Fowl Humor

Fowl Humor

Raymond Chandler, crime writer nonpareil, once said when he was stuck with his writing, he’d have a guy come through the door with a gun. I suppose a humorist’s corollary would be, Do a poop joke.

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  1. I had forgotten this one – thanks for the replay.

    This strip must come before the one in which Arlo sees Janis in discomfort due to tripping or something, and he doesn’t laugh. Instead, he is immediately worried and compassionate. Janis asked why he didn’t laugh as he did in the past, and Arlo said that men lose their sense of humor as they age.

  2. Lois McMaster Bujold says that when she gets stuck, she thinks of the worst thing that could possibly happen to her characters, and does it. I must admit that it explains some of the stranger plot twists in her books.

  3. Re: Sunday’s strip
    Way back when – the women in the telephone office (in CT) were always turning the heat up and down,
    (the only thing that does is waste fuel) – the manager put the real thermostat in his office without tell ing them,
    leaving the original in place. The women turned the thermostat up and down and were happy as clams at high tide.

  4. I have a request for prayers for a young couple (Chris & Marissa) that were just married in October.
    Chris has been dealing with pulmonary hypertension all his life. It has now come to the point
    that he needs a Heart & Lung transplant- he is in patient at Mayo/St.Mary’s in Rochester till
    a donation becomes available.
    Keep them in your prayers and ALL that need them.
    And don’t forget the family of the donor. †

  5. Congratulations Jimmy on making the Pro Football Hall of Fame…..Actually watching the “other” Jimmy get the word was pretty awesome. Even if you don’t like the Cowboys, we can all relate to his joy.

    I also liked today’s strip. I need to kiss my wife as she does things like that for me all the time.

  6. Bird, presumably a gull, pooped on Gene’s suit on his wedding day, & Janis wiped it off, but didn’t yell “GROSS!!” Such restraint!
    BTW, proper birders eschew “sea gull,” or “seagull.” A score of gull spp. occur in the USA & Canada, some along the coasts and Great Lakes [e.g., Herring Gull, Great Black-back Gull, others on Pacific shores]. Other gulls often prefer inland, smaller waters. N MN lakes are mostly inhabited by Ring-billed Gulls. We also have them poop on unwise “sun-bathers.”
    Much of the year, the prairies of the northern states & Canada are full of black-headed Franklin’s Gulls*, often seen following tractors for tidbits plows turn up. Franklin’s are essentially land birds that may repair to the coasts in winter. Recent online query about why there are seagulls on inland fresh waters: There aren’t.
    *In Britain & on “the Continent,” a related sp., the Black-headed Gull, does the plow-following. Saw oodles in ’52-’53.

  7. Here’s the Wiki site, about “seagulls,” unfortunately:
    Wiki suggests the California Gull, which does inhabit the Great Salt Lake area. So does the much smaller Franklin’s Gull [“big” Peterson, maps 229, 236]. As Wiki notes, no LDS writers noted the “miracle” at the time; that tradition grew later. Funny how often that’s true of “miracles.” I think a bunch of immigrant Easterners are less likely to call the smaller, black-headed Franklin’s “seagulls” than they are CA Gulls, which look much like the similar-sized Ring-billed Gulls they knew from “back home.”
    Reminds me of another story, one probably written 40 years after the event itself by an anonymous author only later designated as “Matthew.” Was it really Herod’s priests & scribes who decided the COMING birth must take place in Bethlehem [Mt. 2:5-6], or some later literate person wondering where it must HAVE TAKEN PLACE? Not every meaningful story has got to be factual.
    For example, our first female pastor noted, in a yuletide sermon, “they departed into their own country [by] another way” might suggest not just a different route, but a changed perspective. Long retired, but still insightful.

  8. Re 1-13-20 real-time cartoon: So, Arlo never looks at the towels on the rack *before* he gets into the shower?
    I don’t always either, tbh. Depends on how sleepy I still am.

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