Far Out Cat

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The A&J series that is running in newspapers this week about syncing wireless technology is based on true events, as was the lizard episode a few weeks back. You are right: I’ve not been leading a very exciting life of late. As for the lizard sequence, one commenter somewhere kept coming back day after day to snort (if one can snort online) derisively something like, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a harmless lizard.” I didn’t say anything then, but I would like to say on my—I mean Arlo’s—behalf that when a skink, a rather large and aerodynamic lizard, is running loose in one’s underwear, it becomes a matter not of fear but of urgency. Anyway, ponder Felix the French space cat. There seems to be some debate about whether the first French space cat was Felix or Felicette. If you’re truly interested, it’s an easy search. Sadly, a second French space cat was sent in suborbital space flight similar to Felix, or Felicette, but did not survive the recovery. Apparently, its name is unrecorded.

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  1. Doesn’t Flyball count? He went to space in 1952, at least according to Ruthven Todd, who wrote about Flyball’s space adventures in his Space Cat book series.

    They were fiction? I’m shocked. They seemed so real. I loved those books as a child. By pure luck I managed to acquire one for $20 a couple of years ago, but holy cow, are they expensive.

  2. I do know that NASA sent a cat into a zero-G trajectory in the cockpit of a jet and filmed it to find out what it would do in free fall. As far as anybody could tell, it levitated back to the pilot’s chest so fast that they never did work out how it happened. As soon as the canopy was opened after the flight, the cat sensibly fled and wasn’t seen for weeks.

    I always thought that they should have designed a special cage big enough to give room to let a cat move around (5’x5’x5′ let’s say) and taken it up on the shuttle. Yes, keeping it clean would be a problem, but they’ve solved worse ones.

  3. Jimmy, on the skink, we have big blue skinks (or did) out in yard when I had a large stacked railroad tie fence there. They are BIG and scary looking, especially if you are pulling weeds and suddenly see one’s head poking out. Look like snakes.

    If one got in my underwear (unlikely) there would be total nudity in the back yard instantly.

    And don’t say you lead a boring life, I bet your neighbors are quite entertained if the strip is based on sometime real life.

    Love, Jackie

  4. On the cat in space, I have a writer friend who did a very funny chapter on trying to turn his cat into a boat cat, especially since the boat in question is 1) Small 2) Open 3) Dinghy. Cat ended up climbing tallest thing around which was my friend (he’s one of those tall Coasties that everyone makes fun of for being able to wade ashore) Then he wedged himself in a tiny hole of some kind like in fore deck area, yowling at top of his lungs.

    I do have friends whose cats do sail with them on boats but they have cabins and litter boxes.

    Did once fly with Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her pet monkey who was not in a cage and spent entire flight loose in cabin with Mrs. Lindbergh and the pilot, co-pilot, me and I think my mom and grandmother but despite remembering that monkey, I cannot remember which of my family was on the flight! Obviously, the monkey made impression. It was a company plane, we got to fly on it when there were seats available sometimes.

    Love, Jackie

  5. Our one and only trip (so far) to west Louisiana was almost exactly 1 year after hurricane Ike. My wife and I found one lonely rib shack open, somewhere near the Sabine Refuge. While we were relaxing after lunch, sitting under a tree behind the diner, a skink suddenly ran up my wife’s leg. She yelped and slapped it off just as it reached her knee, only to have it now run up her other leg, this time getting all the way up to under the hem of her shorts.
    I laughed my silly self hoarse while she hopped about trying to get the lizard out from under her shorts. Once she recovered her shock she joined me in laughing!

  6. I was sitting in class in about 3rd grade, and we had a film, which was great, because we could relax and the subject matter was usually interesting. This one was a film about the very early days of space exploration, and was narrated by Mike Wallace. (“Early days” being relative, because Project Gemini had not launched its first mission yet.) I was very interested in the story of Laika, the dog that the Soviet Union sent into space. They had a number of film clips of her and her training. She seemed like a cute and friendly dog. Then they got to her actual mission, which went on for about 30 seconds, then Mike Wallace intoned, “…and with no way to return, at such-and-such time on November 3rd… Laika died.”

    I was horrified. They had sent Laika to a terrible and certain death. The Soviets had not even TRIED to get her back— they just shot her off, KNOWING she would die. I remembered that Ham the chimp, the first American in space, was launched ONLY after we were as sure as we could that we could return him safely. And we did. I had just assumed that everybody else operated under the same principles that we did. What a revelation!

    Later discoveries continually validated the opinions I formed at that moment.

  7. Au sujet de Felix, on peut se demander si ils ont jamais ouvrent de cette capsule. Ce n’était probablement pas un chat très heureux…

    Mais dire ce que vous voulez sur les Français, au moins ils ont ramené Felix en toute sécurité. Les soviétiques savaient que Laika mourrait une mort cruelle. * crache *

  8. From Wikipedia: “Laika died within hours from overheating, possibly caused by a failure of the central R-7 sustainer to separate from the payload. The true cause and time of her death were not made public until 2002; instead, it was widely reported that she died when her oxygen ran out on day six or, as the Soviet government initially claimed, she was euthanised prior to oxygen depletion.”

    The Soviet government had little regard for human life (unless a member of the “more equal than others” class) or for the truth. No surprise they would have no regard for a canine life.

  9. “The New Yorker” [24 Aug. issue] came today. Well done but puzzling cover: We’re obviously in the South, kudzu [I presume; I’ve been there and seen it], hint of Spanish moss in the tree, cute black kid playing a trumpet on a stoop, but with no house behind, an abandoned house behind and left, overgrown with vine [don’t know what kudzu looks like in flower, but doesn’t seem as riotous as kudzu]. Contents lists title as “Second Line.”

    Had no idea what that meant, and first thought was to ask the Village for enlightenment. But decided to go to Metacrawler first. All kinds of info: sheet music, history, some videos. There are Second Line parades, white and black and maybe, now, mixed. Apparently it’s related to trad. black funeral music, slow en route to the cemetery, joyous afterward, but without the mourning aspect. Here’s one video:


    24 Aug. New Yorker is now at the back of the pile. As I age, more of its articles seem interesting. I’m now up to the 13 Apr. ’15 issue [quite different but great cover]: item on NYC and LI coyotes and an article on the correlation of increased earthquakes with the pumping into bedrock of wastewater from fracking. Correlation is not causation, of course, but there are multiple correlations.

    Wrote an article for The Bemidji Pioneer in ’14 or early ’15 about notorious Brit. double agent Philby, who spent his later years in exile in Moscow, derived largely from a New Yorker article and refs.

    Peace, emb

  10. emb, if you had visited New Orleans’ 9th Ward, or indeed any place on the Gulf Coast from there east to Ocean Springs MS in the years following Hurricane Katrina, you’d immediately understand the significance of the “steps to nowhere”, as well as the relation to “Second Line”.

  11. Debbe 😉 Also from American Graffiti, what would have been clue #4. (Remember when instrumentals were hits records?)

    I was kinda hoping Ian would get the CC job, so he could tell you, and you us, what a $50 steak looks like.

  12. OK, I lived in New Orleans for many years, first in French Quarter and then in Garden District, both times in historic houses we renovated and decorated. I can tell you exactly what the cover means, it is a tribute to the death of New Orleans from Katrina.

    The empty steps leading to a house vanished, the houses in the background abandoned and covered in vegetation. The little boy playing trumpet, as would be played in a Second Line funeral possession.

    Yes, it is the anniversary of Katrina and New Orleans has not recovered or been restored in most places. Yes, a little bit has, the area that tourists are most likely to see but the neighborhoods that lie a little deeper than one block from the main tourists remain pretty dead, looking as bad or worse than they were left.

    Sorry, it is an emotional subject with me and I can’t go back, too painful. Love, Jackie

  13. On New Yorker covers I left here and went onto Bed Bath and Beyond to look for stuff for my redecorating of house project and lo and behold, there were dozens of New Yorker covers in form of beach towels! Good ones and some I actually remembered, all on close out. I didn’t buy any but they were lovely and memorable. Love, Jackie

  14. Good morning Villagers….

    I know how Arlo feels…came home from work yesterday, and BIL had hit the wrong button to get TV and Sat on….husband said Ian had to fix the problem the last time. So I called DISH, and they walked me through the buttons…told BIL ‘don’t hit that button”

    AND Squirrelly Shirley is no more…so much for rehab…first she was an hour late yesterday. She called at 6:30, said she and her boyfriend were going to town to get cigs….she asked what time she should be there at work…7:30, I told her…..(sheesh, she knew that)….she finally shows up at 8:30….strike 2. Then I went to pick her up yesterday, she’s still in bed at 7:05. they couldn’t wake her up. Strike 3. I took her shoes to her when I got off work yesterday. She understood, she just couldn’t work like that, 5 days in a row, and she said she was going to regret all of this too. Dang drug addicts.

    So, I called my husband and asked him “how would you like to work with your wife today?” He did and was great….so now he knows why I come home ‘pooped’. He still even fixed supper. Salmon patties, hominy, and lima beans.

    So, my other nephew-in-law, Jason, starts working with me today. I told The Boss “no more women,,,I need man power!!!” And also that I didn’t want my husband’s hours on my paycheck, could we pay him in cash….got that too! Ahhh, the value of me 🙂

    Didn’t hear from Ian last night, so I don’t know if he made it to his first job offer, if he made it to the CC interview or not…yeah, I’d like to know what a $50 steak looks like too, I’d like to know what it tastes like too.

    Jackie…if you are up, get ready for the storm…on radar it look red and mean.

    Jerry, love your one liners.

    Gal, don’t read much of the TDS’s comments…only the first few that are posted in the morning.

    So…what day is it?…….somebody’s ‘hump’ day.

    Old Bear…when my Grandparents celebrated their 50th, I asked Grandpa what it was like to stay married for 50 years to the same woman…he replied “it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t easy for your Grandmother too, but we made it work.” I grew up next door to them…wonderful memories.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….storms moving in today, and much cooler weather………Amen

  15. GR 😉 keep those tunes coming…..I love the suspense of what you’re going to post. I don’t recall all the songs from that movie, and I’m not going to spoil it by Wiki’ing it.

  16. I don’t usually look at the comics page in the local fish wrapper because it does not carry A & J or much else worth viewing. I glanced at it recently and found that Dilbert, which is usually amusing, has the main character doing strange things due to a “brain stimulator” which he is visibly wearing. I think that if Scott Adams actually knew anything about DBS (deep brain stimulators) he would not find them amusing. You may find this comment to be out of place, but, following the British tradition of “speaking from the stump”, I’ll stand up in the village park and speak my piece.

  17. A skink is not a lizard. Anoles are cute harmless lizards. A skink is a snake with legs. Empirically still harmless, but will stare you down with the foreboding look of a mafia don.

  18. “emb, if you had visited New Orleans’ 9th Ward, or indeed any place on the Gulf Coast from there east to Ocean Springs MS in the years following Hurricane Katrina, you’d immediately understand the significance of the “steps to nowhere”, as well as the relation to “Second Line”.

    Ghost and others: Thanks. I knew why the stoop was without a house, but didn’t know it was Katrina’s 10th. But “Second Line” was a puzzle so I did a search.

    Katrina did not hit only New Orleans. Mom’s home town was Bay St. Louis, which [from aerial views JJ posted in ’05] was demolished more completely than Pass Christian [JJ’s home was only a lot or two east of total destruction.]

    A skink is a lizard, just a bigger one than an anole. Gila monsters are lizards, and so are glass “snakes” and Komodo dragons. True dragons don’t exist, so are not lizards, though a Lady came close, decades back.

    Peace, emb

  19. Debbe, I actually went to bed, fell asleep, only to be awakened by the storm I did not know was coming. Remember, I haven’t turned television on in eight months? Not even weather.

    So I realized poor old Blue, my mom’s elderly dog was out sleeping in the potting shed which is partially open and I ran outside to bring her into house. I woke up just now with still wet hair, so I seemed to have gone back to sleep more than damp! Love, Jackie

  20. “Steps to nowhere”. We still have many empty lots, 4 years after our massive tornado. But we have the steps without a house in places that the tornado did not hit. When I see those, I wonder what happened to the house that once was there, and what it looked like. Now it makes me think of the A&J strip about the flowers surviving the owners who planted them.

    Have a great day, everybody.

  21. Debbe,

    I can relate to your grandfather’s statement about 50 years of marriage having passed 51 in June. It wasn’t easy for either of us but we made it work and have three grown kids with families now numbering my little family to 14 total members. Since they all live in our home town, we see all of them often. It is a real blessing. Everyone should be so lucky. Blessings on everyone.

    P.S. I’ve been here every day, just haven’t been commenting. The Village is usually my first stop in the morning.

  22. Dom, I hesitated to say anything because I was saddened but I was married to Mike for 48 years, engaged to him and “pinned” for another two, so 50 together. This week would have been our 49th wedding anniversary, six days ago. Yes, staying together isn’t easy, that is why so few people do it. Love, Jackie

  23. Today’s TIP BlogSpot is more serious than not winning the church raffle. He’s just been excommunicated by the clergy who are leaving, He and his queen[?] probably think he’s therefore going to Hell. I doubt it.

    Peace, Evan

  24. Well, Jackie, let’s just say that it’s never a good sign when one picks up a post-storm edition of a newspaper and finds a front page color photo of a crew removing a 100-year-old oak tree from the middle of one’s house. 🙂

    But thanks to good insurance coverage and a reasonable and helpful adjuster (from Oklahoma, btw), I fared better than many.

  25. In my church are a couple who’ll celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary this year! I believe he’ll also attain the age of 100, while the wife is several years younger.

  26. Some months (or maybe years) after Katrina, Jimmy described different levels of “gone” pertaining to homes lost. I’m not sure how many (3?) or what the lowest level might have been but as I recall the last two were “stairs to nowhere” and an empty lot with no trace of what might have been there. I’m reminded of this every time I see coverage of damage caused by tornadoes, fires, etc.

    On a happier note, congratulations to all here whose marriages have survived multiple decades. My husband Bob would not fit the conventional definition of “romantic”, although he has his moments. When he proposed back in 1977, he simply, silently placed in my hand a diamond that had come from his grandmother’s ring. After a moment or two I asked him what he meant and his answer was “If you can put up with me, I can put up with you.” Not exactly eloquent, but I think that it speaks to the give and take necessary for a lasting relationship between imperfect people.

  27. We have an adorable couple that when I not singing or proclaiming the word, sat a row or two in front of me. They celebrated their 74th anniversary last year and we were really were looking forward to 75. I did not see the wife at church for a few weeks and finally asked Bernie and he smiled and said “She died in March” I am not a hugger but I immediately gave him a hug and expressed my sorrow. The amazing thing is that he greets everyone with a handshake and a smile. He tells me how much he loves hearing me sing, especially when I am sitting behind him. He is a great man and I want to grow up and be like him someday. I am trying.

  28. Both girls have nice legs, but there are lots around. I prefer to judge, and therefore to see, them in flats or very low heels. Often do, where I volunteer [2 places] and where I work out. Also see many, everywhere, that I’d prefer in burkas. And why must all female classical soloists, no matter their weight or age, appear in sleeveless evening gowns? Rant over.

    Peace, emb

  29. emb
    Nice reference to the Lady with the tight gowns and long fingernails.

    Try this for size – When instrumentals were popular


    Sometimes it is difficult –
    How would you like to live with an adolescent for 46 years who was so tight
    they invented copper wire when someone tried to take a penny away — oh wait
    that’s me not her.

  30. Hello Village! Gotta share… just nailed the final negotiations for my “second” career. Start work Monday (!!!). My self-doubts say “I hope I can handle it!”. My faith says “God put you in the position; He will see you through.” So………… say a little prayer for me – please?

  31. Yay, Gal! Nice to be able to offer hugs and prayers for a good reason for a change.

    The best looking legs I’ve seen lately are attached to the young lady at my gym who is working on her exercise physiology degree. I can only imagine what they would look like if she were wearing four-inch heels. Which she probably never would, as she would know from her studies they aren’t particularly good for a woman’s feet and legs. Dang it.

    Bear: “Take Five” is a classic, of course. And yes, I do listen to many other genres of music besides the Golden Oldies Debbe and I kick back and forth.

  32. How much more do we have to hear about Tom Brady’s balls? If I were him, I’d just take the game suspensions and spend those Sundays in bed with is wife. Or even do that for him. 😉

  33. Back when I was in Uncle Sam’s Navy, Old Bear, I liked to go into night clubs where there was dancing and ask the band to play Take Five. Watching the dancers try to get in sync with its 5/4 beat was worth whatever tip it cost.

  34. Ruth Anne, your memory obviously rivals mine. This is Jimmy’s 10-31-2005 entry on the old A&J site…

    “All along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, things are “gone.” As in, “What happened to Chappy’s Restaurant in Long Beach?” The answer, “Oh, it’s gone.”

    “‘Gone’ is a crisp, appropriate word that everyone around here has used a lot lately, but it is somewhat imprecise. It conveys finality but little detail.

    “Talking over the weekend, my friend John “Kiwi” McKellar and I decided degrees of goneness are needed. We settled on three:

    “First-Degree Gone — Nothing remains but a clean slab or lot.

    “Second-Degree Gone — Rubble remains but no distinguishable structure.

    “Third-Degree Gone — A discernible but irreparable structure remains.*

    “Lest you think we were just having fun at the expense of others less fortunate, John’s own home is third-degree gone. And by the way, Chappy’s Restaurant** is first-degree gone, as is almost everything fronting Mississippi Sound for 40 miles or so.”

    *Not that it’s needed, but I can attest to the accuracy of their categorization.

    **Chappy’s, along with Vrazel’s at Gulfport, were favorite places to wine and dine clients when I was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on business. I may have taken a lady friend or two there, also.

  35. We (well, mostly I) seem to be turning this into “Katrina Week(ish)”. I hope y’all don’t mind. It was a rather significant event, in my life and many, many others.

  36. I will always remember Robin from GMA standing on an empty beach saying, “this is where my favorite Mexican restaurant USED to be.” It was ours too.

  37. Thanks, Ghost! A good memory is a useful thing for a librarian – it helps you know where to start looking for an answer.

    The old A&J site was one of the places I went the day Katrina hit. I was at work but we were all following the news. Of course I was concerned about Jimmy but I also remembered that he had posted some interesting links during a previous storm.

    Thanks to him, I found a link to the Biloxi newspaper. One of the articles referred to damage at Lyman Elementary in Gulfport. I was at Lyman High in Longwood, Florida. When I mentioned what I had found to a couple of teachers and a PTA mom who happened by, their immediate response was “Oh, we have to do something!”

    And we did do a variety of projects over the next year for “little Lyman”, including collecting socks and toys and sending dozens of cookies baked by our food prep class. An interesting twist – a girl who had arrived at our school after the project began and didn’t know what it was about was helping to pack some boxes of goodies; when we told her where they were going, she told us that she had started kindergarten there.

  38. It was a Cuco’s restaurant. I wonder if anyone ever found their popcorn machine. I also wonder about the slots from Casino Magic, etc. Are they buried out there in the sand somewhere?

  39. Blessings on you, Gal! Show ’em how it’s supposed to be done….

    Only one good thing – that I know of – resulted from Katrina: In JJ’s charity auction, I got to buy the famed “sunsets” original as well as the “bathtub” one. ‘Twas two birds with one stone, so to speak: I got some enjoyable art and those in need received some shekels.

  40. Being from Louisiana and New Orleans for a lot of years, hurricanes and tornadoes took away a lot. Including lives, not just property. Lives were lost by volunteers and people trying to help others, not just people who stayed for a “hurricane party.” Katrina was no different, just larger scale but I remember Camille, the original Gulf Coast hurricane of my generation that devastated the coast for so long until the casinos came in and stimulated the economy.

    Am back from first toe operation and deadening meds are wearing off. After he found out I was around for more than a week or so he decided to do only one toe, wait two weeks and make sure this one heals and doesn’t fall off, then do the other one. He says there are only two orthopedic surgeons he refers to in Tulsa and my female Air Force reservist is the primary one. He highly recommended her, which is good as I have been going for quite some time and I think so too! So, after toes, knees are next.

    On a totally differing note, our noble leader Jimmy is recommending an educational Cuba visit over on Facebook which sounds interesting and something I wanted to do anyway, what with not having been there since I was 14 years old. Anyone else notice besides me? I remember the visit A and J made to Cuba in the strip some years ago.

    Anyone want to go on an A and J Cuba Libre tour? Love, Jackie

  41. Thank you, everyone for the best wishes and hugs!

    Cxp: funny you should say that… While I was trying to make the decision, the thought occured to me, perhaps I am being given opportunity to make a difference. This position is with a mental health agency. Can I assure that the funds available be used in the most efficient manner? There IS a role for “bean counters”!

  42. Dear Galliglo, I’m so happy for you! This will turn out very well, surely.

    Dear Jackie, good that the surgery went well. Did you have someone to drive you there and back? I hope so. No, I didn’t see what Jimmy posted — there was so much spam and worthless stuff on Facebook this morning, I left and went to more interesting sites, like this one. But I will try again. Mindy from Indy has posted some cute pix of her cat. She hasn’t found a new job yet — I am just guessing.

  43. Thank you for that, Ruth Anne. One the few (if not the only) good things I saw result from Katrina was the outpouring of concern, support and aid provided to the afflicted areas by residents of all other parts of the country.

    Coincidentally, I am right now working on a letter of appreciation to send to the Superintendent of the Indiana State Police. A few days after Katrina blew through our town, when the power was still out in this entire area, I passed through a major intersection and saw three ISP troopers standing in the stifling heat and providing traffic control. That’s just one example of the many things I saw following Katrina that still fill me with gratitude.

    In those days, at least for a while, we seemed to truly be one country, united. Even if some of y’all did talk kind of funny. 🙂

  44. Agreed, Ghost, it did seem to unify us. I know Oklahoma responded with great concern, we have been the object of much help with our own tragedies. We seem to respond to others as well. Love, Jackie

  45. Thank you for that, Ghost. I’ve heard that a large percentage of the people who had to be evacuated because of Katrina ended up getting jobs and putting down new roots instead of going back. For them, at least, the disaster was the best thing that ever happened to them.

  46. Go Gal. I know that the Lord will give you strength and wisdom I have been thinking of Ecclesiastes 3 today as I have been sorting thru my possessions in preparation of putting my house up for sale. So many memories…so many concerns about what is next in my life. But there is indeed a Season for everything under Heaven.

  47. Good luck, Galliglo. Yes, that organization needs someone to make sure the money spent goes to benefit the patients, not just enriching the administrators. All government aid and medical programs especially need that help.

    After our tornado in 2011, we had help coming from everywhere. The disaster relief coordinators set up an aid/feeding central location about a block from us. Clothes, food, water, ice, all freely available to everyone. Local steel plant supplied free generators to households that had medical needs to maintain power (thanks, Nucor!). It was a great thing to see and be a part of.

    Strong memory from day of the storm: How quiet it was after the tornado left. Traffic stopped, power out, no alarms, air conditioners, etc. Just people talking, yelling, crying.

  48. Heck, that WAS the dowap version with the shodoobiedo shodoobie do! We were still slow dancing to In the Still of the Night when I graduated from college in the mid-1960’s so it had a long staying power if it came out in 1956. Those were some great slow dance songs.

  49. Good morning Villagers….

    Gal, I am so happy for you, and I know you will do it….I’ve been a bean counter in some of my jobs, like playing night auditor for a couple of hotels. Like Mark, it’s good to have a good bean counter to make sure money does go to the right people.

    Yes, there was good in some of the donations after the Katrina disaster, but I also remember the mayor really misplaced monies, and those hundreds of trailers that went uninhabited.

    GR 😉 Indiana State Police, good for them…..but I never like seeing them in my review mirror 🙂

    Running late…oh, and the test came back on my thyroid…I have to start taking thyroid medicine.

    Jackie, good to hear about your surgery coming out on the plus side.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    love the vintage songs….keep ’em coming

  50. Debbe, welcome to the thyroid club. As with everything else as the general population ages, medication keeps us going but doesn’t eliminate the problem unfortunately. Mindy in Indy, did you change jobs? I resigned from jobs and regretted it later, but it always worked out for the best in the long run.

  51. Oh yeah, Debbe that was a good one! Used to love to dance and actually was thinking about taking lessons yesterday but that may have been effect of anesthesia? And I would have to drive to Tulsa at least and who would I dance with?
    Richard Gere isn’t likely to be in class. I have seen no one around here to say yes to, even for a dance.

    Have to get up and try the toe! Love Jackie

  52. Sideburns, loved the Ventures and that made me think of some other groups or musicians I had also loved and in a round about way, that led to my finding this, one of the ULTIMATE slow dance standards of the day “Last Dance” by Floyd Cramer. Or you could also have the equally popular one by Duanne Eddy who also did a version that got a lot of play.

    Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvfG9uFswis and if you are anywhere near the 1960’s to Viet Nam period you have danced to this one. Very slowly!

    But what I really found was Duanne Eddy doing Rebel Rouser, Raunchy and Honky Tonk, all hit songs for him. along with Dixie which I am trying to decide if it will get me kicked out of the Village if I link here, a great version and good visuals. Love, Jackie

  53. Biting the bullet, literally, on subject of the South and Dixie, I am going to put Duane Eddy’s version of Dixie here hoping I don’t offend any sensitivities either from making fun of the South and those of us from the South or the sensitivities of any who might thing the Rebel flag and the song are offensive.

    My position as a Southern liberal is that I am from the South, the South has a history, as do we all, there are those of us who sometimes are a little stereotypical and sometimes that is funny.
    And Duane Eddy was and is considered one of the best guitarists who ever lived, according to the Rock and Roll hall of fame. This version got a lot of play in my day.

    Duane Eddy https://youtube.com/watch?v=cD14MXcmSww Love, Jackie (a GRITS)

  54. Popping in, 4am wake up. No, I didn’t get the job. They went internal; I figured they might. This week marks five years with the company. Now my goal is figure out how to get in my vaction time before leaving – they aren’t required to pay me for vactioned time earned, and I definitely want out soon – they’ve done reallly lost their minds now.

    A quick grin before bed, Blacklight, not realizing she really wasn’t captured by her cat toy.

  55. Seems I’ve heard that word in nautical usage, as in two ships were anchored athwart each other. Jackie could problem tell me if that is correct usage.

  56. Short story: Suzanne Summers made an appearance in Pensacola and I was asked if I could get a white t-bird convertible there. I said yes, if we could just take her picture in the car. They said yes and I had the car there. She made the appearance indoors and never came out. That’s show biz.

  57. You would think all we did was slow dance when we were young, swaying back and forth. Oh right, that’s what we did, didn’t we?

    So who among us danced the bop, the shag, the twist and the myriad other variations of fast dancing from that period?

  58. Good morning Villagers….

    Sockhops, I remember those well. You kicked your shoes off on the bleachers and the girls would dance in a circle….then came the slow dances…boys were shy back then…but not now.

    Picking up my thyroid med today…I hope it starts giving me more energy. Seems by 2ish in the afternoon I could lay down and sleep.

    Got home to a pleasant surprise. I’m friends with an older woman who works hard in her garden. I supply her with eggs. So along with the ham salad she made, I got to eat my first tomato of the year….didn’t even wash it before I ate it like an apple. Then a big salad with another big whole tomato in it.

    A very pleasant 58 degrees here…going to be good day. Jason is working out good. The Boss is starting to get a little absent minded though…he has too much on his plate. Harvest time is around the corner and he will be very busy at both of his mills. Said he would use Jason to help him out as Jason has worked in the mill business when my husband worked at a mill for 20 years. Then the mill closed. Husband has severe degenerative discs and arthritis in hands which earned him a disability from the SS. He would rather be working. But he does stay busy here, and keeps moving….he does laundry, vacuums, shops, cooks….I am very blessed to be married to him.

    Look at the time….gotta go

    And it’s PAYDAY

    Jerry, I do pray the El Nino keeps Danny at bay.

  59. re:Jackie 10:44 AM I have found myself in all my new meetup.com groups and various social events that everyone does this Texas Two step thing. So I started lessons at a studio near me. The instructor asks “you never listen to country music, do you?” Nope, I’m more of a jump, jive and wail kind of guy, but when in Rome.. . also for the first time in oh, like 57 years, I actually went camping, tent and all, in Pedernales Falls, thought I’d be out of my comfort zone, but I was among friends that I do my ten mile hikes with every weekend. I’m still “being reborn” after my wife died. I have an interview today to start volunteering with the Houston Museum of Natural Science. … ..and yes, she’s rolling her eyes in heaven; I got a male menopause car, a new 2016 Mazda Miata, I never thought I’d succumb but help me! it’s like invasion of the brain snatchers – am middle aged man – must get little sports car…. ..and hey you know? it’s really sweet.. and I never miss any posts here

  60. John in Richmond, I should be in moving more clothes to my closet (like Janis in the great seasonal migration) but I have to answer your morning post.

    Dang, I am proud of you! You are the poster child for rebirth!

    Even the Miata, love it, love that you got one. Several years ago I made friends on the net with a guy now gone who seemed the soul of conservative do it yourself boat building, described himself as a Virginia hillbilly. Went to first boating event with him in Atlanta, GA and he wheels into the campground towing a homemade Duck with a Miata convertible blasting rock music. I told him “Hillbilly rock star out of control” and he remained that to me the rest of his life. I loved him a lot, may go visit his wife this fall.

    Sometimes it is like stepping off a building and you don’t know how far down the ground is but you step off anyway, no parachute, no net. Now that takes courage!

    Heck, I just signed up to volunteer with the Tulsa Great Raft-up Race on the Arkansas River. Maybe next year I will get a crew to build a raft to compete in? Thinking about kayaking lessons too. If I would go to Miami I have a good friend named Esther, a Cuban immigrant, who is awesome teacher and role model with a gorgeous younger boyfriend, so maybe I will go to Miami for some lessons? Esther and friend rescued my late husband and his errant partner from that Stuck in the Mud Everglades adventure, I owe her.

    Love, Jackie

  61. John, in the unlikely event that I live that long, I will likely filch your retirement plan. Except for the Miata…rather than getting into it, I’d have to put it on. But…you go, guy!

  62. The rules mentioned having a suitable anchor to throw out and stop the raft in case the crew misses the take out spot to prevent going into the dam just down stream and also having a suitable tow attachment in event raft sinks or does not float or similar catastrophe.

    These rafts are floating/paddling the Arkansas stretch through downtown Tulsa which is reviving the riverfront. Similar to event in New Mexico I am familiar with called Raft the Rio, rafts are often tongue in cheek and style counts. I will read the rules tonight.

    The down the Arkansas from Tulsa to southern Arkansas is pretty and I have had friends that did it, fall is good time with foliage. Heck, I need to just go float the Illinois, still a wild river.

    Love, Jackie

  63. Ghost, that Miata comment intrigued me. I am sure you have mentioned but exactly how tall are you? I know Mark is about 6 foot four or five, I remembered that. Are you same size? Is that why you drive the couch with four wheels, the Crown Vic? At your age you are hardly using it to park.

    I say that because when I sold cars, the Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincolns were the refuge of the tall, although the Marks did well with tall guys too. Maybe pickup trucks now?

    Steadily losing, weight down another pound this morning but I don’t weigh that often any more, I know I am losing so I don’t dwell on it or obsess. Had delicious brown butter sauteed yellow squash, some ricotta and spinach ravioli with sauteed “super” greens, kale, spinach and chard, weird things thrown in. Seldom eat pasta or much carbs now but I hardly deny myself!

    Love, Jackie

  64. “Just” 6’2″, Jackie, but I was judging by a friend’s SLK, which was mucho fun to drive, but something else to get into and out of, especially with the top up. And I am partial to full-sized four-door sedans, with full-size trunks, that will allow you to actually carry stuff in them. Like shotguns. 🙂 I started to ask you if you’d like me to be your partner at dance classes but then thought that with your height and mine, it might appear we were committing some unnatural act on the dance floor.

    Millionaire Widow Lady owned a Maserati Quattro for a while. We took it one night to go to dinner, and a state trooper followed me on the Interstate for about ten miles, not because I was speeding (although, boy, could I have been!), but probably because he was trying to figure out what it was.

    “At your age you are hardly using it to park.”?? Hey! Keep up, the weight loss, kiddo, and you may find yourself parking. 😉

    Speaking of sunken rafts, I remember one year in the America’s Cup race when one (or was it more than one) racer actually sank, and Sports Illustrated joked that DNR stood for “Did Not Float”. (I guess they should stick to swimsuit editions and leave the humor to others.)

  65. DNI/DNR, two important abbreviations for an Emergency Room staff.

    Of course, to store personnel DNI means Do Not Inventory.

    Jackie, I commented on your alligator photo. That one was last year’s biggest taken during Alabama’s season. It took the world record for largest ever caught. And yes, I am 6’5″. Rode in a friend’s Triumph Spitfire a couple of times and felt like I was trying to put it on. The smallest car I have driven was sister’s Dodge Colt (70’s version built by Mitsubishi), only possible because it had a tilt steering wheel and automatic transmission.

  66. GR6

    Had a Corvair Monza Spyder that I really liked – was not too hard to get into (like youse guys-
    am 6’2″) That one you stepped UP to the curb – and no I never had handling problems but it was a car you had to drive.

    The one tough to fold into with the top up is a Jag. SK – Had one stored at farm for awhile.
    – Better half had trouble getting in passenger side and she is 5’2″.

    Off for a while.

  67. Friends, I decided since I was in Oklahoma and listening to Mark Knopfler I would REALLY like to go to one of his concerts. My lordy, the tickets I found were $400 for two up in balcony or at least not very good seats. That is worse than the last Jimmy Buffet tickets I paid for and did not attend because of an ice storm. Jimmy made it to theater, so no cancellations or refunds.

  68. Jackie, I needed to have known more women like you…ones who say “Yes” even when they are not entirely sure what the question was. 😉

    Here’s some Emmylou cake with Linda frosting on it.


    The entire CD (Western Wall/The Tucson Sessions) is good. Check it out if you are not already familiar with it.

  69. Funny you mentioned Linda Ronstadt, I also bought one of her albums but haven’t listened to it yet. I will look for the one you suggested. Saying no has never been a strong point. Working on that now. Love, Jackie

  70. Just found a separate track of 1917. With the lyrics to follow below, yes, that is a sad song, I will see if there is a version by David Olney who wrote it and originally performed it. I had not heard it before. beautiful. Love, Jackie

  71. Oh boy, what an amazing story about the train terrorist attacker in France — “the two U S Marines heard the man loading a weapon in a toilet cubicle and confronted him when he came out.” That’s the same sort of thing Ghost has told us about more than once, being constantly aware of one’s surroundings and ready to react. The USMC training must be all important in this.

    I am very proud of my father’s service in the Marine Corps — it was long ago but that’s OK. I bet the training and the attitude hasn’t changed.

  72. I of course strolled but I don’t remember it that far back, but that would have been in the American Bandstand period when we all gathered to sit on floor in front of only television in our boarding school to watch the latest music and dances. Those were the geekiest and most bored looking dancers I ever saw! Think we were a little more animated! We also danced a version of the shag, which was similar.

    The Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt duet of 1917 was the best, although I found several others. I got hooked on Harris and Knopfler and Ronstadt and Harris and spent a lot of time listening to that. This is an interesting but time consuming hobby! That led me to Johnny Rivers, a local Louisiana singer who became national and his Slow Dancing (Swaying to the Music) and a lot of other songs but that one belongs with our slow dancing arc. Classic.

    Am in going through my version of Clown Pants to give away, too huge to even garden in, and listening to classical music to compensate for the memory lane trip above. By the time I get the closet and drawers in good order I will have lost enough I have to do it again! Love, Jackie

  73. Here is one you have to watch – about 20 min.

    A Zenith record player at 2’55” with 16rpm as we talked about a while ago.
    15 cent Macs – 50 million sold

    Oh! the colors on the walls

  74. Aren’t the lyrics incredible? I read about the author/composer David Olney who is considered a master lyricist and poet, composer. He wrote some other incredible lyrics I read and he was referred to as Nashville’s answer to the Bard. Very dark and complex music.

  75. Good morning Villagers….

    Nope, not going to listen to “1917” and read the lyrics this morning…need to stay focused on the good mood I am in…woke up feeling pretty good, took my first thyroid pill, going in to work and play with my new toys.

    Went shopping yesterday and spent The Boss’s money at True Value, charged $300. Got a new squeegee, and Andrew picked up a bunch of stuff for repairs. Then I spotted it…..it is so cute…it is a pink camo colored bag that is used to carry tools…a hammer with a pink handle, screwdriver with 6 bits, a leveler, needle nose pliers oh, I cant’ remember what else is in it, but think pink. I kept looking at it, wander off, kept going back to it, finally Andrew said “get it”, and threw it in the cart. It’s mine….all mine…and yes, I will use it at work. I get tired of looking for things around the workbench when I need something. The Boss has said he was going to get me a lock box to keep things from disappearing….I don’t think anyone will be carrying off pink handled tools 🙂 Besides, the bag will stay in my car when I’m not working.

    He also picked up a magnet that will lift up to 200 pounds…..you would not believe what falls in the pits. Poor Jason knocked a beam scraper into the pit the other day.

    Hey, ya’ll have a Happy Caturday.

    My new huggee or colder holder says…”when in doubt, mumble” 🙂

  76. Morning Debbe. My wife has her flowered tools and if I use one it had better go back where I found it. Hurricane Danny briefly reached Cat 3 status but has been downgraded back to a cat 2. At the current predicted track it may avoid major interaction with land and restrengthening is expected, at least temporarily. Danny is a small storm and therefore may avoid some of the normal interactions which determine its track. On its current track it could slide north of Cuba and other major land areas and enter the gulf in a few days. We have become used to storms which follow a nice predictable curve with no major changes in direction, but I recall Roxanne which sat in the middle of the Gulf for a week making figure eights before finally heading for land. At this point the major forecasts usually show the predicted paths from several different computer models for the expected life of the storm, but there are no long range predictions at this point. Coastal interests from the entire Gulf and up the east coast should keep an eye on Danny.

  77. Eating one of my favorite breakfasts, crunchy granola with plain unflavored yogurt, honey drizzled over, big pile of fresh raspberries and blueberries, toasted almonds sprinkled on top. A real breakfast of champions.

    But I can never eat it anymore without this song going through my head! Neil Diamond and Crunchy Granola Suite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn97bBnBy7Y

    They said only Diamondheads know this one? Sort of sticks to you like the granola and whole grains do. Love Jackie

  78. Reports of the French train shooting seem to indicate the train attendants ran and hid, leaving members of the American military to step in and save the proverbial French bacon. Hum. Sounds somewhat familiar.

  79. Regarding the Stroll… Don’t know which came first, but I remember doing the Stroll at sockhops when I was a high school freshman OE sophomore. The timing would have been right.

    Debbe… I have seen those pink tool kits. If I were still doing maintenance around the house, I would have one in a New York minute!

  80. I offer the following without comment. Today’s fish wrapper reports that the state of Arkansas has turned down a request to hang a banner on the capitol building saying “Give peas a chance.”

  81. I now see that 3 of the long range models show Danny curving north before reaching Florida. The bad news is that they are said to be the 3 least dependable models.

  82. Today I see that the story I read yesterday about the French train incident was totally incorrect. Anyway, I am awfully glad that it ended happily (except for the injured people).

  83. Debbe: “My new huggee or colder holder says…”when in doubt, mumble.”

    Reminds me of the [apocryphal?] note in the margin of the preacher’s sermon, “Argument weak here, holler like hell.” Ran across this probably 60 YA, maybe in Reader’s Digest.

    Peace, emb

  84. All of my white athletic socks are a bit old and more than a bit worn, so while I was out and about this post meridiem, I stopped by Wally World to replenish my supply. I found an entire short aisle of men’s athletic socks, but they were all…WTH?…”ankle socks”. When did this happen?

    I know that females have been wearing those with athletic shoes for quite some time. And I approve…shows more of their legs. 😉 But for men? Another example of the uni-sexing of the world? A little too effeminate-looking for me, I’m afraid.

    Grouchy today, Jackie? Moi? 🙂

  85. Don’t feel bad, Charlotte. Even many hours later, news organizations were all over the map in reporting details of the incident. What one can expect, I suppose, now that many of them obviously feel that rapidity of reporting is more important than accuracy of reporting.

    “Hognose”, former Special Forces dude and proprietor of the Weaponsman.com blog, had what I thought was a valid comment about the outcome of the French train attack…

    “It was, in fact, fully in the spirit of the heroes of United 93, but with a much better outcome, and it illustrates one of the weaknesses of ISIL’s and al-Qaeda’s current epidemic-of-lone-wolves strategy: as Kipling wrote, “the strength of the wolf is the pack,” and they’re finding out that when they show up without the pack, they misclassified their targets. Not sheep at all, but able to spontaneously organize a counter-wolfpack.”

    …even though, the last I saw, French officials seem to be trying to waffle on whether the attack was the result of “terrorism”, much less “Islamic terrorism”. If one reads what little European anti-terrorism agencies have already released about the attacker, one wonders how there can be any doubt.

  86. Ghost: I agree that there should have been more sock options. However, I do think ankle socks look much better with shorts. Since this is shorts season, why shouldn’t women get to ogle men’s legs? 🙂

  87. Feeling a lot of sympathy for JJ’s wireless connection problems. It took me a week and a half to get pictures from my phone to my tablet via Bluetooth. Never could get the Bluetooth doodad on our PC to work. If I hadn’t done it before (with no problems), I probably would have given up, given that my somewhat smart phone is definitely not near the head of the class. Apparently some lovely up-date added a few more steps to the process. “New and improved” all too frequently is only new.

  88. OK, Ruth Anne, I’ll buy that, in the name of equal opportunity.

    Still looks weird to me on a man, though. 🙂

    And say a digital prayer for me…tomorrow I attempt to get a friend’s computer to communicate with her wireless printer after the wireless modem was changed out. By talking her though it via telephone.

    And I literally want to run and hide every time the company’s main software vendor announces another update to give us “new and improved” features and functionality.

  89. Mark
    Didn’t read through – but- yes
    Mine was ’64 white/white top, black interior, 4 speed, turbo charged (That is why you had to “drive” it) Looked like that though.

    Just back from St. Paul / Nagasaki sister city , end of War II “Do”

    Gone till Monday

  90. Ghost, ask her if the new router has the pushbutton WSM. I almost jinxed you there. Anyway, if it does, when the printer asks how you want to connect, push the WSM button on the router when the printer asks that, and they should connect on their own. Good luck to both of you.

    Know what you mean about updates too. My employer scheduled an update for 0100-0500 so it would be done before most of us began work. They didn’t get it working till after noon.

  91. Ghost, since I have only been looking for hiking socks in the mens’ department and that at Academy Sports, not WW, I can’t say when that happened. What I got in the wicking, hiking, trekking department was sticker shock! I discovered I had given away about $300 of brand new never used men’s sports socks to my workmen, not knowing the darned things cost $15-20 a pair! My late husband was always extremely well dressed and I never paid the least attention to the costs of stuff. He had more sailing and outdoor sports clothes than a deer hunter! Just not suitable for hunting but bass fishing would have been stylish in his clothes.

    There is a half grown orange and white kitten tromping all over my desk and keyboard, creating avalanches. The cat is an idiot and clumsy to boot, he just rolled off desktop and fell into the garbage can!

    Started to ask what size you wore and I’d see if Oklahoma Walmarts were less trendy than those in your state? I did make an interesting discovery last week, which was buying online from Walmart, something I had not done except toys. I found that the skinny colored jeans I favor now were on clearance online but not in stores where they were full price. And that instead of a half dozen colors, they came in over two dozen colors and in short, petite sizes too, so you know what I did!

    So, look online. Love, Jackie

  92. Ghost, one more thing. I’ve been buying my socks at Wally World too. Look in the work socks for the Dickies brand. They have a mid-calf length sock that is extra cushioned in the foot and wicks moisture. They also have them in a size for those of us with bigger feet. Most socks for men are sized 6-12. These are for guys with size 13 and larger. Long wearing and comfortable.

  93. Minor nit pick – if it is *new*, it is technically impossible for it to be improved. “NewLY improved”.

    My boss installed my new work computer on my day off. I was not aware this was going to happen. All “my” files (i.e. spreadsheets, forms, and signs that actually WORKED) gone. The default to screensaver time was one minute and REQUIRED A PASSWORD (not provided) to exit. I still cannot print employee paystubs. And leaving a downloaded file unattended ALSO prompts a lock screen. The change also turned the ephedrine tracking laptop into a useless paperweight.

    Thankfully, I have managed enough locations I can go back to my old stores and email myself “my files” before the rest of the computers go away. And, the corporate office has left me total access for the moment, so I snuck into the control panel and changed a few settings. No more lock to lose the screensaver, and a longer wait time until it kicks in.

    Jerry – You are my de facto Jim Cantore. His voice is now used for the local on the 8s. Unless I know Dave Schwartz is working, I can’t bear to watch. You fill the void. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Jackie – Crunchy Granola Suite, haven’t heard that one in forever.

    Sorry ladies, I can’t do pink tools. Glad you all enjoy them though. IMHO, they are invariably lesser in quality and weight. (Give me time enough, and I could accidently break the universe. I need heavy duty everything.) Actually, I pass on “gender specific” items that have no real business being gender specific. Big yay from me to Target for losing the gender bias signs. Sorry, didnt mean to climbthe soapbox tonight. I’ll get down.

  94. My marine architect and engineer friend says when something doesn’t work, get a bigger hammer.

    The weather channel lost me a long time ago but Oklahoma has such terrible weather we have our own guys who are better and higher paid too, so unless your satellite goes out on both computer and television we get blow by blow by street coverage, even if six or seven tornadoes are on the ground, as they often are.

    Agreed on pink anything, I won’t even wear breast cancer awareness tee shirts, although they tell me we had a big rodeo event where all the guys wore pink. Now that might have been worth going for. What am I saying? Cowboys that rodeo are always worth looking at!

    There is a pink sailboat event taking place for breast cancer awareness coming up too.

    Love, Jackie

  95. Before I give up and move to another project (I have cleared my desk top!) I have been on a binge of listening to Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris, with each other and with others and alone. Of course music is beautiful but terribly sad. however I LOVE his guitar and lyrics. So, big question is, is Mark Knopfler worth buying $400 tickets and driving hundreds of miles to see in person? Anyone here have opinion? Shows are virtually sold out of course. Love, Jackie

  96. Jackie, here’s the list of upcoming shows. And another thought, you might see if there are any disabled access seats. With your toe surgeries you might qualify.


    If he was close enough and I had the money/time I would consider going. But that’s pretty iffy. Last live show I saw was Fleetwood Mac in Nashville, so long ago I can’t remember the year.

  97. Yeah, Mark, I’m hoping there will be a magic button option. (There was not on the previous router.) We’ll see how it goes.

    Didn’t see the Dickies socks at WW but ended up getting a Big Bag O’ Socks in another brand that seem quite similar to what you described and also came in size 12-15. Amusingly, the care instructions on the bag include “Do not iron or dry clean”. I hate to break it to them, but that wasn’t likely to happen anyway.

  98. Jackie, if Half Grown Orange And White Kitten does not have a name, how about “Oscar”? “Oscar the Grouch” was orange before he turned green.

    And I do shop WW online, even for items they have in stock. They’ll hold them for in-store pick-up just like the items that have to be shipped in, and I can pick them up a short time after I place and order and bypass the long lines at the regular checkout.

    I no longer attend concerts for much the same reason I almost never see a movie in a theater…the odds are much too great that some idiot (or idiots) will ruin it for me. (And both are soft targets for terrorists, mad men, etc., as has already been amply demonstrated in the case of theaters.) I also apply the “Super Bowl Test”…would viewing it in person as opposed to on TV really be worth the time, expense and aggravation you’d go through to see it live?

  99. You are as you often are quite right, Ghost. And Mark I did find tickets in Atlanta and another of the southeast locations where I sort of plan to be about that time anyway. One of my friends in North Carolina has a boating event I was kind of planning to go to but it is a long way from Port Aransas, Texas where I will be one weekend to North Carolina coast the next weekend. I have done it before but it is a far piece.

    Original plan was to see Mark Knopfler at one of the shows in Washington state or British Columbia since we were going to be there to coincide with the show dates or possibly catch the one at Red Rock in Denver. But that all fell apart when our show tour ended abruptly, say la vie as the Cajuns say, you never can tell.

    Hate being reminded all the time how our world has changed with terrorists and mad men. But then I remember the University of Texas tower and the Mansons and a few other horrors of my youth. And I do remember going through four separate revolutions down in Venezuela in the late 1950’s and pipe lines being blown up, Americans being killed even then. I concede they have gotten madder than before, however. And no, I don’t go to movie theaters or sports games either. And this was first time I had gotten on a plane since 9/11 despite fact I have literally flown a million miles before.

    Anyone want to go to Cuba? I am still considering that one and my passport’s current. Love, Jackie

  100. Good morning Villagers…

    Mark, that first link on Gilmour, I bet Ian could tell us the illustrator…looks like something from his games…..

    Last concert…..Tom Petty some 23 years ago. When the lights went out, smoke filled the air 🙂

    Indy Mindy….with pink, the ‘boys’ won’t touch my tools. Husband added a few extras to my bag too.

    Speaking of Ian….he’s starting to freak out. Thought he had a job…twice…but to no avail. It’s been three weeks now and he still has not found a job. Now I’m starting to freak out.

    GR 😉 Ian wears those ankle socks…even with his boots and in the winter. I don’t do ankle socks, I want my ankles covered…don’t want to feel “naked”!

    Gotta go……………..

    Ya’ll have a blessed Sunday

  101. On Sat., Lynn Warfel does movie music from 1000-1200 CDT on Classical MPR. Most of you are out of MPR’s range, but probably can stream it live at:


    I’ll check that URL and report back if it is wrong. Peace, emb

  102. GR6, with a 60″ flat screen (a 65″ wouldn’t fit in the SUV I borrowed), we haven’t gone out to a movie theater in a long time. No lines, no talking (except ourselves), good food and most important (at our age) being able to pause and have a bathroom break whenever we need too.

  103. Just woke up, it is Sunday, rainy day. No sunshine from Ghost? Still grouchy? You found some ” eso asi que es” Long time since I tried to type Spanish and phone doesn’t like it.

    That is a joke from Spanish class in high school. Punch line was was ” Why didn’t you just say you wanted socks?”

    My Spanish sucks now. But I believe it was JJ our noble leader who put link up for Cuba trip I was interested in? Love Jackie

  104. Ghost, they have not had our Yanqui dollars since President Kennedy. How has that worked out for us or them? It did not really change their government or policies. Insanity- doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Maybe going back to open trade will do more good. I certainly don’t think it will get worse.

  105. Help! Mark! That was supposed to be the link to an article about how the cars are kept running and lots of photos. Didn’t go where it was supposed to go!

  106. Danny is down to winds of 50 mph and is still moving west. I’m going to take my protein pills and guess that Danny will go over Cuba eventually and dissipate. If there is no change in direction in the next 24 hours, this will probably be what happens. We still have two more areas behind it though,

  107. Perhaps you are right, Mark. Time will tell. But I question why our crack negotiating team at the US Department of State, which could have at least tried to leverage normalization of US relations with the Cuban government into real political reforms and human rights improvements, got nothing in return other than the release of some political prisoners (who by definition should never have been imprisoned) and the hope that a viciously repressive government will change its spots, even though it will now have even less reason to do so.

  108. Just now walked into my kitchen and looked at two large glass vases/candle holders I just unwrapped. There big as life is a hang tag on each with the word “Viet Nam” and that is about five inches across the tag.

    Viet Nam affected me as badly as Cuba. I have/had friends that died in each, friends whose families were killed by firing squads, that died in prison in both Cuba and Viet Nam. Go back another generation and we had Korea, Japan and Germany, Italy. Do we not purchase items from there? Do we not travel to their countries? Interact with them? Even Russia now.

    Seems about the same to me at this point. Love, Jackie

    P.S. The article I tried to link on cat lovers says we are easy going and tolerant, also that we are likely to be more liberal thinkers.

  109. I see what happened to your cars, Jackie. The last digit of the year disappeared when you pasted it. instead of 2012 you have 201, so the link didnt work right.

  110. Thank you Mark! As soon as I start traveling again Alabama is on my list to visit. Can I bring my new and unused Samsung tablet, the Samsung Smartphone and the new and unused Apple laptop I just bought? I would happily pay for lessons in how to use all three! Love, Jackie

  111. I’d be glad to do what I can with the smartphone and tablet. I’m not used to Apple computers though. That would be my ex’s department. I’m a PC person since that is what fills the workplace everywhere I’ve been the last 20 years. Although I haven’t always been using Windows for the majority of the work. No formal training, just what I have picked up as I went along. At one time I could make plane reservations on Sabre, the old American Airlines system. Also used a proprietary Post Office system when keying addresses for sorting machines. Currently using 3M encoder and multiple other software for coding.

    From 1996 when I moved to Nashville, I worked as a security guard, airline reservations/customer service agent, telemarketer, remote address encoder for the Post Office, customer service agent for a QVC-type business, auto repossession coordinator/skip tracer, medical records technician and then medical records coder. And my wife used to tell me I was not adaptable enough?

    One thing I would suggest, Jackie, is that you look for online tutorials for your new tools. Some might be on the providers websites, others on the maker’s pages.

  112. Sounds like you are not only adaptable but skilled with computers! I know anytime I want to know something you seem able to find a source on the web. And a good source of music on net too. I have been trying to find that version of Mark Knopfler you sent me once which was I believe My Lady of the Morning? I wanted to buy the CD it was on. Can’t find it.

    Ghost, I love the music you link too, all the rest of you. It exposes me to artists I am not always familiar with. For instance, I loved the Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt duets and am getting that album now. I listened to every version of 1917 on the youtube albums until I found the best audio one. So now another Emmy Lou Harris to buy.

    Doing my own laundry now and folding, putting it away, find it gets cleaner and neater. See, I am not totally idle! Love, Jackie

  113. Now if I could just figure out how to collect a finders fee on all that music you’re buying, Jackie. 🙂 I’m working up a second cardio playlist I’ll start previewing.

    I don’t know what’s the military specialty of the Air Force dude who helped take down the train shooter, but from the looks of him, and of the shooter when he finished with him, I’m guessing he isn’t a clerk/typist. Or if he is, no one complains about his typing speed.

  114. His music is so beautiful, it does melt your heart. And to think I wasted thirty or more years listening to Jimmy Buffet and country and western! Both songs are beautiful but not the one I am looking for. I could swear it was MK.

    Yeah, Ghost, if you could get a finder’s fee on music you could claim on on lingerie too. Along with the tight legged jeans I now own by the dozens. You are a real inspiration!

    Down another pound this morning and had a huge lunch about 3 o’clock, so no starving myself now. Just had snack of unsalted dry roast peanuts and a big old mason jar of unsweet tea for energy. Looking for recipe for butternut squash to go with my left overs for a late dinner.

    Apologies to Jimmy and other C and W fans, I still listen, just not much. Love, Jackie

  115. Settled on garlic olive oil roasted butternut with black pepper and a tiny bit of chopped precooked bacon, left over spinach ravioli with more spinach added. Late eater.

  116. I fixed Sunday lunch for my Mom today, something I enjoy as much as she does. The entrée was grilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts, in a carne asada marinade, something she’d never had before in her life but proclaimed to be very good.

    Don’t starve yourself, Jackie…your body will compensate by slowing your metabolism and your rate of weight loss will slow as well.

    I’m not sure I’ve been directly responsible for a woman putting *on* lingerie before, but I suppose anything is possible. And finder’s fees are always a good thing.

  117. Jackie, one of the greatest pleasures of life is swapping enjoyable music, art, books, scenery with other people. You learn more about them, about life in general, and about yourself in the process. And trading useful information too. Enjoy and pass it on!

  118. Jerry in FL and Ruth Anne in Winter Haven, I don’t think any one person made any country the greatest in the world, nor did any one person destroy a country alone. But who becomes the leader certainly does make a difference. And he of the weird hair is no leader I would choose.

  119. Jackie, I see an exact match for “My Lady of the morning” as a song title by Harold Battiste. It shows up in the lyrics of a number of songs including “Lady” by Styz; “Lady of the Morning” by Marvin, Wetch & Farrar. Of course I have no idea what genre the song is that you remember.

  120. I recently had a good photo of the Don. Putting a small mustache on him with a black pen revealed an amazing resemblance. I will put out about a quote per week. You ain’t seen nothin.

  121. The latest loop on Danny shows, in the last couple of seconds, the eye winks out and reappears just slightly nw of where it was. You could say that it is losing its organization and you would be right, temporarily I think. It also could be a slight change of direction which will enable it to strengthen. Looking at the steering wind currents I don’t see how it can go very far north.

  122. Mark in TTown: I agree. I have a button somewhere that says “If the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow.” Waiting for that to happen is getting a little discouraging.

    On another note, I find it interesting (and amusing) that you have moved me from Winter Park, not for the first time. What’s your connection to Winter Haven?

  123. Speaking only for myself, I hope we do not get too heavily into the political arena. We all have our own opinions and probably would be unable to sway those of a different outlook. There are other forums if we wish to espouse a particular view point. Let’s keep the Village civil and caring for each other. As the line goes… What would Jimmy Buffet do? Keep it between the navigational beacons!

    Off soapbox…

  124. Ruth Anne, no connection except my brain is misfiring on the similar place names. Sorry I moved you from one town to the other. But I bet it was the easiest move you ever had! No packing, unpacking, asking where the #### did you put the ?

  125. Found my song, “Lady of the Dawn” by Mike Batt. But there was a cover by Mark Knopfler I could swear? Had never heard it before but it is so beautiful. From late 1970’s and early 1980’s I think?

    Politics is so crazy, I have refused to turn on a television or read a newspaper since January so I will be the most uninformed voter around but whoever makes it to the finals, at least I won’t hate them all by then! And I do vote. Facebook is crazy with politics already, some of it is funny.

    There is a crazy orange sort of kitten on my desk rolling a rock around about the size of a small new potato. Cute cat. I have several apparently. Very social kittens. Maybe time to buy them some cat toys?

    Cats, that’s a good neutral subject although that study I read today that said cat people tended to vote liberal was a weird statistic. Love, Jackie

  126. Usually my commentary refers to the topic that Our Humble Author has broached. Upon occasion I will remark upon something that has come up in the warp and woof of the ongoing dialogue. There are any number of sidebars betwixt various commentators, with varying degrees of interest to others, but one can take it or leave it as one will.

    I would request that the dreaded Political Commentary not rear its head here. There is a wide and varied crew here, and one might infer their political leanings, but let us leave it at that. Once we go down that road, we are at “Doonesbury,” not “Arlo and Janis.” Even Our Humble Author does not overtly “go there,” for which I am grateful. Once that line is crossed, the brickbats and cudgels come out and the peace is broken. Let us not do that, but rather maintain that cheery cameraderie that is the norm here. 🙂

  127. Good morning Villagers….

    Talk about roosters, now…..yesterday a teen who helps us out every now and then knows how I am about my roosters…..he came to the packing room door, carrying one of my roosters and asked me where would I like to put him….went up to him, grabbed the rooster and proceeded to put him on a top tier.

    Told him my roosters are my ‘stimulators’…when they crow, my hens respond by laying….it’s nature’s way, I said….walked away smiling….then I started singing, had this ear worm in my head all day.


    Indy Mindy….couldn’t log on as I do not have a facebook account….nice try though…thanks for thinking of me 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed Monday

  128. Gotta interrupt here to say I absolutely love today’s strip (Aug 24, 2015). The changing tree, the changing shrub height, the changing hairdos, all showing the passing of time. The indoor “color” at the end tops off the passing of time nicely.

  129. Now how did that happen? …quotes from the 1930’s taken from Adolf Hitler, the biography by John Toland. “Do not concern yourself with policies and procedures. Put your faith and trust in me and I will save this country.” “I understand the common man. That is why they love me.” “I will eject (undesirables) from this country and keep them out.” “”I will make our military the strongest in the world.” “I do not worry about other countries. Their leaders are weak and incompetent.” “Women are weak and should stay out of politics.” “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” He didn’t say the last one. I forget who did. That’s enough said. If you choose to relate this to current politics that’s up to you, but I won’t mention it again and,to me, this was only half serious and half amusing.

  130. Re Danny-winds are only 35 mph and it has actually moved to the sw. Adios Danny. The next one will be called a depression by the end of today and then soon become a tropical storm. This is supposed to be the most active part of the season.

  131. Namesake:

    Unfortunately, some [not all, by any means] issues that are not themselves political are made so, esp. when money or religion are involved. We’ve had prominent Dems and GOPs, sometimes at the urging of moneyed or clerical outfits, deny science right and left, and also Right and Left [e.g., denying genetic influence on behavior (L), evolution, ecology, climatology, and cosmology (R), medicine (both), etc.

    BTW, that “denying genetic influence on behavior” was by a prominent American scientist, a geneticist, who is/was also Marxist.

    Peace, emb

  132. I found in “Nature’s Way” a warning about global cooling (the album was released in 1970). Historically, the doomsayers have alternated between warnings about warming and cooling for over a century.

  133. Skipped breakfast sort of, had brunch. Two eggs in olive oil, two thin slices of black pepper ham, rolled with the left over garlic pepper and bacon butternut squash in a medium flour tortilla. Eat your heart out McD’s, that was delicious. Having Italian melon for dessert.

    Hmmmh, sort of reflects the ethnicity of our foods in America right about now. Much improved over fried eggs and sausage with biscuits and gravy that my mama favored. But I still had the big glass of unsweet tea, except she drank sweet tea, always said the same thing, “I’m the sweet one, can’t you tell?”

    I do miss her. Love, Jackie

  134. My Mom has already passed her statistical “expiration date”. My best friend has multiple medical problems. And now I am getting concerned about my BIL. I try not to think about it any more than necessary.

    Plus, I, with no medical problems to speak of, could drop dead before any of them. The one certain thing about this life is that we are not likely to get out of it alive.

  135. Did not mean to depress you, Ghost. Please try to cheer up, I actually meant that in a loving way about my mama. Sitting here listening to Mark Knopfler play Cajun style music with a guy from south Louisiana while I ate brunch, upbeat Zydeco sound, makes me wish I were in Lafayette or Gueydan or anywhere but Oklahoma!

    Smile and laugh. Love, Jackie

  136. Busy week, not even time to lurk, but I noticed the number of comments was up to 256 – which is sometimes a “magic” number in programs. So I came on in to find the last comment was posted at 3:07 p.m. and none after that.

    Hmmmm – will this comment post? I’ll just wish myself a Happy Birthday just in case it does. Actual date was yesterday, but had a great one and am still celebrating.

    Hope ya’ll are doing well!

  137. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Judy.

    I have a personal policy that my birthday celebration lasts for seven days…three pre-birthday days, the birthday itself, and three post-birthday days.

    I know, Jackie. That’s how I’ll feel when my mama is gone.

  138. First day on the job. It will be a challenge! When I left my part-time job there in November, everything was running pretty smoothly. HOW did things get so messed up in a few short months? Oh well One step at a time

  139. Judy in Conroe, it’s not the number of posts that locks the Village down. It’s the number of days since Jimmy posted the retro page. On the 7th day the Village locks its doors till Jimmy can put up something new for us. The conversation is what we do while we wait.

    Jackie, I just went to a local grocery and they had a country station playing on the overhead speakers. Heard a song that reminded me of you. Don’t know the title, but the chorus is : “Money won’t buy everything and I know it, but it’ll buy me a boat, and a truck to tow it. It’ll buy me a boat!”.

  140. Worked fine and pretty funny! You forget I live in the redneck capitol of Oklahoma with major bassin’ tournaments, crappie tournaments and some of the premier catfish noodlers of America.

    I will find the totally hilarious video about Lake Eufaula and post it here for you. Maybe. I sure needed a laugh guys and you gave me one.

    Will attest on any witness stand that indeed money can’t buy you everything but it can buy you a boat! Love, Jackie

  141. Mindy, loved the cat house! Had seen a brief story on it somewhere when I was watching home and garden television but this one was great. Thank you. The house was beautiful also.

    Judy, happy birthday, how is Conroe? Are you on lake? Love, Jackie

  142. Mark
    I probably have the receipt for my ’64 – I don’t throw any thing away

    GR6 – I am looking for Tube Socks – they all seem to have heels now.
    With tube socks when my toes go through the end I just sew the shut and cut off the excess.

    Ruth Ann 8/22 6:20
    Progress is change but not all change is progress.

  143. Jackie
    When I fire up the other computer I will look up my squash recipe.
    Basically – cut in half – bake on pan (I use a little Walnut oil) 350* till tender.
    Scoop out – mash in casserole – mix in Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Butter or Olio,
    Brown Sugar (Maybe not for you) put in oven about 20 min at 350*

    I think I wrote it down some place – most of the time it is shake and toss
    “that’s about right”

  144. Good morning Villagers…

    Happy Birthday Week, Judy…..may you have 51 more of them 🙂

    Gal…like you, yesterday I had to stop and say to myself…’breath, Debbe, breath’….one auger out, broken belt as soon as I fired up the packer…and then at the end of the day, another broken belt. I left….hope they’re fixed when I go in this morning.

    TR…always liked that song, and the lyrics do speak for nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong. Had that album, vinyl that is…’Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus’.

    Jerry, on a roll there weren’t you??? 🙂

    Jackie, I had this great idea…why don’t you make two of everything you prepare for your meals, freeze one week’s worth, and ship them to me….it beats the sandwiches I take for lunch. At 6ish in the morning, chicken salad, garlic roast beef slices, and such just do not sound good. But by the time 10ish comes I am starving. And it still doesn’t go down well.

    Indy Mindy, I love that video of the house….and did I hear the one guy say he spent 40 or 50 thousand on one particular project? Fifteen cats and 22 liter boxes. What I love about it is they are all rescue cats. The one cat looks like ‘Elvis’ on BCN.

    Miss Charlotte, Ian came by for a short visit yesterday. Grabbed his black pants as in the restaurant business, you wear a lot of black. He has three possibilities. He did a walk in interview at this Italian restaurant….he teased me that it was a front for the Mafia….he’s doing good, broke, but optimistic and happy…but it helps when Mom slips him a 50.

    ya’ll have a blessed Tuesday…

  145. PS: In my posting of last night, you may have noticed the absence of periods. Dunno what happened, but my keyboard went all screwy! When I tried to key a “.”, all I got was “>”. Some of you experts probably know what happened. Luckily, after I rebooted, everything went back to normal.

    Gotta run!

  146. My apologies for inappropriate comments. You’re welcome if you liked them, but they are correct that we should stay away from politics. I am often tempted to boot my computer, but only did it once, to old Dell. Remember the box that was spotted like a cow. Was that Dell? Or was there a brand called Gateway? Too early for my brain, but must get a haircut.

  147. Ghost: I kind of follow the same principle on birthday celebrations as mine is Dec 22nd. The third day after is Christmas. More often than not, it is a bit of an afterthought. With a big family we never did anything for birthdays anyway, so it really does not matter. My Mom was good at making me feel special 365/366 days a year.

  148. Steve, many years ago, my Mom, whose birthday is a week or so before Christmas, commented that she never really felt her birthday was celebrated when she was a child, but was rather “combined” with the holiday by her family. As an example, she never had a birthday cake. (But like you, she came from a a loving family.) From that point on, I’ve always tried to make sure she has the best possible birthday celebration.

    Debbe 😉 I undoubtedly confused you with my poor explanation. I finished my “songs from a movie playlist” and have moved to another “songs from a playlist I made up to listen to while doing cardio”. The last two songs are from that latter category. I’ll go back to “songs from a movie” when I find another movie with an R&R soundtrack, something I’ve discovered is more rare than I would have thought.

  149. Old Bear: “Progress is change but not all change is progress.” If I had had that four years ago, I’d have made it into a nice poster, framed it, and hung it* in our then-new principal’s office.

    * Such action would have to be anonymous as he interprets any questions as criticism and any criticism as lack of loyalty or not being a “team player” – even when the wonderful “new” idea falls into the category of “been there, done that, and moved on years ago”.

    So glad to be out of there!

  150. Sounds a lot like our organization, Ruth Anne. (And many others, I’m sure.) Front-line employees and management are great; upper administration, um, not so much.

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