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Most of this week, I’ve been snatching the retro cartoons from five years ago, from 2007. Today, I’m reaching 10 years further back, to 1997. I regret that I don’t have access to the exact message, but when this cartoon originally ran, I got a funny story (It had a happy ending!) about a reader’s medical emergency that was exascerbated by faulty instrument readings which the staff were reluctant to question, because the instruments were digital! I suppose we all had a lot to learn about the digital revolution 15 years ago.

I approve of the recent conversation about barbecue! Has Hurd weighed in yet? As far as I know, he’s the only professional among us. I must say from experience, Memphis barbecue is way up there. Memphis is one of those places that doesn’t have “a” good barbecue joint; it’s one of those places that is itself a genre.

Don’t forget! I’ll be at Lemuria Books in Jackson, Mississippi, tomorrow at 1 p.m. Can anyone recommend a good barbecue place in Jackson?