Dark Secret

When this series first ran in 2005, I received some testy emails from experts who were being paid to say nice things about the tanning-booth industry. I thought I’d give them another crack at me by rerunning the series this week. And come back tomorrow! We’ll start talking about how you can get some A&J stuff and help a good cause by doing so.

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  1. Ghost and Old Bear: Our niece, a gun owner who won awards in shooting competitions as a child, was a regular at Pulse when she lived in Orlando. (She described it as a welcoming, friendly place where a straight, single woman could go to have a good time without being harassed by male jerks – but that’s another discussion.) She posted on FB that she does not carry because she does not feel comfortable doing so and therefore should not. Here’s the rest of what she said:

    “I’ve seen people throw out the argument that this could have been prevented by a “good guy with a gun” and that isn’t true either. On weekend nights, Pulse has at least one armed uniformed police officer on the property. So there’s a highly skilled, trained marksman who couldn’t stop it. Should the patrons have stopped it themselves? Let me paint a picture for you. Pulse isn’t like a large open space. It’s a big building with several smaller rooms contained inside. There are narrow hallways. The rooms are dark. There are strobe lights and laser beams and loud booming music. And they make strong drinks so the people are buzzed at best. Does anyone think that drunk people in a small, dark, crowded room should be trying to shoot at whomever they think is the “bad guy”? No. Of course not. We would have been looking at a much larger casualty count if that had been the case.

    If I’m at Publix, and a crazy person comes in to shoot at people, I will pray for a “good guy with a gun” to take that person down. Publix is not a night club full of drunk people. There is a time and a place for the good guy with a gun argument, and this is not it.”

  2. Ruth Anne she is right of course. I was kidnapped from a sunny family amusement park, evil is everywhere. I would have welcomed anyone noticing. But I became phobic about crowds, could not go anywhere I felt threatened. Carried a gun in my pocket where I could put my hand on it. Big loose jackets, not in purse. Even grocery shopping. Pumping gas.

    Haven’t felt like that for awhile. Don’t want to go back.

  3. The nudists are coming! The naked are invading! Get the women and children inside!

    One of my local friends just reported she saw a naked man walking down US 69 a minute ago. She didn’t say which direction he was walking? That is main road to Eufaula.

    My county deputy is painting my house. I will go ask him. I bet the guy gets arrested.

  4. I’ve been real concerned with tanning and skin since starting all my walking and hiking groups last year. I just heard this morning from the dermatology doctor on SiriusXM Doctor radio, how if you have any big demarcation on your body between your covered and uncovered parts you’re not getting enough protection. I’ve already started using separate arm sleeve guards and using sunscreen daily upon waking. That sun through car windshields can really burn.

  5. Ruth Anne, the location of the situation in Orlando was exactly one of the “cons” I had in mind when I mentioned pros and cons. The last I heard, there seemed to be a possibility that some of the club victims were killed by police gunfire as they engaged the shooter.

    You will also note that I mentioned avoidance as a tactic rather than firepower. I carry a modern semi-automatic handgun with 60 rounds of 9 mm ammunition, including the extra magazines. The decision to carry a concealed weapon was a very serious one on my part, and I have continued to treat it seriously by spending a not inconsiderable amount of time and money obtaining the best training in firearms use that is available to me. But when the shooting starts, unless you have a very close personal relationship with me, do not expect me to use either the ammo or the training to defend you. (Well, possibly, if you are a child.) I will most likely be headed for an exit, and your preparation, or lack thereof, to survive is your business. I am not a soldier. I am not a police officer. I am not a hero. I am not anyone’s guardian angel. I will draw and prepare to use my handgun only if the shooter poses a direct and eminent threat to a loved one or to me. Otherwise, I will simply try to survive; to be the best witness I can; and render whatever first aid I can to the victims after the shooting stops.

    In a chaotic event occurring in an area such as described by your niece, your best paths to survival, other than not being there at all, are situational awareness*; knowing at all times where the nearest exits are; being mentally and physically prepared to act immediately to escape the scene if necessary; and, as a last resort, to use whatever means of defense you have. Everyone assumes their own risk simply by getting out of bed (or getting into bed, in some cases), and everyone must make their own preparations to deal with that risk.

    * If you saw video of the recent shooting incident at Love Field in Dallas, you probably saw people casually strolling *toward* the sounds of gunshots and police yelling for someone to “get down”. What were they thinking? Oh right, they weren’t.

  6. Ghost I think people just don’t “notice.” We hear sirens, gun shots, see smoke, hear yelling and we just go on.

    I agree, you are right with your attitude and choices. It is those who think they are the sheriff who get us in trouble often. I will cite no cases.

    I was about to say you’d make a wonderful traveling companion but I would not want you to think I was looking for protection. I have made it this long without any but it sure is good to know at least you’re watching your own skin! Not just calculating how much is showing.

    Have been house cleaning kitchen in Daisy Fuentes shorts and tank top. Think they are pj’s. Got them on sale from $60 marked down to $12. Cute and comfy and yes, I wear them in yard too.

  7. Yes it could. You have an awful lot of accumulated vacation time. Any place in America you like or have never seen beyond the airport?

    I say America because Canada might be off limits, along with airports. Plus I could find my way home if left on side of road.

  8. Oh, by the way Ghost, I described you and the black car to my three workmen guardians and told them if you showed up it was cool, you weren’t the feds looking for me, let you in. Since they are pretty protective I thought it best. They met Mark already.

  9. GR6
    Last nights statement may have been a bit injudicious – also have to consider
    large amounts of alcohol being present is not a good combination with firearms.

    I agree whole hardheartedly with last paragraph of 11:47AM and wondered about 1st

    There is a story about a man & a flood.
    Extreme short version:
    Man trapped by flood water 4 X people try to rescue him-
    each time he says “The lord will save me” – eventually drowns.
    At the Pearly Gates asks why Lord did not save him.
    The answer -I sent the warning, the high wheel truck, the boat, and the helicopter,
    why did you not take any of them.

    Miracles happen every day we must recognize them.

  10. Agree and if we have any sense at all we darn sure know they are miracles and give thanks. Especially to the messenger.

    Sand, Jackie has no guard house nor gated development. Trailers to the left of me, trailers to the right. One house on one corner, another north. But I have a large privacy fence and an even larger County deputy who works for me more hours than he does County and is about six foot eight, real sweet heart. His girl friend is tiny wiry police woman. My two stone masons get that way hefting rocks.

    They are fond of me and all excellent shots, although we have not found it necessary to shoot anyone yet. I was afraid given an unmarked black Crown Victoria, dark glasses, size and appearance they’d jump to conclusions.

  11. But I love dark, not sweet. You could dip most anything in chocolate and I’d eat it. Anyone besides me love the almonds rolled in chocolate powder?

  12. Jackie, if you think dark chocolate is good, get some cocoa nibs and eat them. They’re just cocoa beans that have been roasted and hulled, although most of them are broken into several pieces. No sweetening, no flavoring, just pure, chocolate.

  13. Good morning Debbe. How goes the Izusu situation? Did I ever mention the big dealership I worked for sold those too? Our hot young stud muffin Izusu salesmen got really mad if you showed them to any of our Lincoln customers, they did not want us selling them. It was more of a young person vehicle or that’s how they marketed them.

    Stay hydrated. Even I am slurping down the water and iced tes, along with workmen. They drink sweet, I am not sweet. It’s a joke because I use so much lemon and limes.

  14. Good morning Villagers

    Ian and I have been going in early to do some cleaning that is too hot to do at 1ish. A little hard to sweep floor when big fan is blowing. Definitely staying hydrated….water and more water.

    Jackie…had Isuzu towed to a local mechanic…now it seems there is a security key to bring up different codes to see what’s wrong…the mechanic knows someone who can ‘hack’ into system. The Boss is going to put new tires on the Intrepid (of course we pay him back by working a couple hours and it’s deducted before taxes….between Ian and me. Just too much $ right now since we have to send a flipping check to the IRS friday….damn Obamacare.

    Gotta go…..got outside mouse/rat bait stations to load up with bait poison before it gets too hot…and oh, yes…..The Corpration is going start up monthly inspections this month…bring it on.

    Still have not brought ‘scrubs’….wear hazpat only up to waist, then tie if off with sleeves so if I have to, I can still go out into hen house by slipping arms into sleeves.

    got to go…

  15. joe d: That happen to me, but fortunately it was my wife’s fault. The kids were grossed out though.

    Today’s strip is one that I would put on the refrigerator if I still bought a newspaper. However I did save it in my A&J file that I keep on my computer and posted it on Facebook. I love looking at the old strips when I am having a rough day. It makes me smile and even break out laughing, which really confuses folks around me who know how bad of a mood that I was in before I pull them out. Thank JJ.

  16. JJ, thanks for “We’ve come along ways.” You made me realize that with a little fussing, I could build a WordPress app allowing the Village to talk to each other. Crazy thought.

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