“Does him have a good hand?”

“Does him have a good hand?”

July 25, 2012

Let’s close out the week with something silly! Have you ever wondered if there is a Wikipedia entry for “Dogs Playing Poker?” Well, there is. Enjoy.

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  1. Re 7-17-20 real-time cartoon: Why is Janis rolling her eyes? Knowing Arlo, I’m surprised he didn’t say what kind of dial it actually was. But, good cartoon.

  2. “Pokies” goes into moderation??? Noooooooo! Say it isn’t so!
    Actually, I’ve begun to have the same experience as TR lately. I’d chalked it up to our slow, rural InterWebNet service, but perhaps that’s the explanation.

  3. Advantages of writing your post in your regular word processor & then moving it to this blog include not posting it prematurely, & doing things the blog won’t do. E.g., you can use italics [It didn’t that time, but has done it before]. Don’t recall if you can underline [No]. NOTE: this is all Times New Roman. Cambria is a similar typeface, but its ? & ? symbols come through colored. I keep several lines of items not on my keyboard at the bottom of my drafts [see below]. The rectangles are items that won’t transfer. Sometimes I forget to erase those lines, which can lead readers to ask questions. BTW, “Elohím,” the 4th word in the Hebrew Bible, which the KJV scholars translated as “God,” is not accented. That accent is there to remind me to pronounce it properly: El-o-HEEM, when reading it aloud. One of my favorite words, for innocent reasons perhaps best left unsaid here.
    ¶ ½ ¾ ¼ ? ? ? ? ? ? © @ ® ™ ? Å Æ å á å ? ? á à æ Ç ç É ? ? é ê è ? ? ë ? ? í ? ? ï ñ ? ? Ø Œ ó ô ö ? ? ø œ ? ? ß ? ? ú û ü ý ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? — ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ÷ ‰ ? ? ? ? ± ? ? £ ¢ – ??? °? Søren WDTSAG entrée matinée fiancé fiancée Trouvé année Année mélange Curaçao Nestlé Velcro®™ Lord [those small caps did not come through], chacun à son goût Fauré ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? C.Dbk. ?? The Czech is in the ? Elohím El?na Garan?a

  4. “… its ? & ? symbols come through colored.” Those ?? were the astrological symbols for Venus & Mars, which biologists & some social scientists use for female & male.

  5. c x-p: “Got a hachek?” Yep, a c topped by a hachek may one that doesn’t transfer. Note Elina Garanca [wonderful mezzo I’ve posted here before]. Her c had a hachek on top. Also a macron atop the i. Think this may have been a older version; doesn’t have enough questionable cs in it. I may be back.

  6. Watch the poker playing dogs in eight short cartoons. In YouTube search “poker night icebox”
    (Icebox is name of the animation site).
    They were made by some of the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 guys.

  7. I built high walled privacy fences so I could tan and exercise nude if I wanted to. Somehow I lost my motivation for either.on a positive note I get out occasionally and fight weeds in yard! I have such plans for early 6 a.m. before the heat warning starts.

    The deadline for planting tomatoes, peppera andeggplants is looming.

  8. Re 7-19-20 real-time cartoon: One (especially members of the fairer sex* here) may wonder why Arlo, who at most any time could see the goods without them being covered by anything, would want to see them covered by a wet t-shirt. Well, men.
    Last evening, Farmer Ghost was watering the crops and, while untangling the garden hose, managed to give himself a wet t-shirt. He, too, would have preferred it have been Janis that did that. Well, men.
    * The dictionary tells me that that “The term has come to be considered inappropriate due to its emphasis on the physical appearance of women and girls.” So, another perfectly good compliment about to go down the Politically Correct hole. Pity.

    • So much of our culture is suddenly seemingly being declared “inappropriate” and therefore deserving to be “cancelled”, I swear if I were suddenly transported 10 years into the future a normal and innocuous conversation would probably get me arrested and charged with “felony hurtfulness” or some such.

    • My wife asked what’s the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation? I wish there were a simple answer to that. We grew up learning about other cultures and appreciated much about them, but today that’s become hurtful? The PC crowd can all go immolate themselves for all I care!

    • I continue to learn that I did not have things explained clearly to me as a child. Lacking proper guidance, I believed the “fairer sex” described a young woman’s demeanor, composure, character, and tempered response. They were on the whole Less Mean than their phallus bearing counterparts. Pity I did not understand that every complement must be about outward appearances and it is useless to look any deeper for meaning. I failed to grasp that one must be pretty before attempting to be kind.

    • I agree totally, it’s all good!!! Men are visual ……………and visual ……….. and visual ………..

      As far as the PC goes, I take it out with the trash, where it belongs!

  9. I apent muxh of my life being pretty but was always kind. I still am kind

    Personal observation, not being pretty does not make you kind. Also mosr older people are not kind and often self centered.

  10. I thought today’s strip (7-21-2020) was going to be about Arlo taking pictures of Janis as she was bending over…Frankly it was funnier this way!

    It does bring up a pet peeve and that is the inability of people to do the mental math. But as I have aged, I have learned not to trust my brain, especially when distracted, so I always calculate the tip on my phone. It is just a habit that I have gotten into since once when I started to leave a restaurant and the server seemed upset. I stopped and asked to look at bill and I had short changed him. I quickly made the correction and gave him a bit more.

    This week my brother posted a brain teaser math problem which was X+Y x Z – W + T. Many correctly gave the correct answer of 104 and my brother admonished them as they forgot their elementary school arithmetic! My step-sister brought of “order of operation ” and my brother complained that he had never heard about it and it must be “new math”. Well I put my 2 cents in and because I am 7 years younger, he told me that they must have changed it when I went to school!

    Eventually he called me on the phone and he said “Oh I think I know the problem. I only took Algebra 1 and that was taught in Algebra II!” At that point I said “No, but you know what, you have absolutely no reason to understand order of operation at this point in your life, so don’t worry about it.” My brother has an advanced degree (obviously not in math or the sciences!) and he has always had difficulty understanding very simple concepts. He is both intelligent and stupid at the same time. In order to talk with him, I need to be very creative. I worry about him as he is developing health issues (soon to be 71) and listening to Doctors is very difficult for him.

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