Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

I might be rushing things a week or two with the above A&J classic from ten years ago, but I’m getting into a bit of the holiday mood. Thanksgiving can do that to me. You’ll notice things look a bit different here, today; I’ll be tinkering behind the scenes some this week. I’ll try to keep such distractions to a minimum, but don’t be surprised to see the maintenance page go up now and then.

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  1. That’s it? He puts the tree in the stand and he’s done? Get real. I just spent 4 days decorating all the trees and bushes in our backyard. Granted, my wife has worked equally had inside the house. Of course, today my outside décor is buried under 12 inches of snow but it will reappear in a couple of days.
    As to the tree, the deal is I put it up and put the lights on it and Yvonne does the ornaments, garland, etc. Since we started using an artificial tree the lights stay with the tree, but each year there are several bulbs that need replacing. I don’t care, I love it. There is no more beautiful time of year.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy Hannicka to all.

  2. Thanksgiving being so late throws Christmas decoration off, but since my commute is only 10 minutes, I may be able to do some after work.
    I’m doing well with the diet and have been trying to continue to walk. I still have a couple of months of dieting before I see a difference in the walking speed. I am hoping that it is not arthritis, but I will press on

  3. Jimmy!
    Got our class reunion coming up! David Lee is tying to get in touch with you. Give me or DL a shout so we can talk you into coming. Would love to see you.

  4. This, I think, is a different site but it has the same maps I spent 2 hr on this morning, before the laptop would no long go to “next”. All kinds of info. Disclaimer: Depending on the info, it may push one or another of your buttons [e.g., gender pay gap, where the billionaires are, where US aid goes, which nations give 52 weeks of paid post-partum leave & which give none [though some employers may. Interesting that 2 of those share a long, transcontinental border,] which has the greatest per capita ownership of firearms, which favor beer, which wine, which “spirits”, which teetotal, which have the least press censorship & which the most, highest literacy rates, highest average IQs, per capita water use, and 40-some I could not access. One maps predominant religions, some with hatching [e.g., USA shows Catholic/Protestant mix]. It doesn’t map “nones,” or actual religious observance, which would be hard to investigate.


    • Lucky you! I wish I, too, were having corned beef. Turkey, while a cartload better than chicken, just isn’t in the same room as a corned beef dish.

    • Old Bear, why would anybody dedicate a day to celebrating the turkey, a bird that is commonly used as a synonym for stupidity and who’s name is often used as an insult? I prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving, and give thanks for all the good things in life.

  5. One of the joys of trucking was, during the holiday season, finding turkey drumsticks and thighs for sale at the better truck stops. Dark meat rules! And having a fridge and a food warmer meant good eating for days.

  6. I know a very funny joke about the Pilgrims and us eating turkey for Thanksgiving, but there’s no way I could clean up the punchline enough to be able to tell it here. I do, however, have an only-slightly-naughty Christmas Eve joke, so you’ll have to be content to wait until December 24th to hear that one.
    I hope everyone has a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving…and that’s no joke.

  7. The clean one I like, and may have posted here yrs back.
    New Yorker cartoon: Indians & Pilgrims are seated outdoors around feast, and Indian raises his mug in toast, “Skoal!”

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