Fighting words

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In old business, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants. On to new business. In case any of you still doubt it for a moment, this is a personal Web site. This very morning, before I sat down at my keyboard, I ground several pounds of sirloin tip in preparation for the opening of chili season. The interesting thing is the meat grinder I was using. It was my mother’s for years and years, and whether she bought it new or its lineage goes further, I have no idea, but it’s possible. It’s a relic. A really great relic! It’s one of those L-shaped tubes that clamps to the edge of the table. You pour chunks of meat in the top and turn the handle to grind. I’ve watched my mother grind everything in that device except my father, who was fortunate on more than one occasion to be too large to fit. Now, I’m using it. It gives me a good feeling. I’ll tell you something else that makes me feel good. It was made in the United States, by the Colebrockdale Iron Co. of Boyertown, Pennsylvania, to be precise. I was pleased recently to learn you still can get dies and knives that fit my antique. I ordered a set from eBay, as I was down to only one surviving die (hamburger). The replacement parts were not made in the United States, but they seem to work fine. Wish I could send you some chili.