Evolving Situation

I think of a comic strip such as this one from 2009 as “hitting for average.” In four panels, it has no less than three gags. In the first gag, Arlo makes a quip at the expense of Ludwig the cat; the third panel is a sight gag, with Arlo as caveman facing down a saber-toothed beast with what appears to be a seven iron, or perhaps a six; in the fourth panel is the standard punchline. I say “hitting for average,” because it’s like the indispensable baseball player who can be depended upon to get on base with above-average regularity. Of course, it’s the homerun hitters who make all the money.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.
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  1. Jimmy:

    I say that it has at least four gags.

    Considering that Caveman Arlo is depicted in the Stone Age, having a seven or six “iron” is a well-played anachronism.

  2. Believe the only N.A./Eurasian sabertooth felid genus in the Pleistocene was Smilodon. Don’t recall the specific epithet. There was a sabertooth marsupial carnivore in S.A.; don’t know if it was still around when Paleoindians got that far S.


  3. Good morning all. Just woke up. Had horrible night, I can tell my hair is no longer what my hair dreseer so carefully blew dry and flat ironed to perfection.

    Don’t even have to look in a mirror.

    When will our porcine aviator return to home base? I miss him and so does everyone else. Was about to say *How can anyone miss a roguish Ghost that no one sees nor knows if real? Then I remembered The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” with the incorrigible Captain and his swash and blood. I have loved him forever, since I was a girl.

    I will link a YouTube video. Rex Harrison was the Ghostly captain.

  4. Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison in an ethereal Montage from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir from 1947. I think I saw this movie much, much later in years but I fell in love with bearded rogues who swayed and loved across hundreds of books, both at sea and on land. I loved books because your own imagination supplies far more than a movie screen did.


  5. Today’s current strip reminds me of my dogs when a TV program had a door bell or another dog barking in the program. They’d begin barking as well convinced it was our door.

  6. I recently downloaded an old-school phone ring, Jimmy. Nothing says “ringing phone” like…well, a ringing phone. I’ve noticed that my last couple of cell phones do have old-style rings, but they are from the late 1990s. 😉

  7. Ludwig isn’t eating the mouse because he’s not hungry. He caught it because it was fun, and now it’s fun catching it over and over. Once he manages to kill it, he’ll lose interest and leave it for somebody else to dispose of, probably by burial at sea.

  8. Wasted a lot of time fruitlessly browsing lingerie sales for me which made me wonder. Who creates names for lingerie products? Most are pretty blatantly sexual and direct.

    An occupation for retired older men? Men who don’t actually like women? Not women probably.

  9. Jimmy, [retro] you have been a treasured five-tool guy on the comics page, from back when I could hold a page of comics. Your ability to mix in grand-slams while hitting into the gap day after day is a continuing treat. Looking forward to April in many ways.
    [current] I will hold on to my Ma Bell copy ringtone as long as I can. It’s the business model with the push button line transfer switches, not that Princess model. I’ve had it so long people thought it was cool when it started, then mocked my confusion, retro-cool, then Old Man trademark. But darn it when I hear a phone ring, I know it’s a phone. I tried the Euro version, short-short-long pause, for a time but had to return to 1960’s heart-stopping ring.

    hc, I read yours as left-handed Nike 6 iron. As in, ‘mounted backwards for a left handed genius’ to adjust an accolade.

    Jackie, Topper is a fun story, too. Though its production value was lower, or the surviving print has suffered. I think the days of blaming the man for lingerie design are behind us. There are still men to be sure, but I think Coco Chanel, Edith Head, and others may like recognition.

  10. Morphy, right now good lingerie seems to be European and what most of us can afford comes from China like everything else.

    As a retired sales rep who.had to deal with.the Chinese confusion over American holidays and colors,.I can say I see.a lot of that in the lingerie and their names.

    Yes, Topper didn’t have as good production. The other had superb.

  11. emb, It always takes me a little longer to draft a reply for you, I hope you appreciate the extra effort.

    I’m pretty sure celebrating the birth, and eventual recognition at Epiphany, of our Lord and Savior is considered non-secular. And tolerated well by others, as we respect, acknowledge, and tolerate their traditions. Although Pascal was referencing our one true God in three forms, the logic applies to all matters of faith.

    Do scientists know what they are doing, or are they faking it and hoping for the best, like the rest of us? Does my spouse really love me, as I do them? [hunh, plural seems odd, but I’m failing at a gender neutral, third person, singular object pronoun]

    I only desired to add enjoyment to anyone interested. I commented on, and framed the discussion along with posting the link. You found a way to make it about your accomplishments.

    By the way, those computers do not have that ability innate in their silicon. These functions were programmed by skilled professionals, often self-taught. Streamlining a tedious process for future writers. That creation process itself was hard won, there were many early versions more tedious than quill and parchment.

    I find my interest in FF waning when your teasing feels like dropped crumbs asking for attention. If given the opportunity to know something about the item in advance, I could experience it with knowledge. This is why stage programs give an outline for the audience to read prior to curtain. This is done for Wagner [VAAHGuh-ner], Shakespeare, or Annie Get Your Gun. Not for spoilers, but to enhance the pleasure of the evening.

    emb, may I request the respect? When you comment in contrast to me, please do the courtesy of naming me. It could reduce the confusion of your meaning, if politeness is not reason enough.

  12. Well, I was being inane Morphy. Don’t feel well enough to be much else!

    I will beat Mark to it and say Carrie Fisher died, from Star Wars, should there be those who do not know. I suspect she has been on life support and taken off after Christmas. My friends are reacting like Ghost saying 2016 sucks.

  13. Here’s a short comment, not directed at anyone specifically. Anyone else remember college and their profs bring highly academic and unable to stop being that way? Always lecturing? So they remained that way forever?

  14. Jackie, I saw the news. Memories and respect for Carrie’s accomplishments and struggles. But my most sincere prayers are for Debbie, on the loss of her daughter.

    I enjoy exchanging knowledge in both directions, and discussing opinions. I’ve been told I lecture, mostly by teen-aged people expressing frustration. But your observation is valid, all the same.

  15. Morphy, I on the other hand have spent a lifetime torn between that “Am I sexy frivolous woman or a highly intelligent brain?” You couldn’t be both in my day, you were type cast.

    I enjoy your essays and our profs in residence at the Village. I can even understand them.

    You made me start thinking about past accomplishments too. For some of us they are the past, for others they continue or become our lives. That is allowable.

    Me, I thought of Carrie’s little dog. He was with her on the plane. They were inseparable, as I am with Dickens.

  16. Morphy and Jackie, and the 1933 King Kong has always beaten its successors and remakes hands down, because it’s use of stop-motion is much better looking than man in a suit or CGI. I will say the CGI in the first Jurassic Park movie is my favorite use of that technology.

    I don’t mind lecturers, if they are interesting and good at their work.

  17. Mark, King Kong is one that shows my youth. The mid-70’s(?) remake made me jump out of my seat using the most low-tech stunt possible. A fearsome decorated native, from below camera, jumps up right in front of you, with no audible forewarning. Screams loudly, beginning in the same frame he is first seen. Had my heart pounding. Can’t even give proper director’s credit without going to look it up though. Unfortunately, I have never caught a revival or festival showing ’33. Even on the small screen Fay can make you fell sorry for the big lug.

  18. You have no idea how long I have been looking for that darned orange bikini in my size or something close to it! Ever since Debbe mentioned it although she might look better in one than I?

    Bought batteries for my scales and had two Boost diabetic shakes, a whole grain peanut butter sandwich and a big salad for dinner with only small amounts of proteins and fats, lots of greens.

    In other words, trying to start back losing steadily again.

  19. TruckerRon, may I refer you back to the retro comic here:
    and the common male reluctance to comment on fashion choices?
    Danger, Wil Robinson, Danger!

    Jackie, glad your feeling well enough to desire and prepare such a meal. On the mend.

    If I pass out for 14 hours from illness, I’m likely to exist on bread and water because I don’t have the energy to slice cheese. Sometimes heating a can of Campbell’s is too high to aim. Hopefully 2017 can be a fifth consecutive flu-free year.

  20. It was pretty darn simple salad. I took a Walmart pre-made Cobb salad out of fridge, added more mixed spring greens to a bowl, picked all the stems out of WM salad and added greens to bowl, opened a package of chopped kale, spinach and added some of that. Dumped chopped topping from both salads in, added a big spoon of grated cheese, precooked bacon, cranberries, pecans and peppered onions.

    I cheat. It’s called open and fill bowl. Even dressings.

  21. Still don’t feel competent to drive van and still can’t find my pale pink jeans. Hope I feel well enough to drive to Post Office and nail salon in town tomorrow.

    That was actually first salad I made since I got sick.

  22. Have been reading about an amazing Carrie Fisher who was an author, script writer, and many. Many things besides Princess Leia.

    Her semi-autobiography Postcards From the Edge became a very funny and much nominated movie. Carrie was played by Meryl Streep who gave one of her best performances. Shirley MacLaine played Carrie’s mother Debbie Reynolds. Both women received nominations for performances.

    Here is Meryl singing I’m Checking Out from the movie, written by Shell Silverstein the cartoonist.


  23. Old Bear: Thanks. Good ‘upper’ for this particular morning.

    Just ran across the following quote in A.Word.A.Day for 28 Dec., a significant date. Some would say ‘God works in mysterious ways.’ I agree, but do not pretend to know if this is a valid example.

    Franken, Rose, author, playwright (28 Dec 1895-1988). ‘Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.’ A.161228.

    Taken as an observation of human nature, rather than an academic, testable hypothesis, Franken’s quote is true. Event below exemplifies it.

    We lived in U. MI. housing not far from U. MI. Hospital, where Elaine worked as a pediatrics RN, P.H.T. [putting hubby through, along w/ GI Bill], fall ’53-fall ’55 [elder son born Jan. 1956]. Neither of us were particularly formal diners, nor meticulous housekeepers. We’d had fish, perhaps canned, as part of supper, and were forking purple plums from a can [Ann Page?] for dessert. Oil from the fish was visible on the liquid. Immediately, the two of us put together the following; I’ve no idea who said which part, but it came out in the order below, first draft, unedited.

    ‘What matter that my fork is fishy, / What matter that my plums are, too? / Ours not to be too washy-wishy, / But eat this swill without too much ado.’
    [‘Kitchen’, efficiency apt., Univ. Terrace, Ann Arbor, MI ca. 1954]

    Jackie: ‘Anyone else remember college and their profs bring highly academic and unable to stop being that way? Always lecturing? So they remained that way forever?’ Actually true of only a few of my many profs, both really good teachers [IMO] and others. Some of my students regard me as the greatest thing since sliced bread; others would rather watch apple slices turn brown, and would likely claim it true of me.

    In conversation, and sometimes here, I go into teaching mode often. But usually, at least in conversation, it’s not dry, but rather some topic excites me, and it is apparent to others that emb is on a roll, and mostly they respond enthusiastically. Maybe they are only being polite.

    Sure I’ve been guilty of that on occasion, but am able to wear different hats comfortably. Some find that I move back and forth from various roles appropriately. Others don’t. People differ [both meanings].

    Today’s TIP BlogSpot is apparently a repeat [I don’t remember it] from 2010. Melcher says George Desmarees was French. http://thatispriceless.blogspot.com/ He was Swedish [note, it is George, not Georges], and I find no mention of a French period at various websites. The ptg. is a self portrait w/ his daughter. Almost all his other works shown are formal portraits of the ‘Quality’, which is how he seemed to pay the rent.


  24. Debbie, I hope that all is well at your Dad’s with him, you, and Ian. I imagine the cross-stitch project is moving along. My husband has reminisced for decades about helping me sort the unlabeled floss for a large project that had designations like “medium dark blue” and “dark medium blue.” We waited for a sunny day…there were 50-something colors…and flipped a coin on at least one that puzzled us.

    I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season this year. What memory do you think you’ll take forward from this holiday?

  25. Smigz when Mike and I were silk flowers sales reps and had that enormous showroom we displayed the silk flowers in a rainbow progression by each “line” or name of style, each flower arranged in the colors of their tags or identifications.

    Imagine your silk embroidery colors turned into silk flowers, roses, tulips, larkspur, lilies. One “line” alone had a combination of over a thousand different stems and colors with around thirty colors to choose from. We had over 400,000 items to redisplay every six months.

    Mike my late husband was color blind! I had to put colors in correct progression per the tag, he could not. It got to be a running joke that the best salesman they had was color blind. This carried over to his entire career in floral sales including ribbon which has as many colors as embroidery threads.

  26. Debbe and Jackie: Strength and tranquility to you as you pursue your worthy goals. I believe in you.

    (I have to add this pointless parenthetical because loopy software will not let me post “same” message twice.)

  27. Yes, I am returned. Christmas did not go as planned, but it did go. The recipient of my catered Christmas dinner was not able to partake due to illness. Out of sympathy, I did not eat, either.

    This was the first Christmas in my remembrance when I did not receive a gift. (Which of course simply put me in company with many, many other people.) As previously mentioned, I compensated by giving to others, which in truth was much more satisfying.

    However, on Christmas Day I did receive the gifts of life and good health, so I got that going for me, which is nice. (Yes, that’s a movie reference, but I’m not joking about the value of those gifts.)

  28. emb, a lovely remembrance and personal snippet to share. I appreciate it. Thank you.

    Smigz, that one gave me a memory. The relationship I did not make permanent in my twenties included a ‘sort the floss tossed in a box’ episode. I had no idea the distinctions in hue, including how the light hits it. It is what I remember when I see Mr Blanding’s Dream House, and Myrna describes her homes palette to the house painter. I was the like apprentice that said – Yep, red, yellow, blue, green, check. But the discriminating skill of this not that, was useful later. And I learned how ecru was different than parchment. But I have forgotten the name of the master color number system, not Pantone but similar.

    GR6, The wise words of Carl the Groundskeeper, puff-puff-pass. Welcome home.

  29. I post from five different machines. Two phones, a tablet, a laptop and a desk computer. The blog site requires registering from each. Some were auto filled which is how my name was wrong on one.

    Legally I am Jackquline H. But most of my records include Jackie as well, like my medical records.

  30. Ghost sweetie zip haven’t left for St. Louis or Illinois yet. Just got off phone with grandson.

    He’s an absolute funny kid. Age 4 and I asked if he’d like to start college? He replied “Not yet.”

  31. emb
    I asked Steve for:
    Guy Lumbardo and the Royal Canadians
    Auld Lang Syne to honor the New Year
    He did not have and asked for something upbeat – so….
    BTW Bill Morelock is hosting FF this Friday.

  32. Smigz: Dozens have told me or written me that. If my take on theology is roughly accurate, all may, on the other side, have the chance [even ‘the dark side’, as labeled by this Village].

    Old Bear and I have a secret, ‘not revealed until its season’ [specifically, day after tomorrow, on Steve Staruch’s ‘Friday Favorites’, MPR/APR, 3-7 pm, CST, which may also yield one of those teachable moments I mentioned above].

    Morphy: Thank you.

    BTW, since ‘secular’ means without religion, or not involving religion, ‘non-secular’ means religious, or maybe specifically sectarian.

    It may be that some Villagers had not yet run into ‘Pascal’s wager’ and have not since looked it up. Here is Wiki, edited only to remove blue type. The underlining is Wiki’s:


    ‘Pascal’s Wager was based on the idea of the Christian God, though similar arguments have occurred in other religious traditions. The original wager was set out in section 233 of Pascal’s posthumously published ‘Pensées’ (‘Thoughts’). [emb may have lost some words in here.] These previously unpublished notes were assembled to form an incomplete treatise on Christian apologetics.
    The underlining disappeared during transfer from Open Office to this blog. Underlined were: Christian, God, other religious traditions, Pensées, treatise, and apologetics, all words which themselves have Wiki entries.


  33. emb, in the village, I’ve interpreted TDS – The Dark Side to mean comments section of UClick/GoComics. Usually, specifically, the Arlo and Janis page of that site. More this than any middle of the road purgatory, or more dangerous warm place.

  34. emb, I’ve had trouble deciding if you read the article as a refutation of the popular, atheistic view of his Wager? That Pascal was not offering a golden ticket to non-believers. But rather laying out a logical framework for the mind, the way a missionary approaches the body.

  35. Morphy:

    TDS: I meant them. They are, despite all, God’s children. Also, many posts there are innocuous, or even good.

    Whatever Pascal’s intent, his wager is Christian apologetics, which is why I first responded to it as a topic often bemoaned here, but widely practiced, as is politics. Peace, after all, is Shalom.

    BTW, looking back over my post a few days back, what ‘accomplishments’? The only thing listed which might stand out is the implication that I wrote a book, which I did. However, that is not, or should not be, news to the Village. I blew my cover long ago, more than once, so the Village should know who I am, and that I am the author of The Mammals of Minn., Univ. MN Pr., ’82. [I will never cover my expenses with the royalties, which is fine.] I was not advertising anything new.

    Other ‘accomplishments’ might incl. various volunteering activities, and donations, again nothing new to the Villagers. I don’t pretend to be humble, to not know my left hand know what my right is doing [as He said], but I was not tooting my own horn, at least not that time


  36. Morphy, a Berliner isn’t a jelly doughnut. It is, however, the kind of doughnut that’s commonly used to make a jelly doughnut. I know, because I spent several years when I was younger, working in bakeries.

  37. Sadly, today’s marauding beasts mostly travel on two feet but still want to break into your place and steal your stuff, often without any compunction about killing or maiming you and your family in the process. Or they may violently assault you and your family while you are peacefully going about your business in a shopping mall. A golf club could be utilized as a defense tool, but I’d personally prefer one that is more readily available and accessible in those circumstances.

  38. One advantage of being where it has been unseasonably warm for the past several weeks is that people of the female persuasion are going about not all bundled up. (Like Arlo, I hate when “bundling up” happens.) In fact, after several recent observations, I have come to wonder if yoga-pants-and-a-tee may have become the “new sundress”. That outfit doesn’t expose nearly as much skin as a sundress, but it is certainly more revealing in other ways.

    And on that subject, I visited five-foot-nine inch tall P&PHS this afternoon, who was wearing skin-tight yoga pants and a fitted top which was barely long enough to cover the lower portion of what Arlo once referred to as “the more interesting parts”. And occasionally wasn’t. Man!

    She managed to work into our conversation three times that her divorce has been finalized and pointedly dropped the name of the club where she and her girlfriends will be celebrating New Year’s Eve. Dang; if I were only a decade or two younger. 🙂

  39. Oh I’m not confused on what a Berliner is. I used it as an example of how things are interpreted differently in the historical context. And further, held steadfastly in spite of new evidence.

    If I can share another Jeri story:
    Although she failed to teach me flirting and banter, the skills that lead me to the seamstress from earlier, Jeri accidentally instructed me in something more basic. After a few years of high school and beyond, she asked if I knew why she shared rides to the mall and eventually escorting each other when we were not dating someone else. I knew better than to predict, and asked what she meant. Jeri explained it was scary for a young woman to go out and do things in the city alone, but also anti-feminist to admit it. Walking through the mall with me changed how she was stared at. Sure all the boys to men still ogled her, but it only lasted a moment before they looked at me, then looked away. To her, that was a win.

    Now you could argue this is just another tactic in the messy war of love. That all Jeri was doing here was to place me firmly in the friend-zone. Could be. Certainly I was behind in development, and could not understand the rules of Lovefare. [that’s wordplay on warfare] But what I got was something else.

    I told Jeri I’d noticed. But had to explain to her that when I was downtown without her, no one looked at me at all. Not because I didn’t exist. Just because they don’t have to make eye contact to asses another teen not worth their time in their important adult world. Just having her nearby, even if she weren’t hanging off me at the moment, made me noticeable. And that’s a win to a young man, making his way.

    What I mean is that, outside the sometimes confusing labels of race, I had already learned that two sensible humans can, and often do, experience the exact same reality. But leave with entirely different information. Vive la différence applies to lots of viewpoints. But the woman vs. man interaction is the most fun I’ve found.

    In reviewing above, I should note without changing the above, Jeri did not fail to teach me banter. I did experiment as a tyro would. It was I that failed to master the skill.

    Ya know, after letting this item sit for awhile – it felt right to run it past someone before posting – I’m reminded of a modern pet peeve. The electronic key-fob and its impact on chivalry. It was cheaper to park in the sandlot just one block away by the YWCA, than to park in the garage – both our first cars didn’t warrant the care anyway. I never offered, and because of above it wouldn’t make sense, to go get the car and return to pick her up. But Jeri was surprised that I would always unlock her door first, hold it for her, and close after her ankle was in.

    If she was unencumbered and thoughtful enough, she would lean over and unlock my side while I walked around, and I would thank her aloud. I never did explain, before getting a better car, that I worried about the hinges; and seeing her stretched out, reaching across the car was a treat in itself. I found myself distracted from checking the tires as I went around. Never claimed to be a saint. Actually her descriptor, when noticed was, ‘pre-vert’, as in training to be a pervert. Didn’t stop her though. Really liked it when warm weather caused a short buttoned top to ride up and show abdomen above belt-line. Even if it was less than shown at the pool, a glimpse is somehow more special. [I think Jimmy did a daily on this theme.]

    I’m still counting it as chivalry.

  40. Jackie and Debbe: I’m currently considering the pros and cons of an “Orange Crocheted Bikini” vs. an “Orange String Bikini”. It may take some time to reach a decision, but I’ll get back to you. 😉

    And Jackie, as I believe I mentioned previously, if we ever collaborated on a novel, we could call it “The Ghost and Mrs. Monies”. (Subject matter to be determined)

  41. Have you heard about the plan to protect Betty White from dying in 2016? Obviously they worried about wrong ingenue.

    It is our age bracket folks. Not Carrie, she was way too young.

    And so damned funny and sharp witted. I loved the interview when asked how she got cast in Star Wars. She said she slept with some super geek and she hoped it was George Lucas but she really couldn’t remember.

    Funny, hilariously funny.

  42. Yeah, I know Ghost. I just keep trying to say “Good morning, Good morning, we talked the whole night through, good morning, good morning, to you”

    2/4 I had to change spelling to remove a ‘u’ from morning. The first and third instance.

    “So put on a happy face.” C•8

  43. Ghost I have recovered enough to go see my grandson since I missed Christmas. He says I have driven all over, I can drive there. Not due to go until after New Years.

    Sorry your Christmas didn’t go well. Dickens and I spent it in bed. I don’t know that I ate anything or else I don’t remember.

    Allstate can’t find anyone in Mississippi to work on Trigger so they are moving him again. I got a love note from Stella in Washington and her Facebook fans, not to mention Wooden Boat running her in the special small boat edition. I am feeling torn.

    Something funny happened today at nail salon, a lady from Texas was visiting her married grandchildren (gasp!) And the children she had with her were great grandchildren, not grandchildren as I had thought. I commented concern at her badly swollen legs, dangerously so. Anyway, she informed me that she was 62 and took no medicines because she was very outdoors person and active and when I got to be her age I would be doing well to be in that good shape.

    I bit my tongue and changed the subject. The poor male manicurist had just been dumped by his wife who abandoned her and three children, all boys under 6 years. I left her to his tender mercies. Poor him.

  44. Abandoned him and three small boys under six years. The kids were adorable but three between six and youngest was three. I can see her mental and physical duress.

    The boys wanted pizza for the fifth night running. Normally I’d be annoyed at small children in salons, despite it happening everywhere. Hard to avoid small children. I recommended today that my daughter stop inflicting my grandson on everyone but engage sitters.

    I am softening I suppose. Not that I have ever bitten a child.

  45. I had insomnia in Stuttgart Germany and happened to come across Singing in the Rain with German dubbed in. I think that the music was in English, but I had watched the movie enough times that I probably knew the dialog pretty well. Debbie was only 20 when the movie was made. Carrie was only 19 when she acted in Star Wars. Mother and Child Reunion.

  46. Steve, thank you for the smile, even if it only happened in my own mind. I know you meant the lyrics were possibly in English. I’m not correcting, just appreciating that all the German and Austrian composers left us such universal understood strains of musical notes. I feel lightened.

  47. Anyone besides me remember her as Tammy living with her grandfather on the shanty boat on the Mississippi ?

    Totally unrealistic but that’s what movies were back then.she played a teenager but must have been much older.

  48. One of the things I did for others for Christmas was to purchase a gift for one of the local Angel Trees. That makes me smile, for more than one reason. One of the reasons is the memory of this from the files of the inimitable Lawdog…


    I liked this quote, included in one of the Lawdog blog comments…

    IT’S A SWORD, said the Hogfather. THEY’RE NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE.
    ‘She’s a child!’ shouted Crumley.
    ‘What if she cuts herself?’

  49. Well, I had a great time giving Christmas gifts to others but mine was a little more direct but still needy and rewarding. My favorite reward was getting my young yard lady out of a cross between grunge and snow board male attire into some really good clothes that were suitable for Ellen Degeneres whom I consider well dressed. Good taste doesn’t mean conformity.

    I know, weird Christmas memory. Normally I do Toys for Tots and Angel Tree unless I know someone personally.

    My grandson gets way too much and I am guilty too.

  50. Knowing that remembering people year round is best policy, I have bought all my girl friends like nails, hair, post office, feed store, etc. Red scarves and red long sleeved tee shirts for Valentines. Which I will give around the first so they can wear, dropping hints to everyone else.

  51. Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the same logic I used in handing out knives to Tenderfoot Scouts so they could qualify for their chit. Only two cuts, neither required stitches.

  52. Florists are always getting cut, we work with VERY sharp knives made in Europe, plus very sharp scissors made by Fiskars that chefs also use to cut up chickens and bones.

    I only had two employees to need stitching of hands, my daughter and my head designer. Apparently I told both separate occasion to bleed over the garbage can and not to drip on bridal bouquets. We sent them off to emergency room after the weddings were done.

    Not same wedding.

  53. The standard advice is dull knives cause larger cuts because you use to much force in using them. I can attest the only stitches I’ve ever taken to my hands was from dull edged stock not properly secured.

    But warn a coworker if you just sharpened the paring knife nobody has bothered with for months uncounted. I was blamed when the prep cook on the next shift wouldn’t stop bleeding. Just a former scout caring for his tools at his first job. This is why real chefs use only their own knives, and won’t trust anyone else’s. They are an extension of your will. If their condition doesn’t match your expectation, get out the first aid kit.

  54. Are you still a chef cook Morphy? The cuts in our shop were with the cooking shears, cutting down across palm and cutting out wedge flash. Second one involved cutting finger with shears and cutting into finger, so no knives.

  55. Not the most revealing costume I’ve seen Cher in, but I don’t recall ever seeing her as a platinum blonde. I also don’t recall her being quite so pneumatic. I don’t suppose she’s ever had any cosmetic surgery performed, has she?

  56. Sorry, Jackie, had stepped away. Then started framing *much* too long an answer.†

    Shears do present an entirely different set of issues. had a niece-in-law training for beautician, scared to frozen by horror stories told by students more senior by months than her. She got over it.

    GR6, I have no doubt you take a great pride in keeping all your gear ready to go. Sorry I don’t recall the fly boy version of Always… prepared, faithful, ready?

    †Shorter version: No, did and still enjoy the kitchen. But no formal training. [long story of a short career path toward Unit manager in front of house, awarded own unit, only unit in that town and area, corporate failure, moved on to next of 4ish career paths] Had the burns and scars to show, but they’ve faded long ago. Life has a way of replacing some with others.

    ‡Ever get to typing along, and not notice you’d hit the SHIFT LOCK? Had to retype half this to not shout. Think that means I should have hung it up before now.

  57. Long version available but modesty wrestled with embarrassment, and I didn’t want to throw up another wall of text.

    hunh, embarrassment really hass two ss’s right together, like harassment. There got to be something at the bottom of this.

    Wah — Waaaah. Thanks here til Thur, try the veal.

  58. Good European florist knives in 1980s were in $30-40 range and florist stem and wire shears were around $20 each as we’re silk flowers wire stem cutters.

    We usually bought a dozen at a time. That was wholesale.

    Because we cut under water I taught shears over knives.

  59. Thanks, Jackie, for giving me a reason to write out the story of that part of my life. Probably should have waited for the weekend but I got on a roll, and… oh well.

    Now I’ve got an outline, and some too wordy passages about why I’m not a Restaurateur Of Acclaim. Who knows where this might lead. But at least I have a new hobby project for a while.

  60. Today is my wedding anniversary. Sandy died in 2014. If he were alive, we would be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary. We met on a blind date in 1975. He was28. I was25.
    Holidays are rough,but I have foundthere are three daysthat are even harder. The day he died, his birthday, and our wedding anniversary.
    Therewas discussion earlier of doing silly or funny things together. I have a silly incident, and today seems like a good day to remember it.
    It was 1976,and we lived in Greta,LA in a shotgun. We had a vegetable garden in the back yard,and Sandy was watering it. I was in the kitchen. I came to the back screendoor, and Sandy splashedthe hose at me. I went to the sink,got a glass of waterand threw it at him through the screen. He splashed me with more water. I got a larger container of water andthrew it out the door at him. He came into the house spraying me with the hose. We spent the next half hour clearing water out of the house. Welaughed through the clean up. Afterward, we laughed every time we remembered what we did.

  61. Debbe and Jackie: Strength and tranquility to you as you pursue your worthy goals. I believe in you.

    (I have to add this inane parenthetical because silly software will not let me post “same” message twice.)

  62. Good morning. I just woke up. My sleeping is messed up again or I have a 2 a.m. or later to noon pattern now.

    Seems like I had something more important than cleaning kitchen in mind but that looks pretty urgent right now. Fortunately I don’t want anything more difficult than an English muffins.

    Strange but with a large empty bed I find myself still sleeping on the edge so I don’t disturb anyone else.

  63. Ghost: Since you gave us a link to the source of your sword quote, I’m guessing you’re not familiar with its origin. Hogfather by Terry Pratchett is one of his better books, especially if you’re not familiar with his others and need an introduction. The TV movie that came out a few years ago is worth a search – one of my favorite Christmas movies.

  64. Thanks, R.A. I was familiar with the book but not the movie. I will try to find it.

    Jackie, I sleep on one side of the bed when alone and on the other side when not alone. I can’t explain that, either. Well, I can’t explain the former, anyway.

  65. I got an email, I believe from Spotify, alerting me that Jennifer Nettles will be in concert within reasonable driving distance early next year. She’s a woman for whom I’d do a Dickens impression and lick her ankles.

    Yesterday, I happened to mention JN’s concert to P&PHS. “Oh!” she gushed. “I LOVE Jennifer Nettles!” Also, she has begun touching me more, and not just my head as one would expect from a hair stylist. And she normally talks quite loudly (it is a noisy salon environment) but uses a much lower, almost intimate, voice when she speaks to me, with lots of direct eye contact. Hmm.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. But it’s like science fiction…there’s probably nothing to it, but it is fun to think about. 🙂

  66. Well, let’s just say I saw this one coming Ghost. I’d say the choice is between a good haircut and something else. I don’t think you can have both but then I never had that choice.

    My late husband had a similar situation, my evil twin ironically also named Jackie. Equally endowed but not as attractive as yours sounds. Otherwise scenario sounds pretty similar. At least as far as it has gotten now. You guys look attractive of course because you are and an up grade from what they had.

    That English muffins effect has not hit my brain yet.

  67. Laura, you and Sandy have me laughing now! Some of the best moments in life involve silliness and messes. It sounds like you two were well matched. Who set up your blind date with Sandy?

  68. Jackie, I do value a good haircut. And P&PHS is both too young for me and not really my type. Her status has already reached its maximum level…eye candy.

  69. Thank goodness one of you has commonsense. Apparently my late husband had more than one type. Me being one of them. I still struggle with that.

    It is same philosophy I have about employees. I am always friends but you can stay friends. It is hard to find good employees.

    Water department just left, we have the leak isolated and surrounded. Now to capture a plumber.

  70. Jackie, no fancy trap needed. Just open a septic tank upwind of town. Several plumbers have treated me with the line, :SNIIIIF: Ahh! that’s the smell of Money!

  71. Ruth Anne, a Terry Pratchett Christmas movie sounds great. I did not devour Discworld like I did other series. But I see more and more references to his works crop up in the most unexpected places. I feel I’ve missed out. I’m also interested to find time for
    Spider Robinson’s, Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. That may have been recommended here?

  72. Callahan’s is funny and weird and as cultisth as Pratchett. They are uneven but as Jimmy said, they can’t all be home runs.

    Have always loved music, some instruments more than others. I always thought of myself as a string lover and realized piano, harpsichord ARE stringed instruments. Listen to a lot of piano and always have. One of my favorites now is Brian Crain whose arrangements are beautiful.

    Love his piano version of Hallelujah. You can find Brian on YouTube or Pandora. https://youtu.be/dmCkRjWY4w8

  73. Smigz, I rented a room from this couple. Sandy worked with the guy, and they thought we would like each other. I was recently divorced, and Sandy was separated from his wife. I really wasn’t looking for a new partner, but I was crazy about him from the start. Lucky me. He felt the same.

  74. Funny, I met my late husband on a blind date, something I never did. I actually kept a schedule to keep track of dates and events and he wasn’t on it because my room mate had cancelled her date with his fraternity brother and I thought ours was too.

    Never kept another date, cancelled them all. Stayed faithfully married for 48 years. Did I mention he was gorgeous, smart and charming? He was still on day he died. The end of life nurse looked at him as we waited to take him off life support and remarked at how good looking he was, how beautiful his silver hair was.

    Christmas and now are very hard for me. His birthday is same as ML King, his and mama’s double funeral date is coming up next week. So four bad ones in a row and I always hate my birthday and Valentine’s Day as well.

  75. Morphy, all the Callahan’s books are good reading. The first two or three are made up of short story collections as they originally appeared in science fiction magazines. After that, Robinson was writing genuine novels with a connected plot. Some will make you want to laugh, some will have you crying, and all will make you think.

  76. Jeez I just read some public comments on Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher’s deaths. Never done it before, ain’t never going back!

    They were pure vitriol and venom. Makes TDS look innocuous. Where do these people hide, under rocks? God help any celebrity.

    Decided I am not snarky at all.

  77. “Social media” seems to bring out the worst in so many people that I’m thinking it’s badly misnamed.

    I went on a total of three blind dates I can recall. The only one that ended badly (two months later) was the last one…Bat Guano Crazy Lady.

  78. Mark, thanks for the heads up. That review would be blurb-worthy for the next print run. I’m glad I remembered I’d first heard it here. Sounds like Spider has fans in the village.

    Short story writing can be really good. Obviously not my strong point in creating. But If I consume more of it that may help.

    I’ve seen that Discworld has a complex chronology, and fans have opinions on where/when to start. Is Callahan’s best done as published?

  79. GR6, my dad had a joke, I’ve lost the setup. try to remake:

    Vendor at the Ballpark: Git yer Red Hots — Hot Dogs — Cold beer!
    Fan in the Stands: Two dogs, please!
    the exchange is made down the line of distracted fans.
    Fan: Hey, Lou! These dogs are green and cold!
    Vendor: It’s just the name, Mac! Just the name!

  80. Laura: I wish that I lived nearby as I would love to squirt you with a water gun. That is a wonderful story that I’m sure that my wife the Romance Novelist would enjoy.

    Ghost, I’ve said it several times here, but social media is like nuclear energy in that when it is used for good, it is wonderful, but when it is used for bad it can be catastrophic.

    Trucker I enjoyed Lavell’s offenses very much. I’m afraid that 2017 will see more of our beloved heroes pass on. A reminder to appreciate those still with us.

  81. ‘Course he had another, less popular. Punchline only:

    “you don’t wanna know how he makes the donuts”

    Can’t decide, submit, don’t submit, do, don’t.
    I dood it!

  82. Breaking: Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards Found Still Alive

    In a startling development for the Rock n Roll community, world famous Rolling Stones guitarist and songwriter Keith Richards was found alive on Wednesday. Crew members said they found his animated body sitting beside an amp, picking at a guitar and murmuring some incomprehensible melody.

    I hope no one is offended!

  83. That photo [not claiming it’s a statistically valid sample] suggests one reason that many celebrities die young.

    Again, just a sample, the site posted above:


    Overton [despite smoking, but not inhaling, 3 cigars a day] seems to have a healthy lifestyle and obviously still has all his marbles [expect he is innately very bright], is 109, the oldest WWII vet. There have to be some good genes involved, and some bad ones missing, and most likely fortuitous combinations of this and that gene that happen to work well together. These are among the hardest genes to tease out, partly because of environmental variables, pre- and post-birth, both physical and social. Delightful guy. Wife only 91.

    I don’t re-email items asking for donations, but will this one, noting it is for interest [really, NOT kidding or evading responsibility], and that it will likely go over the top considering it’s been online only a short time.


  84. No but she has limited ability to make calls for personal reasons. I have been calling her on my phone to her dad’s land line which incurs no expense for her. I will phone her tomorrow and see how she is doing.

    I wonder how old her father actually is? I do not believe he is well enough to ever live alone again.

    When I became my mother’s caretaker I took on a 24 hour a day job for myself or I had to provide another competent care giver to be with her. I could not leave her alone even in her apartment in my home, especially in last couple years. You have to be prepared for commitment.

    You know that as well as anyone, Ghost. You were all your mom had. By the way her flowers are in my storage area in my sun room, unarrsnged, I need the measurements and scale to do them properly. That is if you would like to have them perhaps ahead of Valentines, there is one for your sister as well.

  85. Good night all. Suddenly feeling very sad. I am OK, just tired and sad. I think it was Gary, the therapy dog that did it.

    My therapist has a wet nose and is curled up in a mail tray on my kitchen table. Patiently waiting for the patient. We are putting clean bedding on and going to bed.

    This is why I avoid the news. May the Rolling Stones live forever.

  86. Rolling Stones have momentum on their side. Science would be well served looking into things eventually. Might take another fifty years.

    Thanks, Steve, for a datum on the other side of the ledger. Gave me a grin.

    Along with Jimmy’s AC/DC revelation. Is that the first ‘head banger’ reference for A&J?

  87. Jackie, on elder care, I had an incident that could have gone worse. For my Grandmother when she was still only 100 years young. As grandson I did not have duty for weeks on end, but did some to assist and break things up for the aunts. There are of course the things we don’t mention, and just nod to each other in understanding. But I did not predict this problem.

    Talking on a cellular phone, small enough to go unseen when next to your head, caused her confusion. I don’t know how the other times of stepping aside had not caused a problem. But this time, nice day, I stepped outside the front door while Grandma was in the living room. Luckily, it was an aunt on the phone. That made it easier to have a witness to understand what happened after I heard the door lock.

    Wearing the sweatpants that are easier to clean from spills, meant my keys were in the guest room. So with my aunt still on the phone, I am loudly attempting a cheerful tone “[Grandma’s Full Name], it’s [Morphy], your grandson! Your daughter [Jane] married….” You get the idea.

    It took four attempts of explaining the theory of relativity to her before she unlocked the door for me. But at least my aunt knew what was going on in real time. So that helped. Unfortunately, the confusion put her in a mood for nearly an hour before I got a twinkle back in her eye.

    It helps if you like to hear how her daughters went to school, and where her sons went. Years ago was often easier than four hours ago, or who will be with her tomorrow.

  88. I guess I didn’t make clear. I didn’t accidentally let the door lock on me. Grandma had gotten up from her television show, and hearing a voice outside, locked the door on me. It took convincing her I was grown man version of the little kid that ate her peanut butter cookies. Yes, Grandma they were very good; I’m taller now. etc.

  89. Thanks, Gary. I hadn’t had time to look for the Hogfather movie. This weekend may be a good time to watch it, as AccuGuesser sez it’s gonna be dampish out.

  90. Good morning Ghost. Are you getting up or going to bEd?

    See, I credit you with an exciting life with variable hours.

    Me, I am up because a cat was mrowing in bedroom so I will go back to sleep.

    Just how few hours do you function with?

  91. Debbe and Jackie: Strength and tranquility to you as you pursue your worthy goals. I believe in you.

    (I have to add this superfluous parenthetical because ludicrous software will not let me post “same” message twice.)

  92. Jackie, pass that on to Debbe when you next speak to her. And also that I am sorely disappointed she never revealed her “stripper name”. 😉

  93. Will do. I will call Debbe later today. I seemed to always catch her with a family member there and only phone was in the kitchen. Why does that sound normal to me?

    No, I think you are like my guardian who told me the other night he only sleeps three or four hours. I should keep a record of how much I actually sleep. Of course your life and waking hours are probably more interesting and productive than mine.

    Hope Debbe is sleeping better. I will ask. Perhaps being off line was peaceful but not sure she totally escaped to peace.

  94. P. S. Am doing pretty good with healthier eating, staying out of restaurants and eating at home. Living mainly on lots of my favorites, lots and lots of greenery, spinach, young mixed lettuce, kale,.combined with lots of interesting goodies but limited protein.

    Back to feeling like myself finally yesterday afternoon and weirdly, I can tell when that happens, like a light switch got flipped.

    Today I am going to gym for awhile I think try to get back to activity level.

  95. Melcher must be on vacation; BlogSpot and comic have been running identical ‘classics’ for over a week. Don’t remember this 2013 spoof.


    Waterhouse did a good job of making his rich male viewers undress models with their eyes, as did other PreRhaphaelites [now in my dictionary]. Of course, many did quite well with more straightforward portrayals of the real thing, for us less imaginative rich males.

    Wonder if ‘Pandora’ had a ‘regular program of activity’ as a second job. Many did.


  96. Short report on Debbe, longer later. She is still at her dad’s Place in town and may become his full time caretaker. She is doing better, son and her husband come into town to see her.

    She said to hug Old Bear and Ghost, send Village her love. More later. I need to get dressed.

  97. In the spirit of the NYSE. Can we here break 300 responses before Jimmy has to unlock The Orphanage again?

    Resolutions have a way of going by the wayside. Maybe a best of 2016, or eager hopes for 2017.

    Summer 2016 was so busy I could barely hang on, very exciting, and held laughter when we could rest. I hope to celebrate more than mourn in 2017.

  98. Boy I wish that could be my resolution. I have done that already. I packed up the too small jeans but almost couldn’t get the size I have in dozens of colors. I almost had to call my garden pet helper in to yank!

    So my resolution is lose the regained weight plus some more by eating healthier and exercising.

  99. Today’s ‘Composers’ Datebook’ is interesting in itself. But, among other things, it demonstrates that tyrants can be capricious. To get to it, click on:


    and read the most recent episode or, if you do it after Fri. 30 Dec. ’16, scroll down to the 30 Dec. episode, the one about Franz Lehar.

    No idea*, of course, why that seems relevant now. After all, Adolf died in his bunker 71+ yr. ago.


    *N.B.: tongue-in-cheek

  100. Debbie’s father has been having problems caused by prostate including infections. He has indeed reached point he cannot be left alone. She is considering staying there with him so he can remain at home. He is in mid 80s.

    She has not quite smoking but has cut back dramatically. She is under a lot of stress from home, more than her dad.

    Her dad lives in town not out in country but he has no car nor does Debbe. He has to be taken to many appointments.

  101. One year, JJ took some time off around Christmas, and we had, as I recall, 500+ (possibly near 600) comments by the time he returned. Of course in those days there was no worry about the orphans getting locked out.

  102. Friday Favorites, on MPR starts a goes 3-7 pm. Some broadcasts on APR may be delayed broadcasts. It should contain at least 2 items requested by Villagers, one or more related to Sat. ’16 or Sun. ’17, and one related to Wed. 28 Dec. Peace,

  103. Jackie, I’m 5’7″, and when I first made that resolution, I weighed 160, meaning that cold weather went right through me. I’ve managed to get up to 163.8, but still need several more pounds. Gaining weight isn’t easy when you’re diabetic unless one of your meds causes weight gain, or you just don’t watch what you eat.

    I was thrilled when I learned that extra weight (caused by increased appetite) was a side-effect of my mealtime insulin. I gained two pounds.

  104. Thanks for the enthusiasm, everyone.

    Sideburns, good going from the other side of the tape. Refreshing to read the struggle from a different angle.

    GR6, had an item from earlier today I thought might check a few of your interest boxes. I used to consider Craig Ferguson the best late night host available. So I still like to see him in whatever he does. He hosts a syndicated game show with celebrity guest contestants. Today’s re-run had a chef I hadn’t known, Daphne Oz. This young lady could be Alicia Silverstone’s niece, very strong resemblance. But I’m told I see things weird. I hope she is a strong chef, as she cannot play password very well. Cute to see her try though.

  105. I thought TCM’s in memorium segment this year chose music that was brighter yet still solemn. It was nice. Like Old Bear’s martial music, unexpected but pleasant.

  106. Anon [6:25] was me. Background data use was up so I dumped cookies, must have done all history instead.

    But I came back to ask about Hogfather. Since I haven’t read, but was struck by the similarity to Hogmanay, Scottish New Year. Is that link made obvious in Discworld, or am I making bad connections?

  107. I have no idea about Hogmanay but it doesn’t sound related. The hog in Hogfather is related to an actual hog (boar). The kids and I just re-watched this today.

  108. Morphy: Pratchett often pulled words from Scottish and other dialects, past or present, and then twisted them to his own purposes. It seems likely that his Hogswatchnight is derived from Hogmanay, to some degree at least.

  109. I wondered, thanks. One of the neat tricks in creating a universe is giving it words. Rowling’s storylines may have wandered a bit toward the end; but the way she took words and gave nuance to them was fun. Diagon Alley ~ diagonally

  110. Back from Tulsa. Had a healthy bourbon glazed salmon and fresh green beans dinner with salad. That’s it. Forgot to take photo for my salmon fishing friends so they’ll know I am back on track.

    Talking to waitress I learned she was going to the Tulsa performances of the Beethoven suites with a blind date from Kansas who had invited her to go and buying her a suitable dress. She has never heard classical music. She is not young but being from Wichita, Kansas she was surprised when I mentioned their opera company. I told her to go, have fun and don’t say as in Pretty Woman when asked if she enjoyed it “I liked to peed in my pants.”

    The absurdity of this was not lost on me, I know no one in Oklahoma that would invite me to the Beethoven series and I have my own clothes.

  111. Heard this afternoon from the Ford body shop in Springdale, Arkansas where Trigger is being towed. They are a Ford repair shop and an Allstate repair shop, both certifications, so perhaps my truck will get repaired properly.

    I hope.

  112. Goody goody. My guardians son owns the Allstate agency in Springdale, Arkansas. Named for my step dad. Cousin.

    I thought so. Didn’t say so when they called.

  113. Just watched “Queen of Katwe” with my wife. Great story, good actors, but they rarely gave me a clear enough view of the chessboards. I’ll be adding that one to my personal collection in a few months.

  114. TruckerRon, Even when integral to the story, directors are convinced chess has no action and more than five seconds will put the audience to sleep. Or they get tired of the technical adviser telling them ‘white on right’.

  115. I have been carless since moving back in October. I sold my Montero Sport back to my brother before moving.

    Today I signed off on the paperwork for a 2009 Honda Element. I will pick it up on Wednesday. When you are 6′ 5″ it is as hard to find cars that fit you as clothes. This one has plenty of both leg and head room and is a very practical drive. It is silver with black interior. Seeing as how we have a Trigger and a Bullet, I think I’ll call it “Silver” in honor of the Lone Ranger’s horse!

    Looks like this: http://images.gtcarlot.com/pictures/45789833.jpg

  116. Chess was an integral part of that Harry Potter movie where they played on life size board and got killed if they made a bad move.
    Maybe they need to play it like that with the option of off with their heads!

  117. About every 6 months some group of doctors that can’t get anything else published announces that anyone diagnosed with prostate cancer should not bother with any kind of treatment. Well they can take a real close look at where my prostate used to be. It can be very slow to spread but it can also spread with unbelievable speed. My doctor says if I had waited a little longer to have the surgery I would be dead by now. They only had to remove the prostate and didn’t touch anything else. I remain cancer-free nine years later. It all starts with getting your lab work done every year and if the doctor wants to do some biopsies, do it. It doesn’t hurt but very little and the alternative could be trying to apologize to your family.

  118. That is a very nice looking car Mark. Are you sure there wasn’t a hero that rode in a silver box? Sort of like the hero in the telephone booth? Superman or Dr. Who?

    Just kidding, I think Silver is a good name, not taken.

  119. Who was that masked man?

    Jackie, that would cause tournaments to end sooner. But not having any competition left would be boring. Like Daffy Duck probably borrowed from someone else, ‘It’s a great trick, but I can only do it once!”

  120. Busy night at the crossroads.

    Glad it worked out for you, Jerry.

    Mark, I didn’t want to look around too much. Fear of spoilers. But nice to know a resource if I get lost.

  121. Forgot the important egg news since I am our surviving chicken farmer in Village. My chickens lay an egg!

    We have it on display in a lovely red ceramic egg carton in the kitchen. It is a lovely beige pink color.

    Trula brought it in while I was on phone with Debbe. Who laughed at how excited I was. I explained this was the first egg my flock had produced and this was first flock, all four hens.

    My chickens are four different breeds because they were the last four half feathered chick’s no one wanted. I paid full price for my four rescued pullets and they are pets, like the cats and birds and dogs.

  122. Old truck was Black Beauty new one has not told me her name yet.
    Like Ann McCaffrey’s Dragons they know their name – unlike her Dragons
    sometimes they are reluctant to reveal that name.

    I thought Bill did a good job today – thought he may have missed you, but there
    you were next to last. Two good selections to end the show.
    Has it been 6 years?

    Hugs back to Debbe. As you know this is probably the hardest job she will ever
    do but probably the most rewarding. (Eventually)

  123. Sideburns, I didn’t recall that one. I have a vague idea it sounds like something a banana like Lou Costello might have said. That kind of material got passed around a lot. And Looney Tunes/Warner Bros enjoyed their version of a hattip nod to old vaudeville routines.

    I had a mental realignment when I first saw It Happened One Night. When Gable is offering Claudette carrots for breakfast, I don’t think he actually says ‘what’s up, Doc’. But the tone and posture is all there. I’d never figured Bugs as Clark Gable before.

    And, as you say, they were fond of reusing their own jokes as well. I had fun teaching my kids the duck season/rabbit season bit.

  124. ‘I know no one in Oklahoma that would invite me . . ..’ I’m surely not the only Yankee who would, but it’s a long way, even for LVB. OTOH, if you plan to be in Bemidji any of 5 appropriate Sunday afternoons per year, I can spring for a BSO concert and dinner at too few decent eateries. Must try that new Thai place. They were having too-long wait problems, but should have it together by now. Eric Haugen, our ‘cello prodigy, graduated from U Mich. and now in grad school [I forget which], is doing a recital at BSU next wk. You do NOT want to be here next wk. Siberian cold is headed here.


  125. Thought Bill ‘may have missed you, but there you were next to last. Two good selections to end the show. Has it been 6 years?’

    Yep, 28 Dec. ’10, about 1130. Don’t think Bill mentioned that LVB Sym. 4, 2nd movement = ‘Marche funebre.’ [funebre now in dictionary]

    I commonly ask that selections be in the last half hour, in case I won’t be home until supper or w/b snoozing. Plan, of course, to hear J. Strauss, Sr. again at the end of the live 0900 concert of the Wien Phil. on MPR, Gustav D. conducting. Whoops! I’m reader at BUMC, so will miss the end. C’est domage! [both also now in dictionary]


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