Drawing a blank

I felt clever when I came up with this A&J back in 2007, but as I get older it can be viewed from a different perspective, and “clever” is not the word to describe how it makes me feel. It strikes most often when I walk into a room looking for something.

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13 thoughts on “Drawing a blank”

  1. Today was B-day 61 for my bride of 37.9 years (anniversary will be on Sunday). My 65th B-day is tomorrow. Her sister’s B-Day in on the 27th.

    Add in anything owed to the IRS or the state and April becomes an expensive month!

    As for the telescope adventures:

    Though it wasn’t the best sky out with some high, thin clouds, my wife and I actually made it out to a nearby field where we could see nearly twice as much of the sky as from our back yard.

    Lessons learned: (1) You’ve got to level the tripod for the SkyAlign feature to work well. (2) The PowerTank *can* be attached to a tripod leg, but before long you’re going to have its power cord wrapped around the base of the telescope. Next time I’m going to just set it on the ground and move it as needed. (3) The HighPoint Plossl eyepieces are much better than the ones that came with my little Orion ‘scope. (4) Using a red dot finder gets confusing when the cell tower next to the field has its red warning beacon in your field of view!

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