Counter Measures

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We’ve had a little extracurricular fun lately, but it’s back to the oldies today, from five years ago next month. Speaking of extracurricular fun, Jim Young, the friend who administers our alter-ego Facebook site “Arlo and Janis Fans,” appropriated the café scene that was the subject of the most recent post here. The café scene for the time being resides at the top of the fan page, which I think is an excellent place for it. I even told the folks there (which, I know, includes a lot of you here) that I’d color it for them, hopefully by the end of the week. I’ll keep you posted. I mean, does life get any more exciting?

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  1. Since we have a new page today, I have copied the comments I made this morning at the end of “Café Arlo and Janis.”

    Debbe: Thanks for asking… I wrote a long comment yesterday, but it went away into cyber-space!
    I have left Cambridge and now am back in Gallipolis. I was gone only about three months, but now everything HERE seems odd. But I suppose that is normal, under the circumstances. I am in the process of trying to integrate everything I had with me back into this space. I had no idea I had taken so much. But I had been traveling back and forth for several years, so I have a lot of duplicates. It was a lot easier to have duplicates than to keep repacking every week. It will take awhile to get everything sorted thru, put away, decide what to get rid of.
    Personally, I suppose I am doing fairly well. I don’t seem to have a lot of energy and do not want to talk with anyone. But that is probably normal also. My spirit is probably trying to smooth out the empty spaces.
    Everyone’s personality is different and we each have our own way of coping with trials. My way is to be quiet and introspective. becoming stronger before I can face the world again. I have thought several times of the Jewish custom of “sitting Shiva”. Now, I can understand how that can be a healing time

  2. I don’t have the background with Book of Faces for that information to mean much to me, but, golly, it sounds middling exciting, nonetheless.

    Last evening, I ran across a recipe for…I swear I’m not making this up…”Chicken-Fried Bacon with White Gravy”. I wish I had found that a few months ago, when I was, if not exactly off my diet, not entirely on it, either. On second thought, perhaps it was better I didn’t, as if I had, I’d likely be recovering from a balloon angioplasty about now.

  3. Yo Village! I am back from a little misadventure.

    Steve, using Crayolas on your screen leaves it all smuggie. 😉

    Isn’t the colorization of old, b&w cartoons a sacrilege akin to Turner coloring b&w movies?

  4. Does anyone here file IRS forms on paper? I do, and I just found out that the 100+ page 1040 instruction book is no longer being distributed for pick-up at certain places!

    Long ago, I’d get forms and instructions at a post office (then that distribution was stopped), then at my local library. Now, I need to navigate the IRS web site and specifically order the 1040 instructions and any schedules. Yes, I can print out the schedules – and would – but the instructions include more than 100 pages, and it is unreasonable to try to print that (and would probably do in more than one ink cartridge).

    I really don’t mind paying what the law ordains, but I resent having to jump through hoops just to get the proper papers for filing.

  5. c x-p: Sounds coercive. Nobody has the right to insist that a private citizen buy a cptr. and printer, or be cptr.-savvy. Also, though we are not poor, it’s also a way to separate the haves from the have-nots. Peace, emb

  6. ” does life get any more exciting? ” that’s just the right amount for me, giving me something to look forward to. and the above oldie, that would have been my wife – you’re not going to see it all, you’re not observant, you won’t sweep it all up, etc…… …. … taxes, I had to start using Turbo Tax, I couldn’t make heads or tails of my T Rowe Price statements and you can import them directly in online

  7. emb, I would start here:

    Just download the pdf file versions. Then print out only what you need. Remember there are currently no refunds going out, system snafu has changed the timeline.

    If you have mutual funds, bokerage, or other invesment accounts you may be eligible to file electronically through their services at little at no cost.

    Others might have better advice. Our taxes never seem to be anything except messy. Easier to farm em out and is nice to have someone in our corner come audit day.

  8. Until recently, I would have also thought requiring citizens to own a computer and printer to be coercive, but that was back when I thought the US Gubermint had no right to require citizens to purchase health insurance. So much for that.

    I suppose we could organize a protest, but dumping computers and printers into Boston Harbor would undoubtedly get one taken into custody by an EPA SWAT team. (You think I’m kidding? The Environmental Protection Agency does indeed have a SWAT team. So does the National Park Service, the Postal Inspection Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Fish and Wildlife Service. And NASA. I’m not sure about the Library of Congress.)

  9. GR6, if you think having your own SWAT team is the ultimate cool, just hire your own private security team. I’ve had a couple trip were company supplied security and sweeping services.

  10. emb
    Taylor’s Yorkshire Gold is good -it is among many I sip
    but the PG Tips is my drinking tea.
    So the apple tea is not a regular thing?
    Black Coffee is the only way after being among the Norwegians in
    SE MN.

    Turbo Tax electronic is not allowed for State Taxes in MN & others because of security
    problems. Nobody hacked a piece of paper.

    Still getting Shedding Blade ads.

    They ( the ubiquitous they ) may not force you to use a computer but, “They” can
    make it VERY inconvenient not to do so.

    There are lot worse errors for the word police to get upset about. Most with hard rules
    that are ignored.

  11. Old Bear,

    Story I saw stated it was not a security problem. It seems people are filing fake and false claims using TurboTax and the states need to beef up their side. Also from the article it is all electronic systems. Avoid paying state taxes, move to Texas. We also have lovely weather and lots of Repiblicans.

  12. sand
    Free State ==NH

    The “news” here has the State saying it is Turbo Tax security.
    And yes it is unscrupulous people filing false reports.
    The Pro version seems to be OK (maybe).

    The real trick is plan for no rebate – Gov does not like that, all that money interest free.

    OB has left the building.

  13. OB: Yorkshire Gold is $1 more at the grocery. I tried it, and found plain YT better. At 40 1oz+ tagless bags / box*, in contrast to others’ typical 20 tagged bags / box, it’s a bargain. I think they actually cost more in The Cities than they do up here. *4.41 oz/box.

    Taylors Irish and Scottish Breakfast Teas are no longer available here. They’re 50 tagless bags / box, the Scottish a dime cheaper. Neat.

    I’ve never run into PG Tips. I’ve an attractive friend who buys loose teas at a small shop across the Mississippi in St. Paul. When I visit, I try one and another but don’t keep records.

    Peace, emb

  14. emb has a good point- sure you can read the IRS documents on line and don’t _have_ to print them out (although I find reading more than a few paragraphs of instructions online to be a royal pain, but this assumes one has access to a computer in the first place. Thus without access are being denied a service that need to properly complete their required documents.

    OB is also correct about refunds. Ideally and with a little planning, one should get no refund or even owe Uncle Sam a few shekels. Why let the gubmint borrow your money, interest few, for a year or so? My wife does taxes on the side and shakes her head at how excited people get when tells them they are getting a big refund. She also shakes her head when she sees clients with six-figure income and no interest income to declare.

  15. Over the years, I’ve done countless tax returns as favors to young employees. And yes, every single one, despite my best efforts to explain, could never understand why not getting a refund was a good thing. I was able to convince a couple of them to start payroll-deducting an amount equal to their refunds to a saving account.


    But look at it another way. More people are filing electronically, especially the free filing services were encouraged by the IRS. So there are fewer hard copy forms and instruction books needed. Printing all those forms we used to see everywhere probably contributed a lot to the overall government waste. I see this as a money-saving change. And you can still get the hard copy items direct from the IRS, by mail or going to a local office. Although I do think if you filed a paper form last year, they should mail a paper form to you to complete for the current year without being asked.

  17. Dear Galliglo, I had intended to comment on your post of Feb. 7, where you woke at 5 a. m., cleaned the refrigerator, packed up and drove to your original home. That must have been a tough trip to make — you would rather have had a happier ending, but it was not to be. My heart aches for you, and I have no words of comfort. You are a strong woman and you seem to be dealing with his loss and all the organising very well.

  18. sand
    Did Joe Barton (of Texas) really say:
    “Wind is a finite resource and harnessing it would slow the wind down
    which would cause the temperature to go up.” ??

    I think I will stay in MN – Tho we do have Ole & Lena.

  19. Good morning Villagers…

    First of all, thank you Denise, Ruth and Mark for the goggle suggestions….and Mark, there are plenty of ‘farmer’s’ stores all around….I will mention this to The Boss, as I feel it is his responsibility to insure the safety of his employees. And I will not settle for safety glasses, which we do have.

    Now…….I am tired of being run over by technology. My ISP has changed my email format. Had to call them yesterday and told them I could not log on….(I know I made his day) He asked me if I was using Internet Explorer, and I said yes, and then I mentioned Firefox, and he said “You told me you were using Internet Explorer as your browser.” I told him (you’ll love this), well I am on the internet 🙂 I just know I heard him laugh….then I screamed for Ian (remember the movie ‘Throw Momma from the Train” and how she would holler Owen, well, that’s how I holler Ian) So, anyway, Ian came in here downloaded Firefox updates, got onto the email site and I don’t like it. I told the tech, how old Dell is here, and my son once told me that someday I will not be able to get on the internet….he said my son was correct. I bought old Dell here from my ISP which is also our co-op telephone service. We actually get ‘royalty’ checks in December….I know, it’s like the refund from the IRS…the Infernal Revenue Service.

    I told my husband the phone company sells them and it would cost around $800 for a Dell hard drive and an extra couple hundred for the monitor, he told me he wasn’t buying me another computer…so I told him I’m getting rid of the cell phones….so take that, I thought. Ian said I didn’t need that big of a computer for what little I do on the computer. He said a laptop would be better for me. A big computer like the one they have is more for gaming, and I don’t game…just solitaire.

    So, I am going to look into a laptop, and get rid of the cell phones….for what little I use the cell phone, it is not cost efficient. One of my sisters will have to pick up Mom’s cell phone on their family plan….that is mainly the reason I have cell phones. Plus, I don’t get good service, too many ‘dead zones’ around here. Sometimes I feel I have to go out on the front porch, stand on my head, and spread my legs just to get a flippinn signal. 🙂

    Anyhoo, I logged onto my email this morning….only to find an error….now, this is how I am staying in touch with Anthem and am still trying to budget a health plan before the 15th. I tell them to call me at 4, and I’ll be danged they call earlier….I even gave them my time versus their time. What was it Nancy Pelosi said about the ACA….”well, we have to pass it in order to see what’s in it!”…and to think she was third in line to the presidency. That and the fact Biden is Vice President is why I think Obama has not been hmmmm, you know where I’m going with this.

    Thank you all for letting me share this with you 🙂

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR 😉 chicken fried bacon with gravy…..give me the recipe, I’ll put the pounds on for you 🙂

    Gal….everyone has their own way of coping with grief, I’m keeping you in my prayers………………Amen.

  20. Debbe, sorry about all your computer problems. I will add a suggestion here – have you thought about getting an Ipad? I hardly ever use our desktop since I got mine. You would have to pay for the wifi of course, unless you just purchase it with some kind of plan of it’s own, but it is the most user friendly technology I have ever used. Plus, you can take it with you and use it wherever they have free wireless. You can use FaceTime and Skype to make phone calls, with or without video, as long as the person you are calling also has some kind of internet device. It uses the Safari web browser which has been easy to navigate also. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  21. Last year when my younger daughter tried to file her taxes she found that someone had stolen her information and stolen her tax return. She talked with the IRS, and so far they have agreed that she was not the one that filed and got the return, but they’re taking their sweet time getting her the money they agreed she is due. Now this year she has tried several times to file using Turbo Tax, but the IRS has not accepted it for various reasons. She finally had to print off the forms, fill them out, and send them in. And still, there is no telling when she will get her refund. Your Government At Work.

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