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I know it’s Friday, but I’m going to begin a little sequence of cartoons from 2002 and run it through the weekend. There is, near the end, a bit of a surprise pay-off for followers of this blog. Janis was going through yet another weird-hair iteration, you’ll notice. Speaking of the weekend, it’s the final one before Christmas in case you didn’t know. They’re forecasting the warmest Christmas Day on record here and just about everywhere in the U.S. east of the Rocky Mountains. Long-term aspects aside, I’m about ready for a milder winter myself. The past two or three might not have been brutal, but they set in early, seldom moderated and stayed late.

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  1. Hang in there, cold winters will return shortly. The climate accorders are taking away our gasoline powered autos and electrical generation facilities. Then it will feel like a cold day in hell. 😎

  2. The last two winters were absolutely brutal here, so even a ‘normal’ winter will be fine. We’ve got a long way to go here until May and anything can happen. Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Jackie, Loon does. She is jealous that I can drop off in a moment and sleep through. My only moments of insomnia are PTSD related, those nights are hellish.

  4. Don’t know about that, Jackie, but it is “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” and (to the likely horror of PETA) “National Roast Suckling Pig Day”. But what the heck, let’s call it National Short Women’s Day. Short women need love, too. 😉

  5. No problems with insomnia, Jackie, perhaps because I have interesting and entertaining dreams, in full color, and some of them with plot lines that would make a pretty fair movie. And very detailed ones…I woke up this morning dreaming of my P&P Hair Stylist, who was wearing much less in my dream than her normal skimpy work attire. Much, much less, if you catch my drift.

  6. Short woman apparently do very well in the lvoe department- at least when it comes to happy marriages:

    ‘Although it has been known that women prefer tall men in mating for evolutionary reasons, no study has investigated whether a taller husband makes his wife happier,’ said researcher Kitae Sohn, from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea.

    ‘A greater height difference in a couple was positively related to the wife’s happiness.’

  7. Trouble sleeping. Intermittently, yes. Meds help, state of mind more so.

    Weather, not climate: N MN has had a prolonged fall, modest snows melted off w/in days. Ski resorters have been unhappy. But last few snows have left us w/ 1-5″ on ground and 10-day prediction now says below 0C temps and little sun through 26 Dec., which probably means a ‘white Boxing Day’ except on a few S-facing slopes.

    I’m more interested in road conditions latter half of the next week when I’ll be driving S for a few days.

    Joyeux Noel, emb [resorters and Joyeux added / dict.]

  8. Was on an oxygen concentrator for several years. Sent it back to company last year. Hated it. Have been on hold with do tors offices most of morning with no success. Considering becoming a Canadian if it wasn’t so dang cold and mosquitoes. Maybe somewhere in Caribbean? Can’t get past phone staff anywhere.

  9. Debbe
    I heard the Lip Stuff is lavender.
    Let me know if you can’t find it – will not get there before Christmas I am afraid.
    Do they know you as Debbe in the office? Don’t use last name in address in post
    just the # of chicken house.

    Jackie – get you well.

    Reporters  interviewing a 104-year-old woman:

    ‘And  what do you think is the best thing

    About  being 104?’ the reporter asked.

    She  simply replied,

    ‘No  peer pressure.’

  10. Some (not all, by any means) physicians’ offices seem to feel if you don’t have a medical emergency, you can wait until they get to you. And if you do have a medical emergency, why didn’t you call 911 or go to an ER instead of bothering them?

  11. Some theaters showing the new Star Wars movie yesterday declared themselves to be “Light Saber-Free Zones”. It’s about time they did something to control those dangerous, evil “glow swords”. I understand one can just walk into a store and buy them like they’re toys or something.

  12. Jackie I would guess that one reason you can’t sleep is because you are still uncomfortable in the healing process, as well as not getting enough oxygen. You may also have nagging concerns because after going through all the surgery and associated mess, your problem is not “fixed.” That would certainly frustrate me! Good luck with the phone gauntlet.

    In the meantime, keep up with your healthy life-style. Look for ways on the internet to increase your oxygen absorption through nutrition and exercise. Although you are already addressing this in your everyday life, you may spot some little thing that resonates with you. Sometimes even a little change can make a perceptible difference. I believe as you heal, your situation will improve, and you will be more comfortable.

  13. That is EXACTLY what they tell you, to go to emergency or call 911. I called my endocrinologist this morning because blood sugars are pretty normal and insulin drops too low. Answer was that I have an appointment mid-January and with all the holidays and vacations no one could see me. Not doc or assistant nor nurses were available. So, I do what I have been doing since October, I adjust insulin or don’t take any. And then I checked and appointment was with a thyroid specialist in this cardiology group for check of the 13 tumors on my thyroid!

    And no I don’t do meds for them and yes they do ultrasounds and biopsies regularly.

    When I started round over stroke in Dallas they were unwilling to believe it had happened and said what did EMS and ER there say? I said they said nothing because I drove myself home. Then it took a week for them to schedule a CT and then a month to lose report with me calling and two weeks for a rush surgery.

    Doctor admitted total blockage after surgery but because I drove myself there they had a fit. Who the heck do they think drove me there for all the tests in between?

    By the way, I have a Medicare supplement no one even knows about J with no deductible, no Co pay and no limits. So you’d think? I don’t even require a referral or pre approval. .

  14. JJ wrote that my shirts were to be shipped Dec. 10th. It is now Dec. 18th and nothing has arrived yet….

    If you see this, JJ, can you trace what happened? As some of the tees need to be packed and remailed, even if delivery is tomorrow, that cannot be done before Monday. Can only hope they arrive by Christmas.

  15. Old Bear, I looked up the Rural King store Debbe mentioned. They show the Chickenpoop lip balm on the online store. So let’s hope she went in and found it there.

    Jackie, I have severe sleep apnea and have to use a CPAP. Lot of people can’t adjust to them, but I think you just have to try different types of mask till you find one that works. I wouldn’t want the nasal prong type either. For the first few years I was using one that just covered the nose. Then I found a full face mask that covered both mouth and nose, so even if I slept with mouth open I still got benefit of the CPAP. Here’s the type I am using:

    It’s possible you have sleep apnea, rather than just lack of oxygen.

  16. Jackie, I know just how you feel. I once changed doctors when I learned that he was scheduling 15 minute appointments at 10 minute intervals and saw nothing wrong with the fact that patients were waiting for hours.

    Now that I’m at the VA, I have something called Secure Messaging (a form of email on their website) that I can use for non-urgent issues. Last night, I tried to order more syringes and saw that I had no refills left. I sent off a message, and it had been taken care of by the time I got up. I may have to use some of them twice to avoid running out, but that’s safe, and even with the holidays I know I’m not going to end up using the last one over and over. It’s a dirty shame that more HMOs don’t have something like that.

  17. Judy thank you. I am lying her doing mild leg exercises as I type. I asked about exercises as I left and they said I could ask surgeon when I saw him.looked at date and it is in one month! Yes, I am looking for ways to increase healthy life style so that was great suggestion,

    People, all they wanted to talk about was mobiliity assistance, sending home health nurses and did I usewalkers, a wheel chair, etc. No one wanted to hear about water exercises, an hour of leg lifts or walking two miles a day.

    With one or two exceptions the cardiac staff was obees and we’re candidates to be patients.

  18. CPAPs can make all the difference in getting a good nights sleep, and in prolonging your life expectancy. I have been using mine with a full face mask for several years now. Even short naps I use mine. It beats waking up gasping for breath, and stopping breathing 80 some times in an hour. I still have nightmares and panics occasionally, but medication helps with that. As for the weather, I am traveling at Christmas this year in the Appalachian mountains so can do without snowfall then and there. Still not gonna push my luck, will drive my Subaru all wheel drive and not my F150 two wheel drive for the trip, even though the Subie is harder on my back.

  19. Ursen, we have discussed CPAPs a few times and I am a big proponent of it as well. The other night I accidently kicked off the tube to my mask and woke up snoring, gasping and very tired. Once I put it back in, I woke up several hours later refreshed.

    However, when the mind is full, it is still difficult to fall asleep. Also, if I don’t go to bed early enough and sleep for less hours than necessary, I am still very tired.

    Also, sometimes my arthritis acts up and wakes me up, making sleep less effective.

  20. Steve and Ursen, I got diagnosed with sLee apnea in1983, severe. I weighed at most 120. They did nothing until about 1996 when they stuck me on CPAP and a few years later oxygen concentrator was added. I got off of it deliberately this past January against advice. Simone is searching and found everything except motor, still looking.

    I am claustrophobic and even had the headpiece that looked like a Klingon but can’t get that now. Frankly, my late husband made it clear how hideous I looked in one but I never gave it up for him.

    Have felt guilt that I made myself worse by stopping.

  21. Jackie, CPAC is not for everyone and frankly sometimes a pain in the a**. I’m glad that it has worked for me. If I felt guilty for every wrong or poor decision, I would be wreck. We have to be looking forward. Learn from the past, but don’t dwell on it. I think that you have done this during the past year, so enjoy today, even if might be a little painful.

    One time I had a bad headache and was sitting at a dentist chair. Since they had to see if the insurance would pay for it, the dentist gave me oxygen for about 10-15 minutes. As it turned out, the insurance would pay for the procedure and I never went back to the dentist, but hey, my headache was gone! Oxygen can be a good thing.

    A month before my FIL passed away, he was on oxygen. The last baseball game that we watched together was Justin Verlander’s 2nd no-hitter (He was perfect until a walk in the 8th). As the game neared the end, we both laughed when I asked him for a drag off his oxygen!

  22. Jackie, I’m sure you realize that getting ill on a Friday afternoon, or over a holiday period, Just Isn’t Done. If it’s any consolation, I hear it’s even worse in Canada and the UK and other places that provide “free” healthcare. I know a doc whose cousin is a urologist in Costa Rica. Many years ago, Costa Rica abolished their military (not kidding) and has since had universal healthcare. Of course, most providers are equivalent to what we would consider an LPN, and wait time to see a specialist, including his cousin, is 12 months.

  23. If you want to find out about the National Health Service and its current problems, just pick an English newspaper and read it online over several months.

  24. JJ and the tracking number tell me my order has been stuck in the Chicago mail hub for at least 4 days as a “processing exception”. JJ and cohorts are, thus, off the hook.

    Several googles later, I see that this most likely means it needed human handling – maybe due to an obscured or torn label or mismatched town/zip code. Those same sites claim that there is the good news in that such can usually be fixed – along with the bad news that fixing may require weeks!

  25. c ex-p, I sent a certified letter from AL to PA last Saturday. Supposed to arrive by Tuesday of this week. Just checked tracking, still not delivered yet. Don’t know if it is holiday mail volume or weather-related.

  26. Jimmy:

    If you are indeed peeking in my windows, it’s better than having you access my browser history.

    Having the NSA know it is bad enough.

  27. I wonder how many of us have worn the Santa suit? I did it twice in orphanages in Japan in the 1970s. And again a few years ago for a neighbor’s party (he was my size, did it professionally, and his grandkids were catching on too soon for their parents’ taste).

  28. Our Skeezix stands on the icebox and rides the door with her front feet and lets it be known she wants cheese.

    UPS & FEDEX cost more to get it there in 2or3 days, but if it is not they refund shipping cost.
    And if it is 45 min late on AM delivery it is also N/C. Of course except this time of year.
    Next Day & 2nd Day still guaranteed.

  29. Jimmy, this is serious inquiry about a sailing tee. I have three boat shows I could use them for with good attendance but price might be too high. These wooden boat guys are thrifty!

    But I don’t need to make money, I do o e as sponsor and host one and the third one is more of a fund raiser for cancer. Love, Jackie Monies

  30. Jackie, if not sail t-shirt, perhaps JJ can design a flag to fly at the stern?
    Then you could show and tell for people at all your boat shows, give A&J lots of exposure. Be sure to take your copy of Beaucoup Arlo and Janis.

  31. Depending on if I do knee replacement in spring, I have three or more events in Florida in Spring including Florida 120 in May. A Texas Oklahoma small event, a South Louisiana show in April, a sailing event in June in Texas that I’ll be working on.

    Just put up notice about three back to back shows including mine in October. Basically if I could beam me and a boat up I can do one each weekend unless water is frozen.

    I don’t make money on this stuff, I am committee chair for cancer fundraiser on Texas 200, have a booth and donate a party in Texas for plyWooden Boat Festival and my sail Oklahoma I sponsor and host.

    Just seemed if JJ needs marketing a representative in what looks like a natural fit market that works pro bona could be asset. Or Jimmy could put in an appearance and we make him author in residence with a pile of books and tee shirts and a pen, he could talk about sailing and Cartooner Schooner and Arlos sailing dreams.

    Seriously, you’d have fun JJ and no one wears costumes.

  32. Jackie, combine your idea with Mark’s- run a t-shirt up the yardarm (or whatever smaller boats use). Jimmy, thanks for all your work! You’ve been busy as a beaver. 🙂

    Hey, Ghost I recognize those songs too 🙂

    The sun is shining, everyone have a good day…………..

  33. Jackie, I can tell that I am guilty of the same assumptions that your doctors are making – because you sound rational and are able to cope (and you look good doing it) that you are not really in distress. Having sleep apnea is a serious problem and I agree with others that it would be best for you to figure out how to get that CPAP to work without being so uncomfortable.

    I know from personal experience that doctors judge you on your appearance. I’ve had some problems with nerve damage and I was talking to my doctor asking if there were options I could explore to hopefully get some recovery. She is very bright and has been a good diagnostician for me in the past, but her response took me back – she said I was very healthy and in good shape for my age (65) and had no other comments. I know I need to lose 10-20 pounds and get more exercise, but she did not reinforce that. Instead, she reacted to the fact that I have a baby face (all my life have looked much younger than I am) and that I have used my brain to figure out how to cope with problems my body has given me. So while I am concerned that I can’t walk long distances like I used to and want to, obviously what is important to her is that (unlike some of her other patients) I can walk as far as I need to and I am willing to use a cane on those bad days.

    So sounds as though your doctor(s) are reacting to the fact that you are coping with your problems, and deciding that therefore you don’t have as serious a problem as you claim. Frustrating in the extreme! They want you to collapse in front of them before they take you seriously? I think the fact that you are able to drive yourself gives them the false idea that you are normal. Tell them you realize you probably shouldn’t have driven yourself, but your thinking gets fuzzy and you can’t think of other options.

    Another factor in my situation that may apply to yours – after thinking about my problem and reading up on it, I think maybe that there isn’t much the doctor can offer me that I am not already trying to do. Nerve damage sometime heals, but if so very slowly, and sometimes it doesn’t. Doctors prefer to talk about things they can do, not things that they can’t. So it might be up to you to continue taking care of yourself.

    Don’t give up on doctors, because new treatments and understanding is happening all the time. But maybe ask them what they would do if these things happened to them. Tell them how desperate you feel when you can’t sleep because you can’t breathe. Droop a little and let them see how bad you feel.

    Good luck!

  34. Good Afternoon Villagers….

    Not working today or tomorrow….husband said…(you need to rest, stay home tomorrow and Sunday)….so I am.

    Been on the phone with The Marketplace and the insurance company…seems I was not re-enrolled… The Marketplace and a very pleasant young woman was so nice to help me out. Hopefully, within a week I will be hearing from my insurance, and I stayed with the same plan…the only different is that the deductible went from fifteen hundred to five hundred fifty. And my monthly premiums are just a few dollars more…….Amen

    Staying inside today…too cold out there. Going to hit the recliner.

    and it’s a Caturday before Christmas…


  35. Old Bear, there was a big disturbance in the force yesterday at work….all over bonuses. Didn’t make it to Rural King.

    If you are still willing to do so, I will take you up on your offer… are a sweety. Thanks

    Regal Mills
    7182 West US 231
    Jasper, IN 47546

    Attn: Debbe

    ….and yes, everyone knows my name, sort of like the show “Cheers” 🙂

    Be discreet about the return address…maybe using True Value from out of state….that way The Boss knows I didn’t charge his account……

  36. Debbe
    Were you able to find the Chicken Poop?
    Is that a pun or just a play in words?

    If not I go in Tuesday
    Send address without your name and let them know
    a package for DEBBE will be arriving.

    All good advice Judy

  37. Oh, and a friend gave me a Dell flat screen for my computer…everything is so clear, bright, and readable……what a friend indeed.

    He saw me using a magnifying glass to read something, and decided to give me his other flat screen….and U tube is definitely in HD now…… 🙂

  38. Old Bear….I’ll just tell them I am expecting a small package from out of state, go ahead and put Debbe on it, or the office lady will open it. Will you be using ‘Old Bear” in your address?

  39. Oh, the disturbance over bonuses was who deserved them and who didn’t…..personally, I don’t discuss my bonus, and I did thank my Boss for it….he told me I deserved it…heh, $100 is greatly appreciated….

  40. Judy you are of course right. It’s what doctors said about my life, I present as coping and happy life so they think they are wrong. I have had such major issues all my life so I coped and smiled. But it does eat on your guts or in some cases MAKE you have one by eating.or you ate in self harm.

    By the way, I have that child like face. One of my sailing buddies from out west said I probably looked younger than the nursing staff, no mattker their age. He was right.

    I have two other cardiologist groups I go to so Monday I call for sleep apnea problem.

    Minions were supposed to be here this morning and its noon. I.ended up taking bath with no help and put on clean fleece pajamas. Shirt would make a sort gown but legs would freeze.

  41. I like that picture, Ghost. Thanx. It’s not often that you see a woman dressed like that at an SF convention that actually has the proper figure for it. Most of the time it’s somebody who’s a tad too plump and not quite firm enough for it.

  42. Kinda like the rap on nude beaches, Sideburns…the people you’d love to see naked never seem to be there, and the ones that are, you’d rather not see naked. Of course, one could dream them up, as I did my P&P Hair Stylist the other night.

    I’ve given it some thought (surprise!), and I think, based on the way she looks in her usually tight and skimpy clothing, my subconscious did an amazing job of rendering a nude image of her. Of course, now I’m wondering how accurate the “details” it had to fill in were. 😉

  43. Debbe 😉 Glad you are in and warm today, hon. I was just watching a skiing program on TV, and when it was over, a swimming program came on. The first group of female swimmers came out wearing parkas and proceeded to strip off about three layers of sports togs to get down to their swimsuits. My first thought was they must have just come in from all the snow I had seen on the previous program. Then I saw the competition was being in Indy, where, AccuGuesser informed me, the temp was 31 degrees. No wonder.

    OF course, Ghost being Ghost, his next thought was “Pokies!”

    I’ll say a special prayer of thanks for the friend that gifted you with the better monitor.

  44. Good observations, Judy.

    The human body, generally, has an amazing ability heal itself, though we have to remember that ability is not unlimited.

    p.s. My physician tends to fuss at me a lot, even though I believe I take much better care of myself than his average patient. But perhaps he fusses at everyone.

  45. People who haven’t seen me in several years marvel that I still look the same… but I’m one who went prematurely gray, I’ve avoided excessive sun and never smoked so my face looks younger than my 62 years. What they don’t see is the sciatica that got me out of truck driving and the heart condition that has me taking naps to keep my energy level up.

  46. HALLELUJAH! The box has arrived! When the MBH retires this evening, I will open it and check out the contents…may even wrap a few then.
    The address label was perfectly correct and in perfect shape; not even a smudge. Haven’t a clue why it was retained in Chicago for those 4 days….

  47. Marie is home from the hospital! Yay! If they tried to keep her another day, I would be linking you to the live news footage of her break out. She was going home today NO MATTER WHAT! The infection is under control, and no MRSA. She still has to keep her foot elevated, so she is unhappy with that, but, being home is fine enough compensation.

    Something has set my allergies off something terrible. Hopefully the allergy medicine kicks in, and I get some sleep. Back to the grind. Who knows what awaits me there. Off to bed, 4am comes awful early.

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