Four Eyes Walk into a Bar III

This site went down overnight, but after an hour on the phone this morning to Mumbai, everything is back to normal. The crisis did throw me behind schedule, so I’m going to drop off two more strips from the 2013 spectacle. I had a lot of fun with this one, apparently.
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19 responses to “Four Eyes Walk into a Bar III”

  1. Stopped at a Kolache Factory to pick up breakfast. As I was parking a sailor entered. Then a cowboy stepped in just ahead of me. Must be a joke in this; a sailor, a cowboy, and an old hippie walk into a Kolache Factory…

  2. Sandcastler, confusion, realization, double take, all in an instant. I know I have miskeyed, dropped, inserted and doubled punctuation myself.

    But I truly stumbled over how to park a sailor. Thanks for the laugh. Sweet or savory on in the kolaches?

  3. Jackie, the ‘molecules’ is slipping from me. In my mind I can see either Kaley Cuoco or Marilyn Monroe; even Cary Grant or Johny Galeki. Help nail it down for me, please.

  4. Apparently Kolache Factories have not reached the Northland yet. Actually, we have more downtown locally owned coffee/lunch places than one might expect in Bemidji [Cantabria, w/ an adjacent pawn shop owned by same couple, is my favorite], + Dunn Bros., which makes excellent cubanos, etc. and of course has top notch coffee. Also, a local employee-owned supermarket has a fine cafeteria/deli/salad bar spot, warm and comfy. Two sons and one daughter-in-law and I ate there twice when they were here for a couple of days last wk. Peace,

  5. Sandcastler, better double up on those stern lines before the big blow comes. Anything I know about seamanship I learned from Bogart movies. I guessed at what a kolache was. I had expected something like a paczki. When I looked it up, the picture made me think quiche. And when I read Hungarian, I thought what that needs is more paprika!

    Jackie, thanks for placing that for me. Yeah, she leaned on that one word pretty firmly. I’m trying to think if Marilyn and Cary did a bungling professor movie together, or if there were different stars I am matching incorrectly.

  6. Thanks, Mark. I knew the title was familiar for other reasons. Howard Hawkes also made a movie in 1952, starring Monroe, Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn. Better living through chemistry/fountain of youth formula had several people acting very much below their chronical age, and comedy ensues. If I have my mental recollection intact, what stood out to me were the physical gags by the usually stoic Cary Grant, very energetic. As if Jerry Lewis’s professor had done some of the choreography work. Or Dick Van Dyke.

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