Early to Rise

June 23, 2006

I’m something of an early riser. I’m most productive in the hours around sunrise, except I’m also prone to drink a lot of coffee and waste a lot of time on the internet, telling myself I’m “getting ready” to meet the day. I’m trying to train myself to be more efficient in the pre-noon hours, when I’m at my best. Call it a New Year’s resolution if you will. So far, the results are spotty, but I am posting more regularly!

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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  1. I was never an early riser, but with the help of a CPAP machine, I am able to get better sleep. Of course to rise early, one must go to bed early. For me the benefit is to drive when there is less traffic, which reduces my stress level for the entire day. Can’t drink coffee as caffeine really affects my sleep.

  2. Jimmy I applaud your resolution! I used to be much more efficient, and get a good start on my responsibilities in the morning. Now I am older, and I find that my priorities are changing. Now it seems much more important to address those things I find entertaining (such as my comics, a jigsaw puzzle online, checking to see if my kids have posted new pictures of the grands, checking the digital library to see if a new book from one of my favorite authors has been added, etc.) than to work on one of my volunteer jobs or to do housework. I have been so successful that sometimes the work gets put off much too long!

    I think I need to admit the conflict and find a compromise – so here is my resolution: I will drop some of my volunteer responsibilities and resolve to get some work done before I spend the whole day simply following my inclinations. This will actually be good for me as too many of my entertainments are sedentary, which is bad for your health when indulged too long.

    Here’s hoping that if you are facing a similar dilemma – you find your cartoons and The Village more entertaining than work.

  3. I Symply hated mornings, my whole life, just never cared for them…life used to begin with a shower, now it starts when the first cup of Carrabasett Valley Back Draft Roast hits, that is a wake up call….mornings always seemed like the perfect time to avoid, everyone was out and about running like ants, I’ve always been more productive at night whether partying or studying, all nighters were a forte, I guess. I still maintain the ability to get up at whatever hour I need to and can manage on just three hours sleep for a time, which is helpful in catching planes and seeing nature and such, but truly a bother…of course many folk have issues sleeping to begin with, in my house as well, but my father before me and I seem to have the ability to fall asleep the moment the time is allowed(he did it in Filene’s basement in a chair and they called 911 when he fell on the floor; thought it was a heart attack!)

    Hope everyone in the village had a safe New Year!

  4. My only way to greet dawns is to stay up all night. I used to do that by choice, I like working undistracted whether writing, doing floral design or sewing. I would have gardened at night were it not for snakes. With a greenhouse I did, to heck with snakes in bottoms of pots!

    When I was tennis addict in Texas you wanted daylight court times and mountain camping with pine pine smells has always aroused me.

    Now I get up at 2 p.m. for breakfast and go to sleep at 2 a.m. when the chemo hot flash and sleep apnea diabetes lows hit at that hour.

    What I am trying to say is why try to force your body into some fictional “correct” schedule? There is no one size fits all for our bodies. Another politically correct and human dictated schedule for conformity?

    Get up when you feel like getting up!

  5. Just got an upper, an email update from an alumna who will become a Gustavus Adolphus biology prof emerita this summer. Outstanding BSU student. I was maybe 60 or less when we last saw each other; now she’s in her 60s. Have kept Cindy on my email cc. list for years. She leads adventure tours to Tanzania, has done a sabbatical + an extra year there, teaching college and studying the tiny plants that are her research specialty. Climbed Kilimanjaro. Had her HS-aged daughter, Mara with her, who wrote some most impressive blogs. Mara is now a science writer, and this is her blog:
    I’ve never seen Mara, but Cindy refers to me as Mara’s biological grandfather. c x-p, it doesn’t get any better than this.
    Cindy has now sold her MN home; come summer w/b a permanent resident of Anchorage, AK in her recently purchased condo. Is now working on a book on Tanzania, and of course will continue leading Tanzania tours.

  6. Re 1-3-19 cartoon: According to Wikipedia, “Truffle oil is a modern culinary ingredient used to impart the flavor and aroma of truffles to a dish.” Well, I’ve always considered Janis to be quite a dish.

    Also…danged opaque bath water. 🙁

  7. Dearest Ghost, I knew that comment was from you before I even looked at the name!
    emb, your friend sounds like a remarkable woman. An inspiration. Yes, it is an upper to read good news like that.

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  8. Always nice to get good news emb

    Jackie if you do contact Debbe tell her we are praying for her.

    I must have been a Pacific Islander in a former life because I was never a morning person.
    And liked staying up late.

    The questionnaire for our 50th HS Reunion ask what we were going to enjoy about retirement –
    my answer was “Not getting up at 5AM!”

  9. I’m an early riser too. By mid afternoon my day is done and I’m looking forward to cocktail hour. One advantage is seeing some beautiful sunrises..

    BTW, Jimmy, ther LIKE button at the bottom of the page doesn’t work. I’m using an iPad.

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