Continued Beach Erosion

Remember “More” magazine? It was a magazine dedicated to telling women how great it is to be old. “More” ceased publication in April. Gee, imagine that. This is a special Saturday edition of As I told you earlier this year, I will be in New England for the Boston Comic Con, Aug. 12-14, and for the Vermont Comic Con, Aug. 27=28. I have a lot of readers in New England, and I am looking forward to meeting some of them. I just learned, however, that the Boston Comic Con potentially could sell out of tickets before the event, meaning buying tickets online beforehand is the only way to guarantee entrance. If you’re interested, you can visit their Web site. I thought I should mention it. Exhibitors (That would be me!) don’t get a direct share of the gate. They just sell things. At the A&J table, autographs and conversation will be free. I hope to see as many of you as possible.
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  1. Leaving aside personal opinions of Trump or the Brexit results, you have to hand it to the British for creativity in name-calling. There are several compilations going around of responses to his comments yesterday; these are a few of my favorites: “weapons-grade plum”, “mangled apricot hellbeast”, “bloviating flesh bag”, “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries” – oh wait, that last one’s Monty Python.

  2. My friends in England and the Commonwealth are distressed. Apparently my traditional dinghy builders and sailors supported remaining. Mark explained the situation to me but I feel sorry for my friends who are most distraught and are talking of leaving England.

  3. Regarding dire predictions now that Britain has chose to leave the EU: Those prophecies are from the same sort of experts who predicted wonderful things for Britain when they were choosing to join the EU. How accurate were they then?

  4. The problem with predictions is that they usually don’t come true. The “dire” part is when things happen that we were not expecting. American news media has been ignoring what was going on in the UK and Europe because they think that the sun revolves around the US. Two world wars began from very similar circumstances.

  5. Jerry you are right. I knew because I have a lot of friends from England and Commonwealth. Mark reads an English newspaper regularly. We probably heard nothing from our news sources.

  6. Here is latest mystery blues song sent to me.
    Junior Wells singing “Oh, Pretty Woman” and this is as unexplained as the constant men contacting me through a dating service. Because that is what it is.

    Whoever is sending these knows me. They fit.

  7. A short quote from Tom Kratman, which if read and understood, explains why the UK voted to leave the European Union. This is perhaps the only real difference between a current day Marxist and a current day Transnational Progressive, or Tranzi. The Marxist expects a different result from doing everything important the same, as if there is any freedom that doesn’t include economic freedom, as if there is any path to socialism that will not be paved with bodies, as if socialism has ever managed to create anything beyond corpses, poverty and oppression?.?.?.?oh, and lots of pieces of third-rate military equipment and a new entrenched upper class backed by a ruthless secret police and outrageous propaganda, too, of course.
    The Tranzi, on the other hand, expects to maintain and expand modern, enlightened, prosperous, liberal society while opening up the borders that shelter that society to unlimited numbers of the least assimilable and most reactionary, most traditional and hidebound, least economically productive cultures on the face of the Earth. This wouldn’t be so bad, or so insane, did they not at the same time insist that nothing be done to even try to assimilate the immigrants from those cultures to modern, enlightened, liberal values. (Do you suppose there were pro-Vandal, pro-Hun and pro-Goth immigration public interest groups in ancient Rome? Societies usually rot from the inside out so it does seem likely.)
    The Tranzi also insists on enlightening the rest of the world, but rejects any and every means that might actually work.
    This, friend, is the other kind of insanity.

  8. Somebody suggested once that the Village eschew politics [aside from carrying, of course].

    80% chance of scattered t-showers here today. None scattered to Bemidji, but I had a 2h40m nap, so am ahead.


  9. Funny. I have a friend who recreates several periods and he does all the speech of whatever period he’s in so I had heard some of these. They were pretty creative in their insults. I always wondered how he could remember how to switch from period to period?

    I’d be insulting in wrong century and language.

  10. It appears that Janis had an encounter with a “fresh” fish.

    I doubt that Jimmy ever drew more consecutive panels of swim-suited female bodies than these eight. There was that time Janis attracted the attention of some college boys on the beach, but she was wearing a cover-up then.

    Can anyone guess what image Panel 2 of the second cartoon above and Debbe’s mention of going to Padre Island conjures up in my mind? Hint: It’s an orange string bikini. 🙂

  11. Dear Steve from Royal Oak, I really love your puns after Brexit. They are funny and creative. I’d love to send them to my family, but I don’t know how.

  12. Ghost I have actually found some orange crocheted string bikini tops and Bottoms. Obviously they were ordered for no one bigger than a 34C size, more like the tall lithe one in the cartoon. I require a 42DDD still. I would do better to cut the straps off and spray body glue on and glue pieces.

    I would be delighted to buy one for Debbe and mail it to her. Since they tie on both hips and four straps on top Debbe could make adjustments. Not sure inspectors will let her pass?

  13. Not sure about Debbe or the inspectors, but if she ever has to go back to wearing a hazmat suit, I’d love to imagine she’s wearing an orange string bikini under it, 😉

  14. I will see about mailing one to her. There’s a huge sale on going. There isn’t one in my size. Besides I want to send her a small book, so a small string bikini and a small book would fit in small postal envelope. Inspiration in a sack.

  15. Jackie, wonder if Debbe could get someone to paint an orange string bikini on the outside of the hazmat suit. Like to see her boss’ face then.

  16. Thanks, JJ, for explaining “More” magazine reference. I had never heard of it so did not know it’s apparent purpose. That’s why I never saw the point of that strip before. Why didn’t I google it? Figuring the name was made up, such research didn’t seem profitable. NOW I appreciate the strip!
    At the end of the first strip above, isn’t Janis a bit baggy in the butt?

  17. There was also a magazine marketed to more ample sized women that was supposed to make you feel better about yourself and your body. I have forgotten the name naturally, they went out of print the month before my essay of southern genre ran. And yes, it included mention of that infamous red convertible.

    I have published and written and sold articles to both magazines and newspapers for over 50 years.

    It was the ONLY one I ever got accepted by a woman’s magazine and I was thrilled. Kiss of death.

  18. I will mail you a copy to a blind postal box or general delivery. I started writing for boating guys about that time, being discouraged by the ten or more rejection letters per week. Southern Living did send nice encouraging ones, even personal enough to make you keep trying. Tried at least once a month and they hired Rick Bragg.

    Who can compete with a Pulitzer prize winner who is about the funniest Southern humorist to come down a dirt road?

    You would be surprised at the content.

  19. Just read this and loved it. Hal said lived.

    I am a Louisiana woman. I was born with my heart on my sleeve, a fire in my soul and a mouth I can’t control.

  20. Good morning Villagers….

    You all are nuts….that’s why I love this place….ya’ll just like fam damily. 🙂 I do have some bright orange twine at work, unfortunately I don’t knit.

    Jackie, I’d have to go back and find your public email address, I failed to write it down. Would love to have that book thought.

    Mark, forgot to thank you for the eggsplanation of the saw dust. We use saw dust to cover the dead at the compost area…..which brings me to…

    Ruth Anne, was thinking of Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” yesterday while looking for dead hens….the scene where they are piling on the dead and he hollers “bring out your dead”!

    …and Mark, good for you to get a health check up.

    gotta go…..

  21. I am willing to agree to anything involving Ludwig AND David Macullum two males I’d be happy to find in my bed with Dickens and me. Both sexy and funny and charming.

    Now will someone explain what Sand means?

    Good morning. Enjoy church or however you worship.

  22. I wonder if the net ate a previous comment from Sand. I don’t understand if he’s talking about The Man From Uncle or NCIS.

  23. Okay, I just read the comments and today’ (Sunday’s) strip, and I think that’s what Sand is referring to-the movie The Great Escape, and a scene where the prisoners, including David McCallum as Eric Ashley-Pitt, whose job was “dispersal”. He would fill his trouser pockets with tunnel dirt and scatter it around the compound as he strolled, thus hiding the evidence. Ludwig isn’t quite as talented at it, as Arlo and Janis are left cleaning up the mess. 🙂

  24. Somehow my mind went to David Maccullum unknitting an orange string bikini as Ilyan and spy.

    I knew about the dirt dispersal in movie but had forgotten it was his character who did it.

  25. Had to get off small cell phone and go large screen to read Marks cartoon so I looked at today’s real time here. Now I get it! It was lost on tiny phone. Ludwig has pockets and pants legs!

  26. You cannot leave me alone for a minute. I just drove home with a boat and now I am trying to buy another up in Ottawa, Canada.

    I have invited Lora Llee to ride along to go see it. How many of you all could we stop off and meet from Oklahoma and Missouri on up to Ottawa?

    Seriously. Llee is like me, we want to meet our Villagers.

  27. Okay that’s not bad. We are going to be close to Miss Charlotte on New Hampshire so that’s a must go.

    If Llee can’t go I could use a volunteer. Mark can’t get off work on short notice. I am driving new F150 so I can haul it back. Dickens goes of course.

    One has to be flexible to have adventures. That is why I have an Adventure Dog.

  28. Reminder: for border crossing, you’ll need a passport. Such was not the case during my many years of travel to/in/from Canada.

  29. I always have a passport along just in case as we usually went into Canada at least once a year. But dogs have to have a health certificate issued by only a few vets. Fortunately my vet is one of few in Oklahoma and I am a regular naturally. He has to exit Canada before it expires and get back I to U.S.

  30. Dear Jackie, this adventure sounds terrific, and I’m flattered that you thought of me, but I don’t think Southern New Hampshire is that close to Ottawa.

  31. Re sawdust and ice cutting: anybody besides me raised on the Laura Ingalls Wilder books? I can pretty well quote whole passages of them, and “Farmer Boy” (I think) had a great section on cutting and hauling the ice. They brought it to the ice house and laid the blocks out three inches apart in both directions. It was Almanzo’s job then to tamp sawdust into all the cracks and spread a three-inch layer of it on top then before they got back with the next load. (Can you tell I loved those books??!!)

  32. Fun site! Yes, this is a commercial site, but SO interesting to look at what’s selling for how much in any area desired [home town? other places of residency? friends’ & relatives’ areas?].
    Get the home page, type in a town/state or zip code, and look. Tabs at upper right let you get either a list of things available with small photo & price, or get a map with locations noted with prices.
    I found this fascinating enough to put it into my list of favorite sites. is the place. No registration needed. The site may even estimate the present value of places not for sale!

  33. Jackie, I look forward to seeing you and anyone else coming up with you. Your boat is moored a few blocks away from my house in Ottawa.

  34. Gary, that is fine antastic! Lezlie who has helped with the build in Texas is coming along. She is cute, petite, smiling and resilient woman. I love her to pieces. She built a very famous boat, a Paradox named Tardis, which she sold before it went on to fame in Texas 200.

    We will have fun. We will stop and visit Lora on first day and visit Gary at end of the road in Ottawa. Dickenson loves her. He will be happy as well.

  35. Just spent a few hours and drove about 150 miles to rescue daughter and her family. Their Nissan Pathfinder suddenly quit running… the engine quit while she and her family were traveling at 65 mph. She weighs all of 95 pounds and had to steer to a safe spot in a narrow Utah canyons without power steering! Reading the codes showed that the sensor no longer recognized the chip in the key. If I could find the jerk who designed that system I’d hold him while my daughter slapped him a few times!

    We’re having fun with our Chrysler T&C trying to reject its “chipped” key because, according to our mechanic, a rod in the steering column is bent slightly; we have to put the steering wheel in its highest position, start the car, then lower the wheel to where we want it.

    Putting chips in the keys may have cut the number of cars being stolen… but it also put my daughter, her husband, and my two grandsons at risk!

  36. What an awful thing to happen, Trucker Ron! I am so glad she was able to steer to a safe place, and that she could call on a professional driver (you) to come and help her. Darn this technology that isn’t paying attention to peoples’ real needs.

  37. This came on radio this afternoon and my mind immediately flashed to you Ghost and all the memories of convertibles, sports cars and being young, if not in love. It made me laugh. So here is Paraise By the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf.

    You are missing your big chance to drive not one but two cute wholesome American shorties to Canada and back. In a brand new Ford pickup named Cowboy. The boat is named Cookies.

    I am going to buy a new larger boat that has full cabin and head, galley and can go in big water. I will bring it to Mississippi coast for certain. This boat is named Stella Maris.

  38. Good morning Villagers….

    …and a happy trails to you, Jackie. I’m in the chicken house just off of 231, about three miles north of little ole Haysville. But I can’t let you in 🙂

    Old Bear…you back yet?

    Mark, thanks for the address. Ian cleaned up my computer yesterday afternoon, blew out the tower, uninstalled some things he thought would improve the performance, and they didn’t, and defraged it….will get into my email tomorrow morning.

    Sand, had forgot that David McAllum was in that movie.

    Hello Nancy, and Miss Charlotte….

    And TR, your daughter’s guardian angel was with your daughter, I’m glad she and family are safe.

    gotta go….just finished folding scrub t-shirts, now I’m fluffing the pants.

    …and the cool front is coming in tomorrow, Amen. I was really concerned and still am about my Miss Prissies…when I left hen house at 1ish, it was 92 degrees. Ian had to put on a new anti-reverse bearing on my packer yesterday that took almost an hour to put on…first time for this packer, so he wasn’t familiar with how to like the old packer. He turned up the belt speed as we still had three skids to do, he packed and I paced the front deck busting up egg blocks…and it was hot. I almost had a hard time breathing that stagnant air.

    happy Monday!!!!!

  39. I’m pretty sure that you can leave the United States without a passport, it is the getting back in that is the issue..

    I’m sure that I have recounted this story here before, but my wife flew to Chicago several years back and because she had not traveled in a while, she kept her driver’s license out in case she needed it. Unfortunately she misplaced it on the airplane. I ended up scanning her passport and somehow she was able to get home. She immediate went and got a replacement Drivers License. 2 weeks later she got the old license sent to her in the mail….

  40. Steve, even with a passport it can get complicated. On a return flight from Europe I was issued a boarding pass, but somehow the “system” failed to add me to the flight manifest. There I am, standing in a secure area with baggage and no “authorization.” For a moment I fear my life had come to an end.

  41. The aftermath of the events of 2001 certainly made crossing the Canadian border more frustrating for us truckers. Even coming back to the US with empty trailers required an intense look at all your truck’s paperwork, running the truck through a giant x-ray machine, and an extra hour or two at the busier crossings. If you had freight, you needed even more paperwork from one of the brokers with offices at the border. Then there were the unsmiling people with uniforms and guns walking around your rig with mirrors on the end of poles so they could look under everything.

    Going into Canada took just long enough to show your bill of lading to a nice person who smiled and said, “Welcome to Canada.”

    I wonder just how much radiation I was hit with each time?

  42. If you hear two dizzy American five footish women and a ten pounds dog are living in a boat on a trailer in Canada you will know we couldn’t come home again.

  43. Ghost I will bring the boat to Mississippi coast. It is one of those places I love. It has headroom for tall people and sleeps tall people but only five footish people like me can stand up.

  44. Sandcastler,

    Thanks for the news of my Alma Mater. I live in Big BR,LA, but my heart lives in Auburn. Just read that we’re playing a home and home series in football with Penn State in ’21 & ’22. Hope I’m still around. I just may make the trip. WAR EAGLE !!!

    God bless us every one.

  45. Re today’s (6-27-16) cartoon, I feared the word “stacked” had departed the modern-day lexicon as a term describing a female. (I believe the PC term is “curvy”.) A variation that may apply to a petite yet still curvy female is “short stack.” I suspect that at least one villager may have had the latter term applied to her at some point in her life.

    Old story: Two guys were discussing whether or not “stacked” applied only to the superstructure or to a female’s entire body. One of them settled the argument by observing, “You can’t stack anything from the top down.”

  46. I remember working for a short time for a guy that I had ZERO respect for. We were having dinner with a few coworkers and he kept mentioning the “Rack” on the waitress and other ladies there. Living in Michigan the mental image of Bambi (as an adult) on these women almost made me laugh.

    I might make an occasional glance, but I think that I learned High School to use my silent voice when making such observations. After 33 years of marriage, I think that my wife hears that voice. We both laugh though. Like Arlo, I know that I have it good.

  47. Ghost given the age of many of my male friends and that many are veterans I may still be called that.

    I loved the restaurant where waitresses wore tee shirts that say “More than a big deck.” The restaurant is famous for huge outdoor deck on water.

    I have learned long ago to not take offense but it is all just
    Looking. Last night I saw an older man literally turn in his tracks checking out a woman in store.

  48. I always thought stacked was a reference to a heaping plate of pancakes with a side of meat. Had to correct spell check, it wanted to change heaping to healing. Wonder if there is a Southern add-in for spell check.

  49. GR6 “old story”: If you buy some specialty balloons with flat [well, mostly] top and bottom surfaces and fill [not overfill, lest the surfaces curve too much] with helium, you could stack them against a ceiling, from the top down.

    I haven’t looked, but I think such unusual balloons are available.

  50. Jackie: ‘I have learned long ago to not take offense but it is all just Looking. Last night I saw an older man literally turn in his tracks checking out a woman in store.’

    Dad, 70+, used to do that, but not too obviously. He’d often comment on good looking women, but more overall that just bosoms [will that get this moderated?]. He made it to only 80. His older son, my half-sib, got to almost 92. Didn’t see him often, but think he was more proper than Dad. I inherited Dad’s roving eye, but that’s all the roving we ever did. Elaine knew it, but wasn’t worried, would even draw my attn. to one I’d missed.

    Blondie, as drawn for the last few decades, is stacked in the sense I’ve heard it used, more or less synonymous with top-heavy. Searched several sites re Blondie’s history this morning, but couldn’t find any samples of ’30s-’40s strips. She was, early on, a flapper, B-cup at most. Peace,

  51. That is true about older strips of Blondie. They went to tiny waist and hips with stacked top in later years, like the nose art on WWII aircraft. Mark would know when if Ghost doesn’t. Janis is drawn conservatively. My cartoons of women in 60s was in busty style.

  52. Second attempt-Hello Debbe. I didn’t mean to ignore you, but we’ve been pretty busy. We did the estate sale last week. We’ve also been planning future travel. We decided to cancel the trip to D.C. and go back to Niagara Falls,Boston, Philly, etc. That will be in October when we will have colorful trees. I don’t have the date yet when I pick up the convertible. My step-son will go with me and we will decide exactly when in the next couple of days.

  53. Debbe – HEEE’s back.

    The sandwich that Arlo made is a “Dagwood” (mentioned in Marks link)
    So of Arlo had called properly there would have been no strip for today.
    Do many people today know the term “Dagwood”?

    on 25 Jun 2016 at 5:30 pm #

    The lower left panel looks like a Time Lord council (Dr Who)

  54. Old Bear, thanks. One show I never got around to watching. Just too much to do and not enough time, I suppose.

    So if Jackie does buy that boat, when she tells us she is starting home, we should all face our computers and sing, “tow, tow, tow your boat”.

  55. I always thought that the term “stacked” meant that a woman was well put together, had a nice figure. Just a slang word. Am I too innocent?

  56. Nope, Sweet Charlotte, that’s my point as well…”stacked” is a slang word that refers to the package in its entirety, not just a couple of its components.

    However, when it comes to busty females, the French, as usual, say it best: “Elle a le monde sur sa balcon.” (“She has the world on her balcony.”)

  57. Ghost, the problem with those is that sometimes they need to keep the shutters closed until they’re in private. Had a coworker built like that who cost me a lot of attention to what I was trying to do.

  58. That is why the European bras are called balconies I suppose?

    Discovered European bras. They cost a fortune. They are well made and pretty. They come in sizes E and F. I need a double F.

    The boat in Canada is named Stella Maris. You like French, I like Latin. Can’t speak either.

  59. Serious moment here. I am worried about you Ghost and your mother. You have always been here in good humor and now you go missing or seem stressed too often.

    Just a note to say I wish there were something I could do to help. And no breast remarks. I can imagine my own jokes.

    Take care of yourself along with your mom.

  60. Jackie, with the pound taking a pounding, now would be a good time to buy British bras, at least. Unless British bras compare to French bras the way British food* compares to French food.

    *Jay Leno always said that the British cook and eat all the parts of the animal that everyone else throws away.

  61. Yes, I remember the Bud Spenser and those films well. I did not know that Spenser was a pilot, much less an Olympic swimmer. In his Spaghetti Westerns, one would not exactly look at him and picture him in a Speedo. (May have had something to do with the Budweisers.)

  62. Jackie, rough guess at boat’s name: Ocean Star or Star of the Ocean. Stella=star, Maris=sea or ocean.

    Ghost, yeah. He looked like the barrel the Bud came in.

  63. Jackie, the notion of European bras being called balconies gives a whole new light to the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet.

  64. Mark, it also describes a large percentage of Chinese food, especially Cantonese. It’s said that in Canton they’ll eat anything with four legs except a table, anything that swims except a boat and anything that flies except a kite.

  65. Some kites are birds.

    *Jay Leno always said that the British cook and eat all the parts of the animal that everyone else throws away.

    Unfortunately, you can rarely get those parts in supermarkets today. You could, in two Bemidji supermkts in chains that have long since gone belly up. Sweetbreads, kidneys, hearts. And they more often had lamb on hand than they do today. Elaine made topnotch kidney stew. And Leno apparently was unaware of the variety available in France.

    Nighty bunch [volunteer early demain]. Peace,

  66. Mark, had no recall of Bud Spenser, had to do a Google. “Call me Trinity” was out during my dark years, Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Conditions were not often conducive to civilized recreation. Can recall only two movies from those years; Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Phan Rang AFB, and some B grade British film, Long Bihn.

  67. Those Cantonese are probably picky eaters compared to my Cajun friends. As I like to remind them, at a Cajun zoo each exhibit has a placard that gives the name of the species; a recipe for preparing it; and a suggested wine to serve with it.

  68. sand, saw the Trinity films, and others, while in the Navy during that time myself. But as a crypto op they had me in school in Pensacola until April 1974 and then shipped me off to Wahiawa, HI. If you weren’t a drinker or woman chaser you went to movies, museums and bookstores. But there was sure good scenery on the beaches and I don’t mean water.

  69. And that stint in Hawaii was the first time I ever wished I could speak a foreign language. I was in a McDonald’s down by Waikiki and two very pretty flight attendants came and were trying to order. No communication was taking place between them and the cashier. I wanted so bad to know what language they were speaking so I could get into the conversation.

  70. GR6, from our time in China, we found many of the “meat” products to fit into the mystery meat category. Meat dumplings all tasted the same, even when advertised as: chicken, shrimp, and or pork. In country airline flights served box lunches with pickled veggies, a bun, and a round slab of pinkish mystery meat. Loon would eat only the bun and veggies, I was lucky and always had two meat patties.

    Bacon in China comes uncured. After tasting it once, you appreciate the person who invented curing.

  71. Mark, was not aware that sailors ever had commo problems with young females.

    Ordering food can always be done using the old point an order method. Pointing and hand signs have saved me on several occasions.

  72. Such stimulating conversation tonight!! Goody!

    Gary is going to take Leslie and me to eat pulled pork poutine at a famous restaurant even I have heard of in Oklahoma. I love pulled pork and I discovered while building boats with Lezlie that for a small petite cutie she can pack in chow enthusiastically. It’s the fitness level.

    We are going to stop at Loras in Carthage and go on to St. Louis because I love it and something is always happening there and great food. Then to Quincy, IL and across through Indiana and Debbe and Mindy in Indy.
    We cut up toward New York through Ohio and to Niagara Falls which must be seen from Canadian side for views and landscaping and gardens. We have to go through wine area of New York because Lezlie loves wines and I can drive.

    We have a fantastic female boat builder friend outside Niagara Falls to visit and Gary in Ottawa. I think we will ha e a blast and would love to stop and see anyone we end up near.

  73. Jackie, if you get near Hyde Park, New York, stop at this address for lunch, 1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY 12538. Will only tell you they have a great restaurant andvthier initials are CIA. 😉

  74. Jackie: In east central OH, about 6 mi. west of Dover, find Broad Run Dairy [you can google them] for incredible local Swiss cheese as well as many other cheeses, wursts, etc. That’s where I buy imported Danish Blue for several dollars per pound cheaper than any market here. Last wheel ran only $4.50/lb. It’s worth buying a cooler and bags of ice, as needed, to keep the wheel of blue or slabs of Swiss cool…we do so every time we drive by. While the usual Swisses are local, they also sell varieties made elsewhere: I am currently finishing a loaf of smoked Swiss. I melt it on bread since I still don’t have usable choppers.

  75. The problem is all those cheap cuts of meat when we were kids are the
    ones that cost most now.

    For an area that has quite a few flocks it is hard to find Lamb around here-
    Other than ground frozen

  76. Jackie, I was not ignoring your expression of concern about my mom…apparently I was posting about the same time as you were, and I did not see it until just now. Things have been less than rosy with her, health-wise, for the past month or so, but the situation does seem to be stabilizing somewhat. It has necessitated me burning the proverbial candle at both ends and may have perhaps interfered with me being the happy-go-lucky Ghost of yore.

    Once things get sorted out, I’ll bring everyone up to date. In other words, Jackie, I’ll keep you abreast. 🙂

    Meanwhile, any spare thoughts and prayers sent her way would be greatly appreciated.

  77. Culinary Institute of America?

    Leslie is one of coolest women I have had as friend ever so we will follow up any suggestions. She sold her house and lived on boat in marina in Galveston Bay area. Took off on a big boat as crew but jumped ship in Key West where she lived for years when captain turned out to be Captain Terrible. I told her to be prepared to swim ashore if she had to. I love this lady.

    Make any suggestions you can this week. We leave July 3 and will take at least week driving up.

    When I say she and I like anything interesting I mean anything. Dickens adores her.

  78. Thank you Ghost. Your mother is in my thoughts and prayers today, as always. As are you.

    I am intuitive. I knew things were not going well and what you were doing. Take care of yourself as well my friend.

    Today the life sized flying piglets were on sale even more so I bought one for you which I am naming Ghost.
    Bought another to name Mark. I have one already named JohnW. Sorry Sand but married men don’t qualify for flying pig nomenclature.

    Ghost I know you are cooking for your mom but don’t let this derail your own healthy eating and exercise.

  79. Thanks, Jackie, and despite what many might think, I’m fairly sure I’ve never had pig, aviator-style or not, named for me. Calorie intake has probably actually decreased over the past few months but not necessarily in a good way. My gym schedule has gone out the window, which probably explains the 8-10 pound gain since the first of the year. I got started back on regular workouts last week and have dropped 3 pounds of the gain already.

    Remember, my motto is “Never give up.”

  80. Resilient is my middle name. I never give up either.

    The piglets are adorable glazed brown and look real. My exercise programs derail but there are always those leg lifts and swings in bed.

  81. You have swings in your bed? That sounds interesting. 😉

    Oh, and I haven’t had a haircut in about two months, and as fast as my hair grows, P&PHS is finally gonna get her wish, Wednesday, to see what it looks like “long and wavy”.

  82. The closest I could get to “Never give up” in Latin is “Non deficere”, meaning “I will not fail”. I believe I like that even better. Wonder if I can get that as a tactical patch for my backpack.

  83. That was Blanche Devereaux on Golden Girls who had swings in bed. I just do leg lifts and leg swings in bed to maintain flexibility and agility.

    I am keeping Stella Maris for boats name. It is Star of the Sea in Latin. Better than that seize the day one you said meant grope me in Latin.

  84. Sometimes I think that “never turn down” should have been my motto, but I think seriously that “turn down more” would have been even better.

  85. Good morning Villagers….

    Indy Mindy has been MIA for too long……

    Glad to see you back Old Bear….trip fare well?

    Jackie, let me know when you get close to Indiana….time is right, maybe I can meet you somewhere close.

    gotta go…..egg man comes in this morn, have to hand gather ten trays of eggs off of belts….that’s three hundred eggs I need to hand pick 🙂

    temps in low 80’s next few days….was told by Farm Manager to take tomorrow off. Ian is off today. He doesn’t was burn outs. And it was reaching that point yesterday.

  86. We have lost two great icons in the sporting world in the last month. Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey and just this morning Pat Summit, Ms. Women’s College Basketball. She was only 64, but she started coaching at 22, amassing over 1100 victories and 8 National Championships. Gordie, on the other hand, lived to be 88 but actually took a shift on the ice at age 69. He retired once, but returned to play with his sons until he was 51.

    Classy people.

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