A Man for Fall Seasons

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Michael the K wins our cartoon-title contest with the above entry. Congratulations, Michael!
I’m sorry about the error message early yesterday morning. Isn’t that the way it goes? Invite people to your house, and the plumbing backs up. It turns out the shortlink generator couldn’t parse my original title, “?????.” I had to change it to “Fill in the Blank.” Enough dissembling. You want to know the other notables from yesterday’s competition. First, honorable mentions. NealinBahstawn, who exhibited excellent gamesmanship by exploiting the derth of rules and submitting multiple suggestions, came up with “Fall-derol.” Tom (formerly) of the front range submitted “September Mourn.” McD was disqualified for the entry, “Thus, comics are a young man’s game.” Rich in Belchertown was thinking along the same lines as myself, with “It’s not the fall that kills you.” I would have entitled yesterday’s post, “The fall will probably kill you!” It’s a literary allusion, a pretense my old journalism professor P.C. Burnett admonished his students to avoid. Third place: Rayray, with “It’s all downhill from here,” playing upon the slope in the last panel. Trapper Jean suggested this, too, but she doesn’t get her name in boldface, because she didn’t come up with it first. Second place, Ken (temporarily in Oz), for “Wisdom of the Aged.” We’ll have to do more contests. Even I’m tired of talking about outer space.