9 thoughts on “Flat-Line Television”

  1. Ghost is in physical therapy right now having his hand racked. I am sitting in car to avoid possible ill people. It is a clinic. So far birthday cake is best thing so far.

    You realize Ghost takes marksmanship very seriously. He is right handed where gout struck his wrist in prior injury site. He has been unable to use right hand at all, so holding gun has been impossible. He would not say but pain has been extreme.

  2. Nov. is always dismal. Shorter & shorter days, nights mostly in the 20s F, overcast, some rain & occasional snow, often leaving in a day or 2, highs sometimes above freezing, usually enough wind to be raw, the first full mo. of the Great Depression. Peace,

  3. No one in PT has ever seen gout in hand or arm, nor the damage it has caused. This clinic does only hands, the top specialists in Tulsa. Ghost is in good hands.

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