Daring Redo

Daring Redo

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    • Hope the recovery is going well. With the 24-hour news cycle, two years is more than an eternity. We don’t hear much about the ongoing efforts much. :/

  1. Hey, I like Scandinavian furniture and I have a lot of it in my home. Plus some pieces in simple Shaker style from an Amish furniture place. Is that shocking?

  2. When my wife and I would do something daring in the living room we’d pull the curtains but one time we did fail to lock the front door and one ‘walk-right-in’ neighbor strolled in with her 13yo daughter. Let’s just say she always knocked after that!

  3. Puffins are not listed in Leviticus. Both parents were in the burrow when I got here. Q. is, how did people reach this far back to set up the webcam [puffins were out to sea]. Parents are both banded, but sexes are alike. Think only 1 egg. 1 got on egg, other flew off to fish. It is ok for puffins to fish on Mothers’ Day. They slough off the pretty covering after breeding season, grow a new one next time.



  4. Ghost: Chalk yourself up one bon mot.
    Brooke: Jimmy is just as sexy, and doesn’t have to risk censorship to do it. Must admit, however, Brooke’s is a provocative drawing. Along with the Peeping Knave, a hugely overweight old monk, and some knuckle-dragging hairy parental sorts, Pib is off on another rambling adventure. In 9CL, we actually recently had Seth and another gay man [not his regular partner] kissing in public.



  5. emb-

    I don’t like to complain about other strips on JJ’s page, but to me 9CL became nothing but a platform for Brooke’s wish fulfillment years ago.

  6. Ref 5-19-19 real-time cartoon: That “Perfect Day” wasn’t yesterday, at least not on the Lake. I stood at the back door of the boutique and watched cumulus mammatus clouds (the ones shown over Janis in the first panel) move just south of us. Fortunately, there was no evidence of severe weather developing from them in our immediate area. (BTW, Jimmy, props to you for your accurate portrayal of crappy meteorological conditions.)

    I judge that Arlo is still working on his first bottle of adult beverage in the final panel, as he is not attempting to flip the burgers behind his back.

  7. We have had some rain, but no damages. However, there has been wind damage not too far from me. The hills shelter us most of the time!

  8. My part of Utah’s weather has been much wetter than normal this year. Today’s yet another day with strong winds and rain. The last spring like this was in the early 1980s. We’re over 125% of normal for our valley, over 150% in the watershed that provides our culinary water.

  9. Went to San Diego for vacation. Sunny California, hah! Overcast most of the time. Temperatures in the high 60’s except for a day or two. Poured rain the Saturday after I arrived and the Thursday before I left. On returning to Tulsa Friday it was sunny and in the 80’s. Saturday we had thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain and highs in the upper 60’s. Sunny and warm today, but tomorrow’s forecast is so bad the Tulsa public schools are going to all be closed.

  10. Good morning Villagers…..

    I have a strict rule…let the cats lick the dishes clean lol 🙂 .I always use a little bleach in my dishwasher….The sprayer is broke, when you use water it too sprays water. So I pulled it it up so that the nozzle sprays the clean dishes off in the other sink. I may be blonde, but I’m not stupid 😉

    The water bill here in the city is outrageous…the sewage is really the water works money maker. My home in the country uses ground water, no water bill just electricity to get water into the water pump which is 200 feet down…

    So in the mean time I leave you with….



    Good morning Villagers’

  11. Tornado warning for Tulsa and most of Oklahoma till 10 pm. Sirens going off again, 5th time in last 20 minutes. We have had very heavy rain and lightning during that time. Hope Jackie and Ghost are doing ok.

  12. Well last Thursday was my last day at my employer after 16+ years. Yesterday was my first day at my new job. And I’m still employed!!! Actually I feel like I can step right into this role as it is similar to what I have done and I do not have to put up with Japanese talking in their native tongue, keeping me in the dark. Reducing my commute from 33 miles each way to 3 miles is a Godsend. I really had a lot of responsibility with my prior job and this one seems less. Plus it gets me out at 5:00 PM!

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