Close Doesn’t Count

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I hope you’ll forgive me for visiting the geography discussion one last time—I promise. I think it’s worth mentioning that of those five states where the highest elevation is less than 1,000 feet above sea level, Little Rhodie has the highest, Jerimoth Hill, 812 ft. When I started writing this, I thought it probably would be Mississippi’s Woodall Mountain at 806 ft. I wanted to mention this, because I wanted to regale you with my own tales of mountaineering. Woodall Mountain (“hill,” really) is in the northeastern part of the state, near where I once lived just over the line in Tennessee. I’ve driven up Woodall Mountain many times; there’s a dirt road to the top where one encounters a modest antenna farm and an admittedly commanding view of the surrounding countryside. I’m also familiar with Britton Hill in Florida, north of Fort Walton Beach, the lowest of the five lows at 345 ft. Britton Hill isn’t really a promontory at all, but the highest spot on land generally sloping upward toward the Piedmont Plateau. I told you I liked this trivia question. I don’t know why. We can’t all climb Mt. Everest, I guess.