Converse Reaction

From Dec. 27, 2012. It’s Day 2 of the weird week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The climax of the holidays, for most of us, has passed, but the holidays are very much with us still. I like this week. I obviously don’t have a lot to impart this morning, so I’ll take this one last opportunity to remind you: you still can click on the “Clearance Sale” banner below and buy A&J T shirts at half price, shipping included. The banner will come down at the end of the week, and these designs will be sold here no more. There is still a variety of colors and sizes, so go spend that Christmas money.

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  1. Here in OK, the local forecast for the New Year’s weekend is near 0 F, or about 30 degrees below the historical average. I have experienced (much) lower temps but not recently. I hope my “thin Southern blood” is still up to it.

    Providentially, the milspec wool watch caps and wool scarf I ordered have all arrived, and two more pairs of -20 F gloves should be here by then. And for a Southern boy, I do own some pretty warm outer garments.

  2. JJ is looking in the window again.

    Our decorations stay up till 12th nite (Jan. 6)

    No ethnic jokes, people will be offended.
    They are all Hittites (Non of them left to complain)
    Named Pat & Mike, or Sven & Ole, or Guido & Luigi, or …

    I did hear from Mizz Charlotte, all is well.

    Got UP to minus 2* yesterday.
    emb was colder.

  3. Miss Charlottte…you OK???!!! Thank you Old Bear..I too was very, very concerned about her.

    And is Emb doing fine???? I’ve had him and Miss Charlotte in my thoughts too……

    I worry and pray for Jackie, but I know she has the best prescription that no money can buy….

    back to my cat nap…….

  4. Old Bear, as a child I was often confused about the counting of days, including or excluding the start day. At Easter, on the third day He rose. Which to my mind was two days later. But at Christmas, first set aside Christmas Eve because the day started at sundown, then don’t count Christmas Day either. That way the Twelfth Night is the evening of 5JAN, the start of Epiphany. As I grew I decided this was just one item of a very long list that would not make sense to me. And that making sense was not needed to celebrate tradition, or to learn the message of faith. Glad you also celebrate the traditional day observing the Adoration.

    Had a quiet time here, this year. I think we are likely to fall into an alternating year pattern with the way the kids are blessed with strong relationships. Now if we can evolve that into inviting extended family on ‘our’ years, we will have an embarrassment of riches for invitations on our ‘off’ years. Looking forward to it.

    Stay warm everyone, loving wishes for your holiday times.

  5. Very true TruckerRon, it is why I wrote the evening of 5JAN begins the day of Epiphany. I guess I was implying dusk, or sundown, in reference to how I spoke of Christmas Eve. Likewise it was not an end of year event until centuries later when we moved New Years Day to 1JAN, and created all those April Fools. Many civil changes have occurred, and are documented. I choose to believe that biblical translations have been done in ‘good faith’. And that they accurately record what civil records did not, or have lost. If the reader keeps in mind cultural differences.

    Unrelated, nautical time used to run noon to noon. It was the time of the most accurate sun sighting to establish longitude, and so was the beginning point for all timed watches as well as how the captain kept his log. You are likely familiar with astronomical time running noon to noon in regards to the epoch. But I think the date involved is 24h ahead or behind of what used to be nautical time.

  6. Meant to add: I actually like the representation of noon to noon. If you were to use a natural 24h clock on a single round clockface using noon at the top instead of the bottom; then the hour hand’s motion becomes an intuitive representation of the sun’s motion in local time.

    But nobody else reads a clock that way. And we are destined to eventually adapt a single world time zone anyway. I propose we base it on what is currently referred to as ‘M’ or Mike timezone. Very low population, so the vast majority of the population will all have to adapt and no one is favored. We can relabel it Mundi time and not even change the designator.

  7. And a good morning, a frigid morning at that from SIN….

    ..and I’m complaining about the ten degrees we have here….


    It’s pretty, but also pretty $%^*ing . I’d go insane with five feet of snow. Several years ago I measured 18 inches in our driveway….no one left for 6 days, thankfully I had enough wits about me then to prepare for it.

    Ian was 16 then and we were going to get his driver’s license that day, he was up early and there was already several inches on the ground….guess what? He didn’t get his license that day. It was a Christmas then….thank the good Lord for the local farmers coming out and clearing the roads and driveways….da&g county didn”t do a thing for us. I’ve always said that the little community of Alfordsville was the stepchild of Daviess County.

    Got stew meat simmering, and a warm blanket on Dad….may take a nap. Cancelled his PT…he didn’t want to get out and I don’t want to risk him getting sick.

    Miss Charlotte….you OK? I pray so.

    ..later, I’m gonna grab a cat, put him on my lap and we’re taking a nap 🙂

  8. I was in Snoozeville until 7:30 MST, then took a daughter to work and our Amanda to her adult daycare program. Finally have time to check into the Village.

    You’re right! Where is everybody…body…body? (that’s an echo 😉 )

  9. Still coughing my lungs up, having run out of prescription cough medicine.

    Going in search of my antibiotics and over counter cough syrup in hopes of relief.

    This does not bode well for my chemo treatments due on January 2.

  10. Jackie and David, Walmart has their own version of Delsym that is as effective and cheaper.

    Debbe, you won’t have to find a cat. If you are napping in a chair it will find you!

  11. Have been reading genealogy charts for my ancestors. I had not notified those who generously maintain the records of my mother’s death, so I did.

    It was odd, I had not thought how many had Christmas funerals, both my grandfathers, two of my mother’s siblingd, two of my cousins. And I was not looking for that, just wondering if I needed to update anything else.

    So I called to see why they hadn’t confirmed a market I purchased for a relative. I don’t dare ask family.

  12. Another off thought from reading my mother’s page in the genealogical records were his many passed away only a few days from their birth dste, always before, never after.


  13. I was delighted to find, on Christmas, that two family members made charitable donations in my name. One person donated a bunch of honey bees, while the other donated a goat. Exactly where these gifts will end up is not available information. It is my earnest hope they don’t end up near each other, lest the goat chomp up the flowers the bees need. [Yes, each provided money to get/send the live things.]
    It strikes me that the bees may be hard to confine to a given recipient if their scouts find some good nectar in a different locale.

  14. In actuality, the donors used two Lutheran Churches. Both the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod were involved.

    There is very little overhead in those group; some would say none. That depends on how the costs are “bookkept” – if attached to that very “help” section, about 10%; if the costs are borne by a separate part of said church, then the “help” section has no overhead by itself.

  15. Oddest thing, I did not expect, total loss of appetite. I just do not want to eat anytning. Or eat if it is in front of me.

    Trying to drink a mango peach smoothie I made just now. Well, it has banana, orange juice and Greek yogurt too.

    Not nauseated, just won’t eat, not hungry. Thank God for the cherry pie we were given and the ambrosia I made, about all I have eaten since before Christmas.

  16. I have been sitting in wing chair in living room awake all day. Since I don’t watch tv I settled to browsing genealogy records and cemetery records. And I made an amazing discovery.

    Clara Luvenia Wactor, born and died January 10, 1936. She is buried in a family cemetery one plantation over from our family farm in Louisiana. Once her ancestors owned all the lands and adjoining houses along the rivers, including ours and were from wealthy ancestry.

    Her parents never had any children, I knew them well. They operated a tiny one room country store and bar, the first place to buy gas, a cold Coke, a beer or play illegal slots.

    But because of Clara Luvenia when I was born in 1944 I had clothes and diapers. The war prevented manufacture of goods not required for the war and diapers must not have made the cut.

    Just before she died my mother and aunt told me the story of Miss Betty’s baby that died and the trunk of beautiful handmade nightgown and baby clothes.

    Tonight I found Clara Luvenia had died eight years before my birth on February 7, 1944.

    What an amazing gift. How wrenching for her mother to have given up her hopes for children she would never have. What a generous gift to give my mother.

    I saw those clothes. They were handstitched and embroidered in the tiniest threads like by fairies. Or angels.

  17. Jackie if you can drink Ensure or some kind of protein drink as you need the calories and nutrients to fight this thing. Loss of appetite is natural during this therapy, but you need somehow to keep your strength. Please talk with your Doctor and figure out the best option.

  18. hi folks! Guess what? My pilot brother and most of his family are here. 🙂 I’ve been enjoying all the young ones. I’m on my second sleepover and the child is still slee[ing. I’ll giver her a little while longer, but they plan on going to movie matinee and I want to have fun before they go. Robert looks well. I can see some of his current problems but wow. From what it was the day of crash to now- wow. Thanks again for all the prayers and good vibes. This village is full of friends.

    Jackie- someone is on call for the doctor. Call the office, have them call in a refill on the cough stuff. (unless it was useless) You and Ghost….hang in there, kids. 🙂


    TR- saw a big telescope on stilts, thought of you. Skies here are clouded over so I’m not sure where they were going but……

    Hope y’all have good days!

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