Cookie Mobster

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I’m sorry! It’s been a very busy few days. I have not abandoned you here. In fact, the new Web site of which we spoke earlier this year is going into production finally. We’ll see. I actually have a cookie jar such as the one above. It’s battery operated and plays a recording of a chattering dolphin when opened. I’ve had it for years, and I love it. Unfortunately, I don’t keep many cookies in it anymore. It has occurred to me that much of the furniture in Arlo & Janis is similar to pieces in my own household: the sofa, the orange table with the Queen Anne legs, the simple mannish bedroom furniture, all exist in my real world. I guess that makes sense. The sofa I don’t actually have any longer, but I did have one very similar when I began to draw the strip. It turned out to be such a good comic-strip settee—low, simple, easy to render—that I’ve kept it all these years. It probably could use re-upholstering by now!

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  1. Jackie, to answer your question on the previous blog post: I’ve had two genuine chances at a new life. One was given to me by a family member, the other by a young man in Calfornia and his family. The first chance allowed me to see both daughters grow up and to be part of their lives. I don’t know, yet, where the second chance will take me. Looking forward to amazing times!

  2. I’ve always wanted a cow that moos cookie jar, but it’s been vetoed by the family. They don’t want me knowing how often they sneak cookies when they shouldn’t. 😉

    Re-upholstering the sofa? Do I see a new story arc coming towards us?

  3. Nice to be among folks who not only know what it means to have something reupholstered but would actually do it. We’re in the process of trying to find someone to work on a Streit Slumber Chair that belonged to Bob’s grandparents. The guy who did it last time has retired and left the area; his father was the one who recognized it and knew what it should look like. It can be painful if I sit in it too long as it is now.

  4. The internet moves so fast that it is hard to keep up. My wife has been trying to update her website but the one she has been using is discontinued so she has to copy everything. She made great progress and then Life happened. She works 40+ hrs per week and writes every night and weekend. That leaves little time for promotion and internet updates.

  5. The sun is trying to peek out.

    I awoke at (??) and heard LOUD thunder and lightening cracks, but was too tired to worry about it. Evidently there was lots of rain. Out in the county, the rural roads are flooded. But I have not heard of any wind damage.

    Hope everyone else is surviving the varieties of weather… Ghost, are you and your mom OK?

  6. I love today’s retro strip, Jimmy! To have named a boat one hasn’t even seen yet “Cowboy Cookies” and calling her Cookies says something very personal about me and those I love.

    Cookies are among the most important things in life.and yes, I reupholster stuff all the time and always have. We had a chair I used to have reupholstered a lot, a Rehms contemporary that began life as black leather and went through lots of changes.

    My last good upholsterer was a Catholic who said he had said a special novena that he never see it again. I could never have taken it on Antiques Road Show because I never left it the same.

  7. Was snowing here earlier – big flakes – no stick.

    You do know the slower you lose weight the easier it is to keep it off.
    Eat healthy and keep the weight going in the right direction.

    Wise man Arlo in both strips today.

    I’ve learned…. That it’s those small daily happenings that make life so
    spectacular. AR

  8. Guido Reni’s painting is “Drinking Bacchus”. Looks big enough but underage.

    Inch of snow last night but it’s gone now. May get into 70s Sat or Sun. emb

  9. Jackie: I’m guessing your “red squirrel” is a big orange fox squirrel. Amer. red squirrels are pretty much a N conifer forest sp., + down into the Appalachians. Peace, emb

  10. Sand: re: Internet dates

    Although I am not a shy person, I always had a very difficult time asking girls out. I was always afraid what would happen when they said “No”. So I did not ask too many out.

    I have found out that is a pretty good characteristic to have after 33 years of marriage.

  11. Jerry, Muskegon on the west side took a bit of a beating, but no tornados. Power outages, flooding in Royal Oak. The storm lost its power as it headed east, the weather gurus say, because it crossed at night and lost the solar energy component. The winds could have been worse, but the howling was bad enough for me.

    MIndy, why are you placing orders for another store?

    Jackie, I’m so relieved you recognize how downright dangerous attempting overly-quick weight loss is. No one would attempt a marathon or a polar expedition without conditioning their body, and the changes of extreme weight loss would be comparable, I imagine.

    emb, for several years I’ve had a couple of red squirrels here in my suburban, metro Detroit neighborhood. They are competing successfully with fox squirrels and eastern grays. Mostly deciduous locally, with just a few conifers, so maybe enough for a small population. I can’t figure out how they got here, but it will be interesting to see if they can maintain the niche over generations.

    Ghost, I pray all is well.

  12. Loon, the injuried man remark was a joke.

    Steve, yes, sometimes our minds race faster than we can process input. Other times, it is just a plain bad expression which trips us; see Loon above. We had a local dentist put a billboard with bad copy. I can only hope someone tried to dissuade him, but failed. He was advertising teeth cleaning under the bold slogan: “GOT DIRTY HAIRY TEETH.” The mental image was not a good one.

  13. Denise a LOT of people were getting worried last night as the rains kept coming. But yes I had very little leakage on August 11th. Getting home as an adventure as all of the RR underpasses were flooded and I was stranded for 2 hours just 3 blocks from home.

    But today the sun is out and wind is gusting at 40-50 MPH. I have several big trees on my property and wet ground and high winds are not a good mix.

  14. back to upholstery – I’ve had many pieces re-upholstered and am very fortunate to have an excellent craftsman in our area who still does it – and I hope he will for a few more years!
    The new furniture available today doesn’t last and isn’t worth spending money for new fabrics – the framework won’t hold up

  15. It was a few days ago but thank you for the strip about tanning on the dorm roof. Spent many hours on the sun deck at Dorm J on the Hill at AU. Baby oil and iodine smells bring it all back.

  16. Heavy thunderstorm this morning in Tuscaloosa. One power surge about 6am. When I tried to get online I couldn’t. Called cable company and their modem was working. Storm fried another WiFi router. Guess which item I own and which I rent. $70 plus unexpected expense, and this is Not payday.:(

  17. Denise: There are pockets of T. hudsonicus across the Midwest S of their primary coniferous habitat. There obviously must be larger numbers than we see in order to maintain populations over time. In a Univ. MN Press book, The mammals of MN [1982], a map shows many township records in the N half of MN, but several records in the S tiers of counties, and 2 in N IA. I saw one once at the hillside entrance of Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.

    The inset range map of N Am. shows them in all the NE and Mid-Atl. states, in the Appalachians S to GA, and in the Rockies S to the Mex. border. Like other spp., they likely are less common at the edges of their range [except where it abruptly ends at the Atlantic or Hudson’s Bay], and enclaves there are apt to come and go. There may be special aspects of suburbs that provide suitable habitat.

    Esthetics: as diurnal squirrels go, they are the most fun to watch.

    Peace, emb

  18. Oh, and 2 1/2 hours late starting work.

    Steve in Royal Oak, MI, I was the same way about dating. Unfortunately, I asked the wrong person to marry me after waiting till I was over 40.

  19. Debbie in AL: Iodine? Is that because it gives a tan look?

    LIFE, back in the ’40s or early ’50s, discretely showed some models tanning in the altogether on roofs in midtown Manhattan, maybe along Madison Ave. They were surely visible from other, taller bldgs. Young minds!


  20. This afternoon is cool and rain soaked in Bayou Bend. I am sure the one apartment tower that advertises an au natural tanning deck has no tanners today. The weather Service forecast is calling for a week of this weather.

  21. Does it have TWO such decks, is it girls only [UNFAIR], or is come one and all?

    Today’s “Herman” is difficult, until you realize that’s a shaving brush, he’s a barber, and the bib is on the customer’s knee. Weird.


  22. Somehow, I always thought the “salmon-colored sofa” would end up in the National Museum of American History, along with Kermit the Frog, Archie Bunker’s chair and Fonzie’s jacket.

    I’m fine, my Mom is fine; I had a cataract procedure done on my left eye yesterday. The first one turned out to be so anticlimactic that I didn’t bother to mention I was having this one done. I just returned from my one-day follow-up visit with my eye doc. She says everything looks good. My vision in the left eye seems to be improving even more quickly than did the right one.

    Loon, I heard the guy who fell into the upholstery machine got the stuffing knocked out of him.

  23. emb, my understanding is that it is a single tier, coed, facility.

    GR6, good eye news. All the remains is getting FAA recertified. Please, don’t try telling jokes to Loon, she takes life very literal.

  24. “The barber is so near blind he thinks Herman is standing, and that Herman’s knee is a customer sitting in the chair.”

    I figured that out, eventually. 1. Perhaps because I had my 6-mo. checkup Wed., first took the barber to be a dentist. 2. His use of the word “son” threw me for a second; the two almost look ~ mirror images. 3. I couldn’t figure out what the “dentist” was holding. 4. Then I realized that was a bib on the “patient’s” knee, and the thing came together, with the obvious assumption that the barber thought it was a kid in the chair; it wouldn’t have been a grownup’s head down there.

    I’ve seen more clearly drawn cartoons in general, even more clearly drawn Hermans. emb

  25. emb,
    That was probably the reason for the iodine. We would take a bottle of baby oil and mix in the iodine. Shake and then bake! Either that or coppertone oil.

  26. David in Austin, your story is remarkable. I truly hope that this “second chance” will stretch out for a long way and bring you lots of joy.

  27. Knew I was going to get teased about life choices and that is fine, I am happy guys and yes, that is the Dana I want, Ghost. You got the right boat. And no, I am not sailing her across the Atlantic, I will be sailing her in the Pacific and Pacific northwest to begin with. If I can put this deal together, I can use her half the year and take her to other locations if I choose, so long as I bring her back. Her name is Magic. And my little micro cruiser is the Scamp by Gig Harbor Boats in Washington and her name is Cookies. One is 12 feet and the other 24 feet, both trailerable.

    Getting to live out dreams starts to really matter when you get my age I am afraid.

    Got a great note from my hostess for July who is a marine biologist, as is her husband, quoting John Steinbeck on the three most important things in life, having fun, eating well and a clean house as the least important. I like her already, Steinbeck on house cleaning!

    And no, I didn’t buy a skipper with the boat, in fact current owner is still thinking about this chance to keep his boat, which I hope he will decide to do. I could just buy it but that isn’t what he wants to do. This is going to be a substitute for the Ford pickup with the big engine, same costs actually. And no, I am not practicing checkbook gratification!

    Had dinner and going to go walk a second mile around loop down to lake and back to house. I am building up to two miles twice a day like I used to do. I feel great and plan to feel better, so no raining on my parade. I am a big girl so kid away, it makes me laugh.

  28. Jackie, I may tease you (gently) about your life choices, but I would never disparage them. You’ve certainly earned the right to make them.

    “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” Henry David Thoreau

  29. The man also had some welts. We have dark skies, thunder and have had some rain, but nothing major yet. The grass does need the rain. The April showers are starting late this year. I don’t know a yardarm from a bowspit so I’ll have to talk about something else.

  30. Would never argue with Thoreau. He is right of course and the price is indeed high but I paid it.

    Now I get to live it. Love you and you can tease me any time my friend. I like being able to sometimes tease back as well. Perhaps not as wittily as you and not as erudite either but it is fun to try.

  31. Just checking in on a lovely day here in SO AZ. (Not trying to rub anything in, just sayin’.) I finished reading mockingbird comments before coming here and am wondering if 411 comments might be a record. Anyone know?

  32. Nancy, several years ago JJ took some time off around the year-end holidays, and I believe we went way over 600. And possibly over 500 another time or two. But that was when we seemed to have more regular commenters.

  33. ^°^°^°^°^°^ thinking back on those lazy days in Memphis. Elvis was living in Graceland. That little Shephard girl was still in high school. Life was stretched out in front of me. Then things intruded.

  34. emb, thank you for the T. hudsonicus information. They truly are a delight to watch. I must confess to a fondness for Sciurus niger, though. They can be quite companionable.

    Ghost, that’s wonderful news about your second surgery. Your ability to recover so quickly must be the result of clean living, huh?

    Jimmy, we will greet the birth of the new baby. I wish we could all get together to wet the baby’s head! 😉

  35. Wait, what baby? Jimmy is having a child? Who? Where? How did I miss that one?

    Not sure Ghost’s fitness is due to clean living but perhaps to continuously living life. And Sand, I confess to be very fond of the song Elvis Presley Blues by Jimmy Buffet, an insightful look at the King not seen by many perhaps.

    Me, I plan to go like Elsie in Cabaret perhaps, except I do neither drugs nor liquor. I wish my husband had died on a sailboat far at sea than on life support in intensive care. Personally, I wouldn’t find that a bad way to go.

    And I doubt it will happen because I will have good sailors to make sure I finally learn to sail and can actually sail a boat myself, not just crew or buy one. Different aspirations in life in old age.

    The young never appreciate what they have of course. But then I think I am preaching to the choir here.

  36. Yes, Denise, that’s what it is, the clean living. Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😉

    Seriously, my personal motto is “Never give up.” So far I haven’t.

  37. Jackie, from your stories of the septuagenarian and octogenarian solo blue-water sailors you know, I have no doubt you’ll pull it off.

  38. Jackie, Jimmy B. can do a very good Elvis impression. Another little known Buffett fact. He wrote Margaritaville for Elvis who died before recording it; Jimmy then recorded it and the franchise was born.

  39. Speaking of Jimmy Buffett, one of the best things I ever did was to memorize the words to his “The A$$hole Song”. Singing that in my head has gotten me through many a mangers’ meeting presided over by various vice presidents.

  40. Mark, they were all beautiful and wonderful songs. The Gordon Bok was absolutely stunning song, it made me cry in truth. You must actually get it I think. You are a wonderful friend and I love all the artists and music you teach me about. Tupelo was beautiful also.

    No Sand, I did not know that Buffet trivia about Elvis. I love his Cinco de Mayo in Memphis also but had no idea about Margaritaville trivia. I own all the Buffet books down here on shelf to my left in office but don’t follow all the blogs or comments on him. It is funny, he was living and working in New Orleans same time I lived in Quarter, I walked back and forth to the Federal building from my house which was deep in Quarter, past all the clubs and entertainers daily. I think surely our paths crossed somewhere?

    I was in old Federal building down by Lafayette Square and had to step over the winos going to and from work, then step over them again going home sometimes. Were you there in New Orleans in the 60’s and 70’s too or were you in Viet Nam that entire time?

  41. emb

    Don’t know if you get channel 17 (PBS life) but Nature – The Nest will be on Sunday
    night 7pm
    I heard the Red Squirrels will drive out Grays.

    C in NH
    The man who fell into an upholstery machine is fully recovered.
    Mark in TT
    Local Area Network in Australia – the LAN down under.

    Sand & Loon
    They are from a list:
    “Puns for those with a higher IQ”
    And I might add “The Village”

  42. “many a mangers’ meeting presided over by various vice presidents.” “manager’s”, right?

    Reminds me of an insightful A&J strip years back: Arlo, with another male at the office, asks a new black female, “How many ceiling tiles are there in the main conference room [exact wording may differ]?” She says, “42.” Arlo: “She’s one of us!” Lovely.

    Predisposed: especially of Jesus. How do we know it’s him? Looked him up in the Nazareth H.S. Yearbook, AD 18. Just started reading Bart Ehrman’s “How Jesus became God” [404 pp.], for a UM summer theology workshop. Will let the Village know how it turns out, if I remember.

    Peace, emb

  43. Jackie, as I’ve said before, from ’67 to ’84 were my dark years. There were two Vietnam tours in there, some other fun things. 1977 was when I met Loon. From 1985 to 2006 was the years of special projects with a mix of retired and reserve personnel. Since 2006 it has been contract work for a search engine company.

  44. emb, Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42. 😉
    Begs the question, is Jimmy channeling Douglas Adams through Arlo?

  45. Thank you Jackie. I am glad you liked the music. I first heard Gordon Bok played on the Pandora music streaming service. I have British, Irish and Scottish folk on the list and I think that’s why it picked him for me. Great tunes and a nice voice. He does one called the Sailor’s Carol, or something similar about Christmas on a sailing ship at sea. I really like the song but haven’t caught the real title yet.

    When I was on the Oklahoma City, my favorite thing was to go out on the deck at night and listen to the wind and waves. That far out to sea, you know you don’t have any light pollution and you can see the stars very well, too. Very peaceful.

  46. Thank you, Old Bear and Mark and Ghost and Sand and all the Village. I do not know what I have ever done in life to deserve love from people like you but I cried and cried tonight listening to the music and knowing it was sent with love. I don’t deserve it but I have never been more grateful in my life to receive it and I return it with all my heart. Thank you. Love, Jackie

  47. Mark, your comment reminded me of one of the best nights for star gazing that I have experienced. The night after Hurricane Ivan there was no light pollution from the ground and the stars were brilliant.

  48. Good morning Village….

    Mark….the chicken church is cute 🙂

    This is day 18 and I am taking tomorrow off. We lost one high school teen, he is a senior and is going to college to be a pharmacist…he took a part time job at Walgreens Pharmacy…good for him. I will miss him, but his little 14 year old sister is training under me. Tomorrow, she will work with Ian. I told The Boss she was a little apprehensive working with ‘Skittles’ and Ian. My Boss assured me he has a zero tolerance for those who harass the younger girls. He is going to call her Dad and assure him of this. Ian looked at me and said “well, what if she comes on to me?” with a grin on his face. Andrew and I just mockingly laughed, I beat on the hen house door…still mockingly laughing…..Ian takes jokes on himself well.

    gotta go……

    Happy Caturday…………………..

    Oh, and Ruth Ann, I’ve been going back to the previous strips on “Breaking Cat News”….it’s cute.

  49. Debbe, I have been listening to it repeatedly already. I love it. I have decided this is as close to opera as rock ever got. Mark has greatly increased my music tastes and I cannot thank him enough for some of the wonderful music I now listen to, all because of Mark. Mark, are you listening to me? You may have married the wrong woman and I freely admit to marrying the wrong man but someone let a truly good man get away.

    Each time you send me music it becomes part of me. I cannot tell you how much music means to me and always has. To have been without music for so long has starved my soul as well and the Village brought that back to me.

    And yes, I loved Old Bear’s music as well, Ghost, I have listened to everything that has been offered and the diversity has broadened my life. This is a special group of people who exist in a tiny micro climate, a climate change I wish extended to the world.

    Love, Jackie

  50. Debbe, what beautiful music from Fleetwood Mac as well. The photos were stunning. My friend, I have not forgotten my promise to come pick you up and kidnap you at least one day and the chickens will have to survive alone. Gary said the other day that 3000 miles was a bit far to come to get to meet me but Indiana is too close not to drive up and take a road trip with you.

    Two twisted sisters, indeed. We might as well go on over to Ohio and get Gal, heck what’s one more state down the road?

  51. Jackie and Galliglo, you are welcome. One of the real joys of my life is sharing what I like with others, and enjoying what they share with me. Everybody enjoy your weekend, if you don’t have to work. If you are working, find a way to have fun, even if it’s in your head.

  52. I use to work for someone who asked at the end of each day, “Did you learn anything today?” The standard reply was, “Yes.” To watch he said, “Good, your not as much of an idiot as when I got you.” I feel like everyday in the Village is an enlightening experience that leaves me less of an idiot. Thank you JJ and all.

  53. Today is National Pet Day. I mention that just in case anyone here might be like, you know, interested in that.

    So give your pet a hug today. Except for goldfish. And porcupines.

  54. Village, I have to at this point add that I have been blessed in life to know Howard Rice, an educator and sailor who is committed to a project of passion to save some of the waters of the world for mankind. It is so in tune with today’s A and J strip and Arlo’s remarks. I hope I can link this blog which is based on a Time magazine article about the World Park and Howard’s efforts to create it.

    If that fails to link, Mark be a darling and find World Park, Micronesia with information on the projected park. It encompasses all 807 islands of the nation of Micronesia, to save the islands and the sea and the creatures who live there.

    Howard is extraordinary man and I am blessed to have him enter my life. I will be staying with he and his wife Keiko this summer a great deal and Howard is going to see to it that I finally learn to sail. We all helped to create the Scamp sailboat and I am honored to have been part of that in a small way. Howard owns boat #2 and #3, we owned boat #4 and #5 and we all did that too out of shared passions.

    So Ghost, no Captain Rons for me at all. Love, Jackie

  55. Jackie – Getting together with you and Debbe would be doable! But… I could come west and meet with you two… around Cincinnati?

  56. I am a miserable person at linking articles from the net. Mark I hope that gives you enough information or some other generous and smarter than Jackie person will get the right information on here. World Park is unique and wonderful and I truly hope Howard pulls this one off. His website is called I Look Far and that sort of describes Howard’s life.

    Love, Jackie

  57. Trying to imagine Debbe, Jackie, and Galliglo all together in one space. Would be the first intelligent life in Cincinnati since WKRP left town.

  58. Gal and Debbe, that is certainly doable and I think we should grab Mindy from Indy as well. My trusty min-van Helen Wheels will seat six and still have some room for luggage. Not as much fun as the huge red Ford convertible (think Shag, the movie) and going to Myrtle Beach but I bet we could still have fun.

    And just now Jethro Tull comes on with Too Old to Rock and Roll, but too young to die. Let the credits roll, guys, the movie is about to start!

    Love, Jackie

  59. Think I found my error.

    See it that works. Otherwise, Sand I know darn well you can find that!

  60. Jackie,

    If you include the extra “http://” in front of the link text it will become a “hyper-link” and be directly clickable rather than requiring copying and pasting. Also, if you copy and paste the address shown in your browser’s address bar, it “should” include the extra to make the link clickable. Here’s your link with the “http://” added. (The prefix on the address is for protocol, the type of communication to be used. Other types are “https://” for secure browsing, “ftp://” for file transfer and some others.)


    PS– My spell check doesn’t like the adjective “clickable” but Wikipedia,, and the Free Dictionary all agree that it is a word and that I’m spelling it correctly.

  61. Sand, faster than me… I always HAVE to take advantage of the teachable moment. It’s the “fish versus teach to fish approach.” 😀

  62. David, I am a doer rather than a teacher. With Chrome on mobile devices: tap on site link, tap on popup sayinh “Copy URL.” Go where you want to paste, tap and paste.

  63. To be clear (and defend teachers), the best teachers are “doers”. Sand, you’ll no doubt remember “performance oriented training.” “Crawl, Walk, Run.”

  64. I learned very early that my fair skin did not tan…it blistered, and painfully. A friend in my college days did, however, and used the baby oil and iodine mix to acquire the darkest possible tan. One day she asked me to rub some on her back, and my hands were dyed yellow for several days.

    Ghost Sweetie, 🙂 !

    I think this song fits our little Village quite well, because no matter what happens in the real world, we all try to keep our chins up and make the best of things, don’t we?

  65. “sandcastler™ on 10 Apr 2015 at 11:11 pm #

    emb, Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42. Begs the question, is Jimmy channeling Douglas Adams through Arlo?

    emb is out of the loop again. Heard of the 42 thing, but remember it not. And who is DA? I can look that up, maybe.

    Peace, emb

  66. Jean dear, all the music links I’ve posted lately have come straight from my favorite personal playlist. You’ll probably not be shocked to know that Mr. Armstrong’s paean to life in our world is on that list. And as Jackie has noted, Iz does another great version of it, which is also there.

  67. Wow, what wonderful people live in our Village. The play, Our Town, by Thorton Wilder became one of the most significant influences on my attitude toward the theater, writing and life in general. I think Mr. Wilder would have fit into the Village and be happy here.

  68. sand:

    Thanks. I read the Wiki site, so am enlightened, I guess. A present task is to carefully read and annotate* Bart Ehrman’s ‘How Jesus became God’ before early June. I have more ‘must reads’ than I will likely live [or be able to see well enough] to read, so likely will not get to THGTTG. But I’ve learned something new, and confirmed some other notions I had. Gotta go buy groceries, then work out.

    Peace, emb

  69. emb, conquer the hills you find most enchanting; most of us will never scale the highest peaks. Our libraries of read manuscripts attest to who we were.The stash of unread material is a monument to our having been full of hope.

  70. sand: Forgot the *.

    *One can generally tell if emb has read one of his own books [or tell how far he got into the book] by whether the margins are full of notes. Habit is a problem if he’s reading a loaner.

    Jackie: I’m not generally a playgoer, but a granddaughter, when in HS, had a bit part in ‘Our Town’, so I went. Good play, generally well done. Didn’t realize the woman next to me was in costume until she got up and joined the cast in Act II [I think]. The narrator and others had ‘E-yah’ down to a T. Emb cried at the end.

    Wilder had good insight into human nature and into small towns, or maybe some enclaves in larger towns/metropolises.

    Peace, emb

  71. I have Asimov’s commentary on the Bible in storage and I look forward to reading it. It has to be more interesting than his autobiography. The library has its used book sale next weekend. Since I already have more books than I will ever read (well, hopefully not) the problem will be where do I put more books?

  72. In a book cellar! Or take what you don’t intend to read again to a store that buys and sells used books and swap them out for other books. Look for 2nd and Charles, may be in your area as owned by Books-A-Million. If in Tennessee, look for McKay’s in Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville. These places also have DVD and CD’s, new and used.

  73. When we moved to Houston back in the 1970’s we put in a real library, with shelves to the ceilings about 20 feet high and a sliding ladder to take books down from on high. It was the only library in Kingwood, TX that was just being developed and we were among the Founding Five Hundred, which just meant that no one there had ever seen such a thing, a room devoted only to books. The ladder confused them and since I don’t usually do drapes, the view into room through the tinted glass to keep books from direct sunlight. Big question was what did we do with the books?

    Read them.

  74. Thanks to various moves and a hurricane, my library lives mostly in cyberspace now. I do still have one bookcase with some treasured volumes, but I don’t need a ladder for it. Of course, I’m a foot or so taller than Jackie. 🙂

  75. Denise, while he is a man of few words, the ones Sand says are more valuable than a page of drivel from me. I agree, that was beautifully put.

    And Ghost, keep reminding me of how short I am and it inspires me to work toward adding petite to that description. I am no longer even five two if I ever was. I have only been tall in one place, Hawaii, where the tiny Japanese ladies in office would ask if I’d get something down as the tall one.

    And just so you’ll know, I am getting ready to start buying underwear from Victoria’s closet for the first time in over 20 years. Not ready for a bikini for a long, long time. But at least I can find bras that might fit.

  76. Believe me, Jackie, I’ll do all I can to inspire you to regain your “short stack” status. Did I mention I’ve always had a thing for short ladies? Well, OK, I’ve always had a thing for tall ladies, too, so…

    Seriously, I am pleased to hear you are going to invest in some nice (dare I say, sexy?) lingerie. That tells me your self-image has improved and that you are feeling better about yourself. Pick out something I’d like. 🙂

  77. Take your blood pressure medicine, Ghost, if you do. Victoria’s Secret does not carry bras to fit me. In fact, since they don’t, why the heck would I want to add two sizes to a chest that is already obviously too well endowed? I am going to have to lose four sizes down in order to find one that might fit from them. I knew there was some valid reason I never shopped there.

    Oh well, I’ll just keep looking else where. Sorry, Loon, I never burned any bras but I do agree in theory.

    Love, Jackie

  78. eMb: The Decorah site has three eaglets; the oldest is about 2 weeks. You can see the time/date of each hatch under the picture.

    The eaglets at Berry College, GA, are about as large as either parent, it seems! I’ve forgotten how old they usually are before flying the coop, so to speak.

  79. Ghost, you have definitely helped me begin restoring my self-image with inspiration that such was possible. And for starters you will be excited to learn I I have now given away 90% of my wardrobe from closet, only kept things that make me feel happy. That and wearing lycra yoga pants and walking daily and exercising. The ones I have on right now are bright pinks and lots of swirling tie dyed with a hot pink short peplum tunic. I would never have dreamed of wearing this a year ago and the colors and outrageous designs make me happy.

    The neighborhood is beginning to notice. I will probably have a fan club like Janis by time summer gets here and the camp owners start venturing out to lake. No bikinis yet of course.

  80. Jackie, you go, girl! Go walking, I mean. It’s great exercise.

    Back in my mid-thirties I gained some weight and got out of condition. Walking two brisk miles a day, rain or shine, hot or cold, for a full year did wonders. Enough so that I joined a high-impact aerobics class, got where I could keep up with the female instructor as well as a bunch of twenty-something former cheerleaders while wearing wrist and ankle weights…and made lots of new lady friends. (Yeah, showed off a bit, too…routinely did full push-ups with my feet resting in the seat of a chair, while one of the cheerleaders did simultaneous push-ups with her feet resting on the small of my back.) Point is, consistent moderate exercise will do wonders. And you’ve already accomplished the hardest part…you started.

  81. As I start a new and exciting life, Ghost, I will just hold you responsible. Keep that in mind, my friend. You do inspire. Well, at least the exercise you did could be printed in a family blog.

  82. Jerry, I know many Malouf’s, all richer than sin. None of them were writers. i will google and see who you are asking about however.

    Mark, I love the music you recommend. I am listening to Dire Straits right now, Ticket to Heaven. If I could link youtube better I’d link it here.

    Love, Jackie

  83. My hair was never that long, but I was skinny and I wore weird clothes. I also sang much better. Nowadays he and I sing about the same.

  84. I keep saying my only connection was my children’s baby sitter, Kelly Emberg, ended up living with him and having one of his children. I do wonder whose idea it was to hire Kelly, mine or my husband’s? I think it was mine, she was the life guard at our club’s swimming pool that summer.

    Think of having a nanny, even part time that ended up as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

    I know I have told Ghost this story because he is still a fan of Ms. Emberg, if not Rod Stewart but perhaps I misjudged him?

  85. Jerry, I’m not sure what you mean, but there were thousands of books in the Ackermansion, and 4SJ could honestly claim that he’d read every last word in every book in the house.

  86. Wake up Jackie….you have a lot of links to catch up on….I love my music too. The songs I listen and play are a special piece in my life. You name the tune, and I could tell you who, what and where I was….

    When you come to Indiana…..we need to make a playlist for the road…….

  87. Indiana wants me. Now I’m stuck with that line for the day. That’s ok. You start our day with a smile Debbe. Of course he meant that he had read the last word of every book. Question to the critic, “Have you seen his last play.?” Answer, “I certainly hope so.”

  88. CEP that answer sounds a lot like what a famous rheumatologist said about my friend who was a a PA, Viet Nam medic who became a diagnostic whiZ. I asked how could a PA in a rural clinic correctly diagnose obscure autoimmune diseases after three major university teaching hospitals had not, in fact missed most everything with diagnoses?

    He said he read all the way to the end of the book.

  89. Debbe, feel free to pick anything you like. I’ve liked all your music so far. The Honda has a good sound system with all the tech stuff I don’t know how to operate, you can teach me, pick the music. It will blast you out of car at high volumes. I used to love driving at night, sing along with Garth Brooks “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places.” Or similar rowdy songs.

    My late husband and I did not share musical tastes, in fact Rush Limbaugh was his idol, not Billy.I was a secret music lover which was a bit limiting.

    Are you not the one who loves Sean Connery? Or is that Mindy from Indy? O course I don’t believe he can sing a note but who needs to?

    Fun to go to bed to music and get up to it. You all are like having a private disc jockey to pick out the music, always a surprise I look forward to.

    Ghost mentioned Kenny Chesney who I also like. I was listening to one of his albums yesterday in car, love the Road and the Radio and Hillybilly Rock Star Out of Control. I range from opera to symphonies to folk to country to rock and everything in between.

    By the way, Garth lives a little north of me and he is looking pretty good again and back on road. He got kinda pudgy and nondescript there for awhile.

    Slept really great in that elegant canopy bed of mine, lavendar soft sheets, big purple fluffy duvet and some lush blankets. Feeling great and had breakfast, need to take all those meds of mine and go walk. The neighborhood geezers will wake up eventually and stagger out for church and I’d like to miss that.

    Love, Jackie

  90. Debbe 😉 Ah, Girls in Their Summer Clothes…gotta be sundresses, right? Just like the Stones’ “I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes; I have to turn by head until my darkness goes,” only less dark. I still miss The Big Man.

    Walk, Jackie, walk. Good girl.

    It was probably a good thing your kids were girls.

  91. GR…could not bring up your jpg….got a 104 error message…maybe I have my security settings too ‘high’….’cause there’s strange ‘cookies’ that I check over every morning 🙂

    And no, there’s no regretting here…I just hit ‘pause’ 🙂

    But Sean Connery is a looker in those kilts posted the other day.

  92. Ghost, I not only saw Paint Your Wagon when it came out as new, but have never seen it since. Harve Presnell could not only sing but was also gorgeous to boot with legs that went on forever, as you probably say. I have seen the original stage production and went to see movie, I guess Clint was so beautiful then it didn’t much matter.

    And since I was not much into Disney movies with the exception of my children and my Stepford Wife period I did not ever see the Darby O’gill movie I suppose. Sean was beautiful back then but aged extremely well in my opinion. Had no idea he could sing. The year 1959 for me would not have been a period of watching a Walt Disney movie!

    No, first link doesn’t work for me either.

    And now I am getting pop up ads from bra companies that specialize in well endowed women’s lingerie except even they have trouble with my size. I made it into a 40DDD this morning, so there is hope, everything seems to be going down. Well, not a good term, since I have never wanted to have breast surgery done. And yes, I am actually buying more attractive stuff to wear.

  93. Mark, that one wouldn’t link either! No one actually wants to sell us or support us, I think.

    Should not tell you guys this, since there is remote chance my daughter might actually find me over here, but she is not quite 5 foot tall and even more endowed than her mother. When she worked as cocktail waitress at casino, her costume cost a fortune to manufacture and custom fit. When she got assigned to the VIP she got to wear a bartender’s uniform. I asked what in the world they did with it since it was custom fitted? No one else could have worn it. She said she didn’t care what they did with it.

  94. Daughter has an MBA now from prestigious grad school and is a stay at home mom. I doubt she admits to the costume but might?

    Never thought of myself as coffee before. Don’t make it or drink it.

  95. Nice Guess, Jackie, but no. The first thing Forrey did with any book was turn to the last page and read the last word in the book. Thus, he could say that he’d read every last word in every book he owned.

  96. Do pictures of the cocktail waitress outfit exist, Jackie?

    One can never tell until one asks…one member of my all-female staff once mentioned she was on her college “dance team” for two years, and described their costumes. “I do hope you have pictures of that,” I said, jokingly.

    “Yes, I do,” she replied, seriously. The next day, she brought them. Her costume consisted mostly of white Western hat and boots. It made the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfit look like a burka. And she wore it well. Very well. 😉

  97. Jackie, that costume probably made more money for the casino than they spent tailoring it for your daughter. And you say the link I posted wouldn’t work? I tried it again from my post and it went right to the site. If you still can’t get there just type in everything and hit enter. That should get you to the main site.

  98. Sandcastler….you don’t know how close you have come to hitting “home” base.

    Back when my mom owned and I worked with her for 14 miserable, I hate customer service, years……a bridal shop. The local papers would print the wedding picture and a description of the dress…guess who got stuck with describing the dress???

    The bride wore a Sweetheart gown of Alanson lace with a dropped waistline. The fitted bodice was adorned with pearls of swine 🙂 gosh I could go on….but I’m not.

    Silly women….once I asked how business was…..I replied: “Repeat Business Is Good!!”

    Had a bride that was going the full throttle in her third marriage……………………..

  99. Aw…Jerry, you’re too nice. I said “I DO” at 45….and I’m going down with the drummer boy. One must do their homework…and I didn’t.

  100. Debbe 😉 The line from a wedding news article that always made my imagination run wild is “As the bride walked down the aisle, a nervous titter ran through the chapel.”

  101. One Shade of Gray for My New Eyes

    Just going through my miscellaneous drawer and found a pair of Foster Grant Classic sunglasses, mint condition, never worn and with the tag still attached to them. Must have had them for 10 or 15 years. They will do until my Ray-ban-aviator-like-I-wore-in-the-Air-Force ones get here.

    But for today, the answer to the question “Isn’t that Ghost behind those Foster Grants?” is “Why, yes. Yes, it is.”

  102. Did something unusual, drove to downtown Eufaula to walk, tired of fighting foot deep potholes and ruts in my street outside. I have lived here for 20 years and never once have I walked on the main street. No one is there on Sunday morning so I had street to myself except for volunteers who were planting flower beds and weeding.

    Can’t believe no merchants will not help keep streets or sidewalks clean. Well, I can. See the 20 years above. Made me feel guilty, so I told them I’d toss a moon hoe in my van and come help them get weeds out of the cracks and sidewalks.

    Got my walk in, then went and picked up two bags of healthy Chinese stir fries of various meat, shrimp, veggies. I don’t do rice or fried, they are good friends and custom cook for me all the time. I try to spend money with them, they need the business. Now if I can teach them to dry stir fry and leave off the sauces which I don’t eat anyway. Actually there is a tofu in there also along with boiled shrimp, vegetables and fresh fruit.

    This worked out pretty well, so think I will switch walking to main street mostly. Dog is asleep in his arm chair by desk.

  103. Thought for the Day: If you look like food, you will most likely be eaten.

    Jackie, If you are going to walk deserted or near deserted streets or roads (anywhere), four words…Oklahoma Concealed Weapon License.

  104. Glenn my deputy sheriff brought me the application process papers and I will fill them out, he forgot to give them to me. He is detailing my van for me, it had 5000 miles of bugs and road debris, got outside, tonight is doing inside.

    Met his fiance and inlaws, all law enforcement, got a nice thank you from his mom. I told him not to tell her about Playboy. I was joking about the bra holster, everyone agreed it was going to be pretty obvious and hardly concealed.

    OK, Ghost I have a dirty mind and that statement above can be interpreted in more than one way.

  105. More than one way? Really?

    On a more pleasant food-related topic: Dinner last night was homemade Pepper Beef…thin-sliced flat iron steak, diced sweet onion and diced red bell pepper, stir fried with garlic, fresh ginger and fresh-ground black pepper. An excellent “low-point” meal.

    Re ad on TV seen while watching Braves play: I believe Columbia Pictures may have missed a bet for a slapstick comedy plot…instead of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, they perhaps should have made Paul Blart: TSA Agent.

  106. Debbe, Bobby Vee got his start as a fill in for the show that crashed the “day the music died” His garage band got the gig at the Moorhead MN armory because of the plane crash. Both Moorhead and Fargo claim him as theirs.

  107. Just listened to that NodakWayne and thought about that. Bobby Vee is also the pop singer satirized in my favorite “Shag” which was part of the Dirty Dancing Trilogy and which I prefer but no one else did. This is my generation.

  108. And then here popped up another contender for that honor in “Shag”, Jimmy Clanton, who is from Baton Rouge, LA and just came on singing “Just A Dream”. Jimmy played at many a dance and club in my youth and college days, one of my old classmates dated him steadily. The song of his that sticks in my mind so vividly is Willie Nelson’s song, “Funny How Time Slips Away” which Willie wrote for Jimmy and he recorded, made a hit, the first time I had ever heard of Willie Nelson, who in those days had a flat top buzz hair cut and wore jackets and dress shirts, tie.

  109. And Jackie has a senior moment. Googled that and it was Jimmy Elledge, a one hit wonder, from Dallas, TX who recorded that! Too many Jimmy’s. This one also played college dances and clubs at same time including where I was from. We had a lot of regional recording artists back in the day who toured heavily around their home locals.

    Heck the great Tejano musician Freddie Fender of the Texas Tornados played and toured as an Anglo named Freddy and played pop, also a teen idol kind of singer, played for a ton of dances in my area. “Until the Next Teardrop Falls”.

    So did all the Nevilles. The South in those days was fueled by fraternity parties, school dances, night clubs with dance floors. Everyone polished belt buckles.

  110. Maybe I’ve heard of “moon hoe” and am thinking it’s semi-circular like a crescent moon. For specialised garden work (what kind?)

  111. I am laughing out loud at you guys. A moon hoe is exactly that, a crescent moon shaped and thin hoe, sharpened razor sharp they are fabulous weeders, there is another one in the same category that has a flat blade across bottom, the moon hoe is curved. The points on the two sides are superb also on cracks in side walk, similar to the weeding tools they sell on short handles but with these you stand up, not bend.

    And Nancy is correct on the belt buckles answer, very close slow dancing with little movement actually and most of that from waist, hence the term. And Ghost did not know that one? Had Southern men quit having sex on the dance floor by the time you came along?

  112. Jackie, as Benny Hill put it on one of his early songs: “she’s looking so desirable, with lips made to be kissed, so you stand 8 feet apart and do the Twist!”. Change in dance styles probably put an end to “polishing belt buckles” for a time.

  113. I’ll bet Janis has a moon hoe…and Arlo knows how to polish his belt buckle.

    A lot of buckles got polished during the “Urban Cowboy” era, as I recall, when we were wearing Levis and boots and *big* belt buckles, and everybody knew who Mickey Gilley was.

    I loved the way Debra Winger had down that Texas girl “‘Kay” for “OK”. She nailed it, judging by a Texas City gal I knew.

  114. Of course we could tell who had won them and who just bought those buckles. Still can.

    Of course I had given up cowboys long before Gilley’s came along, the Pasadena days,

    Mickey, Jerry Lee and Jimmy. The Ferriday Trio. Grew up about one town away from my home parish. They are playing the Ferriday Medley in the background right now.

    Should there be those reading who do not know who the heck this is, it is Mickey Gilley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart who are cousins from Ferriday, LA in the Mississippi Delta, all play similarly piano style.

  115. Anyone who doesn’t know who the three Ferriday cousins are probably never heard of Gilley’s, either. Or long-neck Lone Stars.

  116. And exactly how did you get to Pasadena, Ghost? Or Ferriday? I know how I did. Jerry Lee is in background right now. He played dances of course back then, after England he’d play anywhere he could.

  117. My mom was telling one of my west Texas friends about her “fabulous” Louisiana farm one time.
    He politely told her “Mam, I’ve got catch pens bigger than that.”

    Kenny Chesney is now singing in background “Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey” Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee led to George Jones. Now Emmy Lou Harris. “One of These Days”.

    I barrel raced and pole bent, gave all that up when I married. High speeds around a barrel is actually kind of interesting. Never met anyone like Travolta of course but it would have been nice?.

  118. Thought you might think that. Low to ground almost horizontal at times, full speed ahead. I am too old for that one so I will do something more conservative, like learn to bury the rails. Not around buoys.

  119. Hey now! I know who all three of those gentleman are, but did not know they were related. Then again, I have always done better with so good titles than artists. Will have to pass on all of the music links – too late, and missed too many. 🙁 Got a bunch of spring cleaning done though. Hopefully tonight I get to sleep through the night with no spammers repeatedly calling at one-thirty in the morning. Felt guilty for shutting the sound off – Saturday nights into Sunday can be troublesome – but I needed to sleep. Night all!

    Can’t catch up, but I must contribute –

  120. Listening to Bohemian Rhapsody right now, been listening to Freddie and Queen all this time. Fat Bottomed Girls is one of my favorites. I have a friend who named his Scamp that and it is the absolutely best name given to any of the Scamps because that is exactly what they are. They are fat bottomed and cute and boats are females.

  121. Jackie,
    Thanks for mentioning Jimmy Clanton. He and my wife were at Baton Rouge High School at about the same time. I knew another performer named Johnny Ramastelli, who is better known as Johnny Rivers. A real blast from the past. Blessings for everyone.

  122. Ghost, one big difference between any racing on motorcycles and horses: with a horse your ride can think for itself, and it might decide it doesn’t want to do what you ask it to. Look at all those videos of steeplechase riders being thrown because the horse does not like the gate!

  123. And if the rider is incapacitated, the horse does have the ability to find its way home, unlike an automobile. At least, until they get the self-driving car worked out.

  124. You are of course right, Mark, I have broken ribs, shoulder blade, collar bone from horses refusing jumps. And yes, I rode both English and Western and hunt class, including open field and steeple chase type jumps. Not well but I did.

    Someone here actually suggested Helen Wheels (I knew the song) because my late husband had named my GPS Helen and I hated her with a passion. Still fight with her idiotic routes and can’t overcome what she wants to do.

    If I remember correctly he named my red Ford pickup “Old Blue” after the horse in Cat Ballou that Lee Marvin road or it may have been a horse in the Cheyenne Social Club?

  125. Jackie, when I was in the SCA one of the members worked for a hospital in Birmingham. He was a transporter for the organ donor program there, would go where necessary to pick up the organ and bring it back to the hospital. He once asked me if I knew what doctors call motorcycles. When I answered no, he said “donorcycles”. Good enough reason for me to stick to cars.

  126. I have a good friend who raced motorcycles and ran a professional motorcycle race team for an international company. I will ask him how he survived but I suspect with some scars. I have always avoided bikes since I was a young kid with a Vespa scooter. Think Roman Holiday and Troy Donahue I think? Still have the scars from burned ankle from my one and only attempt to ride one of the old Harleys back in the 1950’s. I would try almost anything back then.

  127. In the 1950’s it was all drag racing and challenge racing down lonely highways. Think American Graffiti. My youngest daughter got involved with a crazy Texas racer who drove Dodge Viper, not road legal, spent all her time at places like Texas roadway or whatever it is called. The guy never made it out of Texas A and M so far as I know? Avoided being killed in 9/11 attacks, last I heard he still hadn’t grown up.

    I for my part consider myself fortunate to be alive and especially at such an advanced age. But still not grown up, just older.

  128. Anyone else remember the strip about Janis offering a brownie to Arlo, and he thinks, “His purpose served, the beard withdraws”?

  129. I can tell that Arlo, in today’s strip, adds the last comment as an after thought to save face, but frankly, I have made comments like Janis has to my wife and her reaction was “Are you serious?” My answer was always, “Well God had different plans or else I would not have ended up with the love of my life”…or something like that.

  130. wait, if that’s a moon hoe, what’s the one that’s a flat metal half circle that goes straight down from the handle ? re Jackie @12:42, I’ll drive a couple miles to “downtown” Richmond to walk around the courthouse, nice old homes, a few officially historic. Like everywhere around here, the new subdivisions pop up, but the cute little downtown is still there. .. and yeah ! how often do we see trash filled parking lots when just one employee can come sweep it up in a minute or two? The Walgreens and CVS’s near me or notorious for overflowing garbage cans, sure no one wants to do it when it gets that bad, if you stay on it, it’s not a big deal. When I was a teenager cleaning toilets and the parking lot at Whataburger (on Fondren near Bellaire) it wasn’t bad, if you don’t let it go too long

  131. Jackie is so happy right now, I am going to be absent soon for awhile but thanks for all the support. You guys are going to have to take up the risque’ role that Ghost and I have been playing to keep the pot stirred I guess.

    Will check in but right now I am busy cleaning out my bedroom and bath and too big wardrobe and doing “taking care of business” stuff. It is raining and gray here and one of the brightest days I can imagine. Love you all.

    And yeah, we’re still going to have our girls’ road trip, Debbe, Mindy and Gal and you can all hear the girl gossip. Let me pull a few more miracles this week first.

  132. Good luck with your whatever, Jackie, and have fun. Coincidentally, I’ll likely be rather scarce here for a few days, due to having to tackle a project that promises to be very time-consuming. I’ll look in as able, but comments may not be forthcoming on a regular basis this week.

    Thought for the Day: A good landing is when you can walk away from the aircraft. A great landing is when you can continue using the aircraft.

  133. Yep, Jackie and Mark in TTown and Charlotte, I guess a moon hoe by any other name is a half-moon hoe!

    John in Richmond, maybe each manufacturer differentiates its product by changes in the design? I have to chuckle whenever I see all the trowels out there with their various designations. I tend to think of them as “wide-bladed trowel” or “narrow-bladed trowel”. To my shame, I must admit that I am that way about most garden and even kitchen tools. I don’t know what a specific knife is beyond being a knife, but I know when I want to use that one and no other! I guess tools are like people: names and appearances aren’t that important…it’s how well they do what they do that counts.

    Thanks for keeping us posted about absences, Jackie and Ghost! [Gal, your “Well… well… well…” was not lost on me. 😉 ]

  134. Jerry, re: on 12 Apr 2015 at 11:35 pm #
    “It has been noted that many of our frequent and favorite drop-ins around here are keeping a low profile. Any comments, opinions?”

    I don’t know, but they’re in my thoughts and I miss them.

  135. Guys, Ghost and I may be spiritually together but no where geographically. I am trying to get a bunch of stuff tossed out of my house, have things emptied out for my two handimen to begin some repairs and remodelling, painting inside the house, wallpapers,

    I am indeed going to begin to spend my time in towns around the water, sail and cruise in some wonderful places I have always wanted to go. Sometimes I will be remote, sometimes not. I will have a computer and Smartphone along but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

    Have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the Canada trip, both legally and personally. like seeing my doctors. I am doing great healthwise but there’s still a lot not done. Then I have stuff in June as well as getting ready to move my base up to Port Townsend, WA most of month of July. Probably be relocating temporarily and frequently. I have a chance to do things I have dreamed of my entire life, living a dream.

    You all have made me laugh and cry a little too but mostly we have held each other up. I have to come back to the Village. And you gave me music again! You know what is playing right now? Bryan Adams and Straight From the Heart.

    Love, Jackie

  136. Guys, you did see where I said, “coincidentally”, right? 🙂

    Serious (well, mostly) question for Jackie: Will you be posting anything regarding “The New Adventures of New Jackie” on the boat forum, allowing us fans to share said adventures vicariously?

  137. Do better than that, this is running today on Duckworks and jwboatdesigns.

    Since this is public, I suppose it is OK to post here. There is a link in there to the school/academy which is incredibly respected and inspiring school teaching boat building, sailing, boat handling, does cruises and some of the most interesting students and events.

    Yes, I will be writing about the adventures and places I go in my column. I am sure I will be doing the most exciting things, things I have always wanted to do, places I have always wanted to see, especially from the water. And I will learn to sail and become even more involved with boating than before. And I will do it as Jackie Monies, boat owner.

    Love, Jackie

  138. Sorry Jerry, you can be the designated bad guy all you want, full time in fact. Seem experienced at it. I don’t live that way.

    Follow me in the magazines and online, Guys. Had no idea we had rules to follow. I’ll meet Jimmy somewhere on the water.

  139. Jerry in FL, I have no idea what you are apologising for, and I have read everything here. I’m one who hasn’t had much to say, but it’s partly because I’m rather a slow typist. Right now I do have more news but I’ve got to fix some supper … and I’m really hungry!

  140. You can’t be slower than me and I can no longer type a sentence without several typos. What’s for dinner? You must not be a native. We eat supper down here.

  141. Hi, Charlotte! Was today your appointment to get the cast off? Do you have a snazzy walking boot?

    I’ve been looking at some old strips the last couple of days and find myself asking “Is that some of Jimmy’s real furniture? How about that window? Ooooo, maybe that’s one of his lamps!”

  142. No requirements that I’m aware of. Religion, politics, race are mostly ignored. I have no idea who may be black or white or whatever and certainly don’t care. Some of us belong to some sort of church , but don’t use this space to preach, which I think we can agree that would be inappropriate. As far as politics goes I think that we avoid that because it would be the easiest way to start a argument and we are here to enjoy the company of people with various backgrounds and experience. Some of us crack jokes more than others and I enjoy comments from those of a scientific background. We offer support to those who are having problems or grieving and I have sometimes been among those who needed that. In short, we only ask that people conduct themselves as civilized people would expect in public, avoiding profanity and other crude behavior. Please keep in mind that, if you want to sell something, this is not Craig’s List. It is the last place that I would consider “a gated community”.

  143. Jerry in FL, always glad to hear from you. I don’t think this is a gated community either. More like the type of place where most boorishness is ignored and so the boors leave on their own. The Village doesn’t give them the attention they need so they go elsewhere in search of it. As a toast I heard goes: To those who are near to us, those who are dear to us, and those who are far, far away from us. Thank God!

  144. Jerry in FL, your policy list has much wisdom. Denise, Yes!!! Today I got my cast off!! Didn’t know what to expect, but it has turned out really well. They gave me a (relatively)soft ankle brace that has lots of Velcro fasteners, and still fits inside my sneaker, which is really roomy. At first, walking felt queer — unaccustomed and difficult — but after a while I began to feel “normal” again. I am being very careful. The X-rays show the break has healed very well.

    Mealtimes and their names have lots of regional differences. Growing up in NH, we had breakfast, dinner, and supper. Dinner at noon was a substantial meat-and-potatoes meal, supper was lighter. Once I was married, Chris worked all day, in Boston or all over New England; when he got home 5 or 6ish, we’d eat supper, now it was the heavier meal. The children, when they left the nest, had dinner at night (gone up in the world) but Chris and I stayed with supper at night. Now it’s just me and I stay with the same pattern.

  145. Spring has sprung in Southern Ohio. Not many flowers are out yet but it is WARM! I have a window open and a fan running and still too warm. I am only making a comment – NOT complaining! I am thankful for the nice weather.

    Daughter just got back from FL. She spent ten days with her brother and his family. They have had differences in the past, but I think they are now all ironed out. That makes this mama very happy.

    Son says he would like me to move there, but I don’t think so. The cost of living is so much more there. And now that I am not working, I have to think of such things.

    Lon day… Nite all!

  146. Jerry: true, but there are air conditioning bills from April thru October, higher housing costs and higher auto insurance. And the traffic! Of course there is no state income tax, but I did not have to pay any state tax for 2014, and only $8 for the year before.
    It has been 20 years since I lived in FL, but I did live there about 15 years, and I do miss it. Too bad I can’t afford to live there in the winter and Ohio during the summer. Oh well…

  147. Just remembered I want to answer John in Richmond, Texas, who asked, if the picture showed a moon hoe, what is a flat metal half circle that goes straight down from the handle? I believe it would be a lawn or flowerbed edger. Never have used one, but neat, fussy gardeners use it to keep back the grassy turf that wants to grow into the flowerbed, driveway; gives a neat, finished look.

    Snow is all melted here, crocuses have opened. Warm and delightful yesterday and today; perfect for Opening Day in Fenway Park. The Red Sox won. They are looking good!

  148. We used to have one of those hoes here, inherited from my great-grandmother who died in 1969. Her daughter, my grandmother, used it for years after that. Never had to replace the handle, and grandmother used to get it sharpened once a year as long as she kept gardening. It was probably well over 60 years old when Nana died. They knew how to make tools to last then. Probably because people could not afford to replace them rather than repair them.

  149. Mary a friend from college days 50YA has just entered Hospice Care.
    Mary & Ernie are a couple of Faith – acceptance & resignation is there, but I would ask for prayers
    of understanding and peace.

  150. Mark in TT
    The other day – If you do not share what you learn there is not much point in learning it.
    The joy IS shareing.

    Don’t know if it is true but I heard (pre computer days) that the 50’s style of dancing
    – no touching – came about because teen hang outs did not have dancing licenses. Dancing
    at the time was defined as holding or touching. Could be some truth?

    My landlady in CT was telling my MIL about the “big” field – 6 acres. In law’s place was not big
    but 135 acres all of one place.

    Texan bragging ” Takes 5 days to drive across my spread”
    Visitor “I once had a car like that too”

    Show jumping – Superman Christopher Reeves broke his neck when horse refused a jump.

    We had “Coffee” chores “Breakfast” chores “Lunch” chores “Dinner”(noon) chores “Lunch”
    chores “Supper” chores “Ice Cream” bed

  151. Best hoe I have used in the flower bed has a sickle bar knife for cutter.
    gets in close.

    Gentleman at Sturbridge Village had one the blacksmiths made that was
    5/8 inch wide and 4 1/2 inches long with sharp edges that worked well
    Kind of like a double edged “pea knife” at right angles to a long handle.

  152. Good morning Villagers…

    Happy trails, Jackie. Be safe and be careful and be happy.

    GR 😉 but, what about my morning U tube. I enjoy them.

    John…..I lived in Corpus Christi for 14 years and I remember the Whataburger chain…you could always tell when one was in the neighborhood….it smelled like BO. Never ate there. I had a friend and that was she always fed them for supper. The spokesman for the chain was Mell Tillis, now we all know he had a slight stuttering problem. My friend’s younger son had a stuttering problem….one night my friend and I were discussing this….and I (yes, I was a little under the influence) told her if she wanted him to stop, stop feed him Whataburgers 🙂 I sometimes wonder how her two boys turned out, as she was one wild child.

    Gal….those are might deep subjects 🙂

    And I am still chuckling over moon hoe, Denise.

    Jerry, I always look forward to your little snippets…you are one who just doesn’t beat around the bush…I like that.

    Old Bear is back…and that is good

    Miss Charlotte….I am happy you can wear your shoe with your brace. Lots of velcro on those braces. I’ve had to wear them on my ankles twice due to hairline fractures, on one time on my left wrist.

    Indy Mindy….and just how was your Monday.

    Mine started out running down loose Miss Prissies….I hate trying to catch them. They dart here and there and I never know which direction to turn. Yesterday, I body slammed myself onto the guard rail…I literally wanted to wring that hen’s neck. Patience, Debbe, I told myself. I’d run too if I had to live in a cage that small.

    Found a distressed hen, pulled her out of the cage, and laid her in the wagon to be ‘put down’ I couldn’t get her to drink. I later went out and she was standing! And there laid an egg from her. I put her in my ICU cage….I think she’ll make it.

    Mark….do you remember Jackie’s column…is it Duckworks or something like that? I know you can find it for us who want to read her column. I did save the one she wrote about her husband.

    Long winded this morning….had a good nights sleep…first time in a few days and I feel good.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  153. Hey, guys:

    The Prisoner – British TV show in the 60s – The Village – otherwise known as the ultimate gated community.

    It was a joke.

    Didn’t aim to upset anyone, wasn’t trying to hit a nerve.

  154. Lunch! I’d forgotten a local use of ‘lunch.’ One evening, prob. Fall ’59 [my 2nd yr. here], I was finishing up after working late in my office / winding up my doctoral thesis, when a student who had befriended me stuck her nose in and recruited me to help unload props and such from the theater one floor up to the basement one down. So I did.

    “Afterwards, there’ll be lunch.” And there was. I should have had a smaller supper before returning to school. In outstate MN, and probably much of the upper Midwest, lunch = any group feed [usually substantial] at any time of day. Funerals our specialty. Best fast a few hrs. beforehand.

    Peace, emb

  155. That is such terrific news, Charlotte!!! And a definite plus that it works with a normal shoe so that you havel a support system for both your ankle and foot while you recover your strength and normal gait. Is the brace for daytime only, or do you wear it at night, too?

    Gal, I remember visiting family in NC in the third week of May a few years back. It was 93 by 10:30 in the morning, and I knew right then that my internal HVAC was not built for southern summers.

    True, Jerry, but some of us have got to be Northerners or the continent would tip and everyone would slide off into the Gulf. 😉

    Prayers for Mary and Ernie, Old Bear, and their family and friends.

    Debbe, I’ve known a few tools that had interesting names. 😉 I’m glad you feel good today. You make each day a little better for me. Your story about chasing Miss Prissies today makes me think about Meg and her little brood.

    Jackie, I remember a Peanuts cartoon in which a character said they didn’t have any downs, that they just went from an up to uppity up. You are going from adventures to adventurous-ier adventures!

    Outlander, I remember that program with Patrick McGoohan! I loved how its weirdly eerie premise developed from episode to episode, the way in which the viewer shared McGoohan’s sense of being the only Villager awake in his confining nightmare of the Village. I didn’t understand the reference in your earlier post about a gated community; thank you for clarifying! Do you happen to know if it was based upon a book? So many really good British series seem to be.

  156. Hurricane level conditions in south Texas this morning. Will reach me this afternoon or earlier. Did you see the rowing teams that stirred up the leaping carp? They were leaping like crazy. They weigh 30-40 lbs. If you get hit by one of those you may have to go to the hospital and see a sturgeon. Credit or blame to TWC for that one. The video was real.

  157. Wasn’t the Prisoner after Secret Agent Man? He was the same character, but after you quit being an agent, the village was like a semi-permanent “debriefing” you had to live in. … .. So I have an edging knife, that I’ve never used and don’t know where I got. … .ok, kids don’t have dinner at school.

  158. Charlotte: Good news about your cast! I cannot imagine how difficult it was for you to co-exist with that thing for so long. You are probably feeling – Free! Free at last!

    Outlander: I did not get the reference either. I must not have been a big fan of the show for, although I recognized your description, I don’t remember the show itself.

    Old Bear: Prayers for Mary and Ernie and their family and friends. When we care of others, we hurt too.

    I have not actually worked in a garden since I was a kid at home. The discussions of garden tools have been fascinating! The Village is an educational place!

  159. Good morning to all. I’m chugging along with the new kidney.

    Jerry, I didn’t see anything to apologize for, either. Occasionally we stray into areas that could be political, but generally done with good grace. Your list is generally what I perceived as reasonable boundaries for the group. I think that most here could manage more controversy, but that isn’t why people visit. There is plenty of that elsewhere.

    Old Bear, I have an implement similar to your description. We call it a stirrup hoe or a scuffle hoe. It is shaped like a stirrup, with a sharp blade on the bottom. It is used by scuffling it along, just under the edge of the soil to cut small weeds and loosen the surface of the soil. I have a similar tool that attaches to my wooden high wheel cultivator. It is called a slicing hoe. It makes cultivating row middles as easy as walking. (Not so easy, for me yet–foot is still broken.) It is much more quiet than the 2-cycle Mantis-style cultivator I have. I’d post a link to a picture, but I can’t seem to find anything that isn’t an ad.

    Debbe, I’m working on my wife to let me raise a few hens (even though our deed restricts poultry) for fresh eggs. Neighbors had a couple of hens a few years ago. We had fresh brown eggs, buttermilk biscuits with butter & molasses, and my home-cured and smoked bacon for supper last night.

    Have we heard from John in Richmond in the past couple of weeks? Given everything he had happening I hope all is well.

  160. So, John, see you are ok…I was busy typing. Even Google searched the blog site for your last posting, to be sure I didn’t miss. Color me embarrassed, but glad to see you here.

    Galligo, gardening is something that you do either if you have time, or if you need it. Growing up, it was an important part of my family’s spring, summer, and fall menu (along with jars of produce in the winter). Now, I do it because I have time. It is therapeutic for me– might not be for others. My sister still has a 40-year-old jar of vegetable soup my mother canned when I was in high school. She keeps it on a shelf as a memento, since my mom died from kidney disease and heart failure within a year or two of making that batch. It is still almost as bright and colorful as it was the day she canned it. I’m working on teaching my daughters some of the same gardening and preserving skills. One daughter made her first dill pickles on her own last year.

  161. I’ve always wanted a cow that moos cookie jar, but it’s been vetoed by the family. They don’t want me knowing how often they sneak cookies when they shouldn’t. ?

    Re-upholstering the sofa? Do I see a new story arc coming toward us

  162. Howdy would you mind stating which blog platform you’re
    using? I’m looking to start my own blog soon but
    I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.

    P.S Apologies for getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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