Everything and Then Some

Everything and Then Some

These are the days of hope. We’re passing through that annual period when I am determined to buy everyone on my Christmas list the perfect gift and in timely fashion. I mean, I’ve still got ten days! See the panel below? It’s a link to the Bonus Cartoon. Yes, I’m working on ways to institutionalize the “Bonus Cartoon.” This appears clunky, I know, and it won’t look this way when I’m done, but I do intend to provide some kind of daily link that, regardless of what I do on the blog, will take you to an additional classic Arlo & Janis via GoComics. I hope you will enjoy it and not regard it as “too much sugar for a dime,” as my former mother-in-law would say.

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    • The BC link should take you to the bonus cartoon whether you’re signed into GoComics or not. You will, however, have to sign in to comment, like, etc. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, anyway. Let me know if it doesn’t.

      • That is how it works. My problem was that when I clicked to sign in (since I was planning to look at My Comics next anyway) it went to today’s A&J instead of the bonus.

  1. Janis seems a bit bulky in the thigh region, but no complaints here. Perhaps she took years of dancing lessons earlier. Had a few friends like that…I wonder what became of them. In particular, I wonder if any kept up the dancing to a (semi-)professional level.

  2. Great way to drive more business to GoComics and make sure there’s a future there! However, I’m still waiting for the completion of the Kickstarter. Yes, I’m still upset by that. Three years and counting … I feel duped.

  3. I am usually off doing stuff during the weekends and don’t comment. We just put Christmas Vacation on for the umpteenth time and I immediately went to the blog. We had an outing every night from Tuesday thru last night. Friday night we went down to Greenfield Village where they are decorated for Christmas and have people in character greeting us or singing. With having the Grandson along, it was a great night.

    Saturday night I went to the mall and walked 16 miles (40 laps). Since I last tried to do that in October, I have dropped 20 lbs and have been stretching regularly. It was a piece of cake. Afterwards I stopped at Tiffany’s for a small (at least in their perspective). But they really understand customer service and was treated like a King. As the saleslady was showing me a pendant in my price range, she said “Oh I particularly like this one, let me pull it out and show it to you!” That’s why I am watching Christmas Vacation….

  4. Good morning Jimmy. Today’s real time strip is on the money. One of the first things you learn with pets is to move carefully in bed. Because cats sometimes pounce on what moves, too.

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