Everything Must Go!!

As promised, the T shirts are on sale! We’re going to start knocking down some walls at this Web site soon, and we’ll need the space. The T shirts, all styles, are on sale for $15. That’s half price, and shipping is included. It is a clearance sale, though. Colors and sizes are limited to what’s in the inventory. When these two ground-breaking designs are gone, they’ll never be back. They are good shirts. Ask those who paid twice as much as you will. Just click on the gaudy banner above to shop. The art sale will begin this afternoon or Saturday. I’ll work on that this morning. It’s a good day for it: winter has arrived. We’re under a winter storm warning for the remainder of today.
(Haberdasher’s note: The T-shirt sale will continue until the end of the year, but selections will never be better than they are as you read this!)
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  1. Well, I bought my shirt. Just got one. Four total since they first became available. Hoping you’ll have new designs coming out at a later date. 🙂

    I’ve always loved that old strip. <3

    Actually, there will be new designs in the spring, but I haven’t emphasized that, because I want to sell as many of these as I can! — JJ

  2. The designs are great. But at six foot five if it isn’t tall size, it does not fit right. Tails are way too short and sleeves end before the wrist. No winter storm watch here but doggoned cold. Coldest night since last January, says the tv weather.

  3. Melcher’s humor aside, I love this painting. It’s entitled ‘Gemeindeschreiber’. Near as I can tell, that’s Schweizerdeutsch for municipal council clerk or town clerk. Learned term ‘Schweizerdeutsch’ from a native Berliner back in the ’80s, girl who would have been our foreign exchange student were it not for the outfit’s incompetence. That’s ok, she landed a good site, probably one better suited to her urban background.



  4. Bought some tee shirts to help the cause, cause I love a good clearance sale.

    Ghost is lying under flannel sheets and a single light quilt watching it snow in his hometown in southern Mississippi.

    I am on top of the quilt shopping and doing leg lifts before breakfast. I am cooking.

  5. By the way, they don’t have the Country Bear Jamboree at Disneyland anymore, only at Walt Disney World. Bear Country now consists of a Winnie the Pooh ride and Splash Mountain, based on the B’rer Rabbit cartoon.

  6. Should we start a petition drive for women’s sizes next time? These are nice shirts, but on me the medium is a little snug while the large is huge.

  7. I was led to believe that I’d only be able to stay in Oklahoma if I wore jeans [check] and Western boots [check] and drove a pickup truck [check]. So now the company from which I purchased the jeans is sending me daily emails to entice me to buy more of them. One of the items I saw earlier today brought unbidden to mind what would undoubtedly be the World’s Worse Pick-Up Line: “Gurrl, you’re so hot those must be Wranger® FR Cool Vantage Flame Resistant Jeans you’re wearing!”

  8. Ghosty One,
    Does your Okie uniform include a dinner plate sized belt buckle? If not, everyone will immediately know you’re an outsider.

  9. Jackie suggests finding one from a rodeo event from 50+ years ago, so no one will wonder why they don’t recognize me. She also says it cannot be too large, or the pony will not be able to carry both me and the buckle. So now I’m wondering if I’m getting a pony for Christmas.

  10. I am reminded of the story of The Littlest Cowboy, who hung a stocking in the bunk house on Christmas Eve. The other cowboys decided to play a joke on him, so after he went to bed they filled the stocking with horse manure. The next morning, they asked him what Santa had brought him. “I think he brought me a pony,” The Littlest Cowboy told them sadly, “but it must have run away.”

  11. Ghost, while Jackie’s looking through the stuff at Goodwill you can be looking for old buckles. Or go to the flea market at the Fairgrounds in Tulsa. Bet you could find one there.

  12. It really is a good column, written by a master of his peculiar art. I had to reread a few lines several times as I was still not focused well after they handed it to a humorist.

    And I know that I am being just as nostalgic as that guy who says how great the 50’s were in America before those hippies came along. And it feels as though I taint the humor be saying it. But that column might not run today. Not edgy enough. No mention of the President or the congress he doesn’t get along with. No signal that the testosterone cloud, while funny, may be toxic to the environment and any young children who may be nearby.

    I laughed at the reading, then felt the loss of humor from today’s offerings. Sorry to be a downer, just sharing how it felt.

  13. As Jackie noted, yesterday we attended an open house given by her reconstructive plastic surgeon. A few observations:

    1. The female-to-male ratio of attendees reminded me very much of my all-female staff.

    2. Never have I been in company of such a large number of women with such large, pert and perfectly shaped breasts. Coincidental? I think not.

    3. Never have I attended an event and witnessed a middle aged woman grasp her left breast with both hands and shake it as she explained something to the person with whom she was talking (likely the implant company rep), and then grasp her right breast as she said something else.

    4. Apparently etiquette for such events precludes one from asking another what type of “work” they have had done, but, just as apparently, one is quite free to proclaim it, loudly, to all and sundry.

    5. The refreshments were outstanding. And perhaps #3 and #4 above (especially #4) may be explained by the fact they included a champagne fountain.

    All in all, it was fun.

  14. I laughed out loud at almost every line. It was hilarious. Dave Barry at the controls of an earth mover.

    And I have a diploma in agriculture and several from Texas A and J and it was still do funny I choked.

  15. The ladies at the Christmas open house were buying procedures like crazy and comparing notes on prior doctors they had used elsewhere like down in Dallas.

    It reminded me of listening to women at beauty shop talk about getting eyes, noses, lips, breasts done on the cheap in central America or in Texas.

    My plastic surgeon is not cheap, he is highest rated in Tulsa, an amazing man.

    Honestly I thought those women were rude and vulgar but they are clients. A plastic surgeon doesn’t get many mastectomy patients to pay the bills, the cash customers are what they need.

  16. Yeah, it seems like odd conversation materiel. But in that setting, I get the feeling of [projecting here, not personal experience] high expense paid for a high quality item, standing among others who have the insight to appreciate the purchase and really wanting compare notes. Or brag.

    I can think of any number large ticket items that fit that description. Cars, boats, and houses can be discussed openly. The only item I can think off that demands specialized knowledge and might be better discussed in private is weapons. Conversing about favorite range toys at the local café may be intimidating to others. Just remembered the Oklahoma setting may offer a little extra freedom in this regard.

  17. Morphy, “high expense paid for a high quality item, standing among others who have the insight to appreciate the purchase and really wanting compare notes. Or brag.”

    That’s our astronomy club! Except we delight in having others look through the lenses, answering their questions, making suggestions on how to improve what we already have.

  18. GM Debbe & Mizz Charlotte

    The first time I was in Mn was just before Christmas 1963
    In the week I was in Bemidji the closest it got to 0 was 2 below.

    I must be a glutton for punishment because I have been in MN
    off & on for over 50 years – 40 this last stretch.

  19. It’s over, but it was fun while it lasted. I’m out of garages so one car has to sit in the driveway. I went out to brush the snow off of the window and found out it doesn’t work that way. It’s too hard for even a credit card. I have an ice scraper somewhere but who knows where. I can drive another car until that one thaws out. In the meantime I’ve been watching the state of California burning down. I have a couple of cousins out there. One probably lives somewhere close to Hollywood and the other is on a big spread somewhere close to San Francisco. I have her address but it doesn’t mean anything to me. Their situation is horrible with houses, cars, horses and other animals lost. 2017 will go down in history as a year of disasters.

  20. Ok today’s strip is literally what is happening in our house right now!!!

    I’ve just made breakfast as my wife tries to sleep in. She got up early yesterday to be with her 88 year old mother as she underwent back surgery. We are headed up to Saginaw later this morning to be with her. She got through the surgery well. She said as she woke up, she felt like she had visited heaven. Those drugs are powerful!

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