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Welcome to a special Sunday edition of, wherein we answer the question posed by Arlo in the A&J strip appearing in newspapers today: “What are the five states in the U.S. where the point of highest elevation is less than 1,000 feet?” This question is one of my favorite pieces of trivia. I first came across it watching Jeopardy, and it’s stuck with me since. When I spring it on friends, they all groan, because that’s what people do when you spring trivia on them, but then they get into it. They start thinking and discussing and throwing out possibilities. Most of them will come up with the answer sooner or later. Even the geographically challenged eventually puzzle it out simply by ticking off states until they get lucky, but if one is geographically challenged, that can be an interesting exercise as well. I’ve already given you Florida. Almost everyone gets that one right away. I’ve also told you that it isn’t Hawaii. It’s surprising how many people will guess Hawaii, although that state’s Mauna Kea is 13,796 feet high, No. 6 on the list of states with the highest elevation. So, what are the other four? No, you don’t have to phrase your answer in the form of a question. Give up? OK, you can Google it now, or Click Here. And here’s a complete list of states and their highest points. Thanks for visiting, where we champion the trivial.