Continental Lunch

Continental Lunch

May 09, 2011

Oh, what wouldn’t I give right now to be sitting in some cozy bistro griping about how long my lunch is taking? Let’s remember all the cooks and waiters and dishwashers and managers in the restaurant trade, who—in a literal sense—have been on the front lines of the economic downturn. Theirs were among the first jobs to disappear and probably will be the last to reappear. The food-service trade is a notoriously marginal trade, and we know all those pre-pandemic jobs aren’t coming back. We miss you and hope to see you somewhere when this is all past.

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  1. I am friends with Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible fame and Robert intends to be very busy in the coming months as potential a third of the local restaurants may not survive this. We often eat out on the weekend for brunch, but the two local guys are not even open for pick up. Robert says that restaurants will need to open up with much smaller menus and will need to change them up to draw people back in. While some some people might eat or take out 4-5 times a week, they may only be able to do so twice a week. Support your local business, if possible, their livelihood depends on it.

  2. Amen on supporting your local food providers.
    I know a hilarious Lone Ranger & Tonto joke which unfortunately is much, much too inappropriate for this venue. It involves a buffalo, in case you’ve heard it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My wife and I used to het a babysitter for kids on Tuesday nights so we could go out alone to our favorite restaurant; but that’s no longer possible. But today my first unemployment check came so we’ll get a family take out meal from there and have a couple of adult beverages at home. Not the same for them or us but at least something.
    PS: JJ- How’s Gene’s family farm & restaurant?

  4. We are ordering carry out twice a week from our favorite restaurant here in our little town, as well as ordering beer as often as possible from the local brewery. I would hate to lose either of them. When/if we get our stimulus check, a good chunk of it will go to both of these establishments. I hope this craziness ends soon.

  5. 6.5 inches snow on Sunday sometimes hard to see 300 feet.
    Snow flurries yesterday and more today.

    Small potatoes to what happened down south – prayers.

    My Best Man (50ya) Ron’s Pancreatic Cancer is flaring up again.
    It has been 4 years since first round. Keep him in your prayers.

  6. Once again I’m unable to share a link ๐Ÿ™ Comic Strip of the Day provided a link to this explanation of how modeling works. Not quite a “for dummies” version but pretty good. I’ll post it on the A&J Facebook page; maybe someone else will share it here.

    • That one makes it clear just how much “educated guessing” is involved in computer models of human behavior. Throw in the unreliability of some countries’ data, and it becomes clear that we can’t really rely on the international medical models. And it calls into question all computer models! Unless you’re modeling well-known and measurable factors, like in a chemical reaction or other physical event, the models are just best guesses. At best.

  7. I grabbed dinner tonight from a local Mexican restaurant. They are opening for dinner takeout Monday thru Saturday and I hope they make it through this troubled time. Their food is great, the prices are too, and the staff is very friendly.

  8. I’m afraid we will lose our only Greek eatery [in a shuttered mall] & also possibly my preferred Chinese source. Don’t know what Sanford Health will be like when / if I get to be an active volunteer again. Peace, G’nite.

  9. I saw a waiter/bartender from my favorite pub working as a ‘curb-side shopper’ at my local grocery and the manager of our towns only movie theater working at the hardware store.

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