Cooler Cat

This classic from 2008 is, predictably, based upon an unvarnished memory. Today, my coffee comes from a Mr. Coffee-style apparatus, and I drink it from a mug. My father’s coffee came from a stove-top percolator, so it was much hotter, and probably better. Speaking of stoves, I finally am back at my drawing board after having to be away the better part of two weeks, but the much-delayed book project is alone on the front burner here. I hope to wrap it up in early October. I’ve made similar predictions in the past, and it is true work has been done, but it’s way past time to deliver this thing. I owe you, and I’m on it. I’ll be talking more about this as the project swings into high gear.
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  1. If you mean Marriot, the whole story needs to be looked at. The port authority shares some of the blame, although Marriot probably could have fought the issue harder than they did.

  2. Actually, JJ, your coffee is probably better than your Dad’s. You don’t want to bring the water up to a boil again once it hits the grounds and you don’t want to pour it over them more than once, and a percolator does both, giving you freshly brewed, stale coffee. Why do you think that commercial establishments always use drip, except for the few fancy places that use french coffee presses?

  3. The Washington Post story quotes corporate spokesmen that Marriott wanted to help, but that the harbormaster wouldn’t allow any passengers that weren’t on the manifest to board. I’m sure there is more to the story than we will ever know. Would have sucked being one of the people left on the dock, though.

  4. Spent the morning at the library charging stuff, getting cool, trying to use their Wi-Fi (Bob’s iPad liked it better than my tablet did). Ate lunch at our favorite Cajun/Creole spot. Power guys in front of our house when we got home. Not sure how long it will take – a big tree down the street took out the lines.

    Shared showers enabled us to get clean the past two nights but I think we’ve depleted the warmth left in the water heater. Thanks to battery-powered fans and relatively cool night air, we’ve slept comfortably since the storm passed.

    Should probably continue to be frugal with battery-life. I’ll be back when the power is 🙂

  5. My grandfather did the same.He died in 1955. I’m an Alabama Boy myself, and have always thought of it as a Southern thing – how to deal with hot coffee in the hot summer – so I wonder where Indiana John’s grandfather came from.

  6. Many/most(?) States have Good Samaritan Laws – if you act in good faith
    yet someone is injured you are not liable. (Don’t know about Maritime Law)
    Works the other way also. If you are injured you can not sue. But it is the
    Insurance Cos = Lawyers that cause the problem.
    One statement was harbor authorities wanted people on dock to go on ship.

    If the Captain saw a sinking ship would he sail off because the passengers
    were not Marriot customers and he might be liable?

    It smells of cover their butt.

  7. When that air liner landed in the Hudson, privately held craft came in from all directions, and none of them had been sent on a rescue mission. This Marriot vessel had, and failed. When the Titanic sank, criticism was later leveled at other vessels that did not deliver aid, or maybe at a failure to inform them. And, yes, Good Samaritan laws should have covered Marriot. Hard to blame the gubmint for this one.


  8. emb: Is a harbormaster a government official? If, as David in Austin reported above, that official prevented the boarding of people not on the manifest, then shouldn’t that person, and the entity he represents, bear the blame?

  9. Story at says Marriott’s local crew was told they couldn’t take anyone not on Marriott’s manifest and that dock security enforced it. Also that the ship was ordered to be out of port before nightfall.

  10. I went back to a percolator recently ’cause I couldn’t find a drip maker anymore that made it hot enough for my taste. Result: SO much better! Hot and rich.

    Hipster coffee kids may claim to hate the perc, but I don’t think most of them have ever had it — or at least ever had it done right. Besides those of us over a certain age know that all Joltin’ Joe was ever really selling was convenience, not better coffee.

  11. emb: No, the whole of government can’t be blamed for a single official’s decision. But didn’t you read what Mark wrote?

    “Story at says Marriott’s local crew was told they couldn’t take anyone not on Marriott’s manifest and that dock security enforced it. Also that the ship was ordered to be out of port before nightfall.”

    So how was that Marriott’s fault?

  12. CarlZ, my favorite is a Melitta 4 cup drip made from Gevalia. Coffee is hot and seems more flavorful since the cone filter concentrates the water. You can find them on ebay since they are no longer being made.

  13. I received a BREAKING NEWS alert from my wife. The Keurig would not dispense her coffee this morning! Fortunately she works in an office building and should be able to get her daily “fix”.
    Meanwhile I have been looking online as I think either calcium from the water or the coffee grounds have caused a blockage. She cleans it regularly, but that doesn’t mean that the calcium can’t form. I hope to use a small toothpick and hopefully trace the path to clear it. If all else fails, I will turn it upside down and shake it!

    I cannot drink coffee, but I am smart enough to know that my wife does.

  14. My high school Latin and World History teacher used the expression “Do you want it all saucered and blown” if she thought we weren’t willing to put in the work we needed to.

  15. Steve, the mineral deposits you’re writing about are commonly called “lime.” To de-lime the machine try running a cup or so of white vinegar through the machine with an empty pod, followed by regular water, with the same empty pod. And, if you have fairly hard water, you may need to do this every month or so to keep it from building up.

  16. And, now, to deliberately sabotage the conversation:

    I have found that the instant coffee available at Aldi is far better than the majority of coffees I’ve drunk in diners, high-end restaurants, fine hotels, or just about anywhere.

  17. As others have noted here, drinking coffee that way is common enough, especially in the South, that the phrase “saucered and blowed ” has entered the language, meaning a job is complete or preparations are complete.

    In a conversation with Jackie this afternoon, I was reminded of a favorite expression of mine that is not often heard…”Needs must when the Devil drives.”

  18. Back from Tulsa again. We are doing this virtually daily. Met with surgeons. We are go for
    Surgery on Sept. 25. The two suspicious areas they thought might be cancer apparently aren’t.

    We are exhausted and have not begun treatment yet. I cannot express how grateful I am to have Ghost in my life. Without him I would literally have died for it was he that inspired me to do all the things that I had not been doing. A routine mammagram was one. I had not gone for three years.

    Ghost is the most loving and lovable man I have ever known. He is truly my soul mate and I can only thank Jimmy for our coming together.

  19. So the culprit was coffee grounds. Sometimes the needle on the machine sucks up the grounds. I very gently inserted a thin needle and ran hot water. A bunch of grounds came out with the hot water. It grossed my wife out, but not enough to brew her coffee this morning. As I said, I can’t drink coffee and don’t care for the taste. I have been bringing an Instant Breakfast drink every morning and drink it on the way to work, but this morning, I left it on the counter. There is an Einstein Bagel shop near my office so I got a really nice bacon and egg bagel. I really enjoyed it, but had to spend several minutes flossing my teeth. It was a nice change of pace.

  20. Cassini has deliberately plunged into Saturn. Lots of good info and recap at:

    If, while you are scrolling around, it hangs up, just leave and go back. Website may be crowded, if that can happen. If technology improves rapidly, it’s worth remembering that all the onboard tech is about 20 yrs old. Good trip, job well done. RIP.


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