Conspicuous by Their Absence

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Think about it. We should be living in the golden age of UFO sightings. Every sentient person is walking around with a cell phone that doubles as a camera—a camera that can instantly duplicate a photograph to a technically unlimited number of recipients, including news outlets who are more than happy to post unsolicited material these days in lieu of paying actual reporters. And where is Big Foot?

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  1. Ah, Jimmy, the aliens, Bigfoot and Nessie are waaaaay ahead of you: They all carry cell phone jammers. As scientifically depicted in the movie “Battleship,” only analog devices can defeat superior Alien technology. Of course, Alien technology DOES have several problems. Their GPS, for example, cannot operate in Earth’s gravitational field, and they must therefore rely on crop circles. And they still cannot penetrate aluminum foil hats with their brain wave devices. But if you want a picture of them, you need a Kodak Brownie or a Poloroid Swinger. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. They just tossed their pods over when I was born to lighten the weight in the spaceship as they used the Mississippi River to navigate south by on visual.

    Big Footloose is supposed to be all around me here in eastern Oklahoma. I have been on some God forsaken roads in this state but seen nothing of him.

  3. Evan: Right, like creationists and ID creationists, they always have an answer, usually one not subject to rigorous testing. I just posted Jimmy’s 3-sentence comment above, with a note about the cartoon, to two blind-cc. blogs [theologs and cultured sorts]. Should have added a URL for that strip. Peace, emb

  4. Where is Bigfoot? Probably playing for some NFL team. Have you seen some of those guys out of uniform? Look too big and muscular to be normal human and I doubt it’s all steroids. Pro wrestlers too. Like Andre the Giant.

    But all those ghost shows on tv, and no video of a ghost yet. I don’t watch them, but Mom does and sometimes I get a couple of minutes of the show while making her dinner, or whatever.

  5. Debbe
    When your girls start doing double yokers you have to make what I had at a wedding where
    I was the main attraction (well maybe just the leading man).

    They were hard boiled and one pocket was deviled egg the other was deviled ham.

  6. Big Foot (feet?) could get job as Wookie extras in Star Wars films and work in the Disney parks, no costume or makeup needed. Aliens too.

  7. Got a phone call alert several years ago that a friend was on television with his aliens being seized by Federal agents. I finally figured out they were arresting all his cute warehousemen. I mean, I was in the flocal industry………….

  8. Jackie, your last post reminds me of a news story that ran while we lived near Nashville. One of our favorite restaurants was a Chinese buffet. Got a teaser on tv that it was raided for illegal aliens. So we watched the story, and it wasn’t the operators, but the servers and the folks who refilled the buffet. Latin Americans, not the Asians we were led to expect by the way the story was promoted.

  9. Still on the road, but had to say…Big Foot moved to Seattle, put his mane up in a man-bun, bought some dark-rimmed smarty-pants glasses, and is hiding in plain sight disguised as a ginormous hipster.

    Taking a break at a House of Waffles and realizing, not for the first time, that most Southern women need instructions on how to coordinate leggings with their regular clothing. In their defense, it really doesn’t get cold enough around here often enough for them to spend that all much time on it.

  10. Jackie
    Can’t you turn off the “auto correct”? And just underline misspelled words?
    Or are you dictating? If you are a dictator Hal should have more respect.
    But then he would not be Hal

  11. Jackie is going to conquer technology or take it all to the grave. In case they bury me a.I’ve or the flames wake me up. Hal has subverted Tabitha and she keeps telling Pandora to play hymns for me, not that I dislike hymns, but mostly it’s hymns they play during the invitational while they invoke salvation for the sinful.

  12. And most of the ones that collect lots of donations in the impoverished area of Oklahoma I live in wear Rolex, diamonds, designer clothes and have two dozen platinum cards in their purses. And that’s just the wives.

  13. About faith and such: suckers should pay more mind to Micah 6:8 and James 2:18, rather than the flashy preachers you mention. NRSV is a good choice. [NB: I didn’t introduce the topic.]

    For something completely different:

    I may have posted it years ago. If you stay through the first episode, in Valencia, Sp., the next act goes to Argentina, etc.

  14. Home again, home again…

    Earlier today (actually yesterday, now), I was driving through a section of a medium-sized city which could be charitably called “seedy”, when I saw a concrete block building with the side facing on-coming traffic painted as a billboard-type sign. The sign proclaimed it to be a shop that offered piercings and tattoos. The name of the business (and I am not making this up) was “Tit for Tat”.

  15. That’s not the worst part of town, but it’s close. They do a big whoop-de-doo downtown on Friday nights and it’s still lit up for the holidays. You should have hung around.

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    RE today’s real time….I think that’s the first time I’ve seen Janis’ teeth! Which brings to mind, the first time I saw Donald Duck’s teeth…..Christmas with the two chipmunks and the usual antics….Donald got clobbered then all you could see was his teeth…I laughed so hard (guess you had to be there…wonder if U Tube has that cartoon…cue Mark?)

    Emb, I hope you don’t see minus 40 degree weather this winter. Brrrrr, makes me shudder just thinking about it.

    Old Bear… deviled egg in one pocket, and one deviled ham in the other pocket…what happened then? Went to other hen house because the girls there put together two flats of double yolkers…..gave them to a very nice neighbor who makes the best ham salad. She is a sweety…guess what I’m having for lunch? I know now what happened…you got a ‘hot pocket ham salad’! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jerry ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey Gal…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ya’ll have a happy Caturday….

  17. Jackie, perhaps you can enlist your new Somewhat Smart Watchโ„ข on your side in the ongoing battle* against The Evil HALโ„ข. Perhaps the two of you can beat it into digital submission.

    Part of my trip yesterday I most enjoyed: Gyoza. I had a dozen of the delightful little dumplings as a main course with a single tempura shrimp makizushi roll as appetizer.

    *Just Plain Mindy had her bamboo; Jackie has her smart phone. But both apparently are fond of doing battle while minimally clothed. That’s my kind of war.

  18. It is dam cold up here on the dammed lake and Jackie has on red fleece pants, a caerthardt type shirt, a red fleece tunic, smart wool socks and Keen boots, a infinity neck warmer, gloves and a boho wool slouch hat, now looking for a matching coat.

    Hal does not know what to make of my wardrobe but I figured I would give a fashion report along with the weather. Those of us southern girls who did our finishing school in the snowy mountains of Pennsylvania know how to coordinate no matter how cold it gets.

  19. Debbe: I also hope for no -40. Used to be we’d see that most winters, usually in January. No fun walking to school such days. Fortunately, had to walk only a few blocks before dropping down into BSU’s tunnel system. [It’s not complete, / a couple of geographical issues, but it’s a help. Flip side, it’s a good place to exchange viruses. Don’t get many colds, now that I’m retired.] I think we hit -50 F once, but don’t remember which year.

    We’ll be below 0 F all today, but hi tomorrow is supposed to be +3 F. It was 0 C [+32 F] a few days ago. Assuming it was +33 somewhere, that counts as a Jan. thaw. Maybe there will be more.

    Peace, emb

  20. Ghost is wearing khaki tactical trousers; coyote brown 6″ tactical boots; black boot socks; a heavy black leather gun belt with Kydex ยฎ holster and double magazine pouch; a black-and-white checked sports shirt; and a black fleece vest. It looks like a fun day.

    Also, Ghost has a mutually beneficial relationship with his smart phone.

  21. These boots have 6″ tops, as opposed to ones with 8″ tops (which I also have) that come further up the calf of your leg. I got El Fantasma (ask Lady Mindy) to test the stiletto heels version, but he said they were hell to maneuver in when on muddy or rocky terrain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. TR, good guess. Ghost, do you know something that we don’t? Of course, as previously noted, I don’t have a single gun. Janis, with that door hanging in mid air, you seem to be in the Twilight Zone. If you get on a train you can join us here in Willoughby. Jeans, a t-shirt and slip-on canvas shoes.

  23. Early bird special, Jerry? ๐Ÿ™‚

    No, I dined in a different (not altered) state last night. Last time I had Asian food in PNS was at Tu-Do Vietnamese Restaurant. I’ve also eaten at the nearby Pho Golden Palace & Vietnamese Restaurant, which a friend in the area tells me now serves better pho. New Yorker Deli & Pizzeria is another favorite stop when I’m in town.

    I know that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  24. If my eyes did not deceive me, the bald eagles at Berry College in Georgia have an egg! When mom – I assume – moved to the side, there was certainly an oval of white color right where she(?) had been sitting.
    Check it out.

  25. The House of Chong was built in 1961 and hasn’t been painted since then, but it has the best Chinese in town. We ate lunch today of leftovers and haven’t finished yet.

  26. Have driven new truck. Love the color and interior, drives great.
    Got cell phone synced to Blue Tooh. I have stations like Margaritaville on sound system. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitude came on along with Boat Drinks. Worse than Hal.

    I think Mark and Ghost can fit in here, even at same time. Got crew cab. Big head and leg room.

  27. emb
    My brother had a classmate @BSC cir. ’63 that did go outside for 4 months.
    Used the tunnels to get to all his classes.
    He was from FL or AL as I recall.

    Neat photos – yes

  28. emb, By George, I think he’s got it! So the word police who programmed the software won’t accept a legitimate word because it contains an illegitimate one?

    I have a similar problem with an anagram game on my computer. Not with my language, but because my mental dictionary contains more words than theirs.

  29. emb, the tunnel story sounds like the Alvin York VA hospital in Murfreesboro, TN. It has enclosed passages connecting the main buildings and most directions on-site start “go down these stairs” or “take the elevator to the ground floor”.

  30. Does Rex Harrison say “By George, I think sheโ€™s got it!” in My Fair Lady, or just, “I think sheโ€™s got it!”? Anyway, thank you. emb

  31. ‘So the word police who programmed the software wonโ€™t accept a legitimate word because it contains an illegitimate one?’ Perhaps they neglected to program such as to avoid that. Seems to me some 4-ltr. words are embedded in longer words, but none come to my sleepy mind at the moment. emb

  32. Old Bear, thanks for the map. I have been reading John Sandford novels for a couple of years now, and he often mentions the Skyway. Now I have a better understanding of what I’m reading.

  33. Thanks Mark. I will find out Monday why it doesn’t have the backup camera connected, see if I am missing anything else. Got to Lowe’s tonight and yes, I knew I was buying a glorified car (I sold it to myself) but I drove two functionaL trucks for years and years. This is a glorified car with a large trunk. Almost nothing I bought at Lowe’s would fit in the short, I am sending workman with my old truck to pick up cabinets, counter for replacing in laundry that didn’t fit in new truck.

    After buying 500 feet of pipe for French drains and sinks and cabinets I decided to run across to Chili’s for quick soup and salad. Got there and 30 minute wait for table. Go on people! Asked to sit at bar, I do that a lot in upscale eateries which Chili’s is not. Since I don’t drink weirded them out but I would NEVER order a drink from that bar after tonight. Jeez! Worst I have ever seen. And People who were worse than the drinks and service.
    Guests, not employees.

    We know I am superficial at times but women, women, there are better ways to spend your Saturday nights than noshing on plates of bad fried foods and hot pink fruit cocktails and being high enough to talk like that in a twangy nasal red neck accent at your age wearing frayed holey jeans and knee high boots with a hair style and makeup suitable for a senior citizen bingo parlour. And don’t sit on bar stools that are half the size of your butt.

  34. Sounds like you need yourself a flatbed trailer too. It would help you get ready for towing your boat and make up for the lack of hauling capacity.

  35. Jackie
    It was hard to find a 8 foot bed on a truck – only 1 Mfg. offered new
    And that was $10K more that I was willing to pay. I sure miss my old truck.

  36. Yeah, I miss my old truck too with the long bed and Leer cover. My workman got a good deal cause I maintain my vehicles. I hope he pays it off, I don’t want it back because it’s trashed now.

    II looked at flatbed trailers at Lowes, will go to an independent, Tractor Supply and Atwood Farm Supply and look. I am also thinking of a smaller toy hauler, I had a 20 foot one and a 12 foot one my late husband got rid of. I hauled both but the 20 was too big for F150 loaded.

  37. Years ago I noticed that Jan. 10 was frequently the coldest night of the year. Sure enough it is expected to plunge to 25 tonight. May have to put the ferns in the garage. It will be a three cat night for sure.

  38. Good morning Villagers…..

    And it snowed, blowed and temp is still dropping…14 degrees on my front porch and wind chill, according to Accuwhether is minus 4. Called hen house and it’s 68 degrees in there. Hope my babies stay worm…they worked on the window yesterday….Amen.

    Emb and Old Bear….with your temps, I am enjoying a ‘warm’ spell. But that’s why they call it winter……

    Jackie, that is one big truck for a 5 foot woman….I would love to see you get in and out of it ๐Ÿ™‚ You got the power (there’s a song there somewhere).’re right, I read the link yesterday after I googled some info and came up with “St Vincent” ….I had to watch that video again this morning. Neighbor down the road said he had the movie…..said he’d bring it by today, hope so. Looking forward to seeing it.

    Jerry, glad I could accommodate you on Dylan’s top ten hits….

    Neighbor just came in….he’s nuts, definite ADHD, but he did bring the movie, a pirate copy, (I should have known…he even calls me Aunt Debbe) don’t know if it’ll work in my DVD player. He said I may have to watch it on my computer….hahahahaha…..we’ll see.

    This county is full of nuts though, that’s what makes life interesting. He is a friend of Ian’s and still comes by everyday, just to BS….very intelligent, but can be a little hard on my nerves at times.


  39. Debbe all the world’s strange save me and thee and even thee’s a little strange. Learned that one when I went to school in Amish country.

    Hal changed that strange to weird and substitutes essential for little. This goes beyond spell checking, this thing is an editor and thinks it knows and writes better than me.

    Minions are here takingood care of animals. Dickens is under comforter licking my feet. He thinks that’s his responsibility. I am working on getting to normal hours and off antipodean time.

  40. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ “Addicted to…”, oh, I get it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t worry, not really a favorite song or video of mine; I hope you could tell from the sarcastic intro. Think about me and stay warm, hon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jackie, thinking about your description of the “lounge lizards” you saw and realizing it was spot on…or would have been 20+ years ago, which was when I stopped going to bars. Observing them in their native habitat was amusing, though, albeit in somewhat the manner of watching a slow-motion train-wreck.

  41. Not a bar I will eat in again. In fact they may have lost a restaurant customer forever. I often sit at bars in upscale restaurants because when you are alone, fast seating and you don’t tie up a four cover table, they appreciate that. Those bars are quiet, immaculate and 90% are eating just like me, few there to drink.

    Realized the entire world is not me nor runs to my taste but I don’t want part of theirs, not even as a visitor or observer. Call me selective, call me a snob, discerning or discriminatory. Not my kind of watering hole, whereas I eat at PF Changs bar all the time and love it.

  42. TR..thanks, that came through fine…not familiar with Jackson’s songs, but found the ‘instrument’ interesting…sort of like an old player piano.

    Emb, I meant to comment on your link of S IL Cache River pics. I love the deep colors that show up on the wild turkeys….and to think that this location is only about a 2 or 3 hour drive from us. I’m going to ask husband if he’s ever heard of this place. I’m very familiar with the S IL Ozarks, when much younger, we would hike the trails….have pics (Polaroids ๐Ÿ™‚ showing the fall carpeting of trees from up on high.

    Been cruising through some interesting links on U Tube…everything from Johnny Carson’s show with Jonathon Winters and Robin Williams to Marcia Yockey (E’ville meteorologist from days of old) to that fateful night that the University of Evansville lost their entire basketball team to a plane crash on December 13.1977. I remember exactly where I was that fateful night…I was working for Honeywell Information Systems and the two secretaries (which I was one of) played hostess for a Christmas party…on the top floor of the highest building in E’ville at that time. I recall standing at the windows looking out to see a faint smoldering of fire…..


  43. Unbelievable as it sounds Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Glenn Miller (without Glenn) Harry James legends were playing gigs in 19 50s that I attended and danced to. And yes, Virginia, fairly ordinary dances, country clubs, private parties. I began attending g such at age 12 and 13 and that was mid 50s.

    Used to love jazz drummers.

  44. Football is going on, specifically, a play-off game between the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Team-That-Dare-Not-Speak-Its-Name.

    Too cold in the Southland today to do much but watch football. Shortly after noon, I saw a guy on his Harley, riding down the road wearing dress trousers, a dress shirt and tie, and a leather vest. The temp was about 40 degrees. He must have cajones the size of cantaloupes. I once took an impromptu ride of about 90 miles when it was that cold, wearing good thermal underwear; a wool sweater and wool socks; a flannel shirt; leather jacket and leather jeans; heavy riding boots; gauntlet-type gloves; and a balaclava under my helmet, and I was symptomatic for hypothermia and had to stop to warm up about 20 miles from my destination.

    Going to be a pipe-buster here tonight, or, as one (or perhaps both) of my grandmothers used to say, “airish”.

  45. Well, Ghost I suspect that cold a weather would shrink them or they’d move inside for warmth.

    If moderation doesn’t get you and me Jimmy may ban us. That’d be embarrassing. The most edgy cartoon in American invoking morality clause.

  46. Re OF:

    First one I’ve seen that might, in another context, be called a misfiring. ‘Sorry, dear; maybe better next time.’ Hope the folks there don’t have to leave tonight.

    Whoops! Went back to check. More false starts than usual, but climaxed very well, 9 min. after the 20 minute window. Apparently had steam to spare.

    Peace, emb

  47. “Speaking of drummers, some of you may have enough years to remember This Guyโ€ฆ”

    Ghost, before I clicked on the link, I thought – Buddy Rich! If I remember correctly – from his appearances on Johnny Carson, etc – he was an arrogant so-and-so. But with his talent, I guess he had a reason.

  48. Listening to the Queen Radio channel. Delighted to find new truck came with Sirius radio but I have to go find out why my back up camera isn’t connected and where Mt GPS IS. MAYBE they forgot to turn it on?

  49. My friend Kirk loved to tell this story on himself:

    I went to my tailor to try on a new custom-made suit. The first thing I noticed is that the arms are too long.

    “No problem,” says my tailor. “Just bend them at the elbow and hold them out in front of you. See, now it’s fine.”

    “But the collar is up around my ears!”

    “It’s nothing. Just hunch your back up a little … no, a little more … that’s it.”

    “But I’m stepping on my cuffs!” I cried in desperation.

    “No problem, just bend you knees a little to take up the slack. There you go. Look in the mirror — the suit fits perfectly.”

    So, twisted like a pretzel, I lurched out onto the street. Reba and Florence saw me go by.

    “Oh, look,” exclaimed Reba, “that poor man!”

    “Yes,” said Florence, “but what a beautiful suit.”

  50. Galliglo in Ohio, I like those old mechanical bands. The only time I ever went to Knott’s Berry Farm in Calfornia, they had a large collection of different types in working order. I spent a lot of quarters playing them. That was before the family sold out to the folks that run Cedar Point. I think they got rid of all the old stuff and turned it into a mini-Disney, which I consider a great loss. My visit was in 1975 and I went to Disneyland the same time. They had a recreated turn-of-the-century arcade with all the penny-operated games, etc. From what I’ve read, they got rid of theirs too.

  51. Mark: Had to go back to find what organ you referred to. Interesting machine, much like a player piano.

    We have the modern equivalent in the east lobby of the hospital. It’s a Yamaha, very good tone, that can be played manually [and is, sometimes by volunteers who can play, sometimes by professionals like Dr. Beverly Everett, director of Bemidji’s and Bismarck/Mandan’s symphony orchestras] and perhaps by others.

    One BSU grad student practiced on it several times for her master’s recital. Some volunteers were not thrilled with her choice of music. It also has electronic innards that can play many tunes. I’ve no idea who knows how to run it or what the selections are. I work in the west lobby one day a week.

    Thanks and peace, emb

  52. Have been unpacking dusty dry books most of day. I will put help to vacuuming and dusting, spray them. My hands are dry and hurting. Of course last two exes had no idea how to sort at all, I did some tonight but it needs someone to at least get same authors or subjects together. I found gardening books ai haven’t seen in years but there are still some missing I vaguely recall. And few cookbooks have surfaced.

    Current two and my repairman found in second floor storage (giant walk in area) that someone had dumped dozens of storage bins, huge ones like they’d been searching maybe, breaking things and had broken, ripped legs off antique chairs, furniture. Think it may have been last but I keep hiring people with manic depression and bipolar, anger management issues. Could have been any of lot.

    My dear husband buli this with only access a ship’s ladder or barn ladder straight up wall and I already had no knee cap on one leg so I can’t climb it. It has a ship’s hold system to move things in and out, huge attic with full head room.

    Good night. I am exhausted.

  53. We saw “Bladerunner” yesterday.

    Although seeing it on a large screen and hearing it with a superb sound system was a blast, I was disappointed that it was the director’s cut version.

    The original is far better.

  54. Good morning Villagers…..

    Sitting here freaking out about the 3 degree temp on my front porch. Also reflecting on seeing Bowie in concert many years ago….definitely number one in my concert going years.

    And yes, there will be the dance of the seven zippers this morning. Going to go in a little later than usual….when the sun comes up, don’t like driving on dark, snowy roads…by myself. Husband got the doors opened (they were frozen shut), and ran the Izuzu for twenty minutes. Said if I had problems to get him up.

    Holy crap….just checked the hen house temp…it’s 45 degrees in there……gotta call the Boss..


  55. I liked the bear video, but hang on. It’s the second one that you want to see. I bet they gave the bear a bon..uh..a bonus for that one. What?

  56. working. Sirius Classic Vinyl channel running David Bowie tribute with people calling in to talk about their experiences with his music and their feelings now he has died.

  57. The odds-makers all currently have it Alabama by 6.5 or 7 points, and the Over/Under at 50.5 or 51 points. And those guys are usually harder to beat than Alabama.

    I’ll bet Janis bets the O/U…and wins.

  58. maybe the coach’s mom heard a Brylcreem commercial before they asked her what she wanted to name him. She figured a little Dabo’d do him.

  59. I have been thinking about Ghost and the Ghost of Hef, Christmas of long, long ago. To be honest, I had no idea he still lived or the Mansion still existed or even if magazine is still being published? We know two to be true, is it in publication?

    What this made me think of was my late husband who in 1960s emulated Hef, who he obviously thought cool, the smoking jackets, ascots, the pipe, the satin lounge slacks. Me, I didn’t think Hef was cool, I thought he was OLD man. I was 19 so he’d have been 37 then, old enough to be my father. Gasp!!! Old dude!

    So my thought question is, what would you have done with your own bunny? Or do you want your own bunny or just a pool full of naked women who are of approximate same age and sizes? In other words an assortment of playmates? And isn’t all this rather sophomoric and juvenile which is how I see my husband in retrospect honestly.

    Not a good afternoon.

  60. What would you do with a 27 room house? Turn it into a bed and breakfast perhaps. Keep the pool, etc. Or run guided tours, but I’m guessing that would not attract many people now. Thirty years ago it would have been a money-maker, now folks just aren’t that interested. But in terms of your husband, Jackie, keep in mind that there were many other aspects of the lifestyle that made Mike’s eventual work as a wine salesman possible. Hefner did try to popularize art, jazz, literature and upscale houses to a greater audience than had been reached previously.

  61. Aw, Jackie, that is a sad story.

    Story in today’s Boston Globe says magazine is still published but has lost popularity and is struggling. Competition from more explicit mags. and Internet porn. Playboy is trying to become MORE respectable.

  62. Actually it is a sad story, Charlotte, my point exactly. Mike got his very own bunny, the trophy wife that turned heads but it wasn’t enough. Like Mark said………

    We were the girls next door you dreamed of having next door, not porn stars.

  63. Here’s something I wish I could see in person:

    One of the most interesting experiences I ever had was working as a volunteer on a dig at an Native American site in Alabama. Spent the first few nights camping on-site, in a cow pasture. First night we were woken by a herd of cows who decided to explore our campsite. The archaeologists from the University of Alabama who were running the dig were using new technology for the time. They had a machine to measure the electrical resistance between points underground to help find areas which had been disturbed. Once they had collected the data and entered it into a computer they were able to generate a map of likely sites to be dug. Now they use ground-penetrating radar to achieve the same results. They found signs of building sites, trash dumps, potsherds and various projectile points. And at the time I had to leave they were excavating a skeleton.

  64. “Bunny” implies subordinate, to my way of thinking. Despite what some might think, all my serious relationships have been with women who were my equals. Except for a couple who were indisputably my superiors.

  65. Good morning Villagers….

    Finally got the hen house temp up, had to shut down two fans, only five are running, and the air movement was poor. Got it up to 74 degrees when I left at 2:30, they had it up to 55 when I got there at 8ish. First thing I did was check on my ICU ward, Miss Peep is growing, and my little Claire was waiting on me to pick her up (broken leg) to water and feed her…singing “this is ground control to Major Tom…..”

    Asked my new co-worker, Jonathan, (he’s 29) if he’d ever heard of David Bowie, he said yes, with tears in my eyes I told him he died. You never know about this younger generation, they may know the song, but not the artist.

    Going in later again this morning, the county roads will be slick as snot….pace myself, I will.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  66. GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ read an interesting article that Iman Bowie tweeted “that the struggle is real, but so is God.” Also, another interesting fact was the Harrison’s family statement when George died; “He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends,” the Harrison family said in a statement. “He often said, `Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait,’ and `love one another.’ ”

    click more to see lyrics…..

  67. Count your blessings. Just looked at the w. report. -17 F now, pred. hi 0, lo tonight -11, hi Wed. + 17. Nail-popping weather, in older homes. Actually, maybe lows have to be lower for that, maybe below -25.

    Peace, emb

  68. Mark: Neat article. I rode through Wisbech [upper R corner of map] often in โ€™52-โ€™53, I think. At least it was near my fortnightly trip from RAF Sculthorpe to RAF Waddington. The Fens are something else. Peace, emb

  69. Went with my lady friend to check on her house she’s selling in Mt Pleasant (NE Texas). Her last renters stole her refrigerator but left a hungry angry pitbull in the backyard, fortunately, she’s friends with a neighbor lady who got the dog attended to. Hopefully all the shrubs and bushes they simply mowed down will come back, piles of junk in the backyard and my friend can’t believe it – her renter was a professional co-worker colleague from the college they taught at. .. @GR6 10:30PM ditto, I’ve met some really poised polished brainiacs

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