to be doing it. Instead of some old cartoon from the past, I’m showing you previews of the coming week. That’s right! Each panel in the “comic strip” above is from a panel that has never appeared in print or pixel. Granted, they don’t make much sense when assembled in one strip, but that’s never been a major impediment around here before. Technically, I’m not supposed to show you stuff before the syndicate has released it; if you come here tomorrow and find Snuffy Smith, you’ll know what happened. So, watch for the above panels, in newspapers the week of Christmas!

Oh! By the way, if you aren’t already a member of the Facebook group Arlo and Janis Fans, now would be an auspicious time to join. The group needs 21 more members to reach 500. Officially, I don’t have anything to do with the site. Mostly, it’s the work of Jim Young, a fine fellow with a lot of time on his hands, apparently. I know it would make him happy to hit the 500-member mark. And me, too!

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  1. Uh oh. The strip above made sense to me the way it is presented. (I did sort of wonder what happened between panels 1 and 4 that required Janis to change clothes. And what Shrimp Beignets taste like.)

    Not doing Book of Faces myself, could some smart person here explain to a simple person like me exactly what happens and what it means when you “Like” something or someone on FB? And keep the explanation simple. 🙂

  2. I am glad it was a comic from different panels of future strips, I thought I was losing it and would have to see what everyone else thought it meant on comics I Don’ t Understand

  3. When you like something, let’s say an video, your FB friends can see what you liked. They can look at it and like it. Then their friends will see it and so on.

  4. Ah. This blog pretty much includes all the digital “faces” in which I’m interested.

    Appears that someone grokked the use of the Ladner name over on TDS. Good for them.

  5. Whatever Janis did, it shortened Arlo’s sleeves, then grew them right back.

    Glad you explained that one, JJ. I was scratching my head thinking about what beverage served in a mug just demands that shrimp be served with it. Slippery slope indeed.

  6. “I’m tiny, but mighty….wanna feel my biceps?”

    Daughter [now 50+] has been a dancer since 3rd grade, and was associated with a professional dance outfit for years. Maybe 25 years ago we were talking muscles/exercise and she, standing next to me, said she had ‘buns of steel’. I fist-bumped her butt, and she did.

  7. My spam filter caught an email this morning that was supposedly from FedEx regarding a delivery problem. Hovering my cursor over the “FedEx” address showed it was actually from americangearco dot com. If you see such in your Inbox, I would not recommend clicking on it or opening it.

  8. Debbe, I have a friend who stands all of 5’ 2” barefoot, and her motto is from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Helena’s description of Hermia- “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

    I remember singing Emmanuel in chorus in high school. It’s always been a favorite of mine, too.

    Ghost Sweetie, nope, not Toreador Red Metallic, though I did look at that. And no, Charlotte, not blue. That’s my sister’s favorite color. 🙂 As Ghost says, there aren’t that many colors for Excursions, and mine is Spruce Green Metallic. It is lovingly referred to as The Green Land Yacht.

    I have to admit I was wondering about the above strip, too. How very cool to get a peek into the future!

  9. Jean dear, I should have known that a green Excursion would go best with your red hair. 🙂 And yes, those beasts are LARGE. A friend had one about ten years ago, and then traded it for a Caddy Escalade with which he had no end of trouble.

    One of my favorite Jay Leno jokes was one he did just after the Escalade was introduced. He said it must have been designed for “pimps who like to go camping”.

  10. Sorry Jimmy – I’m happy here – there are only so many sites I can check and this one is my priority! – I hope you get your 500 to keep your buddy happy.

  11. Debbe 😉 There are “recommended height-weight charts” (some of them for women apparently going back to a study done on US Army WAC’s in WWII) and the later and infamous BMI (Body Mass Index), but I’ve always used the field expedient method you mentioned…for women, add 5 pounds of weight for each inch over 60 inches of height. So for you, 100 + (5.5 x 5) = 127.5 lbs.

    Then you can adjust for frame size, subtracting 10% for small frame and adding 10% for large frame. How to determine frame size? Wrap the index finger and thumb of your right hand around your left wrist at its narrowest (wrist joint) point. If the tips of your finger and thumb just meet, average frame; if they overlap, small frame; if they do not touch, large frame. (Despite my feelings on the matter, there is no additional adjustment for bust or cup size.) So, assuming you are small framed (and otherwise “average” 😉 ), 114 pounds is not drastically underweight.

    Also, the BMI calculator on my smart phone shows yours to be 18.68, and since 18.5 is considered the lower limit of “Normal”, you are on the bubble but not technically “Under Weight”. At 127.5 pounds, your BMI would be 20.86, which is a middle value for “Normal”. So, unlike most of us, you have the luxury of being able to gain over 10 pounds without guilt.

    And I’m sure you are muscular. Out of curiosity, what is the weight of the six trays of eggs you routinely fling around?

  12. The TIP comic may not be hilarious, but that’s a handsome wife, model, or whatever.

    Spruce green metallic. When we moved here from Ann Arbor, we thought we’d best get a new car, so we coughed up for a new Rambler wagon. Unfortunately, that year they were featuring shock absorbers that had a spring enclosing a bag filled with water [or some other liquid?]. Very smooth ride, until winter, when they became rock solid. N. MN has long winters. We got them replaced.

    ‘Wrap the index finger and thumb of your right hand around your left wrist at its narrowest (wrist joint) point. If the tips of your finger and thumb just meet, average frame; if they overlap, small frame; if they do not touch, large frame.’

    That doesn’t take hand size into acct. One son has relatively small hands and feet, taking after his mother, not me. Expect that would make him seem larger framed than I think he is. Mine barely touch [RH, LW]. The opposite don’t touch, but that’s due to a crooked, mildly arthritic thumb.

  13. I may have just posted this recently, but Facebook is like nuclear energy. When used for good, it is wonderful, when improperly used it can be devastating. I live 200 miles away from my old high school and 150-300 miles away from my brothers and sister and I love being able to stay in touch with them and remain involved in their lives. One of my nephews and I have become very close to each other but barely knew each other as he grew up as he lived so far away.

    Like this site, I have become “friends” with people that I have never met and I am a richer person as a result of it.

  14. As of right now, the Facebook fan page has 510 members! Thanks to Jimmy for the shout out and thanks to those who enjoy the efforts there. I started it because I saw other comics had pages on facebook and I didn’t want A&J left out! We mostly share links to this site or the current strips and comment among ourselves there. We are pretty laid back. But those who don’t do facebook are certainly not required as long as they come here to the official blog! 😉

    I hope everyone has a great Holiday!

  15. So then, Jim in TN, you’re the Jim with “a lot of time on his hands”. 🙂

    Seriously, it’s good of you to do something that promotes something worthy like A&J. (Although I’d guess that promoting it on an A&J FB page is akin to preaching to the choir.) I’m not denigrating FB or its usefulness, but right know the last thing I need is something else to check on or another password to remember. If that ever changes and I open an account, my first stop will be at the A&J page so you can “friend” me, or whatever it is you do. (In Spanish-speaking locales, do they “amigo” people?)

  16. I had wondered about that, emb, but thought there might be some correlation between frame and hand size. It seems pretty accurate, at least visually, every time I’ve seen someone try it. At a little over 6’2″ and with broad shoulders and not exactly slender wrists, my thumb and forefinger lack a bit over an inch meeting.

    And yes, that’s quite an attractive artist’s wife on TIP today. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that her posing for him involved her having to take off all her clothing. Notwithstanding the old joke…

    Artist: “May I paint you in the nude?”

    Model: “You may paint me, but you must keep your clothes on.”

  17. GR6, et al.: In your explanation of the formula for weight relative to height, you neglect to say that the 5 pound increments are to be added to a basic 100 lbs. Glad to see it in your formula, though.

  18. Love the idea of showing some previews of upcoming strips. Thanks Jimmy! It’ll be fun to predict the other 3 panels. Its kind of like those contests when a cartoonist draws a panel, but leaves the dialogue up to the readers to see what they can come up with.

  19. JJ, I’d be glad to join that group if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve never had anything to do with Farcebook and never intend to.

    If any of you really want to know what your BMI is, here’s a convenient place to find out: BTW, the BMI was designed for population studies and isn’t accurate when applied to individuals. (Not that this stops doctors from misusing it, of course.)

  20. I read and re-read today’s cartoon panels, “Christmas Releases,” as I usually read A & J—until I understood it. Not that I do every time; sometimes I need a nudge. But I read this one until I understood this: Janis brings mugs to the salmon-colored sofa. Arlo accepts them but rants a little. But he acquiesces and even brings the take-out shrimp dinner in like the gentleman he really is. They sit on the salmon-colored sofa watching the screen (I hope it’s “A Night at the Opera” with the Marx Bros.!) and have a nice evening. We see them having cookies for dessert. Arlo’s right! It is a slippery slope. Next they’ll have so many meals watching the screen. That ain’t right for a happy A & J marriage or anybody’s or any meal—except on fun casual occasion, o’ course. I remember Charlie Brown’s house smells like TV dinners (lesson learned!). But I find myself remembering lots of A & J cartoons—even from 10 years ago, I sometimes surprise myself.

    Like Jimmy wrote, sense has never been a major impediment around here before. Was I surprised to learn I was wrong! But Jimmy’s style is so hint-y!

    What if Walt Kelly would contribute to a panel or so of A & J? Now, that would be major nonsense.

  21. Jimmy, Just back from our year-end San Francisco gig, all had a good time. Starting with today’s blog and will work back as time permits. Good luck with that FB thingy, Loon and I aren’t FB types.

    GR6, I find that tradh in my spam filter on a regular basis. Never open, just delete.

  22. Sorry, on a different computer and I posted at end of yesterday’s comic. It is sad, so leave it there and don’t read if depressed. Sorry.

    Love, Jackie

  23. Oh Jackie! I’m SO sorry! Sending huge hugs and much love your way for you and your family. I feel confident speaking for everyone when I say we are here for you if you need a shoulder to lean on. Her wishes may not have been your thing, but it sounds beautiful. Much love to you.

  24. Oh, Jackie, I am so terribly, terribly sorry for your loss. I know it broke your heart to post that, as it did mine to read it. But thank you for letting us know, as some of us would have worried mightily had we not heard from you for several days. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and that I am sharing your loss in spirit, at least.

    Note to other readers: Jackie had taken Mike and her mother to Tulsa for treatment for Mike, and they were staying over at a motel to minimize Mike’s travel. Just after they arrived at the motel, her mother had a seizure and collapsed. Paramedics got her back to the hospital but she never regained consciousness and she passed away.

  25. Jackie:

    Thoughts and prayers. Sad to read your post [at the end of ‘Next’, above], but it was right and good of you to post it.

    Wife and I were working on a joint email yuletide letter four years ago when we learned of her terminal leukemia, so, shortly after she died I added something like, ‘that’s as far as [wife] got, . . ..”, went on with the rest of the story, and emailed it. Also, wrote and phoned equivalent info to various others, and wrote an obit for the paper for others. Total shock and heartbreak everywhere.

    Remember to take good care of yourself. Blessings.

  26. Aww, Jackie. I am so very sorry. It is so hard to lose your Mama no matter how old you are. You and your family are in my prayers, as are all those who are going through hard places right now. A member of my niece’s family also died suddenly a couple weeks ago; seems like there are a lot of sad things happening among folks I know in the past few months – and yes, your warmth and openness makes me feel like I do know you, Jackie.

  27. Copied and pasted from what I wrote when I read yours yesterday, Jackie:
    Oh, Jackie. I know I speak for many here in the Village when I say I wish I could give you a physical hug of sympathy instead of only a “virtual” one, but please do know that you do have our hugs and our prayers. Thank you for letting us know.
    Love, Nancy Kirk in AZ

  28. Dear Jackie, so terribly sorry. It’s so hard to accept. Please take care of yourself and Mike, he is your first priority; when your family arrives, they can take some of the burdens from your shoulders.
    Lovingly, Charlotte

  29. Thank all for the prayer and love. The two woman army has arrived and are going to get their dad to the hospital and the PET scan and pre op procedures and registration. Thien they are going to shop for the red dress as the one I had planned to order cannot arrive in time. I am to get van’s tire fixed and talk to funeral home again and the florist to make sure they have flowers ordered, all that sort of things.

    Funny about what is tragic in life, I went to see about tire at tire shop next door and I noticed an older/middle aged woman and some cute small kiddies. Waiting for the tech to come put air, I spoke to what was husband/grandfather. His c/c didn’t go thru and he was $11 short in cash.
    Didn’t ask for money, was saying how sorry he was my mom had died. I handed him $20 and you would think I had given him a fortune. I just said “Merry Christmas.” He wanted to bring me the change and I said, no just keep it for the kids. He was so excited, he take could them to McDonalds.

    I could/would have given him more but he refused. Beautiful little kids.
    after all the race riots, maybe they can have a little faith.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Jackie, I am so very sorry for your loss, but I am also sure that because of your loving care your Mama had many more years on Earth than otherwise. Remember the love.

  31. If anyone feels the desire for a nice bit of humor, try Dec. 18th version of “Luann Againn” (sic). Don’t think I ever saw that situation before; even the MBH liked it.

  32. Jackie….when I read your post at the end of yesterday’s comments, I cried for you. You are a strong woman and need to stay strong for Mike. I echo all the comments above regarding the passing of your mother….as one said, she had a quality of life and that is because of you, know you did well with your mother.

    Love, Debbe

  33. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 did the wrist and finger/thumb sizing…on my right hand as my left wrist is bigger because I broke it a couple of years ago. I am of average build. Each trays roughly weighs 3.5 pounds, and roughtly each stack of six weighs around 20 lbs or more. Two stacks of six make a case, and there are 24 cases to a skid, so I load a tray of six 48 times onto a skid. I cheat on the top though, I put 4 and then 2 on top of the four. Yesterday, I loaded 204 cases. Ian, my son, helps me do the top. He’ll usually pack the top for me….that’s my boy

    Sideburns, I can’t believe you loss that much height. Next time I’m in doctor’s office, I’m going to have the nurse do my height.

    And I love the Charlie Brown Christmas video….will play it in it’s entirety when I get home…..and its PAYDAY!!!

    Gal 🙂 Snoopy is cool.

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

  34. Jackie: So many have said what I am feeling for you. Know that you are a good daughter… a good human being… a good child of God. Love – hugs – prayers to you and the family.

  35. Jackie

    I’m a little late but sending you our sympathy, encouragement, compassion, condolences. My folks both passed a couple of decades ago. Dad had debilitating strokes and Mom had Alzheimer’s. Mother-in-law had Parkinson’s. We KNOW they were all much better off in the next life, just as I feel your Mama is happy now, too. Hang in there.

    Love you back,

    Steve Moore (Sam)

  36. “[OF] Predictions will resume when the Visitor Education Center reopens on December 15, 2014.

    I predict they will resume in 2015. Bonne année. emb

  37. Forgot to close quotes. How like me!

    “[OF] Predictions will resume when the Visitor Education Center reopens on December 15, 2014.”

    I predict they will resume in 2015. Bonne année. emb

  38. Jackie,
    I don’t write much but I must send you some love and well wishes and sincere condolences. What you did for that family was indeed wonderful. May God bless you and your family and friends always and in all ways.

    (I’ve been having e-mail problems and may have to change to another address soon.)

  39. Jackie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mom. We know how much she meant to you, and how much you meant to her. It’s good for you to let your children help you during this time; they will look back on what they did for Grandma and Mom and Dad and know that they were able to share their love in a meaningful way. I will miss hearing what she had for breakfast and what she thought about something. Please keep telling us your stories of her.

  40. Debbe, I have osteoporosis, diagnosed after I had a bad fall during a hypoglycemic episode and ended up with compression fractures. It’s possible, I guess that the compression was vertical. I still think of myself as being taller, and the size difference really messes up my BMI, making it even less accurate than it was before.

  41. Sorry to hear that Jackie, I just got caught up after two days, took wife to Galveston for a mini-bucket list thing to see some sandhill cranes. — –SO a brand new board game – lots of individual A&J panels that you mix and match into the best strip. — — so AGAIN I have to change all 10,20 30? things that auto bill periodically on my credit card, I’m always getting a new card because they got hacked or something and now there’s new extra special improvements for e commerce and clouds or something so I have a new card and number and have to update everything again. I need to see how much I can just auto bill through Paypal so I only have to change one thing

  42. Gaaah! OK, so I find out the card they sent me is my old card. I got a new card last month after diet pills were being charged on it, then I get a new card that says just all their regular junk about how new and great it is, but it turns out that it was just a new date renewal of my old hacked card that was in the pipeline to come to me

  43. I’ve just posted something twice. Both times it disappeared from this box but did not appear above. This is a test. It is only a test. . . ..

  44. Scientists are stereotypically humorless. We aren’t. The paragraph below, from Sky & Telescope’s weekly newsletter, is part of an article on Curiosity’s detection of organic molecules in Mars’s air and rocks. Each time I copied the item, S&T had gratuitously added a URL, which I deleted this time. We’ll see.

    “One simple organic molecule, methane gas (CH4), has a similar story. It can arise abiotically as a product of the breakdown of meteorite-borne organic matter, or from the interaction of water with silicate minerals such as olivine and pyroxene (both present on Mars). On the other hand, it can also come from primitive microbes called methanogens, which produce methane as part of their metabolic processes. (The sub-meter-scale resolution of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s HiRISE camera has ruled out Martian cows.)”

  45. If you don’t know that cows and other ruminants, wild and domestic, burp a lot of methane, you won’t catch the humor in the (. . .) above.

    Horses, manatees, and other non-ruminant herbivores and omnivores [we, along with most other primates, are by nature omnivores] release methane by another route, mostly.

  46. I must differ with some of what eMb cited from “Sky & Telescope”. Reaction, if any, between water and pyroxene (or olivine) cannot possibly produce methane. The reason is simple: neither water nor pyroxene (of any kind) nor olivine has any carbon atoms. Thus, methane – which must have a carbon atom in each molecule – is not possible.

    If one is thinking of the actual production of carbon atoms via nuclear reactions in stars, such atoms can be made, but they would not be arising from water nor from pyroxene nor from olivine, as all those materials would have already been broken up into separate atoms at such extreme conditions. There simply could not be any water or pyroxene or olivine at the conditions inside stars.

    If I am incorrect, feel free to say so!

  47. Running very late today…I’ve been getting things in order so my BIL can keep check on my Mom tomorrow while I make a day-trip to Lower Alabama to visit my best friend of many years for the first time in several months. In some ways, her health is not much better than my Mom’s, so I’m very grateful that my Mom is doing well enough for me to travel without worrying about her, and that my BIL is is available to back me up.

    Debbe 😉 Merry Christmas from the Deep South…

  48. Debbe, I learned something new tonight about the Blockbuster on Dish. They have free tv shows as well as free movies. I found they have Night Court on it. Don’t know if it is the whole series, but it is one of my favorites. Too bad they don’t have Barney Miller too.

  49. c x-p is right. Maybe reactive C is available in the immediate area and they just left that out, but I just copied what the S&T release said. I think there is CO2 in Martian air (and therefore soil), maybe as its main constituent. Peace, emb

  50. Good morning Villagers……

    Happy Trails GR 😉 Stay safe,

    Got a few flurries ‘floating’ down right now, nothing significant. But I know when I read the forecasts a day or two ago, they showed temps only in the mid twenties next week, with lows in the teens. Now they are calling for 50 degree weather on Monday and a some winter weather on Christmas Eve.

    Mark, is there a charge on that Blockbuster channel? I’ve clicked on it, and I’m just hesitant to hit select…..I faithfully watched Barney Miller in those days. What was the old detective’s name on the show…he had such a dry sense of humor.

    No one wanted to work today. So it’s just me and an 18 year old. ‘Skittles’ (Dakota) and the other 15 year old wanted off. Dakota promised me he would come in on Monday and would work Christmas Day with me. Yes, the hens don’t stop laying because it’s Christmas. Ian will work at the other hen house with “we don’t know yet”. Probably The Boss….but I’m not going to tell Ian that yet 🙂

    Happy Caturday!!!

    Emb and cxp, way over my head, there’s such intelligent life in this Village…and then there’s me 🙂

  51. Sideburns, sorry to hear about your osteoporosis, my paternal Grandmother suffered from it horribly. As she aged, the “hump’ between her shoulder blades grew worse. She almost walked at a 45 degree angle. I miss my Grandma. Especially this time of year. We grew up living next door to them, and I would lie in bed at night and watch the color wheel turn the silver tree blue, green and red, until I fell asleep.

  52. Ghost Sweetie, by now you’ve no doubt left to visit your friend, so I will say I hope your day was full of happiness and you are now home safely and Mom is well!

    Debbe, I loved Barney Miller too! NetFlix has the first four seasons on dvd. Did you know Fish got his own show? He and Bernice became foster parents!

  53. Debbe, that channel is $10 a month, and I would much rather pay for it than the other big-name movie channels. They mostly carry stuff I would not even pay to see in the theaters on first-run. If you don’t subscribe I think there is a pay per view fee.

    My favorite characters on the show were Yemana and Dietrich.

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