Dream Boat II

Dream Boat II

Continuing with the sailing-dream sequence, the top A&J strip is a portent of things to come: an early disappearance of son Gene. The second strip featuring a well-known entertainer earned me two free tickets to one of his concerts. I can tell you almost exactly when that was. It was the fall of 2001, 18 years ago. I remember it well, because we had to line up with a few thousand other people outside the Birmingham Civic Center and wait for what seemed like forever while, one by one, we went through security, including a metal detector. That was a first time I’d ever encountered that at a concert or any event of that nature, but it wouldn’t be the last. This particularly concert was about two months after Sept. 11, 2001.

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  1. One month after 9/11 our family flew out of the Albany NY airport for my mother’s funeral in California. There was tight security and heavily-armed National Guard personnel, but the most striking thing was the level of tension in the cabin crew.

  2. I traveled in October 2001 and carried a smaller computer bag that I had borrowed to make the trip easier. I wasn’t told that there was a screwdriver in it. I had to leave it at security.

    Did everyone see today’s strip about robocalls yesterday?

    I agree that yesterday’s strip was great. Not many cartoonists went there.

  3. As for calls – many years ago, before even answering machines,
    A group of fellows were at an “Old Yankee’s” house reminiscing.
    The phone rang – “O.Y.” did not pick it up so he was asked if he were
    going to answer? – “Nope – tis fer my convenience not theyas”
    We don’t Have to answer – the phone is for Our convenience not “theyas”.
    One reason I don’t have a mobile – and I always know where the phone is-
    at the end of the cord stuck in the wall.

  4. My husband and I turned on the car radio on the way to visit my mother, and heard a scary and confusing newscast about explosions somewhere. As we listened trying to figure out what was happening, the radio announcer yelled – here comes another one! The south tower has also been hit. What an awful feeling as the story unfolded.

    We were on the way to help my mother close down her home in preparation of selling it and moving in with my sister in another state. The move took place about a month later, and my sister flew in to fly back home with our mother. My sister stated her intention of using my mother’s cane as a weapon in case someone tried to hijack the plane. I think since then there are lots of people who have the same feelings.

  5. I remember, about 30 minutes after the second tower (the one I saw being hit on live TV just minutes after coincidentally turning on my television as I prepared to leave for work) went down, telling my boss, “Now I have some idea how my parents must have felt when word reached them of the attack on Pearl Harbor.” At least they were spared the horror of watching it in real-time.

  6. While serving in the military circa 1974, I was told, subject to security clearance restrictions, about studies that had been done as to what would happen if a hijacked commercial airliner was deliberately flown into a modern tall office tower.

    In 2001, I was still having occasional nightmares of those scenarios, only to see the likeliest reenacted in real life on my television screen.

    I have since wondered how many people knew about those studies.

    And I don’t sleep any better.

    • Our military is pretty good at contingency and “what if” planning. Unfortunately, some other agencies of our gubbermint too often demonstrate a talent for the dropping of balls.

    • True. I have only heard the name in this blog…and I’m older than you! Thanks for the information.
      I’ve never been a fan of entertainment people, esp. musicians/groups, although I went as far as buying several of the Kingston Trio albums in the early ’60s…between purchases of a very few grand operas. Earlier this year, I gave all my records to a youngER person who has a great love for music.
      60 years ago, my then-gf liked Pat Boone. As a surprise, I managed to get him to write her a personally-signed letter. [Well, I don’t think automatic signing machines were in common use then.] I cannot recall how/where I made the contact, but she was pleased.

  7. Jimmy the Dream Boat is my favorite strip you ever did. It cemented you in my repertoire of comics I read on Yahoo. I had read you in comics in Texas but after 1987 my newspaper reading was sporadic. When I moved to Oklahoma in 1996 I never went back to newspaper comics. And my comics dwindled until now it is you and Monty. And I read Monty backwards in spurts!

  8. Love the current strip! Is Arlo looking for a tuna fish sandwich? A braunsweger liver pate? Fried chicken? Sardines? Sliced turkey? Or classic gizzards and giblets?

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