Dinner Theater

I read somewhere that a messy desk is a sign of intelligence. The article did not say a sign of how much intelligence! It can’t be much. I sit here and look at the piles of debris on every vertical surface in my office, and it doesn’t make me feel very smart. Speaking of smart, you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that I’m distracted this morning and am looking no further than my elbows for inspiration. We’ll have some things to talk about later this week, though. Let’s all just try to get through today.

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33 responses to “Dinner Theater”

  1. I have a sign in my kitchen that says “A Messy Kitchen Is A Sign Of Happiness”. I tend to try for “cluttered but clean”, and hope for the best. 🙂

  2. Yeah we had this debate last week as we reconfigured out office. I had to pack up things (6-7 years in the same spot) and then when I moved to my new spot I threw out a lot of files that I did not need. I realize that this is something that I should be doing on a more regular basis.

    However it really bothers me when people want to DICTATE that I must have a clutter free desk. Diversity is a positive. We need people who have clean desks and we need people that have clutter on theirs. Now granted a very messy desk can be unhealthy or cause others issues, but when it is just suggested and/or encouraged from time to time, it can be beneficial for all parties. Just because a pristine desk works for you, does not mean that it works for me.

  3. Not to be picky, Jimmy, but just how do you get “piles of debris on every VERTICAL surface” in your office? Most of us only have them on the horizontal surfaces….

    They are VERY tall piles! — JJ

  4. Once measured the depth of clutter in my MIL office, three feet. On about 50 horizontal feet of surface not counting bed, king sized and also that deep. Found 43 boxes of kleenex and parts of 14 vacumn cleaners.

    Sorted, threw away, filed and bagged about 60 trash bags, put on curb. CAME back next trip and she had it filling garage!

  5. I was going to mention the “vertical surface” but I didn’t want to pile it on.

    My favorite refrigerator magnet is, ” I wish I had a kitchen I could flush!”

  6. I used to be neater. (Insert blushing emoji here.) In fact, I used to be kind of obsessive. I hope I have moved closer to balance, but am afraid I’m declining toward chaos.

  7. Anyone here work on a really heavy hitting florist or a floral production center? Knee deep in it at times. We would periodically stop and rake tables with push brooms and scoop it up with snow shovels or stable shovels.

    Someone who had never witnessed it said they’d like to be able to shovel out their house and kids like that.

  8. I had a boss tell me once, and I quote ‘a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind’.

    Of course, he also said to me ‘all change is stupid’.

    Didn’t mind leaving that job one bit (I got promoted).

  9. The inside of my truck was neat and orderly except when one or more of my daughters were riding with me. Now that I’ve been “grounded” by health issues, my room isn’t particularly neat or orderly. Everyone keeps “temporarily” storing things in my space. 🙁

  10. Just woke up again. Most of my friends are stunned and in shock. I had no idea I had so many libertarian friends but then I had no idea how many Unitarian Universalist I knew too. I guess we aren’t evangelicals?

    We may need the Village for sanctuary and peace more than ever. Paint the gates red.

  11. I am awfully disappointed. However, we will pick up the pieces and go on. It will be interesting to see how events unfold now.

    My not posting much has been more of a keyboard issue, also my slow typing. The computer stuff is co-operating more now; I feel that I’m getting the upper hand at last!

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