Easy Doesn’t It

Easy Doesn’t It

June 09, 2010

Summer has unofficially begun! I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. I’m hoping to ease back into the routine around here, because I’ve had to step back from it for a couple of weeks. I’ve had things to tend to around the homestead. I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with something worth saying.

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  1. I know how she feels. I usually do it before breakfast and dressed for the shower ( without looking in the mirror) to get it down as low as possible. Maybe I’ll lose a few lbs. when I get a haircut.

  2. This reto strip is one of my all-time favorites. Of course it’s hanging on my fridge. I’ll go you one better, Joe D. I don’t shower until AFTER the morning dog walk and/or my aerobics class (ZOOMing these days) and only THEN will I weigh myself. It’s pretty pathetic, really.

  3. As a survivor of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) I was told to buy an accurate digital scale and weigh myself every morning upon arising to track any sudden changes in weight. It’s a bit over 11 years now, but I’ve avoided the need for diuretics or other interventions. Yep, I watch the sodium intake, take a handful of heart-related pills, and exercise. BTW, that SCA was brought on by an inherited (we think) arrhythmia since my younger brother and my dad both died of apparent SCAs.

  4. Ahhhh! I’m having a senior moment. RE my above comment….. The retro strip is not hanging on the fridge. I LOVED the retro strip so much that I PURCHASED the original panel when the opportunity arose at one of JJ’s auctions. It’s framed and proudly hanging on my bedroom wall, just outside the bathroom where the nefarious scale is located. And TruckerRon, I do weigh myself upon arising but if you weigh yourself again after some morning activities that do not include breakfast, you are guaranteed to miraculously lose a half or full pound. Wacky, I know. Heaven forbid I should simply stay away from chocolate. I wonder what Janis’ food nemesis is? Is that something we know?

  5. Janis probably shouldn’t be so concerned about her weight…as long as Arlo can still lift her. If she is that concerned, why isn’t she weighing herself au naturel? I’m sure Arlo wouldn’t mind giving her a lift that way, either.

  6. Today is my son’s 37th and my niece’s 36th birthday. 18 years ago, my Dad passed away. We intend to visit my son at his place and fortunately his deck is big enough that we can be 6 feet apart.

    My weight has stayed the same since the quarantine started, even though I have walked 2 marathons. But as I was using a roller on my legs, I realized that they are beginning to look like they did 20 years ago when I was running 4:00 marathons. So maybe I am gaining muscle and losing fat. Still would like to lose more around the middle though. I can tell Janis that weight does fluctuate and not to worry. If Arlo can still pick you up, you must still be relatively light!

  7. Jimmy,
    I just have to tell you how eerily Arlo and Janis are like my husband and me. We chuckle almost every day that you have a spy camera in our house to get your story lines! Keep em coming, we love it!

  8. Hello! Today’s A and J in the Boston Globe (finally) compelled me to write. She’s got an e-reader, and he falls right off to sleep. My husband and I go through a routine nearly every night in bed where I ask “do you mind if I read?” and he responds “why do you even ask?” We have at times even raced each other up the stairs to our bedroom, as the unwritten rule is that whoever is in bed first makes the rules—if it’s him, it’s lights off, no reading. If it’s me, the book light or e-reader goes on, and he covers his eyes with a t-shirt (and then falls promptly to sleep, so why does he pretend that my reading keeps him awake—it never does!). My husband loves the comics and reads yours daily. Such a large percentage exactly mirror our relationship! It’s uncanny, and I’ve often accused him of secretly writing the A and J comic, or we both fear that we’re being stalked by JJ. How do you do this, which is to hit the nail on the head over and over again?

    • Fortunately, Jimmy uses a “cartoon hammer”, so no nails are harmed in the making of this comic.
      Welcome to the party, Christine.

  9. Re 5-30-20 real-time cartoon: “…limit duration or number” of hugs, Janis? Yeah, we all believe you’d do that.
    I’ll admit that I’m a hugger…and apparently one with a fan club. As if I didn’t already have enough animosity toward COVID-19. 🙁

  10. When we first move to Bemidji in ’58, gardeners warned it was unsafe to put out tomato plants until after Memorial Day. Historically, that’s today, not last Monday. We had scattered frosts last night. Actually, we’ve had to cover planted tomatoes as late as 12 June, but decades ago.

    • Funny (odd) that tomatoes have had to be planted in north-central Texas for months. We are just about to the point where the daily temps denature/damage the pollen and the flowers won’t set fruit. Tomato blooms in June don’t seem to produce many results. I had mine planted here the first week of March– I’m picking cherry tomatoes now and should start seeing larger fruit ripen before long. In central Texas I would try to plant in February, then cover once or twice if there was a threat of frost fir ripe mid-season tomatoes by Memorial Day

  11. Hmm. Either we’ve reached the one week limit or there is a glitch and my post was lost.

    Today’s post is a microcosm of my life right now. I’ve stayed the same weight even though my calorie intake is under my target and I’ve been walking every day, including 2 marathons. I’m actually thinking of doing another one on July 4th weekend. Even though my way to stay the same my legs are starting to look like they did 20 years ago when I rans up for the marathons.

    But food is often on my mind, especially on the longer walks.

  12. No, in spite of what you-know-who said today we are not at war. Both sides, I say again, both sides should be very careful or this may become more than a political revolution.

    • War? A war of misinformation!

      What we’re seeing is a cabal of evil people who are manipulating others by spreading fear of “the other” in order to gain power over them. The Democratic Party for decades has lied about conservatives, branding them as evil racists, and promising to do all sorts of things for minorities… things that they never deliver on. The Republican Party for decades has promised to stop “evil liberals” and, again, never delivered but has joined liberals in maintaining the policies they decried when running for office.
      Finally, the media showcases incidents, sometimes makes things up out of whole cloth, to keep the pot stirred and boiling over.
      Bottom line: Be careful who you believe. They have ulterior motives in maintaining the status quo and are happy to unite against anyone who threatens to ruin their schemes. Be the best person you can be and support those who are personally making a difference, not just showing up for a photo op.

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