Disaster of the Teutonic

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Looking through more recent material, I found this short series. It is similar to the “ten-gallon hat” comic strip that appeared in newspapers recently. Frankly, I’d forgotten about the “lederhosen” series, although I drew it less than two years ago. I do like it, though, and I also liked the “ten-gallon hat” cartoon. I believe it was Charles Schulz who said, drawing a daily comic strip is doing the same thing over and over for years without repeating yourself.

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  1. Impulse buying has always been an issue, but the internet certainly makes it more dangerous. I have found that I will read an article and see a book that I want to purchase. Before I may or may not write it down so that the next time that I went to the bookstore, I would purchase it. Now, however, if I really want it, I will either send it to my kindle or if the book is older, purchase it used very cheaply and have Amazon Prime send it.

    Yes, Sparky had many pearls of wisdom. It is hard to be original, you can only hope to stay fresh.

  2. Impulse buying has always been an issue, but the internet certainly makes it more dangerous. I have found that I will read an article and see a book that I want to purchase. Before I may or may not write it down so that the next time that I went to the bookstore, I would purchase it. Now, however, if I really want it, I will either send it to my kindle or if the book is older, purchase it used very cheaply and have Amazon Prime send it.

    Yes, Sparky had many pearls of wisdom. It is hard to be original, you can only hope to stay fresh.

  3. Steve, I add the books to my wishlist. Amazing how many never leave the wishlist, great filter for the impulsive book buyer. Always wonder if Amazon realizes how this feature works. 😉

  4. I also remember the strip where Arlo is sitting at the computer, concentrating on something, and knocks his coffee cup over. In the last panel he is sitting next to Janis with a shocked look and she is saying, “what do you mean, you bought an elephant?”.

  5. If you don’t remember the lederhosen series, don’t worry. It has a happy ending.

    Never having been an impulse buyer, the greatest problem online shopping causes me is that I will sometimes purchase an actually needed item without regard as to whether or not the spondulicks to cover it is currently in the budget.

    But, like sand, I make liberal use of the wish list…where many wishes go to die.

  6. That’s good to know, Jean dear. Also, based on your training and taste in music, I may ask you to accompany me the next time I go to to a redneck beer bar, in case a fight breaks out.

  7. GR6, dropped spondulicks on us this AM. Per dictionary. com:

    1856, American English slang, “money, cash,” of unknown origin, said to be from Greek spondylikos, from spondylos, a seashell used as currency (the Greek word means literally “vertebra”). Used by Mark Twain and O. Henry and adopted into British English, where it survives despite having faded in American English.

  8. It’s amazing how many more things I “need” with Amazon. I have found that it saves a substantial amount of time for less common items. Most recently I bought a 10″ drop hitch for my truck receiver. The largest available locally at the stores I frequent was 6″. Easier to order it online rather than search all over the metro area.

    Jackie, for your sake and ours, take care of yourself. Something I heard some time ago was, “don’t eat your feelings.” That applies to not eating too!

  9. Every year in New Braunfels, Texas there is a Wurstfest during October. For many years, Myron Floren and his accordion made appearances. Myron always wore lederhosen. Apparently working that accordion is pretty tough work, because Myron was also as ripped as Arnold Swartzenegger. NOBODY made fun of Myron in his lederhosen.

    Ghost, I concur with your assessment of this series, and hopefully it was not a spoiler as such, but that was surely a happy ending.

  10. Well I now know the origin of the word, spondylosis. Of course, almost all medical terms have Greek or Latin origins. I’m sure many of you here may also suffer from spondylosis as it happens to all of us as we age. Spinal stenosis is the culprit for me.

  11. oh yeah, I’ll clean out my wishlist periodically of stuff that was dumb to add, but it sometimes pays off if one of the kids buys me stuff off of it and it’s something that was fun or interesting enough to have but not enough for me to have spent money on it myself

  12. GC, an RN once told me that if one cannot come up with a medical term on the spur of the moment, just add “-age” to the nearest approximate word. Examples are “armage”, “legage”, “crotchage”, “buttage” and “stuffage”.

  13. Think I will check in awhile and not say anything guys. I am not good company right now. When I look like that senior citizen centerfold again I’ll let Ghost know . It was a pretty good gig for The Most Interesting Man I the World! Unless I find another good looking sailor who likes women with money like the first one.

    Love Jackie

  14. “Redneck beer bar” reminds me of a time when I was young and feisty and in the military and thought I could do anything and a buddy’s wife called me. He was on TDY, and she was bored and somehow thought it would be a good idea one afternoon to visit a prime example of a neighborhood RBB to listen to some C&W music, alone. (She was a Texan, and I guess that might have passed for a good idea back home.) She had got herself cornered by a couple of good ol’ boys who insisted she stay and drink beer and dance with them. So Ghost cheerfully goes and finds her, extracts her from the bar after a few words with the would-be Lotharios, and follows her safely home.

    Remember the time I observed you could get away with a lot if you just act confident and like you know what you are doing? Case in point. Or perhaps my aura is sometimes not as sweet as I am, Jackie. 🙂

  15. Leg me tell you what is really ticking me off…..TDS. Poor Meg is getting ‘hit’ hard. I think everyone should go back and look at their 3rd of 4th grade school pics….they’ll find they aren’t that much different in that awkward age.

    Scanned the above comments and read the last of yesterday’s…….Jackie…don’t make me come looking for you…….you are making me worry, really worry about you. You said you are going to see some old friends…get there. You don’t need to be alone now.

    love to all

  16. Debbe 😉 Yeah, that’s stupid stupid, isn’t it? The only remark I saw over there with which I agreed was to the effect that if one objects to the way Meg looks, one is free to draw one’s own cartoon.

  17. Gee, I think Sandcastler is right. I won’t tell him how I get there. I am happier too when I stay away from it.

    Wow, it’s still very cold here in New Hampshire. Snow on ground all around the house although some bare spots… a little hill in our back yard is showing ledge and pine needles on ground; that’s cheering.

    I’m thinking of Jackie today, too. I wish she had some nice friend along to help with driving and stop at great restaurants for yummy, healthy food. Debbe is so very right, as she usually is.

  18. TDS?

    Total Debt Service?

    Technical DifficultieS?

    Too Durned Slippery?

    GoogleTranslate appears to be stumped. Just how exactly is TDS affecting Meg?

  19. Charlotte, 77°, overcast, raining on and off. Roses and daffodils all a bloom.

    Evan, TDS is non artist sponsored Village. From all I’ve heard, it is populated with evil spirits and located on the edge of an inferno. Only the most brave or foolish set out on the dark pathway to this Village.

  20. The only comment I’ll make about Meg is that the colorist seems to have given her a dark blue yarmulke, and I don’t understand why. Other than that she looks as cute as ever.

    Jackie, I’m with the rest of the Village–don’t make us have to come after you! Do take care of yourself.

    I’m always careful not to read comments on TDS because those people are just mean-spirited sons of guns.

    Ghost Sweetie, I’d be happy to accompany you to a redneck beer bar any time!

  21. Yay! Now I’ll have someone to watch my six if I have to launch another recovery mission into a redneck beer bar.

    I have seen a few of the regulars from this Village comment on TDS occasionally (you know who you are 🙂 ), and I have, too. But I will say that I’ve never seen any of our folks embarrass themselves over there.

  22. Evan, now I have to tell you the family story about Myron Floren: back during WWll my Mom’s older brother met a lovely lady from South Dakota, and married her. Fast forward 15 or so years, and Uncle Jim and Aunt Helene are sitting with his parents (now my grandparents) and my Mom, watching the Lawrence Welk Show one Saturday night when Myron and his accordion are playing. Helene pops up and says “You know, I used to date Myron Floren when he was living in Sioux Falls. Just think, if I had married him he would have been Jeanie’s uncle!” She just didn’t understand why everybody laughed at that. No, Daddy wasn’t there that night. Uncle Sam had him stationed elsewhere that year.

  23. Sand, I’m going to do it…. Tell you mobile browser to request desktop site at GoComics.com. TDS is below the strip. (I almost always use my mobile browser, since it doesn’t display as many annoying ads and there’s no TDS on the mobile site.

  24. Ref the discussion on Comic Strip of the Day: Yes, the hard truth is that farming is hard work, as well as risky business. Little wonder then that there is now a farm tractor model that has no seat or steering wheel, built for farmers who have lost their asses and don’t know which way to turn.

    I was just watching some of a re-run of Kenny Chesney’s Flora-Bama concert from last year. In some of the long shots, I could see a friend’s condo building. In all of the closeup shots, the camera always seemed to be pointed at some babe with an awesome bikini bod. What are the odds? 🙂

  25. Thanks David. I am passing, I like my Chrome clean, bright, and speedy.

    GR6, about a one hundered sigma event. 🙂

    Loon, check out Google maps. The Dakotas are not located in hillbilly alley.

    Now back to the Big Dance. Only four games left to finish out day one.

  26. Funeral music: Don’t recognize most of the tunes suggested, and have listened to none of the youtube ones.

    Another kind of funeral music is often provided by soloists or small groups [often from the church choir, or noted singers/instrumentalists available locally]. Sometimes the family of the deceased are musically gifted, or so consider themselves.

    Sometimes the presiding pastor provides music. Recently attended a funeral at a funeral home, presided over by the pastor of a rural church: guitarist who also writes some of his own stuff. Don’t plan on attending any more of his. BTW, he thinks the John of the 4th Gospel also wrote The Book of Revelation “in his old age.” Apparently doesn’t know that all 4 were originally anonymous, and that church fathers assigned Matthew, Mark, Luke,* and John to them later, perhaps after John of Patmos had written Revelation. *There may be internal evidence that Luke “the physician” wrote that gospel as well as Acts.

    Surprised nobody has suggested hymns for funerals. Some work well, some are popular despite questionable theology [should we really believe that the solitary writer of “In the Garden” [UMH 314] has experienced communion with the “Son of God” that “none other has ever known”?]

    If you can count on a congregation that can sing and carry visitors along [we can], certain rousers work really well. We did “Lord of the Dance” [UMH 261] as the recessional hymn at wife’s funeral. Attended a friend’s funeral near the Twin Cities at Centennial UMC last spring. The deceased had been assigned there after pastoring here, and gone on to prominent roles in the TC area, including some after retirement. Wonderful person. Apparently it is customary, in MN at least, to close the funeral of a distinguished clergy which many clergy can be expected to attend with “For all the Saints” [UMH 711]: the attending clergy rise and sing the first two verses [making the rafters roar], then the laity stand and join in on the remaining verses. Fortunately, the church is well built.

    I was sitting up front, across the aisle from the family. The deceased’s older daughter, also a pastor, stood with the open UMH in her hands, but never looked at it, singing it all from memory. Apologies if I’ve told this here before. I know I have to other folks.

    Peace, emb

  27. Hi from Marianne, FL it’s not going to reassure anyone to hear my adventures today. I am still about two hours from stopping because I want to try to make Monroe LA during business hours, probably will have to stay and don’t want to.

    Funny thing Ghost, I have been listening to Kenny Chesney too and decided “French Kissing Life ” should be my song. Not too depressed, singing along with my friend Kelly McGuire to “Boat in Belize”.

  28. Dear Jackie, it’s reassuring to hear from you. Take care, lots of good wishes are surrounding you.

    Dear emb, excellent essay, and most interesting, on funeral music. Although I am not religious, I grew up in the Congregational Church and have always greatly enjoyed singing hymns. My mother played the piano and the organ and would fill in at times for the regular church organist, and she loved playing and singing the old hymns too. She and I would sit side by side on the piano bench at home, she would play and we would both sing, and have a very pleasant time. Planning the hymns for a funeral can be a great comfort, as you know. My mother and I felt very good about the ones we chose for my father’s funeral service, and when my mother died I had the comfort of choosing the ones she would have liked. Oh, we included the Navy Hymn for my father for he had served in the Marine Corps. I have always loved it, the words are so moving.

    The Lord of The Dance must have been perfect for your wife. For All The Saints is a great song and always makes me cry, even if I’m not a believer.

  29. Charlotte: Churchgoing, believing, faith, devotion, and such overlap, but are not all the same thing. I am a person of faith, am certain of very little, not much of a believer, and a dedicated UM. I am not a Trinitarian [speelczech just capitalized that], but not a Unitarian [again] either. I am willing to live with lots of unanswered questions, and to converse at length with lay or ordained theologs who are civil. I do not reconcile science and religion, I integrate science and faith, with plenty of unanswered questions.

    Wife and I had little time after her terminal diagnosis [17-28 Dec. 2010, the 12 days of Christmas], but we had time to plan a good funeral and chose wisely the two pastors to involve [UMC, our pastor [male], and ELCA pastor [female] who was then part-time chaplain at hospital rehab unit [where wife volunteered], is now assoc. pastor at large ELCA church. Still close friends with her and her husband, also ELCA-ordained. Funeral went well, I am in good hands in community, partly / wife’s role in this town.

    Peace, emb

  30. Exactly the route, Ghost. Trying to decide how far to drive before I quit.

    Need my “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places” or something suitably rowdy.

  31. No funeral, no memorial service. Simple cremation and ship me off to the National Cemetery at the Punchbowl in Hawaii. Anyone wanting to pay their respects then, will get a nice Hawaiian trip out of it. And my physical remains will be in the prettiest place I’ve ever lived.

    Night, all

  32. Dear emb, thanks for your nice response. Yes, you are in good hands in your community. And you still think of your wife all the time. She must have been such a very fine woman.

    I meant to say, no, you haven’t told that story before, here. About For All The Saints — who from their labors rest …

  33. Sitting at MS visitors center listening to Elvis and I gained Ann hour, so I can drive a little further, Helen Wheels I guess. Fog was eerie tonight.

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, keep us abreast (like that $50 word, GR 😉 ?) on your road tripping….I still say you need a co-pilot. I’d do it in a New York minute if I could.

    Miss Charlotte, thanks…but I’m not always right; when I am wrong, do have the courage to admit it though….tough, but I do.

    Jerry, I must have clicked on the wrong ‘copy this’ drop down….try this:


    it will take you to the whole site. The cat’s name is Pompous Albert.

    Old Bear, was wondering where you’ve been. I saw that clip on cheezeburger, watched it twice, but the cat was too fast…..Karma, indeed.

    Today’s real time strip is cute.

    Samdcastler….did you catch the Purdue and Cinn. game…..seems the one ballplayer has some anger management issues. Too bad the overtime did not come out in Purdue’s favor.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  35. And, now, my annual posting of my bad (but original) joke:

    Today belongs to Vern Al Eekwiknocks – the man who feels 50-50 about everything.

  36. Debbe darling I’d take you in a New York minute. I actually stopped at 4 something but seemed to have gotten the last room in Hattiesburg, MS. I had not realized it was epicenter of state and conveniently forgotten my relatives here! The Rolling Stones and I gave up at same time. The fog turned to rain and rain and fog.

    Plan to shower and sleep until Saturday checkout, see my lawyer and Cpa, etc on Monday. I am probably having a family member who is dying, not me. This has been an interesting day. Still coming to Indiana to see aunt and you.

    Love Jackie

  37. I know I do. Dogwood was blooming today. Have no idea about MS but luckily I have spent a lot of years on Hwy 49 and stayed here a lot so I was still on motel frequent guest list. Good thing.

  38. Jackie, You were in the heart of redneckland last night and its Mariana, but who cares? I’m right behind you as I am going to Biloxi today. I don’t think that ^ I spelled it right either but again WC? I like “In the Garden” for the tune. Same thing for “How Great Thou Art”. I’m certainly not concerned about the theology.

  39. Debbe, Pursue still holds claim to 23 NASA astronauta; including two moon walkers.

    Jackie, Hattiesburg you say. Did Army time back in the 60’s with a guy from there.

  40. TJ

    I agree – though James Loynes words are more complete and clearer.
    Enya preferred, whether the voice or rhythm ?? – the Mormons sing it too slow.
    It should be uplifting.

    Debbe – some days just don’t get near a computer. (2 miles near)

  41. side: Thanks for the insight into The Mourner’s Kadish. Wiki site enriched understanding and empathy. Wonder if my non-practicing Portuguese Jewish granddad knew of it.

    De gustibus . . .. Also love How Great Thou Art, and happily sing In the Garden when it is programmed.

    First heard How Great Thou Art from a solo bass in the Rush College [a UMC-related historically Black college in MS] choir who were visiting town on a money-raising tour back in the ’60s. Blew me away. We housed two of the women in the choir; they snuck cigarettes in our upstairs bathroom. Hope they later kicked the habit. No way they would venture out on the frozen lakes. Ice was easily 2′ thick, dozens of fish houses.

    “Vern Al Eekwiknocks – the man who feels 50-50 about everything.” Must save that. Which reminds me: For 6 months starting tomorrow, I will get more potential hours / day of sunlight than most of you. We will also probably get snow next week.

    Peace, emb

  42. Dear emb, I knew that was you in spite of the Anon. Curious — why will you get more sunlight than the rest of us?

    Today’s real time A&J, I don’t get why Meg wants to shade the baby chicks from the sun. (I firmly resisted any urge to read comments on The Dark Side.)

  43. Jackie and Jerry, thought that town was Marianna, FL. And yes, Biloxi is right. Had a friend stationed at Keesler for a while and visited he and his family there.

    Have also been to Hattiesburg, not a good memory due to circumstances involved in the visit. Car broke down on the interstate several miles out from Hattiesburg in the middle of the woods, just as it started to rain.

  44. OMG! Jackie and Debbe, on the road together! Just like Crosby and Hope…Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid…Thelma and Louise…Mila Kunis and me. (That last one is a pipe-dream, of course.) On second thought, forget T&L…their route planning sucked. As did BC&TSK’s itinerary planning, come to think of it.

    This is for Jackie, at about the time she was just entering REM sleep this morning: *BAM-BAM-BAM* “Housekeeping!”

    BAM-BAM-BAM. “Housekeeping!”

  45. Charlotte: Because I live farther from the equator from most of them, and probably from you as well, but not so much. At the equator, sun-up time is 12 hr. all yr. At the N. Pole, the 6-month long day starts today. Above the Arctic Circle, there will be at least some days when Sol is up 24 hr. Below the AC, the nights are short and the days long, but that difference lessens as you go farther from the pole. The difference is less here than at places N. of me, but greater here than places S. of me, which includes most of the Village, and probably you.

    The Village also has one Canadian on board, but I cannot remember where he [I think] is from. The most heavily populated part of Canada is father S. than I am.

    On the other hand, on the first day of astronomical spring, it’s snowing here. Pfft!

    Peace, emb

  46. Have housekeeping bring me a hair brush as well. No, forget that, a really good haircut works with long fingernails . Not sure about circles under eyes.

  47. emb, is that how they came up with the designation astronomical spring. One scientist asked another what the odds were against the beginning of spring on a given date, and got the answer “astronomical”?

  48. Amazing my life is taking an uphill turn. I have found it is often a roller coaster. The plunges aren’t anything but gut wrenching.

    Back to sleep for awhile. No one knows I am here except yall and my pet sitter. That’s a liberating feeling I suppose but I need to make some appointments for Monday?

  49. Jackie and others…when head of housekeeping, and WHEN there was a “do not disturb” sign on the door….no housekeeper was allowed to knock until check out time (1:00 pm)…it was a Hampton/Hilton ‘rule’, had a 100 percent guarantee service…but I, one Sunday, didn’t give the dimwits one….complained about a ‘soiled’ pillowcase….even brought it down….bad thing for them, it was a $120 jacuzzi room….and I cleaned it…I needed the ‘energy and solitude to get ready to ‘fire’ a whiner, lazy, and a professional demeanor from my perspective of “you can’t bullshi$ the bull$hitter”…l told them I was head of housekeeping and I personally cleaned the room, and I guaranteed them they were not soiled when I put them on.

    And the ‘guests’ still had to ask “does this mean we don’t get our discount?”…and I said “no”.

    So..remember those with the ‘do not disturb signs’, and tip your housekeeper…if she was a good one….I hate slackers.

    Sandcastler…they’re still the ‘Boilermakers’….am I right?..

    good night all…………………

  50. I don’t know Debbe, still don’t have those extra towels yet. That is a joke darling. I was considering room service too.

    Once had a boss who asked me if I would bring him coffee in bed? I told him only if he called room service.

  51. (I was writing something here and managed to press some key which made the entirety disappear and show today’s rerun without the comments. Can anyone guess/tell me which key I must have bumped? It’s likely on the left front of the typical board. I’m curious.)

    The MBH & I [ashes] are to be planted in her hometown in east central Ohio. The favorite cemetery includes some land once owned by her family several generations ago. We have purchased our plot (no discount for the prior ownership) about 25 feet from her parents’ plot. In fact, we have danced on our own graves, albeit not yet I use!

    Musically, I’d favor “For All the Saints” as mentioned; it was my parents’ favorite, sung at their funerals, and I rarely can get all the way through it without some tears. Then, at the gravesite, a good N.O.-style brass band with “When the Saints Go Marching In” slowly at first, and then with all the stops pulled out once the ashes have been interred. Maybe I will actually begin to plan a celebration for my survivors; it is customary in my family to have a fine & happy dinner out after a graveside commitment.

  52. Debbe: I hope you didn’t think I was disrespecting housekeeping staff; that was just a joke to Jackie about her weird travelling hours. My summer job every year of college was in a motel or hotel, and I know that as rule housekeepers do an outstanding (and underappreciated) job. The dumb and/or lazy ones don’t last.

    And since I worked evenings/nights, when the housekeepers were gone for the day, I was usually the one to field guest complaints, almost all of which were as unfounded as the one you described. (I actually had to handle one complaint of a Shetland pony in a room, but that wasn’t housekeeping’s fault). One older gentleman felt that the towels hanging on the wall rack behind the toilet were too close to the toilet seat when it was up. It was like six inches, and although I wanted to tell him that even Olympic Games-class bacteria could not jump that far, what I of course did was to replace the towels and wish him a good evening and a pleasant stay.

    p.s. I do always leave a (deserved) tip for the housekeeper when I check out.

  53. Dear c x-p, exactly the same thing happened to me earlier today! I think I felt for the Backspace key and hit another by mistake. EVERYTHING disappeared except the cursor (or the little vertical line) was at the very bottom of the box. I tried to get back what I wrote, no luck, and then, I tried the Backspace I think, and what I had typed came back! So, never give up — try everything.

    Good that you have planned everything. I’m so glad you are so fond of “For All The Saints.” When The Saints Go Marching In will sound terrific, I’m sure.

  54. cxp, that’s a good trick.

    Seriously, my main laptop periodically develops typing malfunctions which can result in things ranging from the cursor jumping to some completely random location in the document to part or all of the document being erased. What I do is shut the computer down; carefully tilt the computer on its side; and use a soft-bristled brush and a few shots of “canned air” to clear dust and other detritus out of the keyboard. Then it’s good to go for another few months.

    Some of the more professional and knowledgeable computer geeks here will likely have other suggestions if that one doesn’t work. Or if it’s another problem. 🙂

  55. Dearest Ghost, you have the most interesting reminiscences! And you write so wittily about your memories … very entertaining stories for us Villagers.

    How has your mother been feeling? Is she well, and are you still keeping an eye on what she is eating?

  56. “Olympic Games” reminded me: I’d have the Olympic Brass Band or one of the other New Orleans jazz marching bands play a dirge as it followed my casket from the hearse to the grave site, and then break into “Saints” when the brief ceremony was over. That is, if my estate could afford it, which it likely won’t.

    Thanks, Miz Charlotte. But remember the putative Chinese curse: “May you live an interesting life.”

    And thanks for asking about my Mom. Although once you reach a certain age every day can be an adventure, and I still keep a close check on her, she is doing remarkably well overall. Her appetite is back to normal, and she is still completely pain-free. One of her appointments this week was for a chest CT, and we go back to her radiation oncologist on Monday for the results. Given her lack of symptoms and her energy level, I’m very hopeful that the report will be good.

  57. GR6, it isn’t a habit of this laptop, and same ought not yet be too dirty since I keep it closed and it’s less than 4 months old. I imagine I just rested my left hand where it told the device to do something strange. In the suspected area are keys labelled “ctrl”, “fn”, “alt”, and something with the four out-of-kilter rectangles for the brand[?]. I haven’t the foggiest what the “fn” is for, and, as I do only simple things hereon, I probably don’t have the need to check it out…but may, anyway.

  58. Likely not the computer itself then, cxp. I don’t use many keyboard shortcuts, but there are some wacky key combinations that can do some wacky things to the screen.

    That unknown key you mentioned is the Windows key, and all I know it does is to pop up the Start Menu, the same way clicking on the Start icon on the screen does. Again, others may offer more info on that.

  59. “. . . how they came up with the designation astronomical spring.” “they” is I, though many others have probably also come up with “astronomical spring”. Some people talk/write as though crocuses should be pushing up because “it’s spring today”. Tell that to the Inuits.

    Today’s relatively active snowfall has stopped and all melted. None expected Sat. and maybe Sun., but highs w/b only in teens or 20s. There are probably a few robins around, but I’ve neither seen nor heard them. I don’t stroll outdoors in cold weather.

    Peace, emb

  60. Ctrl = control
    Fn = Function
    Alt = alternate

    control allows for “shortcut keys,” hold control key plus letter “v” to paste from clipboard, for example.

    Function is a bit like a shift key, the keys with lettering in the same color as the fn key above the primary lettering are the “functional” options (oftentimes volume and playback controls

    Alt will make certain keys to the opposite of the ordinary. For instance, hitting alt caps will give you all lower case letters.

    The four rectangles bring up your start screen in windows.

  61. Evening chuckle, encountered when browsing in my misc. verse folder:

    Locklin, Gerald. “I’ve Always Enjoyed Her Sense of Humor” / New and Selected Poems. © World Parade Books, 2008.

    She’s an old friend / And I don’t see her very often, / But she has a way of turning up / When I’m talking to a girl I’ve just met, And she will invariably storm up to us / And confront me with, “where is the child support check?!” Then turn on her heel and storm from the room, Leaving me to make inadequate explanations. WrA. 100903

    WrA. is The Writer’s Almanac, which I get M-Sat., and which always starts out with a poem. It’s free.

    Peace, emb

  62. Alt plus the left arrow key in Windows is the Show Previous Page command in most browsers.

    Our fruit trees in northern Utah are in full blossom today… a good 3 or 4 weeks ahead of normal! While those of you back east have had snow and ice, we’ve had a drought and record setting warmth these past 8 weeks.

    If it ever snows again down here in the valleys, I’ll let you know. FWIW, the ski resorts are still operating with most of their runs open. Of course they’re 3,000 feet or more higher than we are…

  63. Trucker
    We in MN are also in a drought – just upgraded to 80%


    The Writer’s Almanac, is on MPR in morning & afternoon presented by Garrison Keillor
    90% of Canadian population is South of US northern border.
    Saw a Robin today – and a Redwing Black Bird.
    TCs and we are at 45* which is VT & NH northern border – C in NH you are up that way?
    So your daylight will be about the same as ours – emb will have more. And less.

    60* here today only 30* in Concord when I looked. Alna ME had 0* first day of spring.

    I have seen the “Midnight Sun” at Summer Solstice – yup – it is the same Sun we have down here.
    (why do we say “Up” North and “Down” South? Do Australians say “Up” South and “Down” North?)

  64. I suppose that if you grow up looking at maps with North at the top and South at the bottom, that you will tend to say “up north” and “down south.” In my case, growing up along the Mississippi River, upstream was also North!

  65. If the Aussies’ maps have N to the top, I guess they’d also say “up north”. The tropicality of their N doesn’t play a role.

    Anyone know the usual time lapse between emailing JJ for another copy of the book and receiving an answer? It has been several days so far.

  66. TR

    That up stream kinda fools you – I lived in Winona for 5 years and up stream felt North –
    it wasn’t it was West. The compass in my head was always disoriented in that town.

  67. Good morning Villagers…

    GR 😉 the stories we could tell about hotel guests….and I have them, some not so funny either. And thanks for tipping. My girls started at $7.25 per hour and would clean anywhere from 10 to 12 rooms a day…some were stay overs, but on Fridays, most were check outs. And no tips. And I actually got in a little trouble over that deal. The GM (General Manager) told me..do you know they can email corporate and still get a free room and we would have to eat it? I looked at her, smiled, and told her they weren’t that smart. Then left the room.

    Been in a snarky mood with my son lately….he’s not been holding his end of the bargain at work lately…I think he’s burned out. He said yesterday, it’s just a chicken house, and at $8 an hour, it’s still a chicken house. But The Boss has helped him out a couple of times, like the time he broke his glasses and he paid the bill, but he also took it out of his pay little by little until he paid The Boss off….I reminded him of that and told him most employers wouldn’t do such things. The little ingrate.

    So I told him to get another job. He said he liked his job, I told him why he liked his job….he could get away with doing nothing. He then told me…I get things done when I have to get things done….which he does do.

    Thank you for letting me share that with you.

    Ya’ll have a happy Caturday.

  68. Good motning, I have essentially slept 24 hours alone in king size bed and am not unhappy with this. At about this time yesterday my life shifted cosmically for the better and the future looks like it may be dramatically altered. I am telling you “French Kissing Life ” was awfully symbolic to be playing about then.

    Love Jackie

  69. Just read posts and everyone is planning funerals and I am still trying to buy another sailboat to live on part time , planning trips to antipodian locations and both coasts along with sailing lessons with really great sailors Maybe I am losing weight for good reason

    Somehow I make hat and lederhosen look conservative

    Love Jackie

  70. Old Bear, that name is one I haven’t heard in awhile: Leo Frankowski.

    Jackie, it sounds like the first day of spring was a springboard to the future for you!

    Debbe, people we are related to, live with, love, work with, or have given birth to each have the most potential for getting on our last nerve. Ian is all of these. It’s a miracle you haven’t killed him already. 😉

  71. We haven’t heard from sideburns lately. Hope he is all right. I’ve now finished The Color of Magic and started The Light Fantastic. Sorry I never got to them before. I’ve also read the first 2 Matt Helm and bought the third. Thanks for the reading suggestions.

    I have one for you, find Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expecting_Someone_Taller

    It is also full of that dry British humor, and a good read. Hard to believe it has been 25 years since it was published.

    Have a great day, y’all.

  72. Hmm. Intriguing, Jackie. Intriguing. And just for the record, I wasn’t seriously planning my funeral. Or could you tell?

    Debbe 😉 They say that working with family is one of the more difficult things to do. Of course, “they” often don’t know their donkey from a hole in the ground. I’d give anything to be able to work with my father and my sister.

  73. Should be intriguing , it is. Have to make and sure my passport is current, and see my legal team. For the boats. None of which are in Florida I can assure you! Arlo isn’t the only one with sailing dreams in faraway places.

    Sorry JJ, wish you’d do boats again. For Arlo.
    Love Jackie

  74. GR6, I blame it on the internet. Our generation knows the difference. A donkey is kept in the stable and that hole in the ground is the water well. The next thing you know they will be trying to convince us that donkeys can be self actualizing and water is found in bottles.

  75. Interesting thing of course is rather the net has made possible long distance friendships with real people that end up as reality. Who would have suspected? And boats to buy in states that aren’t thought of as coastal

  76. Ghost and Sand, everyone knows that Donkey is Shrek’s friend, a-hole is an insult and ground is how you describe the coffee at Starbucks. You surely underestimate the younger folks; you’d be as smart if you knew as much as they do, especially about Love.

  77. Sorry to be late again. Busy week with grandkids. Since some have mentioned computer questions, i’d like to bring up an old topic. I have a Dell laptop, not terribly old but for some reason, I can not get any sound on videos such as U Tube etc. I have I Tunes and my library has sound that I have recorded. Both speakers work as per tests but no sound on any videos. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also have a problem with Adobe. I keep getting a message that a I need the latest version. Could this be part of the problem? Not having been born in the computer generation, I’m lost.

    Prayers and blessings to everyone.

  78. Mark in TT

    Two other Tom Holt with the dry wit and taken from Saga’s
    Who’s afraid of Beowulf?
    Flying Dutch

    Don’t forget to get The Steel Mirror –
    Night Walker
    Murder Twice Told
    Assassins Have Starry Eyes
    when you read them you have to put yourself back in the time they were written.(1948-54)
    Your minds eye has to see the dresses, cars, hair styles – and he helps tremendously.

  79. Thanks Old Bear. It looks like a British publishing company put all the Matt Helm books back in print a few years ago, including the e-versions so they are easy to find. Have you read the Parker series? They are all in e-versions these days too, but pricey for something from a university press. Looks like the author gave rights to a university when he died.

    Domaucan1, go to YouTube and when you play a video, look at the volume control YouTube has. It might be muted or turned very low. Try adjusting it and see if that helps. And sometimes the computer just gets crazy. I have to listen to dictation sometimes and my work computer is only about a year old. But the other day the sound on the remote pc stopped working and I had to restart the computer to get it back.

  80. domaucan1: Seems to me that recently all Youtube vids have been opening with sound muted as the default, and I have to unmute (demute?) it. (The little speaker icon at the bottom of the video.) Perhaps because of complaints about what immediately blared from the speakers when people opened a video at work?

    Caution: Be careful of messages that Adobe needs to be updated. It sometimes does, but not long ago, that message popped up on my screen and even without me clicking on anything, downloaded a Trojan (neither the soldier nor prophylactic version) that began high-jacking Google Chrome. Fortunately, my security programs were good enough to make short work of it.

    Personally, I would only update Adobe by going to directly to their website. Or if you use Chrome, it should keep Adobe updated for you automatically.

  81. Evan: Love or Lust? 🙂

    And “a-hole in the ground” is a circumstance I’d like to see applied to several people I know. You know, the ones whose names you’d put in a memo…

    To: Karma
    From: Ghost
    Subj: A list of the people you missed

  82. Jackie: Just how much hair do you actually have? 🙂

    According to Weaponsman on the InterWebNet, the USAF’s latest version close ground-attack gunship, a descendant of the AC-47 Spooky and the AC-130H Spectre, is the “J” model, which will eventually be equipped with a high-powered laser instead of a cannon. The plane has been ycleped…


    How cool is that?

  83. GR6, don’t mention recycle in Evan’s ear, who might lust after you. For the record, I drink espresso, black. Coffee, flavored or with milk, is for the training wheel set. Shrek is dated, Frozen is hot.

    Off to watch another day basketball. Pot roast in the slow cooker. My lovely bride will do the mashed potatoes and gravy.

  84. Ghost, that is cool indeed. Wonder if the namer also read the Honor Harrington books. There is a stealth drone called Ghost Rider in them.

    Another reading suggestion if you like fantasy. The Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne. You can get the first few as a set in e-book form, cheaper than buying the individual volumes.

  85. The prolouge to “Rust: The Longest War” by: Jonathan Waldman.


    They say a lot of things about boats. They say a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into. They say boat stands for “bring out another thousand.”They say that the pleasures of owning and sailing a boat are comparable to standing, fully clothed, in a cold shower while tearing up twenty-dollar bills. Consequently, they say that the best day of a sailor’s life, aside from the day he buys a boat, is the day he sells it. Ignoring all of this wisdom, I bought a forty-foot sailboat. This was at the end of 2007. She was in San Carlos, Mexico, at a pretty marina on the Sea of Cortés. There were palm trees and haciendas, with deep sparkling water to the west, a rugged volcanic tower to the east, and an immaculate Sonoran sky overhead. With two friends, we split her three ways. I’d thought she was a bargain, but the marina was more bonita than our new boat. Our sloop was thirty years old, and showed her age. There were little rust rings around every screw on the deck, rust stains on the stanchions, bow pulpit, and pushpit, streaks of rust down the topsides. A white powder surrounded the rivets in the mast. The jib car tracks had corroded so badly that there was a layer of goop beneath them. Some of the bronze through-hulls had turned a frightening green, while a few of the seacocks were so corroded that they wouldn’t budge. The stainless steel water tanks had rusted, too, and they leaked. Her appearance was at first so grim that I wished we had named her the Unshine, which would have been a very easy change from Sunshine. Instead we chose an obscure Greek word that nobody could pronounce or define. But if Syzygy had cosmetic defects, we didn’t care. Then we took her sailing. The diesel engine overheated on the way out of the marina, because the heat exchanger was caked up with rust. The reef hook had rusted so badly that it snapped the first time we furled the mainsail. Blocks had seized up, and the winches were so tight they offered little mechanical advantage. The wind vane almost fell off. Instruments didn’t work, because the copper wires winding through the bilge had corroded so thoroughly that they no longer conducted electrical current. Shackles, turnbuckles, clevis pins, chain plates, backing plates, furler bearings, engine parts, the windlass axle—everything that could rust had rusted. Water, salt, air, and time had taken their standard toll, and corroded my bank account, too. That’s how rust ate into my life . . .

  86. Ghost: How much does each of those gunships cost us taxpayers?

    Sand: “Coffee, flavored or with milk, is for the training wheel set.” De gustibus . . .. I’ve no use for flavored, but many mature adults do. I do, however, want milk w/ a little milkfat in either decaf or high octane. Likewise in tea, though straight skim is ok there. Green tea in Chinese restaurants is ok.

    Peace, emb

  87. Thanks, Bear. To me, Spitfires have a raptor-like beauty. And they *sound* the way a piston-engined fighter should.

    The fly-away cost of an AC-130J…$67.3 million. The cost of not having AC-130Js or any other combat aircraft…oh, I don’t know, our freedom, perhaps.

  88. Don’t worry, Mark, I’ve been doing just fine, I just haven’t had anything to say here for the last few days. And, BTW, I don’t call the coffee at Starbucks “ground,” I call it “over-roasted, burnt and bitter.” And I call the company “Charbux” because they’re busy convincing ignorant phules that that’s how real coffee is supposed to taste.

  89. Sand, I know all that. Mike was a broker and I did maintenance on a ton of boats on Clear Lake on all the marinas with myself and a miserable bunch of teenage boys who were my daughter’s friends. For people with more money than time. Me and the boats and the seagulls usually and the expensive Dock Queens.

    Our schooner is down in Pensacola and still beautiful after some major refurbishing with a loving new owner, not me. I bought her once and would have done it twice.

    These boats are for me if I buy them. Two are already paid for, along with the nine or so I presently own, whole or in part!

    But your point is valid of course. And who knows, I may finally get a book written?

    Love Jackie

  90. Definition of “stainless steel” – Steel that stains less.

    That said, I do have a S&W J-frame .38 Special in stainless steel as my bathroom gun.

    What’s that you say? You don’t have a bathroom gun? Don’t you remember what happened to Vincent Vega when he when to the bathroom in Butch’s apartment and left the suppressed MAC-10 out of reach on a kitchen counter? Hint: It didn’t end well for Vincent.

  91. OK, I am in a better frame of mind, have stacks of towels, a life long friend in housekeeping and yes, I have always tipped well. I told her Debbes story and we talked about rude and cheap guests. When my children are along I tip even better, some of them aren’t sweet to those who wait.

    I meant to ask, was that your substitution for a hair dryer, Ghost. Not long hair anymore but still thick. Plenty of fresh towels but hair brush still missing.

    Love Jackie

  92. Since I am in a little better mood I will admit to staying in Hattiesburg because I have a nice room at a fraction of what I paid for lousy ones I Florida and it is far cheaper to stay here and end up in Monroe on Monday when I can see people I have been putting off seeing.
    Who would have thought of Hattiesburg as a vacation spot? I noticed a Gander Mountain, so maybe I can further enrich the local economy as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said. That doesn’t look right?

  93. Jackie, if you had been there a week earlier, you could have driven over to Lumberton and watched the Gulf Wars of the SCA. It ended last Sunday, though. Enjoy the quiet, get yourself ready for Monday, and relax. Too bad there’s no place where you could go sit on a pier/dock and watch the water, that always helped me. Or in a quiet wooded place.

  94. You are a truly nice person, Mark. I agree, both help me as well, I have a song I especially love by my friend Kelly McGuire called “Solitude ” which really speaks of the powerful effects of water. I used to love being on boats in marinas alone. The rigging, masts and lines all speak to you.

    I know you are a whiz at finding links and I’m not. I imagine the songs on net, it is from album, Boat in Belize.

    By the way, I love yours and Mindys cat photos on Fb. My pet sitter has tamed the tortie cat who had kittens in my master bath closet. She named her Hootchy Mama There are 5 kittens thee ginger, one black and white and a grayish sealpoint.

  95. Sorry Jackie, but I didn’t see you at the Beau last night, but there were too many spring breakers to pick you out. We ate at Anthony’s last night and Aunt Ginny’s at lunch today. Paradise! Again I have not read today yet but did you see about the reporter who signed off tv and had a fatal brain hemmorage? She worked for WABC and was only 49 years old. Very very sad.

  96. Jackie, from what I remember of Hattiesburg, your motel is probably on or near either Hwy 49 or Hwy 98. In either case, you’d not be far from the lcoal Mountain of Ganders, where they probably have the size and flavor of pistol ammo I recommended to you. You would also be close to the Crescent City Grill (Hardy Street just east of I-59) which, if still as good as the last time I was there (and it’s been a while), would be a good place for dinner. Unfortunately, the weather radar shows you would likely require more towels to dry your hair should you go out. (Yes, that is what I meant about the towels…but was curious about your hair, too.) Also, unfortunately, you will miss this by not being there Monday. (Ain’t the InterWebNet wonderful?)


    I’ll not delve into the dichotomy of a yoga class and the self-defense class I attended next week. But each has its place and its use.

  97. Sort of caught up now. I have had those kinds of computer problems too. If the magic words don’t work , a verbal threat accompanied by a clenched fist is my last resort. I understand that Putin is threatening Denmark. The WWII general’s answer to the German demand to surrender would be appropriate in at least 3 ways that I can think of. Debbe, I had a polite conversation with my bipolar sister-in-law Friday which ended with her hanging up on me. She then apparently went to my mother and told her how rude I was. When I called my mother she read me the riot act for my “rudeness”. She almost got me to the point where she became correct but I managed to resist. A little courtesy and respect from someone would be nice about now.

  98. Well, I have to call those people Monday morning actually. Maybe I can go pickup some ammo after I dig the note out. I am busy having Smartphone catastrophes. And not wearing my glasses. I honestly was trying for Monroe, LA from Cocoa Beach,

    I am no longer the road warrior I once was. I once drove from Houston to Dallas in about 3 hours and places like El Paso to Houston overnight. I always liked driving at night late with almost no one on road, listening to rowdy music to stay awake. I was wishing fora sports car again until I hit the fog and rain!

  99. You know in college I took a ballet class with most of football team. Coach thought it would aid in flexibility and balance, etc. Might be norm now? Those big tackles and linebackers did not rock those leotards. My late husband was taking yoga as well, although he never mentioned it. I get msg. When class is cancelled still..

  100. Jackie, a G-Wagon could put the “warrior” back into “road warrior” for you.


    My sister tried to get me to join her ballet class many years ago, as they needed someone big and strong enough to lift the ballerinas. As tempting as that idea was, I didn’t have the time at the time. Besides, I was then doing 3x a week high-impact aerobics with a class of skimpily-clad young ladies (many of them former HS and college cheerleaders) then, and I really didn’t need any additional stimulation. 😉

  101. Got tired of sticking foot in mouth with Smartphone but my nails are too long for laptop keyboard, may be no better.

    Looked at the Mercedes, Base model costs twice what the 24 foot sailboat would cost. So how did you know I hated mini-vans? And does the Mercedes go in water also? Probably for crossing rivers.

    Should have gone to gym I did in New Orleans with bunny pack. Oh wait, no men allowed, all women then. Ditto the show girls in Hawaii, my trainer liked bare chests, women only too.

    The Mercedes sells well around Santa Fe and El Paso, or that is where I saw them. Trying to remember where dealership was that had them on rocks, inclines out front. tilted.

    The sailboat has a $15,000 trailer included in price, so it is good deal, custom manufactured.

    I am so former that I define past it!

    You know what one of my favorite cars used to be? The Lincoln Mark 8 in all black with silver
    customization on wheels, etc. Black on black. Swore I would buy one at first opportunity but of course it is no longer made. Somewhat like Ghost’s Crown Vic in all black on black is actually not only comfortable but elegant.

    Didn’t look at packages but figure that G-wagon has a heavy tow package. Lord, I am sounding like a car salesman again! Used to sell tow packages on Lincolns and wondered how many people actually towed anything.Did sell a town car to a brahma rancher who hauled hay out in trunk to feed his favorite bulls. Wondered if it kept undented. I was once inside a truck late one night that got flipped by some.Majorally mauled and dented.

  102. Ghost, I saw the Crescent City Grill, road warrior trick, spotting good places. Unfortunately I hate eating alone and second I am following my old boarding school dictum for dealing with anorectics, you had to eat one thing on table. So, I had a Greek yogurt and Diet Coke for dinner.
    Of course most of my friends then went and threw up, being bulimic.

    My pet sitter called to see if I was eating. She will put me on list to feed.

    Did I mention that MS once was in my sales territory a long time ago? Also when I was with feds and then I last managed a salesman who company tried to keep from being fired. He did anyway as he wouldn’t work as hard as I tried to make him and never showed up for appointments. He was repoing cars and serving arrest warrants on bounty for his wife instead. More profit.

  103. Jackie, sorry you hate to eat alone. I’ve eaten alone so often I have a hard time eating with other folks at the table. If I am eating out, I order my food, pull out my phone and find a book I want to read, and enjoy. Before I started using my phone for an ebook reader, I would take a paperback everywhere. As long as I had something to read, I didn’t really feel I was alone.

    About the rule for anorexics, “you had to eat one thing on the table”. You couldn’t use a plate? I always got a laugh out of the wording on the Heinz 57 bottle “Great on the table”. Really? Most people probably use it on their food, so who ate a table with it?

  104. Very classy ride, Ghost. I always sold a lot of Gran Marquis bur the guy who ordered them never brought in black ones. And weird thing was I didn’t like Lincolns except the Mark, I also dislike minivans and sold a lot of them as well. I have been known to trade them in for other cars, in fact notorious for doing so. Also vans of most any kind.Like trucks but my old v-8 Ford is still doing well.
    Does your Crown Victoria have the black interior package?

  105. A friend saw this in a paper and sent it. It happens when, during ice breakup on a largish lake, the wind blows steadily in one direction. Fortunately, this is a beach at a state park, but there are lakeshore homes within a mile.

    Later, when the ice has dwindled from 2′ thick or more down to broken up crud of an inch or so, the chipped ice may pile up on the shore. I’ve seen it so high that I could not see the lake itself over it. You can hear the bank tinkling as the ice melts. People wager / the date of final ice-out. I don’t.


  106. The fact I hate eating alone also carries over to cooking for myself so I either don’t eat or eat badly despite some serious behavior mod instructions.

    Is the coast still crawling with spring breakers? The oysters at Half Shell looked good on menu, especially fire grilled which are low calorie and healthy.

  107. Grey leather interior, Jackie, although I would have preferred black.

    Have you ruled out Weight Watchers? Preplanning your meals for the day helps you maintain an eating schedule and insures you get a balanced nutrition on a regular basis while still reducing your weight.

    Spring break seems to me to last about six months, since all of FL and Lower AL now seem to draw from everywhere east of the Mississippi and even some parts further west. I’m going to try to hit LA between spring break and school letting out for the summer. Providing I have the spondulicks.

    Grilled; baked; soup or bisque; and fried are my favorite oysters preps, in order of preference.

  108. I am dragging some kind of wooden boat I have promised to the Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Show in Franklin, LA April 17 to April 19, rhe organizer is a friend Roger Stouffe who writes for Franklin paper and is aut of a ton of books. One genre he writes in is science fiction fantasy, most of his books can be downloaded. My favorite is Native Waters which is more environmentally concerned.

    Anyway, they hold a big party for the boat group and cook for us all sorts of Cajun food and beverage. Set up a big cooking center which is only for us. This is a fun show, no pretense, just a laid back party.

    There is one particular restaurant that has been pan grilling oysters for over a hundred years, actually I think that’s in Abbeville but I pretty much try to make this into a trek for oysters!

  109. Trucker I too carried a wheel chair at the end for my mom and Mike. I also drove them to deliver flowers and samples when I was in sales. In fact I have driven and owned them since 1971, a lot.

    But I don’t like them. Sometimes you drive some rhino for necessity. I apologize for my smart aleck mouth.

  110. Several years ago, after our faithful minivan was totaled by a careless neighbor, we went through a series of rental SUVs provided by the insurance company. While we appreciated the free use of those vehicles (and enjoyed exploring the various accessories!), we quickly noticed how much more fuel they took! Once the dust settled on the paperwork and we had a replacement minivan, it was a relief to return to our normal fuel usage.

  111. The best car I’ve had yet was a Toyota minivan from the generation before the Previa. It had the motor mounted between the front seats, tons of legroom and headroom, decent gas mileage and if you took the back seats you could haul darn near anything. Ex and I got a huge cut Christmas tree into it that had the top between the two front seats and the trunk almost on the rear hatch, with all the doors closed! Because of the fact that you were sitting above the front wheels, you had great visibility. You could also drive down the aisle of a parking lot and comfortably turn and park on the opposite side. Blown head gasket did it in (third time) only bad part of the design was poor cooling in this part of the country.

    It looked a lot like this:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Other-Base-/231510498797?forcerrptr=true&hash=item35e719dded&item=231510498797

  112. We owned three Mercury Villagers that each got about 400,o00 miles on each and got sold and kept going. They were hard to kill. And yes, I have carried plywood and tons of building materials, boats and a million samples in them. I have a year old Honda right now and it is best minivans I have driven. That is a car sales man speaking. It is what it should be.

    But there is a huge difference between something that serves a purpose and something you are passionate about and makes your heart sing. A black Mark 8 or a red Corvette or sometimes a less pretensious vehicle can do same. I am partial to big Ford trucks in black and red.

  113. Good morning Villagers…..

    Staying home today…Ian just left, going to be a long day for him. Anxiety is mounting….I dread the next couple of weeks…..this will be my 4th hen house cleansing, and it’s not an easy task. Going to be working two straight weeks.

    And yes, Denise, it is a miracle. I use to say to Ian (to quote Bill Cosby)….”I can take you out of this world, ’cause I can make another one like you”! But, he’s my one and only child. And he is spoiled. It was just me and him for ten years before I married. I was walking out the door the third time from his father (we weren’t married, just together for 14 years) when I discovered I was pregnant…at 35…I kept walking and didn’t look back.

    GR 😉 I worked with my mother in the bridal shop business for 14 years and Ian worked with me at the hotel, and now at the hen houses….I still wouldn’t change anything in the world for those and present opportunities…..and there were times. Like the the time I super glued the decimal on the the ten key calculator on my mother (I was the bookkeeper, with no computer)….she kept changing it, and when I would come back to add up checks, checkbook, my totals just didn’t calculate…so I ‘glued’ it…it didn’t go over well then, but we laugh about it today.

    Jerry, I pulled up the article on the female news anchor…tragic, and she had just left a news scene in which she was reporting a fire.

    And Note Dame beat Butler…sad story there too. Husband told me the mother of the Coach of Notre Dame had died yesterday. He didn’t tell his team until afterwards.

    Just full of……sad news today….think I’ll go back to bed for a while.

    Oh, worked with Kyler’s mother yesterday (my husband and Ian watched Little Red Chief). She was telling me of his aggressive 2 and 1/2 year old behavior. He mimics her and hits her. Came home for work yesterday, and my husband said that Kyler was a ‘monster’. The little turd threw my glasses in the trash…..made him sit in the corner for 10 minutes, you would have thought I’d beaten him.


  114. Debbe, I could not go back to sleep with out telling there are courageous women and you know who you are. Lying here thinking about that. Sometimes walking is the hardest thing to do and far braver than those who stay.

    You deserve kidnapping by a crazy cat lady with a propensity for liking those she knows are survivors.

    Love Jackie

  115. Another thought, you can only spend the money twice Thinking about pickups and carports, used sailboats and face lifts and tummy tuck and which would make me happier and bring more quality to life? All are about equal in cost, if not pain, and none essential to life if one removes the element of enjoyment

    My irreverent mind probably offends some, so I apologize now. On positive side I don’t give a hoot about jewelry social standing or who “right people” are in life.

  116. Love today’s A&J. It is so true – actually the subject of a sermon I heard this past week – how love grows sweeter and deeper as we mature and travel through the trials and tribulations of this world.

  117. Jackie….I always wanted a ‘knee’ tuck…..I had great looking legs in my day, and was not afraid to show it. But just like everything else…the law of gravity is cruel to both sexes 🙂

  118. Jackie, yeah, I get this ‘catch’ and ‘pop’ every now and then. So instead of ‘knee tucks”…it may be knee surgery later….but as I long as I can walk those 600 foot aisles at work, I’m doing pretty good. I just don’t like to run them if there’s a problem with augers and I have to run into the packing room and shut them down.

    It’s the hips that bother me the most…but, walking is good for me. I cannot sit for very long times…I’ve got to ‘move it, move it, move it’….plus, a couple of pain pills help.

  119. Well, I love Springsteen too, Debbe but I was rather hoping you meant Bruce (Lee) or (Lenny) Bruce both of whom eyelids might apply!

    Have not had my anti-depressant yet this morning. Short of total body lift I might have to work at this piece meal.

  120. Jackie…know of both Bruces’…but Lenny was way ahead of his time. He would fit in well with today’s ‘sick’ comedy slick.

    Watched “The Angriest Man In Brooklyn” the other evening with Ian on Netflix. I saw nothing but sorrow in Robin’s face…he didn’t even have to act, his true human demons came thru in that movie. Then Ian pulled up “Good Morning Vietnam”…..(Ian had never seen it before), and I watched his face closely….still I saw and ‘looked’ at his expressions and saw a sadness.. My nephew-in-law, Andrew, suffers from bi-polar..and is not medicated.

  121. For me, when it comes to vehicles, the “huge difference between something that serves a purpose and something you are passionate about and makes your heart sing” is the difference between a reliable tool and a fun toy. If you have a heavy load to move, an old, reliable Volvo VN tractor-trailer beats the sexiest, loaded-with-gizmos pickup truck by a country mile.

    My SIL is trying to justify buying one of these because it makes his heart sing: http://www.icarreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2012-Ram-5500-.jpg

  122. Bruce Lee was mentioned in my self-defense class last week. One of the instructors was teaching the class (which included a good number of petite females) how to punch an attacker and made the point that size and strength are not nearly as important as how their punches are directed into force. “Bruce Lee weighed only 140 pounds, but he put every ounce of that into every strike. Would you want Bruce Lee to punch you?” he asked one of the other tall, muscular instructors.

    “Hell, no,” the instructor replied. “Not even right now, and he’s been dead for 40 years.”

  123. TR…yes, yes,, oh,oh, and oh my gosh, (hand hitiing on the table) and the little old lady sitting next to the table says “I”ll have what she is is having!”
    Nice truck!

  124. About hearts singing, well it does that for mine too! And something I have been thinking of for awhile too. Sorry I got a dramatic lesson in how fast it can end. I am beyond mid-life crisis, I think I have moved into Jack Nicholson territory.

  125. Love Jack. Pretty good analogy for me I have always thought, even the “I’m baaack” or the old ones.

    But age contributes Debbe, I almost said something really bad about the bad boy t ruck but you did it better. I am going to keep my old red one but if I have time in Louisiana may look at one at my hometown dealership or see if my cousin still wants to unload either black Expedition or the black pickup I didn’t buy last go around.

    Going to drive to Monroe in little while, am packed up. I know where the stores are over there and can dump my dirty laundry in one of my houses and get car washed. I have pretty much run out of clothes and tolerance. Hope I don’t have family funeral.

  126. Thought for the Day: Always try to be tactful. For example, rather than telling someone that they are stupid, just tell them they seem to have bad luck when they think.

  127. Two out of three not bad. Favorite songs. I would have thought red dress. It is raining in Jackson, MS and spring. Wisteria, dogwoods, jonquils and green trees. When did that happen?

    Somehow all the towns names on 49 were like ghosts, not like Ghost, but wisps of my past.

    Devil With Blue Dress was always a favorite.

    Ate a couple of chicken strips and a Glucerna snack bar with the Diet Coke. Everything tastes awful actually too salty, too sweet too acidic.

    A strange thing, top is falling off loose but I think an under wire would raise things!

    Love Jackie

  128. Jackie, dogwoods, redbuds, Bradford pears and Jonquils are blooming here. But it rained all yesterday afternoon and so far all day today. The dandelions have got a head start on the lawn, too.

  129. I went to Florida in one of worse ice and snow storms, to below Atlanta.

    Getting more advice to not buy 24 ft. Sailboat from good friend (s) who are all boaters and one is a naval architect. If I don’t get to lawyers and brokers, I will never buy anything.

    I noticed you never say complimentary things about me being classy, Ghost despite a finishing school to prepare me for an elevated social position? Could it have something to do with having been a car salesman? Or a road warrior? Or sailor and boat scrubber? Or an ag major? Or any number of unlady like admissions?

    Love Jackie

  130. Jackie, to me you embody equal parts of classy lady and salty broad. And both are compliments, as far as I am concerned.

    And yes, do see that the twins are properly supported.

  131. I think the current staff at the Dick Tracy strip are either A&J fans or Twilight Zone watchers. Check out the subtle reference in the Sunday strip. We talked about that TZ episode here not that long ago.

  132. I have a BS in agricultural business administration minor in horticulture. Couldn’t get into vet school but I had been an animal husbandry major. No jokes!

    I also have Pre Law degree with liberal arts, mostly journalism and theater arts. It was to go to law school but they didn’t want me either in sense of education
    this background I attended University of Hawaii Rice University in grad school in business for MBA. Didn’t finish.

    I am an educational success or failure depending on how you spin it.

  133. Thanks for the song post, Mark I believe. Life is hectic right now. And I am still sick. Yuck.

    As for funeral songs, we played a Backstreet Boys song (My mom was a huge fan. I know.) and Elvis’s Peace in the Valley. Speaking of, she would have been 62 today.

    Jackie – If everything tastes off, switch to fresh fruits and veggies. If I was motivated, I would have had a Cobb salad and fresh strawberries and pineapples over fro-yo.

    I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota quad cab that hasn’t moved in two years. Long story. The only thing I really miss is the remote start. My 1992 Dodge Spirit, Herbie, 211,000+ miles later, is my baby. Still gets 30 highway.

    The squirrel is Blacklight’s new nemesis.

  134. Mindy, I saw you and mom pictures today. And Blacklist and squirrel.

    Am in Monroe, LA in carport of mom’s house which will be demolished soon I hope. Taking van in to Honda shop in morning for oil and brakes. Yes, I said brakes. And get a rental car, leave this one with them and get it detailed too.

    Need to get a motel, this end of town has gone down badly.

    May have to kidnap you too.

  135. Checked today’s Dick Tracy cartoon. Could be, Mark. Thing that amazed me, though, was that DT has drawn 131 comments on gocomics.com in the past 19 hours. A&J readers, both here and on TDS, seem reticent by comparison.

  136. cexp, we talked about the “Stop at Willoughby” Twilight Zone episode, where the final shot was of a hearse labeled Willoughby Funeral Home. And today’s Tracy has a villain’s funeral being held at Willoughby Funeral Home. So either someone on the Tracy staff picked up on our discussions, or they are fans of the TV show. Wonder which? If it’s the Village, maybe the artists will let us know.

    Anyway, right now A&J and Dick Tracy are the only 2 strips I look at daily. A&J first, Tracy after. The current team are doing quite well, I think. Art and storylines are the best since Max Allan Collins left the strip.

  137. I’ll not dignify that with a *groan*.

    The few times I’ve looked at Luann, I noticed they seem to have a lot a fanbois…and fangirls…commenting, also. And nothing really seems to ever happen over there.

  138. Gunther grew a beard after running away to Peru with girl friend, got drunk, quit wearing plaid shirts and came home. Not in that order. And of course that was over month ago. I am down to A and J.

  139. So I am inferring that TDS is the comments section of the A&J daily strip at GoComics. Since I get A&J in my newspaper, I do not often go there.

    The only strip I would currently put on a par with A&J is Zits. I do enjoy Baby Blues a good bit, but it is not on the same tier. BC and the Wizard of Id are still good strips overall, but the loss of Johnny Hart took them out of the top tier for me.

    I have also thought about the times that Our Humble Author has veered out of the gag-a-day format and into exposition format regarding relationships and such, ie, the Gene and Mary Lou romance/marriage. Indeed, Mary Lou’s pregnancy was certainly one of those times. Yet it always struck me that there was some humor and/or whimsy underlying those stretches– it never got as stark and message-laden as other strips have gotten. And I truly enjoyed it when Our Humble Author used a plot device that occurred about 4 times a season during the 1st 3 seasons of “Downton Abbey” (I quit watching after that final two minutes of the 3rd season, but I digress):


    Our Humble Author can be profound, but some other strips self-congratulate continually of their Profound Profundity and the Teaching of Important Lessons. That is not the sense I ever get from any A&J strip. I think if Our Humble Author ever wants to send a message, he will hire Western Union. 😉

  140. Jackie, I bought a big truck for my enjoyment. The excuse was it needed to be big enough to tow the 9000 lb camper trailer. The trailer had to be big enough to have room for my dialysis equipment. I have a Dodge 3500, non-dually, gas enigine (6.4 L Hemi). It is the Lonestar edition, has sophisticated electronics, nav system, a two ton payload and 17,000 pound towing capacity. The engine computer has an economy mode the drops the active cylinder count and really boosts mileage. It had enough power to accelerate up the east slope of the Rockies. The only constraint was how much gas I burned. Accelerating up a 15 degree slope with 10,000 pounds of trailer and gear uses a LOT of gas.

  141. Debbe 😉 Almost forgot your props for your $50 word from the other day…”abreast”. Worth every dollar of it, too. 😉 It always reminds me of a cartoon of many years ago, titled “Two men walking a breast”. Febrile imaginations can fill in the details, if desired.

    “Move it, move it, move it.” 🙂


  142. My goodness, David in Austin, that is an awful lot of equipment! But I can see that you really need it, and you also know what to do with it … good for you. It must be fun to drive.

  143. Jackie, tell the dealer you’ll buy a Ram pickup if Sam Elliott comes with it. Bet if they used his voice for the navigation system the number sold to women would increase.

  144. Charlotte, and it will be even more fun and fuel-efficient now that he no longer needs the dialysis equipment. Hooray for modern medicine!!!

  145. Miserable motels here. Where do those Duck women shop? OK, I am spoiled. Tulsa has awesome shops as soon as I lose enough weight to fit in them so I can feel it’s money well spent. Never shopped OKC but I doubt. Tulsa is like Houston only compacted into less square miles.

  146. Mark, Loon would just live in the truck if Sam’s voiced boomed out of the GPS.

    Jackie, Houston is not that big, it’s just stretched out from east to west.

  147. Mark, you are so right! Miz Charlotte, truth be told I only need the truck sometimes, but I drive it all the time. It’s a crew cab, so I keep a foam bed in the back seat for my dog, Trudi (German shorthair pointer), to ride with me. She likes to “go” even if it’s only to the post office. It’s also a 4-wheel drive, so we use it on the beach and in the deer woods.

  148. Thanks a lot, David. Like I needed my pickup truck fever stoked. 🙂

    A little more waist-line loss, and I am gettin’ me a pair of Levi’s. A while back, I told one of my fellow managers I was going to do that when I got back down to a 34-inch waistband, and she said, “Hell, Ghost, if you get down to a 34-inch waistband, *I’ll* buy you a pair of Levi’s.” I need to remind her of that. (I think she likes me.)

  149. David I am going truck shopping. But my favorite has always been the Ford king ranch edition in black or the Harley one. Haven’t looked in awhile. My present one has Hemi V8 and I have loved it and won’t trade in.

    Take a shower and look at truck and boat porn, I am being advised to get a Grand Banks 32 trawler. I already have idea on cost. Five star boat.

    Oh, and a lovely motel materialized with great king suites and I get discounts and great rates. They took over a lux property I used to stayat. Real road warrior blind dumb luck. Maybe good stores will appear next?

    Sand, I lived in Houston from 1974 to 1996. I was a charter member of Kingwood Country Club, then moved to waterfront home with boat slips, so opposite poles in Houston! It’s only not a big town in comparison to Beijing, China maybe.

  150. Still have to figure out how to carry while wearing Levi’s. Not sure how that’s gonna work. A Colt SAA revolver in a gunslinger rig is not really my style, even if it would go with the jeans. 🙂

  151. So, what kind of truck do you lust for, Ghost? Has to be black.

    Sitting on this leather chair reminded me of the hazards of leather in hot humid climates. Of course the one I just bought for daughter has both butt heat and cooling for leather seats Suv not truck. She is barely 5 feet tall and has to have extending pedals to drive it.

    We are all short. Actually she isn’t even that tall but she’d require a child’s seat if she were much shorter.

    Send photos of jeans.

    Love Jackie

  152. Just looked at truck porn. King Ranch still comes in black with black interior and leather seats and butt cooling and heat. It is much nicer than last time I looked. Love the lowering rails to get in. Reference short people comment. It would trade for the 24 ft. Sailboat in cost and more practical actually but it could also haul the 24 ft. One too with weight I think. Too tired to check.

  153. Jackie, I don’t know from boats, but I googled up a Youtube video of a Grand Banks 32, and my first impression was “floating split-level motor home”. My second impression was “you’re gonna need to hire a Captain Ron after all”. More’s the luck, it’s pretty late for me to trade in my commercial pilot’s certificate for a captain’s ticket now, even though I understand from talking to some boat captains that the requirements for each are remarkably similar.

  154. F-150, black, and do they still make the Platinum Edition? A friend has one, I think a 2012, but I’ve resisted looking to see lately.

  155. Yep, my dealer has a 2015 F-150 Platinum in Tuxedo Black Metallic (like my CV) on the lot for only $60,500. Wonder what kind of deal my salesman would make me.

    Truck porn, indeed. 🙂

  156. The Dodge 3500 is black, but seats are not. Heated seats and steering wheel, but seats are cloth. No carpet in floor so I can sweep it or hose it out. Only thing imperfect about it is not an 8′ bed. With crew cab the bed is only 6 feet. It was offered at about $20K less than the diesel with leather seats. I like Ford, too, but couldn’t find anything other than King Ranch edition in non-dual F350.

  157. Ghost I plan to park it if I buy one and live aboard at least for extended periods. There is a used one in Madisonville right now I would like to look at. I have not seen one or else I may have washed some and forgotten. Houston in the water boat show is a blur in the past.

    I bet you could learn to navigate one. I’d never know unless you hit something big. Remember that river boat in Memphis you told us about?

    You must know that while I make sarcastic remarks at times, I am usually dead seious. I’ve another friend who says he will be disappointed if I don’t do something like this. While a helicopter pilot I don’t think his wife will go for the idea.

    The job gets more interesting doesn’t it? Of course with a boat like that I might have to go to a central American country to afford plastic surgery!

    Be sure and send photos of jeans with application form. Body guard counts for points.

    Love, Jackie

  158. That’s what plastic surgery is for, but then you might also be a qualified trainer? Quite certain you can keep me on a diet.

    Drinking water to try and hydrate skin, Diet Coke is terrible addiction.

    It’s like my old friend from WW said. “If I die trying to get down to fit in these pants they can all say Don’t she look good in them purple hip huggers? At my funeral.

    Love Jackie

  159. Good morning Villagers…

    Congrats Sandcastler….now for Thursday night 🙂 Wichita or Notre Dame……you know what I’m going to post, don’t ya know?

    TR….again, nice rig (I won’t do my Meg Ryan impersonation again, it took it out of me 🙂 )

    JACKIE, DRINK WATER. I should talk, I limit myself to a couple of Diet Dews a day, then tea at home, or juice then water; or if it’s Payday…well, we know what I treat myself to.

    Back to work. Starting to get anxious over this cleaning business….I know I am not going to put myself out like I did when we cleaned my hen house. I told The Boss the other morning when he stepped in for a while, that Ian and Andrew have told me I think too much. The Boss said I was like him, and that is why, If he could afford it, I would be supervisor over both buildings and that is all I would do….make sure things were ‘up to par’

    Well, ya’ll have a blessed Monday

    Gr 😉 you and your $50 words….had to look that one up

  160. Oh man, truck porn. Stop! I have to go to work!

    Jerry – Does Ernie’s “Rubber Ducky” song count? 🙂 Are you going for ears or factor, or solid craft? Always loved Popcorn, by Hot Butter. I remember laughing hysterically the first time my mom played that 45. Any list of one hit wonders always takes me back. I could go all day on the subject.

    Hot Butter – Popcorn: https://youtu.be/YK3ZP6frAMc

  161. Jackie, you mentioned foods tasting salty or too acidic. Sometimes medications can cause changes in taste perceptions. If it is a persistent problem, you could ask your pharmacist about it.

    Okay, I must be the only person here not lusting after a truck! I’ve had an Oldsmobile Omega, two Ford Escorts, a Ford Taurus, and a Buick Rendezvous; and my favorite, by far, were the Escorts. I hauled furniture, building supplies, and 17 shrubs at a once (with a passenger) in those cars. They were fun to drive, great on gas, easy to park, and the police never ticketed me for over the speed limit because they probably thought I couldn’t go that fast. Ford doesn’t make Escorts anymore, but my next vehicle will be as close to one as I can get!

  162. Debbe, that is a painful one for me. I picked up a grad degree from Wichita so I have feelings. 🙂 The big problem is the winner has to play Kentucky.

  163. Denise and Jackie, whatever I might be looking for in a car/truck, it would not be from Ford. The one and only Ford I ever owned was a lemon from the word go. I was so glad to get rid of it, only regret was that I lost it due to accident rather than by choice, just after it was paid off. Give me Toyota or Nissan over Ford.

  164. Good morning all I am so comfortable in this bed/room I do not want t to get up. Dark, quiet and great bed. To think I had given up hop last night!

    Actually I am over on side of town with Duck family not too far away. I swear the last time I was here there was one of them everywhere I went or they had just been there. Like Elvis sightings.

    Forgot to say Ghost but why would you think I might not have a Captain Ron? Although my recruitment efforts are slipping apparently. Will wait for photos.

  165. Got youtube of sample boat. Boat porn for sure and a lot of teak decking and wood. I definitely need a skinny body and I don’t see much closet space so limited wardrobe.

    Think I may have washed one in past?

  166. Debbe: Browsed from the cheezb. you posted and got to this one,

    http://cheezburger.com/8456749312?ref=rightarrow&siteId=15632 .

    The mouse at the bottom is either a native deer mouse or wood mouse [both Peromyscus sp.], not the usual introduced house mouse [Mus musculus unless they’ve changed it] that we commonly expect indoors. They sometimes occur indoors here, and I’m told house mice also occur outdoors commonly in the South. Peromyscus are cuter than Mus, white bellies, bigger ears, bigger eyes. There are scads of spp. of Peromyscus native to N.A. and C.A.

    Peace, emb

  167. 53 spp. / this site, most of them probably Latin American.


    We have only 2 spp. in MN, but one occurs in two sspp., a woodland form and a prairie form. Woodland Peromyscus maniculatus gracilus [Woodland Deermice] are hard to tell from Wood Mice [P. leucopus]. Both occur in N.MN woods, along with P. m. bairdii in fields, which is easy to tell from either woodland ssp.

    DNA analysis confirms the distinction, formerly based on difficult anatomical criteria. Also confirmed by a chemical field test for the presence of a salivary gland chemical, which came into the picture in ’80 or so. Never worked with Peromyscus taxonomy myself; strictly book-learning from the J. Mamm. and other professional lit. Not recommended for casual reading.

    Peace, emb

  168. Reporting in, I actually got to breakfast by wearing black pj bottoms and a shirt and throwing on fast.
    Had eggs and a couple of things bacon slices. AND WATER. I have decided the Diet Coke is major issue I woke up craving water. I don’t use salt at all, just pepper and I already have salty taste I promise there was no salt involved in cooking those eggs!

    Unloaded my case water at mom’s old house and forgot to get. Do not ask why I never ever stay there. Unlikable and trashed, will be torn down. So much for old ladies taking in young men. Believe me I have a prime example there!

  169. Jackie, that dress description sounds almost like the Vietnamese lady we do business with. And, the name is almost the same. Do know you are not her, only because we had a face to face this morning.

  170. Jackie, the bad news on diet soda is growing evidence that regular consumption is linked to increased belly fat (the bad kind), an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, and increased risk of depression. I’d switched from regular Coke to Coke Zero, but now I’m saying adios to it, too.

    I thought you’d said you had decided against one of the boats you were considering, and also had decided hiring a sailor for it was not a good idea, either…leading me to believe you didn’t already have a Captain Ron on your staff of minions.

  171. He costs too much to hire. Maybe not as much as last one, I had more money then.

    Different boat, Ghost but it’s to live on a lot. Easier than sail. We had a 37 ft. Schooner we were going to sail around world. It now lives in Pensacola, not mine.

    Serious, you can go to Madisonville to look at a used one with me.Pme.Position still open. Haven’t changed my mind about living on boat for awhile. Definitely bought small micro cruiser which is to be picked up in Washington state mid July it sails.

    Can’t buy it this week and believe me, I will look at a bunch, get surveys and thorough engine and check for leaks.

  172. Don’t we meet interesting people in the Village?

    My British friends use term “CHEEKY” which I don’t know definition of but I’ve been called that.

    Giving up Diet Coke last night. When you’re right you are right, Ghost, and Debbe, yes on water too. Right from Jean Nieditchs own mouth, especially for skin. My cardiologist told me to move my office into bathroom!

    Love Jackie

  173. Diet [and other] soda: When I volunteer at the hospital, I lunch in its cafeteria, with my usual container of skim, + a good selection of relatively healthy, mostly low fat food. Not 1 in 20 of the trays that go by have milk on them, all soft drinks of 1 sort or another. These are RNs, MDs, clerical personnel, execs, etc. Lots also have frothy desserts or other sweets, or pizza slices.

    The trough has one healthful incentive: a portion of cooked veggies [usually 3 choices, one typically mixed of some sort], costs $0.95; two cost $1.00. Volunteers eat free, but I always do the veggie deal.

    Peace, emb

  174. [from way up above]: Ghost: “The fly-away cost of an AC-130J…$67.3 million. The cost of not having AC-130Js or any other combat aircraft…oh, I don’t know, our freedom, perhaps.”

    I am not suggesting total disarmament, but it seems excessive that our military’s budget exceeds that of [most?] other nations combined. $67M could put a lot of poor folks through college, and would be lots cheaper than putting more in prisons.
    James Madison said, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” [As President, he later went on to prove that by signing the Alien and Sedition Acts.] IMO, the USA is now on the road to becoming a fascist theocracy.* I won’t likely live to see it. If the trend is not reversed, my kids and certainly my grandkids will.

    *This kind of thing happens legally. Neither Italy nor Germany became fascist by force. In both, with minor differences, fascists took over legally, with much popular support. The most populous nation, China, nominally Marxist, is actually fascist. The state, by and large, does not own the means of production, which would be socialism. It does own all the land, which was not true in Italy or Germany, but it is a one-party state with a capitalist economy, which is fascism. At present, it also not blessed [or saddled] with a charismatic strong man. Its head of state was chosen by the party leaders, I suspect with behind the scene deals. The state is technically anti-religious, but religions practice within limits. It will be interesting [for the grandkids] to see how things settle out when this becomes “a Christian nation.” Peace, emb

  175. emb, I would not argue for a moment that there is not unconscionable waste of taxpayer dollars taking place every day in the US military, as there is indeed in all branches of the federal government. But the world is still a dangerous place, as much as some ideologues would like us to believe otherwise, so that they can divert the funds to more favored public troughs. (Government never “saves” money, it merely appropriates it differently.) And we certainly cannot look to nor trust anyone else in the world to insure our freedom and well-being. Peace (we hope).

  176. Truck porn? I have a bright red 2007 F150 xl with the baby V8, just a standard work truck with the extended cab and camper/tow package. It can honestly hold 6 people, and carry a full load. Bought it last business day of 2013 1 hr from closing, played lotsa hardball paid cash and got a screaming deal $3000 off original price. Only 121k miles 1 owner. First truck since our old Ranger commited suicide by immolating itself a number of years ago, first really big pick up. My lady and I love the thing, and what was going to be a standby vehicle for work around the house and property has almost turned into main vehicle. It is anything but the nice little 2 person blue Chevy Colorado I had them bring from a lot they owned 60 miles away.

  177. “phrase”, dang it!

    Thought for the Day: Ironic, isn’t it, that when you finally get your head together, your body starts falling apart?

  178. Jackie, I’m happy you are not considering a sail boat. I can fly an airplane in three dimensions, but the mysteries of maneuvering a sail boat in only two (hopefully) dimensions are a mystery to me. And my sailing vocabulary is limited to “Shiver me timbers”, “Unblouse the mizzentops”, and “Aye, she looks like a lively lass to me”.

  179. At Enterprise waiting for my rental truck. No one can say when van will be ready. Computers down. Enterprise is booming. Natasha got me a Ram V8 she said. I just got this one recommend ed this morning.

    Honda service manager applied for minion position and asked if he could drive me home and he’d stay, cook and do yard. I didn’t think I was that much improved. It may be the attitude?

    Didn’t take it seriously but he mentioned my email and phone number was on work order.

  180. GR6, my observational take on the “tan cheek phase,” is only for the young and firm.

    What we (Loon & I) pay the government each year in taxes is a bargain for the right to speak freely.

  181. Sounds like he was trying to put the “service” into “service manager”, Jackie.

    Must have been the “salty broad” portion of the Jackie gestalt coming out.

  182. Denise, I’m with you on not having or caring about trucks.

    Jackie, it seems that you are planning multiple purchases in the transportation arena. As I have lost track, but am curious, care to divulge the total you plan to buy? How many do you now have?

    I think I recall learning from a TV documentary that the very cute deer mouse of the SW deserts may not be something you’d want a pet. It eats scorpions! Sounds tough to me.

  183. I only have a van and a older Ford F-150 now. I need a new truck and have for awhile. Bought my daughter a maxed out Ford Expedition. This Ram is the 1500 with big Hemi motor.

    I bought a small micro cruiser sailboat called a Scamp. I get it in July I am not immediately buying one but I am looking for a live aboard boat in 32 foot range. I already own a LOT of small boats either finished or under construction. A good friend is building me a 17 foot wooden boat with small cabin.

    Guess what is on radio? “Let’s give them something to talk about” good station of oldies.

  184. Denise, perhaps the Ford trucks are better, but where the Tempo was concerned, Ford did NOT have a better idea. Half the problem was the local dealer, which is another reason I won’t buy another Ford. If I lived somewhere else, maybe. When the Tempo stalled on the Interstate on an overpass in Bessemer and I coasted it down the ramp, I was able to get a great dealer who had the stalling problem fixed for good by the next afternoon. But the air conditioner, which kept eating belts, the local dealer’s service department could not fix in the 3 years I had the car. One time they had called me to come get it, and it wouldn’t even cool on the way home. I turned right around and took it back, asked them, you call that fixed? After multiple tries I had an independent garage put on a belt that bypassed the a/c and did without till some woman broadsided me in an intersection. That put it out of my misery.

  185. Jockeying big truck around parking lot of motel and looked up and that Duck Diner is in back of motel. I knew that I was in Duck territory but not that close.

  186. Ghost, you know what is even better than Levi Jeans on a size 34 waist? White linen slacks. Was reminded of this while walking thru men’s dept. At Dillards.

  187. Always wanted a white Panama hat, too. Not sure it wouldn’t make me look like a Havana pimp from the 60’s, though.

    In a Dodge, for me, would have to be a Charger R/T Blacktop Edition with the Hemi on board. Next closest thing to a cop car available now. 🙂

  188. As in Duck Dynasty redneck TV show with long scaggley beards and hunt ducks own it. You have led a sheltered life from reality TV.

    So, you agree on linen slacks?

    Lawyer went well although I had left my brief case in office of my motel room. Need to drop stuff off in morning before I leave for yoga class.

    Had a delicious veggie on WW sub and you were right Denise it actually tasted good but it was drowned in low fat ranch dressing, that didn’t taste good.

    Ghost, when will you come out and say you were /are a cop?

    Love Jackie

  189. I miss jazz and especially piano Looking at the list I saw Woody Herman. Am I the only one here that danced live to his band more than once? I remember a lot of touring bands from prehistory but I will also admit to an early social life.

  190. I once owned linen slacks I wore with with Hawaiian shirts.

    Not/never was a cop, but have known a lot of them and have often been mistaken for one. Including Feebs.

  191. “What we (Loon & I) pay the government each year in taxes is a bargain for the right to speak freely.” Agree, 100%, though I’d like the 1% to pay a more reasonable share of those taxes. After all, since they own the media, they have a greater right to “speak freely” than anyone here in the Village. I believe it was Warren Buffet who said his sec’y. pays more tax $$ than he does.

    But I still think we will more likely lose that right internally, at the hands, primarily, of the extremely well-financed Far Right. I’m also aware of the danger to free expression from the PC crowd, which is mostly but not entirely leftish. Unfortunately, unless there is a major upset that I don’t foresee, we will continue to have a lopsided SCOTUS, where corporate personhood counts for more than individual rights.

    Perspective: I am also an advocate of English as our official language [but would also like to have reading knowledge of a second “world language” as a national requirement of HS and college graduation].

    Peace, emb

  192. Just now reaching the end of these comments — nearly ten p.m. here in NH. Most interesting to read of your many trucks, and boats; I’m not well versed in them, but am entertained vastly by your stories.

    Dearest Ghost, you were taking your mother to the doctor today, weren’t you? Did a good report follow?

    Daughter Nancy drove me to the orthopedist’s office. The cast came off (cut off, and how it tickled!) and a new one put on; this will stay on for 3 weeks if all goes well. It’s a beautiful blue — many colors are available! It’s quite comfortable, but boy, am I awkward and slow. I know I’ve gotten weaker and my steps are unbalanced. I’m trying to exercise to keep the muscles in better shape.

  193. Charlotte, we have seen the oncologist and gotten the CT results, which were basically good. She does have some fluid in the affected area of the lung, and we will be seeing her pulmonologist Wednesday to get her opinion as to the cause of that. Since the fluid is causing my Mom no problems at this time, I suspect we will just leave it alone unless the lung doc has a compelling reason to do otherwise.

    Happy to hear your leg situation is progressing well. Just be careful and don’t trade the broken leg for a broken something else.

  194. Naw, Jackie, first time I was mistaken for an SA was when I was having breakfast with two guys who actually were FBI Special Agents in the restaurant of the motel where I was summer-working as night deskman. The county sheriff stopped in for coffee, saw us, and later asked them who the new agent in town was.

    I didn’t carry then, didn’t even own a gun. Well, a PI doing security clearance background checks in the area had loaned me his extra snub-nosed .357 to keep at the desk at night, but that’s a different story. Was only age 19. Also met lots of ATF moonshine-still busters (“revenooers”) that summer, but again, that’s another story.

  195. Your choice of cars might also cause someone to think cop, Ghost not just the weapons.

    The Dodge drives fine but some really strange stuff I probably would hate. One thing on the thing is that no steps leaves the floor boards several inches above my knee and the seats chest to shoulder height Of course I would not buy one without step. My friend in NZ said step ladders are not required to get into their trucks which can tow as much as ours.

    Being British he may have missed the point of our big trucks and be more secure, stress utility of purpose.

  196. I actually paid death benefits to a number of ATF agents back about then.

    This darn truck has no nav features except a compass and I’d left mine in van along with phone charger, had to go retrieve them. Services guy tried again l have been lost day and night. This is terrible town to drive in. Bad roads, unmarked, unlit. The decay and decline of town is so obvious, poverty everywhere.

    The Victoria Secret shop was closed when economy plunged I suppose. In fact, shopping is poor here but the largest supercenter I believe I have seen for WM is across street yet they have opened one of the new small WM here to compete with dollar stores.

  197. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Monroe. Sorry to hear of the deterioration. (What followed was six sentences related to deterioration of once-nice medium-sized cities, but it was too depressing for even me to read, so I 86’d it.) -30-

  198. Good morning Villagers…

    Sandcastler, those #1 seeds can fall just as hard as #3’s or #7’s…and make the same sound. And then there’s Duke, the team everyone loves to hate 🙂

    Stopped in at #1 hen house to pick up Monday’s paperwork….saw the CO2 cylinders, the depopulating starts today. I had a moment of depression hit me.

    One of the big boys from the Corp came by our house to take blood samples from the hens. They draw the blood directly from the heart. I told Ian, I sure do hope George doesn’t start crowing. The lady I speak to everyday at The Corp asked me what I was going to do with the two roosters when it comes time to depopulate our building. I told her I was going to take them home with me, and I will, she said “good for you”. Already told husband he is to build a small coop. Gene’s plans in today’s real time strip look good 🙂

    GR 😉 you say Panama hat, and I think Panama red….dang those were the days. 🙂

    Emb…I saw that cheezeburger pic too, I love it when the cats lay back. I once had a cat, who was so overweight,, he would lean against the wall and sit like a human. He lived a good, long life too. When he would sit there, I would think of Jaba from the Star Wars trilogy.

    Miss Charlotte, it’s good that you are exercising, I’ve had three casts on my ankles and they can really get weak from non-movement. When Ian was 4, he fell at day care and did a spiral break in his thigh bone…was in traction for 19 days and a body cast for over a month. The child had to learn to walk all over again.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  199. Mark, my husband had a Tempo for a short while, too. Of all the cars either of us have had, it was our least favorite. We didn’t have problems with it, but to this day, we just refer to it as “the red car.” All our other vehicles (some trucks in there for my husband) have had names.

    Charlotte, once the cast somes off, a little rehab therapy might not go amiss. You can visit them, or they can visit you. They will teach you some exercises you can do on your own at home, and these will restore range of motion, balance, function, and strength. Insurance will usually cover most of the cost.

    Debbe, Ian’s recovery must have been a difficult time for you both. You are a great Mom and one tough lady.

    My high school had a 1,004-seat auditorium, Jackie, and in ’72 (I think), the Woody Herman Orchestra played there. I was a student usher, but did no dancing. (I only dance well in my mind.)

  200. After viewing today’s offering I recall a recent comment by our leader about his workspace. I now am wondering of there is new construction planned in or near Camp Hill in the near future.

  201. Need to get going here, pack up and check out until I have to pick up van later this week. Look for prettier town for a day or so, come back to lawyer’s.

    Funny you all are totally focused on basketball March Madness I think while my antipodian friends are with World Cup, cricket, apparently NZ is leading. I suddenly realized I know as much about one as the other. Pretty un-American.

    Monroe, LA has depressed me forever but it has sliden even further and dramatically. No nostalgia here.

    The entire Duck Dynasty complex is just do we n Thomas Road from my motel a half mile apparently, which explains Willies Duck Diner behind me. Did not appear open, strange? Masterful manipulation of licensing of name, they produce almost none of products That MBA paid off for Willie.

    Sometimes I sound totally materialistic but actually I am an insightful and thinking person who lost all pretense a long time ago. The other is just me laughing at myself and wanting some of those long ago dreams. I am shopping for a new truck, which I have put off about a year or more. And I did buy a small sailboat but that was a several year consideration.

    So far all the rest may just be dreams. I have no social climbing ambitions!

    Love Jackie

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