For What It’s Wyeth

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It’s been six years this week since the appearance of this Sunday Arlo & Janis tribute to the painter Andrew Wyeth, who had just passed away. It includes an embarrassing mistake on my part, but it must not have been too embarrassing, because I’m reminding you of it here. It wasn’t difficult to isolate several Wyeth paintings that could (roughly) be adapted to the cast of A&J. Except for Ludwig, the cat. So imagine my relief when I found, on the internet, “Kitty in the Window,” the painting in the fourth panel. In my haste, I missed a few pesky details. The problem was, “Kitty in the Window” (my title) wasn’t a Wyeth painting at all but a photograph taken in Westport, Mass., by Frieda Squires, a photographer for The Providence (RI) Journal. The cutline mentioned that the mood and colors of the photograph were very Wyeth-like, which is how I happened to find the image by searching for “Wyeth.” Not many people caught the mistake, and the kitty served its purpose. Thanks, Frieda!

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  1. I could totally see Janis in a Helga-style nude pose…which sort of seems to be the way she was headed in today’s real-time cartoon before Arlo caught her.

  2. I recall when this first ran, guess the mid-term memory still functions. Now if I could recall if I had breakfast this morning and who the woman in my house is, things would be normal.

  3. The nice thing about art (movies too) is that you can represent something that is totally true but captures the essence of it. Sometimes the movie-maker will take too many liberties and if the intent is to deceive, then problems arise. But we have been talking quite a bit about that lately.

    Kitty in the window is ok to me.

  4. OMG, the ads for ginormous teddy bears for Valentine’s Day gifting are back on TV! (“It will pay off for you in a big way.” Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.) To me, the ads’ only redeeming quality is that they feature a number of hot-looking ladies. Even if those ladies hot-looking do appear to be turned on by ginormous furries, which I find slightly weird and disturbing.

    Arlo, as usual, had a better idea.

  5. Checking in that I am vacationing in Paris for a couple of days, Texas style Paris. Lovely view of a car repair shop from my suite’s window. Sent minion home with dirty laundry and she will come back and retrieve me and small dog. Met three good looking EMS who declared me to be sane and fit, despite all appearances and just needed to take my meds and insulin, etc. and go to sleep for a day or so. Invited one to come up in October to my boating festival and I hope he’d show up.

    I now have a huge pit bull deputy sheriff moving into my extra apartment in house and I doubt I will have a problem with local crime any more. Dog sitter says he is gorgeous and huge, willing to shoot any future thieves. Didn’t have to pick one out, my yard man found this one so I can stop worrying about breakins or vandalism.

    Thelma and Louise are retiring I hope and getting to rest a few days. Thelma wants to stay home and plant the spring garden and get yard cleaned up! Louise is going back to Florida and go horse back riding and boating I think.

    Love, Jackie

  6. Caught up on posts, thanks for reminding me I not only have to file three death estate probations but taxes as well. I am hiring a CPA I guess and asking for extensions. Lost the tax expert with husband, along with electrician, plumber, carpenter and a hundred other hats he wore with expertise.

    Drove through several of your hometowns and thought of you all, of course. Luckily it did come into my mind I had relatives who were lawyers in several places too.

  7. Actually I like Paris. Good TexMex restaurant right by hotel and a neat old downtown, I found the book to not be as good as I’d hoped, movie was ok.

    Too long story about me selling/leasing a car to an elderly lady who asked it be titled to Paris Theater which she owned. I was shocked, Paris Theater in Houston was a place you wore raincoats to the theater. Turns out when I asked for address it was THIS Paris Theater!

  8. Furry adorable things, Sand, which also snuggle, lick your face and toes, and lay on your tummy. It’d work. As a retired florist, Valentine’s would work better for me were it year round giving, not one rush of insanity.

  9. I live on Wyeth country and have grown up appreciating his eye for the details of the ordinary. I often drive many farms that look like they feel off one of his canvases. Our local museums host several of his best known works and it is always a thrill to see them in person. My daughter also appreciated Wyeth at an early age; in second grade she won a school contest for correctly identifying “Christina’s World”.

    As for today’s comic- quite a treat! I wonder if Janis was planning to surprise Arlo at work with a special photo?

  10. Did I see somewhere that you can send the info to the I Remember S*** and they will do your return for you? Yeah, I’m going to do that. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a pig.

  11. Jerry, supply me with all your personal and financial data. Enclose a signed and notarized power of attorney. I guarantee this will be your last case of identity theft.

  12. This is a test. I tried posting earlier today from another location but my submission never appeared. No links or questionable verbiage (that I know of) so shouldn’t have gone to moderation and Friday the 13th is still two days away!

  13. Denise. my husband also said that but that God had realized what he’d done! Also that he’d not
    want to live in my mind five minutes. Back handed compliment?

    Guys, I am but a foster parent to the kitties and getting them medical care. Husband turned my cattery into an annex to the Boat Palace so I can’t get permanent residents to increase! There is an Old Bear which delights me with the name, Gremlin and a Mayhem. I love Mayhem, fantastic advertising image.

    Recovery time and regroup, come back to Tampa for Everglades Challenge launch and maybe on to finish down in Key Largo. This time it is kind of aimless meanderings I hope. Except when I pushed myself, I did fine with blood sugars, held up great. I know I am avoiding grief but I am not sure that is a bad thing, celebrating instead of mourning life.

    And being among people who are as much snowflakes as I is so energizing.

    Love you all, Jackie

  14. Jackie, I saw something earlier today about a guy named Smyth that I’m sure you know, but now I can’t remember what his first name was, what I read or where I read it. I’ll try to come up with it but it had to do with the Everglades thing.

  15. Jackie, I assume your initial contact with the good-looking EMS dudes was not social in nature. You sure you’re doing OK now?

    And why didn’t that theater in Houston just get the roof fixed?

  16. Jerry, that would have been Randy Smyth who is a famous catamaran sailor and designer and I imagine it was about his boat “Scissors” and if not, he may have a newer one? He is a radical fast boat sailor and often wins unless his boats crash and burn or get catapulted through air!

    My “category” is actually monohulls, more traditional sailboats anyone would be more familiar with
    although most of these are open boats without cabins. But the array of craft is totally amazing, I love what these guys will get on/into and fight high winds and water,

    Ghost, no not social, but if I need to meet good looking muscular men who are caring and awesome people I may feign more illness in hotels. I am OK now, got some sleep, some insulin, some medications and am no longer hallucinating and feeling the road and motor for hours after I stopped! Obviously, the road warrior is gone although they said they couldn’t have done it either nor were crazy enough to try.

    Love, Jackie

  17. So as I tried to say this morning…

    Debbe – my husband likes his iPad but you might want to look at some of the other tablets that have the option of a detachable keyboard. There’s a definite learning curve for typing on a tablet; I prefer a keyboard (and a mouse) for anything more than a few sentences and for cutting and pasting links . I got an ASUS, a friend really likes her Dell. As far as internet access, there are others here who can probably address that better than I. Bob got a monthly deal with his iPad a few years ago; last summer we got a wireless hotspot that will work for both devices (not sure we got the greatest deal but it works) but that might not solve your dead zone issue.

    Jackie – I was going to try to talk Bob into going to Tampa for the Everglades Challenge launch but then I realized that it’s the same weekend as his 50-year high school reunion. Maybe next year!

  18. But I also agree that a basic laptop might best meet Debbe’s needs. Mr. sand might even recommend a Chromebook. I don’t know enough about them to have an opinion.

  19. GR6 and Debbe, from what I read when they started making them, a Chromebook was primarily intended for internet browsing and not a lot else. This may have changed. I have read recently that HP and Microsoft teamed up to create a real notebook to challenge the Chromebooks with a lower starting price and free Microsoft Office for a year.

    They are the first two here, called Stream.

  20. Debbe, I looked at the specs for these and I think you should look at other laptops if you can afford to spend a little more than these cost. The Streams don’t have a real hard drive, and there is no disk drive either. They use a memory card instead of a hard drive.

  21. Jackie: “Drove through several of your hometowns and thought of you all, of course.” You didn’t drive through NYC or my current h.t. in n. MN. Not a good day to drive here. 2″ new snow, packed into skiddy surfaces on some rds. Funeral today for a 91-yr. old fellow UMCer, former choir director, piano teacher, amateur actor, and planned parenthood board member, wise [though recently fading], strong advocate for early sex ed. [memorable quote, “Sex is dirty! Save it for the one you love.”]. Good turnout: fellow UMC, college math faculty [husband retired math teacher, music people, community theatre people. We made the rafters roar: UM Hymnal 160, “Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart”.

    Sadder funeral tomorrow: ELCA senior pastor’s wife, 40, lung cancer, 3 young kids. I will go / Assoc. Pastor = good friend and former co-worker with my late wife, + friends with lots of that church’s members. Local pop. = half RC, half Lutheran [various synods], and the rest of us.

    Peace, emb

  22. Just lost entire comment (useless opinion!) on laptops with keyboards, I use an antiquated one and losing comments is a constant!

    EMB, what a wonderful life! And a young one cut off too soon. Lung cancer is horrible scourge and I am going to keep raising awareness and raising money as well.

  23. I confess I thought of calling Jerry or Ghost or Mark or even Jimmy driving thru their towns in middle of nights, but I doubted they’d much want to see me and Mark probably would give me additional cats to add to collection.

    Next trip to coast is in a couple weeks and I am not even bringing a boat. It occurs that I have not owned jeans or boots in some time, although I have hats and lots of sunscreen boating shirts, now if I can dig out of warehouse where those summer clothes are!

    And music. I need to learn how to load CD’s in player and what it will do, plus handsfree phone.
    I am driving a car with 55,000 miles in a year and a half and I realize I have just been a passenger for most of those miles.

  24. Debbe, Chromebook is probably not the road to take. We both do the real work on laptops. Loon has a 10″ Nexus tablet and mine is a 7″, personal preferences. Other than work Loon lives with her tablet: email, surfing, video, music, alarm clock and games. For me, about 98% of my work/life happens on that little 7″ tablet; I started experimenting with pocket computing in 2003. Loon usually travels with both devices, while I’ve not traveled with a laptop since 2007. I did fall back on my smartphone when in Russia, tablet died rather unusual death on second day of trip.

  25. Jackie, consider a $10.00 per month Spotify subscription for your smartphone. Unless you have some very rare and esoteric CDs, you can listen to pretty much any music you wish music without having to fiddle with disks.

    Unless you are a big Taylor Swift fan, that is. BTW, does anyone know when Ms. Swift is going to turn thirteen? If ever…

  26. Something happened in the Moscow Hilton lobby that rendered it unrepairable.

    On cans (headphones) get the noise cancelling ones. Great for flying/travel and the perfect excuse for not hearing a word the spouse is saying.

  27. The hilarious part of me becoming more knowledgeable about things I now own is when it comes to GPS, marine radios, SPOTS and EPIRBS which spell check says is “epicure” and lots of other toys. Luckily I will be towing my new boat or an old one to a land locked wooden boat show early on and to some events where I hope I have tolerant and nice friends to help. My honest opinion is that I am not totally idiot and can learn, so digging out the owners’ manual might help.

    Better keep losing weight and start some serious exercising if I mean to do this. Exercising brain might help too!

    Love, Jackie

  28. Jackie, another good reason to go with Spotify is that it has what they call an offline mode. Simply put, it stores your music on the device and you can listen without needing Wifi or phone data service, saving you a bundle of money.

    Wouldn’t have minded hearing from you, but I’m not in the phone book. You would have to reach me through this site. And no, I wouldn’t mind if you took some of the cats because I would trust you to take good care of them.

    Debbe, a lot of computer makers have a corporate discount plan. Maybe your boss could get one for you and just deduct the cost from your salary?

  29. I am not in phone book either Mark but maybe if you did a personal background check? It is ridiculous because I tell everyone all by personal information like address, phone numbers, the map to my house and photos are all over the internet, my email and how to reach me is there because I run a very public boating event in my back yard. About as transparent as it can be I think!

    Someone wrote me the other day asking if it was forward to call me Jackie? I told him the whole world calls me Jackie, somewhat like “the whole world calls me Hank”.

    I figured I’d just write you here. No stalkers, please! I just moved a personal deputy into the back apartment as soon as I can get Mama’s pit bull (elderly) moved elsewhere in property and redistribute senior citizen dogs of hers. Mine are going back into main house, current employees are animal lovers.

  30. Apparently I have a Samsung Galaxy that is waterproof for outdoorsmen and is a 4G phone with a Skype type feature, I seem to have a zillion apps already and it is programmed to my car. I will locate owners manual at home and read. But first thing I need to do is go get a better program from ATT. And a cover no doubt. That is why I stick a flip phone with a cover in my bra! I think this phone is too big for that.

  31. I would like to repeat how moving I find the sepia A and J Wyeth tribute. In a way, I had just seen another piece by an artist in her home that had moved me in same fashion.
    It was a sepia collage of her ancestors painted from old photos from family, dozens in a seemingly random pattern but so balanced in the shading and scale.

    Do not say you are not an artist, Mr. Johnson.

  32. emb: Another memorable quote: “Sex is dirty…if you’re doing it right.”

    Jackie, back in the early days of business PCs, the term “power-user” meant someone who really knew what they were doing with a PC. And the definition of “power-user” was “someone who has read the manual.”

    sand: And much of the media in our country, rather than properly utilizing the right of freedom of the press, just becomes part of the inside-the-beltway establishment or local power structures. Can’t very well trust ’em to be objective about someone they’ve climbed into bed with.

  33. Jackie:

    “Lung cancer is horrible scourge and I am going to keep raising awareness and raising money as well.” Good for you. I just hope my older son quit in time.

    I don’t know the Senior pastor at this ELCA* church well, and had never met his wife. Obit photo = a quite attractive woman. No idea if she smoked, or grew up in second hand smoke. As I mentioned, I will attend primarily / the Assoc. Pastor who will do the service [a tough one], and various friends in the congregation.

    ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, = largest synod in USA. There are several others, various degrees to its right. We had 4 ELCA churches in and near town, but one jumped ship over the gay pastors issue. There is a new synod made up of ~ churches. Interesting: just occurred to me that it’s the only one that doesn’t have an annual lutefisk supper. I think lutefisk and acceptance of gays are independent variables, but perhaps one could check that out for a master’s thesis.

    Peace, emb

  34. Dear Jackie, I too rely on owners manuals and read them religiously. But some of these devices don’t come with manuals any more! So annoying. But the directions can be found online if you type in the model number, etc. One or more Villagers suggested previously there are tutorials and videos … care to re post, was it Mark in TTown, or Ghost, or Sandcastler?

    Glad to see you are still in one piece and still steaming full speed ahead. I was really concerned when we didn’t hear from you.

  35. Jackie, look up Otterbox for a phone case. And if you missed it,if the phone is from ATT, check their website for instructional videos and slideshows to teach you how to use the features of the phone.

    You can get wireless stereo headphones to use when you are boating, etc. Like these:

  36. emb
    No lutefisk? Heresy!!

    “I really think that tossing at night should be considered as exercise.”

    In my case not much exercise because of cats on both sides. If they were
    all on one side I probably would be on floor.

    “We’re all mature until someone pulls out the bubble wrap.”

    Speak for yourself about mature.

  37. BTW
    Where did they find the girl in the Teddy Bear commercial that only liked chocolate
    for a few seconds? It is true that chocolate sicks with you A LOT longer than flowers.

  38. If you like the earbud style…

    These have worked well for me. The case has a charger built into it, increasing the usable time.

    Yeah, Bear, that commercial makes all kind of sense, doesn’t it? The ladies are still hot, though. 🙂

    Debbe 😉

  39. We lost a friend to lung cancer 2 years ago. She had done everything right, never smoked, wasn’t exposed to secondhand smoke or asbestos, regularly exercised, and ate well. The remaining possible causes are bad genes and radon.

    I bought a radon detection kit today, will set it up on Saturday. Can’t do anything about years of exposure to asbestos in the company garage (brake pads were made of it for decades). 🙁

  40. Good morning Villagers….

    I remember the above retro and found it fascinating…the artwork, the shading, the characters.

    Jean….good golly Miss Molly…I do believe you hold the ‘honors’ of the longest link posted….I’m about half afraid to click on it 🙂

    I want to thank all of you for your suggestions on acquiring a laptop or an Ipad…Ian says I can sit in my recliner with headphones watch movies on Netflex (I have a router.) Whiles the hubbie watches the Investigative Discovery channel…I hate that channel….”Wives with Knives” etc.

    I didn’t get the Abe Lincoln finding an envelope strip, well I do, but was there a personal experience in his life that required an envelope. And yes, GR 😉 The Gettysburg Tweet was too much. But that is TDS

    Jackie, glad you are taking it easy…you’ve been a busy lady. Did the Minion take the kettehs home with her? Where and why did you go to such lengths to save these kettehs? I love you for doing it too. I am looking forward to your Terre Haute, IN trip.

    Well, it was 47 degrees yesterday, and now it’s 26 degrees with a ‘real feel’ of minus 4. Ugghhh. This artic plunge is going to be with a while.

    Going in after work to speak to a real person regarding insurance…imagine that, a real person, face to face….sure am glad I’ve not lost my gift of gab, The Boss says I have a problem with that….with a smile on his face as he say that.

    ya’ll have a blessed day…

  41. Debbe, I love calicoes too! I’ve noticed that our local shelter calls them tortoise shells when describing the color, but they will always be calicoes to me! Good luck with the insurance appointment!

  42. I know it would be a December occurrence but there is also the Wyeth Eleven. Members of an artillery unit captured, tortured and murdered during the Battle of the Bulge.

  43. Probably the shortest and most stirring speech in US history and was written on the train from DC to Gettysburg on an envelope. The orator who spoke before Lincoln spoke for 3 hours and only serious Civil War scholars even remember his name much less what he spoke of.

  44. Debbe, I will come to Indiana when the artic express leaves. Want to meet you too. I think I should put the free range chicken coop in my back yard with the garden or perhaps in front yard with the stone patio which would let them be visible and visited but back yard has more grass and space. Thinking of putting in a rooster rescue haven. Do they fight each other? It is still a popular sport in OK land but it is very illegal, thank God, now.

    When I moved to OK I was so in despair I put my head on my steering wheel and prayed that if the Lord showed me a decent log cabin that did not have a cockfighting operation, a pit bull farm or a car parts dump on all sides I would buy it on the spot. He answers prayers with mixed results, of course.

    Minion is on way with clean clothes. I seem to have one shirt, a set of red underwear, shirt is not red, a pair of pajamas, as options for breakfast buffet. I am thinking about it.

    Fireman was right, I needed to get some sleep and take my meds. Blood sugars are excellent now. Exhaustion and stress and not eating is not good for autoimmune diseases either.

    Debbe, write me directly anytime you’d like. I am getting too many advertisements now, I am going to have to unsubscribe to some so I can see personal ones! If I tell you about rescue mission I will have to kill you at once, you know.

    Love, Jackie

  45. Thank you, one and all! 🙂 The length of that link worried me a bit, too. I was rather surprised that it didn’t go into Mediation Heck.

    Of all the cats on the Mountain I don’t think we have any calicoes/tortoise shells. We have gray, gray with black stripes, white with black spots*, and tuxedos.

    Old Bear, sometimes jumping to conclusions is the only exercise I get!

    *including one large male with a heart-shaped spot on his side.

  46. Found a honey smoked barbque flavored Kind bar (nuts mainly) bar in my purse/meds bag, so that is breakfast for now. Still have half a high protein power bar I can finish. I am going to shower and throw on clean clothes when help arrives. This hotel actually has a decent breakfast buffet with semi-real food.

    Add spicey to Kind bar description! Breakfast of road warriors except I don’t drink coffee.

    Got Smart phone charged. It is a Galaxy 4 by Samsung, I checked msg. and missed calls, it has a bunch of apps on it and I will start checking what they are and try to figure out what phone does. Apparently I owe ATT $200 over my monthly limit already, so I need to pay them off and see if I can get a better deal. You realize since phone is in Mike’s name it will take a death certificate to do that. Hope I don’t have to probate estate first.

    Am going to take everyone’s advice on gifts for the phone. As a professional florist, I still find most Valentine’s ads obnoxious, if not deceptive. I might mention 1-800 Flowers began with one of my old friends from long ago, not to his credit. Pro Flowers is not professional either.

    Long ago I was a show designer for Teleflora who has ended up as last man standing in the wire service wars. Do NOT order their expensive giftware containers!!!

    Love, Jackie

  47. Jean I am coming to NC too this spring if van holds out. GPS is named Helen and I don’t always like her. Car is unnamed to my knowledge, thinking about that. Husband named Helen.

    I had not gotten emails on Crazy Cat Lady Kits as mine seem to show up through the Kitty TomTom Telegraph system or word of cat. Hey, there is an endless buffet over on that porch!

  48. I agree with the so many features it is ridiculous and most of them I do not know exist!

    As soon as I buy enough time, data and usage I will probably love it. Minion is a true Luddite, hates technology and refuses to learn. She would be helpful on a meandering trip, as she reads maps but I’d need to get more detailed ones, as she was using a map of all 48 lower states to navigate by!

    There is no doubt a geek gene in my DNA somewhere.

  49. I listen to Pandora on the tv using a Roku player. And I am still having issues trying to think in terms of using my smartphone for everything. I like my Garmin GPS receiver in my truck and car, and still occasionally play music on it through the radio. I do mostly gaming on my desktop, my old laptop sits on my second desk gathering dust and loose papers and items. Even with downloading the manual about my new Garmin Vivosmart fitband I am having issues using it right, and totally borked it’s linking with my smartphone. I either need fewer electronics, or my grandkids living closer to me.

  50. Ursen, it’s funny how people are always commenting that they need their children/grandchildren to help them understand things they have trouble with. It reminds me of Groucho’s line in one of the movies. He is asked if he understood the financial report and he answers, “Of course I understood it! A 10-year-old child could understand it!”. Then under his breath he tells his assistant, “Quick, run out and find me a 10-year-old child. I can’t make head nor tail of it!”.

  51. My grandson will be three next month and can already use a computer. Blows my mind! He gets on youtube and chooses his own videos to watch. Can’t talk in complete sentences yet, however. I can if not well.

    He cannot understand why he can’t just touch grandma’s screen and get it to change!I watch choo’s with him..

  52. The Lincoln envelope thing has been debunked – As I recall there were
    elements of speeches written previously. He was a poor prognosticator – tho I would hazard
    that no one remembers Edward Everett’s speech.

    We call that a tortoise shell also tho she (I think they are all shes)(IMBW) has Calico

    When you are in neighborhood stop. 3am or when ever.
    Mom had a plaque:
    Come in the evening,
    Come in the morning
    Come ….(can’t remember that line)
    Come without warning.

    You are always welcome

    Some GPS have voice options – even male.

    Trapper J
    Opening the door for the beasties is more that enough exercise.
    Cat= mammal that wants to be on the other side of the door.

  53. Debbe, my brother in law is going to embark in the egg business by building a backyard coop and keeping 4 hens. It will be fun I’m sure, but I don’t think your livelihood is at risk. He’s been spendind days on coop design! D

  54. David, you just named the Honda van for me! Red Ford pickup, now 15 years old has been named Old Blue for years but I had forgotten until this trip. Old Blue, if I remember correctly, was the name of horse in Cheyenne Social Club. Or Cat Ballou.

  55. Daughter lives in Quincy, IL home of the Lincoln-Douglas debates in square. She is in historic district and on preservation board, so hear lots of Lincoln trivia I guess. We do not consider Lincoln to be trivial of course.

  56. Once went airborne in my elderly aunt’s Studebaker which was even older. Came down in Cajun cemetery in fog several feet below road among white tombs and crosses. Drunk ag students in back seat woke up and thought they were dead in car crash, sobered up pretty fast. A remarkable suspension system if not any glamour ride.

  57. Jerry in FL, you could have that now in Alabama.

    David in Austin, if you go to the Tractor Supply Company website, you can find plans for building home chicken coops. They had quite a few designs, some of them pretty decorative. Guess that’s to keep your neighbors from calling the city to complain about keeping chickens.

    later, folks.

  58. OF just did its thing at 2:22 CST and petered out about 3 minutes later…or so it seems. If anyone’s keeping track and timing it, those data might be useful.

  59. Jerry: With Staples, I think.

    Bear: Do you think it an accident “speech” rhymes with “screech”?

    Jackie, I’ve always had a fear of dying in the back seat of a Studebaker.

    P.S. That sounds like one of my stories. 🙂

  60. Don’t remember being in back seats of a Studebaker but anything is possible. Memory has failed me for years. I suspect a lot of our stories may sound similar Ghost, a book deal is still possible.

    Surely your relatives are not as outrageous as some of mine, however, and it would sure be a shame to not memorialize those. No one could have such fertile soil/compost to use for plots and character and not do so!

    Love, Jackie

  61. Why am I not a good punster? I know JJ is one of the best. I loved those Mark but only got to Shakespeare and I need to check my snail mail now that I am home. Also, why are the Brits so darned good at them? When we get a pun shootout going, the British guys I am friends with are excellent and just keep making them up spontaneously, outdoing the last poster, better and better until someone calls a truce.

  62. For shame that no one here mentioned any scandal/uproar attached to the Sports Illustrated cover of the swimsuit issue. I had to find out from Yahoo news.

  63. Jackie, as far as Brits and puns, maybe it’s because they’ve been using the language longer?

    Scandal over the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, heaven forbid!!

  64. My favorite uncle was the black sheep of the family, Jackie. (Imagine that.) He’d probably be good for a chapter of his own. But no, based on your reports, my family would seem dull next to yours.

    The Brits may perhaps have an advantage in a pun war, as lots of their words have much different meaning from ours. Something I was wondering a few days ago…would “Arrr, ye scurvy Limey!” be an oxymoron.

    I saw something last week about a plus-size (a/k/a, normal-size) bikini model in connection with SI. Is that it?

  65. I named the GPS in my cousin’s Charger, Eunice. Annoying, bothersome, unhelpful, and clueless more often than not. I spent most of a non-stop, Kokomo to Austin drive growling “Oh shut UP Eunice!” Oh, and Austin and Eunice did not get along.

    Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

    And as someone on the other side of the counter, HALLELUJAH! Someone won that stupid powerball. There is a special place in hell for the inventor of the lottery and scratch off tickets.

  66. Like me whacking Helen and cursing her from Miami to here and round trip. My companion is a Christian most of time, I will either be a good or terrible influence on her. My language is salty, as the Brits would say, but I have a heart of gold. Or maybe that is something they say too but with a different antecedent?

    Ghost, the SI Scandal is whether the cover is totally over the limit for a magazine that ships to homes that may have children below legal age of consent I think. That was definitely NOT the plus size model at all, the suit is as far down as they can get even with waxing and the breasts have definitely seen waxing as well or at least chemical enhancement.

    In her defense she says the inside content is far more racy than her cover.

    I keep remembering that SI photographer at the Masters years ago who said he was doing a photo shoot of girls at tourney until he finally clicked on my age.

    Love, Jackie

  67. Final word, I need to read a letter from my 104 year old great-aunt in Florida. I drove right past her retirement home but it has security at gate and you need an appointment. They have butler and uniformed “help” so I didn’t look too acceptable anyway!

    I do not laugh at young and beautiful bodies all the time. Should I manage to get down to an acceptable weight once again I think I will find a plastic surgeon who doesn’t operate in a kitchen or back room like my cousin goes to and see what face would cost unless other parts are even worse! Girls that look like that have often sacrificed a lot of meals to stay thin and spent some money too.

    Nature doesn’t provide many of us with gorgeous without effort.

  68. “No idea if she smoked, or grew up in second hand smoke.”

    She was like the other victim mentioned above by someone, sinless in that regard. [Probably also in many others, from the content of the eulogies.] We know more about cancer than we used to, but we still have much to learn. There are molecules in the air that there didn’t used to be, and potential cancer-prone genes that we’ve not found yet. She may have thought on some occasion, “What’s that smell?” Perhaps she now knows.

    Large ELCA church, two full services most Sundays. I got there a half hour before time [usually that’s adequate at funerals]. Sanctuary already full, but they’ve an auditorium upstairs, seats close to 200. Large closed circuit TV. It was almost SRO.

    Good service, met one of the 4 sons of a long-gone colleague [an English prof who got his Ph.D. in Freiburg during the ’30s and said it just seemed to be a well-run country! Later learned from me you can be an evolutionary biologist and still a person of faith.] Got to talk with my friend the Assoc. Pastor [who had done a splendid job], where I learned about the young woman’s clean habits.

    Peace, emb

  69. EMB that was probably me. My husband who just died never smoked, no drugs, moderate in all habits and fantastic health and fitness. He made me stop smoking and become a baptized Christian before he would marry me. In fact, he probably saved my life and my soul at same time.

    Mike led an exemplary life. I got home to find another tribute to him in my March issue of Small Craft Advisor magazine, a simple and beautiful photo on the editorial page announcing his death and citing him as the epitome of all the magazine stood for. What a wonderful tribute to a life well led.I miss that smile.

    Love, Jackie

  70. How many ex’s are there? I always liked that song “some of my ex’s live in Texas”. I just spent two weeks with a lady with seven ex’s and they are a book in themselves. She is twenty years younger than me, too. A record I am thinking. I really like her too.

  71. Today, had they lived, would have been birthdays of President Lincoln and also of my uncle. Today, that uncle would have been exactly as old as Lincoln would have been when my uncle was born. When was my uncle born?

  72. Jerry, from one who used to buff yachts, I am laughing at you again!

    CEP, the wax is inside the breasts in form of silicons and other polymers which are technically not waxes but I was using poetic license. On a little further thought some women may? In which case I’d say they hate the ripping sounds made when the wax strips pull off.

    Bikini waxes are painful too.

  73. Jackie and all–

    Re above: “Ghost, the SI Scandal is whether the cover is totally over the limit for a magazine that ships to homes that may have children below legal age of consent I think.”

    I happen to be a sports (all sports) nut and have a subscription to Sports Illustrated. They have run a rather prominent announcement for the past several weeks as follows:
    “IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE. The annual SI Swimsuit Issue will be published in February. If you’re a subscriber and would prefer not to receive the issue, call our customer service center, toll free, at 1-800 (etc). If you choose not to get the SI Swimsuit Issue, SI will extend your subscription.”

    I happen to be female (as well as old) and rather enjoy flipping through the Swimsuit Issue just because they’re pretty women in pretty locales, so I just let it come to the house (and am happy to let my husband flip through it also). I admit I hate to think what the price per square inch of those “swim suits” is. That’s probably the main thing that bothers me about it.

  74. NK, I actually don’t object to objectification of women in the least! Dan Wetzell is actually one of my favorite writers, along with several other SI writers, so I am probably doing my usual thing of trying to get opinions. As one who actually is old, female and posed for Playboy and was willing to take off my own clothes, I’d probably do it again were I young enough.

    My actual belief is that if you are a consenting adult of male or female sex you are welcome to take off as much as you like. I even count real nudists among my friends who live in countries where it is practiced and not against any laws at all. Not sure I would be willing to strip any more under any circumstances. I am less courageous than Kathy Bates!

    Love, Jackie

  75. c x-p: You forgot the other great liberator of humankind who shares the same birthday, and also the same birthdate, 12 Feb. 1809: Charles Darwin. [Also happens to be the year of publication of Lamarck’s “Philosophie Zoologique.”]

    I’ve visited the Lincoln Memorial twice, read both addresses each time, and was in awe both times. Darwin has no comparable bldg., but shares one with scores of notables. In ’83, I think, wife and I were on a guided tour, and a bell rang. Over the PA system [we were actually within sight of the speaker], a clergyman reminded all in the bldg. that it was, in fact, a house of worship, and we prayed for the poor, those in war-torn areas, and such, and then prayed the Lord’s Prayer. We were in Westminster Abbey. I looked down; wife and I were standing on Charles Darwin’s grave.

    Earlier, in the tour, we were in the room where the committee met that eventually produced the KJV, which wife had written a graduate paper on for her master’s in English. A good day.

    Peace, emb

  76. Mindy, I read entire article laughing all the way to the end. One of if not the best cat rescue stories I have ever heard and a good writer to boot. Puss in boots?

  77. Jackie and the rest of the crew, any of you read any of Pat McManus’s books? If not, find one and get started. I don’t think you will be disappointed. His first collection of outdoors humor is titled “A Fine and Pleasant Misery”. I used to laugh so hard while reading his stories that I would have to put the book down till I could get myself together again.

  78. Jackie, not to make you feel guilty about all the no-doubt delicious foods you enjoyed on your trip, but just as a gentle reminder…

    Also, as encouragement, I offer the fact that today’s weight-in revealed a 1.8 pound loss for the past week for me, making the total 10.0 pounds since January 1. “Slow and steady wins the race” was what my sister always told her classes.

  79. Ghost, that is one funny ad. I have to confess that while I ate some good food, I also did not eat some good food, not bad, just didn’t eat it. I was limiting to one meal a day of any size or substance, plus small intake at other two, tried to eat healthy, skip carbs and junk foods. My traveling cohort has a compulsive junk food and snack/candy habit so if she didn’t burn it off she’d be heavy I think.

    Tomorrow I will break down and get on my scale and if not, I will weigh down at fitness center and get bad or not news. Had a Lean Cuisine which I shared with dog, I figure that cut out at least 20 of the 230 calories.

    Seriously, you are doing great. I bet you don’t wear those 10# cargo pants to weigh in. I used to take off anything I could including heavy earrings.

    Love, Jackie

  80. Examined conscience and I admit to two helpings of Cuban plantains but not at same meal. I might have been better off to skip those and eat the black beans and rice, along with a slice of key lime pie, and a flan I could and should have skipped. Not at same meal.

    I have made no claims of virtue. (Poor JJ, I will end up banned yet!)

  81. Jackie, that reminded me of a story my sister told me about a happening at a meeting a while before I joined WW. (Which meant most meetings then were all-female.) One young lady was trying to make her goal weight and kept taking off items of clothing. Obviously having planned ahead, she finally she went to the restroom and came out nude except for a shower curtain she had brought with her and wrapped around her body.

    I was drinking a cup of chai tea when this flashed into my mind…

    Coming soon to a theater near you…”The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: Fifty Shades of Earl Grey”

  82. Jackie, I remember you’d said you had posed for “that” magazine. (That stuck in my mind for some reason. 😉 ) But were the photos actually published? (Just curious; not fishing for the date of the magazine.)

  83. GR6
    Only if her father catches you.

    Speech & Screech may have the same root? Have to look that up.

    Extension service USDA had plans in the 30’s – the standard with the
    clerestory that means chicken coop is theirs. The Net must have something

    Did you say 4 chickens? Something the size of a doghouse would do, just make the
    roof hinge up. 4 chickens will get just over 3 eggs a day if you are lucky (Average)
    Make sure you use corn feed not wheat, They need calcium (Oyster shells) and grit –
    Granite Grit now sold for traction was what we used. And with so few birds a heat source.
    Don’t want to get too much below 65* (Becareful of fire) And litter to absorb moisture
    and so they can scratch.
    They will eat table scraps even meat.

    Get some exotics if you want to have something to look at.

  84. Do I have this right? You posed for Playboy Jackie? When did this happen? You know you made awfully good time on your trip all over Florida and home again with cats that you never really explained why or where they were coming from or going to. Your home is also becoming populated with quite a cast of characters. You see the problem that is happening Jackie? We’ve been here before. Please tell me that I am totally off base.

  85. Ghost, I have boating friends, male, who asked same question. The answer is no, I did not sign releases, I was only shooting “test” photos for possible photo shoot. I wanted to go back to college and had better sense than to get published, which in those days was death, disownment, and becoming an outcast for life. I had a friend who did and as she was oriental, she really got thrown out of family, they were more rigid than Southern Baptists if that is possible.

    Part about taking my clothes off is however no lie! Perhaps I can find some with clothes on if I go through “family photos”? My employees did, with clothes on, decided I was telling truth. The mind may attract and keep men but a good body helped back in the day. But you know that of course!

    One of my good friends who somehow reminds me of you somewhat but is addicted to building boats says those photos are still around. He claims they all exist. I told him the 60’s were not today when nothing ever goes away, both good or bad. He knows that too, he is Viet Nam vet so we are same age. I miss Sand about now, too. Don’t know why?

    Love, Jackie

  86. Jerry, I never lie. Too much trouble and no, I am no troll. You can google Jackie Monies or Mike Monies, I am totally for real. I just attract weird people sometimes.

    I own Sail Oklahoma, a major sailing event for wooden boats, I am a writer for Duckworks online magazine with dozens of published articles, I am on masthead of Small Craft Advisor Magazine unless Josh my editor has removed me recently, I do strange things on impulse sometimes but am generally fairly beloved among small boat builders and sailors. I will be back down in Florida in a couple weeks for the Everglades Challenge and to cheer on a number of boating friends who are entered and send a few of Mike’s ashes along.

    Certainly have some friends in Florida I will be happy to furnish as references! Just drove by Strictly Sail exhibit when I was in Florida last week.

    Cannot explain the cat rescue but it is real too. My bio may or may not be on-line but there are a ton of people who can vouch for my authenticity! I am just unapologetically outrageous at times because you might as well be.

    If I am offending the group I do apologize for that, it is possible for me to realize conduct unbecoming is offensive and what I find funny may not be to others. I try to laugh at myself as a source of entertainment sometimes. And I appreciate your concern.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  87. I have seen pictures of you and read abut you and words by you. I can also see that you and Mike have had many, many wonderful friends. He leaves some big shoes to fill. You won’t be able to do it by yourself. Be yourself. You can’t be him so don’t try. He obviously exists firmly in the memories of your friends. Respectfully, Jerry

  88. I know Jerry. We were a team, he being the sane and rational one, I am the seller of snake oil and magic dreams. No one will ever fill those shoes and I can not even try. I can keep throwing a little pixie dust out now and then.

  89. eMb @ 8:37: No, I didn’t forget Darwin; it’s just that my late uncle was given the name “Lincoln” and not the name Darwin”.

  90. Jackie, that was my impression about the pics, if for no other reason that, as you said, you’d have been drummed out of the family back in the day, and you obviously were not. If no release was signed, they were probably destroyed.

    And even things that are on-line are not always easy to find. A friend told me she had done some modeling (clothed) for an out-of-business on-line fashion magazine about 10 years ago, and I was curious to see if I could find any photos that might still be out in cyberspace. But the name of the magazine was Ios (Eye-ous), and if any pics are still on-line, they are thoroughly buried in the half billion or so responses related to Apple’s operating system that are returned by Google.

    As far as you offending anyone in the Village, if they are that easily offended I suspect they’d have bailed from here long before you came on the scene.

    And I’m flattered I remind you of a good friend. 🙂

  91. Jerry

    Edward Everett Horton was described as having 2 razor blades for lips.

    The whole Rocky & Bullwinkle thing was fantastic on so many levels –
    cartoons for adults that were clean. I think Frostbite Falls is a little North
    of Lake Wobegone.

  92. Boris and Natasha and Dudley Doright are characters for the ages. The name The Dorights was used for Barbara Mandrell’s band. She had a beautiful home in Nashville which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

  93. Debbe 😉 AccuWeather says it’s going to be 13 (RealFeel 9) on your front porch in the morning. Then they helpfully, if unnecessarily, interpreted that as “Very Cold”. Sounds like a Carhartt morning to me, hon. 🙂

  94. Since I have extremely thick skin, I am seldom offended and I don’t worry about photos on net except the ones of the overweight old lady. If the thin ones were to surface, I’d be chagrined at what I did to myself I know.

    I have a awful mouth on me and I guess that has been a life long failing, that and making somewhat off color remarks, accidentally and on purpose. I respect an awful lot of people I know are my betters and hope they know that as well.

    For those who are better sleuths than I, from 1961-63 I attended Northeast La. State College in the College of Liberal Arts (now University of La. at Monroe) and from 1963-66 the University of Southwest La. in College of Agriculture (now University of La. at Lafayette) Two rather insignificant backwater colleges and attendance was small at both. I was quite active in collegiate activities besides off campus unauthorized ones, so lots of photos may still exist!

    This was intermittent attendance, despite finally graduating with close to 200 hours I think. Actually I am glad videos, cell phone cameras and similar stuff had not been invented yet or I could be more concerned for stuff I’d rather not have floating around on Facebook or something.

    Love, Jackie

  95. I once in front of a large crowd of sailors, builders and designers asked a famous and highly respected boat designer if he did not want to come on stage and expose himself like everyone else?

    He recently replied to me when I remarked I could be married to any of them and it would be the same man that I would be able to tell the difference by the accents. Each was from a different country but mostly British!

  96. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 your dang right it’s 13 degrees out there, but with a real feel of 21 degrees…now explain that…….glad I’m not working Sunday, so far, as the low tomorrow night is around 6 degrees!!!

    Running late…..lots of zipping to do.

    ya’ll have a blessed PAYDAY


  97. David….Old Bear is right on all accounts on the hens….but, I am sure (seeing that he is your brother) that he has done his homework…tell him good luck.

  98. yesterday about late spouse’s phone, yeah I just went through that with T-Mobile, had to send death certificate to them. So I’m going through her final photos, printing them out and see where son-in-law sent lots of grandkids pictures to her and I see there’s four short videos in there so I take my camcorder and prop everything up and aim it and record it, just because in my obsessive compulsive way I want to “clean everything out” … .. I actually saw Edward Everett Horton in person on stage at the Houston Music Theatre in the round (now called the Arena, if still in business) in Follies with Robert Alda (Alan’s father), he was pretty old by then and had to be kind of helped by other cast members around the stage, but he just couldn’t be beat for his voice, characterizations and acting

  99. any single women in the Houston area who want to go look at Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska in a few weeks? everything I’ve read about eharmony and says they’re stupid garbage, you really have to meet people face to face

  100. A word on keeping chickens in your back yard-a friend, who has tried many times, once told me that *everything* out there likes chicken. Needless to say, he finally gave up on chickens. Now he keeps bees, with not much better luck. 🙂

  101. Sorry John, while I actually would like to go look at sandhill cranes in Nebraska, I am due down in Florida again for launch of the Everglades Challenge. They are doing a brief memorial to Mike and I am taking a few ashes along to put in water and along with some of our friends. I will have to get the heck out of way really fast or be stampeded by 120 boat nuts shoving off from 20 feet behind me. You could go look at birds in Glades with me?

    I have been to that area where the sandhills are. Is it migration season?

    On further brief reflection, I would rather be in Nebraska on a bird watching expedition than in south Florida during spring break. Sorry Jerry, it was pure chaos and mayhem last week!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  102. Jean dear, perhaps the reason “everything out there likes chicken” is that it “tastes like chicken”.

    “…any single women in the Houston area who want to go look at Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska…”? Now there’s a line even I never came up with, John. 🙂

  103. EMB, wouldn’t take much to be juicer than a nose hair trimmer. 😀

    Thanks to all for the suggestions on backyard chickens. My brother-in-law lives in town, has a normal “lot”, and is allowed to raise chickens. I live in the country, have four acres, and have a deed restriction prohibiting poultry. Life is not fair.

  104. Darn it Jean, I was putting in a chicken coop out in garden area and was hoping to have a few exotics among them for looks. That is why Mike would never put in a chicken coop for me, he had them before we married (sold a dozen eggs per week he said) and he said I would just be buying chickens to feed wild beasts in yard.

    And the bees. I bought three bee keeping books, to put in bees out by garden too. I intended to become an Okie apiarist although that may be an optimistic hope apparently!

    My gardening help kept chickens and wants to do that in my yard, not sure about bees.

    Have been researching coops, my local ag supply feed and seed sells them, as do many of the side of the road shed and lake house manufacturers. Along with Wayfair who keeps trying to sell me some. They already know I am a sucker!

    Love, Jackie

  105. Testing emoticons:

    🙂 normal smiley
    😀 big smiley
    🙁 sad face
    :'( crying
    😛 tongue out
    :0 shocked!
    :s confused
    😉 winking smiley
    😐 disappointed
    :\ grimace

  106. John, if you do find any single bird watchers in Houston, be sure and tell them to pack light but bring their binoculars. Now that is something else I own a lot of and I have no idea where they are? At least I don’t need a death certificate.

  107. Jackie, from everything I’ve found mass-market coops are not generally good material or well made. If you spend more money, the “Amish-style” is probably more durable. My suggestion would be to have someone locally build a coop and run that can be moved around for fresh ground and to distribute the manure. Google the terms “chicken tractor”. If they use either 1″x1″ or 1″x2″ welded wire for strength and 1/2″ hardware cloth for security the coop will keep out most normal predators including cats, hawks, and snakes. Using the welded wire alone on the bottom of the run will allow the chickens to graze and catch bugs but will keep out all but the most determined critters.

  108. I had already figured that one out David! My local feed and seed had some locally made ones that were the chicken tractors and they were nice. I had a friend (now deceased) who had an organic free range chicken farm up in Virginia who used tractors even for his larger scale poultry. His stalwart wife would go move them when he was out on boating excursions! Paul had told me what to build actually but Mike wouldn’t do one!

    Just thinking about what you said and deed restrictions. That is the blessing and curse of being in great unruled frontierland. You can do what you want on your property but it does extend that same right to your neighbors as well.

    I can keep pigs, sheep, lamas, cattle or horses out on my normal lake lot. Neighbor had goats so they aren’t prohibited either, neighbor has chickens and sells eggs, had rabbits but something got them. I am on a normal four lot property, meaning I can put as many structures out there as I can fit in.

    Don’t miss Houston much.

    Love, Jackie

  109. Sorting out stuff on my desk and sticking in my mail rack, I noticed my mail rack is between the legs of a 30 inch tall cast crane that does look suspiciously like a Sandhill. Now that is a little odd! It sits on my desk but was meant for the garden and stone wildflower terrace. I put it on desk and may never move it, as I enjoy it as a desk ornament and the legs are around 20 inches and hold mail really well!

  110. I wish there was a Wobble Wag Giggle Ball for humans. Oh, wait. There is, isn’t there?

    Jackie, I’m beginning to suspect that your decorating style may be a bit eclectic. 🙂

  111. As eclectic as am I. I do what pleases me which is how we should all live. I own antiques, new-tiques, a lot of boating, gardening, bird stuff and if it pleases me it can be $1 or $1,000 or even free. Lots of art work which I need to get back on walls now that I fired the long time housekeeper who didn’t much care for stuff on walls, bookcases or floors. Of course, she packed up those priceless antiques in a haphazard manner, so I may own less!

  112. To the kind folks who recently said a prayer or had a kind thought for my husband, we will always be grateful. Good things have come from those prayers and thoughts. It may be February here in Michigan, but spring has already come in our home.

  113. To the kind folks who recently said a prayer or had a kind thought for my husband, we will always be grateful. Good things have come from those prayers and thoughts. It may be February here in Michigan, but spring has already come in our home.

  114. Robert Frost, a great favorite of mine. Had not heard that quote.

    Denise, I thank God for all the prayers offered up for Mike during his illness. It sustained us to know the love that would ultimately carry him to the end. God does not always answer our prayers in ways that are perhaps what we asked for but I do not believe we are unanswered.

    I am so happy that your prayers are being rewarded with good.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  115. The TIP BlogSpot is titled David & Bathsheba, in Portuguese. Was David supposed to be an old man when he ‘espied’ Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop? Painting supports the widespread suspicion that it was no accident that she was visible on the roof.

    Peace, emb

  116. Last night I got a note from a friend who said what an inspiration I was to him, that my plunging into life and forging ahead inspired.

    Good choice of words: Plunging and forging.

  117. Back to cats. Just had the Herman cat in for dental work and they discovered the start of a bone tumor in his lower jaw. Seven months on the outside, so we have a good six months to spoil the boogers outta the Hermanator. It’s upsetting that after a life time of letting pets pass gently in their sleep this will be the third in a row over 3 years that we will have had to be put to sleep. I hope the other 3 cats will be nice enough to let him reign as King of the House up until his last day.

  118. Ursen, I am so sorry for you. I have had cats with cancer and it is hard to treat, if not entirely impossible. My vet here told my dog sitter that he was afraid he would not be allowed in Heaven because of all the dogs and cats waiting for him that he had to put to sleep.

    He hates doing that. I did hear him say that if he were to come back as a dog or cat he hoped someone like me would take him in. He is a kind and loving man.

    Please know so many of us here share your sorrow.

    Love, Jackie

  119. Ursen: I’m curious now how common that cancer might be. We had a cat with a lower jaw tumor, discovered much later unfortunately, and so did a friend. Most of ours have succumbed to kidney failure, the usual fate for elderly felines. Thyroid problems also seem to be common.

    I don’t think we’ll hear much argument here that we do love and need our “fur children”.

  120. eMb – “Jackie: We all love you, but I think the 14th Amendment prohibits keeping lamas as livestock. Peace, emb” Took me a second, but thanks for the laugh! Ha! 🙂

  121. But llamas are ok Jackie.

    Headed for a possible kidney transplant. Call a few minutes ago. More confident this time as they are having me check into the hospital! Wish me luck, say a prayer, or anything else positive you can offer.

  122. Oh David, I hope it is true and you get your kidney! I will think of you and pray too. What a wonderful Valentine’s gift. Last year I sat in the waiting room and prayed that Mike would survive a major lug operation and removal of his lung and other stuff. I will pray for you this year and may God answer with the prayer we implore.

    Valentine’s is for Love, Jackie

  123. Good luck, David. The prayers will be a bonus.

    Trucker, with this gal, I could probably get lucky if I wished without resorting to a search engine, but that’s another story.

  124. David – All ten toes and fingers, rabbits feet, and any other good will, good luck, and good vibes your way. (And somber thank you to your possible donor.)

  125. Ghost, so how did I miss your inquiry about a girl? Woman or whomever? I cannot imagine that you need to do much searching! Went back and looked and cannot find original comment, so sometimes I wonder if they drop off my screen?

    So John is looking for someone to go bird watch in Nebraska and I am over tempting men with Maine, Penobscot Bay, wooden boats and lobsters. I am meeting with same success it seems, although they are drop dead jealous.

    I ate my 280 calorie diet meal (which is because they don’t put any food in the tray) and have to go feed animals who are looking distraught. Their sitter is gone

    Love, Jackie!

  126. Ghost, why not just put the friend’s name in the search engine on Google, When you get results, click on Images, and see what you get. That way you don’t have to deal with the 10 gazillion Apple-related returns.

  127. Forgot to tell you, I went and had my hair cut and weighed myself. Doesn’t that sound like weigh-in at WW? Anyway, it seems I somehow managed to lose a little weight with the hair cut.

    As a further Valentine’s gift to myself, I intent to buy myself the Glock promised myself this weekend, probably tomorrow. It may be against the law in OK to sell guns on Sunday? Once more, with enthusiasm, tell me exactly what I am to buy. And is Academy a good enough place to buy a gun? That may be best Tulsa has to offer. If not, who is good enough?

    Police officers have promised to teach me to shoot with some accuracy and get me into a class to get license/permit through sheriff’s department. Pretty nice offer, actually, I may learn!

    If I have to go back and search in archives here I may never find!

    Love, Jackie

  128. To David–

    Prayers, thoughts, wishes, good luck–and as has been said, comfort for the family of the potential donor. Both husband Jim and I are signed up as donors. Anything of use to someone when I am done with it is all for the good. Best regards, Nancy Kirk

  129. Jackie, my comment about searching the InterWebNet for a girl was last night in response to your comment you were glad some of the things you had done in the past were pre-InterWebNet: ” And even things that are on-line are not always easy to find. A friend told me she had done some modeling (clothed) for an out-of-business on-line fashion magazine about 10 years ago, and I was curious to see if I could find any photos that might still be out in cyberspace. But the name of the magazine was Ios (Eye-ous), and if any pics are still on-line, they are thoroughly buried in the half billion or so responses related to Apple’s operating system that are returned by Google.”

    Then Trucker suggested that if I searched for the magazine name and gal’s name in quotation marks, I might get lucky.

    And, yeah, Mark, I tried that, too. No joy.

  130. Jackie, I recommended the GLOCK 42 for you as the modern-day version of the snub-nosed revolver. Also, I’d recommend you purchase 100 rounds of Remington or Winchester practice ammo in .380 Auto, and at least one box of Hornady Critical Defense ammo. Then, before doing anything else, get some training in safe handling and operation of that particular handgun.

    I have dealt with both Academy Sports and Gander Mountain and have been happy. In general terms, in my area, Academy has better prices and Mountain of Ganders has the better selection.

  131. I’ll probably need to prepare myself a bit before reading the Duckworks article. Some of Jackie’s brief remarks here have been tough reading for me.

  132. Mark, thank you for posting that. I personally think it is the best thing I have ever written– about boats and a love triangle. I wrote it on our anniversary five years ago as my gift to Mike and to all the men I know who build and sail boats, often not being understood at all by wives or others.

    Love is a complex thing and at Valentines Day perhaps it is appropriate to read this.And yes, I was married to a truly unique and principled man who deserves all the love he has been shown over the last month and a half.

    Perhaps I finally got it before it was too late but I did finally understand. Mike was my savior and I joke that I was his trophy wife but that was wrong. He was the trophy.

    Love, Jackie

  133. For the last few years I have been putting up a display in my high school library promoting National Donor Day, which is celebrated on Valentine’s Day, and giving out brochures and website info on how to register as a donor. For years our student government had a charity fund-raising campaign this week (which disappeared this year) called Lyman Has a Heart, so I labeled my poster Greyhounds Give Your Heart. I have been encouraged by how many teenagers have expressed interest and wonder how many of them know that at least two of their classmates are organ recipients.

    Hoping for the best for you, David, and blessings to those who make it possible.

  134. I too wish my organs could go to help others but I know they will not. My blood is no longer acceptable and hasn’t been since I was in my 20’s because of hepatitis mainly but the lupus doesn’t help. When Mike died I asked to donate his organs or anything that could be used. They turned me down because of the cancer throughout his body.

    While I still check the donor square, I know that given my complex medical history that there is little if anything useful. That is rather a sad feeling.

  135. Ghost, that bothers me actually Is it because you don’t like what I say? I know I am flippant and often outlandish but I hope I counter it with sincerity and empathy at times. I really do not like to cause pain,

  136. Mark–THANK YOU for posting Jackie’s article to share with us.
    Jackie–I am putting words in Ghost’s mouth, so perhaps I am out of line, but I feel sure that he meant he knew the article was going to make him cry, as it did me, and he was going to try to prepare himself. (If Ghost admits to crying–I don’t know.) Not just Best Regards on this one–Love, Nancy Kirk

  137. And I am glad you liked it Nancy, because that is who I really am. And who I loved for 48 years that was still too short a time. And all the other stuff I say is true too, but he loved me anyway.

  138. Jackie darling, I like everything you say. Nancy got it right. You are not causing me pain; I’ve just been feeling the pain you are feeling. That’s what I meant about preparing myself to read the article. I realize it was written at a happier time, but I’ll be reading it through the lens of later events. But I wouldn’t *not* read it for anything.

    Love, Ghost

  139. Jackie, and you could replace the word boats with anything your partner truly loves, besides you of course. In many marriages, the other person does not really understand how deep the commitment to the activity is. Mike was blessed in that you allowed him this dedication and willingly took part in it. And I think your lives were richer for that. Thank you for giving him that.

    And I agree with NK in AZ that Ghost may find your writing an emotional experience. I get the feeling that he is still dealing with the loss of his sister, as well as the health issues of his mother and that your own stories are reminding him of what they’ve shared.

    Good luck David! And to all a good night.

  140. Jackie, I knew what Ghost meant, too. I’m not a boat builder bur I cried nonetheless.

    I’ve spoken with the transplant surgeon and he “thinks” based on initial labs and antibody reports that I will pass the crossmatch. The have done all the surgery prep, tests, xray, etc. necessary. The kidney is coming from California, so we know about the crossmatch until sometime pre-dawn tomorrow.

  141. I like to think the reason I have a lot of male fans (since males make up about 99% of our readership) is that I do “get” men. I don’t write about emotions or human nature for Small Craft Advisor and since Mike and I wrote together or I simply wrote it myself, a lot of the “build articles” are written by me or at least heavily edited.

    You are right Mark, it could be cars, airplanes, horses, anything one is passionate about, what drives a person is immaterial. It always made me happy to get letters saying, “you really understand me, you know what I am going through, what I feel.” Because I often heard about their secret devils they fought, sobriety, grief, loss, frustration, whatever it was, the building let them escape as did the sailing. Or whatever, it didn’t really matter.

    And sometimes I could make them laugh and they saw themselves in the humor as well, nailing a boat part to an antique dining table with a hundred nails, gluing the dog to the garage floor with the dripped epoxy or building a boat in their living room, then trying to hide it from their landlord by shoving it in a closet.

    So, that is why I am a queen who can go all over the country with friends who also drag boats to a lake in Oklahoma from 3000 miles away or get on an airplane in the Philippines to come put on a program he will not be paid to do. I find that love is always a two way street and love is met with love usually.

    Love, Jackie

  142. I had comments and did not put the on PAPER and they are gone.
    Dumb computer – and dumb doorway memory eraser (you go through a door
    and it erases memory.

    David – If they ask tell them you have a new breed of 2 legged dog.

    True love like hugs does not add or detract it multiplies.

    A Prayer for those in need, A Prayer for those in pain, A Prayer for those uplifted,
    A Prayer for the misunderstood.
    A Prayer of Supplication and A Prayer of Thanksgiving (at least one).


  143. Good morning Villagers….

    Denise and David…..Happy Valentine’s Day, such good news that you two shared with us. Oh, the power of prayer. I keep in my old, tattered purse a copy of the “Warrior’s Prayer”. I get it out now and then and read. If anyone is interested, I can post it here, if not, maybe one can Google it.

    Running late…this time tomorrow the temp will be 3 degrees with wind gusts up to 40 mph today.

    And I think and hope Brooklynne Rose is coming to spend the night with us…griddle cakes tomorrow. I bought her the cutest pink cap with little fairies on it, made by Disney of course.

    Didn’t read the link yet that Mark posted, ’cause I know I will cry, but I will later.

    Happy Caturday

    GR 😉

  144. Jackie, that was a wonderful article and tribute to Mike, and Mark, thank you for posting it. You are right, Jackie; you can insert just about any passion one’s husband has, and it applies! My husband is a runner – I am not; however, I have been to numerous marathons and am always happy to cheer him on as he crosses the finish line! And David, hoping for good news for you today.

  145. David, be strong and triumph, like your namesake. I hope with all my heart the new kidney gives you a new life. What a wonderful, wonderful gift to receive on a day that honors love.

    Love, Jackie

  146. Love, it makes the world go round. Were we all truly lovers we would know peace, not war. It reminds me that I need to go hug a Vietnamese and a Russian lady today because they will be concerned not to have seen me lately. one prays for me to Buddhist gods and the other to Christian. Both are emigrants to our country, seeking freedom.

    On a day that celebrates a rather silly version of love with teddy bears, hoodie pajamas, not so good chocolate, and often over priced flowers, think about real love.

    Love, Jackie

  147. Woke up early, staggered in to run brush through my hair. Had forgotten I had cut it short and did not recognize myself in mirror! Who was this person? Ghost, I had my English muffin with Smuckers sugar free peach jam, which I hate. I make hundreds of flavors of homemade jams, all natural, just fruit and sugar. I have red raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, peach on shelves along with four berry but I ate that repulsive stuff.

    However, like Paula Deen, I cannot give up real butter. Fridge has all the looks like butter stuff but there is nothing like butter. Unless it is real cheese. Even the 10# dog will not eat looks like cheese. He wants real Havarti from happy California or Wisconsin cows.

    Love, Jackie

  148. David: Here’s hoping we DON’T hear from you for a while – during your recuperation from successful surgery. Blessings upon you….

  149. Jackie, perhaps without giving away any proprietary WW information, I’ll tell you that light butter and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (Original) have the same point count per Tbsp. Regular salted butter has a 50% higher point value.

    As always with the WW plan, there are options and tradeoffs. I don’t think I mentioned it, but they even have a plan option now that doesn’t require point tracking. (Although I’ve done tracking long enough that it’s second nature to me, and as you can probably tell, that works very well for me.)

    I have a personal policy of never using I Can’t Believe It’s Not Pastrami. 🙂

  150. From my house to yours, Happy Day Before Half-Priced Chocolate Day!!

    David, good news! Good luck, and prayers that all goes well.

    Denise, good to hear all is well for you and your husband!

    Ghost, 😉

  151. Ursen, I’ll keep good thoughts for your Herman, too.

    A dear friend just lost her kittie companion of some 20 years. Mowzer was a gentle, loving girl who will be missed by all.

  152. This may be a red letter Valentine’s Day for Jackie. I just mailed off a deposit check for a custom built red and white heart shaped boat, The Red Scamp Too. My own personal Scamp which I did not build but will be mine none the less. Maybe I will even put a heart on her name plate and hail port signage. I think everyone would understand that one. The tiny micro-cruiser with the heart and soul of a big boat, a bull dog of a boat, lovable and a fighter, tough and a cream puff at the same time.

    This is a boat I feel so connected to because I know that we did help make her what she is. Not the design but the heart inside her.

    That and my new Glock gun so I can shoot anyone, would the occasion arise or need.

    Good Valentine’s and I am happy, not sad, depressed or exhausted from designing flowers for everyone else.

    Love, Jackie

  153. Jimmy, today’s offering is perfect. Thank you!
    Good luck, David. Keeping you in thoughts. Denise- YAY!
    Ruth Ann- your school is Lyman High? 🙂
    If Ghost, Sand and Mark were Big Brother, things would be ok.

  154. Llee, I think so too. On all points.

    For those who might like to know what insanity I am plunging into:

    Picture mine done in a red hull with white cabin and trim. Very traditional with lots of extra salty details, like hardware, ports, etc. She will be a luxury model sailaway with trailer, sails, oars, the whole nine yards. All for far less than a cheap bassin’ boat, much less a motor!

    Love, Jackie

  155. Jackie @ 7:32
    Hear Hear

    Prayers to you

    Saw a thing about Oleo – “it is one molecule from being plastic”.
    Well so is the stuff we breath and the stuff Jackie’s pride & joy floats upon.

    Great cuisine = 40% butter
    Hint – if that bottle of wine is not up to your taste, take a little butter before sipping.
    (That from a PBS “How to taste wine”)
    And some wine is like Ernie Mordue’s home brew – you are glad when it is all consumed.

  156. I regret the years in which I followed the low-fat craze. My blood pressure, weight, and overall cholesterol numbers have improved since I gave that up and just focused on the glycemic load and portion size of my meals.

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