I would have to admit the series of current A&J comics that began Tuesday in newspapers and on GoComics was inspired by this old favorite of mine from 2009. While situations and humor reappear constantly in a daily comic strip, I normally don’t go directly to old material for inspiration. I usually go to lengths to avoid repeating myself as much as possible, but when you’ve been at it as long as I have it isn’t easy. I suppose I shouldn’t let it worry me. I think we can assume Arlo and Janis get dressed for bed every night.

20 thoughts on “Flashback”

  1. Re the archive strip today. Well….. marriage is basically the same loop repeating itself day after day. More or less. So why wouldn’t a comic strip about a marriage repeat those themes from time to time? I think the “strip” (both the panel AND Janis’ state of disrobement) is a true classic.

    • I just saw your comment. I AM VERY JEALOUS THAT YOU OWN THE ORIGINAL. I own 2 originals myself, also hanging in my BR, and I love them, but this panel is el primo. Lucky you! Actually, lucky both of us.

      • The other original one I have there is Janis in a tub as Arlo leaves and she is saying something like “A gentleman would have at least made a lewd comment!”

  2. re: today’s A&J
    Definition of a Cat: Four Footed Furry (Feline) Mammal that wants to be on the other side of the Door.
    Ours are not allowed out after 4PM or before light. (And much below 0º)

    • Years ago cats routinely disappeared in our neighborhood. The guy we all suspected of killing them moved out about 12 years ago and the cats quit vanishing. No one found any hard evidence.
      The biggest threat to outdoor cats in this area today seems to be avian.

      • Back when we lived in Camarillo, the biggest threat was coyotes, who routinely wandered around our gated community. Now, in Colorado, they tend to stay away from people and built up areas, and my cat knows better than to wander down the middle of the street. I know that he crosses it because I’ve seen him on the other side, but the few times I’ve seen him in the street he’s been crossing it at a fairly quick trot.

  3. OK, he left 12 YA, & you say “today.” Unless you mean drones, you must mean eagles or great horned owls. Most adult cats are pretty big prey for other birds of prey. You have golden eagles?

  4. Jimmy, I say repeat the good ideas as often as you like! It’s like when a favorite singer wants to redo a classic hit as an acoustic version… I’ll probably love it as much as the original!

  5. One “getting up in the morning” cartoon implied Janis had thrown her nightie on the floor for some reason, presumably having had it on when she first bedded down. She was trying to retrieve it next morning with her toes with everything but that one leg demurely under the covers, and Arlo was kidding her about that.
    If I remember [it was over a half-c.], we usually knew what we were about before we got in the sack. OTOH, once we were married & as long as it was just we two, we saw nothing to be modest about, what ever the hour. Our kids had to learn to knock, & that not all parents were like theirs. I’ve noted here earlier that it was news to Elaine & me that some couples turn off the lights before they have sex. Why? What about “omnipresence”? Does “He” need light?

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