Courage under Fire

July 6, 2011

Arlo is in the kitchen still. I like now and then to give props to Julia Child, a person I greatly admire. Of course, Julia is gone from us now, as is another person I admire, Kirk Douglas. He did live to be 103, but his death was sad news. Fellow cartoonist Jeff Parker yesterday asked on Facebook, “What was your favorite Kirk Douglas movie?” I listed “Paths of Glory” and “Ace in the Hole.” I know, that’s two. I would add, as a third, “Lust for Life.”

16 thoughts on “Courage under Fire”

  1. My mother was Symply outstanding at flipping whatever she was cooking, I on the other hand have gradually learned over the years that you need to Fargone commit if you are going to flip, else the results are very much like Arlo’s.

    Happy Greetings to all the denizens of the village….

  2. “Lonely are the Brave” A tribute to individualism. You kept wondering why they kept inserting the scenes of this truck making its way across the country and then “Bam” you find out. For a kid from Wisconsin it was hard to conceive of cowboys in an era of trucks and super highways. Now I live in Colorado and lo and behold, cowboys still exist.

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