Concussion Protocol

Concussion Protocol

February 16, 2015

I don’t have a lot of time this morning, but I’ve got you covered. You still can waste a lot of time here! Today’s classic is the meeting of Janis and her new down-the-street neighbor Robin. If you click on the above date, it links you to a sequence of cartoons involving the introduction of Robin. (Hint: the sequence stretches over a few weeks.) Now, you have lots of cartoons to look at, and you can play “Whatever happened to…?” to your heart’s content. And don’t forget to visit today’s A&J! Thank you!

19 responses to “Concussion Protocol”

  1. This was a famous one as we all thought that Janis ran into herself and that it was a dream (or she was going nuts!) Fun series. I understand how you could have for forgotten about Robin and even the boat….but we miss Gene and family. Was hoping for an addition to their family and watch A&J’s reaction to being Grandparents again and grandparents to a baby.

    • Yeah, time is flying by faster for me, too. I was informed on Monday that my current CRT-D has 18 months left on its battery… And I expect those months to pass even more quickly than the last 18 months have.

  2. JJ: How about a series on A&J’s wedding? Y’know, flashback style. I don’t think such has been covered before, and it would allow your creativity a good bit of leeway. Perhaps A&J could be celebrating an anniversary as entry to said flashback.

    If I err, and you have done this before, “never mind”.

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