Finish Line III

Are you aware there are entire movies on YouTube? Most of them are old and probably no longer protected by copyright, but there are quite a few, including old naval warfare movies. (It’s true: if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, but they remain one of my guilty pleasures.) Of course, I’m sure you already know this, but why doesn’t anybody tell me these things?
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  1. A little Don Henley for Friday:

    Jimmy, look up the Private Snafu training cartoons made for the Army by Warner Brothers. They’re on YouTube. You can also find Ray Harryhausen’s fairy tales in stop-motion animation and early Willis O’Brien. Check out the Library of Congress site for film of the early Worlds Fair where McKinley was an attendee.

  2. Here is VIN 1FATP8UH9H5240871 Is number on paperwork.

    It was VERY late when I left dealership last night so I probably hit wrong keys on phone.

    I seem to not have copy of sticker in envelope with specs.

    I was tired. And hungry. Ended up eating at home at midnight.

    Slow cooker Cuban pork roast. Awesome and so tender. Just meat and a Slim fast meal in a bottle. Which I am having for breakfast but no pork roast.

  3. Let’s see what we can do with this, Jackie…

    1. Your Louisiana “Swamp Girl” heritage
    2. A form of an expression, from a song by Bill Haley and the Comets, popular when you were a teen
    3. Likely appropriate on the rear of an opposite-of-slow vehicle driven by you
    4. Fits the Oklahoma rules for specialized plates
    5. Is even available in “Sea Green” background color, if you’d like to go that far with the theme

    L8R G8R

  4. Thanks Mark. So why the devil would they tell me Wichita when Hugo is where car is? Except I am close to Hugo?

    Hugo is winter home of circus and cemetery is full of the circus entertainers Graves, interesting tombstones.

    Mark you have almost encyclopedic knowledge of comics, movies, cartoons. Amazing.

  5. Jimmy, no one told you because you didn’t ask. We watch old Edward Everett Horton movies, for example, that way. But I am sure you know about the YouTube videos of the cartoon strip The Norm by Michael Jantze. Sure is a time for experimentation.

  6. I’ve watched several movies on YouTube. The most recent one was Frozen. My daughter wanted to show me a clip, but we ended up watching the whole movie.

  7. “Half a second” reminds me of an old comedy routine (Elayne Boosler maybe) in which she says something like, “If I’m ever told I have only a few minutes to live, I want it to be the last 5 minutes of an NCAA Final Four championship game.”

  8. They are fracking in my neighborhood and everything in house is clattering including dishes.

    This is my first experience with fracking but I recognized what it was. No wonder people are upset.

    Knew it wasn’t ammo base setting off bombs, too rhymtmic.

  9. My problem with you tube is that mentally I’m back with the old youtube from it’s earliest days, and I just can’t hardly watch a full movie. I do have a clip marked of a Swede playing Sweet Georgia Brown using his tractor motor as percussion. That is the kind of stuffs that side tracks me.
    And yes Llee I will take a convertible F150, a perfect truck.

  10. Me too! I loved Trigger and I loved Old Blue (who was red) for 15 years. I planned to keep Trigger rest of my life.

    I keep asking myself if this was end?

  11. Back in the day, one of our customers made a convertible out of a Mark 8 that was so awesome. We actually had people who wanted z Lincoln convertibles and tried to make them look like one without cutting roofs off.

  12. My older son and his wife are due shortly, to stay here overnight on the way home from visiting her folks in NW MN. So I was picking up some of the stuff that is scattered about the house. Came across some State of MN documents / Elaine’s BSN/RN, and a thank you note dating from late summer in the mid-’70s. Am overwhelmed with pride, gratitude, and love* [minor editing, but this woman was a good writer]:

    A summer date, mid-’70s. Dear Ms. Aarrenn: I’ve enclosed a copy of the letter I sent to the hospital [admin.] today. But it simply does not go far enough in expressing my appreciation. Your honesty and openness with us seemed to be a natural outgrowth of your concern for the patient. Your success in gaining our confidence was such that, at moments of crisis within the family, the simple comment that “Nurse Aarrenn is there” was sufficient to calm us. And, by not only allowing but encouraging us to stay with Mom those last few hours, you succeeded in returning her to me as a person. I had not seen my mother for three years. The patient in rm. 310 [in the old hospital] was a stranger to me until I was able to be with her, alone, for a period of time. To talk to her, pray with her, just to be with her. I would not have believed that death could come so peacefully or be so sweet had I not been there to share her last few hours. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. The decision not to use any heroic measures is always a difficult one; being with Mom gave me the deepest conviction that it was right for her. Elaine, I thank you for being a damn fine nurse, and a dynamic lady! [signature]

    *There is also the self-serving realization that, even before Elaine decided on nursing school, emb sure could pick ’em.


  13. R.I.P Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom (April 3, 1926 – January 27, 1967

    R.I.P Roger B. Chaffee (February 15, 1935 – January 27, 1967

    R.I.P Edward H. White (November 14, 1930 – January 27, 1967

    I said I wasn’t going to mention death or dying for awhile, but I had to make an exception for these three.

  14. Fifty years ago tonight I was at a basketball game at Boone HS in Orlando. I don’t know who we were playing but I do have another clear memory. Our principal came out between the JV and varsity games to announce the loss of the Apollo I astronauts. He then asked the father of our star player, who happened to be the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, to lead us in prayer.

  15. Ghost, I will never forget those either as theirs became compensation cases I handled. Their widows and children were taken care of by our government. For life or to maturity.

  16. Jackie, from the blog AmericaSpace: “The wives of the three dead men—Betty Grissom, Pat White, and Martha Chaffee—later sued North American for its shoddy spacecraft. Each received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation in 1972.”

    As well they should have, due to the engineering problems with the capsule.

    Glad to know of your involvement in that historic event. Recently, I happened across and watched a documentary on TV about a fairly major domestic historical event in which I was peripherally involved. It took place during what I call “My Summer of Living Dangerously.”

    “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – William Faulkner

  17. Used the afternoon to play catch-up. Had to see a new insurance agent to change something on a policy; she turned out to have an impressive “balcony”, tastefully but nicely showcased. Brightened my day, fur shure.

    As I think I mentioned, my small neighborhood gym unexpectedly went out of business. I checked out a gym someone suggested to me, but it turned out to be strictly a CrossFit studio. The manager still tried to sign me up. She obviously had a lot more faith than I did that I wouldn’t drop dead in the middle of the first class.

    She did, however, refer me to a new facility only about a five minute further drive than my old one. I went by there and was impressed. It is much larger and much nicer, and by prepaying for 12 months, actually less expensive then my previous membership. Monday, I’ll check out the quality of the eye-candy.

  18. So, does the eye candy check you back?

    I am at Ford dealer to drop off copies of my bank account for last year. Have heard nothing from Allstate today nor my guardian. My enmity grows hourly.

    I actually wanted to get to gym today. I am looking my age today or definitely older. Need to spend more time exercising. Back really watching what I eat. I want to get back to losing 2.5 pounds a week consistently, not losing the same 2.5 over and over.

  19. I shall see what the eye-candy does, assuming there’s any there. Also, I’ll be going mostly early mornings, when most people don’t necessarily look their best.

    An exception was my work-out partner of about there years ago…she looked pretty spiffy at 5 AM. In fact, part of the reason I was there was to keep the bohunks off of her so she could exercise. That’s what she told me when she asked me to start meeting here there, anyway,

  20. Smigz: That was 40 yr. ago. Don’t recognize the signature. They may have been ‘summer people’ or may even no longer be with us, in which case I expect she’s looked Elaine up.

    ‘So, does the eye candy check you back?’ I suppose women could equally well check out ‘hunks.’ I know I’ve been flirted with and otherwise approached, but don’t know if any have ‘undressed me w/ their eyes.’ I know many of the PTs where I work out, both M & F, are in pretty good shape. Several work out on machines during breaks, and go out to a nearby city rec area with frisbies in warmer weather. Nice to see people practice what they preach.


  21. Bet you performed joint couples exercise too. Were you ever a fan of King of the Hill? I loved Boomhaeur who dated all the hot women but never committed to any. There was an episode where he found all his old girl friends were married when he tried to look them up.

    Me, I have not seen one man at my gym I would be interested in, no matter their ages. Poor pickings, not slim pickings.

  22. News:
    Tomorrow, I have committed to taking four of my grandchildren and a couple of their friends to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine for the annual open house. I really enjoy seeing the kids enjoy what my profession does. It’s a great time.

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  23. According to the pros at the Columbus Running Company and corroborated by many sites on the Web, stretching should be completed at the end of the run, not before.

    I can tell that Arlo is stretching before the run because he doesn’t look quite near dead.

  24. Jackie:

    The 2.3 engine took me by surprise. I was expecting something much larger.

    However, I have read good things about the Eco-Boost engine. It holds its own with much larger engines.

    I think that you will have a good time with it.

  25. Jackie, Exercise Partner was a member of my “Harem of Female Managers”. Apparently they trusted my discretion, in that several of them regularly confided in me about their problems with their husbands, or their boyfriends, or, in a couple of cases, their husbands and boyfriends. EP, besides being considerable younger than I, was one of the latter; that ship had not only sailed, it was overloaded.

  26. Ghost, how does it feel to have a harem? I always wondered because I always thought polygamist marriages must be rather rocky for both males and females, given women being as we often are.

    Had a great dinner of salmon, steamed veggies and low sodium black beans at Abuelas, my favorite Texas Mexican restaurant. Not typical TexMex at all.

    Tired so heading for bed.

  27. If you have never eaten at an Abuelas you have missed a great meal. Here is current menu. Not a bad item on it.

    They have gluten free, low fat, low sugar, low sodium and vegetarian menus.

    They began in Lubbock, Texas years and years ago. After I asked for healthy the general manager came and consulted, transferred my request to chef, chef consulted from kitchen, even assistant waiters knew about it. That is amazing.

  28. I loved the Ecoboost truck engine. Test drove the Ecoboost Mustang. My other option had bigger engine but I accepted small.

    When I bought youngest daughter Mustang in her college years I discovered that V-8 Mustangs cost more to ensure than the 6 cylinder. Don’t know if that remains true still.

    If I find the Mustang is weak I may be disappointed but problem I had with truck was it snuck up to a hundred if you didn’t watch it.

  29. Jackie:

    You are correct. A V8 is more expensive to insure, considerably more, in fact. Also, they usually require premium fuel and other more costly items.

    I know what you mean about the smaller engines still possessing a fair amount of power.

    The 3.6 that my Camaro kicks out 323 HP, whereas my 2000 Grand Prix GT had a 3.8 with 305.

    The 3.8 was a powerful engine, but the 3.6 is astounding. I barely touch the accelerator, not even trying to speed or stress the engine, and I’m at 90 – 95 before I realize it.

    Such fun. Such great fun.

  30. Old Bear:

    Once again, great stuff. Thanks for the posts.

    As you can see, steam locomotives fascinate me. I know why.

    Even the earliest locomotives were marvels of engineering, the absolute height of technology for their times. To think that humankind went from human- and animal-powered devices to engine-powered machinery virtually overnight when seen over the span of time is astounding.

    I am also in awe of the sheer genius of the engineers who designed the locomotives, along with everything else that came along during the Industrial Revolution.

    All of which reminds me of most of the honors students I had over my years of teaching. They were smart, yes, but not what I consider to be true geniuses. About once a year, they began to feel very full of themselves and their abilities. When it became obnoxious, I would let them know that the vast majority of people alive today are only Space Age Cavepeople.

    That, of course, confused them, and I would then explain that most of us are merely tool users, not tool creators, and I would then mention the overwhelming genius of the human who invented the first wheel.

    Then, to drive the point home a little bit more, I would ask them to tell me how to construct an item that is considered to be extremely low tech: a wooden pencil. Of course, no one had the slightest idea.

    They soon realized that they had far to go and that they shouldn’t be so contemptuous and disdaining of those students who were not quite as academically blessed as were they.

  31. Not my only “harem”, Jackie, but all of them were figurative rather than literal. And I was never the one to so designate them.

    With all the problems I’ve seen in “traditional” marriages, I have no clue as to how polygamous ones work. I did learn early on that the most important thing in dealing with an all-female staff is to be scrupulous about treating them all equally. If they ever get the idea you are playing favorites, you are doomed.

  32. Very neat stuff about trains, thanks, Old Bear! My brother builds WW1 era planes and has a forum like the trains. I enjoy reading the back-n-forth between folks, the stories, the photos. People do neat things.

  33. Old Bear, here is a place I would love to visit:

    From the photos, their collection looks fantastic. They got Ward Kimball’s collection after he died. I still remember watching Ward and Tom Snyder riding his train on the Tomorrow tv show about 1975.

  34. Too many interesting topic this morning and I am late. Ghost, you made the point I was thinking. From what I have read about real harems and polygamy the real he’ll arises from favoring one more than the other and the other women turn on the favored one.

    In the south we turn on even bigamy but I knew one farmer and country store ownerror who lived his entire life with two women and had children by one he was not married to. Women were sisters but also among homeliest women I can remember. But hard workers.

    I need to write that Southern book.

  35. While no serious train fan, I always rode them a lot and still enjoy riding trains, looking out windows. Have spent entire last 40 years going to train museums, riding the remaining train rides on old tracks.

    Guess I am a fan but just love the experience and lack technical knowledge.

    Maybe we should all take a train ride together and the knowledgeable ones lecture? I’d like thst.

  36. Old Bear:

    Signed off too fast because I just remembered something I thought of this morning while I mall walking for exercise:

    What good is it staying healthy and living a long life if I have to spend it working?

  37. Hope everyone is enjoying weekend. Took the scenic route to Tulsa along the Arkansas River. Stopped to buy some concrete animals for garden like squirrel, tortoise, rabbit, cat. Everything there but owners who were at a ball game with granddaughter.

    Went on to Tulsa to home and garden show, enjoyed it, then went to antique show in same fair ground and skipped gun show. On to West Marine to get Wooden Boat magazine with article on Stella,

    Eating dumplings and more shut pork then on to Sam’s Club and on home. Tired, tired, tired.

  38. Bought a really good original copper plate etching of mallard ducks at the antique show. I don’t like frame, need to change it out and mat.

    Got a gorgeous watercolored or at least handpainted coat of arms in elaborate frame, bargain. I intend to make up a story and claim it is mine.

    Like my grandmother’s silver retirement tray. People see it and ooh and shh over it, ask if it is family piece, I say R.J. Reynolds. They say oh my gosh, your family is R.J. Reynolds?

    My grandmother was a line inspector for cigarettes.

  39. Late to the party (again!)

    Jimmy, other good things on YouTube include lots of old military training films that are quite interesting, as well as lots of NASA stuff. There are lots of old aircraft familiarization films from WWII, etc, and I found an Air Force film from the ’60s that is about the best explanation of how refrigeration systems work that I have seen. I know, I’m a nerd… 🙂


  40. I decided to look for “old dude stretching” this morning in YouTube, and, although I didn’t find a video of Jimmy, I did find quite a bit, some of it indeed posted by young persons who are mocking those of greater age.

    My only comment: Be careful what you laugh at. Someday, you might become it.

  41. Jackie, from the blog AmericaSpace: “The wives of the three dead men—Betty Grissom, Pat White, and Martha Chaffee—later sued North American for its shoddy spacecraft. Each received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation in 1972.”

    As well they should have.

    Glad to learn of your involvement in a historic event. Recently, I happened across and watched a documentary on TV about a fairly major domestic historical event in which I was peripherally involved. It took place during what I call “My Summer of Living Dangerously.”

    “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – William Faulkner

  42. Jimmy, the pineapple in today’s strip made me realize that, though I’ve had drinks with a pineapple spear in them, I’ve never drunk from a pineapple. Must put that on my “to do” list.

  43. Ghost if I go get my Mustang on Tuesday I can break it in by a trip to Mississippi or some point south you know. I have no obligations like you do. You could show me how to drive it.

    Still waiting for those gun classes so I can defend myself in the car, should I need it.

  44. Standing in front of fridge waiting for big reveal, my scales which I keep in kitchen now. It doesn’t much change what I eat but it does make me weigh, the chart is on fridge door.

    Headed down again. I must have knee surgery soon. If my life gets more normal or what I call normal.

  45. Sometimes I think we might all be some degree of nerd or a variant on nermal.

    Nermal is spelled right, not Hal.

    Yesterday I was thinking how amazing the Village is. We are many religions, politics, nations, races, backgrounds, educations, sees, occupations, tastes, music, hobbies, financial assets, neighborhoods. Just on and on.

    This is true Diversity. That is what is lacking for so.many people, they only know people like themselves.

    I feel so grateful for my friends in the Village. You bless me by your very variety. More of us should view the world as a Village.

  46. Could you tell me what event someday Ghost? Or would you have to kill me?

    None of mine require that degree of security but I never discuss personal cases, that is violation of my personal ethics.

  47. There is a tool to cut out the flesh of the pineapples but as I recall no way to get bottom hollow. Bet there is a youtube video now. I used to use pineapple shells on their sides for fruit salads, chicken salad, etc. (Long time ago!)

    You can do them on side with a knife and spoon.

    Anyone remember Trader Vic’s? And Pontchartrain Beach?

  48. Turns out making a pineapple is fairly easy, or at least that’s what a bunch of YouTube videos would have you believe.

    When I began typing the search “how to hollow out a pineapple”, my browser decided I wanted “how to hollow out a book”. To hide valuables or a handgun, perhaps? (I know one lady who hides her home-defense handgun that way.) I need to go back and look at that.

  49. Stumbled over this one listening to another version. The video on this one almost made me cry, the New Orleans I knew from 1960s to 1980s before Katrina. I lived in Quarter and Garden District with brief excursions into Metairie and Lakefront, out Jefferson highway.

    Wayne Toups has better version but not the photos of New Orleans Ladies.

  50. So here I am doing something you might not understand if you weren’t Cajun or from Louisiana, listening to Cajun dance music on Sunday morning. That is a day the local stations played live bands at various restaurants and clubs where dance groups met to dance and listen to music.

    I think tradition was to go to early mass and then go dance and eat breakfast. I will Google but I bet doumacain knows.

    When I was in ag school we went to a festival on weekends and danced to Cajun bands in streets doing what I called the beer can two step. Two steps and kick cans out of your way.

  51. In the early 2000’s while I was sill running marathons, I volunteered to be the Elite Runner coordinator ate Detroit International Marathon. Because we crossed a border, I got to meet with Homeland Security and got to understand quite a bit about visas, etc. But that is a subject for another day.
    One runner used to run for Michigan State and contacted me about entering as he was hoping to qualify for the Olympic Trials (2:20). He had long hair and a beard and seemed a little crazy, but I really liked the guy. He made it with a minute to spare and as we celebrated, I handed him my phone telling him to call someone to let them know he qualified. It was an awesome feeling.

    This week, that runner, Michael Wardian ran a marathon each day in a different continent with about 50 other runners. They started in Antarctica last Sunday, flew to Chile, then Miami, then Madrid, then Morocco, then Dubai before finally landing in Sydney, where at 1:15 AM local time, he ran his 7th marathon in 7 days ALL under 3 hours, averaging 2:45. I believe he only slept one time in a bed, all of the other sleeps were on planes.

    I’m getting tired just writing about it. Going out for a walk though

  52. Jackie, your reminiscence about dancing to Cajun music reminded me of what happened to me when I was a child. My dad would pick us up after church and there would be polka musicplaying on the radio . That’s how I remember going to church. I grew up north of Grand Rapids, and a lot of Polish people had settled there.

  53. Checked my zydeco memories and found that the morning dances were on Saturday mornings and the Sunday dances were on Sunday evenings. Festivals were often Friday and Saturday both with festivals going on in several towns.

    I remember all the small children and babies that were there. Because I was an ag major I ran around with a lot of Cajun cowboys. We only had five girls in College of Agricultural Sciences and two were already married as I recall. My friends all had family and friends everywhere we went.

  54. Posted about fall I had a little while ago. I am at gym so ok but in addition to normal places one would expect I got bruises and abrasion in odd ones like right breast which apparently caught on door lock metal frame. Through my clothes.

  55. Steve, I’m not sure which amazes me more…that the guy you know did that, or that there were about 49 others who did the same thing at the same time.

  56. Just did 40 minutes on recumbent criss stepper. Taking a break and coming back for second machine.

    I had washed Dickens and he’d run into bedroom. I was dressed and crying NuBalance gym shoes in to put on laying on bed, hit his wet trail.

  57. Jackie, perhaps it is time to consider an emergency pendant or bracelet like my mom had that can be used to summon help if you cannot get to a phone to call for it. And before you dismiss that as being just for “old folks”, let me say that I am seriously considering getting one for myself, since it can not only be a lifesaver in case of a fall or other medical emergency, it also can serve as a panic button in case of fire or home invasion.

    And as I understand it, they now have cellar/GPS-connected units that can be used outside the home and even while traveling. If you are interested, I’ll let you know what my research reveals.

  58. I don’t know, sand…I’ve been told one can store a GLOCK in a bucket of water without doing it any harm. And who’d expect you to produce a defensive weapon from the inside of a pineapple? #TacticalAdvantage 🙂

  59. Ghost I would appreciate that when you find out. I used to wear a flip phone inside my bra. No one seemed to notice.

    Had the GPS activated on the Mustang. If it is stolen or I drive it off a mountain I want it to be tracked.

    Agree I need some way to let people know I need help. Dickens gets very upset but he can’t bring me phone or go alert anyone.

    Today’s fall was walking barefoot on large ceramic tile floor where wet dog dripped water from his bath. My fault.

    Kyle and Tony are putting up rails around decks and patios to give me something to hold on to. They worry too.

  60. Had a good time this afternon buying cookbooks and gardening books. A lot of fun because books were 1.50 and these were all expensive hardback, very good cookbooks. Got a lot of Weight Watcher’s cookbooks, American Diabetics cookbooks and similar but also some VERY excellent trendy cooks and a great Southern Cooking one, we’ll actually several Southern ones I had read reviews on so I knew what I was getting, lots of Food Network.

    Sand, I got the CIA tips cookbook, secrets of the CIA.

    And for Ghost one of Giada’s books. I will give it to you if I ever see you and in meantime I will keep my eye peeled for more of her books. Maybe I can find all of them.

  61. As soomdud (not me) once said, “I’ve been watching Giada on TV for years, and I still don’t how to boil water.” Her cookbooks may be easier for guys like that to follow, perhaps due to the fact the pages don’t jiggle.

    If you bop your head on something on the way to the floor, you may forget that you, like Janis at the beach, had tucked a flip-phone into your bra. The pendant/bracelet has an accelerometer in it that registers a fall and alerts the monitoring service. Probably a little more reliable than, “What is it, Dickens? Did Jackie fall down the well again?”

  62. Check and see whether those alerts need a landline phone to work. Otherwise, no landline, no service.

    Hope you don’t have any lasting injuries, Jackie!

  63. So many people no longer have landline service that the medical alert companies do indeed have service-over-cellular now. I took a quick look on-line last week, and I hope to revisit that this week.

    Anyone in the Village have any experience with the non-landline side of that service?

  64. Heh. Yesterday I got this email solicitation, obviously from a company that shipped me something I ordered from the Big Department Store in the Cloud.

    “Dear friend,

    “Greetings! This is Rita from X-DRAGON.

    “To thank the deeply love of all the new and old customers, we have a series of promotional activities in this month, you could check the Special Offers and Product Promotions of the item page.

    “These promotions will be finished soon, if you like it, do not miss. And I can recommend a hot selling item to you.”

    Well, in fairness, “Rita” has better English than I have Chinese. And who knows…X-DRAGON could also be a mail-order bride company, and that “hot selling item” might be Rita herownself. 😉

  65. Ghost: I’m also interested in what you find out / alert systems.

    Have also been putting off advanced directive mtg. w/ Sanford H.B’s official A.D. person, and good friend, M.Div. [ELCA], whose M.Div. wife did an excellent funeral at FLC this afternoon. All good funerals are, for me, Elaine’s all over again, this one in particular. Our BUMC pastor officiated at Elaine’s in Jan. ’11, but Linnea, who had worked closely w/ Elaine in hospital chaplaincy for years, did the eulogy.


  66. Question for Mr. Ghost, you once generously offered to come spend time in Oklahoma when I got first knee done. Does that offer still apply?

    As soon as I get the truck fiasco finished and bury Trigger I have the boats to finish disposing of and bury them, another issue and I hope things go better for awhile.

    My surgeon is high demand and has to be booked months in advance normally. Plus I have to go through clearing several.doctors besides her. I am reaching point knee is about to go I think .

    If offer is still good it is on your schedule, not mine. But I would need dates.

  67. For the food porn groupies among us, I cooked maple bacon Chipotle pork chops, Santa Fe quinoa, Mexican corn and Cuban black beans with Texas bacon cornbread.

    About as cross cultural as Houston is!

    For tomorrow’s lunch chicken breasts with mushrooms Hatch peppers sauce, brown rice and corn and salads. And leftover Cuban pulled pork and the cornbread.

    Minions come for the food since I really seldom care when they show up. Besides I don’t bother to cook well without someone else to cook for.

  68. Got a Birds of Oklahoma bird identification book. I need to dig out some binoculars too.

    Yard is full. Bulbs are breaking out of ground.

    Time to plant onions, snow peas, kale, broccoli, other early plants like cauliflower, etc.

    My birthday is the seventh and I am happy to not be arranging roses for Valentines except my own.

    The Mustang is my birthday, Valentines gift, as was Trigger, and Cowboy Cookies before.

  69. Ghost, here’s a service I heard about through my VA in Tuscaloosa. One-time purchase of equipment, no monthly fees. Monitored and it has the ability to work via landline or VOIP (internet phone such as Vonage). There is a cellullar only model and a cellular connection available as a plug-in unit for the other models.

  70. Thanks, Mark; I’ll look at them. One of the top-rated ones I did look at (with cellular option) was pretty much the opposite…no charge for the equipment; a monthly fee that varied according to the level of service you require; and month-to-month payments, with no contract commitment. Obviously there is more than one way to skin that particular cat. (Which, now that I think of it, may not be the most politic term to use in the Village.)

  71. Don’t know whether to blame falling or exercising or falling and exercising but things are hurting that don’t normally hurt. And I have two small black holes in my right breast that look like I got bit by a snake with some dark streaking.

  72. It sounds like you were bitten by your flip phone. As far as I know they are not poisonous. Scrolling back I don’t see any emb. I hope that he hasn’t left.

  73. Hey Jerry, I fell in doorway and caught the right side going down on the door locks metal frame. I really did puncture it. Luckily they are real so no deflation.

    Emb is with us still. He is back earlier in night.

    Debbe is still at her dad’s and will be indefinitely. He is just old so nothing specific that can be cured. She misses us.

  74. Jackie, you wrote that the fall was your fault. I have been a klutz all my life—all my falls and other accidents have been my fault, but still hurt like h-e-double-toothpicks and have sometimes caused serious damage. Don’t blame yourself, sweetie. Keep close watch on your blood sugar, hydrate, don’t rush, keep walkways clear, maybe add balance exercises to your routine.

    Jerry, emb is here, thank goodness, and so are you, also thank goodness!

    sand, aren’t grenades called pineapples? 😉

    Ghost wrote: “Probably a little more reliable than, ‘What is it, Dickens? Did Jackie fall down the well again?’” That just tickled my funnybone. Lassie-Timmy-well references are a guilty pleasure.

    Mark, thanks for the heads-up on the new phone scam.

  75. How to tell a ‘pineapple’ from a real pineapple [be careful / that pin!] Look down on the obvious plant thing from the top. Its segments form three interlocking spirals, three successive ## in the Fibonacci series: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,… Lots of examples of these in plants anatomy [mentioned here before, maybe yrs. before some of you came to the Village]. ‘Seeds’ in a ripe sunflower, leaf whorls around a stem of some plants, leaf spirals in some succulents, scales in conifer cones, etc. Search ‘Fibonacci series in nature’ or some such.

    Fibonacci did us a much greater favor: introduced the Indian [through Arabic] decimal ##, which displaced I, II, III, IV, … X, …, XL, L, XC, C, CD, D, … MMXVII, etc. Picked it up on gubmint[?] or commercial time spent in N. Africa.


  76. Hello all! Nothing really to say– except to acknowledge everyone. This place is a little like the Cheers bar. Names are known and conversation is friendly. Thanks.

  77. Smigz if you had seen the position those exceedingly too tight yoga pants were in as I headed for bed to try and pull them up the rest of way you would have KNOWN the accident was my fault beginning with the part where I ate the food that put the fat back on me! With my hands full of s hoes, socks, jacket, scarf and purse.

    I found the scarf on floor when I came in last night.

    A friend asked if I was sure I didn’t want to go to emergency room?

    I said no, they’d have to cut the pants off with scissors and while I had bought them on sale they’d been expensive originally!

  78. By the way I wore them to gym not because I looked hot or they were comfortable but because neither they nor I were.

    Some times I do things to remind myself.

  79. How the other half lives. Guaranteed to make Southerners feel chilly, and perhaps grateful for where they live, unless they’re having a tornado or flood now.

    Click on this site, bison calving* grounds in Saskatchewan, Can.

    Make sure the sound is turned up. That sound is not static on your machine, it’s the same ever-present wind [not always this strong] that making the webcam shake] characteristic of the shortgrass prairie.

    Those two lumps are bison. Do not try to pet them. People [foreigners!] live here, not in Grasslands Nat’l. Pk. itself, probably, but nearby, even N. of GNP. Americans live S. of this province; in W. ND, it’s much the same. Teddy Roosevelt wrote about it. Any further comment or comparison would qualify as politics, but it would be facts, not ‘alternative facts’.

    *No calves yet, unless is streaming old runs. Calves come later; maybe I’ll catch them this yr.


  80. More proof most of us in Village might need Ghost’s research on alarms for ill or seniors or just live alone.

    I was eating an English muffin with butter (my fault again) and it went down my throat and choked me (my fault, I know better and I was talking) person I was talking to had no idea what to do (my fault I had never said)

    The choking makes me lose consciousness for lack of oxygen. This is because an ear nose and throat surgeon removed my epiglotis (spelling?) As part of my sinus surgery. No longer approved but I trusted him twenty years ago.

    Try not to complain but many seniors die because of choking.

  81. Slow cooking chicken breasts with potatoes, carrots in a mushroom rosemary sauce. To go with brown rice and some corn for dinner tonight.

    Tomorrow I am making a Polish dish called Golombki which I bet Smigz knows. It appears to be what we in South call stuffed cabbage rolls.

    Make cabbage rolls and have made this version which is unrolled and made in layers like casserole, just in oven.

    Am actually following recipes some. This one is a slow cooker cook book. Anyone here make this in any version?

  82. No Jerry, I am giving them away mainly and trying to bury some of bad memories associated with them, keep the good ones.

    Still have one or two thinking of keeping but not definitely. Maybes.

  83. Just read MTM autopsy or death certificate. Which is scary. That is what I can get so easily because of the missing epiglotis and aspiration of food and liquids.

  84. I’d like to watch the live camera pix that are linked to by Villagers, and the “thumbnails” come up but when I click on some, nothing happens. What should be done to get them showing, anything special?

  85. Jackie, Ghost, emb et al, I have a simple Medline connected to a landline phone. So far the only time I had to use it was when my daughter choked on a mint leaf (thick and fuzzy, you chew them for flavor and then spit them out; but she forgot about that part.) The emts showed up in pretty good time but by then it had gone either down or up, not sure. Anyway, I’m glad I have “the button” and am always careful that it’s on me. I got awfully tired of having that string around my neck and now pin it inside my shirt; easy to reach.
    p.s. daughter is 50 years old, so you never can tell !
    I’m happy that Jackie is doing okay, so far; but she’s skating on thin ice, it looks like. Just as I am myself.

  86. Miss Charlotte I no longer have a land line. We are in an area with one very small company serving only a few towns, no alternative. My late husband got angry, after 20 years and for reasons I’ll not go into.

    So when I tried to reinstate they got ugly. Nothing like small people, small companies in small towns. No longer an option.

    And I travel far too much.

  87. Jackie:
    Please get those knees done asap –
    MIL did not so fell when one gave out.
    Broke her hip – so that had to be done first.
    It was only time she had the portable phone near
    (We kept telling her to keep it near) still had to crawl
    10 – 12 feet to call us.

    Pine cones have same swirls — yes?

  88. Was watching Mecum auctions this afternoon—-
    Some really nice cars went for cheap prices – others not so much.

    For Jackie a 2005 T-Bird $20,000 beautiful black.
    A ’69 Mustang &36,000 did not make reserves.

    For me — a 1950 GMC dark green and black Pick Up $23,000

    A ’06 powder blue JAG $8,000

    And for the really rich among us – A 2015 Porsche 918, no paint (Carbon Fiber) and cloth
    seats (well they were Nomex) 1 million 475 thousand dollars

  89. Jackie, I have relunctantly decided that I will not be taking anymore long trips. If we drive more than a few miles I let my wife drive. It was a stupid mistake to buy the convertible. I spend too much time sleeping. In spite of Parkinson’s I still have an active mind although I have no short term memory and type about ten words a minute not counting errors. We both apparently have the finances to live comfortably, but I would give it up to have good health again. My thoughts are with you and I apologize for unkind things that I said in the past. Now, enough warm fuzzies. Today the chump pointed his finger and fired his AG for refusing to enforce his order re immigrants. Impeachment anyone?

  90. Jerry I am trying to incite or excite an interesting driver for the convertible to take trips. Didn’t work well on boats but a car is easier and launching is not recommended or desired.

    Thank you for apology but not necessary. I was never angry. You are forgiven. I have friends and acquaintances with Parkinsons going back to 1960s. I wish I could give you health back. It is so tough. I was on some of same drugs for sleep apnea briefly and they mess up your mind.

    Am over agitating on the evil book of faces. The protesting 1960s believer in all human rights regardless of color, creed, race, sex, religion, disability wasn’t buried too deeply.

    Stay around and don’t worry about typing errors. Not that important and it will give us interesting puzzles.

  91. Old Bear several years ago my youngest daughter listed all the cars her father and I had owned before and after we married looking up what we paid and there values as antiques.

    Some were quite valuable. She said we should have kept them. We asked exactly what warehouse or barn?

  92. The ’60’s are rushing back. Republicans are backing away in droves. The federal courts have stayed the order that Sally Yates was fired for not enforcing. Her “No” will not be the last. The election is over. This is not politics. This is a matter of humanity and what is wrong or right. I will try to not be obnoxious about it, but I cannot remain silent.

  93. Nor I. This is NOT politics. It is humanity, justice and our country.

    My activism in 60s was positive actions mostly aimed at women’s rights, equality of minorities, races, sexes, disabilities. It still got me burned in effigy, marched against, preached against, a cross burned in yard. A lot for someone who never marched or rioted or raised a hand or voice in anger.

    Hope to repeat that record. Peace not people retaliating.

  94. Another firing, More Republicans coming out against the chump. They’re welcome to cross the aisle. The Brits are considering banning him from the UK. State department employees are signing petitions. Quit now before it gets nasty. I see American goods sitting in warehouses and no one will touch them.

  95. Charlotte, the “thumbnails” you can see in the camera links…is it a row of them, looking like options? Scroll down, if you are able to scroll down. The actual live camera view for the link is displayed below. May have to wait a minute before display appears.

    Well, this is what I discovered after the first few attempts! Hope it helps.

    Even Sunday afternoon drives are fun with the top down. 🙂 With the benefit of sleeping in your own bed!

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