Coffee jitters


I hate to keep bringing up “the book.” I feel as if it’s become something of a joke around here already, but Hey! It is a comics Web site. Anyway, I am seriously looking into publishing this thing myself. If I do, it will be a high-quality product from a printing company, not a pig-in-a-poke from a third party vanity-press agent, and it could be available in as few as three months. If you feel compelled to respond with yet another email encouraging me, thanks, but hold off. I’m going to post an email link in a day or so that you’ll be able to click, and that will give me a rough head-count for the all-important first run. I’m going to do that as soon as I make the &^%$#@ Earthlink Pop mail address work properly! (And I’m supposed to assemble a 200-page book in Adobe InDesign?)