Do Not Adjust Your Set

The Return of an Undead Building

Since the subject of home-entertainment technology has come up already this week, I thought I’d share this from 2005. The premise is valid but not entirely correct, not in the age of digital television anyway. In the event of a problem, you can unplug the modem or unplug the router or unplug the cable box or, if you’re living in the dark ages like some of us, unplug the Roku in an attempt to make things right again. After that, Waaaaah!!
I want you to know that this Web site has accounted for about half the money raised so far in the parsonage Kickstarter campaign. That’s pretty remarkable! You should be proud of yourselves. I am! I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

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  1. Technology in the last 20 years has marched much quicker than just about any time in our history. I like to think that we are living in better times but there are some who shudder at the world our kids are being left with.

    All I know is Mom and Dad battled the Great Depression, Influenza and Hitler. Mine fought the threat of nuclear destruction and social unrest. Times are tough now, but what got my folks and I through it was was Faith, Hope and Love.

  2. Debbe & Steve: Thanks for the good wishes. The first pound loaf of Claxton’s finest fruitcake has already been devoured with no ill effects. Tonight shall be steak night! Oh, it feels so good just to contemplate such!

  3. I had a florist customer also a minister who wrote his own obituary, the service, recorded vocals of music and prayer, planned entire funeral and designed the casket flowers by teaching another friend how to duplicate it. I did not attend service but got gifted a copy of service. Texans take death seriously.

  4. Today I’m taking a (badly needed) R&R day, so I suppose this would be a good time to update you on my mom’s situation.

    This week marks another mile-post of a multi-month saga involving her. Her overall condition had been slowly declining since the first of the year, and then in late May, with no prior history, she suffered the first of a series of seizures. Her short-term memory, which had already begun to fail, became much worse and her long-term memory was adversely affected as well; she was no longer able to safely walk without help; and she began to become easily confused. After another month, her mental facilities and her physical coordination had deteriorated to the point that it was obvious to me and her physicians that it was no longer feasible for her to continue to live at her apartment, even with daily assistance.

    I was fortunate enough to get her admitted to the premier local nursing facility, where has been for the past month. She has made the transition well, and I am of course greatly relieved to know that she is in an environment where she is safe, comfortable, and being cared for 24/7. This week, my brother-in-law and I finished clearing her possessions from her apartment. Some of her things will be donated, but her furniture will be used in the home my sister owned when she and my brother-in-law married, which he is renovating as a guest house for visiting out-of-state relatives of both our families. I know that my mom and my sister would both approve of that.

    The decision to place a parent in full-time nursing care is said to be one of the most difficult ones a person can make, and that was indeed the case for me. At the same time, it was one of easiest I have ever made because, having given it a month, it was obvious that it was the best decision for her. I know I will never have to second-guess myself on that. And now, perhaps my life can get back to some “semblance of normalcy”. Or, as I’m wont to say, “What we laughingly refer to around here as normal.”

  5. @GR6 yeah, been there – hardest thing to do and easiest, the physicality and logistics and the realization what it means; but – you have to do it, it is the right thing to do

  6. GR6

    I had to make the same decision several years back for my Mom, also for much the same reasons. Initially I felt like I had let her down and abandoned my responsibility but it turned out to have been the best course of action for her.
    I believe you will look at the same way one day in the future.

  7. sort of in regard to the strip above, the last maker of VHS VCR’s is calling it quits this month. I have a little DVD recorder and put all my stuff I could onto DVD. I was left with three things with copy guard, I couldn’t copy. An old Garry Shandling TV special, but it’s on YouTube, an old government 1950’s atomic war short, also on YouTube, But I have a James Galway Christmas concert, that I can’t find anywhere, so have to keep a VHS player just for it, I suppose I could aim my camcorder at the screen and save it.

  8. GR8-

    Sounds like between you and your sister, your mother is is good hands. It seems are especially blessed to have a brother-in-law who treats his mother-in-law as his mother.

    My mom has lived alone for twenty-two years and the years are catching up with her. Fortunately, she can still live at home, but she needs more and more oversight by we kids to make sure she takes care of herself; getting her to eat is hard, as dining alone is hard so we try to have a meal with her several times a week..

    She performs at-home dialysis every night. Even though she complains about having to do it, a remind her that it’s better than the alternative and, besides, everyone needs a hobby. If it wasn’t for the home dialysis, she would probably have been placed in a nursing home years ago and I suspect would have passed on a long time ago.

    As tough as it will be when she does pass on, I think the harder part will be cleaning out the house- it’s the house in which my siblings and I grew up in, and the thought of it no longer being in the family will be tough to accept.

  9. Ghost, you are a good son. You did the right thing and your mom will be in good hands to help yours care for her. I knew things were going badly and have worried all year. You know I did both, mother in law in care, mom at home. Simultaneously. Both were right decisions but I always felt guilty despite being told over and over it was right. That is just being southern woman, we do that.

    Take care of yourself. The caretakers need care too and do not feel guilty, you are doing the best thing. Much understanding and love to you and your family. Get some rest.

  10. I’m back, and you didn’t even realize I was gone. Here the whole time, but cptr. on the fritz. Lesson: if your Windows 7 is doing all right, don’t fall for the free offer to download 10, which ends on 29 July. 7 is better, and HPs are still arriving at the local cptr. store [w/ in house experts, whose first language is English]. Restored my laptop for free.

    Big straight line winds 0130 Thur. took out lots of trees in and nr. Bemidji, did some structural damage, but apparently hurt no one. I slept through it, but was appalled at the scene next morning.

    Peace [nap before more reams of email],

  11. Thanks, one and all, for the encouraging words. I seem to deal with stress better than some, but I’ll admit it has been a trying year so far. However, I can tell I’m beginning to decompress, knowing her needs are being met when I’m not able to be there myself.

  12. It’s OK to laugh too, smile and joke. May not seem like it now but it is. You helped keep me sane in the worst of times by making me laugh.

    Thank you my Village.

  13. Loved the Dave Barry column! Read it, laughing all through my dinner. Finished dinner to realize I had eaten roast pork loin, rice with beans and corn and salsa, sliced tomatoes and an entire sautéed plantain. South Florida and Miami comfort food. Dave would have felt at home.

    Even drinking a lime and coconut water, yes Mark, it is good.

    Liked the ending of the column. Read it Ghost if you haven’t yet. You will laugh. Going to bed with The Help, the book, not the help. Have not read it nor seen movie.

  14. Ghost, you are handling things with a good vision of need versus want, as far as I can tell from what you say here. You have done very well to have balanced your sister’s illness, your mom’s needs and your own job for so long. And I think you have done a wise thing to pass your mom’s care to those best equipped for it now. Good luck to you all, and may your mom find new fields of interest among her new acquaintances.

  15. My mom healed the ulcers on her foot with help from wound care and a podiatrist, so she does not have the foot pain anymore. She is back to walking around and has not fallen lately. But her short term memory is bad and getting worse. She can’t remember to do simple things like closing the window next to her chair at night, turning off the lamp, or putting the cordless phone back in the charger. She doesn’t throw trash into the can but leaves it on the counter, sometimes even putting it on the closed lid of the can instead of opening it. My brother and his wife may be moving to Montgomery, 90 miles away, and leaving me as sole caretaker of her. My sister-in-law works in a state job with a requirement that she actually live in Montgomery. For some time they have let her get by with just staying with friends there a couple of nights a week. But now the pressure to comply has gotten where she can’t ignore it. So their house is on the market, and when it sells, they move.

  16. Yes, c ex-p, good to hear you have functional teeth again. I go slightly bonkers when I have a crown placed and my dentist says, “Don’t chew on that side until tomorrow.” I can only imagine what it’s been like for you.

  17. Read a couple more chapters of The Help. I haven’t made it to bed. Good night all. This book is plunging me back to the 60s and I may not like that.

    Maybe I should read Nora Ephron instead? Yes, Jimmy I will get your ex wife’s book Monday or Tuesday when I am in Tulsa. Only literate part of state possibly.

  18. Someone once told me that if you remember the 60s, you didn’t do them right.

    This week has been such a blur I only vaguely recall a mention of a Dave Barry article. Was there a link?

    And yes, I am a DB fan. You know that old question about “if you could have dinner with anyone you wished, who would it be”? I’d have to give serious thought to it being Dave and Jimmy, although I’d also want someone present who was qualified to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, as I could easily envision me choking from laughing while eating.

  19. GR6
    You did the right thing.
    We were staying with MIL taking turns – but there was a gap of 1 hr. That was when she fell.
    That was when she HAD to go for rehab – she decided not to make an effort.
    She got better but it really took the decision from our hands.
    Luckily MBH is an only so there was no committee, no acrimony, on somebody not
    doing their share.

    See you have some decent dew points tonight – It was 96* today but dew points lower
    than yesterday.

    Prayers for all those that have to make those tough decisions. It does not help your
    loved one if you burn out or step on the rainbow before they.

  20. GM Debbe

    Zen Wisdom with a twist

    13.  Some days you’re the bug; some days you’re the windshield.
    Or as I heard it — “Some days you are the statue and some days you are the pigeon.”

    Debbe get a fan and blow it right at your work station.


  21. Have been a fan of Dave Barry so long I wasn’t sure he was still alive. I think he used that for a book title.

    Being weird reader I read endings first sometimes or middles, then other parts. Frequently read several books at once. Right now I am reading Nora Ephron’s last book, “I Feel Bad About My Nevk” I am indeed sad to know she is no longer with us. I once wanted to write like Ms. Ephron and perhaps I do to some extent.

  22. Good morning Villagers…

    GR, been there and done that, you made a wise decision…both for your mother and yourself.

    Mark, I’ll keep your mom and you in my prayers………….Amen.

    We four daughters are going through what will be the same with my Dad. He’s 84, living on his own and we take turns checking in on him. He is not steady on his feet. He will not go into nursing home because of his cats, he has three of them.

    Old Bear, I do have a big, big fan that’s mounted on the wall and blows right at me. Yesterday, Ian dug out the old floor fan, set it in the doorway to the cooler, brought down the door and rested it on the fan….nice and cool…will be doing that again today. But the transition of walking from the packing room into the hen house is horribly hot and humid.

    Jackie, didn’t read the book ‘The Help’, but saw the movie…twice. Good movie.

    Happy Caturday ya’ll

    oh, and Cxp, how was that steak???

  23. Ghost Sweetie, not that you need me to tell you, but you are a good son, and a good man.

    My sister lived with our mom, so when Mom was in failing health but steadfastly refused to even consider a nursing home she was able to stay in her home. Her doctor had set up in-home visits with a nurse but Mom passed away the day before she was to start.

    c ex-p, congrats on being able to eat properly again! I have an appointment for a root canal in two weeks, and even the slight discomfort while waiting is driving me nuts.

  24. And on the lighter side-my daughter is in San Diego for the week. She is working for a friend who is a vendor at Comic Con, and having a great time. AND, some of you may know that Georgia Dunn of Breaking Cat News is a guest at the Con, so Daughter took my book with her to get Ms Dunn to sign it. I now have the very first autograph Georgia Dunn has ever done, and a lovely note in my book stating so! 🙂

  25. Debbe 😉 Thanks, hon. (You, too, Jean dear.) Occasionally, I get this vague feeling that something is not right, and after a few seconds realize it’s caused by the fact that, for a change, I have nothing that absotively, posilutely needs doing right that moment. I’ve become unused to that. But perhaps I will eventually get back to what I laughingly refer to as the high life again.

  26. Generally, in my life, not the world situation, but in my life, things seem to work out the way they should in the long run. Parenthetically, I usually am doing well when the world is going to heck and not so good when the rest of the world is in better shape. That is especially true at the moment. Anyway, the point was regarding parents. My own mother’s situation worked out, if not for the best, at least roughly the way she wanted. I am concerned that I will not have someone like me to help when I get even older. My children are either totally estranged or least living too far away. I also have no grandchildren. As for my wife, her daughter is a problem that we have to deal with almost daily and her son is completely out of the picture. Her daughter has just gone into rehab again. My wife’s son stays so busy that we are lucky to see him once a month although he doesn’t live that far away. Enough of that. I need to make a better effort to develop friends. Not staying in touch with people is one of m biggest faults and regrets. If anyone has read this far don’t follow my example.

  27. But Jerry you are doing better yourself it appears and that is good. I read all the way to the end and enjoyed and appreciated all you shared. Unfortunately I am in same boat with family. Too late.

  28. I need a date to drive from Texas to Puget Sound with a truck and heavy boat. Ghost this is an invitation to the High Life as it applies to people who like outdoors with a touch of class. No sailing required, I have lots of volunteers for that. Return trip required!

    Rusty you are ineligible. No married men.

  29. I saw a picture of Bad Mindy in one of the local papers the other day…the front page, not the Obituary Section, more’s the pity. (Just kidding.) She was looking pretty good. Too bad she was so much less lovely on the inside than the outside.

    After back-to-back experiences (well, not literally back-to-back, but you get my meaning) with her and Bat Guano Crazy Lady, I have sworn off “romance” for the nonce. Perhaps I should endeavor to find a millionaire widow lady who needs a not-totally-gormless male traveling companion who cleans up good and can do platonic relationships. (Yes, I can do platonic. Why do you ask?)

    I wonder where I could find one?

  30. I am taking applications. I too am sworn off romance which is why I need a date for the biggest boat show in America for wooden boats. Port Townsend is a fun town and I love it, great restaurants, hotels and I want to have fun. Not looking for guys who want a woman with a boat that’s hot.

  31. Jackie, yours is a case where we can illustrate the important difference between using that and who. Had you written “…want a woman with a boat who’s hot” then we’d know you, despite your protestations over the years are hot, not the boat.

  32. There are those who would say both apply. And have. It was not I who did however. I will state the boat is and was as it almost caught on fire. Lezlie and I were standing over it with fire extinguisher and cell phones trying to find shop and wreckers and a fan did a u turn in to discuss boat for an hour! Wrecker driver did same thing. Poor Al at yard finally said, “What makes this boat SO special?”

    It will be fun sailing her and showing her too. She is no Dock Queen but she is beautiful. The owner does best she can.

  33. I have not mentioned the convertible recently. I still plan on getting it. In August I have appointments at Shands and I will go from there to the east coast of Florida and do a lookover. If everything looks ok I will pay the man and have it shipped home. Otherwise my wife will have to drive a car all the way back home and I will have to drive the other. Also we could and probably would run into some bad weather and this car, like my other old car, is a garage queen that isn’t used to getting her feet wet.

  34. Go for the convertible Jerry.. I was thinking convertible when boat popped up and I changed my mind. Good thing to ride in and more fun than a golf cart.

  35. Debbe & Trapper, the strip steak was delightful! True, our market doesn’t stock the very highest quality of meats, just meats of solid and edible quality…all the more exercise for the new choppers – nothing was falling off the bone.

    I mentioned my food “wantlist” to a former HS lass who is now a retired nurse. She noted that my list [fruitcake, pizza, Subway, & solid meat] did not include any cruciferous vegetation. I replied that if I held up the 2 remaining pound loaves of fruitcake in a + design, I’d then have the cruciferous quality she desired. [Latin meaning of “cruciferous” is “cross bearing”.] While I’d have given my left arm to have been a close friend of this brilliant and quite attractive classmate back 60 years ago, our tastes in food would have been at variance. Thus, we are only now – well, I didn’t find her until July 2014 – being decent friends from a thousand miles apart. I did send her one of JJ’s books, but don’t believe she reads this blog.

    Pizza is tentatively scheduled for next Friday, while my MBH is serving a hot meal to the homeless downtown, something I cannot do for physical reasons. Maybe tomorrow’s paper will have a two-fer coupon, or similar, usable at my favorite pizza place. Cannot say when I’ll again attempt a Subway hero.

  36. Good Sunday morning Villagers….

    Jean, I am so excited for you. I follow Georgia Dunn’s BCN strip and her twitter account. Occasionally she posts pics of the cats and of her two children. She is definitely a good story teller….the current one is a cliff hanger 🙂 Just google Georgia Dunn twitter.

    On, they are saying the next three month’s temps will be above average. I look at the record heat, and in 1934 on this date it was 108 degrees. Two days ago the record temp was 104 degrees in 1933….I immediately thought of my maternal Grandma who at the time was almost 7 months pregnant with my Mother.

    Jerry, good to read your post….keep thinking forever young.

    Cxp, glad you enjoyed your steak.

    Where’s Mark?

    Haven’t seen a post from Indy Mindy late either.

  37. EMB, very entertaining and as someone who never learned to surf I can’t imagine walking logs. Llee, my father’s name was Al and he named his vacation getaway Al’s Hoot.

  38. Somehow I accidentally Googled Arlo and Janis and stumbled over all these references to Jimmy and the strip in REAL books, some of quite serious nature by serious authors. So, see……we are not the only people who show our Village seer respect and appreciation.

    Deserved of course.

  39. Mark is here. Had lots of things to do yesterday, hair cut, oil change, grocery shopping. Needed to get out of house for a while, haven’t been out since last weekend.

  40. Good for you Mark! Get away from that computer screen and into that 100 degree heat. It hit 102 here yesterday according to my truck.

    It’s actually cold inside house but I am thinking I will drive to gym.

    Seriously, we all need outdoor time or out of house.

  41. Reading Nora Ephron this morning, a book of her columns or essays. On parenting today, “. …..breast feeding until the child can unbuttoned your blouse.”

    I swear I have seen this. Also one eating turnip greens and corn bread, then climbing into mama’s lap for her dinner beverage!

  42. Heat index was around 103 yesterday, supposed to be around 102 today. I did my walking inside the airconditioned stores.
    Had my gym time at the VA Friday. Found about program the VA has called Telehealth. In an effort to reduce hospitalizations and worsening of chronic health conditions such as heart failure, diabetes and even weight, they can set up a remote monitoring system. With different plug-in devices it can record blood pressure, weight and blood glucose readings from your meter and send them to the VA where the information is readily available to your doctor. This way they can monitor potentially dangerous changes in your condition and let you know when you need to come in and see your doctor before your scheduled visit. It has its own cell phone type connection and only requires you plug the machine into household power.

  43. Jackie: The !Kung and other indigenous tribes feed kids breast milk up to 4 yr. or so. Since lactation inhibits ovarian cycling, they often do not get pregnant until the older offspring is 4 or 5, and thus rarely have large families. Natural birth control.

    In 19th C. Britain, where wet nurses were often available to middle and upper class families, they often had a dozen or more kids, which wears a woman down. These wives commonly died, after several kids, in childbirth. Edward Lear [of limerick and artistic fame] was the 21st of 22 kids and was raised by an older sister. The info at the museum we were visiting in London didn’t say mom died bearing his younger sibling, but that’s my guess. Peace,

  44. One of my great grandfather’s from mid 1800s had about that many by four different wives. I think most of my female relatives before 1940s died giving birth. Amazingly I had the two required children of 1970s and almost died of same delivery mishaps as they in the 1800s.

    I have no idea who bore my half a child since 2.5 was average back then.

    Met most charming Rhodes scholar back about 1980s who had grown up in a family of twenty plus in a two room cottage/cabin on the farm that adjoined ours. My age but we had never met. It took forty years and change for that to happen. But think of the children stacked like logs to sleep!

  45. There’s a stone cabin in Capitol Reef National Park. The info sign reads:

    In 1882 Elijah Cutler Behunin and his family built this cabin, and stayed a brief time until the rising river washed out their crops. Behunin was one of the first settlers in the area.

    A family of ten lived here. Braided rugs covered the dirt floor. Ends of dress materials became curtains. There was a fireplace to cook in, and a water supply near the door. The family probably ate outside.

    Father, mother, and two smallest children slept in the cabin. The post bed almost filled one side of the room. By widening a dugout in the cliff, the older boys had a place to sleep. The girls made a bed in an old wagon box.

  46. Well, yes that worked! I have a lot of intelligent and articulate friends who love puns as well and I have been banned from posting lighter fare on a group we all frequent. What a shame, humor is a last defense or first defense against queroleness.

    That doesn’t look right she said.

  47. Punny puns, not penny. Hal is never to be trusted. Read it to see Mark holding his one as pun champion against some pros, several of whom are English.

  48. Here, and melting.

    Debbe – Make sure you are monitoring your cooler temperatures when you do that. You are essentially running it in an extended defrost-mode. They won’t let us do that when our a/c dies at work for that reason.

    Gosh, it’s hot. My house does not have central a/c. I have a room a/c (curse my narrow windows so I can’t use a window unit!) and have been battling a two-front battle: getting home to empty the condensation bucket before it overflows the “drip pan” (a winter footware melt station) and most infuriatingly, keeping the darn exhaust vent in place! The window exahust vent is poorly designed. Once the plastic duct gets warm, it slides right out of the stupid mount! Of course this happens while I am at work, and there runs this darn a/c unit, blowing both hot and cold air and an opening in the window letting in more heat and humidity. I keep the temp set higher so it doesn’t run quite so much, and I have just re-configured the exhaust (so far, so good).
    Kitties have an useasy truce so they can share the kitchen (home of the a/c unit).

    Work is work, had to have two days of classes for food service safety certification. Yay. The pair who rode with me played Pokémon Go aling the way. Hour drive to the Coke distribution center in Lafayette. Random, yes, but I guess the company got the room for free, so why not. It was a neat old building – early 50s, with all the smooth subway tiling and the bomb shelter in the basement. 🙂

    Hugs for those dealing with drama, and a frosty beverage of choice for everyone.

  49. 101F actual here, with 102F heat index counting humidity.

    querulousness, I had to look it up myself. Sometimes read, but never used myself, so it was not in the gray matter library.

  50. Querulousness – habitually complaining

    Spainish Querer – to want

    So what is the Latin root? To want to complain? 🙂

    Seriously though, what is the Latin root? They discontinued Latin my 8th grade year.

  51. Don’t ask me to define it, it is just in my vocabulary! I think of people like that as whining and irritable and always unhappy.

    Querolous is apparently a word spellchecker doesn’t know but Jane Austin did.

  52. Reading Nora Ephron, the lake author. She has great vocabulary but then she was Nora Ephron. You have doubtless seen one or more of her movies, they were successful like Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally and many others.

    But couldn’t help think of noble leader Jimmy. Nora Ephron wrote hilarious book about her marriage to Carl Bernstein, made into a movie. Meryl Streep played Nora and Jack Nicholson played Carl Bernstein.

    Carl Bernstein always threatened to sue but never did.

    Makes me think of what Mike Ryoko, the late humorist said about Continental Divide, movie based on him, “Carl Bernstein gets Dustin Hoffman but who do I get? John Belushi.”

  53. Mindy: all the sources I found said it came from the Latin “queri” for “to complain”.

    I know the two years of Latin that I took way back when were helpful when I switched to French, as well as with vocabulary in general. My most vivid memories have nothing to do with the language however. I was in Latin I class when JFK’s death was announced. My Latin II teacher urged us to watch Churchill’s funeral and explained the symbolism in state funerals that date back to the Romans.

  54. Ruth Anne will be neither surprised nor dismayed to hear my vocabulary comes from reading. I simply picked it up, no one in area I ever was used words much but writers certainly did. Books and libraries opened the world to me.

    But second grade I read at a measureable college level, often totally unsuitable material but since no one else read around me I ranged freely. Mt stepfather did know who Mackey Spillane was and had a hissy fit. To this day 64 years later I remember a completely inappropriate sex act that took place in that book. Someday I may find out if it is possible?

    Thank God for libraries, books and book mobiles.

  55. Reread last post on words and Hal is semi literate. He changes what I type up what he thinks I should say. We come from different centuries, he is set up for the young and they know few words.

  56. The free dictation feature Apple now provides with its OS X has a dirty mind. I’ve tried dictating perfectly innocent phrases and seen them come back as profanity. I’ve given up on it.

  57. Anonymous, it could have been worse. Mark, I get it. Encourage hate and call for law and order. I guess the theory is divide and conquer. Also Mark, I hope that cat is not roaming free at night. Someone will catnap it. I’ve seen it happen.

  58. Good morning Villagers….

    Indy Mindy, thanks for that bit of info…extended defrost mode, I’ll bring that one up to the farm manager.

    The humidity is wrecking havoc on our steel rod conveyor, and we are going to have to sand and wipe it clean…probably in the am…egads….

    I will admit my Miss Prissies are a hardy breed, my mortality through this heat wave is staying low.

    Mark, that cat story reminds me of the one cat in Japan who also was the mascot for a train station…he passed on just recently.

    Ian came in from the hen house yesterday into the packing room and I reminded him of a particular cage with a “floor mat” hen (when they have been overlooked and been in there a few days)….he said “wait a minute, I need to acclimate!? Acclimate, now there’s a $50 word.

    Jerry, where did the ‘green’ come from in that pic?

    Ya’ll have a cool Monday…..

  59. GR 😉 the lyrics


    Somethin’ filled up
    My heart with nothin’,
    Someone told me not to cry.

    Now that I’m older,
    My heart’s colder,
    And I can see that it’s a lie.

    Children wake up,
    Hold your mistake up,
    Before they turn the summer into dust.

    If the children don’t grow up,
    Our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.
    We’re just a million little god’s causin’ rain storms turnin’ every good thing to rust.
    I guess we’ll just have to adjust.

    With my lightnin’ bolts a glowin’
    I can see where I am goin’ to be
    When the reaper he reaches and touches my hand.

    With my lightnin’ bolts a glowin’
    I can see where I am goin’
    With my lightnin’ bolts a glowin’
    I can see where I am go-goin’

    You better look down below.

  60. When I type in or paste in a link it doesn’t turn green until I submit the comment. Then the link turns green. Maybe it doesn’t work for everyone that way?

  61. It comes from the deponent verb whose principal parts are queror, queri, questus sum. If memory serves, a deponent verb is one – in Latin – whose written forms are all in the passive, but whose meanings are all in the active voice. They typically have only 3 principal parts whereas normal verbs have 4 principal parts: sum, esse, fui, futurus or ferro, ferre, tuli, latus, to show two irregular ones.

  62. Rusty, it knows me not! I was an unusual trucker:

    – Always wore slacks and a nice shirt.
    – Showered daily.
    – Clean shaven.
    – Didn’t swear.

    I had been a technical writer for about 20 years before the tech bubble burst, forcing the career change. I chose to remain myself, in how I dressed and behaved, and it paid off in my being treated better by shippers and receivers than other drivers. I’d be warned by other drivers that the managers at certain locations were especially rude to truckers… and find the folks there just as nice as anywhere else.

  63. Other salesmen always complained that my late husband always looked like he stepped out of a GQ ad and never sweated nor wrinkled even in Texas heat. He didn’t and as Trucker pointed out, neat, polite and courteous pays off in how you are treated. Still does.

  64. Puzzle from a email I just sent my blind-copy biology group. This is what we do for fun.

    Corvid [?] on limb near a former G.H. Owl nest, converted to a non-functioning osprey nest, near salt water near Savannah, GA. Not a magpie. Have seen both American and Fish crows there. This plumage is neither, nor is it a magpie’s. Maybe just odd plumage on American or Fish?


    P.S. A corvid is any member of the family Corvidae: crows, jays, magpies, rooks, ravens, jackdaws, choughs. Wiki has info on most of them.

  65. “From: PAUL K LAGO
    Sent: Monday, July 25, 2016 12:30 PM
    To: The Hazards ; “Undisclosed-Recipient:;”
    Subject: Re: ID this bird.

    Dr. Hazard, It’s a mockingbird. Paul”
    Yep, I goofed. Assumed size without evidence, among other things [like not examining plumage carefully]. Paul, whom I may have introduced before, entomologist who knows his birds better than his Ornithology prof does, one of BSU’s distinguished grads, is biology chair at Ole Miss. He’s taught there longer than I taught here, and is about to retire, or has. I must be getting old. Still calls me Dr. Hard to break them of that.


  66. Horrible tragedy in Japan. The world has gone mad.

    Going in to look for JJ’s rx-wife’s book. Has anyone read it yet? I need more humor. Finished Nora Ephron. The Help is comic and tragic combined. Well, that is Southern.

  67. No one has any of Rheta’so books but I keep getting referred to on line. So be it.

    In desperation I bought every book by Rick Bragg to immerse myself in Southern humor. I want to come take his magazine writing course or anything else he teaches. I did not know he taught. Hhmmh? I wonder who is teaching in Tulsa? It’s a long commute and I am never on time.

  68. Deregulate! Deregulate!
    It’s following the rules that I hate.
    I want to do what I want to do.
    It’s good for me and to hell with you.

  69. But I love people and other students and voices and discussion, even arguments or criticism. And I want to know how Mr. Bragg and Ms. Johnson write so wonderfully. And if I write awfully I would want to hear it from someone like that, not a mediocre anonymous student intern grading an online course.

    As Jerry Lee said, “If I’m going to hell I’m going playing the piano. ” whose biography by Rick Bragg I bought incident ly and we will learn if he really said that often quoted remark.

  70. GM Debbe

    You might want to get a Polyfoam cooler
    put a 4″ adjustable elbow in a hole in the top
    put a small fan at another hole at the other end of the top.
    Fill with ice – turn on fan – direct elbow to where you are standing
    instant cooling.
    There is one using recirculating water but that is a little more complicated
    to build. (Mark?)

  71. Mindy from Indy

    Duck Tape – lots of Duck Tape on that A/C unit.

    If you set the machine on a couple of 2x4s across some bricks or blocks
    you could get a deeper pan underneath.

  72. I got so depressed I ate a slice of key lime cheese cake for dinner. I had done all right up until then, a beet salad on frisee, two small Vietnamese rolls and a miniscule Flatbread at exorbitant prices for small plates, then depression sat in and I celebrated trying to start another new life for about the sixth time in a year and a half.

    Had just completed another cardiac test where they couldn’t find my heart and we ended up putting me on contrast dye so they could locate it. She said something about large breasts blocking visuals.

    They may have found my heart but there isn’t going to be what they went looking for. Lots of false alarms.

  73. TruckerRon, was just kidding. 🙂 I know a number of guys with PhDs & “interesting” vocabularies as well, though. Off on a tangent, did you see Musk’s new Tesla semi? I think it’s a hybrid rather than pure electric, but interesting.

  74. Good morning Villagers…..

    Jerry, thanks for the ‘green’ explanation….mine turns green after submission is successful.

    And, it’s going to be 83 degrees today, with thunderstorms….no storms on radar, so I guess we’ll be expecting ‘popcorn’ storms this morning, with heavier storms this afternoon.

    Packer broke down for two hours yesterday….got to go in early this morning as all my belt lines are full of eggs, plus the “Candlelight” man from The Corp is coming in today, and we are finally getting that Vitamin D water supplied to the hens….they drank over 500 gallons of water on Sunday…. The Corp man once told Ian that this breed of hens do tolerate the heat better than others. But they sure are looking straggly, except of the one on the top cages…they get most of the breeze coming in through the open window.

    Old Bear, thanks for the information….the big fan does keep me cool…we left the cooler door rest on my little Coleman cooler, about 8 inches up off floor, and the temp stayed in the mid fifties. When I get in, I check cooler temp, and it is always 48 degrees.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Tuesday

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