Defacing the Music

Another oldie from March of 1997, featuring a pre-adolescent Janis. Or we’re left to presume that is who it is. It is! This became a short storyline about Janis’ desire to return to her piano education. Notice the fourth panel. That’s how a cartoonist on deadline draws a piano! And it works. As I mentioned yesterday, Gene and his family return next week, and I expect we’ll talk about a lot of substantive stuff then, including that boat conversation I promised.

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100 responses to “Defacing the Music”

  1. Has athletics taken the place of music lessons in today’s world. My parents were much more interested in me learning to play an instrument rather than
    playing sports. Today parents seem to be more involved with their kids sports and let the school’s band program teach the kids about music.

  2. Re: cat people……

    Once had a cat (“Robert Redcat”, a/k/a Bob) who would leave his tongue out like that…but the funniest bit was that if we looked at him and said “retract that tongue” he would pull it in like an automatic rewind tape measure…..

    So yes, we cat people can be easily amused. πŸ™‚

  3. As someone pointed out to me recently, the InterWebNet is one of the most powerful and ubiquitous information tools ever devised by man…and is used by most people to watch kitty videos and to launch digital birds at digital pigs. Go figure.

  4. Dearest Ghost, let’s not be too cynical. I, for one, don’t watch those things you said. I read newspapers (sometimes I wonder why). Looking up information can be useful to me and satisfying; sometimes it’s just trivial, but amusing. Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, or for birds eggs to hatch, I like. At least it’s harmless.

  5. Yes, ma’am, Miz Charlotte; I’ll try not to be. Also, you’ll note I didn’t say I’d never flung a digital bird at a digital pig myself. πŸ™‚

  6. Dearest Ghostly One, why am I in such a hurry to be critical? I’m sorry. You can be cynical as much as you want; I’m often cynical too, and Lord knows, there’s plenty to be cynical about in this world.

  7. Recently I started using the InterWebNet to free myself from the TV schedule. I watch 5 shows now, but usually a day or two later when I have a free hour or two. I like the flexibility and I don’t have to figure out how to program the latest video recorder.

  8. TR: I gave my DVD recorder to a friend several years. (I had never used it.) On the rare occasions something is on network TV I’m not able to catch at the time (like the third and following episodes of The X Files), watching on-line is pretty simple.

    Of course, I was sort of let down by the first two episodes, so I may not bother. And I loved it (until Mulder left) back in the day.

  9. Good morning Villagers….

    Megan in Indy…I know the feeling, my cats easily humor me…I have one I have to humor when I make the bed…I have to watch her claws as she’ll fight to the finish.

    Old Bear…like your quote, going to put it on an index card and tape it to my wall at work…that will make the teens wonder πŸ™‚

    I took five years of piano lessons at the Catholic grade school I attended…and yes, a nun taught me….I really hated those piano recitals though.

    Nancy, I tried, but when ten hit, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. IU is tonight, must take a little power nap as I want to watch that one….not working tomorrow so that helps.

  10. Debbe, I’m here. Been busy. Mom’s foot is healing, pain decreasing and her appetite is coming back. She is more willing to get up and walk now. All Good!

    Jerry, report!. You have been away too long and we want to hear from you.

  11. Debbe πŸ˜‰ I’ve not only heard of “Asleep at The Wheel”, I once heard them perform live, at a rodeo. (Raise your hand if you’re surprised it wasn’t my first rodeo.)

    Here’s another card you could post for the teens…”The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

  12. Things have been quiet for over 8 hours here. Did everyone run off to see if B vs. S is awful?

    What I don’t understand is anyone expecting a movie based on a comic book to have a consistently great storyline without plot holes or one-dimensional characters.

  13. The previews look interesting. The reviews by professional reviewers are not so good, but that’s true of most non-traditional movies they get hold of. Reviews from people who are fans of the comics or these characters in particular, have been on the positive side. I hope to see it tomorrow, since I rather liked the previous Superman movie from this director.

  14. We are making progress on boats and just had dinner of fresh vegs and slivered steak and chicken cooked by one of our volunteers. We are doing lunch at the boat shop every day and a happy hour at 5 pm when work stops and machinery stops.

  15. I am determined to do this. Right hip decided to go out. Gee, which body part do we fix first?

    Great news is my tumor is benign so I don’t have to have it removed and they will continue to watch it for growth and if it becomes too large or keeps growing we consider it then.

  16. Good Caturday Morning…..

    Jackie…tumor? Did I miss something? Hip went out? Girl, you just keep on ‘truckin’ (there’s a song there πŸ™‚ ) Like Nancy, don’t try to overdue yourself. Baby steps, Jackie. We want you back in OK safe and sound.

    Oh, Mark, that is good news on your Mother. You sure stirred up some memoreis with your two links…..loved to watch Midnight Special and also Austin City Limits…..try this one on for size:

    GR πŸ˜‰ not your first rodeo….. πŸ™‚ they are a good ‘swinging, boogie band….first time I saw them perform was on PBS’s Austin City Limits….see above link.

    Started on the quotes on a large index card. I will tape it too the wall right next to where I stand picking eggs up off the take away conveyor…..

    Off today but work tomorrow……

    Oh, and Nancy, I couldn’t stand the beating last night so I went to bed about 5 minutes into the game, IU played like 5th graders….still hope for Indiana though….go Notre Dame…….
    I read an article this morning on B. Knight about packing a rifle one time to practice…..ya have to admit, he did put IU on the map.


  17. Debbe, Jackie has thyroid nodules which her doctors are watching. One showed enlargement last time she went in, so they brought her back for biopsy.

    I used to watch Midnight Special whenever I could. Think I watched both first and last show. Last night I searched on YouTube and found they had a Lot of clips from the show on there.

    Glad you are doing well. Will listen to Jerry Jeff later. I just finished eating my breakfast, now I have to feed the outside cats. Looks kind of like Jackie’s cat buffet on our front porch too.

    Going to be sunny and high 70’s today. Whee! T-shirt weather.

  18. I saw a show on a cable a few years ago trying to prove or disprove the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was interesting coming from a scientific perspective. I assumed that they would end by saying that it was totally a matter of opinion, which they kind of did.

    But one lady who was an “expert” and had been really cautious throughout the show said something like this “Maybe there were a few things that might not have happened as written, but SOMETHING happen 2000 years ago or else the story would have died within a few generations”. As a believer, I have always enjoyed that statement.

  19. With myself and my brother by her side, my mother passed away at 6:30 am on March 20, 2016. Her funeral was Thursday afternoon. I thought that I knew what this would be like, but I was wrong.

  20. Oh Jerry, I am so sorry. Good that you and your brother were with her. Did she know you were there? 6:30 am — so early — were you there all night?

  21. Jerry, glad you were able to be there with her. I know it meant a lot to you to be there till the end. Take care of yourself now, and keep talking to us, we want to hear from you.

  22. On Saturday she knew that we were there although she was in terrible condition, mentally and physically. I thought that she had a few days and planned on coming home on Sunday. We got a call at 5:30 am that she was breathing but had no pulse. I didn’t know that was possible but it was true. We were there by 6:00 and she was breathing. She stopped at 6:30. That morning and the whole time that she was there everyone was wonderful. We had talked to a second hospice group on Saturday afternoon and at 7:30 am Sunday morning they showed up to care for her.

  23. I’m terribly sorry, Jerry. And no, you’re never ready for that, no matter how much you think you are. As in the case of my sister, I choose to believe she knew you were there.

    End-of-life care people are a special breed, and they seem to be uniformly wonderful.

  24. Just read posts and today’s strip. I hate allergy season. I am in South Texas where mesquite covers the ground everywhere and I am deathly allergic. I am miserable and coughing, sneezing, drpping. Other than that and the hip the boat build is going well.

  25. Good Easter Morning Villagers….

    Jerry, you have my empathy and sympathy. One is never ready to lose their mother, I miss mine terribly.

    My one sister lives across the field from the cemetery where Mom and my Stepdad are buried, you can see the cemetery from her house. She is having Easter dinner and an egg hunt for the little ones. I find it hard to go to her house. I may go…don’t know…the hurt is still fresh.

    And the hens have no idea who rose from the dead some 2000 years ago, so I’m working.

    The Lord has risen….Amen.

  26. Good afternoon Villagers….

    Pray all are enjoying the celebration of the resurrection……I don’t do New Year’s resolutions….Easter seems to be a more appropriate time..I have a couple I am going to work on….seriously.

    GR…didn’t post a song this morning….I felt a need to hear this one…maybe your Mother would enjoy it also.

    GR πŸ™‚ hope you enjoy this Fernando Ortego song…Steve will recognize….so much emotion in this song…”Lord of Eternity”….seemed appropriate today.

    His blessings on all of us….Amen

    Love to all…His blessing on all…His will be done…do I hear an Amen????


    PS…go Notre Dame πŸ™‚

  27. My thanks to all. I am very aware that I am not the only one in this situation, not to mention that some of you have your own serious health problems. Apparently we lost Denise somehow as we never heard from her again. I hoped that she was having computer problems and would reappear, but she never did.

  28. Coastal Florida is having flooding problems but north of I-10 here in the lofty heights it has been raining but the flowers are beautiful.

  29. Y’all my right hip hurts worse than anything I have experienced including child birth. However, we had some awesome Texas barbecue joint food and then helped a friend rig and launch his trimaran for first time, go sailing.

    Now if I were of any use.

  30. Good morning Villagers….

    TR, I was hoping She would be going to the Final Four πŸ™‚ But, alas, NC is going instead…but there is always the Cinderella team…

    Ian tried to make my computer run faster yesterday….I see some new icons down in the lower right hand corner….instead, they are slowing it down.

    GR πŸ˜‰ the video won’t play now. So, guess what Ian will be doing this evening? Uninstalling.

    Jackie, worse than childbirth….that hip has got to hurt. Take care.

    Jerry, I too miss Denise…loved her postings. You doing OK?

    Ya’ll have a blessed Easter Monday

  31. Debbe, I’m ok but dealing with a double tragedy. My parents kept many momentos including a ton of photos going back to pre-civil war tintypes. Most of them have no names or dates and mother always refused to go through them with me so we have no way of identifying them. I could just keep them but they would probably just get thrown away when I die. They represent peoples lives and I hate to see them discarded.

  32. Chances are it will go to DST on the first Sunday in April (April 3 this year), which was what Congress called for back in the 1970s. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 extended DST by about one month, so it starts on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November. JJ’s software may have missed out on that change.

  33. Jerry, there was a similar problem involving priceless old family photos following the death of one of my grandmothers and a “crazy aunt” by marriage. She burned them because she “didn’t think anyone would want them”. I would imagine there are some local museums or historical societies that would be happy to have the ones you have and to preserve them.

  34. Daniel Dennett is 78 today. From Anu Garg’s AWAD, here’s proof that a courteous but determined determinist and atheist [I think], can also have a sense of humor:

    β€œA scholar is just a library’s way of making another library.” Daniel Dennett, philosopher, writer, and professor (b. Mar 28 1942).

    [I happen to think that humor suggests free will and a benevolent Transcendent, but Dennett didn’t consult me.] Peace, emb P.S. As usual, I am not worried re Dennett’s salvation.

  35. β€œI’ve found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much . . . because it’s the only thing that’ll make it stop hurting.”
    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

    God’s gift to man to alleviate pain without drugs or alcohol.

  36. Dear Jackie, if your hip is still hurting that badly, you may have really dislocated it. You need to get to an ER at a hospital right away and they will put it back where it belongs … it will not, repeat, NOT happen by itself; it needs special expert care. Trust me; Chris had this happen about ten times, and it is VERY painful and has to be fixed as soon as possible … don’t wait.

  37. [Just tried sending this in, but was rejected for some unknown reason.]
    Second try: A while ago I was watching the Decorah eagle site in the hope of seeing a new hatchling – in a few hours, the first egg will have been laid 39 days ago, which is on the long side of usual for this pair of eagles.
    As nothing wondrous was apparent, I browsed a few places whose addresses were shown on the Decorah site. One led to a filmed encounter of a hawk (unknown type) flying into an eagles’ nest while a parent eagle was sitting on eggs. As one might surmise, and the written description mentioned, “The hawk did not survive.”. I wondered how long the battle raged, given the beaks and talons each had. The invader lasted all of 10 or 12 seconds, as far as could be seen. Then the eagle began defeathering the hawk and, possibly, wondering who ordered the room service luncheon….
    Whatever could that hawk have been thinking?

  38. Jackie isn’t saying anything, here or on Facebook, so let’s hope that her boating friends have lugged her off to a hospital.

  39. c x-p: Thinking? A bird thinking is not quite an oxymoron, and various birds have demonstrated learning ability, but instinctive behavior that works well often enough to be adaptive is birds’ forte. [French, no accent.]

    Any idea what kind of hawk? I presume Bald, not Golden eagle.


  40. Jerry
    Condolences on your loss –
    We too have stacks of photos (non as old as yours)- I tried on several occasions
    to get mom to put names on some. She would say “Don’t you recognize Grandma?”
    Now was it her grandma or my grandma? (Her mom) from 50 years before.

    We have a tradition – each Holiday meal we set a place for those that can not
    be with us – It started with those that ‘stepped on the rainbow” but now is for
    ALL those that are not with us. The Village included.

    Prayers for all – Amen

  41. Good morning Villagers….

    OK, regarding today’s and yesterday’s strip….has Gene’s hair always been blonde? I know, the sun bleached it out πŸ™‚

    Steve, I only have a couple of his CD’s… our wedding ceremony, we played his music, and I walked down the aisle to his “Don’t take me far from home”. I’ll tell you who I like to read is Max Lucado….have you read his “When God Whispers Your Name”? I like his writing style, it is as though he just puts his thoughts down on paper.

    Jerry, GR had a good idea about donating to a local museum or such. My paternal Grandmother was pretty good about putting names on pics. Dad is wanting us girls to get together and start going through his pics….he is 83…..AND still drives, much to our alarm. But we will be pulling his driver’s license from his cold, dead hands. Take his driving away, and he’ll just give up. We don’t know what to do.

    Re: the intelligence of a bird’s brain….out of some 75,000 hens, I’ve got a couple of them trained…..they go nuts over an egg….cannibals.

    I too hope and pray that Jackie has seen or is seeing a doctor. Her friends must have seen the anguish she was in and intercepted…I’d like to think so.

    A blessed day to all…..

  42. GR – Debbe… my former husband and I used to dance to that. We put on quite a show. Other dancers would just stop and watch. Ah me… a long time ago…

  43. Debbe:

    I have purchased a couple of Max’s books but have not read them from beginning to end. I saw him on a TV show and I like his message very much. I think that I read it in bits and pieces. Sometimes it is very hard to take time to read. When my wife needs me to proofread her books, I will set aside the time and get it done quickly. Fortunately she is a good writer.
    However I have one book in my inbox that she had heavily edited that I promised to re-read.

    With all of the moving, etc, it has been hard to find the time, but I think that I can start tonight! The book is called “Forgiveness” and may actually be out in book stores on November 1st. All of them are available on Amazon. but her publisher has a new distributor and hopefully they can get it out. Of course there are fewer book stores.

  44. Re the real-time cartoons of yesterday and today, a lot of folks on The Dark Side sure do like to over-think things. Well, that’s the charitable explanation, anyway.

    I particularly liked today’s (I would, of course), but I don’t think any of the Dark Siders really got it. Or yesterday’s.

  45. Jackie is seeing her Orthopedist when she gets to Oklahoma. I am on a small island town called Port Aransas, Texas, we are to right of Corpus Christi, Texas if you are on beach looking north.

    Orthopedist already told me I have three compressed vertebrae I think 3-4-5 and we knew hip was bad too.

    Island is Mustang Island. There is a clinic here and hospital in Corpus. Frank says we don’t have time for hispitals.

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