Four Thumbs Up

Four Thumbs Up

October 14, 2008

When Paul Newman died early in the fall of 2008, I got not one but two inspirations from his passing. I probably could have gotten more, but even cartoonists, shameless opportunists that we are, have our limits. You know, it just dawned on me that Strother Martin was in both movies referenced above. And Paul Newman’s character was killed off in both.

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  1. These are good Jimmy, and they also show up how people sometimes like to quote memorable lines from movies, music and books. Like we quote from Arlo when he’s got something especially good or appropriate to say.

    By the way, I had found an online reference to a high school recruiting poster you did for Auburn that never made its way to the schools. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I also found a full image of it, and posted it with the explanatory text in the Arlo and Janis Fans site over on Facebook. I think I see an early Janis in the diaphanous blouse around the middle of the image, with a group holding up score signs.

  2. I remember exactly where I was when I learned that Paul Newman had died. Sorry, but I do put it in a “memorable” category. I always wanted to win a contest that provided a dinner with just Paul Newman. I fantasized I would be able to sit at a table where I would ask him open ended questions so I could just sit and look at him without feeling like a pervert or a groupie. Sigh

  3. After diving into the rabbit hole of internet links following Mark in TTown’s link above, I stumbled onto JJ’s blog of a few years ago when Beaucoup Arlo & Janis was mentioned, along with Bop ‘Til You Drop. One of the commenters questioned if Arlo & Janis After Dark would be forthcoming soon? Did this book get completed? If so, I missed it. Thanks.

  4. My wife met Paul Newman at the Detroit Grand Prix. She was volunteering at the race when Paul and Tim Allen walked by. She and a friend asked for autographs and Tim obliged, but Paul said “I don’t do autographs”. My wife asked: “How about a hug?” He obliged.

    Of course now she would have asked for a selfie with him. I don’t know how he would have felt about that. I think we know what Urban Meyer should have done…..

  5. Strother Martin seemed to be a favorite of Newman having made 6 movies with him, Harper, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Slap Shot and Pocket Money. He also made 6 with John Wayne.

  6. When Paul Newman was filming “The Drowning Pool” in New Orleans he was all over town. We looked out the windows of the federal building where I worked and saw them filming below.

    My boss and I tore down on elevator and onto sidewalk. I noted no one seemed to be on our side of street so we got front and center right across from Paul.

    I put my hands up and yelled “hey Paul, take off your sunglasses! We want to see your baby blue eyes!”

    The director yelled “Will the idiot blonde shut up and get off the sidewalk! You just ruined our filming set!”

  7. As a youth & young man, I frequently threw an appropriate quote – usually a song lyric – into a conversation. Then I got married, and was spending much less time around people who understood the references (I had been working as a sound engineer for bands, and to that point had not had that problem. Plus, my wife thought it was ridiculous, so She pretended not to get even the ones I knew she knew, so I am now several decades out of the habit; maybe I need to revive it. (I do still pepper my talk with quotes from The Greatest Movie Ever Made* – though not as much as when our sons were still here to return the effort).

    *That would, of course, be The Big Lebowski.

  8. My late husband did not allow me to ask for autographs or disturb a celebrity evenwhen I sat next to Truman Capore for an hour. He was so lonejy

    We saw more of Joann Woodward during tbia movie but never with Paul she wasn’t pretry or made up

  9. My daughter and her Boston terrors were visiting and went out to pee. She thought my gray cats were noshing at feed bowls, realized it was two adult raccoons and a large pack of baby coons.

    I almost picked up a skunk on porch for same reason! This is funny Mark and Jimmy!

  10. Glad you liked this one, Jackie. It is part of a week-long series so you ought to read the rest. Good to hear from you. I see by my phone there’s a flash flood watch for Tulsa now. Stay safe.

  11. About current new strip: that sort of kills the plot change ideas readers put out that the “kids” were moving in with A and J and leaving the coast.

    They look pretty happy and fully occupied to me! Thank you Jimmy! Heered me up!

  12. Ghost and I survived tornado outbreak last night with nothing worse than a big tree limb down in creek ditch. We were ready to get in shelter with Dickens, Skipper and any one else if sirens went off.

    Everyone else ok?

  13. OK here, Jackie. I slept through the night without hearing anything. The first round of storms had passed before then without any sirens sounding here.

  14. Bemidji’s 1st frost is predicted, barely: 0 C [32 F], on Wed.13 Oct. ’21. Likely have been earlier frosts in low spots.
    We had killing frosts in late Aug. decades ago, and snow in Sept. [melted during day] in ’58, the year we came. That’s the year Lake. B froze over TG weekend.

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