Escort Service

From 10 years ago this month, today’s classic Arlo & Janis. How do you like the new “header,” all that stuff above the cartoon? It’s part of the revitalized Web site project that began earlier this year. I’m going to do it bit by bit this time around, instead of struggling to squeeze thousands of moving parts into place for a grand unveiling. So, over the next few weeks you’ll be privileged to witness the sausage being made. You’re welcome, if you wish, to comment on any and every little change from day to day, but you might want to wait and see. Small change will be constant, but not necessarily permanent.

40 thoughts on “Escort Service”

  1. Nicely done. Tidy is good.

    Love today’s comic! In 38 years of marriage, I’ve been woken up during the “romantic part”, exactly once. But sleeping is nice too.

  2. I have no idea what is happening with the other comic strip. It is beyond me.

    I have had some good experience with You Tube videos. Occasionally I will realize halfway through them that they are demonstrating a different model than the device that I am looking for help on. Fortunately no disasters.

  3. Steve,
    Edda & Amos are married, she’s pregnant, something moved while she was playing the piano [Amos on ‘cello], & she realized it was it was the fetus’s first kick. Quickening, I think it’s called. Their fans are all godparents.

  4. Either JJ has modified the page since your comment about a margin or my browser (Chrome) works differently than yours. All containers are centered on the page with the text being flush left against a margin.

  5. New layout is looking good, Jimmy. I don’t have any trouble with the minimal margin – use the whole space. Especially like the large size of the strip. Also like today’s strip!


  6. My default browser is Firefox, but I also have Chrome bookmarked. I have virtually no margin below the comic in either browser, so perhaps there is a default in my computer that gives that result. The only difference I see between the two browsers, in my computer, is that Chrome shows a graphic before the name of the person leaving a comment (Wisconsin Dan has a personalized graphic), and Firefox has a broken line box with no graphic in that spot.

  7. OK, size, margin, etc. are affected by (a.) your screen size and resolution and (b.) the browser magnification value you have set for this page. I do believe the page is “larger” in that when I view it on my laptop screen it is larger than before as I have to reduce my magnification to bring it to the size it was the last time I visited. When viewed on my desktop screen the page is larger but still has margins (my desktop screen, a 23in monitor, is set at 120% magnification)

    Both Chrome and Firefox can be scaled with the CTL + and CTL – keys.

    Your mileage may vary. Closed test track. Do not attempt on an public roadway.

  8. Personal note to emb, no one cares about 3CL. if they do they are reading it and already know.

    I LOVE Monty but don’t entertain with updates. No one else may think it funny. I suspect Jimmy might?

    About the Village page I read on a Samsung phone Galaxy 8 maybe? I only care that I can read cartoon and comments. Rest is wasted on me. Carry on and be happy.

  9. Tom (F)FTFR, the page scaling does affect the left, but at 100%, for me, that puts the left edge elements all the way to the edge. I am using Chrome, on a Windows desktop. I can get what is to me a tolerable white space by dropping the page to 90%… but then the text is 10% smaller, too. 🙂

  10. Jackie,
    NO ONE? Sorry, but I don’t feel qualified to generalize re the tastes or tolerances of others in the population in general or those in the Village in particular. If I couldn’t care less about Auburn vs. Alabama or such, or about what somebody is fixing for supper, I just scroll past.
    Some Americans must care re Edda, Juliette, Amos, Thorax, et al. or 9CL wd’ve vanished from Gocomics and surviving newsprint. Steve had a question & I answered it.
    If others care little re Wooly-Necked Storks and Grevy Zebras in Africa or a Peregrine nest on a Baltimore skyscraper, they likewise can scroll. If nothing emb posts is ever of interest, they can scroll as soon as they see “emb.” I’m generally too curious or nosy to do that, but chacun … .
    I’m not fixing supper tonight, because First Lutheran is having their annual lutefisk supper tonight. Besides, I might see my favorite conventional preacher [and a close friend] there. I sometimes play hooky from BUMC just to hear her.

  11. DR, true that everything is reduced with down scaling.

    I’m not sure how WordPress works in this respect but there is usually a setting that allows the same appearance for a page regardless of screen resolution and aspect ratio. I’m only guessing but JJ may have possibly clicked a button that disabled this. It is “under construction” after all. I’m just pleased that he provides this service for us through the construction period.

    EMB, keep up the good work. Everyone has an opinion, some folks theirs is the only one that counts. Lutefisk! I’m half Norwegian and I can’t get near the stuff.

  12. Window 7 is not going away. It just will not be supported any longer by Microsoft. This means no security or driver updates. Your computer will work as it always has with Windows 7.

    I still have some computers running W2000 and W-XP. Support for these was ended years ago but these computers have specific jobs that work well with those operating systems. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Microsoft offered a free upgrade from W7 to W10 when it was first introduced. While not widely advertised, I believe you can still upgrade W7 to W10 at no cost. At least this was the case just a few weeks ago.

  13. It was no biggie (unlike the ones ending in “0” or “5” we all seem to pay the most attention to), but thanks for the birthday wishes…Gal, Jerry, Old Bear, and Bob in Orland Park. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone.) Oh, and Jerry, a belated Happy New-Lease-On-Life Day to Cilla.

  14. On my birthday my body weight was 0.3 lbs less than it was on my birthday the year before. During the year, the most I have been above my current weight is 7.9 lbs. The most I have been below it is 3.1 lbs. Overall, I’m pleased. (My BMI falls in about the middle of the “overweight” range, but I’m not too concerned about that. Apparently, at my height one must be nearly skeletal to reach even the top end of the “normal” range.) So, yay me, I guess.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Ghost. Glad you are happy with your weight, and that your physical therapist, aka Torquemada and Torquemada II, is doing what works well for you.

  16. Ghost – every year is a + and if gravitational attraction on the body mass is the same as (anything with a decimal point is the same)
    last natal anniversary it is a double plus (++)
    I like 9CWL
    It was +9* here this morning.
    I am using a Windows 98 – just not hooked to the inter web – works fine
    I found W10 NOT to be an improvement on previous systems.
    Used to attend Lutifisk in Southern MN all the time — Bemidji is a little far, even for good Lutifisk. 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday, Ghost Rider! Hope the hand is getting better. Jackie- you post some REALLY fun things on fb. Thanks for the laughs. OB, emb, I have missed 9cl- I better go check up on those youngsters! TA for the reminder. Everyone, it is good to see you!

  18. Happy Birthday Ghostrider! … Affirmative, the pattern is clear, you are go for flyby.
    [In a side note… the old “6” in your handle– was that for six as in 6 for commander (Alpha6 for example), or was that six as in behind (watch your 6)? Inquiring
    minds want to know. 🙂 ]

    • That depends on where in the time zone you live. Here in my mountain valley, the earliest sunset is at 5 p.m. during the first week of December. We’re about 110 miles east of the NV border and the PST time zone.

  19. My kids think I’m insane. I’ll be getting up at 5 a.m. MST to watch the Mercury traverse the sun. I’ll be getting to work and setting up my telescope for interested faculty and students to look through it after the sun clears the mountains. This is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me since I wasn’t into hands-on astronomy 3 years ago during the last transit of Mercury… and while it’ll happen again in 2032 and 2039, those won’t be visible from North America. For that I’ll have to make it to May 7, 2049.

    BTW, I’ve blown it with Venus as well. Its last transit was in 2012. It’s next ones will come in 2117 and 2125.

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