Four Eyes Walk into a Bar II

We have a lot to talk about this week, but I don’t have much time today. Monday normally is busy around here, and I don’t post anything at all. However, today I’m going to drop off the next two installments in the sequence from 2013, when Arlo is fitted for glasses. See you clearly tomorrow!
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12 responses to “Four Eyes Walk into a Bar II”

  1. Thanks for cute Arlo and Ludwig strip today.

    Ghost is a dog man but he faithfully feeds the cats for me. I am supposed to avoid pets while on chemo for germs.

    Sickens doesn’t count for germs. He adores Bhost and Ghost loves him. He is size of a cat but looks like a fox.

    Ghost is Alpha dog.

  2. Ghost is trying on his new jeans that arrived.

    “Baby, do these make my butt look big?”

    ” No, but they certainly make your legs look long. ”

    We may yet have to get him a pony.

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