Feverish Plans

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This comic strip from ten years ago this month is an excellent example of the subtlety for which A&J is known. Subtlety usually elicits one of three responses: “That’s cute;” “I like funny comic strips,” and, most often, “I don’t get it.” I suppose this particularly strip could have been made better if I’d added a thought balloon in the first panel, reading, “Boy, I really do like to relax and do nothing in the beautiful spring weather” and another in the second panel to the effect, “I sure do like to work hard in the yard and garden when spring finally comes!” I’m sorry. I’m not talking about you. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t get it. It’s just that I woke up in a snarky mood.

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  1. In keeping with the Vital Topic of boobies, Our Humble Author works the Venus De Milo into the mix any chance he gets. A few days after today’s retro strip, Arlo encounters the VDM on 3/10/15. And giggles.

    The VDM had made an earlier appearance, on 9/25/96, but alas… she had her back turned.

    I attempted to post links to the strips at GoComics, but the post immediately went to the 9th Circle of Moderation Hades. Not having a second grader handy to assist me with this tech problem, I leave it to the more savvy among us to post the links here, otherwise you will have to navigate the GoComics calendar to find the strips.

  2. You too, Brute? Ok, that wa Miss Piggy trying to quote Julius Caesar Et tu Brut and Spell Check doesn’t speak Latin either. I woke up so I won’t even write what I said but it was not aimed at the Village

    I miss all of you daily when you aren’t here.

  3. I think Arlo is giggling at the combination of the gnome and VDM. The gnome has a sort of leer/guilty look to me.

    Somebody warn Churchy, its Friday the 13th.

  4. What do you want to bet that some newspaper, somewhere, didn’t erase a certain “dot” before publishing the 3-10-05 cartoon?

    And yes, I had the same thought about the gnome, leer-wise. He’s also leaning.

  5. Aha, GR6… the key is to put only ONE link in a post. Two apparently sends you to Davy Jones’ Locker.

    Il faut savoir les coutumes locales. Quand à Rome, fais comme les Romains ne… ou les Wisigoths.

  6. Correct on all points. That is a subtle pun..

    The water is an intense aqua blue and I actually would like this were I on the water.

  7. Gal, just wait you until you see the compilation of skimpily-clad, underwear-clad, topless and nude Janis cartoons on which I’m working. 🙂

    Jackie, what was your point? 😉

    And ref the “dot”, as someone once said here, “Without nipples, breasts would have no point.”

  8. Unlike Pogo, Friday the 13th has become a lucky day for me. It was last month’s 13th when I got the call for a matching kidney. This 13th shows slow but continued improvement in kidney function. My last dialysis was 13 days ago. (Long enough that I would be very near death without a working kidney.) The only possible remaining complication is I may have a surgical hernia under part of my incision. My doctor is waiting to see if the swelling reduces. It is possible that it is also a large solid blood clot between layers of tissue. Of course, the foot is still broken… One thing at a time.

  9. David in Austin, very glad things are going well for you. I’d forgotten about your foot problem — please refresh my memory? I’ve got a broken fibula and am hobbling around in a cast, slowly. Can you walk around or are you stuck in bed or in a wheelchair? Are you getting nursing care at home? Can you travel to your doctors office?

  10. Jackie, it is gremlins.

    I wanted to tell a group that we were “danged fond” of a certain person. As the message departed, it had been changed to “fanged fond.” I am a member of your club. 🙂

  11. Miz Charlotte, I’m wearing a boot and using a knee scooter. The podiatrist wanted a wheelchair, but I resisted after being in the wheelchair 9+ months for my damaged knees (caused by a fall from said scooter in Dec 2013). The root cause is weak bones due to imbalances caused by kidney disease and hyper parathyroid. All the calcium was sucked out of my bones. My parathyroid was removed last April and I’ve been supplementing with 10-15 grams calcium, high calcium food, and vitamin D since. My bones “should” be getting stronger.

    Sand, the sunshine didn’t help before the transplant since it takes a working kidney to activate the vitamin D produced in the skin. Now I have to avoid sun since the transplant meds make my skin sensitive to burn and reduce resistance to skin cancers. :/

  12. David, glad to hear you’re doing better. Though it was not I who prescribed the sunshine, was my better looking older brother, sideburns.

  13. Ghost, there IS the possibility that Janis is wearing The Yellow Bikini or some other skimpy swimsuit that she would otherwise never wear, and is mortified to be seen in public wearing it.

    That said, the comments for that strip run about 99 to 1 in favor of your conclusion, and methinks Our Humble Author’s intentions were likewise of the au naturale ilk.

  14. Just left all six toed cats at the Hemingway house. They count them at night. There are 50 cats and some kittens.

    Bought Hemingway’ s Boat, the book not the boat.

  15. Forgot to mention the grilled mahi, garlic green beans, grilled zucchini and yellow squash, fantastic huge portions of fresh vegs.

  16. Sandcastler- If you work with sand, that would be “silicon dioxide”, not “silicone” (of any kind).
    I’m glad to see that those of us needing healing are receiving same. Thanks be to God!

  17. Did it say if she got the job? If she did, the company may be rethinking their decision to hire her. 🙂

    If she were my caregiver, I’d be of two minds about it…one, she’s cute; but two, she might forget how to find me when it was time for her to feed and bathe me. 😉

  18. Mark, my very deluxe van was stolen in Houston many years ago and I instantly knew and reported. The mall security insisted I had forgotten and spent over an hour forcing me to go up and down aisles while woman after woman came in reporting stolen cars and got same search treatment.

    So, sometimes it isn’t goofy women.

  19. They got over 20 that day in a matter of minutes. I was so angry but it did no good. Of course mine was stripped and dumped. They even took things I could not believe would be saleable.

  20. I have a friend who owns a nice used car lot. One day at noon, a construction worker from a nearby condo project rode one of the construction company’s four-wheelers over to the lot and told my friend he was interested in the BMW on the front row he’d been seeing for the past week. He left the four-wheeler when my friend gave him the keys to take a test ride…and never returned. My friend found the worker had walked off his job and taken the four-wheeler without authorization.

    Fortunately, Atlanta PD found the BMW abandoned downtown about a week later, and not in too bad a condition. Except that the ignition had been punched, meaning someone had stolen it from the original thief.

  21. Remember I sold Lincoln autos for a living for awhile, well I would point out. No one got off our lots easily and always with an escort.

  22. The caption “Ladies of the night display their wears” under the picture…I’m not sure if that is a pun, a misspelling or a Brit-spelling. But I’ll be civilised about it and not make a fuss.

  23. cep, flexible chips for devices with flexible screens and cases; too much said.

    Could be mall security was getting a cut of the action; not the first time security played on both sides.

  24. Dear David in Austin, thank you for answering my questions. I had no idea your problems were so many and so complex! I am really sorry you have to deal with all this aggravation — well, much worse than just aggravation! This sure messes up your life. You seem to be handling it as cheerfully as possible. Falling off the scooter thing — darn it, what awful luck.

    I will stop feeling sorry for myself. Please accept my best wishes that you will improve and recover and feel much better. I’m sure that everyone here will be praying for you.

  25. My mother is now in a rehab facility. She fell for the umpteenth time and injured her legs but no broken bones. She also had a mild concussion. At this point she seems to have finally accepted that she cannot take care of herself and live alone. We expect to be moving into the new house in July and we would love for her to live with us except for a couple of things. When she falls neither of us can pick her up and, with three cats in the home, the cats and her would be in danger. I have almost been tripped up by a speeding feline myself. When she finishes rehab we will be looking for an ALF or nursing home if that is necessary. I’m sure that many of you have gone through this same thing.

  26. “Of course, the Brits would say American beer isn’t worth opening.” Much of it isn’t, especially from the megabreweries. Likewise, some Brit. beers are so-so. But American microbreweries are legion, so many nobody should even try to sample them all, and many larger independents [e.g., Summit in St. Paul, and Schell in New Ulm, MN] have quite good brews. A Brit beer, Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster Porter [= Taddy Porter] tops my list, but lots of our beers are close. Of course, “De gustibus . . ..”

    Peace, emb

  27. Ghost – I’ve been lurking, but haven’t had much to add of late. Work has been … unusual of late. And funny you should ask about The Mop. Glaciers move faster than my hair grows – possibly tectonic plates too. For months, it has been more or less stick straight and nothing to fuss about. Within the past week, it has become obnoxious. It’s in my eyes, in the way, standing up and curling up in every direction. Was just grousing about getting it cut again just this afternoon.

    Work, of late, in two anecdotes (sorry for the extended length):
    I kept hearing this really weird noise outside yesterday. Turns out, it was coming from the geese who were flying really, really high; the wind was messing with the sound. As I watched, two geese that were flying independently from any other flocks (and in the opposite direction), suddenly made a 180 and joined up with one of the flocks. I had to laugh. I just *know* it was a couple, and one of them was telling the other, “I TOLD you we made a wrong turn over Toledo!”

    This morning, a woman walked in and asked me, “Where did all the black people live?”
    Annoyed with my blank stare (I was too taken aback to formulate a response at first.) She added she had grown up in the area, but has been gone a while. She was trying to find her family and needed to find where the black people lived. She REALLY got mad when I told her that I was not a local and there were no racial restrictions on housing. She huffed her annoyance and proceeded to give the worst and ridiculously vague recollection of the area she was trying get to find. (“there were these two bars.. and train tracks… and oh! lots of shootings and drugs..) Again, I repeated my non-local status. Again she countered with the “only black people live there” bit. She THEN said, “I’ve only been gone ten years, there is NO WAY it’s gotten that mixed already.” By this point, I am *hoping* to see a camera crew for some television show. No luck. Finally deciding I was of no use, she stomped outside to leave. Because the universe has a warped sense of humor, a customer (a regular who lives across the street, and who happens to be black) was walking up the lot. This girl fell upon my customer; I could not hear what was said, but Tracy stopped short, looked at her like a talking lamp post, shook her head, then walked inside. (Tracy is also *not* a morning person. 🙂 ) As she passed me, she asked, “Is it really early, or do I just need coffee?”

  28. She didn’t remember where she lived ten years previously? As my 89 year old mother rode in the ambulance by the spot where the house that she was born in used to be she pointed it out to the emt’s.

  29. Jerry – Exactly. My family moved a fair bit when I was little. I can point out several of my old homesteads. I have no doubt drugs played a factor in her memory loss. Glad your mom didn’t hurt herself too badly. Your abrupt message made me fear stroke or heart attack. Blacklight would pair well with your mom – not much in the way of speed or stealth, and lots of naps in blanket and kitty bed.

  30. Who knows? She may have had the wrong city. There seem to be an excess of people with room-temperature IQ’s walking around these days, and it’s often, as you surmised, the result of self-inflicted chemical dumbing-down.

  31. I am sitting in a Bass Sports parking lot while daughter Google search for restaurants. Other reason is there’s a sister ship to Hemingway’s Pilar boat there.

  32. Ghost – No, she had the right city. Unfortunately for her, Kokomo has one of the highest mixed race couples percentage in the state, making her “black people only” qualification pretty much useless. That said, there is a higher concentration of the black community in certain areas, but nothing I would even dream of calling “exclusively black.” And the shootings and drugs didn’t help either. Much like much of the Midwest, Kokomo is battling meth and heroin, and stupid people with guns. After talking with Tracy (who IS a local), we narrowed down the area she was likely looking for – I would be willing to describe the area in terms of income, but not by race.

  33. And for the record, I work in customer service. I don’t bias on color, I bias on how well you can function in a public setting without making me want to beat you with a baseball bat. My store is currently battling thieves who are targeting two very specific items – our refillable coffee cups and …cheese. My midnight guy is threatening to put locks on our cooler doors and make cheese a “by request only” item. They got him for four blocks of cheddar last week. It’seems not funny, but when I walk into work of a morning, and her hangs his head as says, “They got me.” I have to laugh. It’s like a surreal western with outlaws after our cheese supply.

  34. Hey I WAS snarky and the day wasn’t much better later. For the record I sat on porch with tour guides for Hemingway house and learned it is number one draw to Key West, it is very much for profit, E.H. did not endow house or cats, all the cats DNA traces to one original cat, they are all buried in garden, EH was very superstitious, a lot of the stuff said on tour is bogus, the tour guides get “ups” like furniture and car sales men and are just as bitchy and they earn $$based on number of tourists and number of tours, like bounties.

    I am a great observer of people and listener.

  35. Mindy from Indy, there’s a book title there: Indiana Mindy and the Rustlers of Cheddar. Don’t know what kind they are stealing, but my favorite is Cabot Sharp. Your early visitor sounds like the type of person who would have gone to that neighborhood and gotten in a world of trouble. Next thing you know, you would be reading a news story about something bad happening to her.

  36. Cool, Ruth Anne! My date is there in full (including “19”). The MBH’s date is present only in short form (without “19”). Haven’t looked for dates if I include “0” in the single digit numbers.

  37. Lady Mindy, I’m tempted to snark something about rats and cheese, or circling the cheese wagons, but I shan’t and just add another Thought for the Day:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  38. emb
    A Brit beer, Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster Porter [= Taddy Porter] –
    Is close to the top of mine also – Have you tried their Oatmeal Stout?

    Mom lost her car at Southdale many years ago – went out the wrong door. That’s why they have the little animal signs.

  39. Gal/Jackie: I do have a small file of A&J cartoons, but it numbers only 2 or 3 dozen, with classics such as “Something About a Peek” and “I Like That Dress”, and I haven’t added any others to it in years. When I want to find one I have not filed, a particular subject will usually remind me of a particular cartoon (or several cartoons) and then I “memory chain”, remembering where I was, what I was doing, etc, around that point in time until I narrow it down.

    But in the case of the “left outside naked” one, I found it the way I can usually find a cartoon of Janis skimpily-clad, underwear-clad, topless or nude…by randomly picking a cartoon on gocomics and looking through about a month of cartoons. She is actually shown that way quite often, you know.

  40. Old Bear: Their oatmeal stout is great.

    Ruth Anne: “Here’s a bit of fun but totally useless information – http://www.facade.com/legacy/amiinpi/?thenum=92549

    My birthday is not there using either 29 or 1929. Since pi is an irrational [right term?] that goes on forever, it may be in out there in the infinitesimals somewhere. “Wif a little bit o’ luck, Someone else will do the blinkin’ work.” [emb can quote a few sources beside Savoy operas.]

    Peace, emb

  41. Dang. It appears the floor show is over on A&J, at least for now. But when I went to Yahoo Comics to get the 3-14-15 A&J, Luanne popped up with a cartoon showing as much or more nudity as as I believe A&J ever has. With considerable detail.

  42. Yep. Mark. Just was I was thinking about, and someone has already built it.

    I heard of an AF Combat Air Controller working with a SF team during initial operations in Afghanistan who entered the GPS location of a abandoned bunker complex they over-nighted in, and when the Taliban pushed them out of it the next morning, he called in a B-2 strike on the recorded location of the bunkers. Problem solved.

  43. Good morning Villagers……

    Denise, bless you for thinking I’m brilliant…..but I cannot take credit for the BFF (But Fits Fine), it was the first comment made under the strip on The Dark Side….but it was brilliant though, wasn’t it?

    Old Bear…..a cartoon strip named “Savage Chickens”? got that bookmarked 🙂

    Indy Mindy….and that is why I no longer work in customer service, the evil thoughts that went through my mind as to how to rid myself of this idiot customer.

    Mark…I blew it on the Seger quote, thought it was from this song, “but next time we’ll get it right): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEBwq4A1wsU , aint it funny though how the Night Moves…….

    Been keeping a steady egg production of 192 cases daily….and yes, GR, I learned something this morning about the young hens and double yolkers. I was joking with a lady from The Corp when I called in my egg total, told her I keep my girls happy, (She knows about the roosters, she heard George crowing one time) anyhoo, I told her I keep them happy with my “Studmuffins”…..she just laughed. Ian found another big rooster and placed him the next cage to George. His name…..are ya ready……”Cadberry” or is it “Cadburry”?

    Lots to do today….got three boys working and I am working them….we’re getting too close to the 25th, and I want to get my house scraped before starting there. We’ll see. The Boss thought it a good idea too.

    David and Miss Charlotte….blessings on you both.

    gotta go….

    and I did ‘pop a top’ or two or three……GR 😉

  44. Luanne has been trying to adult it’s humor for awhile along with the drawing . What that search made me aware of are the hundreds of strips out there and I read just this one daily .

  45. Also, “He/she gets on my last nerve.”

    And “I ain’t mashed the button yet but I’m fixin’ to.”

    Arlo is right. I don’t have to hold the button down, but it does take four or five seconds for the TV/cable box/stereo tuner to power up, or for the TV to change channels, whereas “old-timey” TV sets seemed to respond almost immediately.

  46. Happy birthday, Uncle Albert. Jackie, did you see the penny in plastic by the pool? The story is that his wife swore to take every last penny and supposedly that’s it.

  47. My mama had a Southernism that drove me crazy my entire life “when will you/he/she /they come through?” Always said it and I have no idea on the origins of it.

  48. Darn, I forgot to say my BS level was 105 and I had a delish dark chocolate Glucerna for breakfast. That BS is diabetic speak, like geek speak for pie and not what you are thinking of in my case

  49. Around here it’s “my last good nerve”, as in “you’re standing on my last good nerve, and it’s about gone”.

    One of the first comments on Pi Day I saw this morning was the comment “I’m changing my PIN to the last four digits of pi”. 🙂

    The nice thing about driving a green Ford Excursion is that it’s generally bigger than most cars in any parking lot and I can easily spot it, and if I can’t the key fob has a little button that, if mashed, honks the horn twice. I’ve used that feature quite a bit in the Maul of Georgia parking lot.

  50. Sand: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/happy-pi-day-fellow-nerds-why-its-a-big-year-for-the-celebrity-of-numbers/2015/03/13/df753dba-c82c-11e4-aa1a-86135599fb0f_story.html

    Around here ‘Mike & Maggie’ refers to two youngsters in their 60s who are married to two other people. They were a semi-pro singing team [also had day jobs], and [as individuals usually] still pipe up occasionally.

    A few years ago, a funeral was deliberately staged as a hootenanny, which the deceased would have desired [and possibly had so indicated beforehand]. Maggie was one of several singers involved. Wife would have loved it. Maybe she did.

    Peace, emb

  51. It has actually been a long-time tradition that the Village does not go onto DST until sometime after most of the rest of the US does so. My working theory as to why this is–

    The blog software does not automatically make the change and…

    1. Jimmy does not know how to change the time manually (not likely, given how long he has been doing this and the fact that it does eventually get changed)

    2. Jimmy forgets to change the time manually (even less likely, given the number of DST-themed cartoons he has done over the years)

    3. Jimmy is afraid to change the time manually (possibly some merit to that one, as the Law of Unintended Consequences seems to have come down hard on him in some cases where he has apparently done some software tweaking)

    4. Jimmy is too busy to change the time manually right away (I favor that one…as much as we might like to sometimes think otherwise, and as much as we appreciate what he does here, running this blog is not really Job One for him)

  52. Ghost, Job One for YOU is officially now completion of your compilation project, henceforth and evermore to be known as “Beaucoup Janis.” There ain’t no time for theorizing, son, you got prit near 30 years of comics to scour! 🙂

  53. Forgot to mention that, as of a few days back, snow is all gone, except for scattered remains of piles made by snowplows. It will snow again, but maybe not enough to last. OTOH, we’ve had more than 20″ dropped on us in late March. The ground could use the extra water. Haven’t heard/seen robins yet, but w/b walking to the gym and back, so may detect them this afternoon.

    Peace, emb

  54. Ghost, but the reeeaaaaallllly old-timey sets took even longer. I remember my parents telling me to turn on their 1955 set (can’t remember…was “Philco” a television brand?) a couple of minutes before a program started so the set would have time to warm up before the show came on.

    Jerry, your Mom and family are in my prayers. You are right that some of us have bought the t-shirt on this. Kudos to your Mom for taking responsibility for her own well-being by recognizing that independent living at this point is not the best option.

  55. Also, from the WTH Department, I actually found this one being discussed on a Smith & Wesson Gun Forum, CIDU-style. Go figure.


    Denise: True, that, for the old tube-type TV’s. I heard a story about a TV repair man from that era who made a house-call (yes, they did then; remember, the average set probably weighed 100+ pounds) to work on a TV with a problem he had never encountered. Turn it on, it would warm up, the picture tube would light up, then the TV would immediately go off, and the cycle would repeat time after time. Just before he went completely crazy, he realized the set was plugged into one of those flasher outlet plugs from back in the day that made strings of Christmas tree lights go on and off.

  56. Hard to believe that snow is mostly gone in Minnesota! Lots of snow still everywhere, in New Hampshire. It has gradually shrunk down over the last week or so and the big piles are smaller and more dirty. Seems to be no danger of flooding, I hope.

  57. My curly-haired daughter came in from shopping and we chatted a bit; now she’s gone out to her pickup truck to carry in the big bags of birdseed she got for me at the Feed Store. I feed the birds year round and enjoy seeing them flying in, hopping and pecking; they go through a lot of birdseed!

    Thank you, Debbe, for the good wishes. Good luck to you with all the work at the henhouse.

  58. Is the “Luanne” strip referenced different from the “Luann” strip seen on gocomics.com? I saw the latter and noticed nothing unusual at all.

  59. Ancient cartoon in New Yorker [I think]: housewife [maybe + husband] standing there, and repairman on his knees behind the set, saying, “Gee! Look at all those wires.”

  60. yeah, the mash the button thing, I know, it seems dumb, but with most systems, it has to absorb whether you want channel 2, 22 or 222, so it waits to see. … … as for collecting A&J, my usual thing is every several months, I go back in gocomics.com and click and print out every one I want, four to a page, add to a binder and put out at holidays.

  61. Thanks Denise. The tv repairman came to our house so often that I remember his name over 50 years later. His name was Gordon Shirtleff or Shirtluff. I’ve never heard that name otherwise, but hopefully he had children after moving our big combo tv, phono and radio around.

  62. Yep, had a squirrel attack of similar situation once. Just like the Birds of Hichcock (doesn’t look right)

    I’m hot here as in weather not body. Have only seen a couple of hot bodies and they were young males. I did see a shop with sign for DD swimsuits and thought of Ghost and if I keep losing weight I might make it into one.

    I always thought the juvenile sounds were from Arlo.

  63. Sounds like a plan, Jackie. Stay hot, my friend. 😉

    Still working on the compilation. Actually have examples of all except Janis totally nude, which for some reason I’m having an inordinate amount of trouble locating. (I’m not counting the ones of her in the tub, where the assumption is that she is naked, because of the “behind the scenes” series several years ago, in which she was showing climbing into the tub wearing shorts and a strapless top.) I know for sure there is one of a totally-nude Janis, I just have not found it yet.

    One other I didn’t list, because I don’t expect to find an example, is “Janis bottomless but not topless”. That one would have a charm of its own for me, but maybe that is just me. 😉 And no, I would not count the one of her bending over to get a shot in her buttock in the “Harvey” series.

  64. I did a search and found a guy in California with the same name as Gordon and probably about the right age. I think that he was born in Illinois, but still could be the same guy. Wouldn’t that be something?

  65. Another site to steal time, and with no ads: http://www.ustream.tv/opensea

    The cam is apparently fixed in open water in/near Monterey Bay. Saw several kinds of bony fish I cannot identify, ordinary-shaped sharks, one hammerhead shark, and at least one sea turtle who like to swim near the webcam: fins and shell up close, swam R, then L. May not be just one turtle.

    The reason Hichcock didn’t look right is Hitchcock.

    Peace, emb

  66. I’ve had a very large hernia for years. For reasons that I don’t understand it causes no pain and the doctors say that I don’t need surgery. You have my sympathy. As a veteran of two brain surgeries, among others, I agree with those who say that there are no “routine” surgeries.

  67. Thanks for the link, emb. I also checked out others on the site. They have several eagle cams and one at a cat rescue in OH. As you say, lots of interesting things to look at. Oh, yes, they also have live video from the Space station and earth view from the station too.

  68. Oh David, very sorry your day has been so rudely interrupted. Did you have to wait very long in the ER? (That can add insult to injury.)

    Hoping that whatever is wrong “can easy be fixed” as a long-ago auctioneer used to say of any broken pieces of old furniture. Wishing you the best treatment and recovery. Love from Charlotte

  69. No, and no, to your queries, Sandcastler. She has tried the banjo and the bass guitar, but stayed with neither. She loves rock music and attended many live concerts with her ex. She does like Chinese food. 🙂 and can operate a snowblower.

  70. David, I pray that all will be well with you. Hope you get great doctors who know exactly what to do. After the loss of my cat this week, I have been in quite a funk. I talked to my neighbor about his dog, and he, of course, was very sorry. He is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, which is what makes this so difficult. He did offer to find another home for his dog, and although I did not demand it, I hope he does. Soon.

  71. Out of the ER after only 3.5 hours! CT scan determined that I have a growing seroma (basically a bruise from clear cellular fluid with minimal red blood). Good news that it isn’t a hernia. Knowing that, I just have to live with the discomfort until it reabsorbs. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes. 🙂

  72. Good news is always good news. I swear I am swearing off of all chowder and fried food for life but I am like an alcoholic at a bar I know better than go to

  73. Good news, David.

    More good news…I found Naked Janis. (It’s from not long after my sister passed away, which would explain why “memory-chaining” failed me. That’s not a period of time I particularly want to remember.)

    What did you have, Jackie? Fried clams with clam chowder on the side? Don’t feel too bad; corn and crab bisque is my guilty pleasure. Well, my food one. 😉

  74. David, good news is good news.

    We’re still enjoying the aftermath of our noon time pulled pork. Nice place, great outdoor seating, fine German beer, the pig keeps reminding us we ate him.

  75. That is good news David.

    Cute commercial Debbe.

    Ghost, your memory still failed you. Where’s the link to Naked Janis?

    sandcastler ™ sounds like a good lunch, except the beer. Went to an Indian place today. Chicken curry, vegetable sharma(I think that’s the name), some spicy green bean/potato dish and a dessert similar to donut holes served hot in a flavored syrup.

  76. In the fullness of time, Mark, in the fullness of time.

    For some reason all this talk of food is making me want some Thai. Not sure of the causation relation there.

  77. My guilty pleasure too in food but this was wild caught shrimp and mushrooms with mahi, lobster and shrimp, sweet potato fries. I am eating leftover mahi and BS is at 99.

    I will probably get points with my fly fishing endo guy. Just visited through Pilar fill in Boat and bought a tee shirt with mermaid that says Carpe dium. Got on at Buffets that said growing older but not up.

  78. Jackie, sweet potatoes are a good choice for those of us who have to watch their blood sugar. Not only do they have less carbs than white potatoes, their glycemic index is lower. (That means that they don’t cause as much of a spike in your glucose reading.) You can even shred them and make “hash golds” out of them, seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice. And, of course, they’re a great source of Vitamin A if that’s a concern for you.

    David, I’m taking Calcium (with Vitamin D) and Magnesium, both twice a day, by prescription because of osteoporosis. If you have to avoid sunlight, and aren’t already taking all three, you may want to ask your doctor about them. BTW, we all know that milk is Vitamin D enriched, but what most of us don’t know, is that the only milk that gets enriched is what you buy in the market to drink. Milk that’s being made into ice cream, yogurt, sour cream or cheese doesn’t get the extra processing.

  79. Sideburns I am from Louisiana and my family ate sweet potatoes daily worse than Scarlett O’Hara s bunch after the Yankees left. I love them of course in any form.

    When I was in school my prof went north for a seminar on the train . It was a long time ago. Anyway, the guy next to him struck up a conversation and prof said seminar on sweet potatoes. Man assured him the family ate them all the time. How often? Every Christmas and TG.

  80. What, Jackie, you lived in Hawaii and didn’t eat Spam! I’ve read that some Hawaiians practically live on Spam. I blush and hang my head to admit that when our children were growing up we ate a lot of Spam, also hot dogs; fish sticks too and frozen pot pies. Then I Saw The Light, read books about healthy eating — really gave the children something to complain about with soybeans, yogurt, sprouts (the sprout phase didn’t last long). Whole wheat, real whole grain cornmeal. They were good sports about it and so was my husband, and now the children are grown up they cook and eat good healthy food, and so do I; so it turned out really well.

  81. Spam was a significant part of my onboard food supply when I was trucking. Made sandwiches from it with whole wheat bread, washed it down with 2% milk. Much healthier than most truck stop fare, also more reasonably sized meals.

  82. Charlotte, I came back from Hawaii an environmentalist, recycler, a believer that Americans are not always right or perfect, but I knew that before I got there. I also made my own yogurts, sprouts, breads and ate foods cooked from scratch, including smoothies before anyone had heard of one.

    Grew vegetable gardens in Uptown Garden District restored shotgun and served on preservation board.

    Got sent to Houston where I cried for two years and lived about 20, only some of which I spent crying. I still cry sometimes for the loss of native customs, ways of life and the universal adoption of the fast food nation and TV induced loss of identity.

    But there’s little to be done and being serious about it drives people away, so I applaud those who dare a little difference .

  83. We also ate Spam, likely during ’40s, albeit not every day. Hot dogs were a treat to me, too. I recall both items as tasty and enjoy hot dogs to this day…haven’t seem Spam on the shelves since then. Mom was great on hamburgers as well: always had the butcher include about 25% ground pork. We mixed the stuff at home with an egg added, if memory serves. (Does an egg sound right?) Results were very juicy thick burgers. Yum.

  84. curmudgeonly ex-professor, yes the egg sounds right. Helps act as a binder to keep the patties together. Same reason you put one in a salmon patty made out of canned salmon.

  85. Dear Jackie, your thoughts are very fine, and I agree with you about fast food, TV, loss of traditions, as well as the loss of our beautiful forests and grasslands. We just do what we can in small ways to hold on to the good things. Your cheerfulness is a good example to the rest of us! You’ve had, and are having, some tough times, but are so courageous.

  86. We would eat fried Spam sandwiches, like fried bologna (pronounced “baloney”), on white bread with mayonnaise. Also, sometimes cubed and fried with scrambled eggs.

  87. I have, and continue, to eat a lot of “country” foods, but never could enjoy Spam. About the only way I can eat it fried and slathered with mustard. Could never acquire a taste for beer either! Now sherry? That’s another story!

  88. Good morning Villagers….

    I am not working today, and I am not going to do much…. except, get a few papers together and drop them off tomorrow at CPA’s.

    Jerry, my Mom still has a hard time dealing with living in a nursing home, but she is a stubborn old German who thinks she could still do it on her own.

    I am meeting Mom at the doctor’s office tomorrow…a Medivan will take her, but I have to be with her in doctor’s office, which is no problem. But instead of taking the medivan home, I will take her back to nursing home…it will be in low 70’s tomorrow and should be a pleasant drive back. I’ll take the long way home (there’s a song in there somewhere), if the river isn’t over the back road, it just started trinkling over yesterday….and yes, I obey warning signs posted do not attempt to drive through flooded water.

    You have to give Geico credit, they have one hell of a marketing campaign…love the chicken commercial….and Roy Orbison singing. And reptiles aren’t warm blooded, my mistake.

    And yes, Mark, it is a serious problem in the poultry business right now. All turkey and chicken farms are on red alert. We have had The Corp. come by twice in one week with memos, and requiring signatures that all employees must sign and abide in biosecurity outlines.
    If this gets out of hand, it could be devastating for everyone…down to the consumer.

    Heh, Jackie, the snow is melting in Indiana…..you can come and visit soon, yes?

    David, good to know no surgery is needed……Amen.

    Thanks for the extra treats to the A&J links, you guys are good 🙂

    Miss Charlotte…thanks for the good luck….gonna need it, my boys worked hard yesterday, whined, but worked hard. I’ve scraped curtain backs a few times, and it’s not an easy task.

    And today’s real time strip….way over my head.

    GR 😉


  89. Good morning.

    It’s the Ides of March. Be careful.

    Tomorrow, 16 March, is St. Urho’s Day [I will be wearing my purple turtleneck and unique St. Urho sweat shirt [green lettering] to church. [I designed the silk screen.]
    Do a search: Menagha MN St. Urho : There are several sites to rummage in. I think the museum is open only Mem. Day-Labor Day.

    For the next day, search: St. Patrick Irish snakes. Again, several sites.

    Peace, emb

  90. Strip of 03.15.15:


    Please pardon me while I wax sycophantic, but you deserve it.

    Absolutely one of the best ever.

    In addition to the reveal in the second panel, the fourth panel caught me completely by surprise.

  91. CAUTION. According to the morning paper people are dying after eating Blue Bell ice cream products. There is a recall in effect. I hope that I am passing on correct information, bad as it is.

  92. Jerry did they recall specific flavors?

    The fourth panel with Ludwig is great, I just wasn’t up to tapping out much early in morning

  93. David, so glad to hear that even though there is a bit of pain you will be well soon without surgery! Every silver lining has a tiny cloud, too. 🙂

  94. Jerry, the warning from Blue Bell is for novelties, not standard packs, but yes, people should be careful.

    My mom cooked a lot of SPAM when I was a child. Daddy was in the Army and stationed elsewhere, and Mom took the easy route of tv dinners and SPAM a lot of the time. Her favorite was of fixing it was to dump the block into a skillet and drown it in a mixture of mustard and ketchup, resembling barbeque sauce, and bake for 20 minutes, or enough time to make instant mashed potatoes and green peas.

    David, Mom’s favorite thing to do with balogna was to fry it with the paper edge still on so the slice made a cup, then fill the cup with mashed potatoes and peas. Do we see a trend here, folks? 😉

  95. You can glaze Spam with ham glaze and bake it. Pretty tasty then, cuts the salty flavor.

    Debbe, there is some kind of gene link that causes deafness in blue-eyed white cats. If the cat is not entirely white, small colored patch somewhere, they won’t be deaf.

    Jackie, have you seen the picture of the huge alligator on the golf course in Florida? I think the course was near the marina where they cancelled the Everglades Challenge. This one was estimated at between 11 and 13 feet in length.

  96. I have a great picture of a fifteen foot gator getting after me at Rockefeller Refuge in South LA as I was about to climb the first tree I could find. Gators are quick for a short burst. They are fed on Fridays at Rockefeller but they have to get out of the water to eat. I was on a group that was working with alligator farmers in the last century. We picked up eggs from huge nests and gave them to the farmers to hatch and they released 17% into the wild to replenish the gators. Now they are everywhere, almost like nutria. Rockefeller also had a gaggle of Canadian Geese that were permanent residents. They were big enough to stand by a pickup truck and gaze in the windows. I was blessed with an interesting career in South Louisiana.

  97. Sandcastler….too funny…both of them.

    Everyone on TDS is getting into this quantum theory PPCCBS…..but, stroll down to the last two coments….someone demands they call PETA and another asks “have you ever tried to put a cat in a box>? NOW….those two I are the most enlightening comments made so far 🙂

    (PPCCBS = peepeecawcawbull$hit)

    Mark…thanks….my Dad swore the cat could hear, but my Stepmom knew better, vibrations….and yes, I did fall far from the paternal tree 🙂

    Heh, I do remember “Quantum Leap”….does that count?

  98. Daughter just informed me that gators did come on bank and my crazy relatives shot them. I keep telling yall mine make Duck guys look normal.1

    Ghost report, I had small size grilled Cuban shrimp on yellow rice with black beans and grilled vegs and a cup of Cuban chicken soup

    Mark we are on way to ride Thomas the train at a train museum but museums closed for the season Thomas is doing a tour like a celebrity

  99. Used to call on those gift shops down there and those gators were damn fast and they would toss out marshmallows to them which they did at Disney world long long ago as well. So the gators would wait for tourists

  100. Actually Trapper Jean fried bologna is great when done right. I used to fix it for my b’fast before going to work in the afternoon. My daughter would come in about that time and ask for her slice of “pacmans”. Yes to her, and to me after that, a properly sliced fried bologna looks like Pacman. Now her kids have learned to ask for “pacmans” even though they have never seen or played the game. Of such things are family traditions made of. I always made enough breakfast for her to have part of it for an after school snack.

  101. Loved Quantum Leap – feel the same as you about the NCIS New Orleans, Jackie. As for Spam – tried it once and that was enough. My Mama cooked real meals every day when I was growing up, including homemade biscuits, but sometimes when a meal called for sandwiches, we always loved fried bologna (baloney) with mustard on our white bread!

  102. More kids than I think I have seen or heard in my life. Chaos and crying The strollers are larger than some cars I have owned and may cost more. We are actually at the Miami zoo but the heat and humidity is bad. I got excited to see a Trane under the train but alas no air.

  103. My godson was not able to have a birthday meal this past week, due to the hoards of spring-breakers swarming his favorite eatery in their resort-area home town.

    “Bologna/baloney” reminds me of my childhood days when, if a sandwich was not made from sliced leftover meat, it was made with something that fell into the category of what we called “lunch meat”. In addition to the aforementioned baloney, there was, as I recall, chopped ham (which was likely little different from pre-sliced Spam), liverwurst, olive loaf, and paper thin slices of what purported to be chicken, turkey, beef and corned beef. I feel sure these are all still available in markets today, but I now prepare all my sandwich meats myself.

  104. You may have moved way ahead of all candidates, Ghost.

    Seriously I am noise intolerant and heat challenged and in the running for saint grandmother . The screaming is pretty serious in here.

  105. For those interested, our neighborhood squirrel paid Blacklight a visit today. Relaxing kitty porch day has been ruined. Ifeel you follow my name, you can see the pictures on Facebook. Blacklight is now pouting on my bed. Unfortunately, I’m getting ready to change the sheets. Poor kitty.

  106. Jackie, they are doing a Day out with Thomas at a railroad museum south of Birmingham in April. http://hodrrm.org/body.cfm?id=97

    I went up there last year when they had a steam engine to pull the short trip. Got there too late to look over the museum collection indoors, but did see the rolling stock outdoors. Would like to go again sometime. They don’t have an operating steam engine, but instead a father and son team who have restored several old saddletank engines truck them to different railroad museums so people have a chance to ride behind one.

    Two years ago I went to the Gatorland zoo in Orlando. Old time attraction with a big collection of various reptiles. Very interesting place.

  107. I have not had a hot dog in 50 years. Baloney about the same amount of time. I never cared for it much the first time going down, but I certainly didn’t care for it the 2nd or 3rd time going up…So no spam for me. But we all have our individual tastes.

  108. Mark, another couple and we have gone together to the first weekend of the NCAA men’s hoops tournament for the last 15 years–leaving tomorrow for Seattle. We spend a week and sightsee before the games. Several years ago we went to Orlando, and Gatorland was an absolute favorite. Real oldtime “tourist attraction.”

  109. Funny guys, that was what my California cousin Said was only thing to do with our family farm when he inherited his share, Gatorland. He must have been to the one you visited?

  110. My minion made a fried or grilled bologna sandwich for me last month and put it on a whole grain ciabatta thin with balsamic mayo, provolone cheese, fresh tomatoes and spinach. I ate it and thanked her but actually it was the spoiled dogs treat and I didn’t tell her.

  111. Back to my topic of Southern dialect and my love of it:

    It helps, of course, that I was born in the South and still have family there.

  112. Went to Gatorland as a small child growing up in Orlando. The family story is that the next time we went past it I asked if we were “going to see the worms again”. I have this week off if anyone would like to meet us there 🙂

  113. Sounds like you had fun Nancy. Hope you have good weather for your Seattle trip. I remember going to the Ross Allen reptile farm at Silver Springs in 1973 too. When I joined the Navy in 1973 they sent me to Orlando for boot camp. At graduation, my grandmother, mother, brother and sister came down to see me finish. Then we went to Walt Disney World (only the Magic Kingdom then!). On the way home we stopped at Silver Springs. That was a fun trip, last one we all went on together.

  114. Jackie, you saying the driver position is open again reminded me of a gig my cousin has as escort/attendant for a lady who carries him to Vegas and on cruises and all kinds of neat places. Of course, he’s gay and she’s 90, and I’m not gay and you’re not 90, so…

  115. I’m straight, but at 85, that’s +/- irrelevant. I’m also a fairly good driver, but not good for as many miles / day as most younger ones.

    Geezer, but spur-of-the-moment, decided to sup on the patio. High today was high 60s F, but down to 63 at 1800 when I put a summer plastic chair and little table out and ate a large bowl of freezer soup [more stew than soup] out there. Listened for robins, but heard none. I expect some are back in town. This townhome development is good robin territory. Next four days w/b cooler, high 30s-low 40s. Having post-supper decaf indoors.

    Peace, emb

  116. I’m probably not the first to wonder this, but do you think that when Jimmy gets a touch of writer’s block, he might draw some “special spicy” cartoons, not for publication, but just to get the, ah, creative juices flowing? 😉

  117. And yet, oddly, Arlo seems to be the only one who gets to enjoy the view of significant cleavage. And even he once got chased away by “snakes”.

  118. Ghost
    You seem to either have an extensive library or a super look-up system. I may have asked you about this once before but I’m looking for a Sunday strip from 2005 near as near as I can tell. It’s 5 panels, A & J are sleeping and Gene, off camera, enters. Janis asks “is that you Gene?” and his answer is “No mom, it’s a burglar”. Our son Gene used to do that when he lived at home and I’d love to get something better than a tattered copy.

  119. Wow, lots of interesting stuff on today’s comments! Ghost, I don’t know how you do it, but you sure are dedicated to finding good A & J strips.

    David in Austin, I was awfully glad to see that you don’t need to do anything drastic about the swelling. Hope it will go away nicely on its own. May you keep on feeling better and better.

  120. Darn fell asleep at first chapter of Hemingway’s Boat right after he commits suicide in Utah and orders the boat . Book doesn’t follow time line.

    I got what looked like two valid propositions or I may have to go back and reread them. This would beat the heck out of online dating in that some of us have remarkably similar interests. And actually like each other.

    Daughter and I rushed off for spring rolls and bun before restaurant closed at 10, just down street but we were having withdrawal symptoms for lack of fish sauce and my only complaint was lack of herbs. I end up with fish sauce dripped down chest.

    Sodium content is high, I know

  121. Forgot to say that someone in family at Vietnamese restaurant was an artist as it was first of hundreds I have eaten in with a nude behind the register. Framed, not taking money. And another washing her hair with a gourd and another on beach, most scantily clad and all by same artist. Rest were more typical oils.

  122. I once surprised a garden club tour that way. The worst sunburn I ever had involved walking top less down a river. I keep thinking about my nude friends because I would end up burned and blistered. Sailing.

  123. GR6,
    Do you happen to have the A&J where Gene was a small boy, comes in on Arlo and is happy because it’s Friday and Arlo gets a far away look and Gene questions him and Arlo says, “Yeah, It was Friday then…!” you can tell that Arlo,aka JJ, is remembering “something ” that happened on a Friday way back when. I had it cut out but have since lost it. It may be before A&J was on the internet. Thanks if you can find it.

  124. Ghost I should probably get my probate done, not sure but I suspect you of having good taste at the least. Good thing I reread that sentence because spell check changed it to probation.

    Should I hold off on the idea of the Pacific Seacraft Dana Sailboat and advertising for a sailor?

  125. I remember the Gene and the burglar one as during high school or college and Janis obsessing about him and waiting up all the time.

  126. Jackie: Yes. An impulse purchase at the market checkout is one thing. An impulse purchase at a marina is something else entirely.

  127. Good advice Ghost. The purchase of some one to sail it possible bad idea too.

    Using postcard of six toed cat with six toes on all four feet named Princess Six Toes for book mark. Hemingway I remember from his Papa years at the end.

    Forgot to say we saw President One train at museum retired in 1982.
    I remember that one in use.

  128. Dearest Ghost, and Domaucan 1, I actually remember the one you are thinking of; I knew right away that Arlo was thinking of the asassination. Oddly enough, memory is blank for the strip you just posted … 50 years. We who were living at that time were greatly affected by what happened.

  129. Still one of my favorites and he cleans up nicely.
    You know I have seen a lot of gay escorts at hotels and cruising but they seem to work harder than one might think . Not anything I am interested in but I never liked bridge either. I am getting advice to try new hobbies but I like a lot of old ones.

  130. A good new hobby might be to get proficient with your G42. Could be useful, also.

    I’m trying to pull some strings and get some time on an area agency’s Firearms Training Simulator, the one where you shoot lasers at videos. Supposed to be very realistic…and stressful.

  131. Have said weapon along with me against daughters protests. Can’t get to sleep the 3 year old has a 3 a.m. curfew and his own tablet. Grandmother Jackie bought him all this Baby Einstein and my baby can read at his mother’s insistence. Should have just gone with computer.

    So, where do you crave traveling, Ghost?

  132. Good morning Villagers….

    Thank you GR 😉 and also thanks for the ‘extra’ strips you posted….dang you are good. I remember the one where Gene comes home Sunday strip.

    gotta go……

    going to be a long day…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  133. Jerry, I actually have an Uncle Albert, and he is my Godfather…….yeah, I was raised Catholic…and had a nice white dress and a party for my confirmation……

  134. Albert Einstein or the alligator in Pogo? Or you and I are cousin’s? Debbe get through working so darn hard. I intend to come kidnap you to go do something for the heck of it

  135. Thanks for all the suggestions on “that Friday” but, I have the impression that Arlo was thinking of something more romatic than Nov.22, 1963. I could be wrong. Maybe JJ can straighten us out. I’m sure everyone remembers where they were on that day, unless they weren’t born yet.
    God bless us every one.

  136. I am laughing hysterically at
    That one. I typed schedule not seduce. These smart phones are supposed to anticipate what they think you want to say but that is downright funny, Mind reading? Ouju board or Magic 8 Ball?

  137. Mark, I have a much better and more efficient way to get rid of that junque on a new PC: the first time I boot is from a LiveUSB drive and I use it to blow away every single partition on the hard drive so that I can install Linux instead. YMMV and clearly does.

  138. Thought for the Day: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking beer.

  139. And add to the signs (along with the warmer temps and the birds returning and the budding trees) that spring is all but sprung the fact that yesterday I saw a sno-cone stand in the corner of a nearby shopping center parking lot being prepped to open for business for the season.

  140. Yesterday: “High today was high 60s F, but down to 63 at 1800 when . . ..”

    Trouble with that is you lose your winter acclimatization. About 0950 today, it was 38F, light rain + occ. snow flakes. Depressing. Saturday walked to and from the gym at the hospital. Will drive today, as soon as lunch settles down.

    Peace, emb

  141. emb – I believe Yellowstone’s “winter season” is over, meaning there’s no public access to the OF area for a few weeks and thus no predictions. In years past this has meant that catching eruptions is random luck but chances of seeing wildlife may improve.

  142. Were I capable of embarrassment I would lurk for awhile and keep my typing tapper quiet. No such luck. Dropped daughter and GS off at curb and got my credit card back and spent afternoon in spa being pampered. Now if I can get sand and salt out of/off of car. I had delicious grilled shrimp, vegs and yellow rice with lettuce. Quiet time.

  143. Ruth Anne and Jackie, that makes me think of Janis calling Arlo into the bathroom to see the dirt she left behind in the shower after a day of gardening!

  144. Spurred on by (mainly) eMb about 7 weeks ago, I had my colonoscopy this mid-day. Rather surprisingly to me, nothing at all possibly adverse was found!! I am absolutely blessed, and give thanks. Cannot recall such a fine report ever before….

  145. c x-p:

    Good news. Me, too. And Dr. C. doesn’t want me back in 10 years. I’ve been clear 3-4 times now, and he doesn’t want to knock a 95-year old out just because that in itself gets riskier. Of course, if I have other symptoms, I’ll be there quick as a bunny. But [as he said at an educational seminar last year], “There are no early signs of colon cancer.” It may be they’ll devise less invasive tests in time.

    I am most grateful for the advances that they’ve made in preventive med over recent decades. How little they knew back when we were kids! And that was a big improvement over the 19th century. Maybe someday they’ll be able to spot acute leukemia earlier than they could in 2010.

    Peace, emb

  146. Have that annual lab work done, and if a prostate biopsy is recommended, DO IT. You don’t want to tell your future widow that you’re sorry that you didn’t have it done.

  147. Jerry
    Read “Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers” by Ralph H. Blum and Mark Scholz, MD. You might not agree with the authors, but you will have a much better understanding of Prostate Cancer and treatment options.

  148. Jerry: Hate getting poked, esp. by someone who goofs and does worse the 2nd time, but both my GP and urologist have annual lab work done. Diet is still keeping the cholesterol down without statins, and the other readings are good. Anyone could drop dead at 85, but most of my symptoms are good.

    EKG: my sinus node doesn’t get msgs. through to my AV node, but heart beats fine anyway*. 2-3 beers a week, qt. milk a day, under 43 g. fat most days, more caffeine than is ideal, but not greatly so, lots of veggies, fiber, little red meat. The food many Villagers describe is frightening: fat, fat, fat.

    *RN [former student] involved in first stress test after that EKG discovery has the same EKG quirk, w/ no apparent ill effects. I’m in my tenth yr. volunteering at the hospital, and am there 3 other days a week in the PT gym. Still true that I could drop dead tomorrow; I will not take 2nd helping on corned beef. Cabbage, maybe.

    Peace, emb

  149. Prostate: Had TURP about 12-14 yrs. ago. PSA and 2 annual finger exams: continue normal. Have not had the house checked for radon. Should.

  150. Ghost not sure if I reported in or not but what I did after spending afternoon being pampered and massaged at a lovely quiet spa was eat another healthy grilled shrimp and veggie meal with salad and go to sleep alone for 6 hours of undisturbed rest. Now I am awake at 1:50 with only Hemingway or a paddling book about finding a life again

    That came out a little kinky. Paddling around Florida in a kayak.

    Need to look at that map and come up with route.

    Love Jackie

  151. emb
    Worked with a guy that carried his EKG strip because if they took one they would think he could not be alive.
    Hear there are robins in Rochester MN – none here.

    Think Luann is 42 – Celebrating 30 years this month

    GR6 have had Spam w/ Bacon & Smoked both OK (IMO)
    S w/ Bacon -Wait is that pork parts with pork parts?

    c x p
    mom used egg and bread to stretch the meat.
    I use 1 cup stuffing mix, 1 egg, 1/2 medium onion, (sometimes shredded cheese)
    and some barbecue sauce Squish it together with fingers.

    As Vera Lynn said off to Bedfordshire

  152. Jimmy knows what we all need in our lives

    I am sitting here in a motel room sectioning a Florida grapefruit neatly with a plastic take out knife and eating each section neatly with long finger nails for lack of anything else. This is actually a first for me so far as I know? I think it might be better with company. Smartphone says with celibacy.

    Smart phone.

  153. reminds me when son in law and daughter flew us to Hawaii for their wedding, we got a free pineapple on the Dole plantation tour, so secretly borrowed some cutlery from a restaurant to eat it in the hotel room, oh but we returned it and got a quizzical look

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