Cooking Lesson

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I don’t have a lot of time this morning; it’s a travel day for me, and I must get an early start. I did want to leave you with this, one of my favorite “cooking” strips. Readers don’t have to wonder where I got this idea!

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  1. I see by the old calendar on the wall that it’s time for me to make another “on topic” post.

    Do any of you computer aces out there have any idea why the Bluetooth mouse for a Windows 7 machine (Dell 17R) would continual stop working, requiring me to remove the device and then re-pair it to the computer? And by continually, I mean about twice a week since the computer was new.

  2. Oh, wait. That wasn’t it. Let me try that again.

    I see by the old calendar on the wall that it’s time for me to make another “on topic” post.

    Recently, Janis intimated that Arlo is an “old fool” when he showed some physical interest in her. Now she locks him out of the bathroom while she’s in the tub. She suddenly seems rather intolerant of Arlo and his ways. Wazup wit dat?

  3. GR6, move up to a tablet. You only need a finger for input and navigation. I would recommend any Android device, a Google Nexus would be my first choice.

  4. I can sure relate to the look on Janis’ face, as I am sous-chef to The Man In My Life. Janis, wear an apron, girl

    I hate baths, bubble or no. I am a shower girl unless I have to shave my legs, bleah.

  5. GR6, glad to hear you don’t shave the legs 😉 Though none here ever thought you an unmanly man.
    As to Janis in today’s toon. I have seen references recently that May has been declared the international month of self stimulation. Might be Janis learned this on her smartphone and ….

  6. GR6 – that 12/03/08 strip was the first thing I thought of when I read today’s strip. So don’t blame it on Gene being a toddler.

  7. Actually, sand, that might explain the candle, the wine, her expression…and the locked door. Now if we just knew if the book she is reading is “Fifty Shades of Gray”.

    Could be. It wouldn’t be the first time A&J has plowed new ground. So to speak.

    Saturday Night Live did a take-off on an Mother’s Day commercial along those lines. I wouldn’t dare post the link to it, but anyone who is interested could google it. Funny, but definitely NSFW.

  8. lol, that SNL google was totally worth it.

    Kristin Wiig is fearless.

    believe me, anything Janis is doing will only make things better for Arlo in the long run, be it 50 Shades or just relaxing.

    he’s seeming sorta needy, actually, and defining relationship health in random/determined-by-him terms.

  9. Lily, I have a hilarious story about Nair I’ll tell when I have time…and if I can figure out how to tell it while protecting the guilty.

  10. 1. Their relationship is just fine. Janis wants some time to herself. Arlo, once asked by Janis on when men had their minds on sex, told her all the time. Ergo, if hers is not, lock the bathroom door. Some men are lucky their wives don’t lose all interest as they age, and vice versa. Ours didn’t.

    2. Is nobody else interested in that poor book? Its spine is definitely in the bubbles, if not in the water.

    I checked; it’s in the water.

    3. Punctuation demo.

  11. emb:

    My memory is that Arlo told Janis that, for men, sex is their default setting and that women have no idea what they’re up against.

    That strip is several years old, but I think that my memory is fairly accurate.

  12. The current daily is good, but a dangerous practice. If the combination of wine and warm bath makes Janis sleepy, it will take Arlo longer to get into the room to rescue her. Think Whitney Houston.

    And the only thing I know about the 50 Shades book is that the British equivalents of Goodwill and Salvation Army stores say they don’t want any more copies donated because no one will buy them. Oh, well. Maybe someone will simply shred and recycle them into toilet paper.

  13. Of course, the good thing about buying a used copy of “50 Shades of Gray” is that it will fall open to the good parts. Another advantage of a real book over an e-book.

  14. Good morning Villagers….

    … morning Mindy and Clan (ya’ll knew I’d be saying it 🙂 ) Or should it be a bamboozle morning, Mindy?

    Thanks Miss Charlotte, I thanked Andrew for coming back and helping us get ready for this inspection…I really need the manpower. And also thanks for explaining Mindy’s footage…never gave the bamboo a thought.

    GR 😉 lovely video, and lovely song……what they can do with graphic art.

    Mark, did you click on GR’s video link? Curious about the footage, looks to be something from an online game that my son would play. The comments were closed, and at the end of the video it displayed “Amethyst 2001.”

    Very long day yesterday…Momma said there’d be days like this….all the way to June 2nd.

    Thanks TR…now I’ve got that song in my head….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Is Jackie on her trip….hasn’t posted in a couple of days.

  15. “And, just to throw in another fictional reference, I’m sure that the cat Bastet would have done the same for Ramses, although I’m sure that he’d have known how to defend himself even at a tender age.”

    Sideburns: I would not have taken you to be a fan of Ms. Peabody…

  16. In our kitchen I cook, and Husband and kids clean up. I do try not to leave too much of a mess, though. See? I was on topic!

    I love taking baths, and have a lovely deep soaking tub, but I don’t use it as much as I’d like, because some days it’s just too much trouble to get out of. 😉

    Ghost, I’ve loved that song for years, even before it had fairies and unicorns!

    Trucker, that has to be one of the weirdest songs I’ve ever heard.

  17. Trapper Jean, I first encountered that one while listening to ‘Coast to Coast AM’ one night while driving an LA to Vegas run. I had no idea who had sung it or when… or what on earth the lyrics meant. At least it kept me awake.

  18. Jerry, HI!! Good to have you home.

    Trucker, all these years later I’m still not sure what the lyrics mean. I love Mr. Peabody and Sherman, too!

  19. Sand, I do both. I have recently been promoted to Tuesday and Wednesday cook. The Boy In My Life helps me with cleanup then.

    When I get an earworm, I listen to “The Star Spangled Banner,” and then “Born To Run.” Works like a charm.

    The Boss In My Life just confiscated all computer speakers, so that settles that.

  20. Dark Side is rather benign today, except the guy whining about his reflux. To Janis: “Walking is good for my soul, but it doesn’t do a thing for my butt.” You need to start running, girlfriend.

  21. Lily herself seems to me to be a bit multilayered, so I have no doubt she can handle it. 🙂

    No, sand, you are not the only one who both cooks and cleans. Of course, I have neither a cook nor a scullery maid in residence. (Lookin’ at you, Lily!) But as I’ve often said, basic military training will make a pretty good housemaid out of a guy. And I’ve learned that the old saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” seems to also apply, if on a different level, to females. Most women seem quite impressed by a good meal I’ve prepared, served in a spotless setting. And they often tip the chef/server. 😉

    I know a couple, both of whom hunt and fish. She swears that their wedding vows included the promise, “Whosoever shall shooteth or catcheth, shall cleaneth and cooketh.”

  22. TR and Jean: I have to admit to not remembering ever hearing “Some Velvet Morning”, and since songs normally stick with me forever, I most likely never heard it. I did a little research, and it appears both your opinions are shared. The following are two lines from Wikipedia:

    “Some Velvet Morning” is a psychedelic pop song written by Lee Hazlewood and originally recorded by Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra in late 1967.

    In 2003, London’s The Daily Telegraph called the song, “One of the strangest, druggiest, most darkly sexual songs ever written – ambitious, beautiful and unforgettable.”

  23. Ron, I met her when I was brought into the hospital after I was attacked. Or, rather, met her in the recovery room when I finally came to. I was in and out of the hospital for six months and got really attached to her and dependent on her. When I finally got well enough to return to work, I couldn’t face going back to work at the hospital, so I went to work for her. (Application process: “Can I come to work for you?” “Sure”) After my terminal fight with my mother, I moved in with her and her family. I have been living there going on five years now.

  24. Lily, I had already put together some of your back-story from some things you had said. I am truly happy you have recovered to the point you have. Continue to be strong.

    Love, Ghost

  25. Galligo, I am a fan of many kinds of fiction. And, I’d like to point out that that’s Mrs. Peabody, not Ms. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, the Ramses I mentioned is also known as the Brother of Demons, and is the son of the renowned Father of Curses.

  26. Lady Mindy, judging by your local area radar, Indianapolis is really catching it right now (4:00 PM). Hope you are in Kokomo where you belong, as it looks as though the bad stuff would be well south of you.

    Debbe 😉 The heavy weather appears well north of you, but you might get some later. Stay safe.

  27. Yeah, Lily, I didn’t quite get the point of the “reflux comment” over on TDS, either. And as always, I marveled at the number of interpretations (and misinterpretations) generated over there by a single cartoon.

  28. Gr 😉 just pulled up my NWS….bring it on, after the day I had today…I’m invincible!!

    First…the packer, if it had been on wheels, I would have rolled it onto the loading dock in the cooler.

    Second….at the end of this horrendous day, we discover a bottom conveyor belt…broke..on the top leading into the packing room…meaning we had to pull 250 feet of belt backwards, with chicken $hit on it out of the pit. Finally got it laid out right, and decided to sew it together tomorrow….yup, that’s right folks, we did test negative for salmonella, but not for chicken $hit … glad you get clean eggs at the grocery store 🙂

    But I did have a couple of good laughs at home…good supper, husband fixed soft taco shells with meat, cheese, lettuce and sour cream….and fresh orange and red bell peppers. He cooks and Ian cleans the kitchen….I eat 🙂

    ah…the Doobie Brother:

  29. Ghost – Nary a drop of rain in these here parts, and thank you for the check up. Gives the wet ceiling tiles at work a chance to dry out :-/ Then again, suspicious-looking clouds are building around the edges of the horizon.

    Late night/early drama equals one tired body. Need to knock out some paperwork, then hitting the hay for another early day: regional inspection. (Debbe, Misery loves company right? Well, save me a seat. I’ll see what I can do about drinks.)

    Not going to follow any music links, no offense my fellow Villagers. Have been had Sinatra’s cover of “Moonlight Serenade” stuck in my head for the past couple of days. Rather pleasant, so I’m not pressing my luck. You guys could be trying to pawn “Feelings” off on me. Gah!

  30. Iffin’ the Name field right above the Leave a Reply window is empty you’ll be Anonymous. I’ve had it happen after major software upgrades. It can also happen if you clear out all the browser’s cookies. Also if you switch browsers. And if you accidentally hit Delete or Backspace keys when that field’s been selected by tabbing to or clicking on it.

    And speaking of If’n, how about “The Iffin’ Song”:

  31. Indy Mindy….loved the movie Misery….but if I had “Misery” in front of me…..there’d be no sympathy…

    Someone asked me once if I knew where I could find sympathy….he gave me two words…..out of Webster’s…..and one is a STD…

  32. TR…my sisters and I always watched Betwitched on Thursday night….and then there was the Dean Martin Show… could get rreealllly get sidetracked there on U tube….

  33. Dear Lilyblack, at my doctor’s medical center, a large building, the music coming out of the ceiling speakers I, myself, consider very unprofessional. Mostly what I call “drool” music. I think the janitor chooses it. You can’t get away from it in the corridors and waiting rooms; but I notice the treatment rooms and doctors’ offices have restful silence.

    Thank goodness I’m not there very often!

  34. Lily, family is often more than just the people we are born with. I’m glad your chosen family is a good one.

    sideburns and gal, I’ve tried to like Mrs. Peabody, but somehow I just don’t. I much prefer the Jaqueline Kirby novels.

    I do love Bewitched (the tv show, not so much the movie) especially Endora.

    Since cooking-and by extension, eating-and bathing are both pleasures and necessities of life we’ll always have something to talk about here, won’t we, Ghost dear? 😉

  35. Back from fast and sad trip to my hometown, Monroe, LA to see a terminally ill but beloved aunt, who traveled most of America with us on those long-long minivan excursions we make with my mom. This was not a happy occasion but it relates to food, as do most of our trips.

    Aunt loves pie and good food, especially pie. We are like the table in the movie “Michael” with the Archangel Michael who invented pie. We like it all.

    Monroe, LA is the hometown also of the Duck Dynasty folks and today while eating pie in a restaurant called “Not Just Pie” we discovered what I suspected, Miss Kaye does NOT make all those pies for the bearded men in her life. She is a frequent customer here along with all the bearded sons.

    The pie was fabulous, especially mine which was a banana custard with fresh strawberries folded in, topped with real whipped cream in a cookie crumb crust. The cook/owner says it was an accidental recipe, it was supposed to have been a banana pie with meringue but it was so successful they kept it on menu ever since.

    She says when the peaches come in season in Ruston (Ruston Reds- variety name) she changes and does a peach cream version of this. I will go back for that one!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  36. Welcome back, Jackie. I’m sorry your journey was not an entirely happy one.

    I tend to suspect there is something seriously wrong with people who don’t like pie.

  37. Ew, I hate pie. It s very fattening. I haven’t eaten pie in at least five years, if not more. Whe I eat birthday cake it is a standard joke here that the one with all the cake eaten out and all the icing left, like a burned out WWII house, is mine.

  38. I have been trying to remember the last time I had pie. I remember dissecting into it with my fork, to the gluey gray base of it, like cardboard. I asked the people at my table if anyody wanted it and some horrid jock grabbed it and slurped it it down He leered at me and aske if there was anything else I wanted eaten. I got so sick I had tio run to the bathroom and barfed up my lunch. Ick!

  39. Good morning Villagers…

    GR 😉 we got our thunderstorms at three this morning, and I’ve been awake since…..nothing like a good storm to get your day started or……..then there’s Aretha

    Jackie…..I loved the movie Michael:

    Mark, what a soft and lovely song…it’s been bookmarked. Thank you for thinking of Brooklynne Rose. We were talking about making griddle cakes on Sunday morning, and recently my husband has started using the Hamilton version of the George Foreman grill for fixing bacon. I told Andrew we were going to try and pour griddle cakes on it, as it makes perfect bacon, so why not try for perfect griddle cakes.

    Now, back to work, and to sew a crappy belt back together. I may be taking the rubber mallet to the packer today…..but, first I’ll have to call the Boss to see if I can 🙂

    Jean….I feel all topics are fair game here…and I loved Endora too….classy witch, so dramatic, then there was her uncle….what was his name? Then there was the fumbling Aunt…may have to pull up Wiki here to refresh my memory….Aunt Claire!!!!!

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  40. Debbe, that was Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur, and Dr. Bombay.

    Lily, if that pie had a “gluey gray base” it was made wrong. 🙂 A well-made pie is a thing of beauty.

  41. Debbe, my favorite “Endora-ism”, from either the first or second episode. She’s trying to explain to Samantha why she shouldn’t be married to a mere mortal-

    It’s fine for them, but not for us.
    We are quicksilver, a fleeting shadow, a distant sound.
    Our home has no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass.
    We live in music, in a flash of colour.
    We live on the wind, in the sparkle of a star…
    …and you want to trade it all in on a quarter-acre of crabgrass.

  42. Lilyblack – “I haven’t eaten pie in at least five years” say it ain’t so, even the little packaged fried pies from convenience stores ? you have my respect — — old TV shows and youtube – I listen to a lot of old radio; William Conrad did Matt Dillon on radio Gunsmoke, he was “too big” to play him on TV and I’m thinking, well, at least he got Cannon about ten years later, so here I go, winding up watching old Cannon episodes on youtube

  43. I have tried watching televised PGA matches, but my attention inevitably gets diverted to something a bit more exciting on the screen, such as watching the grass grow on the greens.

    For some reason, I don’t have the same problem watching LPGA games…

    Hey, there I am “on topic” again! Sort of.

  44. John, I don’t eat anything from convenience stores. I either eat at home or bring my lunch, something healthy like a banana and a little baggie of grapenuts and a bottle of skim milk. When I am out, I eat at restaurants and usually have a salad or roasted or grilled meats with veggies on the side. No desserts, they are evil. I am full and overfull by that time anyway.

  45. My Mom would bake 2 pies and a cake every Saturday morning. Ribs, Meatloaf or ham for Sat dinner (at noon) and then I would wake up every Sunday morning to pot roast, which would finish cooking while we went to church. My favorite is cherry, then blueberry. Never cared for pumpkin or apple, unless Mom got the apples from our tree in the backyard. I never cared for her rhubarb until she switched from mushy fruit to crisp. Alas to much rhubarb….

    I had to give up pie too. I may have 1 or 2 pieces a year and I really savor them. I did eat a few more pieces when I ran marathons, thinking that all those miles burned them off. I was wrong. I love my age, but would love to have my teenage metabolism, if only for Easter and Christmas dinner!

  46. Her grip looks fine to me, sand. 😉

    In the interest of full disclosure, I said that “I like pie”, not that “I eat pie”. I’ve never been one of those people who seem addicted to a dessert after their meal, and I almost never have one. In fact, I normally I eat pie only three times per years…lemon icebox on the Fourth of July, and pecan on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.

    Plus, I’d never make to to my 24.9 BMI goal eating pie every day.

  47. Is anyone else missing TWC? It disappeared from my northern IL digital cable source yesterday around noon, and is still gone. Perchance, I missed a notice of on-going repairs or similar? (I have not yet read the comments of the past 12 hours, so apologize if this has been mentioned already.)

  48. c exp: TWC is on as usual on our local cable system. There may be a problem with your local provider. If they have a web site, you might check it for information regarding TWC availability.

    As you may be aware, Direct TV dropped TWC from its lineup from January 14, 2014, to April 9, 2014, over financial and programming issues. So it’s not impossible your carrier has done the same thing.

  49. OK, new plan…I’ll set a calendar reminder for once a month, at which time I will spend a couple of minutes catching up on all the “action” on 9 Chickweed Lane.

  50. Debbe, thanks for the Archangel Michael and “Chain of Fools”. Makes you want to go to Heaven doesn’t it?

    I keep thinking of you and chickens and eggs. I had two chicken farmer friends, one with eight big automated computer run fryer houses and one a free range bug eating and grass nibbling chicken farmer. Opposite spectrums of technology and politics and I loved them both. You don’t have to be like someone to still love and respect them for what THEY are.

    I cannot understand anyone not loving pie, that is like not saluting the American flag or loving their mama. It is as Southern as the dirt our roots grow and hold onto.

    But then Deep Delta does that to me and I start writing dialogue for the book again.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  51. Which sort of connects to writing and good writers and people we wish we had the talent of.
    Nora Ephron (of “Michael” the movie) had such great abilities. I loved that she incorporated recipes into her prose, a new conceit at the time? And I have worshiped Eudora Welty since I was old enough to read, more so than Faulkner or Tennessee Williams or any of our other southern writers. I don’t think Eudora Welty could cook but boy could she write!

    Of course Nora Ephron couldn’t help where she was born. That wasn’t her fault! She made up for it. Thanks Nora!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  52. I peek around the curtains and what do I see? Ghost and my sandcastler watching some little butt walking away. Those two are cut from the same coarse fabric.

  53. For John in Richmond, TX: Have you ever eaten the fried pies from “The Original Fried Pie Shop” from the Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma? I am pretty sure they have a branch down near you. The best fried pies ever made, agreed upon by the Food Network, Southern Living, the New York Times food critic and others.

    Talk about your flakey crust from Heaven! Nothing like the convenience food ones at all, like your mama used to make. Although truthfully my mama didn’t make any and my granny’s crust was tougher than nails!

    I was going to be ecstatic about fried pies or “hand pies” as my British friends call them. I had a blue heeler I rescued out of a ditch with a hip injury (he fell off back of someone’s truck going onto the freeway the vet said) Blue had developed a taste for fried pies somehow with his previous owner, especially the crust part.

    He would not however touch a French fry but the dog LOVED peanuts, along with iced tea.
    My vet said he thought he was a Texas heeler which might account for his food tastes. I miss him a lot.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  54. Sorry, Jackie, I will salute the American flag all day long and fly the Lone Star Flag on San Jacinto Day, but I cannot like pie, cake, cookies, or candy. The way I see it, “on your lips for a second, on your hips forever.” It is a standing joke around my house whenever we have a birthday cake, mine is the half eaten one that looks like a bombed out house from a WWII movie.

    But, then, I am an East Texan and a runner, not to speak of obsessed about my weight. I Have an antique turquoise and silver concho belt that is 26″ from the buckle tong to the first hole, and I am bound and determined that I will be able to wear that belt at all times.

  55. Dear Lilyblack, I really admire your attitude toward sugary, fatty foods. How I wish the whole world could change and agree with you. I love rich food as much as anybody and always have eaten plenty of it, but over the last few years have read so much about the real effects of sugar, and have taken it seriously.

    Our whole way of life is out of kilter, when everybody thinks that baking and cooking yummy sweet things for their family is a way of showing their love for them. Sorry, Villagers, Lily and I are going to be like skunks at a lawn party with the foodies here; but think about the whole picture. Just because “everybody” loves pies, pancakes, bacon and all that, and they are SO readily available all around us, it doesn’t mean it’s “OK to eat them.”

    Sincerely, I am only thinking of good health.

  56. Loon:

    GR6, sand, Arlo, I, and probably others in the Village are just ordinary hetero males. I blind-copied the site to one of my groups, adding that doing so was not male chauvinist, she dressed that way in order to be noticed. Probably as much by jealous females as by men.

    Peace, emb

  57. I live a lot. I run, cook, have time with friends and family, play with our dogs, work my job that I love, go on two vacations a year, dance at least once a month and sing in my church’s choir. All these things are fun.

  58. Lily, that comment actually wasn’t posted for you. Sorry you thought so. We are just getting awfully “correct” lately and perhaps I notice it because I come and go. Like now.

    I am writing a column called “Passion Pit”. Interpret that as you like! I am back to writing so I leave sometimes, like JJ does.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  59. Lilyblack:

    I used to run (miss it terribly), love to cook, have time with friends and family, play with our CATS, work at a job that has sent me around the world and allowed me to brag about my company parts on a vehicle, go on weekend vacations, and sing as a soloist at my church. However, I am rhythmically challenged and refuse to dance. All these things are fun. Sounds like you have a great deal of balance in your life…keep it up.

  60. Lily, Arlo cooking veggies on his grill was a running gag on A&J for a while. Although I don’t believe he ever tackled anything as ambitious as the recipe you posted. Looks good, though. Me, I tend to stick to grilling fresh squash, zucchini, sweet onions and red bell peppers. Along with the steak. (I started to sound like a vegan there for a second, didn’t I?)

  61. Ghost, how do I tell if I get HD or SD television? Is it a matter of how many lines? My set handles 1080 – I remember that from when I bought it.

  62. Jackie’s column, “Passion Pit” made me smile and sigh. When Chris and I were first getting acquainted and falling in love, my U shaped dormitory at the University of New Hampshire formed a sunken courtyard, adjoining the entrance doors. Of course it was known as the “Passion Pit”. In the girls-only dorm, we had to be in the door by a certain time every night, or we’d be locked out and have to ring the bell. This gave a certain piquancy and urgency to the farewell embraces and kisses … which probably a lot of people my age remember with a kind of wistfulness, as I do.

  63. Most of you know wife and I met at Cornell. There were many such pre-deadline embraces. Some of you may have seen tees saying ‘Ithaca is Gorges.’ There are lots of them emptying into NY’s Finger Lakes. Two run through the Cornell campus.

    Fall Creek Gorge has a pedestrian suspension bridge over it. If a couple crosses it and the guy doesn’t kiss the girl [or v.v.], the bridge crashes into the gorge. We saved the bridge. However, the statues of Andrew Dickson White [first president] and Ezra Cornell that face each other across the Arts Quad must not have been paying attention when we walked between them.

  64. cxp,

    Having a set with 1080 i/p means that you “can” get HD, but it depends on the station. You’ll know immediately that you are watching HD when you start noticing the freckles on the news caster’s nose.

  65. David, nice HD – SD descriptor.

    GR6, to translate Dave; HD is when you notice the goose bumps on your favorite weather girl. As an aside, is Giada still titillating your life?

  66. Ghost, A Rick-roll? Seriously? I love that song, but the Rat Pack and classical have held sway for a bit now, unless I’m rocking out – then I want LOUD.

    Trucker Ron, If I have this correct, sand and loon are a couple; they posted a link to a Russian vacation quite recently. sandcastler™ is he, Village Loon is she.

    HD versus SD: Given what’s on television these days, my HD capable set must settle with SD. Then again, 007-era Sean Connery or Mark Harmon in high-def isn’t such a bad idea… 😉

  67. And laugh like loons!

    If you have a Smart TV or a Smart Blu-ray player, you can watch many things besides network TV. At least until Comcast owns every cable system in existence. For example, all these YouTube videos. Look up a site called Crackle. It belongs to Sony and has many TV series and movies for free, if you are willing to watch a few commercials. A lot fewer commercials than the networks.

  68. Operational test: If pokies are distinctly visible, you have HD. If pokies are barely visible, you have SD. (The Big Bang Theory and Friends reruns are good shows for testing.)

    Getting ready to either dump or seriously scale back my Comcast service. It finally reached the point of ridiculousness when I realized it was my most expensive utility on an annual basis, and in a household where very little TV is actually watched. I’m thinking I’ll cut back to the basic tier (local channels, TWC and main ESPN channel); buy one of the streaming devices; and subscribe to something like Hulu Plus for watching movies and older TV series (which is mostly all I watch anyway) from the InterWebNet via streaming to my HD big screen.

    As to whether Giada still titillates my life, sand, not so much. The last time I saw one of her shows, she looked considerably less pneumatic. I understand she claims she dieted after her child was born; lost weight; and her breasts “shrank”. (Her term, not mine.) Not that such things matter to me, of course, but I’ll have to admit it makes watching her whisk things much less interesting.

  69. Ghost, I dumped my Comcast tv a few months back and went satellite. Much better for the money. Only kept Comcast internet because I need it for work. I don’t watch much TV either, but my elderly mother does. But the package I got includes Sirius radio channels and the satellite services own music channels, which I like to listen to while I work. I won’t name the company but it is not the one being bought by ATT.

  70. Interestingly, I was just able to operationally test my HDTV by watching a TBBT re-run, featuring Penny (Kaley Cuoco) in a blue tank top. Also interestingly, either the definition of my TV increased during the scene or her “pokiness factor” did. I suspect that either it was cold on the set, or that she just really really likes to be seen on TV.

    Well, at least I don’t live in the “Do I have herpes?” state, which is more than some here can say. 🙂

  71. Dear emb, yes, I remember you have often reminisced fondly about your time at Cornell, and meeting your wife there. It’s a great consolation to think about those happy days, now that my dear companion is gone. You must feel the same way.

    You may remember that one of my daughters lives in Ithaca, so we have visited from time to time. The footbridge you speak of, I was afraid to cross, I seem to recall; heights are scary for me. The most exciting things we did at Cornell was visiting the gardens in the “Plantation”. No, wait, going to Amy’s graduation was the most exciting. It was held at their huge football field and was a real spectacle.

  72. Charlotte,

    The suspension bridge there now is a much sturdier one than the one we crossed. They replaced the old one decades ago. I think the new one has suicide prevention netting. I don’t think suicides are > common at Cornell than at other schools, but those gorges are handy.

    Yep, I feel the same way.

    Peace, emb

  73. Good morning Villagers…..

    TGIF for some of you…..TGIP for me….worked 46 hours in 7 days….show me the money 🙂

    It’s looking grim at work, so little time left and so much to do…..high anxiety for me.

    Overslept….gotta go.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…

    Oh, GR 😉 I do remember that song, thanks.

    Loon, ya better keep an eye on GR and Sand…..the lady golfer almost looked like one big bumble bee with her yellow and black, she could me a man eater!!!!

    There’s a song there somewhere 🙂

  74. That link, Sand, says Indiana googles Avon????

    Oh, and Jackie, I’m glad you enjoyed the video, everytime I hear that song, I think of that scene…John can dance.

  75. “It’s fine for them, but not for us.
    We are quicksilver, a fleeting shadow, a distant sound.
    Our home has no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass.
    We live in music, in a flash of colour.
    We live on the wind, in the sparkle of a star…
    …and you want to trade it all in on a quarter-acre of crabgrass.”

    Jean….I love it, made me smile 🙂

    When we were speaking of dragons the other day, do you remember the movie in which Sean Connery was the voice of the dragon? “Dragonheart” I believe was the movie, and he had (the dragon) had some sage advice in it too.

  76. Lily, school cafeteria pie…yes, that would explain a lot! Oh, and “Bones” hasn’t been cancelled. They’ve just finished their ninth season. Could be their broadcast date got changed and you missed it. That happens a lot.

    Debbe, Sean Connery was indeed the voice of Draco the dragon, and Dennis Quaid was his friend Sir Bowen, legendary dragon slayer!

    I don’t eat pie (or cake) every day, but I do occasionally eat it. Neither do I refuse to eat something just because it’s different from what I was raised with. My rule of thumb is All Things In Moderation. A bite of something once in a while isn’t going to hurt you unless you have a serious allergy.

    By the way, everyone is taking the path of pie as dessert, when some of the best pies are quiches. 😉

  77. We have a beautiful day, here. No surgery this morning, but rounds went well and I had a charming encounter. I was working on our patient in a two-patient room and the lady on the next bed, a nice older lady said, “And who is this, now?” to our patient. O.P. said, “This is Lily, DrF’s nurse and my little ray of sunshine.” “Well, my little ray of sunshine, too, now. You are so pretty!”. I went over and fluffed her pillow and hugged her and said, “Any time you need a little sunshine, I am available.” She smiled again and said, “Well, in a place like this, I think a lot of sunshine is needed.” Made me feel a warm fuzzy!

  78. I can really tell a difference between HD and SD on Amazon Video when I watch Warner Brothers cartoons or other animated stuff like Archer, but if I just need to catch a regular TV episode of something, it’s not worth the extra $! to pay for HD, and yes, it is great to watch your favorite things, like early 007 films, better than you’ve ever seen them before. Jackie M – found some barbecue joint in Houston that has the pies, now I have something to do this weekend. Usually I occasionally get a Mindy Lu out of Dallas when I find them. I’m a good boy, really, 189 (on a good day) right under 6ft and treadmill or bicycle 300 days a year and lift my little 25 pound dumbbells, but just gotta have a little chocolate pie every once in a while In fact, our cookie sheets are really more often grilled veggie sheets.

  79. Director S. Bondarchuk, 1994, by Alexander Shilov. Shilov was born in the ’40s, and is mostly a realistic painter, sometimes specializing in kitsch, openly so, I guess.

  80. Jean 😉 “Moderation in all things…including moderation.” That’s what one of my AF buddies said every time he hoisted an adult beverage. He said that a lot.

    Pizza is also a pie. (I roll my own. All veggies, with low-fat cheese and home-made marinara.)

    Thanks for the story, Lily. It never hurts to be reminded that there are still nice people out there who appreciate what you do for them. And that a kind word can often make one’s day.

  81. Ladies, I’ve recently noticed several women wearing dresses with hemlines that are decidedly above the knee in front but decidedly below the knee in the back. (They’ve all been on TV, so I realize it probably has very little to do with the way women dress in the real world.) I’ve seen asymmetrical hemlines before, but only where one side was higher than the other, which can be rather sexy under the right conditions. But this up-in-front-and-down-in-back thing, not so much. I’m curious as to whether this is actually a new fashion trend or if these women are dressing in the dark and just putting their dresses on wrong.

    Dave Barry once said that his clothes made a fashion statement, and that statement was, “I dressed in the dark.”

  82. It’s a fashion, Ghost. Hopefully short lived. 🙂 They call it “hi-lo”…or at least my niece calls it that. Some of the dresses are nice – until you see the hem.

  83. GR6, I’ve seen a few of those unevenly hemmed dresses and think they are totally horrid. Barry’s statement would seem to apply.

    Weather Channel: I chatted with on-line person at length yesterday and she sent a signal to my cable box. That may be, but all it did was change the totally black screen to one with the statement about “detecting an interruption in your service”. She thought I needed to upgrade so as to get a list of channels she then wrote; I already get all those channels! A later chat with a gent revealed that he was only in sales and could not help. Both advised getting a tech here.

    This morning, I called the company and weaseled my way through the automated system. Said system claimed to be sending a new signal to my cable box and that I’d not have any reception for the duration of that sending. I pressed 0 to get a live person to schedule a tech. She wanted to know what the screen then showed, so I turned on the set and found only interruption messages. Considering what the automated system had said, I took this as positive. After scheduling a tech visit, I ate brunch and then resumed my usual position in front of the idiot tube.

    To my delight, TWC was back! Now I must cancel that tech visit. Still haven’t the foggiest as to what happened…nor whether I have HD or SD in my contract with the company.

    Good one, Lilyb….

  84. Thanks, Llee. At least they aren’t called “hi-ho” dresses. 😉

    Yep, c ex-p, typical provider service call. If you have an HDTV (720 or 1080 resolution), and the picture fills the entire width of the screen, AND people do not appear to be so wide they could be ETs from a high-gravity planet, then you should be getting an HD signal from your provider.

    Now that’s the type of dress I like, Lily, although I haven’t seen the ones with the “block” hemline. I was speaking of the ones with asymmetrical hemlines that slant from one side to the other, and which I’ve seen mostly on “dressy” dresses. Yours is very cute, and I’m sure it will be even cuter on you. 😉

  85. Heh, Ghost, I wouldn’t buy a dress with the hem longer in back than in front. That is how they make maternity dresses and I sure wouldn’t want anybody getting the wrong idea about me

  86. Oh, and thanks for the kind words. The Man In My Life was a ladies’ garment manufacturer before he retired and he still gets me cheap samples from wholesale sites like that through his company account. In return, I sometimes act as a fit model for Size VS/2 clothes.

  87. Ruth Anne…thanks for the baby pics….I have a soft heart for Meerkats..and really got hooked on the first three years of it…until the matriarch, Flower, succumbed to a fatal snake bite…I cried like a baby…..I was a praticipant in a thread under Animal Planet’s many subject devoted to Meerkat Manor. Don’t see it much, maybe in repeats….but as they said…when you start ‘naming them”….it starts getting emotional and personal….but, it is life.

    Now…when my Mom had a bridal shop….the ‘craze’ was those ‘stinking’ high-low hemlines…I absolutely hated them….the hemline in front was about two inches below the knee and the hemline in the back was about an inch above the heel of the shoe….it was a rage back in the EIGHTIES…..then there was the ‘leg of lamb’ sleeves”….no taste at all. When I decided to move onward, strapless dresses were the ‘incoming’ fashion…hated them too. As all one could see in videos of the wedding ceremony and the reception were women constantly pulling up their dresses at the “borderline” of “sink or oops”…….

    AND they still have strapless gowns….our seamstress would sew in a two or on inch elastic band around the waist line of the bridal gown to keep the waistline where it was to be…but if you didn’t have the bustline….well, there were bra cups sewn in….

    I once made a comment that if a wedding couple would put the attention into their marriage as they did their “special day”…we would have had less “repeat business.” Some of those German weddings had 10 couples in them…..wedriculous…

    I know after 14 years in bridal retail….I hate retail….then there’s stories about the men being measured for tuxes….my biggest argument was the waistline…”well I wear 36″ jeans and you’re measuring me at 40″…well, Southern IN Germans love their beer and their bellies show it….now, what would you like to see in the video….a vest, a white tux shirt, and then your pants just right above your “plummer’s butt”….I sold a lot of suspenders 🙂

    Enough of that….ya should have seen my sheath, beaded, with embroidered Alanson lace, bare shouldered, with a collared neckline (think halter top)…wedding gown (it weighed 20 lbs. and the support bra and cups needed to give me a bustline….worked…it was a size 12…now I’m lucky to fit into a size 6 jean))…it came in black…I wanted to wear black, but….Mom said ‘no”…so ivory it was….15 years ago, it was a $1200 (retail) gown…guess who got it for nothing?????

    It was more than a feeling………………………………….

  88. Thanks, Llee. I can’t wait for it to get here

    Ghost: yeah, about four times a year, The Man In My Life takes me to the HQ of his old firm and I try on like a billion outfits and get scrutinized by the execs while they make notes of how they fit me. I do get paid, but not a lot.

  89. And every January, Super Bowl Sunday, the bridal shop would put on a style show. Various vendor selling their goods of photography, catering….and we had the show stopper. The style show would last about an hour…full of high school girls in prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns….and guess who put together the music???

    I always started out with this:

    This girls were always nervous, but I was down along the runway, showing them and keeping the beat to swirl and twirl to the beat….that was about the best time in that business I loved. At rehearsals, I would do my best to show them how to “strut” their stuff…if you got it…flaunt it…I would say….they would always looked down at me as I would signal them to…you got to “move it, move it, move it” and smile…and don’t forget to put your arm on your hip, stop, right leg extended at the end of the runway…do a sassy tilt of your head…and strut it….I loved doing it.

    I think I’ve given toooo much informations here….say goodnight Debbe….

  90. Lily: Wife was an RN, ’53-’55 in Ann Arbor, pediatrics, MI, and ’74-’91 here, med-surg and maternity, n. MN, most of the latter as beloved head nurse. She had heart-warmers and others to tell, anonymous of course: ‘What happens in the hospital stays in the hospital.’ A small hospital volunteer who sees lots of folks he knows, I know that mantra well.

    Ruth: Thanks for the zoo photos. Baby altricial birds are sure ugly. Those blackbird nestlings, BTW, are not our blackbirds but Turdus merula, European close relatives of American Robins, Turdus migratorius [24 adults = one pie; I’ve mentioned that here before]. The langur pictured is, I believe, a Hanuman langur. The one male to several female social structure omits some gory details, widespread among social mammals, first brought to widespread attention by Sarah Dr. Blaffer Hrdy, Ph.D. in a very readable but reliable book, ‘The langurs of Abu’ Harvard U.P. The rabbit is a European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, the only colonial species in the rabbit/hare family, from which all our domestic rabbits are derived. There will be a short quiz next time.

  91. Heh, Debbe, I just stand there and slowly rotate as they tell me to. To them I am just a business tool.

    Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed what you describe. I am a bit of a show-off

  92. Debbe 😉 Sounds like you might have had a possible career as a fashion show director. Dare I ask where you learned all that? 🙂

    Lily, you had a photo up on your FB at one time, a sort of glam shoot from behind. Was that from one of your modeling turns?

  93. Debbe, my do you bring back the nightmares! You and mom in the bridal gown, etc. business and me and mine in the floral business! Do you still have nightmares? I do, usually at least one a week where everything is going wrong, the wedding is huge, the decorations, reception, the flowers, the bride is a monster and I am standing in a giant fountain on a 24 foot ladder installing decorations!

    We put on the bridal shows too, getting the gowns and models loaned, we did the floral extravaganza parts but ours were aimed at FLORISTS usually, not the brides themselves.
    Idea was to inspire and teach the florists how to design and upsell weddings. In other words, I spent a lot of time teaching.

    Houston has a monster bridal show and people would hire me to design their booths and flowers, then some flower poker would end up doing the work the bride bought, which seems dishonest to me, so I refused to take any such jobs after first year debut.

    Nightmares, screaming nightmares! I have actually climbed 24 foot ladders in cathedrals to install decorations and stood in a four story stained glass ladder on one while tornado sirens went off in parking lot. My favorite was standing in second floor glass baptismal font up to my thighs in water while designing a giant hanging piece “backwards” while my designer stood in aisle giving hand signals! Don’t say prayer doesn’t exist!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  94. Ghost, I was calling my dog today and thinking of you. (He is extremely cute and loving)
    But it was because I was calling him by his “second” doggie name which is Pookie.

    So, I am going, “Pookie, Pookie, stay, stay” and I go “Pookie? No, it’s Pokie”. Then I have to stop and spell to myself. Double O, Double O?

    His first name is Dickens, because I rescued him on Christmas Eve and because I knew I would catch the Dickens for bringing another dog home, no matter how small.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  95. That’s OK, Jackie. I’m sure I’ve been compared to much worse than your cute and loving little dog. 🙂

    Give Dickens Pookie a hug for me.

  96. Ghost, I sure had a good time that night. I remember that one guy was trying to corner me and I agreed to meet him on the parking lot. I took off my shoes and ran around the building and got back in through the back door and hid with my friends. Moral: don’t try to dorner someone faster than you are.

  97. Jackie, Your story was so exciting, my hair practically stood on end. You have had such an eventful life! And you write extremely well. I hope you don’t really have such frequent bad dreams. Maybe now that you have shared the story of your floral designer adventures, the dreams will go away … psychological black magic?

  98. Charlotte, I will tell you part two of the baptismal font story. There is usually only 30-45 minutes at best to install these big, big weddings, so it is like an army. We got to this one and there was NO hook(s) as told by wedding consultant for church. We were NOT allowed to install any hooks or mar the exquisite woodwork which we’d never do anyway.

    So, we TAPED the basket container which held soaked foam and water to the baptismal font glass which naturally the consultant said would be “drained” but was full of water. I yelled for Duck Tape and we didn’t have any in truck, no time to buy any but we had some floral
    “strapping tape” which is about 1/2 inch wide. That is what held up five dozen gladiola’s and a lot of foam!

    So my assistant manager and I sat in truck behind church and prayed it would last until they pronounced them man and wife. It held and we went to remove decorations. Pastor said it was the most beautiful décor he’d ever seen in his church and might they use them the next day for the Sunday services that were being broadcast?

    What could we say? So my assistant manager prayed all night and morning until the broadcast ended but she couldn’t stand to watch it because she just knew the whole thing was going to come down just as he said, “Now let us pray.” And we would have killed one of Houston’s favorite ministers!

    Love, Jackie Monies (and yes, my life has always been weirdly funny and dramatic)

  99. I often have logical, well-plotted dreams, which are sometimes continuations of previous dreams…in Technicolor, no less. If I could remember them in enough detail for long enough to write them down, they could be screenplays. Or at least it so seems when I first wake up.

    Lily, you’re bad. 😉

  100. Ghost, when I have those I often just get up and answer e-mails or something for awhile because if I go back to sleep they continue right where they left off! Scary! Usually they are occupied by deceased people (who are back alive) NOT zombies. Totally detailed. I figured that was how the plot for “Lost” got written.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  101. Good morning Villagers….

    Andrew and Brooklynne Rose must have stayed at a friend’s house (surely he wouldn’t have stayed in his trailer with no electricity and water)….anyway, Brooklynne had a ballgame early this morning and with the price of gas he would be making two trips.

    Lily…you and I would have had a ball doing those ‘runways’…..I love to dance.

    GR 😉 everything I do is magic and comes naturally 😉

    Jackie….you and I could alone fill this blog with horror stories….my Mom also decorated the reception halls….brides from hell, then there was the mother of the bride….need I say more?

    Well…ya’ll have a happy Caterday…..


    Jerry, you are funny 🙂 Glad you are feeling better

  102. emb: Regarding that defense bill–real science is the result of hypotheses and relevant experiments that can be replicated by other people, as you well know. Politics is a matter of opinion and consensus. We should never confuse the two.

  103. Debbe, then there was the mother of bride who deliberately ordered the BIGGEST orchid I could procure. I explained it might be huge, 12-15 inches across. She WANTED it! Mother was about five feet tall and extremely busty.

    About 2 a.m. and I am working on orchid, which no one else would so much as touch. One of my designers who was quite religious said, “Well, if Jackie collapses before she gets the altar piece done we can just plop Paige in the chalice.”

    It literally went from boob to boob.

    By the way, Mike Shelton/Skelton? who draws “Two Cows and A Chicken” used to draw a strip that was set in a flower shop that totally nailed florists, brides, mothers and all things floral. I think it was printed in book form/collection and I never ordered it. Darn!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  104. OK, it is Mike Skelton with a K who draws “2 Cows and A Chicken” and is one crazy dude!
    His nightmares must be fun to live in.

    Went to his website and he does NOT list the florist cartoon strip among his work but it was in Florists Review magazine for many, many years. I have been known to buy greeting cards he draws because I think he is so funny.

    Present company excepted, he is a favorite of mine. It is hard to maintain that manic pace which I greatly admire.

    I would most definitely buy A & J greeting cards but that is probably another whole can of worms.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  105. Senior moments and days— sigh! It is STEVE Skelton, who draws “2 Cows and A Chicken” and also an comic called “Loose Nuts”. But I still cannot remember the name of the strip about florists nor the name of book.

    Old age is not for the faint of heart nor weak of mind.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  106. Mark: Thanks. I remember seeing them in the Keys and on the Big Island, but that’s a while back.

    Trucker: “. . . real science is the result of hypotheses and relevant experiments that can be replicated by other people, as you well know.”

    That convenient definition invalidates all or most paleontology, astronomy, geology, climatology, medicine, and field biology [including ecology], as well as science which cannot be done for ethical reasons. Ken Ham, one of America’s leading creationists, says it this way: “You cannot study the past.”, because you cannot go back in time. It also, science or not, invalidates all history and much of the rest of the humanities. After all, prove to me that Thomas Jefferson actually had a hand in writing the Declaration of Independence. There’s no logical reason to accept that a document is what people claim it to be. ANY document. I say that as an active, tithing churchgoer who therefore has a theological view that cannot be tested scientifically, but who has no trouble with that.

    So I don’t “well know” such a know-nothing view of science, or academia in general. Peace, emb

  107. OK, Jean dear, I get it. You prefer the bubble-bath, candle, glass of wine version of “Red Red Wine.” 😉

    Thanks, Jackie, for pointing out that I have something in common with a giant orchid…I myself have gone from boob to boob many times.

    And Lily, I meant you’re bad in a good way. 🙂

  108. “What flower shop doesn’t relate to the madcap antics of Bloomer Floral? That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite Bloomers cartoon episodes into this fun new book. Episodes are organized into sections according to holidays and events for easy reference. A great way to lighten the mood after a hectic day. Makes a wonderful gift for that special florist. Soft cover. 102 pages”

  109. This weekend is the beginning of the “season” here on the lake. From Labor Day to Memorial Day the permanent residents have it more or less to themselves. In the summer the “weekenders” as they are called arrive to barbeque and party and drive fast boats and personal watercraft.

    Todays A & J real time reminds me of that momentous occasion when our local merchants finally get a chance to break even perhaps? It is hard to survive on a three or four month fiscal year. When Gus and Marylou complain about the summer people and resent them a little, you know it is with mixed emotions.

    This is me dreading driving into town! I have learned to never, ever go put in your boating regatta permit application at the lake’ Corps of Engineers offices until AFTER they have finished dragging the lake for bodies.

    If you are out on the water this weekend, wear your PFD, drink responsibly and have a designated driver on water and land. If you stay on land, watch those fires and don’t burn anyone or anything down, including yourself. And fireworks!!!!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  110. Thanks Lily. That’s the one, a very funny strip by the way that is no longer being run so far as I know.

    Will order it as soon as I get back from town with ingredients for peanut pasta (Oriental) which we eat on whole grain protein enriched pasta.

    Can’t buy bean sprouts closer than 120 miles unfortunately.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  111. Jackie, sprout your own beans. Use to do it in college. Place beans on paper towel in a jar. Mist to moisten and then kept moist. When sprouted place in refrigerator. Enjoy.

  112. Loon, I have done that. Back in the day I also made my own yogurt before it became widely available at every convenience store! I actually have bean sprouting jars and seeds but Lord knows where anything is stored right now in my boxed up house.

    Used to buy my sprouting beans from Johnny’s Seeds, that old used to be hippy company.
    Think Whole Foods and similar have them now.

    Love, Jackie

  113. Lily- mung beans are commonly used but you can use just about anything like cress or mustards or broccoli. The sprouts will obviously look different depending on which you sprout. Great on sandwiches, in salads, as garnishes in soups, on sides of entrees, eggs.

    Food network chefs call them micro greens now I think?

    Go to “sprouting seeds” category on Johnny’s Seeds (Martha Stewart likes their seeds for her gardens) Don’t use seeds intended for planting which may have chemicals on them.

    If you want to make your own sprouting jar, take any big open mouth jar and put the seeds inside, put water in to swirl around, put an old stocking or net across mouth of jar, fasten with rubber band around the mouth and drain. You need to do this daily to rinse the seeds and keep moist.

    Love, Jackie Monies (who just ate a big bowl of tabouli to offset the pimento and cheese sandwich but it was whole grain bread!)

  114. I guess I’m guilty of considering chemistry and physics to be the only “real” sciences because they are based on the classical scientific method. Any “science” based on opinions and consensus is something else in my mind. And I say that as a tithe-paying church choir director.

  115. Completely off topic: The younger kids in the complex (7-13ish) have lifted the keys to someone’s car: they are using the extremely LOUD sound system to jam for their own personal block party. Right now they are having a dance-off, a game of tag, and other kid-type stuff. I wish I was kidding. It’s almost ten at night and I don’t see the first adult. Not that they are really doing anything “wrong,” but some adults to keep everyone safe (and turn the volume down *just a little*) would be nice. This geezer is closing her windows and going to bed. Some adults have to work in the morning. 🙁

    Hope everyone else has as good of weekend as these kids are having.

  116. Dear Jackie Monies, Many thanks for the second part of the floral decoration story; it was truly amazing! I’m so glad the tape held long enough to keep disaster away.

    Seems as though you must go back to the days of Adele Davis and “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit”. I used to make my own yogurt too, when as you say, you could hardly find any in the grocery stores. Sprouting beans didn’t interest me much, altho I read all about it. You probably liked “Diet For A Small Planet” too … Ms. Lappe would greatly approve of that tabbouli you had!

  117. My kids always make fun of me, that I was Martha Stewart before Martha became fashionable but that is not true. I like to think I might be more like Paula Deen but she seems as insincere and money grubbing as Ms. Stewart. Yep, used to bake breads like brioche and challah because you couldn’t find it, have made bagels from scratch, used to make my own Creole cream cheese and crème François and all sorts of “serious” chow.

    Now everything is so easily obtained it no longer seems as special as it did back in those days.

    I am more likely to be like JJ and Arlo, cooking for health. By the way, that recipe for oriental peanut pasta made with healthy pasta is really good for you. I got it originally back in the 1970’s from a healthy cookbook to reduce sodiums, sugars, etc. that also had a fantastic recipe for a flourless chocolate cake that must have been the forerunner of the Molten Lava cakes popular now.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  118. Mark- Thanks so much. Good Grief Charlie Brown!!! The prices are unbelievable!

    The book didn’t cost that much new!

    I have to admit I have been looking sporadically for “Bop Til You Drop” by JJ and the prices on it are unbelievable too.

    Does this mean our purchases of JJ’s new book and his original strips are going to be great investments? I just bought them because I liked them.

    Hint to JJ. That newspaper you signed for the fan was awfully “high cotton” on E-Bay too.

    Here is admission I used to sometimes write for, provide copy for, photos for and buy ads in Florist Review which is a really OLD magazine dating to 1890’s. I was told the cartoonist that drew “Bloomers” was shy and reticent but his strips aren’t!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  119. Hint to Jackie, check out college libraries for old magazines. The Gorgas Library at the University of Alabama has a complete run of many magazines and newspapers. I remember looking at old issues of The Illustrated London News there. I went to the newspaper stacks to look at my own birth announcement in the local paper and had a ball looking at the old comic strips that were current then. You can get a non-student card to use the library collections for a small fee .

  120. Am I sort of alone here in loving comics? And the complexity of some of them? I would think we had a slew of comic fans here? Sometimes I think of strips like Pogo and Little Abner that I loved for their satiric plots and wonder how they weather? Todays comics (not A and J of course) seem simplistic to me, like “talking heads” or crude drawings with no plots.

    I remember being in grade school and learning to copy “Peanuts” strips for our school paper. We thought we were being cartoonists! Little plagiarists!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  121. Good Morning Villagers…

    Jackie, loved reading your story about the MOB and the giant orchid. And then there was GR’s retort 🙂

    Mark….yup, that’s me right now….refills today 🙂

    Boss man is coming in for a meeting, at my request…..we had a conveyor belt break twice this week, the plastic red cups that pick up the eggs off the conveyor belt and lay them on the steel rod conveyor that bring the eggs into the packer….two of the 40 broke and we had a mess. I had to physically transfer eggs off of four (and they were the bottom ones) conveyor belts onto other belts this week. Not to mention the packer jamming with the egg trays. Today, I’m going to tell him I want a priest….because I feel the devil is at work there. And I’m serious. I went out into the hen house Thursday and cried out “Satan, I cast thee out in the name of Jesus Christ” Then a fly landed on my glasses.

    I am thankful though for this weekend in which we remember those who have fallen so that we may live in this beautiful country and her freedoms.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

    Oh, and a no show of Brooklynne Rose this weekend…..sigh.

  122. Jackie, I love comics. I used to follow Crankshaft, Funky Winkerbean, Zits, Curtis, Hi & Lois, Blondie, Beetle Bailey, Baby Blues, Fox Trot, Get Fuzzy and a couple others daily. Then it got frustrating to follow them all online. Arlo and Janis and 9 Chickweed Lane are the only ones I follow daily now. I also LOVE all the whoppers told on Non Sequitur – I think that bar lives in the Stephen King universe. Then again, Bizarro, Real Life Adventures, The Far Side, and Speed Bump seem to live there too.

  123. Debbe 😉 I seriously doubt that the Devil is at work in your hen house…but not for the reason some might think. I simply don’t think that even Satan would work under those conditions.

    And I don’t know how you do either, hon.

    Lady Mindy, I’d have to add Dilbert to your list, even though many of those cartoons so resemble Life At Work that I some times literally don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Somehow, I imagine that you might feel the same way.

  124. “On-Topic-Comment-Even-If-It-Doesn’t-Initially-Seem-To-Be” Alert. For relevance, see TDC.

    Lily, I’ll bet your calves are well developed and defined, aren’t they?

  125. Memorial Day blessings to the Village – I enjoy the sense of community here. We truly are blessed and I am thankful for all those who sacrificed their lives to keep us free; my Daddy served in the European theatre in WWII, but thankfully returned. He would have turned 100 years old next month.

  126. Morning Villagers.
    Look and I are enjoying cinnamon rolls and coffee on the banks of Thicket Run. Sun rising, while Rosanne Cash sings in the background to the melody of the babbling run.
    Y’all have a peaceful day.

  127. In 2000, a Gallup poll reveled that only 28% of Americans who were asked why we celebrate Memorial Day could answer the question exactly right (by saying the day exists to honor those who died in war). I can’t imagine that percentage is any higher today. Although I do imagine the percentage is much, much higher among this group.

  128. Rosanne Cash’s ‘When the master calls the roll’ is my song for this weekend. Reminds me much of a Georgia boy who gave his all in Vietnam. He was last casualty of my second tour and occupies a place on next to last panel on The Wall. Those memories never go away and come back with the strangest triggers.

    Three years ago, on my first trip to Nam in 40 years I cryed when I heard a cover of ‘Leaving on a jet plane’ playing in a bar in Mu Nie. For me music seems healing. I avoid the movies, Loon will attest they trigger bad things.

  129. Good morning, Villagers. Yes, Ghost, I am very proud of my legs. I don’t go “bare tummy” and I have no cleavage to speak of but I do wear very short skirts when I go out. I’d wear them to work, too, but The Boss In My Life issued a ukase (I found a bunch of old scrub dresses at a resale shop and had them hemmed five inches above the knee). Quote: “I am trying to run a medical practice, not a bagnio.” My legs and my face are my vanities. Oh, and my hair. I have good hair. I get it cut often and restyled a lot.

    Jackie, I follow a lot of comics daily. Besides A&J, my favorites are Candi, Bad Machinery, 9 Chickweed Lane, Pibgorn, Peanuts reruns, and Meaning Of Lila ( I am a shoe freak, too, though I don’t wear very high heels or platform soles)

  130. Ghost, I would imagine that these days quite a larger percentage of young people have no clue what Memorial Day is and why we celebrate it. For them it’s just a three day party.

    Those in my family who went to war all came home, for which I am unceasingly grateful.

  131. Bless your heart, Sand, and all those that served with you. My Dad was on USS Oriskany in the Gulf of Tonkin 1968(?) and he likes to say the only shots he heard were those from the big guns of the USS New Jersey

  132. Lilyblack, a good friend was on that cruise. He teases me that they had available ice cream twenty hours out of twenty-four. God bless those Navy swabbies.

  133. One of my most lasting memories was spending my unpaid free time reading and “closing” the files on Pearl Harbour casualties while spending my paid salaried time “opening” the casualty cases for Viet Nam.

    I cry easily and get angry easily, both OK in my opinion. Memorial Day is a time for both I think.

    Interesting observation somewhat on topic- the Louisiana parish from whence my Southern ancestors came is the only parish that did NOT secede from Union. They remained loyal to the Union, which made for interesting family gatherings for a century or so. Most fought as Union/USA soldiers and died as such.

    Genealogy teaches you that your ancestors often fought for freedoms since we first came to America.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  134. Jackie, I didn’t know about the the Louisiana parish that did not secede from the Union. I do seem to recall hearing about a county in Mississippi that attempted to secede from the Confederacy after the state seceded from the Union.

  135. Lily, now I find we have something else in common…I have also have good hair and no cleavage to speak of. But I’ll take a great set of wheels over a pair of over-sized headlights, anytime. 😉

    I know high heels are bad for female feet, but they sure do wonders for female legs. Five inches above the knee, huh? That’s great length for those who have the legs for it. FB photo, perhaps? Well, a guy can hope, anyway 🙂

  136. Winn Parish in Louisiana is a poor piney woods hill country. Populated right after the American Revolutionary War by wagon trains of settlers from the Carolina Piedmont area.
    Probably where they got their beliefs?

    Home of Huey and Earl Long, REALLY unique political believers.

    I will point out that my immediate ancestors did leave there and head for soil that more easily supported farming than the piney woods did, going east to the Delta areas. And more “southern” in traditions but I think those independent ancestors contributed a few genes to most of us!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  137. Shelly, don’t feel lonesome. I often intend to post but by the time I get through reading everybody else’s, I’ve either forgotten what I wanted to say or that I haven’t posted! 🙂

    Ghost, yes, I do prefer the bubble-bath, candle, glass of wine version of “Red Red Wine”. Neil Diamond has a much better voice. 😉

    My ancestors came from the hill country of Scotland and once they arrived in the New World headed for the hills here. We have always preferred less Government intrusion in our lives and would like to keep it that way.

  138. Jackie, my ancestors came from Germany in the 1840s ( I have a great-aunt who is big on genealogy) and settled around Fredericksburg, TX. In the early days of the Civil War, a couple of my cousins left to join the Union Army and were shot dead by Confederate fanatics. We clean their tombsones, among others, during family reunions.

    Ghost, here’s a pic of me in a tennis dress:

  139. Cute, Lily. Blurry, but cute.

    Interesting factoid: The calf muscles are the second densest muscles in the human body. At least that’s what my aerobics instructor once told me, and she’s so cute and sexy that I’d believe almost anything she tells me. 🙂

    For bonus points, name the densest muscle in the human body. Hint: Despite the empirical evidence to the contrary we all see demonstrated daily (often by our co-workers), it is not the head.

  140. “Let no neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic.”

    Maj. Gen. John A. Logan, May 5, 1868: Upon the creation of Decoration Day to honor both the dead of the U.S. and Confederate troops. This day is now Memorial Day and is designated to honor the dead who served and died in all wars throughout American history, including the Revolutionary War to the present conflicts.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  141. Yep, nice legs, Lily. Thanks. By the way, do you know your BMI? I know it would be low, but I’m curious as to how low.

    And despite what that loony Loon says, that’s not where the densest muscle is. Hint: Think “alligator”. And not its tail, either.

  142. Mike’s sailing partner has a running wife who goes all over the world in her marathons. I say she is semi-pro because she now seems to have sponsors.

    Anyway, we were looking at photos of her with lots of Disney Princesses and my Disney freak daughter asked “How did you get those fantastic shots?”

    We said you had to run a marathon for those!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  143. Link won’t work for me, Steve, but I sure had a smile on my face when I finished the last one. A few minutes after, anyway, cause I had to sprint to the finish line to beat my closest female runner in my age group

  144. “Not much cleavage to speak of” is much less likely to age to “38 long”. Also, works better in tennis and track, and sex appeal, to me. De gustibus . . ..

    “I’d have to add Dilbert to your list, even though many of those cartoons so resemble Life At Work that I some times literally don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” Dilbert strips are among those widely posted on faculty* doors. I was encouraged to learn that was also so in many businesses, though I suspect not in many others.

    *A newly elected chair once asked me to remove all such posts from my office door: It was “unprofessional”. He chose not to run for a second 4-year term when it became clear that he would be unseated. Cannot remember if these were before or after I retired, but I think shortly after. We had excess office space for a while, so retained my old office for a few years. Have had to move twice since, but still have shared space in the same bldg. I’m the only emeritus who regularly [every week or so] shows up for lunch in the faculty lounge during the school year.

  145. About really large breasts- I was once in a diet clinic in Houston run by a now deceased but famous diet guru. A lady down in front row raised her hand and asked if she would need breast reduction after she lost the weight?

    He replied, “Honey if you don’t, you’ll be able to throw one over each shoulder and tie them in a bow in the back.”

    He survived investigation and “exposé” on 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace, so he was pretty quick with repartee!

    I never asked any questions!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  146. Today and tomorrow, is allowing free access to military records (as they do every year). I popped on to see what was new. Not only did I find a few records that clarified some things (and created some new questions. *sigh*), I noticed “leaves” next to my parents’ names as well. Their marriage record is now available … as is mom’s obituary. Although I should have realized it might be there, it still caught me off guard. I dutifully updated my family tree, but decided I’d done enough for the day.

  147. Well, Mindy, it is a holiday, so it depends on whether you regard that as “work”.Me, I have been posing for a painting for the last few hours, posting here on my potty breaks.

  148. eMb – For those of us still in the trenches at the secondary school level, it’s a little harder to find comics that reflect our reality. One that does is drawn by a middle school English teacher in nearby Volusia County, Florida. Here’s his recent series on the state-mandated testing that has taken over our library (because of all our computers) for 8.5 of the last 9 weeks – As the page notes, you have to start at the bottom to read the strips in order.

    The staff at our vet’s office enjoys the printouts we bring of A&J strips featuring Luddie and/or pet-related Rhymes With Orange strips. We’re there on a regular basis since our cat has kidney issues and gets fluids every couple of weeks.

  149. Mindy, I can relate. We made rounds right before church. I used to worry about getting my church clothes dirty, but now I wear a lab coat buttoned up. The patients seem to enjoy seeing us in our “Sunday Best”

  150. I just finished with that archive. Very good. However, if you actually have to think about the question in the second strip from the bottom, you probably shouldn’t be a teacher.

  151. Sideburns: Most teachers would agree with you. Unfortunately there are far too many administrators at the school, district, and state level who think like “Ms. Albright”. And then there are the politicians and the testing company honchos. Someday people will wake up and follow the money – too late for a lot of children, I’m afraid.

  152. Good morning Villagers….

    Memorial Day, my maternal Grandmother’s birthday is the 30th….I wish they would have never made three day weekends and let us actually ‘celebrate’ the day on the day it was intended. I’m glad they never moved the 4th of July…I think it makes it more of a realization of what the day was set aside for….

    My Stepfather and his brother both served in WWII, my Stepfather came home and his brother is buried somewhere on a Pacific Isle…I can’t recall right now, will have to ask Mom.

    Andrew and Brooklynne were here when we got off work yesterday. They had been at the Boss’s daughter and her husbands cabin on the river, they have a little girl about Brooklynne’s age. She had so much fun, brought home a toad and was really excited about it.

    GR 😉 sometimes I wonder that myself….about the ‘quiz’….I’ll bite: the tongue.

    Here’s me in my new dress:
    Sorry, but the Devil made me do it.

    Hey Shelly, glad you are still peeking in… is RWOT? Miss you both.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

    Indy Mindy…how did your inspection go?

  153. Oh, and the Boss phoned in yesterday and said he would catch up with us later…..he had an opportunity to play golf. When I came in from the hen house, my son and two teenagers were just sitting there….at 7:45…I said, let’s get ’em rolling….then they told me about the boss not coming in for our meeting and why. They jokingly said….that’s a strange same for a woman…Golf!!! Guess you had to be there…..

  154. Debbe 😉 Oh, my. I do believe I knew the original “Devil with the Blue Dress On”. At least, she could dance like the Devil to that song. It’s still one of my favorite pick-me-up tunes.

    And close enough on the quiz, when you said “I’ll bite”…it’s the jaw muscle(s). My aerobics instructor certainly knew about calf muscles, and she was also a dental hygienist, so I figured she knew about jaw muscles, as well.

  155. On a much more serious note, I’ve actually heard people complain that Independence Day isn’t celebrated on a Monday, so they can have a three-day weekend. I have refrained from giving them their own up-close-and-personal fireworks show by punching them in the nose…so far.

    Take a moment to remember on this Memorial Day. I’ve already taken several this morning.

  156. GR6:

    Jimmy’s strip of 05.26.14 sums it up well, doesn’t it?

    Point of personal privilege: I have no tolerance for people – and especially businesses – who say “Happy Memorial Day” to me. I tell them kindly but firmly that Independence Day can be happy and joyous. Memorial Day is a time of somber reflection.

  157. Mr. Fitz is better > 75 %* of the daily strips running on two pp. of the Strib [= Mpls. Star & Tribune]. Clicked on ‘today’s cartoon’ [or whatever] and it was good, too. A&J is in the Strib but, as I mentioned ages back, 9CL was too rich for their blood.

    *IMO, The content is that good. Drawing is at least average.

  158. Normally I don’t ask people to read what I write but since people are sharing personal information here, I thought I would. Not because I wrote it but BECAUSE I wrote it.

    It is called “The Great Texas Duck Migration” and some Texan heroes of mine. The kind of yachtsmen I hang around with these days. Please note the one built to look like a 1950’s Chevy convertible?

    Sailing to help end cancer. My editor thought Memorial Day which now encompasses all that we “remember” a good day to run it.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  159. Great article, Jackie… got a lump in my throat. I admire you, Mike and all the others who are taking part in the endeavor. Keep on keeping on!

  160. Thanks, Lilyblack. Anyone who will share this article on other blogs or websites or FB will help them. These are fantastic guys and in case you wonder what an experience like this feels like, sit in a sandbox in your yard in 100 degree temps and high winds while having people throw buckets of hot water on you nonstop for five days! For about 14 hours per day, while sleeping on sandy and muddy banks off the coast of Texas! With no restaurants or catering trucks!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  161. Jackie, as one whose life has also been touched by cancer, I say “Bravo Zulu” for your article. Even if that is a Navy signal. 🙂

  162. Lily, I tend to read A&J on gocomics very early in the day and on the rare occasions that I post on TDS, there are usually few if any other comments posted there. Are you saying there are comments there now that might make me want to give someone a personal fireworks show?

  163. I once told a crude and rude woman who referred to our window décor of Miss Liberty and the Flag to never step into my shop again and not to dare go thru the door after she called it “Just some leftover fourth of July c…p” I informed her my father died defending that “c…p” and so had thousands of others. She was bigger than me or I might have socked her too.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  164. emb: About your article — I’m all in favor of fracking PROVIDING they take steps to eliminate those deadly pollutants (benzene, et al.). CO2 I don’t worry about; it belongs in our atmosphere.

  165. That is a group that could benefit from a moderator! He wouldn’t be welcome on ANY group I belong to or moderate! Bad! Bad!

    Deserves more than a frozen fish alongside the head.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  166. I looked at the DS and what that Kent fellow posted. Such cynicism is hard to believe. The author takes a small bit of truth (some people profit from wars) and expands it to be the sole reason for war. I’m sure there’s a Latin phrase for such thinking, but I don’t know it. Anyone?

  167. I know there was a group of opinion between WWI and WWII that thought that the munitions makers were behind all wars (“The Merchants of Death”) Shame nobody ever told Mr. Hitler and Tojo-San about that

  168. Good afternoon Villagers…..

    I am with Rick when it comes to ‘well wishers for a Happy Memorial Day’,

    And, oh my, Mr. Kent just does not know when to stop typing…..on TDS

    To quote Plato: “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

    Jackie…I am looking forward to reading your article….after my Hollywood shower 🙂

    So, GR 😉 ….close, but no cigar? on the quiz that is 🙂

  169. The Duke of Wellington, the victor of Waterloo, was asked by an earnest youth if he thought that would be the last battle of all. “Stuff and nonsense,” replied the Duke, “there will be wars until the end of time. I am just glad, by gad, that I won’t have to fight in any more of them.”

  170. TDS, like all groups/associations, has its good and its bad. And like almost any group/association, there are a few who exhibit definite signs of CRI.

    Thanks for the warning, Lily et al. My BP is normally around 115/50, so I won’t take a chance of raising it by taking a look over there today.

    Debbe darling, you are always close as far as I’m concerned. 😉

  171. I came across the poem below in the literature book we were using my senior year in high school. We were supposed to read/study “In Flanders fields” on the opposite page, but this one got to me more then, in 1967, and grows more poignant as the years go by.

    Here dead we lie
    Because we did not choose
    To live and shame the land
    From which we sprung.

    Life, to be sure,
    Is nothing much to lose,
    But young men think it is,
    And we were young.

    Alfred Edward Housman

  172. Well if someone wants to wish me a Happy anything, I try to accept it. (Not thrilled with Happy Holidays). If there is time, I suppose you could point out the reason for the holiday,like “I am so happy that there were others willing to pay the ultimate price”, but I sometimes wonder if it does much good as nobody wants to offend anyone.

    I have a friend who nearly died 4 years ago and cannot work. He is still young and looks healthy, and he has actually gotten nasty comments when he uses a handicap parking spot. I got one because of my hip replacement and I guess I look old enough that nobody questions it. I have seen some questionable handicappers but now I just say a prayer for their health. If they are healthy, then I pray that they see past their selfish ways.

  173. Obviously non-handicapped people without a handicapped car tag or an appropriate placard parking in handicapped parking zones? 🙁 When I become King of the World…well, you already know the rest of that rant. Let’s just say that I’m a less forgiving person than Steve, and therefore not as good a person as Steve.

    And I have one of the danged placards! Because I am my Mom’s sole means of transportation, and she requires a cane to assist with her walking, due to a severely arthritic and extremely painful knee. And I would no more use the placard to park in a reserved zone when she is not with me and “steal” a handicapped parking spot than I would carjack someone in the parking lot for their car.

    OK, end of rant.

  174. It is ironic that all these years I resisted applying for a disabled/handicapped permit because my disabilities were not so obvious. As Mike said, he never saw any bones or blood sticking out! Now I have three, one for my 93 year old mother, one for my husband on chemo and too weak to walk and one for the disabilities I would never admit to.

    For years I was the sole transportation for my late mother-in-law and had a permit for her, along with my elderly aunt who traveled with us so much.

    My mother-in-law always said I should get one and a walker too. I told her it was going to look odd with a pickup truck pulling a trailer sitting in the handicapped space. And the walker was sure going to make it hard carrying all those silk flowers into flower shops that didn’t have any handicapped entrances to begin with!

    I think sometimes Ghost and I push the same “wheel barrows” as my British friends call it!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  175. Steve: ‘I have seen some questionable handicappers but now I just say a prayer for their health. If they are healthy, then I pray that they see past their selfish ways.’

    2-3 decades back, wife and went to a UMC certified lay speaker training conf. in midwinter, held at a small church down in Glenwood, I believe. Windy as the dickens, and bitter cold. Church had a nicely marked parking lot, with a handicapped space nearest the bldg’s entrance. We parked a few spaces away, and a car with handicap plates pulled into that space. Woman got out and went inside, with no difficulty. Turned out her husband was handicapped, but he was not with her. [Wife and I were a rarity, a couple both of whom were lay speakers. I’ve commented on that before.]

    It was not a big deal, and I didn’t think to pray for her. She was pretty much ordinary and unmemorable otherwise. We, of course, did not envy her having to care for a handicapped partner.

  176. Though I have some potential problems [e.g., a trick knee from an ancient toboggan accident], I get around pretty well. I would not voluntarily attempt to run any distance. At my age, I guess I’m ‘spry’. Unfortunately, also clumsy, a lifelong trait.

  177. When The Man In My Life had complications from cataract surgery he was legally blind for a while. I got a handicapped placard to hang on the mirror when I took him shopping, etc. Once we went up to our local supermarket, I parked in the designated space and bounced in my usual way out of the truck and had an elderly man snap at me, “Just how handicapped are you, young lady?” (In our part of the country, a Lady is a woman who abides by a certain code of conduct, an Old Lady is one of the former who has reached a certain age, and a Young Lady is a girlchild who has just done something terrible). TMIML snapped, loud, “She’s with me, a*****e! And I’m just about blind!” He apologized.

  178. Besides, I’d hate to use the placard just for myself, be called out on it, and have to claim my handicap was “tinnitus”. 🙂

  179. My handicapped parking permit runs out this week and seems not renewable until/unless a hip goes. I admit I’ll miss it, but I suppose having usable knees is the better option.

    Meantime, a younger acquaintance down a few doors has a totally shattered leg as of Holy Week. Surgery, with a rod inserted, helped, but she’ll not be walking any distance for several more months. Reminded her today that she probably should ask her doctors about a temporary permit so those who drive her around can use it for her benefit. Even with her wheelchair, being a far distance from her doc or a store would be unappreciated.

  180. Decidedly “on topic” for today:

    This is the creed all Tomb Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier learn in training. It is inscribed on a plaque by the entrance to their quarters at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

    The Sentinel’s Creed

    My dedication to this sacred duty is total and whole-hearted. In the responsibility bestowed on me never will I falter. And with dignity and perseverance my standard will remain perfection. Through the years of diligence and praise and the discomfort of the elements, I will walk my tour in humble reverence to the best of my ability. It is he who commands the respect I protect, his bravery that made us so proud. Surrounded by well meaning crowds by day, alone in the thoughtful peace of night, this soldier will in honored glory rest under my eternal vigilance.

  181. Dear Ghost, I hope you don’t really have tinnitus. I have read, and been told also, that it’s a most disturbing condition to be afflicted with.

  182. “The world is so full of a number of things, . . ..” [or something close to that]. Lewis Carroll. This is a neat blog. Peace, emb

  183. Ghost, I think of the Unknowns each time I visit cemeteries and see the markers. Those are the ones whose remains are interred in sacred grounds but their names unknown. My own father’s remains were not recovered in Italy following WWII for seven long years, during which he remained “Missing In Action” I think of those who were and are still “Missing”.

    My daughter and two year old grandson are in watching “Pearl Harbor”. Those are the accounts I read from those long unopened files sitting in my office on the floor, all alone but those ghostly voices. Hours and hours of reading until they all had been read before I shipped them off to the archives. No one paid me to do it, I just did it.

    There is a lot of sacred ground and they all deserve honor.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  184. I guess my point is that many handicap’s are invisible, so I have learned not to be as judgmental. Yeah it ticks me off when I know somebody is breaking the rules and I will more often than not report them, but at the end of the day it’s their issue, not mine. I never wanted to be anybody but myself, because we all have our own crosses to bear. You never know how rough or easy the other guy has it, so it’s best not to even consider it. I have enough things to worry about!

  185. I’ve had tinnitus for 25+ years since I was the OIC for a machine gun range. The M60 (7.62..) weren’t too bad, but the M2 (.50 cal) were LOUD even with ear protection. The VA has determined that it is only 10% disabling. I’d agree– it is one of the smaller problems in my life.

    I finally got disabled-vet plates this year, when I broke the foot and couldn’t walk. Has been helpful since, using the wheelchair after blowing the tendons in both knees. I’ve developed a great respect for those who live with paraplegia. For me, I expect to eventually recover the use of my legs. When I could walk, I hadn’t applied for handicapped plates. Once I can walk again I hope to not have to use the handicapped parking.

  186. It always struck me as strange when I’d see the “disabled” label on my medical files because I always thought they’d handed me someone else’s’ paperwork! I was always working and I’d joke that must mean I’d have to cut back those 60-70 hour weeks!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  187. Looking at the tail end of the comments here, I have not read the whole collection, but I have couple of random thoughts…

    I have tinnitus, really sore knees, and at 75 summers, a little tendency to be wobbly and unstable, particularly in a gusty cross wind.

    The tinnitus IS a problem–I don’t know of mine is “bad” or “the worst” or “not so bad”–I do know that I try hard to not focus on it or to let it consume me–but I can see how it might drive one mad if a toe-hold is ever granted. I don’t know of anything to do for it–I have gotten more fond of white noise sources like fans, air conditioners, CPAP machines and such> I have read about a new thing where they inject (if I understand it) “T-cells” into the ear-canals where the “hair’ structures are to cause growth of replacements–my further understanding is that is damage there that “causes” the tinnitus.

    I have on occasion used my placard to park in a “handicap” slot even when another non-handicap slot would serve me as well or better because there were lots of handicapped slots available and a shortage of not-handicapped.

    And I have parked in non-handicapped slots when they were a lot better suited to my needs. One store in particular exemplifies the problem:

    Standing facing the front door of the establishment and looking to your right you see an array of garage doors for work-on-automobiles-bays. To the right of that is a road-way. Looking to your left you see an array of garage doors for work-on-automobiles-bays. To the left of that is a group of four or so Handicapped parking slots.

    Now, turning around with your back to the door, you see a line of un-restricted parking spaces, the nearest the width of a driving lane away from you. One H___ of a lot shorter and less hazardous walk away.

  188. I have just mild tinnitus, due mainly, I believe, to too many hours spent in too many airplanes. I used ear plugs on most flights, but intercoms in training aircraft were pretty rare then, so I didn’t use them when giving dual instruction. My brain mostly does a good job of tuning it out. Either that or my brain is just wearing out. And I wouldn’t bet against the latter.

    Would I ever confront someone I truly felt was not entitled to use a handicapped parking space for using it? Hell, no. These days that would likely as not turn into a gun battle. And even if I won, there would be an awful lot of paperwork involved. 🙂

    Oh, and in case anyone thought I was joking about severe tinnitus not being a being debilitating problem, I was not. I just meant I don’t think I could get a parking permit for it.

  189. Jackie, I once visited the Vicksburg National Military Park on Memorial Day. Most of the Union dead from the Battle of Vicksburg are buried in the park, with the recovered dead of the Confederacy being buried in a local cemetery. As I looked down row after seemingly endless row of grave sites, each with its small marble headstone and small American flag, I suddenly realized that every headstone I could see was engraved simply “Unknown US Soldier”.

    I cried.

  190. Vicksburg has always saddened me for both sides. I grew up on/in the great swamp that Grant’s men fought their way through to that battle.

    The Siege of Vicksburg should be required reading for everyone. One of my ancestresses wrote a fascinating history of a civilian woman and family crossing that same swamp to try to escape the war.

    Somehow the Civil War always seemed so recent in those parts.

    Military cemeteries and their seemingly endless rows of perfect white crosses always make me cry too, Ghost.

    Are you sure yours and my paths never crossed? I think you are younger than me but I sure did date a lot of flight instructors. pilots and air traffic controllers in my youth! They say women are trying to find a man like their father to fall in love with and I will attest to that one!

    Love, Jackie Monies

    Love, Jackie Monies

  191. GR6, I visited Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee. And one of the things that struck me was not the neat rows of markers for the Union, but the rectangular spaces surrounded with a rail and topped with a pyramid of cannonballs. Those are the Confederate burial trenches. After the battle was finished, the Union survivors just dug several large holes, placed the Confederate remains in them and marked it. So it is at most of the military parks I have visited. All the Confederates there tend to be unknown, except for noted officers.

    Peace to all our honored dead, and respect for all the living now serving.

  192. David in Austin, I’m glad your tinnitus is not too bad. Your leg problem, you seem to be facing courageously … if it happened to me, I’d be complaining no end. Best of luck in your recovery.

    Larry Sheldon, let’s hope that maybe your tinnitus can be helped. You’ve consulted specialists? Yes, you are right about the handicapped parking spaces, the choice needs to be made carefully.

    Ghost, all that time spent with loud airplane engines, it’s a wonder you can still hear at all!
    We knew you were being funny about the handicap placard.

  193. Dear Jackie Monies, Where can your ancestor’s story be found? I’d be interested to read it, it sounds good.
    I will read about the Seige of Vicksburg, as you recommend.

  194. My genealogical and ancestral “stuff” is kind of lost right now due to the upheaval in trying to turn house into more chemo therapy friendly hostel!

    Her last name is Parker and I do have a copy of the book, which recounts her family’s journey through the war torn south. It was taken from diaries and letters she kept during the war, which is in itself fascinating. They sought refuge in many places including Arkansas and Texas, as did many from the Louisiana plantations which were largely burned and destroyed.

    Will attempt to see if I can remember title!

    Thanks for the photos of the cemeteries which were fascinating. I love visiting old cemeteries and reading markers which probably comes from spending a lot of time in my youth with older relatives doing “cemetery cleaning” when we washed markers and cleaned up the old cemeteries. It teaches you a respect and connection to the dead that never leaves.

    On our journey through North Carolina last fall I took my younger daughter and we did just that, scrubbing markers, cleaning the graves and placing flowers in memory. Finding the markers can be daunting if you did not grow up visiting them.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  195. ‘Way back when, I developed what turned out to be an amazingly pointed and, thus, painful bone spur on a heel. It was not fun to lecture for as many hours as I did. Figured I might be able to cut down the walking on campus by using one of the designated handicapped parking places. Fortunately, I asked security about this and was told that I could not do so without a government-issued permit. However, the college did have a few spaces reserved for faculty with transient problems such as mine; I was advised to use one of them. As it happened, those spaces were 225 paces (yes, I counted them) farther away from my office than were ordinary parking spaces!! I understand you, Larry.

    It was then I went to a physician, found the spur, and received a red temporary parking permit which was good for a space a lot closer to my office. Eventually the spur went away and so did that permit. A few years later, the knees began acting up and I again started with the red, then blue, permits.

    Add me to the list of tinnitus’ minor victims. I know not the source, and have gotten to the point where I can ignore it almost all the time. Of course, as I get more nearly deaf, I’m able to ignore a lot of sounds….

  196. Although I did have a well-established history of dating older women in my younger days…in one case, a lady who was 13 years older than I was. Ironically, the lady with whom I’m “going steady” now is 13 years my junior. I suppose that could be construed as some type of dating karma. 🙂

  197. Although I did have a well-established history of dating older women in my younger days…in one case, a lady who was 13 years older than I was. Ironically, the lady with whom I’m “going steady” now is 13 years my junior. I suppose that could be construed as some type of dating karma. 🙂

  198. Although I did have a well-established history of dating older women in my younger days…in one case, a lady who was 13 years older than I was. Ironically, the lady with whom I’m “going steady” now is 13 years my junior. I suppose that could be construed as some type of dating karma. 🙂

  199. Although I did have a well-established history of dating older women in my younger days…in one case, a lady who was 13 years older than I was. Ironically, the lady with whom I’m “going steady” now is 13 years my junior. I suppose that could be construed as some type of dating karma. 🙂

  200. That was probably about the time gocomics was posting all the funnies for the new day, which may have had something to do with it.

  201. Dang! I am cross-eyed from scanning Civil War diary book titles. I think it might be easier to find my genealogy records where ever they are hiding in the boxed up piles!

    I can guarantee that anything you read on Civil War diaries will leave an impression on you.
    No matter from which viewpoint.

    Note, last May we were in Columbus, MS for their home tours and visited their cemeteries. This is one of the towns with a claim to having started Decoration Day now known as Memorial Day. I think they have a good claim and they sure have some beautiful and well kept historic homes.

    I graduated from a high school in Louisiana with only about 23 seniors and lo and behold there was one of my classmates serving tea and cookies in one of the homes! Looking very gentile and southern belle like. My daughter said I needed to start site seeing in better wardrobe!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  202. I do 1770’s reenacting. I have been stuck cooking over the last several years at most events and the others are quick to wash the pots after on the idea of the cook does not wash up. We have some new members who are doing some of the cooking so I guess I will be stuck doing pots – I’d rather stand over the pot and the fire for the day and cook. (No dishes as everyone brings their own and is responsible for their own.)

  203. Jackie, I suppose the Waverley Plantation Mansion was one of the homes on the tour. A number of years ago, due to an odd and unlikely series of events, I stopped by there while transporting both of my grandmothers through the area. Renovations were still in a relatively early stage, and Donna and Robert Snow (and as I recall, their daughter) personally gave us an informal tour of the mansion. My grandmothers loved it, and as it turned out, that trip was the last time I was ever with them both at the same time.

    Interesting world in which we live, isn’t it?

  204. Finally found “The Journal of Kate Stone” which is probably not available, as it was published in 1955 by the LSU Press, Library of Congress #557363.

    It recounts her diary from her plantation home in Louisiana to their refuge escape to East Texas and then back to Louisiana. She married a Holmes, connection to our family.

    There have been a LOT of Civil War diaries from women published since that one! Women seemed to have been good a recording “life” during war time.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  205. Finally found “The Journal of Kate Stone” which is probably not available, as it was published in 1955 by the LSU Press, Library of Congress #557363.

    It recounts her diary from her plantation home in Louisiana to their refuge escape to East Texas and then back to Louisiana. She married a Holmes, connection to our family.

    There have been a LOT of Civil War diaries from women published since that one! Women seemed to have been good a recording “life” during war time.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  206. Finally found “The Journal of Kate Stone” which is probably not available, as it was published in 1955 by the LSU Press, Library of Congress #557363.

    It recounts her diary from her plantation home in Louisiana to their refuge escape to East Texas and then back to Louisiana. She married a Holmes, connection to our family.

    There have been a LOT of Civil War diaries from women published since that one! Women seemed to have been good a recording “life” during war time.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  207. Not only did we tour it but Mr. Snow and I made friends and sat on his porch while he told me the story of their rescue of the house and restoration. Now does that surprise you, Ghost? I bet not.

    It was very sad because the house needed painting badly and he told me all about the EPA and the cost of removing the old lead based paints. They just did not have the money to repaint her despite her being one of the most historic homes in America. He had grown old and was unable to get around well but was a thoroughly charming and enchanting story teller.

    My husband and family had to drag me away.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  208. Good morning Villagers….

    …and a good day to you Jackie, clicked on your article and bookmarked it to continue reading. I like the idea of sailing for cancer as ‘it’ has wrapped it’s tentacles around several members of my family….including my paternal Grandfather and Grandmother. All of my Grandfather’s siblings lost their battles to cancer.

    RE: today’s real time strip….guess who’ll be laying on the floor next to the water dish watching her cat’s drink 🙂

    Day 16 and the assault continues……..

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….


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