Don’t Even Think It!

Another rare Monday post. Today’s retro strip is from waaaaay back in 2015; as the cold-natured know, seasonal temperatures have arrived in most of the eastern U.S. I wanted to clarify something about the ongoing cartoon-art auction. The listings in “Galerie Arlo & Janis” continue to reflect a “Buy It Now” price of $250 on all the original strips still available. Actually, this is no longer an option. Items put up for bids can be purchased at a buy-it-now price but only until bidding begins. Bidding has begun on all remaining art, so it’s no longer possible to snap one up by paying an asking price. Not even for $250. You have to bid. I’m not sure why the buy-it-now price still appears. It is eBay, after all. The good news is, most bids still are well below the original purchase price!

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  1. Good morning all. Almost to Tulsa for a new chemo trestment. I am fine but Ghost is so snotty in true sense of word. I feel so bad for him.

  2. Townhome community-hired snowplow just arr. Agreement is they’ll come when we have 2″ or more, but it’s been a succession of sleet, snow, melt a bit, etc., which has left roads and drives that need work. The order in which weathers arr. makes all the diff. Annual physical Tue. Peace,

  3. Mindy you are having the most difficult time to lose a loved one.Christmas is indeed the most stressful and it does not end unfortunately but take care of yourself please.

    Ghost and I send love and understanding. He lost his only sister and I my mom and husband at Christmas. The pain remains but you must go on for your own mental health and be positive.

    Much love. Happy to hear about bacon, cat and boyfriend. Three great and good things.

    Did you put your tree up? You are missed.

  4. There is joy in Mudville…. Alan Trammel is in the Hall of Fame. Still waiting for his cornerstone teammate, Sweet Lou Whitaker, but Alan is one of the rare good guys in professional sports and I am happy.

    Finally getting a little snow. Hard to believe that that south has been hammered more than us, but I’m sure that will soon correct itself.

  5. Last week, the back of my right hand and wrist started hurting, to the point that I had to use my left hand to turn the door knob, so I sent a message to my doctor down at the VA. He had me come in Friday morning as a walk-in, took some X-rays to make sure there wasn’t any bone damage and diagnosed it as tendonitus. I can’t use any NSAID pain relievers as they’re blood thinners and I already have clotting issues, so he told me to use some Tramadol and/or Vicodin left over from other issues as needed. He also prescribed Voltaren Gel, a topical form of diclofenac because although it’s an NSAID, it’s not taken internally and isn’t an issue for me. By Saturday, most of the pain is gone, and I only need to take the Voltaren once a day, instead of twice. Sometimes, things work out well, and I hope that everybody else’s medical issues get solved this easily.

  6. Mindy, my dear… my heart aches for you. It is so sad when our loved ones lose the essence of WHO they are. My oldest sister is progressing on that path and I dread the future for her. I am thankful that you have those good spots in your life. The good things do not take away the pain, but they do soften the edges. You will always have your memories, bittersweet that they may be.
    Much love and many prayers for you and your family.

  7. Home for the holidays. The goal of the Ghost and Mrs. Monies.

    I am rearranging to cut down on trips to Tulsa. We are tirjng.

    Finished third three week chemo. I keep telling everyone it is five. It seems the long.

    Had to take my last Arlo and Janis back to frame, they forgot hanger strip and backing.

    So I bought a few ornaments half ptice.

  8. A good friend, 84 years young, was losing his wife to apparent dementia until their daughter-in-law got a good look at her medicines. It was the usual problem of too many specialists not communicating with each other, plus being supplied by multiple pharmacies. The DIL put all the bottles in a bag and took the ailing MIL to her GP. The GP started the weaning process, reducing first dosages, then medications, as duplicates were safely eliminated. It turned out they’d been paying a lot out of pocket since Medicare’s computers had quit authorizing some of the pills she really shouldn’t have been taking.

    The good news is she recognizes her husband much more quickly each morning. She’ll never be back 100%, but she’s now acting more like herself than she has in years.

  9. Mindy, I’m sorry to hear about that. I can tell from the posts here and on FB how much you love her. Don’t take what she says to heart because she is getting confused. Keep visiting both of them and hold onto what is best in your thoughts of them.

  10. Thank you all for your well wishes. I’ve missed you all. And since I was such a downer yesterday, a funny for you:
    Almost ready to leave for work (a bit early for once), and I suddenly realize I have not seen my silly cat anywhere. I go to the fridge and pull out the chocolate milk. This cat LIVES for chocolate milk. But no cat. I search the house for her to no avail. I thought perhaps she snuck into my bedroom closet during the brief time I had it open. Checked, yelled, waited (it is a rather full closet), but nothing. Searched the last few places I could think of but still nothing. Now, my bedroom closet is basically a hallway; my office, technically a second bedroom, has a door on the other end. That she would be down at that end when I had the other door opened and yelling for her didn’t cross my mind, until thoroughly annoyed, I yanked open the door … only to reveal Thunder patiently waiting there, perfectly still and silent, waiting for me to open the door. Blacklight used to do the same thing. How in the world did I manage to go two for two with cats who are not smart enough to make a ruckus when they are shut up in room?

  11. Jimmy:

    For various reasons, I don’t spend much time at all here anymore. I look at the comic, and I sometimes miss your introduction.

    Have you considered direct email? It might help your sales.

    Of course, that assumes that everyone has given a real email address. Myself, I did.

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