Cold Comfort

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Silly me. I thought the first sentence in yesterday’s post, “…my gray tabby Boot who goes to the vet this morning,” would be explanation enough. For those of you who expressed confusion, let me explain: Boot is my gray tabby, who went to the veterinarian yesterday. I don’t even remember why he’s called “Boot.” The name on his medical records is “Pesto,” but you know how it is with cats. After much deliberation, you give a new cat the perfect name, and two months later you’re calling it something different.

As for revamping the Web site, which I said I would discuss today, be assured it won’t be so different than it is now. It will look different. Let’s face it; we’ve been living with the current look since I began blogging with WordPress in January, 2008. (That is so hard to believe!) It will have a retro cartoon and comments still, but it will have more. There will be a place to buy a few things; that is part of the future of my trade, it appears. I will try to fix that “previous” and “next” thing that bothers so many. And I hope there will be a lot of little extras I haven’t thought of yet. Those of you who come here regularly know I talk about this sort of thing from time to time and nothing much happens. You should also know that, sometimes, something does happen. I do believe this time, between now and spring, we’ll see some changes for the better around here.