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Every now and then, someone will complain to me about their comment being shunted to “moderation.” The implication is, I am punishing them for some unknown affront. This is never the case. True, posts with certain words—use your imagination—automatically will be held for moderation, but this is seldom the problem with the rare posts that do, for unknown reasons, get sidetracked. I just dumped the moderation queue. There were only 65 comments that had accumulated over months and months. Not too bad, I’d say, but I will try to do a better job staying on top of the comments that, for whatever reason, wind up in moderation. If it happens to you, don’t take it personally. As I’ve said, I almost never nix a post for any reason.
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  1. I hope the “Hummingbird Whisperer” technique works. Please let us know.

    Arlo’s mug looks like one I once had. It was plastic and huge, but most of the bulk was insulating airspace between the inner and outer walls. I retired it in favor of a sleek model that will fit in my car’s cupholders. Remember balancing those big behemoths on the dashboard in pre-cupholder days? And what happened when you stopped fast?

  2. Jackie, to answer the wildlife question you asked yesterday: yes, woodchucks and groundhogs are the same animal and they can be found all the way to Georgia according to Wikipedia.

  3. Saw the biggest mug I have ever seen in either Nebraska or Kansas yesterday. Maybe not out of scale with the guy filling it who looked like he weighed around 500 pounds.

    But it was soda, not coffee and mug looked to be a full gallon, had handle and lid. I wondered if there was a flat price on refills?

    Since I don’t drink soda from machines, I have no idea. Am swearing off the new tall Coke cans, the aluminum is so thin the cans just collapse but the soda goes flat as well.

  4. I could quote the whole poem Jabberwockey, I wonder how that would be handled in moderation? Twas brillig in the Slithey Toves……….. In reference to todays cartoon, my cats don’t hide and jump out, they sit on top of the piano or on the loft ladder and boldly just smack me as I walk by. They forget that the abused arm is attached to the hand that provides the petting.

  5. The hummingbird either flew out or it’s hiding or dead. In any case I don’t see it. I wish that I had read the link earlier. I had no idea that it was a common problem, but the explanation makes sense. Did you ever notice that someone that drives slower than you is an idiot and someone that drives faster is a maniac?

  6. Answered a phone call and lost my post about driving through hills of Kansas all day through the Flint Hills grasslands. Two lane roads and so remote and beautiful I just drove. Prairie hen Capitol of World.

    Bullet could have played with Trigger. I didn’t drive 55. All lonely roads and right angle turns.

  7. I gave up on artificial sweeteners in everything about 4 weeks ago. Fruits and raw veggies are starting to taste sweeter; my appetite has lowered a good bit; I’m down 8 pounds — 75 to go!

    The theory I’ve decided to go with is that the chemicals in the sweeteners interfered with the good bacteria in the gut.

  8. Sand, the Lord knows, I don’t. I kept thinking I needed a man who could navigate either on land, sea or air. I don’t know why I would think that or specify man or sex. Being more or less lost for two days does that.

  9. Jackie, Kansas Turnpike runs north-south through the Flint Hills. Should you cross over it try to parrallel it. Exits at Cassodity, US 50, and US56; go north you will reach Topeka and I70, going south it will take you to Wichita and then Oklahoma.

  10. My new third shift girl quit already. She worked a whole two shifts solo. I knew she wasn’t going to work long term, but wasn’t expecting her to fink out quite so quick. I am Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.

    Non-sequitur: I am currently amusing myself by playing with Thunder’s tail. When I play with Blacklight’s tail, the moment I let go, she drops it back down. Thunder just leaves her tail however I put it. Almost as much fun as silly putty. 😀

  11. Sand I thought I was on I-35 heading for OKC and drove about hour and half before I noticed I was not. I exited first exit I could and put Eufaula in phone GPS and got the interesting tour. Reached Oklahoma border on Highway 75 at 5.30.
    It was like Gilligan’s Island but really pretty in the Flint Hills.they appeared to be tacking me through prairies like a Prairie schooner. So far East, then south, then east, then south. Over and over.

  12. Little Ghost Kitty is doubled in size and adorable. I put him down and another one ran out of flowers! I think that is Oreo? We have Skipper, oldest black and white.

    I have decided to name the pretty brown and white kitty from Mark’s house Miss Prissy after Debbes Miss Prissy because she is marked like a hen in coloring patterns. We have a brown tabby Sylvester for the cartoon cat. It should be a black and white.

    Of course we still have Ashes, our senior cat, and Hoochie Mama who is now spayed. All cats are neutered and spayed and live in yard unless they make it to house but it is not a bad life. Lots of places to sleep, hide, play, endless food and water and petting.

  13. Things did not go as planned today but turned out OK. My friend, who has balance issues, did a face-plant onto a granite floor this morning. So most of the day was spent kn two different towns waiting to see doctors, seeing doctors, waiting to get a spinal x-ray, getting a spinal x-ray, waiting to get a CT scan of the noggin, getting a CT scan of the noggin, etc. Nothing fractured, no sign of a brain bleed. We had our first meal of the day at 9 PM. But hey, it was a good meal.

    Back at the hotel. Their InterWebNet connection is apparently so insecure tonight my browsers won’t even connect to it. Fortunately, I own a NetGear Air Card, so I carry my Wi-Fi with me.

    Somehow I am reminded of Stockard Channing’s comment that all hotel rooms smell like a giant artificial vagina to her. Although she may not have said “vagina”.

  14. Good morning Villagers…

    …got into work, found a note on the packer, said display not working at this time, opened up cooler door and found 8 skids of eggs….they ‘jump’ started it. Amen, didn’t have to handpick eggs up, and we all know what ‘hole’ they come from 🙂

    gotta go

    oh, glad the hummingbird made it out, Jerry.

  15. I spoke yesterday of the maniacs and idiots on the road. This morning we woke up to 1″ an hour rain and we ended up going 35 MPH on I-696 until we passed the mixing bowl ( a bunch of roads that converge together). That was when some were going 40 MPH, some 50, and a few maniacs trying to drive 65-70 MPH. It was a mess. The good news is that I threw some grass seed and straw over the burned out areas of my lawn and unless I’ve drown the seeds, I might actually have a lawn.

    I had to move my mail box because my neighbor owns 4-5 cars and would park in front of my box and the mailman refused to deliver my mail. I have a prescription that my Doctor mails me and I have gone without it for a few days because of this. (He could send it digitally, but doesn’t know how. A good Doctor, I don’t want to change) It was not worth starting WW 3 with the neighbor so I moved it. That was one of the areas that needed grass seed.

  16. emb, here’s what I found on this. Title “Poverty and Wealth” by Frith. Apparently to show the contrast between the poor getting charity food on the right and the well-to-do riding by in their carriage. Doesn’t tell what location is depicted.

  17. Mark: Found it at a copied paintings site, and looked Frith up / Wiki:

    Apparently Frith was among the most favored genre painters of his day, at least in UK. One can infer a present day message or two from the painting, esp. if it is magnified to full screen size. Interesting that Melcher saw another weird possibility.

    Frith has another painting, the marriage of the Prince of Wales, in Westminster Abbey [I think], presumably Edward the 7th to be. Is that Victoria in the box at the upper R?


  18. ‘St George’s Chapel, Windsor.’ Never been there. As ‘chapels’ go, that ain’t bad. Happy that I spotted the Queen. When did Albert die? She’s in mourning, no? Peace,

  19. Yep, Albert died in ’61, two years before Edward’s wedding. The Queen had nine kids, and passed a hemophilia gene on to some of them, incl. at least one hemophiliac boy. Nobody had read Mendel yet, so didn’t know about its hereditary pattern. I know a few women who chose not to pass it on, bless them. Peace,

  20. Road Rage – I love being honked at because I won’t gridlock! It’s illegal to proceed on a green light if you can’t clear the intersection. Sometimes, things move a tad and I can squeeze up, then the idiot stays on my tail, then blocks everybody when the lights change. . And Yeah, I’ve missed mail because of morons in front of my mailbox.

  21. Good morning. I am home and have fed cats. Seem to have them all. Dickens is running around like an idiot all around yard and neighborhood. He isn’t supposed to do that.

    Oklahoma has become tolerable weather wise. Nice on patios last night and this morning.

    Ghost, you are a lovely and loving man. I can’t think of anything else to say. You often leave me speechless.

    That my friend is amazing ability by the way.

  22. Thanks, Jerry, for the hummingbird update. I’ve never had this happen, but if it does, I’ll now know what to do.

    Ghost, your friend is so lucky to have had you there for assistance. I’m happy she was not seriously incapacitated by it. She’s in my prayers.

    Steve from RO, the mailbox/neighbor’s car thing happened to me, too. I spoke with mail carrier and neighbor and worked things out. Neighbor wasn’t even aware that his car had created a problem for mail delivery.

  23. My house was a flip, so for about a year it was not occupied. They got in bad habits. When I approached them about it, they immediately acknowledged it and I have a feeling that this had happened quite a bit before. My wife was pretty upset when I told her that I was moving it. Partly because it wasn’t our fault and partly because she has experienced my DYI projects. However I did it in about an hour and she had not realized that I had done it until the next day. When she asked “When did you do that?” I said “Did what, I was sitting in my easy chair watching football all day.

  24. What a great quote! I must have crashed early last night and not read today’s strip. I seemed to have moved to that state of mindless “So what?”

    Out buying cat and dog food. Got on scales and up a couple pounds so bought lots of diabetes control nutrition shakes. My workmen thought I was looking good but they probably missed me all month.

    Back to exercise and stricter food plan. Not that bad, must have filled out evenly.

  25. Jackie: I was exhausted just thinking about all of the driving you’ve been doing! Getting out of the truck and into your own bed will do wonders for body and spirit. There should be plenty of positive energy for you to absorb from your Sail Oklahoma friends too.

  26. My friend is doing better today. Thank you, Flexeril. Thank you, Voltaren.

    Had a late lunch overlooking another marina. It may be of interest to Jackie that sailboats appeared to outnumber powerboats about 4 or 5 to 1. Which I don’t remember being the case at most marinas I’ve seen.

  27. It depends on what you’re looking for but there is plenty of beach with parking which is something you don’t find much of in north Florida anymore. The latest cover of New Yorker magazine came out today and can be viewed online. Hint: Miss Congeniality.

  28. Damn GR6, I know Orange Beach, famous getaway for Houstonians.

    Waiting in the ER with Loon who has acquired an infected toenail. These things never happen during normal doctor office hours.

  29. I used to love the Apalachicola area and the little towns on the coastal gun barrel of Florida but I imagine it is all developed now. Around Biloxi and Gulfport I still loved the homes and restaurants which I fear are all gone.

  30. Did Loon have toenail surgery that became infected? I remember you saying Sand about her recovery period.

    I have had two surgeries on toes, one was awful, second not so bad, have had infected toes. Deepest sympathy Loon. That is painful and serious.

  31. Jackie, she had a toenail removed three weeks ago. Now has an infection. On IV antibiotics and pain killers. Waiting for test results before they will discharge her. Looooong night.

  32. Good morning Villagers….

    We’ve not seen the sun here, now for two days….it’s been a welcomed cool, wet time. I know my Miss Prissies are enjoying it. Had to close windows in hen house to warm the place up.

    Sand, that’s got to hurt..prayers coming Loon’s way.

    Jackie, glad you made it back home safely.

    gotta go….

  33. Good morning, everybody. End of week two return to work. So far, so good. Tomorrow my brother comes and takes my mother to their new home in Montgomery. I will miss her but not the cigarette smoke. I will have clean air for the first time in 6 years and I’m looking forward to it. Everybody have a safe and pleasant day. Later.

  34. I am awake but barely. Small group here which is fine. I just could not deal with more. Trying to continue something that is over and ended is always a mistake. I agreed to do this over my better judgment and that too is a mistake..

    Got to get up and dressed. Dickens says it is too early. He is still curled up and hasn’t budged.

  35. sand, sending good thoughts and prayers Loon’s way. Yours, too.

    Mark, I understand what you mean when you say you will miss her but not the smoke. For many years, I loved my family made up mostly of smokers, even though they made me miserable. Almost all of them have quit smoking, to their benefit and my relief.

    Jackie, you’re doing this for love, and love will get you through it.

    Janis’ take on college sports is mine. Now, if we’re talking Detroit Tigers baseball, I’m not quite so understanding. 😉

  36. Albert Bierstadt: ‘Wreck of the Ancon in Loring Bay, AK.’ So, was it a double-wheeled side-wheeler? Why is its stack not parallel to the masts? Breakup of ship?

    AB doesn’t do waves or rainbows convincingly, but did a slew of good landscapes. Glad he immigrated from Solingen. Sorry, you know who you are: no figure studies, so far. I stopped on p. 12 or so, of at least 15 pp., 20 prints per p.


  37. Waking up to ship wrecks, kinda the why we are feeling this morning. Was after 02:30 before we found our bed. Loon misplaced her morning diet Cola, great scavenger hunt. Aforementioned cola had traveled to the upstairs office, apparently via a mystery force since Loon swears she hadn’t been upstairs. Will have to interrogate the cats to find who is pranking.

  38. Li’l Smigz, many years ago I decided that smoking cigarettes was much too costly, and not just economically. So I employed the DLAODA (Don’t Light Another One, Dumb Ass) method of smoking cessation. Seriously, I simply put out the last one and never lit another one. “No brag, just fact.” Turns out what I’d had was simply a habit and not an addiction. Yet I fully sympathize with those still battling their use of Demon Tobacco, having seen reports that for many breaking their dependence is as difficult as kicking a heroin addiction. Keep up the fight. It’s worth it.

    Oh, and I have returned to Home Base. At 0203, sand, I was doing about Warp 8 down the Interstate. All the Smokeys were hibernating.

  39. My ghosts seem to have moved on as I have had no mysterious smells, lights, noises or movements of material things. Nor appearances.

    Apparently I may not have been the link? But I am delighted. House is peaceful and serene.

  40. Or perhaps a Friendly Ghost had a little talk with them, pointing out that was a nice ectoplasm collection they had, and it would be a damn shame if something happened to it.

  41. SiriusXM has given me a trial subscription (the dope dealer marketing model…give it to them free until they get hooked), and to be honest, I did enjoy it on my road trip. And to be brutally honest, all my local area’s FM stations suck. So I will probably keep just the 80 or so music channels. (If I had to, I’d gladly pay extra NOT to get Howard Stern or the “talk radio” channels.)

    I went to their site and gave them my musical preferences. My choices ranging from Classical/Opera to Bluegrass, someone in SiriusXM Central is probably scratching their head and wondering, “Who is this guy?”

  42. Made an appointment for Trigger to go to groomers. After 6000 miles he needs some pampering . They said they’d clear everything but the motor.

    And he gets oil and tires, etc. Besides being detailed. Wonder if they do humans?

  43. Ghost and Jackie: Sirius probably thinks we’re related.

    If you can’t decide what type of music you’re in the mood for some Sunday afternoon, check out David Johansen’s Mansion Of Fun on The Loft (ch. 30). The variety is completely unpredictable – you might get Caruso followed by Cab Calloway then something totally contemporary!

  44. Negatory, good buddy. I was flying a black Ford Exporter last night. Catch you on the flip side.

    Thanks, R. A. I’ll try Channel 30 this Sunday when Bullet and I are out and about. Also, I’m thinking about getting the “streaming” feature added on so I can listen on my phone and tablet when not in the vehicle. Only about $4 a month extra, I believe.

    From the little “news” I’ve not been able to avoid on the way to check my emails, a former Miss Universe has now become a major US presidential campaign issue. Wut? I honestly can no longer decide who is worst, the candidates, a majority of the electorate, or the media. But if I had to guess, it would probably be for a three-way tie.

  45. Should not confess but several states that I have been in have legal speed limits of 80 and 90. I do not use cruise. So I glanced down and I was doing over a 100 in Trigger with no sense of speed at all. These trucks Re deceptive.

  46. I stopped by my mom’s apartment complex to speak to the manager and saw her next-apartment neighbor in front of his door with a trailer backed up. I stopped and found they are moving to a house they have found. He and his wife and his college-student daughter are all great people and were great neighbors to Ghostmother. I told him how much I appreciated that and thanked him for all the kindnesses they had shown her. On the way home, I stopped at the market and encountered her long-time pharmacist and also thanked him for looking after her prescription medicine needs, especially during her last years.

    When people do good, it deserves to be recognized and applauded.

  47. First thing I noticed when test driving Bullet was that 65 MPH felt and sounded like 45 MPH in the Crown Vic. And since the speedometer is a different style, I’ll need to pay attention for a while when passing LEO vehicles.

  48. Ghost, I was at about 110 on smooth roads with no sense of speed. On a rough pitted road you may notice. I try not to fly low so I am having to pay attention.

  49. Catching up after two weeks in Kansas for Jim’s 60th high school reunion plus various family reunions while we were there. Was reminded that as someone (Jackie(?) said, it’s truly lovely in the fall and also in the spring. Unfortunately, it hadn’t quite managed to be fall most of the time we were there—95 degrees and 95 per cent humidity. Ah yes. Lovely in fall and spring, stinks (or less polite word) in summer and winter. Good place to be FROM. Glad to be back home and back in the village. Back to catching up now.

  50. According to the Verizon hum system installed in Bullet, my highest speed on the trip occurred while maneuvering through a section of urban Interstate with four lanes I have labeled Fast, Faster, Too Fast, and OMG.

    Welcome back to the Village, Nancy.

  51. Jackie, many years ago a pilot I know was stopped for speeding. As was quite common in that era, the cop initiated the encounter with the sarcastic remark, “OK, buddy, let’s see your pilot’s license.” So my friend showed him his pilot’s license.

  52. Funny you should bring up Angus, Ghost. Thought I was shut of him, now I am beginning to wonder. No smoke alarms this time (Yahoo!), but just little things. Finding things not where I expected them to be, things falling over for no good reason. Not very often, but just often enough to make me question my sanity; does no good to question the kittos – they won’t answer.

    Work still sucks. Hopefully I will find the time to make a real attempt at a job search soon. Today was a thirteen hour day, and probably have another one tomorrow. Off to bed.

  53. Jackie, you’ve misquoted Mr Buffett, he believed there was no woman involved:

    1st refrain ends with:

    Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame,
    But I know it’s nobody’s fault.

    2nd refrain:

    Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame,
    Now I think, – hell it could be my fault.

    3rd refrain:

    Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame,
    But I know, it’s my own damn fault.

  54. Lady Mindy, I attempted to check on the whereabouts of Angus, but he doesn’t answer my emails or PMs. And he’s been banned from Twatter, Falsebook, YouTub, Clinked-In, Goastale+, Unstagram, Ruddit, Flackr, and all the other ghostly social media networks. (Why am I not surprised?) But Angus being Angus, I’m pretty sure if he were still there, he’d be pranking you with the smoke alarm to watch you jump out of the shower naked. 🙂

    I would suggest leaving out some rum to see if it mysteriously disappears, but probably you should just drink it yourself and cut out the middle haint.

  55. The older I get, the less I am concerned with other cars passing me. I don’t really mind being a bit slower. I depend on cruise-control to keep me in a reasonable range. It is easy in newer vehicles to creep up much too fast.
    Jackie, I am glad you made it back home safely. I am sorry you are stressed by the OK sail. You can always message us (me) if you want to bend someone’s ear. Unfortunately I am too far away to give you anything more than a virtual hug.

  56. Gloria 🙂

    I guess tonight can be Sports Night. I have a new(er) UHD TV, and two Top 10 college football teams are playing. I need to rest up a bit, anyway.

    I also need to find a way to play on a college women’s volleyball team…all the players are about my height; they dress skimpily; and after every point, win or lose, they group hug.

  57. Jackie, so glad you drove through the Kansas Flint Hills. Yes, Ghost, they are hills, they are in Kansas, they are very beautiful, and they are the last remnant of the tallgrass prairie that once covered the whole middle third of this country. My parents both were born and raised in the Flint Hills, different regions, and I had the pleasure of reunions with both sets of cousins this past week.

    Hmmm. I had been going to mention that we had not heard from the Village Orphans Society for ages, and here are two posts!! Short ones, to be sure, but posts nonetheless.

  58. First off (as we say in south) we had a small group of my boating friends here so no big parties. Since no one can camp in yard they are at camp ground down road. I had a LOT of wine accumulated from my various trips. I loaded about two cases assorted, cheese, crackers, chips, summer sausage, vegetables, dips, etc. In truck and we sat around Pavillion, drank wine and ate snacks. I don’t think anyone drank beer but we had some.

    I just kept opening bottles. It turned out to be fun. Didn’t unload truck, think I will pick up some meat and easy food, get a grilling session at house of meat and vegs, drink .ore wine out on patio or decks. No, it wasn’t the same but I had fun.. that is probably the answer, no it will never be the same but it can be fun, especially with more wine.

  59. Jackie, thevwagon tracks are still there in some locations. During the winter and early spring months before the grass is up, if you fly low you can spot the Santa Fe trail. In places it can be very wide.

  60. I drove in so many uninhabited spots in America where I felt the past was still there swirling around like so many wisps of fleeting images, not there but still faintly visible.

    Overall I kept thinking of the hundreds of thousands who crossed those huge spaces and how long the trip was. And so unsupported.

  61. Jackie, Sand, (and any others interested), Chase County of “PrairyErth” is the county my mother grew up in, and we had our reunion at a restaurant in Cottonwood Falls and then continued out to the home farm outside town. Google Cottonwood Falls courthouse for some beautiful images. Our lunch was in the restaurant in the old hotel, on the right side of the street facing the courthouse.

    Re buffalo and wagons, you can in fact sign up for a wagon trip there, or to help with a cattle drive.

  62. Just ran across this, in a 2015 Writer’s Almanac I’d failed to open.

    Berry, Wendell. “The Blue Robe” / New Collected Poems. © Counterpoint Pr., 2012.

    How joyful to be together, alone / as when we first were joined / in our little house by the river / long ago, except that now we know each other, as we did not then; / and now instead of two stories fumbling / to meet, we belong to one story / that the two, joining, made. And now we touch each other with the tenderness / of mortals, who know themselves: / how joyful to feel the heart quake at the sight of a grandmother, / old friend in the morning light, / beautiful in her blue robe!

    Actually, she did have a blue robe, but it worked in anything.


  63. Many things go better with wine.

    The game sucked, so I channel-surfed in UHD. Hit the trifecta on a Friends rerun…Monica, Rachel and Phoebe all displaying pokies in the same episode. Must have been chilly on the set that day.

  64. Good morning Villagers…

    GM, Old Bear, glad to read of your return.

    ….And now Nancy too is back.

    But, we haven’t heard anything from Miss Charlotte lately????

    Mark, good to see your return to work has gone well,

    A cleaning crew is gathering at the homestead today. My baby sisters and stepsister. I’m working, and I doubt after packing and cleaning, I will be participating. Besides, I’m still upset with my stepsister anyway. I’ve never met a more narcissistic individual in my life….and it’s probably best if I stay away with the mood I’ve been in lately.

    …happy Caturday

  65. Sandcastler, I used t have a membership/shoot some at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. Santa Fe trail crosses the property, ruts are amazingly deep still.

  66. Nancy, Jackie, other interested parties.
    My roots are sunk in Wabaunsee County, the northern Flint Hills. I joined the Army to escape the land. We sold off the family cattle operation a quarter century back as none of us kids had the desire to run it.

  67. Awake and showering no time to soak. I hope my pancreas and liver are functioning well. I had fun playing with wine. Just like the old days. These were all bottles I had accumulated on ramblings around America these past months. No serious purchases, just whatever labels amused me or “spoke” to me. What I call soda pop wine.

    Loving wine was what messed up my pancreas long ago. But I never drink anything alone but Diet Coke. That and iced tea. Funny, I served wine all during the boat show and sprinkled champagne on her. But I hope to never drink alone.

  68. Debbe 😉 Remember, hon, narcissism isn’t a capital offense…even in the frequent cases when it should be.

    Yes, sad. I remember seeing him at what was probably his last public appearance. This came up on a Sirius playlist the other night when I was returning to base…

    “Like a rhinestone cowboy
    Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo
    Rhinestone cowboy
    Gettin’ cards and letters from people I don’t even know
    And offers comin’ over the phone”

    I suspect those last two lines were very true for him for much of his career.

  69. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys.

    Jackie was too. That was what I went to college for with second degree. Never used it. Animal husbandry and couldn’t get into vet school so took a degree in agricultural business administration.

  70. sand and Jackie, easist to blame dogs since they look guilty the moment you say ” Did you…?”

    Welcome back, Nancy.

    Ghost is so right…demonstrating thankfulness is as important as being thankful.

    Mindy, treating a job search like a job can help. I mean, putting in a specified anount of time on it per day. Hard to do when a work day is already thirteen hours, though.

    emb, Berry’s quote is heart-achingly lovely.

    Debbe, sometimes you just have to leave people alone for a bit, even family. Sometimes for their sake, sometimes for yours.

    Mark in TTown, there’s a photographer here in Michigan who hunts for old photos and postcards, then retakes the subject. Also, we have a few folks who specialize in abandoned towns, farmsteads, and even manufacturing facilities.

  71. GR6, definition of a cowboy; a poor man who owns: boots, saddle, and a hat.

    Only cowboy accouterment I have these days is a single action Remington 44.

  72. This comment was from about seven years ago. My late husband was saying he wasn’t going to make any repairs on house because Jackie’s dogs would just tear it up. His friend was a dog lover and looked up at my rotting and nonfunctional gutters and eaves of house.

    “Yeah, Mike, those dogs are just hell on soffits.”

    In last two years I replaced roof, gutters, soffits. Repaired rotted porch ceiling, breezeway, the falling down carport and countless other decrepit things on house and yard. Built dog and cat quarters and fences and yards and they are happy campers.

  73. It is safe to visit me, repairs are ongoing and not looking for help with labor. My honey do lists are covered by three part time employees I can write a check to without emotional ties. Except I like them and they are kind and take care of my house and animals and me. That is a good relationship.

  74. I do not miss my ghost or ghosts. We thought we had a portal. The cold sets were eerie, as was smoke filled ceilings and moving objects.

    Hope having an official day does not encourage a reappearance. The real Ghost can show up anytime.

  75. Where did Village go? I don’t see the rest of my comment which was my employees like their jobs and boss too much to want a relationship beyond friends and employees.

  76. Well, I worked out at Peak Performance until about 1400 [walked there and back], lunched at home, napped for about 90 min., made tea and opened my laptop. Stopped at the Orcalab on Hanson’s I., BC. Nothing going on, came here. It’s been an hr. since you posted.


  77. I am using my phone instead of home internet. I have used 98% of my data allowance. I refuse to pay for overages, so I turned it off! HaVing another company service installed Friday. Sure hope this one turns out better!

  78. Galligll, did you change your name? The earlier one was easier to pronounce.

    Just heard, from her son, that the “class” of our HS class has glioblastoma. I knew she had been found with a brain cancer at the end of July, but early biopsy reports were that it was not the dreaded glio. That has got to be a real downer – understatement – for her kids after hearing the initial assessment. Obviously, also for her, if she was yet able to comprehend.

    This is a woman I would have pursued seriously from HS years onward if I had had any social skills at all. I didn’t, so I didn’t. For family reasons, she stayed away from close friendships during those years, too, so my lack didn’t matter. We reconnected only 2 years ago….

  79. Good morning Villagers…

    I’m beginning to think my packer is possessed…I wasn’t into my third case and down it went. Jonathon came in and resurrected it, but it acted up all day. Not to mention the troubles with the egg belts sliding and having to move eggs OFF THE BOTTOM belts… was good to run screaming out of there yesterday afternoon. Ian packed and I watched and walked the hen house.

    Smigz, you are right about avoiding family issues….I stayed away. BIL is living here, and at one time so was his 30 year old daughter….her butt was thrown out last week and is living down the road with an extremely dysfunctional family…where she should fit right in.

    Jerry, I pray “Mat” will not make landfall…satellite shows he’s one big, bad boy.

    Gal, good luck with the new internet service.

    ….ya’ll do have a blessed Lord’s day

  80. Good morning. My nose ran all night and I am doing haunted. Ok, I am leaving what Hal put there! I am in possession of a possessed phone.

    I typed that I was exhausted chasing my running nose and losing sleep. See what he does? Ignores what I say.

    Have picked up a virus somewhere I’d guess after months with none. This seems unlike allergies.

  81. Jackie, having spent an entire month there, I pray you are not on the train to Crudville.

    Daddy always said that if your nose runs and your feet smell, you must be built upside down.

  82. Good morning everybody. Yesterday was moving day for mom, so I was busy with the rest of the folks helping get her out. I didn’t do any heavy lifting or anything which would aggravate my surgery postop. Really the only thing I am still healing is the sternum which they had to cut apart to get access to the heart, and I am feeling much better.

    Last night was the first time I had stayed alone here, other than the three nights mom spent in hospital in March. It felt strange, with just the cats and me here. The cats are trying to work it out too.

    Get well quickly, Jackie. Debbe, maybe its the ghosts of the previous layers infesting your packer?

  83. I have to take Trigger in at 9 a.m. and leave him all day. We cannot find either sets of keys for the Odyssey. Which is odd. And could be expensive.

    I am not especially sneezing or coughing, mostly congestion and drainage and itchy eyes and scratchy throat. I will take myself to a physician if I can find keys.

    Did we name the Odyssey Helen or was that my GPS I disliked? I remember Helen Wheels. I had her totally updated with all services for motor, tires, brakes, etc. And all paint and dings repaired. I do not want keys lost.

  84. Jackie, I’m guessing you mean 9am tomorrow since today’s Sunday. As for keys for the Odyssey, who drove it while you were away? Tell them to search their houses and pockets. I think I remember it was the GPS you had named Helen. You never mentioned a name for the van itself.

  85. Have I ever mentioned excavating the underground brick cistern on our family farm? We were a river boat landing and named New Light as a mark by river boat pilots. It had been a named community on the river long before Civil War.

    A yway I discovered a cistern had been filled in with trash, I took a post hole digger and brought up a rare bottle on test probe. So we began excavating. It was about 20 feet across and we got at least 10 feet deep before my grandmother made us refill it because she claimed house was going to fall in.

    We learned what our ancestors ate from jars, very well it seems. Most metal was too rusted but we found a car at bottom. Entire car from late 1800s. This project went on a long time and came to involve many family members. It was not our family’s trash but it came to obsess us, looking for clues and intact items.

  86. Jackie, if not *considerably* better tomorrow, see your primary care physician or visit your favorite Doc-in-the Box shop. If I hadn’t gotten treatment on Day 2, I might well still be ill…or worse.

    Also, I don’t want to lose anyone else to pneumonia.

  87. Promise I will do that. When I woke up feeling bad I realized what a wonderful run I have had. I am high risk respiratory all my life, yet I cannot remember last time I had respiratory infection. That feels so good and today I don’t.

    I have not had my flu shot yet but keep up pneumonia ia.

  88. Good girl. And get your flu shot.

    I had intended to take my friend to get her flu shot last week, but in the confusion surrounding getting her checked after her fall, failed to do so. A good excuse for a day trip back, perhaps? That and the fact we did not make it to some eateries I wanted to visit.

  89. Observations from a Sunday NFL game:

    1. One of the New Orleans coaches has moobs.
    2. Some things you can’t unsee.
    3. The “celebration dances” players do when they score a touchdown have gotten so esoteric I swear I saw one WR mime preparing an omelet.
    4. Working the sidelines can be dangerous, also. The “ball guy” got hit so hard on a running play that went out of bounds he almost lost all three of his balls.
    5. If NFL cheerleaders’ costumes are designed to emphasize their boobs and derrières, the designers have been wildly successful.
    6. Two words that do not say “expert halftime commentary”: Lady Gaga.
    7. Someone who should not wear a NFL cheerleader’s style costume: Lady Gaga.
    8. Some things you can’t unsee.
    9. I don’t think the 2016 Saints are going to be like the 2009 Saints. (But to be fair, they are hanging in today. So far.)
    10. It’s time to break out my pink shirt again for Brest Cancer Awareness. (Yes, I do own a pink shirt. Why?)

    “Save the Boobies”

  90. Jackie, also agree with Ghost.
    Sand, hi to a fellow Flint Hills roots Villager. Thanks for letting us know. Concerning ranching, one of my Chase County cousins, with help from her son, still runs the family ranch—TS registered Herefords and quarter horses. We had the great pleasure of spending several hours seeing the mares and foals and some of the cattle, and I asked my usual questions to find out how it all worked. Later on the week I got to ride a corn combine in southeast Kansas with a cousin from the other side of the family and find out how that worked. Good times with family.

  91. Jackie, just back to read after posting. Hmmm. Usually I can translate Halian, but “Kilgore Ranger greatest did NOT all ears magically” stumped me.

  92. I was trying to post photos of the Kilgore Rangerettes beautiful high kicking lines. Then I went back and began reading about their discipline. Three hours of practice five days a week, personal training, exercise, weight control, makeup and hair, grooming.

    This was the group that was the beginning of all those girls Ghost is admiring. Their motto is beauty knows no pain.

  93. I recall seeing the Rangerettes performing at bowl games, or in the Macy’s Thanksgiving, or perhaps both. Obviously boots, very short skirts, and cowboy hats made an impression on Young Ghost. Had I known those long, lovely legs needed massaging, I’d have been there in a flash to assist you. 😉

  94. Smigz, had three indoors. Unfortunately, mom’s part time caretaker took her out to lunch Friday as a going away present. She did not close front door tight and an hour later I found the door standing wide open and all house cats gone. Two have come back, and I saw the third yesterday while mom was moving out. All the commotion scared her further away and I haven’t seen her since.

    Outside we have multiples who come and eat and at least two have two kittens each. Jackie and I had taken away 7 in May, but we are back to that again here now, at least.

  95. Mark, I hope that your cats show up. Elvis got out somehow one night and I didn’t even know it until he knocked on the front door. The hurricane has me concerned as it may affect the northeast and I will be in that area for two weeks beginning next Friday. Also I must tell you that I have greatly enjoyed participating in our discussions and I feel that I have made some good friends in what we call The Village. As I have mentioned in the past I have been very fortunate in my life, but chances are I have around 15 years left and it’s time that I began taking care of many things that I have been ignoring. Therefore I will try to check in occasionally but it probably will not be that often. I wish the best to you good friends and of course I greatly appreciate the work that JJ puts into this area for our benefit. Jerry

  96. Thank you Jerry. Be careful during your stay in the Northeast, and may the hurricane curve back out to sea, blowing itself out away from land. Take care and we will look forward to hearing from you again whenever you can check in.

  97. I have been visiting with a young sailing friend who is an ICU nurse. He will camp out in garden and sail a couple more days. Weather is lovely and cool. I unfortunately do feel lousy.

    Mark I asked him about SCA, he has friends in it and he says they are active around here. He said there were lots of museums and similar groups who need volunteers and docents. His philosophy is you cannot be bored or unhappy when you are doing something for othets.

  98. Jerry zip was worried a out you in Florida so you are telling us you are going to be somewhere even more dangerous?
    Come tour the Flint Hills of Kansas. It is not tornado season. Bring cats.

  99. Mark I have decided to name your black cat Spot and the brown one Miss Prissy. I have Oreo, Ghost and Skipper for black and white cats along with Spot. I have to see if vet has a record of names of the two I inherited from my late pet sitter.

  100. Humanitarian that I am, Jackie, I’d have enjoyed giving the leg massages, even if the young ladies didn’t get anything out of it besides unknotted muscles. And you never know… 😉

  101. While culling old email, ran across the A&J series re the old man who stared out the window & saw Janis sunstruck on the lawn. Turned out to be a ret. large animal vet, and he and A&J became friends. JJ has depth. We are blessed. Actually, said that earlier today, to others re this afternoon’s BSO concert. Unbelievably good music for a town this size. Peace,

  102. Good morning Villagers….

    Came home to a pleasant surprise. Husband’s sister and her married daughter and youngest son were here. (She was Jason’s mother.) They came with gooodies: cooked ground turkey burgers, turkey stir fry, and two chocolate layered cream pies. Her son works at Purdue processing turkeys. The turkey burger actually was better tasting than ground chuck. Went to bed with more than full belly and slept like a lamb.

    Jackie, get your butt to the doctor…today!!!!

    Jerry, I will miss you badly and your little zingers…do make sure you stop in every now and then and let us know how you are doing and update us on Tippy.

    Mark, that thought has crossed my mind. Ian and I have experienced, out of the corner of our eye, something dark moving just right after the hens start their ruckus. The whole house becomes deafening because they are so loud. (Cue in Twilight Zone music.)

    ….ya’ll have a blessed, safe Monday

  103. If someone who just drove 6000 miles and seemed to enjoy every mile does not feel like driving 25 miles now, that someone is very likely on the ferry to Crudtown.

    Get yourself treated, Jackie, and pencil in “Get well” as this week’s entire schedule.

  104. The Village values you, Jerry. Stop in when you can; do what you have to do.

    Happy New Year back atcha, Sideburns!

    Jackie, fingers crossed doc can see you today.

    Today’s real-time strip: it just dawned on me that in almost 31 years of wedded bliss, my husband and I have never put away each other’s clothes. I think we do have an idea what each drawer contains, however.

  105. Mark, I just posted a picture on FB that Jackie and sundry others will like, but I can’t get a link to post here. Any chance you could help? Or any other guru who sees this and is on FB? Thanks.

  106. Jackie held for 30 minutes and nurse did not come on line nor has she called. I came home and collapsed in bed. Trying again but Kyle just told me the clinic on corner has reopened under new management. Next block from my house. While I was gone.

    Got up and drank Diet Coke and ate raw carrots with yogurt dip to supplement diabetic chocolate drink and Banana I had for breakfast. Definitely have a bug, may it be a small and easily swatted one. Dickens is so upset he moved to my chest with his head about an inch below my chin, straight posture, like a red fur pelt!

  107. I love Llees nasturtium. I won’t go see her until I am better but I love her and her home town.

    About the Scotch on the Rocks, make mine a double!

  108. Yes! Jackie has appointment at 10 a.m with her female no nonsense primary physician in morning. I respect her so much I drive about 90 miles each way. Fact she had opening is miracle.

  109. Good that you can see your real primary, instead of a Doc-in-the-box. Good luck, Jackie. Hey, with Dickens you don’t need a heating pad.

  110. Report on chicken fried steak. I had noticed that my little town grocer where I buy meat no longer had any steaks labeled chicken fried on meat display. Did I mention I have not made any in some time? Discussing with female butcher who has been there forever, she said people seemed to no longer buy them.

    Sweet little lady listening in happened to be Mama J, the other half of Papa J’s long gone country restaurant who did awesome chicken fried and truly were legendary. So we discussed and she said they always used best grade of sirloin they could buy, thick cut, and pounded the heck out of it. I always joked you could tell how good and fresh made the CF steak was by the sounds coming from kitchen of whapping by cook.

  111. No, Ghost, I have not. I have a couple of heavy metal meat mallets for whacking meat on wooden chopping boards. And I believe I have a torture implement that rolls in circles and has sharp needle like teeth..

    And when all else fails you go to the traditional method used by Southern women for centuries, a saucer turned on edge and brought down smartly on meat.

    Will not quote the late, great Paula Dean, often risqué, from what she once said on Emeril’s show while cooking chicken fried something.

  112. Since zip am lying on bed feeling bad I decided to research chicken fried steak which has I always thought originated in Texas. Mexico has a similar meat called Milan Esa and I thought Cowboys and cooks made chicken fried from that method.

    Turns out Oklahoma claims the invention up in Henrietta, Oklahoma, a town to the northwest of me just off I-40. There is another claim, a Tulsa restaurant who had been making breaded steak on grill and accidently dropped one in deep fryer, a method they retained. About 19r0s.

    CF Steak is part of official Oklahoma meal voted on by legislature and adopted. The first mentions were found in 1950s culinary references and first claims to serve it from restaurants in 1940s.

    My older informant said almost all restaurants use round steak run through machines but what set theirs apart was the hand cut and hand beaten sirloin, not obtained from food service trucks frozen and prebreaded.

  113. I just can’t seem to link things correctly. The official Oklahoma meal is enormous!

    Have been reading up on chicken fried steak. Texas does claim to have invented it, as I remembered after living there so long. Wikipedia says Oklahoma, Texas says Texas.

    In my opinion a lot depends on ingredients and butter, bacon fat. Good frying oil, fresh cracked pepper and good cream are all essential for both frying, gravy, mashed potatoes. I like roasted garlic in the mashed potatoes but butter and cream can’t be scrimp ed on.

    Green beans are great side but this is a meal where steak should hang off plate, leaving no room for sides. Cobbler of some variety is a must but can be any flavor.

    Shocked no opinions on an issue of this magnitude!

  114. Haven’t found really good chicken fried steak around here (eastern Appalachians) in ages. Found it in plenty of places, but not done right. Also my Dr. would tell me a plate load of it with all of the trimmings would not be good for me. Not sure I have the capacity for chicken fried steak done in traditional size.

  115. Have been reading up on subject and lots of comments that people not cooking it at home any more, hence my butcher’s remark that they weren’t doing them for meat cooler any more. Then I began reading about best place restaurants in state to eat them and reading customers comments.

    Has everyone forgotten how to cook? I do remember places that used to put the steak on one oval platter and the sides on a second. I didn’t order them but I bought a few!

  116. I have a mallet, also…just depends on how much frustration I have to rid myself of when I…well, you know.

    “You can lick our chops, but you can’t…”, well, you know.

    Pre-breaded, frozen CFS is evil. It can usually be immediately distinguished from the real deal by the gooey layer just under the the breading that resembles the rubber cement we used for art projects in grade school.

  117. That is what happens when an unsecured hooled…

    Just a minute Hal! I typed “unschooled computer illiterate tryst to copy something and post it.”

    Hal did it again! Where does he come up with this stuff?

  118. Perhaps because I have cooked since I was very young I am unforgiving of most food service products and especially frozen or canned, defrosted and opened. It does not have to be pretentious, I just want fresh and that seems at a premium today. There is nothing that annoys me more than paying for bad food unless it is a wait staff that honestly believes that Cool Whip and canned pie filling mixed is a lemon pie.

    The feeling bad coupled with a dive bombing noisy fly has gotten to me.

  119. Thank you Sand! It is such a huge meal was one of reasons I was trying to post it. The squash isn’t the healthy butternut shown but fried yellow or zucchini I believe. I am surprised they chose black eyed peas as you almost always see pinto beans on menus or plates.

    I think the pecan pie was a nod to our frozen pie industry but so much fried okra is eaten here the joke is the state should be called Okrahoma.

  120. HAHA about the meal! That’s about three, indeed. I guess they were afraid to leave anything out.
    By the way, the Anonymous 2 above were me, on my iPad which I updated to IOS 10. Also did my phone. I seem to be having a bit of a learning curve again. May have been a mistake.

  121. I need to make a run to Bigger City Wednesday, and I’m trying to work it out to be there at lunchtime so as to visit one of the three restaurants there owned by a local chef. All serve good, fresh, carefully prepared food. Not surprisingly, his interest in food dates back to growing up watching his Grandmama and Mama cooking at home.

    I’m jonesing for some grilled oysters (probably from the Oysters Rockefeller I had last week on my trip), and they are excellent there. I’ll likely do the double-appetizer-as-an-entree-with-a-house-salad thing.

  122. You do realize there is no where in Oklahoma to eat an oyster, grilled or otherwise? I woke up from a sound sleep to read food porn!

    Goodnight y’all. Well, it wasn’t very sound.

  123. Saturday, a week past losing my Grand Am to that &*^%^ idiot texting while driving, my back started aching. If it’s still hurting tomorrow, I’ll be calling the clinic where most of my specialists work.

    On the plus side, with the proceeds of the car portion of the payout, I’m planning to fix up a friend’s LeSabre that he’s generously given to me instead of a charity (we’ve been swapping favors for years).

    And I’m buying an A clarinet to supplement my Bb clarinet and bass clarinet… which will be my first ever purchase via Ebay. I’m nervous, but excited.

  124. Good that you are doing something that will make you happy. When a bad negative event can have a positive result then we win and the bad guys lose! So wonderful you have your music.

  125. Good morning Villagers….

    Question….why is it called chicken fried steak when it’s made with sirloin??? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    Nancy, nice pic….now, if that would have been a pic of Sean Connery, I would definitely have a double 🙂 ..and I don’t even drink scotch. Did many, many years ago, but I would have a shot of Drambuie in it….known as ‘Rusty Nail’.

    gotta go

  126. I have made a recipe that I call Pork Chopped Fried Turkey breast. I coat in seasoned flour (with a little Cajun fish seasoning, egg, back to flour and coat with panko or Italian bread crumbs. I made it for my daughter who was home visiting and she was like “well I’ll eat it” and by the middle of the meal, she asked if she could take the leftovers home.

    Chicken Fried Steak is definitely a southern thing, but we love it up in the North as well.

  127. “Question….why is it called chicken fried steak when it’s made with sirloin???”

    For the same reason the boat is called a “Boston Whaler”…it’s not made in Boston and it’s never been used for whaling.

    I saw a BW motor up to the dock to refuel while I was having lunch last Thursday. For anyone needing gasoline or diesel fuel when TSHTF, a marina might be a good place to look.

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